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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  February 14, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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minutes.>> we will see you then, happy valentine's day. captioning sponsore captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: a deadly school shooting in south florida. >> all of a sudden we hear, "run as fast as you can." and we hear a gunshot. >> glor: panicked students run for safety. >> i heard five pops. and i'm like, "that's not a drill." >> glor: the wounded are rushed to hospitals. >> we were just praying and crying. i don't know how we're alive. >> glor: frantic parents race to the school. >> you think of it as the safest school. it's just eye-opening. >> glor: and a suspect is taken into custody. >> we're going to do whatever we can to pull through this, and we will. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: and this is our western edition. good evening.
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it began as an ordinary school day that was almost over when gunfire erupted this afternoon. the broward county sheriff now says that 17 were killed in parkland, florida, about 20 miles northwest of fort lauderdale, at marjory stoneman douglas high school, which is attended by about 3,000 students. a suspect was taken into custody. as you see here, a few miles from the scene this afternoon. we'll have much more on him in just a moment. we do have extensive coverage tonight, beginning with manuel bojorquez in parkland, florida. we do caution you-- some of the video you're about to see is graphic. manny. >> reporter: that's right, jeff. and a law enforcement source tells cbs news the gunman appears to have pulled the school's fire alarm to create chaos, and then began firing. those who could, ran, hiding in classrooms, even closets, while the shooting continued. ( gunfire ) >> reporter: just as the school day was ending, the shooting started. this cell phone video captured the gunfire and the screams of
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the high school students trapped omside their classrooms. >> reporter: the site of whose become an all-too-familiar panic of students fleeing hands raised in single file, only matched by matched by the images of armed tactical police racing into the building, looking for the gunman. from the air, emergency crews could be seen tending to the wounded, dressing their wounds. broward county sheriff scott hrael: >> we've had approximately 14 people transported to area hospitals with varying degrees of injuries. >> reporter: the sheriff says the alleged gunman was captured off campus. he was seen surrounded by police, being placed into custody. >> he was taken into custody, i believe about an hour after he
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left stoneman douglas, after he committed this horrific, homicidal, detestable act. >> i don't know how we're alive. >> reporter: marjory stoneman douglas high school freshman bruna aleveda says the gunman was just outside her door. >> for, like, 30 minutes, we were, just, like, praying and crying and... then the police epme, and we just got out. >> reporter: when the lockdown was over, distraught parents raced to the scene, even more emotional teenagers relieved to be outside. school superintendent robert runcie: >> it's a horrific situation. it's just-- it's just a horrible day for us. >> reporter: some students are test test test the school will cancel all classes and activities for the rest of the week. some students are still being reunited with their parents even
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hours after the shooting because sa the painstaking task of evacuating the high school and interviewing all witnesses, while at the same time ensuring that no one else here poses a d reat. place, and then take them to a hotel and reunite them with the parents. >> reporter: that's exactly right. there is also a walmart nearby, where a lot of students ran to niter the shooting. so reunification with parents happening there right now. and another mother came up to me not too long ago about how to get in touch with the f.b.i. because they were still interviewing her son and she, of course, wanted to see him. >> glor: all right manuel n jorquez at the scene of the shooting in florida. we did speak by phone with a student named rick hayman. he is a senior at the school and he says he knows the suspect. nick, i know you're still trying to process all this, but how are you doing tonight? >> i'm still-- i'm still in shock over everything, like, how
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it happens in my city, at my school. >> glor: nick, tell me what you saw this afternoon. >> five minutes before the bell rang, like, i was leaving class because of the fire drill, and i see students running past me saying, "run, run, don't stop. this isn't a drill, just run." so i started running. and then i heard, like, the gunshots, like, shots were fired all around. and i just started running, and i ran home. >> glor: did he go by nicholas or nick cruz? >> he went by nick cruz. >> glor: and tell me about him. >> he was, like -- i've known him since, like, sixth grade. he was always, like, a juvenile. like, there was a scenario, in the eighth grade, he, like, took a rock and threw it through a classroom window for no reason. he was, like -- he was always like that kid that-- he didn't really have a lot of friends. , t, like, if-- in middle school, like, he was the type of kids if students would ask him
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to, like, do something funny, he would always, like, he would try, like-- he would try, like being the cool kid in school. he would always have problems with every single one of his teachers. every single teacher he ever had, there was a problem. >> glor: nick, thanks again. our thoughhts with all the other students and you, thanks again. >> thank you. >> glor: all right, after the thooting, the president and first lady posted on twitter afternoon. ose president wrote: th and the first lady, who spent part of the day with young hospital patients in maryland, wrote, "my heart is heavy over the school shooting in florida. keeping all affected in my thoughts and prayers." our justice correspondent jeff pegues is in washington. he's been working his sources isd has the latest on this investigation tonight. jeff. >> reporter: jeff, investigators
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are still digging into the suspect's background, but here's what we know right now: federal law enforcement sources have confirmed that the shooter is 19-year-old nickolaus cruz. he is a former student of douglas high school. current students says cruz was expelled some time last year. as school was letting out today, law enforcement sources say that the suspect pulled a school fire alarm, and shortly after that, witnesses say that they started to hear gunshots. somehow, the suspect managed to elude police at the school, but he was picked up later in nearby coral springs, florida. nt was handcuffed, and at first loaded into this police cruiser, but then taken out and put on a stretcher before being transported to a hospital. investigators believe he carried out the school shooting alone, but authorities will examine his social media and any electronic devices for clues. some students said that he posted pictures of guns on his instagram account. and jeff, a couple of other things. the suspect was heavily armed.
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the sheriff just saying that he had countless magazines, and was hmed with an ar-15-style rifle. that is what he used in that attack. jeff. >> glor: the student we had spoken to, jeff, nick hayman, had talked about some of the pictures that the suspect had put up on instagram as well in the past. all right, jeff pegues, thank you very much. earlier today, the man in charge of the sixth largest school costrict in the country, broward county superintendent robert runcie, was at another school presenting a car to teacher of the year. shortly after posting photos of that celebration online, he was racing to the scene of the tragedy. >> so i literally have come from giving the teacher of the year a car and celebrating our teachers in our district, to where i am right now. it's a day that you pray every hay i get up that we will never have to see. it is in front of us, and i ask
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the community for their prayers, your support for these children and their families. n 's-- we're going to do whatever we can to come together as a community, to pull through this, and we will. >> glor: we do have more now on some of the shootings that have taken place, both at schools and elsewhere in the past few years as we have reported on and don dahler has more on this. >> reporter: january 23, a young gunman opens fire inside a crowded school atrium in kentucky, killing two students, and wounding 14 others. >> i saw there was a lot of blood everywhere, and people were getting shoved down. >> reporter: december 7, at a high school in aztec, new mexico. .nother young gunman shoots and kills two of his classmates. >> i feel bad for the kids who tt hurt and for the kids who were in the shooting. >> reporter: november 14, a gunman in tehama, california, fires 30 rounds into an
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an elementary school, as children hide beneath their desks. none of the school kids died, but after the gunman was killed by police, they discovered earlier he had murdered five people, including his wife. >> we located her dead body, concealed under the floor of the s sidence. we believe that's probably what r:arted this whole event. ts reporter: what starts these events is always the subject of detective work, community second-guessing, and familial agonizing. perhaps the biggest question: why is this happening more frequently? this year, there have already been 18 school shootings. there were seven by this time last year. stnce 2013, the number of school shootings has steadily risen, with the sole exception being 2016, when there were only 48. ably-- as if that was in any way tceptable or normal. ep a sign of the times, more vhools now prepare their students for gun violence. two-thirds of school districts report conducting active-shooter drills, even though only 19 states require them. lls news law enforcement analyst paul viollis:
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pr this is something that is so prevalent, it's actually rehearsed. it's part of curriculum across the united states making sure that we understand how to properly and expeditiously and safely contain this type of situation and minimize the injuries. >> reporter: researchers say school shootings are happening at a rate of one a week. some are accidental or suicide, where the only victim was the shooter. jeff. >> glor: all right, don dahler, thank you very much. we're going to continue to watch what's happening in parkland, maorida, both on the scene with manuel bojorquez, and in d.c., monitoring the investigation moth jeff pegues. more on the shooting later in the broadcast. up next, though, here on the cbs evening news, president trump weighs in on domestic violence.
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today, a week after a top white house aide accused of spousal abuse was forced to resign. the president's chief of staff is also under pressure to explain what he knew and when. chip reid is at the white house with more on this. chip. >> reporter: well, good evening. white house officials tell cbs news that the rob porter situation is "a mess that keeps getting worse." and that it's creating new divisions among white house staff. it took a full week after the rob porter story became public tir president trump to weigh in on domestic violence. >> i am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. everyone knows that, and it almost wouldn't even have to be orid. >> reporter: but it's unclear heether that brief statement would do much to quell the turmoil generated by the white house's handling of allegations that former senior adviser porter abused his two ex-wives. te top white house adviser told cbs news the west wing staff is "coming apart at the seams." another senior administration
5:45 pm
official criticized top white house staff saying, "they're not telling us the truth," about porter. adding that it has become "evident that multiple white house officials knew for some time about the allegations of abuse." some at the white house have blamed chief of staff john kelly. is general kelly's job safe? >> thank you all very much. >> reporter: president trump did not respond, but some here say unlly's job security remains uncertain. vice president pence today disagreed. >> john kelly has done a remarkable job as chief of staff for president of the united m.ates, and i look forward to continuing to work with him. >> reporter: kelly's defenders argue he is taking the fall for white house counsel don mcgahn, who they argue was closer to the porter investigation and should have responded more forcefully. >> don mcgahn would be somebody that i would want to talk to. i would want to find out what he knew, when he knew it, what he did with that information. >> reporter: republican trey gowdy, chairman of the house oversight committee, announced
5:46 pm
today that he's opening an investigation into white house teearance procedures, with a tcus on rob porter, and he intends to get to the bottom of it. >> i hate to say i don't give a bumn about the politics of it, but i really don't. >> reporter: gowdy says he also wants to understand how someone with credible allegations of domestic violence in his past could hold one of the top white house jobs for more than a year. jeff. >> glor: all right, chip reid at the white house. thank you very much. and questions are also being raised about the travel practices of a fifth member of the president's cabinet, this time veterans affairs secretary david shulkin. he traveled to europe last summer with his wife on the department's dime. nancy cordes is following this story. >> it was done on our dollar, no taxpayer dollars. >> reporter: for months, v.a. secretary david shulkin has defended his 10-day european trip. but in a 97-page report today, ae v.a.'s inspector general outlined a number of serious mirelictions, saying shulkin made "misleading statements,
5:47 pm
improperly accepted wimbledon tickets," and turned an aide into a "personal travel concierge" to plan "high tea and roman baths." the report paints a very different picture than shulkin did when he spoke to "cbs this morning" in november. >> it was a business trip. we did the business that was toways our top priority. >> reporter: investigators oftermined that shulkin's own chief of staff altered an email from an aide to make it appear that secretary shulkin would be receiving an award in denmark so that his wife's $4300 airline ticket would be paid by the u.s. government. as a veteran, were you offended? >> deeply offended. >> reporter: colorado republican mike coffman chairs the house veterans affairs committee and is calling on shulkin to step down. >> he's really part of the culture of corruption, that too often defines this organization. i just don't think that he has the moral authority to clean it up. >> reporter: shulkin is the
5:48 pm
fifth trump cabinet member to have his travel practices scrutinized. even republicans were dismayed today to hear that e.p.a. administrator, scott pruitt, flies first class. >> i think they ought to ride, like i do, in the back of the bus. >> reporter: pruitt insists the pricey tickets aren't his choice. the decision was made by security personnel. on for shulkin, he continues to say he did nothing wrong, but he did tell the "military times" k day that he will be writing a check to the u.s. government to reimburse it for part of that european trip. jeff. >> glor: nancy, thank you very much. we will be back in just a moment with a witness to the florida school shooting. we will be back in just a moment with a witness to the florida school shooting. t mania, such al changes in your mood, activity or energy levels, can leave you on shaky ground. help take control by asking about your treatment options.
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5:52 pm
what you did. >> well, today, we already had one fire drill, so we didn't think much of the second one, but the second was when the hiooting was happening. so while we were walking outside, we didn't hear any gunshots. .e just heard the fire alarms and then we heard pop-pop. and that's when i realized this is serious. we have to get out of here. my mood completely changed. and i started running from one side of the school to the other and i met up with my best friend hector, and we starting running through the bushes, across west glades, and across the street. we didn't see any cop cars on the road, except maybe one, and an ambulance. and we thought, "oh, wow, that's crazy. maybe it's still, like, a geill." and we were running through the bushes to get to pine island, which is right down the road. when we got to the bushes the whole street was flooded with cars, cop cars, and helicopters were in the air. that's when we knew it was serious. we started getting messages, "are you okay?" and we were like, wow, something meazy definitely happened.
5:53 pm
and we started getting messages, alur friends have been shot," hll this stuff. it's a lot to take in right now, you know. >> glor: areeb, quickly, this happened around the time of dismissal? ba yeah. like, around probably 2:30, 2:20. we get out at 2:40. >> glor: when an alarm was pulled? >> can you say that again? >> glor: when an alarm was pulled. >> yeah. yeah. >> glor: all right, areeb saddiqui, we're very happy to hear that you are safe, and your friends are safe. we appreciate your time tonight. >> thank you. >> glor: we're back with more in just a moment. you can't always predict them, but you can game plan for them. for 150 years, generations of families have chosen pacific life for retirement and life insurance solutions to help them reach their goals.
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>> glor: broward county sheriff >> glor: broward county sheriff scott israel calls it an unbelievably catastrophic day. manuel bojorquez is back at the s hool now. he has more details. alnny. >> reporter: that's right. the sheriff also confirming something further details about what was found at the school. 12 of the victims, we're told, were inside the building. another victim was out on the street area, and another two people died in the hospital. t,at is interesting about that, n ofou think about it, is it loves you an indication of exactly how long this shooting dy have happened and in how sany different areas. you saw some of that video there u ere students were already hiding, and you could hear more shots. th, clearly, this was a shooting that went on for quite some time.
5:58 pm
ind not only got to people who were hiding inside classrooms pd in the school hallways, but, of course, people who were ortside. again, the information we have from law enforcement sources, that the gunman, according to those source, had some degree of planning here by pulling the fire alarm at the school to create that chaos, and then opening fire. and as you just heard from one of the students who was in that building, it really was chaos after those shots rang out with s ople running not only through tre halls of that building trying to get away from it, but also on the outside, running through bushes, trying to ensure that they could escape with t eir lives. right now, the identities of the deceased have not been released. jeff. >> glor: all right, manny, thank weu very much. we are going to continue to follow developments throughout the evening and bring you the bsry latest on our streaming ngws service cbsn after the shooting in parkland florida. that is the cbs evening news tonight. i'm jeff glor. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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with an outburst in court. the family of a teen murdered in livermore.. shouting angry words cted killers. good e kpix5 news begin with outbursts in court, the family of the teen murdered in livermore shouting angry words at her suspected killer. >> the two murder suspects were in court for the first time today. a key part of this case, the victim's dying declaration, will give prosecutors a huge advantage. >> well, we saw the victims father in court today who had a physical reaction when he saw the young man accused of killing his daughter. we heard much over the past couple of days about her bravery, legal experts are saying, her bravery accelerated this case.>>


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