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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 14, 2018 6:00pm-6:59pm PST

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declaration will not work in their favor. >> i do not know that youth or the lack of record would be something that will play a factor in the crime this gruesome.>> a dying declaration like the one that was given in this case, is exempt from the hearsay rule in court because legally, people are considered to be at their most truthful when given law enforcement information about someone involved in their murder. has for the suspect accused of murder in this case, they were formally charged but have yet to enter please. this is scheduled to happen here at 9:00 a.m. tomorrow morning. live in dublin, kpix5 news. >> an update on the story out of florida. investigators say a 19-year- old accused in a deadly school
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shooting was a former student who had been expelled for disciplinary reasons. this is marjory stoneman douglas high school. in the fort lauderdale suburb of parkland, as you see, an active investigation crime scene. video from this afternoon, panicked students spilled out of the school and s.w.a.t teams moved in. investigators say the 19-year- old nicholas cruise was armed with an ar-15 type of rifle and several magazines and he pulled the fire alarm and began shooting. a disturbing video from inside of one classroom shows students huddled on the floor as bullets flew overhead. >> the student to capture the video noted the bullet hit a nearby computer, 17 people were killed before the shooter was taken to custody. armed officers and tactical gear, they swept the classrooms
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to rescue terrified students still hiding inside. once outside they shared harrowing stories.>> you heard up and down the hallway the shooting into classrooms. he shot through my door. i saw blood everywhere. >> when i saw them lying on the ground, it was after we had been escorted. they were dead. they were covered up and they were dead. >> the suspect in nicholas cruise was treated at the hospital and taken to the sheriff's office for interrogation. the big question tonight, his motive. we will have more on this breaking story ahead at 6:30. board is making a clean sweep at some of its filthiest stations. the cleanup plan is not just about sanitation. it's also about creating a sense of safety. phil? >> reporter: that is right because board people, customers, they are not feeling safe these days. the escalator was at when we came down and as you could see over there you are created by a panhandler on your way home from work. it's started to cause --
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started to cost of borrowed money. the trains crowded, often delayed, when you step up in downtown san francisco, sometimes it's like walking into a toilet. and the unsafe one at that. >> i go here twice a week at my wife comes here every day. >> compared to that, it's not at all clean. >> we know, we smell the same things and see the same things.>> reporter: none of this is news to the director. he spent the past four months going every week to personally help clean the stations in the district. >> this is not looking great. >> these cameras actually do work. >> it smells of pot. >> the station definitely has improved in its cleanliness but as you know, with got drug dealing and crime.
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what people feel is there's this sense of lawlessness around the area. it's affecting the bottom line. >> what do you do? >> you be okay? >> when changes that cleanup crews are working days and nights. the idea is to have more people in the stations that need the most cleaning. mac it makes sense on the surface, you would think if they had thought of it earlier, >> we added 21 new custodians to the budget. so now we have 148. >> reporter: another change, bart is offering homeless services but for those who say no,>> there are a number of people who just simply will not accept that. the police have the mandate to keep people moving now. >> reporter: it will be interesting because as we said in the package, there will be a drop off in ridership in part
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because people are uncomfortable with the station. the drop off according to them could into this mike could represent millions of dollars in lost revenue. in this case, money is doing talking. in san francisco, kpix5. renters in santa cruz are getting a break. devon feely reports that the city is instituting a rent freeze effective immediately. >> i work and i take classes on the side. i have to pay my rent by myself. >> reporter: that's what you see santa cruz student, supporting the city's decision to freeze rent until they get a chance to weigh in on ballot initiatives on rent control and just cause eviction. >> people been talking about living costs all my life and
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nowadays there are so many who if they are going to school or doing something in the bay area, they are moving out. >> reporter: santa cruz is a city of renters. according to the city, 56% of residents rent their homes, paying on average $2425 per month. the council's concern, what might happen between now and the november election. >> the council is looking to create a safe space for this conversation and debate. in this way people can talk openly and they would not have to have those potential fears. >> they preemptively raise rent and evict people to get someone with a higher income in there.>> the increases at 2%. both will remain in effect at least until september 1. that is the deadline for the measure to qualify for the november ballot. if they do, they will remain in effect until the election. the apartment association opposes the freeze and released a statement. >> they need more housing to meet growing demand. building more would help alleviate the upward pressure on rent. capping rent at 2%, it sends the wrong message to developers.
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>> number show even many tech workers can't afford to purchase a home in the bay area. the real estate website open listings compared salaries with media home prices near several tech giants headquarters and found employees at apple, reddit, and google could probably not afford to buy homes within a 20 minute commute of their office. workers at twitter and facebook may be able to while huber and air b&b employees should be able to. developments in the story we first broke last year, involving a bitter fight between the city of san francisco and pg and e. a dispute that threatens to cost taxpayers hundreds of millions of dollars. wilson walker shows us the latest public project getting caught in the middle. >> reporter: from waves to sunlight to the site -- to the tiles, bell pool -- elbow a pool is shimmering amid its renovation. a job that should have been
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finished in the fall of last year. >> we are beholden on you know, a private entity to, to make sure that the lights are on. >> while some work goes on here, major electrical and mechanical work has been turned off in the city's ongoing dispute. the pool sits on plastered as the two sides sort out exactly how this building should be towered. >> we don't understand why they are meeting this unnecessary equipment. it's going to take more money and time. >> an unconventional situation to have the city's public utility agency and pg and e coexisting as partners and competitors. fuses keep blowing whenever a project like this requires getting those two systems plugged in together. >> this is currently being hashed out at the federal energy regulatory commission. in the meantime, as you've noted, these kinds of issues are piling up. >> reporter: one year ago when we uncovered the power struggle at the time, causing a
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significant delay at the randall museum. >> once again we are a little stuck. >> reporter: the head of san francisco record part -- park stepping back because the job is part of a three pool package opposing -- unfolding in a sequence. it might also be affected if one delay cascades into three. >> the delays cost money. >> the current estimated tab, 13 month delay costing $800,000, in a statement pg and e says they are working to complete the electric upgrade safely and as quickly as possible but a lot of people are running out of patience. >> i'm not pointing fingers at anyone but all i care about is that i want the pool open. >> that's the district 11 supervisor who after our calls started calling up all parties in hopes of brokering an agreement. >> i'm calling these parties together and we are going to have a meeting to get the smartest engineers in the room and see how we could resolve this.>> hopefully the pool would get started out -- sorted
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out but the disagreement affects the projects across san francisco with a price tag of more than half $1 billion and while the city hopes the feds will resolve this, there's no indication that the ruling is coming anytime soon. wilson walker, kpix5. coming up, a stanford professor targeted, and ugly threat with a link to an infamous campus rape case. real estate untapped potential. the big plan to fix the historic property in san francisco's area. the pleasures of italy on the water in oakland? gondolier's sharing the love on lake mary. what they say is getting in the way of romance. vallejo school bus driver has
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i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california.
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vallejo school bus driver has been arrested for abusing a student. son is a form of alejo school bus driver has been arrested for abusing a student. 64-year-old ken clubs and accused of injuring a special- needs student who refused to
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get off of the bus. the girl suffered abrasions as a result of the incident that happened earlier this month. the driver was immediately removed from his duty. a threatening letter shut down part of the building on sanford's campus today. addressed to a professor and filled with the mysterious white powder. kit dell has learned this is not the first time this professor has been targeted. >> reporter: she's a professor at stanford law and is the chair of this recall judge persky campaign. she's gotten dozens of threats over her job and also, that she get raped herself. the threader -- this letter that came in today look like a party invitation or thank you card complete with decorative gold foil. when they opened it up that's when they said it was frightening. >> this the scene at stanford law building for much of the day. the fire department showed up with a hazmat team to shut down several classrooms. they tested the white powered are and it came -- and returned as an and it dirt -- as an inert substance. >> did it feel or smell like anything?>> i realized that it
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was a white powder. and reported it. >> reporter: it says i'm going to treat you like emily doe. emily doe is the pseudonym given to the victim in the brock turner sexual assault case. the threat is exactly the same wording from a males rape threat that michelle got last week but this time it was filled with glitter. >> i get threats on a regular basis. >> reporter: the professor michelle dauber leading the recall persky campaign recently got a petition certified and the recall will be on the next ballot. she doesn't think the george -- the judge supporters are involved with the threat today but >> i think that superheated rhetoric they are using and the personal attacks that they are using on me, to try to discredit me, it's inciting this kind of threat.>> are you going to do anything differently?
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>> absolutely not. >> the university issued a statement saying that any threats intended to silence or intimidate their community are absolutely unacceptable. we are live at stanford, kpix5. a piece of san francisco history looking to the future, it could transform one of the most beautiful places in san francisco. emily turner is in the area with a look at the plans for port scott. emily? >> reporter: yeah, no government agency is welcome, no for an organization, who is welcome is the organization with a higher minded goal looking to better society. >> reporter: 30 acres of prime real estate that sat mostly empty since the army left in 1994. the presidio trust is trying to review life -- renew life and to fort scott. >> we are hopeful to focus on
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something more than just the bottom line here. >> reporter: the trust issued a request for concept proposal hoping to get submission from mission driven organizations looking to make the campus a hub for 21st-century social, and/or environmental change. >> we want to hear from individuals, philanthropists, organizations, universities. as to how they would occupy the campus. >> reporter: it's the largest undeveloped area in the park. they are all set around parade ground green space. the first to organizations hit capacity. there is clearly a demand. the renovations will not be easy. costing at least $200 million. in all under the strict guidelines of the national park service and presidio trust. they say they are fully prepared to wait a while for the right tenant. >> it's a unique opportunity to build upon the legacy of service and history of fort scott. to innovate and deliver impact scales which the country needs at the time. >> the proposals are doomed -- the proposals are due june 1.
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cloud cover earlier but a beautiful sunset, recently, san francisco, pretty chilly today. below average at a high of 50 degrees. we had an onshore breeze making it feel cooler. the warm spot was san jose. a live picture with clear skies. concorde 65. half moon bay 62. we will continue looking on the radar until you receive rainfall which could be a while longer. it's been a while already. 20 days today is number one -- is day number 20. records 43 don't plan on that but we may get into the upper 20s before things change. look where it is raining. in area of low pressure, meandering southwest, it's just pouring in new mexico and arizona was showers around san diego. for us, nothing. not yet. we will see a change eventually. a cool night with an evening
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breeze. look at the overnight lows dropping below 40 degrees once again. concord 38, napa 36, santa rosa 33 degrees. sunny and mild tomorrow with the upper 50s to low 60s. we will likely see more widespread mid 60s tomorrow with full sunshine from start to finish. failed field -- fairfield, 63. and 64 for of alejo and san rafael. temperatures rise throughout the weekend and into saturday where we could see low 60s. they tumble next week. it's amazing how we will have all these temperature changes without a drop of rainfall. that's where we are going to be. is warm a 72 degrees. by the time we hit presidents' day, cloudier with highs only in the mid to upper 50s. cooler weather. that your forecast. it's on track to be a box office smash. the bay area native behind the black panther movie. another contract, the raiders took it away.
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we are going to scottsdale were giants play baseball and others did not. first pitches next.
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relationship between quarterback and get get a jimmy garoppolo said there is a special relationship between quarterbacks and his center. you get a new contract. the 49ers gave their center a three-year extension today. kilgore, a fifth round draft pick from 2011 starting all 16 games last year. it will not be a reunion between sebastian and sean gruden. they report the raiders are cutting ties with their longtime kicker, the first round pick from 2000 missing all of last year with a back injury. converting 16-21. can you smell it alan?>> the letter of the baseball? >> freshly cut grass? the dog out baseball is back.
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>> how about that? doing a little bit, taking some hacks. among those that through a bullpen session today. they won't get on the mound to till next week -- until next week. posting this video of himself in a hot tub. [ laughter ] >> he doesn't look sick. >> it seems like everyone, everyone wants their own tv show these days. youtube, netflix, that -- kevin durant is partnering with apple to create a series based on his road to the nba called swagger. the warriors backup guard, missing at least the next month after fracturing his risk -- wrist. he reportedly suffered the injury over the weekend. a
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history tie run 14 usa. shaun white, some didn't even know who he was. true story. a score of 97. he won gold by two points. the flying tomato joins bonnie blair is the only american to join gold at three winter games. valance tie would not be complete if i did not mention, my run -- my one true love. >> catch of the day. this is nick of sacramento catching an 11.72 pound bass at lake chevelle in castro valley. look at the bait he used. it looks and swims through the water like a bay fish and worked for nick, congratulations. do like our new graphic? my picture is not on there.
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apparently the art department got nervous. [ laughter ] >> you think you can do better? send us your fishing pictures to catch of the day at >> one true love. >> you better have dinner plans for your wife tonight. >> i went to walgreens last night at 11:55 before closed and got my card. good move. coming up in the next half hour, the mass shooting in florida leaves more than one dozen dead. what the gunman did right before the attack. justice for a family torn apart by drunk driving. how social media may have played a role in the judge's decision. how quickly we forget to conserve, the bay area city accused of wasting too much water.
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>> you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, terrified students hiding under their desks as gunfire interrupts at the florida high school. tonight, 17 people are confirmed dead and a former student is in custody. it happened at marjory stoneman douglas high school in
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parkland. a suburb of fort lauderdale recently named florida's safest city. >> i'm sick to my stomach to see children who go to school with backpacks and pencils losing their lives. >> students ran from the school with their hands up as emergency crews tended to those injured on the ground. >> there are numerous fatalities, it is a horrific situation. >> student say a fire alarm was pulled minutes before dismissal. they were filing out of their classrooms and the gunfire erupted. >> you would think that it was no coincidence that whoever did this may have been looking at the maximum time of people. >> he went to the school, he was a former student. he knows where there is going to be a lot of people at a certain time. so, i don't think it's coincidence. >> frightened students posting photos on social media as they
6:30 pm
hid in the classrooms. others sending frantic text messages to the parents. >> it's not a drill, i hear gunshots. >> you could hear it up and down the hallway. screaming and shooting, he shot to the door. >> you hear about it on the news all the time but never think it will happen. it did. it did. >> reporter: an hour after the gunfire began, police took the suspected shooter away in handcuffs. he has been identified as 19- year-old nicholas cruise, a former student who had been expelled from the high school for disciplinary reasons.>> we been -- we begin to dissect websites and -- we have begun to decide. >> it's insane and unnecessary. there is no words to describe how i feel. >> reporter: police and tactical care -- gear swept of the school where students were hiding in the classrooms.
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>> put your phone the way. >> the president waiting his condolences to the victims families adding that no child, teacher, or anyone else should ever feel unsafe in an american school. >> another mass shooting reportedly another ar-15. my bill to ban assault weapons is ready for a vote. how long will we accept weapons of war being used to slaughter our children? investigators are on the campus tonight processing the evidence. the 19-year-old suspect is being interrogated at the sheriff's office. in the bay area, a surprise turn of events. a dui case, five years ago, this artist his brother chris, and their friend killed in a car crash. the driver admitting that she was driving under the influence. our reporter on a courtroom surprise that came only after the victim's family dug up some disturbing evidence.
6:32 pm
>> that is right, this was an unusual occurrence in court today. the judge and defendant had a plea deal. all of this was going along as was to be expected but then the judge today deciding to rescind the bill, possibly because of what the big's family showed her on the woman social media. >> she was to be serving home detention after pleading guilty to felony vehicular manslaughter and causing the death of three people while under the influence of drugs but the defendant is seen living it up with steak dinners, salon treatments, and christmas in the park on facebook postings. it could be a big reason why one judge throughout an early plea deal and ordered the defendant to stand for trial. >> the victims have gone through a horrible tragedy and to show the message on facebook that you are out having a good time in the community, when
6:33 pm
you're supposed to be doing an alternative to jail, this is a poor message to send. >> she plowed into a parked car on the side of highway and hundred one -- on the side of highway 101, three people were killed. she suffered minor injuries, family and friends of the victims showed in court today expecting the judge to release her with four years credit for time served on electronic monitoring.>> the judge changed her mind.>> reporter: the judge changed her mind after hearing the families victim impact statements.>> we had saw this woman on facebook and show the judge how she had lived her life. not contributing assent or saying that she was sorry. >> reporter: attorneys calling it busting the plea deal. how unusual is that?>> it's rare but not unheard of. the judge allowed her to rescind her guilty plea setting up a jury trial.>> it's about time. it's been us in on the effect of what the woman did and her lack of remorse, it's torn a community. all over the world
6:34 pm
apart. the first pretrial hearing is scheduled for later this month. if she's convicted she could face time in the state prison which would be a harsher sentence than she had originally faced. reporting live, kpix5. a murder mystery in half moon bay, a man's body discovered near a beach. found earlier this morning in the parking lot of gray whale cove . investigators say the victim had injuries to his face and upper body. >> we do not have witnesses or suspect information. we are hoping that by sharing this that there's someone out there that could be familiar with the incident. or may have been in the area of north half moon bay near highway one and may have seen something that is unusual or something suspicious and could contact us. >> the victim has not been
6:35 pm
identified. >> a mystery solved in san francisco. we know what made several students sick at a middle school. the school district says students at the james middle school consumed what appears to be marijuana. students were rushed to the hospital. a container labeled medical cannabis was confiscated. the students are recovering. other bay area headlines the family of a man killed with a stolen police con -- gun has filed a legal claim against the police officer the shooting happened in august. the gun the suspects used was stolen from an on duty officer -- from an off duty officer. >> what's unfortunate is that, the officer failed to follow state law. local law, and the policy of his own department. >> the officer has been working active duty since the shooting. in oakland, one man taken into
6:36 pm
custody after a three-hour standoff with police. the senior the oakland coliseum. the suspect barricaded himself inside of the building just after 8:00 this morning. he was safely taken to custody a few hours later. the city of berkeley has slashed the tax rate for recreational marijuana. an attempt to attract businesses. the tax rate at 5% the lowest in the bay area. the move pressuring neighbor cities -- neighboring cities to cut their rates as well. a lot of people worrying about another drought. a number of california cities are being called out for wasting water. survey shows californians have been boasting the amount of water we use, a mercury news reporter crunched the numbers. in the bay area foster city residents are using almost 6% more water from last may until december compared to 2013. coming up, the white house under fire the president breaks for silence on domestic violence . a could be a box office break error -- a breaker.
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violence. the president's comments come as the white house is still dealing with fallout from the resignation of rob porter. the former staff secretary is accused of abusing his two ex-wives. osed to the president speaking at today against domestic violence, his comments come as the white house is dealing with fallout from the resignation of rob porter. the former staff secretary is accused of abusing his two ex- wives. >> i'm opposed totally, to domestic violence of any kind. everyone knows that. it almost wouldn't have to be said. so, now you hear it but you all know it. >> porter denies these allegations against him. meanwhile, adult film star stormy daniels believes she it is free to talk about her alleged encounter with the president. the president's attorney admits he paid daniels $130,000 to keep quiet before the elections.
6:40 pm
daniels says trump's lawyer breached the nondisclosure agreement. scott bail facing new rounds of sexual misconduct allegations tonight. from another of his charles in charge costars. alexander polinsky says he was just 11-12 years old when scott bail began harassing him on a set of the 80s sitcom. he says it started after he witnessed him acting inappropriately toward their costar who was accused -- who has accused baile of molesting her as a teenager. >> he pull down my pants in front of over 100 people. on another time he laughed as he cut a hole in the canvas while of my private dressing room on site and exposed his genitals to me. >> you can't apologize for something you did not do.>> that was his attorney who held his own news conference denying allegations from both accusers. these guys know a thing or two about love, except now, smart phones seem to be getting in the way.
6:41 pm
rainfall percentages for the water gear anywhere from 40- 54%, about half of the average. can we play catchup? we will talk about the seven- day forecast next.
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the movie is directed by an oakland native. already... it's expected to be a blockbuster smash. the movie is on track to become one of marvel's most valuable franchises. a big cultural moment for the first global superhero film to feature a mostly black cast. "i was really into.. x men, spider man.. that look like me... walked to my local comic book shop.. showed me black panthe excitement building as marbles black panther comes out tomorrow night. the movie directed by an oakland native. it's expected to be a blockbuster smash. the movie is on track to become one of marbles most valuable franchises. a big cultural moment for the first global superhero film. featuring mostly of black cast -- a black cast. >> i started to realize, i wanted to see characters, like me. i walked to my local comic book shop in oakland and asked the guy behind the desk and he showed me black panther.>> way to go, ryan. the $200 million film expects to grossed at least $150 million at the box office there monday.
6:45 pm
romance in the air today at san francisco city hall. dozens of couples tied the knot this valentine's day in the rotunda. san francisco issued a record 11,000 wedding licenses last year. officials say the rise is likely due to the legalization of gay marriage. 2018 is looking to be another record raking year. lake maren was the other destination for romantics today. john ramose shows us a valentine's day tradition that has couples cozying up on the water. >> reporter: if oakland isn't at the top of your list of romantic getaways, you may want to look closer.[ music ] -- >> reporter: and old world tradition alive and well operating out of the lakes boathouse, the gondolas have been bringing some venice to the bay area since 1999. the owner says for him, it is more about culture than love. >> the american idea is like a gondolier, the romantic boats,
6:46 pm
that's great. we will go with that. but that is not history. >> reporter: gondolas used to be taxicabs and the limousines of wealthy venetian families. most gondolier's were too macho to sink. eventually tourist demand made opera a regular part of the experience. they made it a fun valentine's day outing for ben cruz and his girlfriend leona avery this afternoon.>> it felt great, it was a nice break from work. we took lunch off and came to the lake for a little while.>> reporter: he has studied musical theater for years and loves a chance to polish his craft at work. he admits, it's difficult when the riders are not caught up in the romance of the moment.>> instead of gazing into each other's eyes they are gazing at their phones. i hope there texting each other -- i hope there texting each other. >> reporter: some people are more romantic than others but this is a day you have to try it.
6:47 pm
>> summertime is busy. as far as the single day, valentine's day. >> reporter: john ramose, kpix5. >> how idyllic. what a perfect day. how awesome. that's right here in the bay area. here in oakland. 53 degrees tonight. 68-70 degrees in oakland coming up on saturday. livermore, san francisco, 51 degrees with the lights, on top of the tower, testing at the art installation. overnight tonight lows in the 30s for santa rosa and napa, 30 -- livermore 39. even chilean pacifica down to 34 degrees at the beach, the same old story when it comes to the raiders temperature certainly changing but the dry has not. look at this comparison for sonoma counties. last warrior for valentine's day, 46 inches of rainfall.
6:48 pm
this water year, through valentine's day, less than 13 inches of rainfall. a three foot difference. a tremendous amount of water. it's not fallen this year, it fell last year. rain on the west coast. it's raining in the pacific northwest. bar northwestern california and pouring in arizona and showering a bit around san diego and orange county. we have a low pressure area, a catalyst for the moisture drawing and moisture from the pacific. anything coming this way directly from canada which is chilly but also very dry. the front gone, you saw cloud cover today late in the morning early in the afternoon. mostly sunny skies tomorrow morning, clear skies tomorrow evening. we roll through friday with not much of a change. we have a force field around the bay area if you will, preventing widespread rain. next week, a significant temperature change. without rain. the cold weather of 2018, arguably the bars low for that, the entire western third of the
6:49 pm
country, likely seeing temperatures well below normal. especially east of the sierra. the snow level in the sierra may drop as low as 1500 feet. cold at night, we done that this week. older next week, we are going to warm up with saturday likely seeing low 70s away from the water. conquered tomorrow, 65 degrees, five degrees above average. palo alto 63. san mateo 62. danville, san ramon, low 60s, pittsburgh, antioch, 63 degrees for a high. richmond 62, sonoma 64, and cloverdale and lakeport also in the low 60s. not much of a temperature spread tomorrow. a couple degrees milder, warmer saturday morning, more sunshine, sunday we begin to cool down and look at next week, no 60s or 70s, highs in the 50s. unfortunately the rain will stay away. presidents they will likely be the coolest day we've had all year long. coming up, a
6:50 pm
frightening reality. school shootings. tonight, we see how an east bay school district is making sure their students and staff are prepared coming up at 10:00 on our sister station.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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according to the federal reserve. 8000 small business loans
6:53 pm
are denied every day according to the federal reserve. >> there is hope for business owners. we introduce you to this week's jefferson award winner. >> reporter: when alysia and her husband came to the country from mexico 18 years ago, they cleaned homes and washed cars. she made extra money selling homemade tamales. >> i was cooking like 100 tamales. >> reporter: today she owns alicea tamales, they sell whole food and cater to amazon and google. as her business expanded she could only get a loan from a nonprofit lender.>> when you find someone who really believes in you, it's amazing. >> reporter: eric weaver founded the opportunity fund in san jose in 1992. through the nonprofit, alicea had borrowed $100,000 in the past few years to fund her first food cart, a catering band -- van.
6:54 pm
under eric's leadership more than 6200 businesses have received loans from the opportunity fund. >> it was important to do something that i thought would make a meaningful difference. >> reporter: he started with a consortium of 15 banks.>> there people without credit scores, damaged credit. >> reporter: he delved into the applicants picture and character. they come with an offer of hands-on support. the loan repayment rate is high. 95%. the communications director explains. >> it's just as understanding of what is right and doing what is right every day. an opportunity fund loans 5-7 million dollars a month. 13 of the state. the money comes from business and private donations. interest and fees. the rewards for watching businesses like elysie is -- alicea's succeed is wonderful. >> reporter: from providing opportunities to small business loans, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to eric weaver,.
6:55 pm
>> he's stepped down from being the opportunity fund ceo and works as its senior advisor working on grant writing and fundraising. the nonprofit is said to expand into half the country this year. if you are interested in applying for a loan we will have information on a website. that's where you could nominate your local hero for jefferson award.>> who is ready for dinner?>> that sounds so good. it's time for dinner, go to the same website for news throughout the evening. >> join us at 10:00. and of course we are right back here at 11:00.>> good night.
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