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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 16, 2018 1:37am-2:13am PST

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florida. we're learning about the 17-lives lost in yesterday's school shooting massacre. now at 11:00 glimmers of light tonight in a dark time in florida. we're learning about the 17 lives lost in yesterday's school shooting massacre. good evening i'm elizabeth cooke. >> we have learning cruz bought
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that ar15 rifle legally after passing a background check. tonight he's on suicide watch after confessing to the atrocity that followed. meantime the names and faces of the 17 people he's accused of killing are beginning to emerge. tonight the survivors came together to comforter each other near the site of the deadly shooting at stoneman douglas high school. that's where kenneth craig begins our team coverage. >> reporter: good evening to you from parkland, florida where as you can see more than 24 hours later deputies still have the scene blocked off tonight. it's just down the street from the park inside the neighborhood where hundreds of people turned out tonight for a candle light vigil. 19-year-old nikolas cruz is behind bars facing 17 counts of premeditated murder. his attorney says he's a deeply troubled young man who fell through the cracks. >> he's fully aware of what's going on and he's just a broken human being. >> police say cruz bought his
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semiautomatic rifle last february. cruz took an uber to the scene of the crime wednesday and started shooting around 2:21 in the afternoon. i was hiding in an open room that the shooter could have easily walked into and killed me. >> police say cruz told them after the rampage he ditched his gun and ammunition and planned to save himself. >> the suspect crossed the field and ran west and tried to mix in with the group that was running away fearing for their lives. >> an officer from a neighboring police department spotted cruz in a residential area and arrested him. >> for a quick moment i thought could this be the person, is this who i need to stop. >> authorities have interviewed more than 2,000 people so far in this investigation. the school is still a crime scene. a massive crowd gathered at an evening vigil trying to find comfort together. their candles lighting the way.
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it was one of several vigils where students remarked this tragedy was preventable. >> it's an american problem that school shootings are happened. >> a problem that's now rocked another american community riddled with grief. >> the victims range from 14 to 49-years old. i'm kenneth craig reporting in parkland, florida, kpix5. >> and we have more on some of those victims tonight. >> they were teenagers just starting out in life. and tonight we're learning who they were and who they had hoped to become. 14-year-old elana petty participated in the school's rotc program. she volunteered at a church and helped victims of hurricane irma last year. luke hoyer played basketball. his cousin told the new york times he loved his mother and father with all his will power. 17-year-old juoquin oliver had
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just become a u.s. citizen. the father of a 14-year-old wrote this on facebook, hug to all, and hold your children tight. 17-year-old who just earned a scholarship to the university of minneapolis. he planned to compete on a swim team. and alyssa described by her mother as a creative writer. >> a crazy person, a gunman knocked down the window of my child's door and starts shooting her and killing her. president trump you say what can you do, you can stop the guns from getting into these children's hands. put metal detecters at every entrance to the school. what can you do? you can do a lot. this is not fair to our family that our children go to school
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and have to get killed. i just spent the last two hours putting the burial arrangements to my daughter's funeral who's 14. president trump please do something. do something, action! we need it now. these kids need safety now. >> three adults also died in the shooting. assistant football coach and security guard aaron feis. gee owing rah fib teacher and @ let -- geography teacher and school athletic director. president trump did not mention anything about gun control. >> our administration is working closely with authorities to investigate the shooting and learn everything we can. we are committed to working with state and local leaders to help
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secure our schools and tackle the difficult issue of mental health. >> the president says he plans to visit parkland, florida in the wake of the tragedy. >> tonight some powerful politicians say it's time to put politics aside and do something about this. >> let's try to do those things that can keep these powerful weapons out of the hands of people who shouldn't have them. and this young man is a classic case. >> you need to think less about taking sides and fighting each other politically and just pulling together. this house and the whole country stands with the parkland community. >> house minority leader nancy pelosi tweeted this, of course we pray for the families. but this can't just be a moment of silence. no one's political survival is more important than saving americans lives. we must act to end gun violence. oakland unified school
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district will be holding an active shooter training tomorrow for staff at cole elementary. it's been scheduled for months now but the timing is poignant. >> as of january of 2017 california gun owners are required to register assault weapons like ar15's. but gun makers quickly found a way around that releasing an ar15 model with slight revisions that make it legal so owners don't have to hand their information over to the government. >> every time we pass a law even before the governor signs it literally the gun manufacturers are finding ways to work around our very specific laws. >> phil ting has introduced a bill to ban people from buying or possessing a gun if a family member reports that the person may become violent. ting's bill would allow anyone to file those reports. >> tonight is not just politicians and parents, students are demanding action as
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well. kpix5's joe vasquez continues our team coverage. >> one of the hallmarks of the coverage of this shooting have been the strikingly eloquent voices of some young teenagers not just in florida but also here in the bay. >> when you see the cycle of inaction and it seems hopeless all there is left is hope right. >> 3,000 miles away from parkland, florida the students of tumult high in mill valley. these students say they recognize the next shooting could happen anywhere. unless they say they could somehow push elected officials to put restrictions on certain kinds of guns. they say they want the florida shooting to inspire their classmates to vote to force change. >> our goal tonight is to show those people in florida that this really matters to us and that we're willing to do anything. >> some of their teenage counter parts in florida who just survived the shooting are also showing a remarkable amount of
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maturity as they reject the do nothing approach of their elders. >> we can say yes we're going to do all of these things, is that trues and prayers, what we need more than that is action. >> 17-year-old david hog hid in the closet with his fellow students a it is gunman went on his shooting spree. he's now pleading for someone, anyone to do something about school shootings. >> please this is the 18th one this year. that's unacceptable. we're children. you guys are the adults. you need to take some action and play your role. work together, come over your politics and get something done. talk to the congressmen, talk to people, and don't stop fighting because children will continue to die if we don't take a stand now. >> much like many adults none of these teenagers claims to have an answer but their point stop waiting for an answer and start trying to fix the problem before more kids get killed. joe vasquez, kpix5. >> more candles and prayers in berkeley tonight. this time it's for a woman killed in a horrific bus crash.
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>> and these pills help prevent the spread of hiv. but tonight the state is investigating if there's an illegal side effect. >> moving out of the bay area into pint sized homes. tonight we'll show you who is deciding to downsize. >> plus motorcycles are getting smarter. tonight our betty yu takes one
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a-c transit bus in berkeley. dozens o a vigil tonight for a young woman who was killed in a crash
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with a transit bus in berkeley. dozens of people gathered and held candles at san pablo park. 27-year-old kelly zachary was a college student who also worked at the federal building in oakland. she died last thursday when a bus hit her honda on the driver's side at california and ashby. the impact sent both vehicles into a house. her father was at tonight's vigil. >> the support right here from everyone has really helped me get through the situation. if it wasn't for the support here for some people i know and some i i don't know i don't know where i would be at today. >> he is himself an ac transit driver and he says he can't imagine what the bus driver in the crash is going through. no one else was hurt in the accident that killed kelly. >> a san jose middle school teacher is under arrest tonight. some parents at willow bend middle school said they noticed
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him taking photos of female students. investigators also discovered inappropriate images in his possession. the suspect is currently on administrative leave. >> an allegation tonight that some insurance companies are discriminating against gay men. and now california's insurance commissioner is looking into that. kpix's 5's maria medina says the investigation reinvolves around a pill that prevents hiv. >> i take it and i know many people that do take it. >> a cocktail of two antihiv drugs used by many gay men. >> i think everybody that does participate in high risk scenarios should be on it. >> now life insurance companies could be determining long term care to hom organizationsexual men who take the pill -- homosexual men who take the
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pill. >> this is extremely discriminatory. >> the commissioner tonight opened an investigation into the alleged denials calling it illegal discrimination based on sexual orientation. >> the main message is there will be lawsuits, there are many organizations that support the lgbtq communities who will fight these cases and it will go up to the supreme court. i know that. and we will win. >> the california insurance company is following in the foot steps of new york state regulators who also launched an investigation triggered by a new york times article about the insurance denials. some men gained they stopped taking prep in order to gain life insurance. but michael points out it saves lives. >> it's become a part of many people's lives. >> there are 800 life insurers
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here in the u.s. and they're the only one denying coverage to gay men. now they're asking any gay men who live here who feel been discriminated against to come forward. >> tonight the senate is back at square one on immigration reform. that's after four bills came up for a vote and all of them failed. the measure that came the closest was a bipartisan proposal. it would have provided 1.8 million young immigrants a chance for citizenship and gradual funding for a border wall. that bill ended up six votes short of the 60 needed to advance. a different bill backed by president trump sought tight restrictions on legal migration. it got just 39 votes. >> a new trend to get around the bay area's sky high rents. some people are opting for just a couple of hundred square feet
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of space. that's all they need. park, delta bay is the first legal community of tiny homes. it's southeast of rio vista along the banks of the river. >> reporter: this tiny home is for corine corley. the attorney moved to california four months ago. >> i wanted to live in a house and the only way to downsize and live in a house that i could come up with was to live in a tiny house. >> this was her house of 25 years. >> three bedrooms, two baths. >> she has a rare medical condition and moved to be closer to stanford hospital where she's being treated. but buying a house near palo alto wasn't an option. >> this is my living room and bedroom. >> so she spent $38,000 to have this 200-square foot home built.
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>> tiny living is not for everybody. a lot of people for example wouldn't want their whole life exposed. you come into my house, this is where i sleep, that's where i work. >> corine believes less means more. so does her neighbor lola. >> the real estate market is pretty crazy out here so i figured the tiny house was a solution for me. >> 26 feet long and eight and a half feet wide. a total of 221 square feet. >> queen sized bed in here room to store my ukelele. >> there are tiny home communities in the bay area but apparently they're not legal. there's one in alameda facing eviction. >> tonight apple's new home pod
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is already leaving its mark and that's not really a good thing. apple admits its internet connected speaker can leave white circle stains when placed on some wooden surfaces. the company says it may be oil on the wood interacting with the home pod's silicone base. this device costs $350. a they said if you're worried about it leaving marks put the home pod on a different surface. >> these days cars are connected to technology more than ever but how about motorcycles? some of them are getting a smart upgrade as well. betty yu took one out for a little test ride. >> reporter: they're fast, italian made, and a force on the road. now ducati is rolling out what it calls the most connected motorcycle in the world. >> this is not the fastest but in terms of real world riding and that experience on and off the bike it's the smartest. >> i took a ride on the
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multistrada1260. this model connects via bluetooth to a smartphone which riders can use to directly set riding modes. the app records data including route details, power, acceleration, and lean angle. >> this technology is something that's been previously reserved only for those in professional racing and motorcycling. in fact after lapse or practicing with that world. >> ducati just announced a big partnership, together their sales will allow them to get more connected with their riders. that also means they're getting more social. the app allows riders to create their own network to organize rides and share routes. >> motorcycling is not transportation. we're in the entertainment business. and when you have a great experience you want to share that with your friends.
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you want to sometimes brag a little bit but also turn people on to an experience that you might want them to have. >> in san francisco betty yu, kpix5. >> it's remarkable how gorgeous that view is and we're so lucky we have it right here in our backyard. >> people come from all around the world to see that view. we are fortunate to live here. in the background at sfo a lot of airports shutdown around midnight but not sfo. there are 13 flights that leave sfo every night between 11:00 and midnight. all of those red eye flights going east to new york and minneapolis. even one to seoul, south korea. we're looking at lots of flights leaving sfo. 50 degrees right now. the cool spot santa rosa at 39 getting down near freezing yet again. 34 tonight, napa mid-30s. but our dry streak continues. today was 21 days in a row without a drop of rainfall in the bay area. we're likely going to make it to
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26, 27, 28, making it one of the longest streaks of its kind ever. we'll see a little bit of precipitation in the sierra this weekend. that's good news because it is going to be snow. look at the high temperatures falling from the 50s tomorrow down to the mid-30s at lake level on sunday. we have a very cold air mass which is going to move in. here's the reason why we have our ridge of high pressure peel off to the west. it's only a matter of time before some really cold air in canada gets dragged down by that ridge. most of the time it goes east of the sierra and east of the cascades and the northwest. not this time. it's going to move right down into northern california giving us some very cold air next week. tomorrow not cold. sunny and mild. saturday not cold, sunny and warm with highs in the low 70s. here comes a boundary on sunday which won't give us rainfall but on the other side of that boundary it's going to get blustery and quite chilly. temperatures climbing for two
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more days. we're cooler and breezy beginning sunday. that's the big transition day. how about highs in the 50s next week. concord 68 tomorrow. san francisco 62. we're warmer on saturday. by sunday afternoon it's going to be windy and cooler. president's day not even hitting 60 degrees. and next week well below average. not listed there the overnight lows 30s near the bay and mid to upper 20s inland. this will be the coldest weather of winter coming up next week. >> but no rain. >> but still not a drop of rainfall. >> thank you. >> it will come eventually. >> all right. >> coming up the super hero movie expected to break records. >> and here are tonights guests
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black panther is expected to bring in more than 200- million it is expected to break box office records. a new superhero movie "black panther" expect today bring in more than $200 million in its opening weekend. tonight some movie buffs in the bay area are getting a first preview. >> some of the first to see it the part of a fundraiser. >> i think that this movie is super important because it inspires people to dream and it means something really special not just to black people but throughout the world. >> it's based on a comic book character, a technologically advanced african nation. >> is there a shake up going on in the giants front office? can you usf pull off a major
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president brian sabean to take a more hands-on approach with the giants president has reportedly told former giants vice president brian sabian to take a more hands on approach with the day-to-day operation of the baseball team. part of the reason is his fire and brimstone demeanor. far different from general manager bobby evans. >> brian's ability to communicate his passion might be
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a little stronger mine. and maybe i dial it down a little bit. >> the athletic report said current general manager bobby evans remains the point man for trades. but that sabian will now spend more time with the big club. tim lincecum had a throwing performance in seattle today. upset alert number 15 st. mary's taking on usf at the hip toll. chuck lindale bows out of the game he finished with 19 points. frankie ferrari finishes two of his 20. they win 70-63. the last time they beat a ranked team, 2012. number 14 stanford from the big game. tie ball game, puts it back up.
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gets the foul. she would complete the 3-point play. and stanford holds on for a 74-69 win. that is their 70 straight win. injuries to the sharks have opened the door for that man, bret burns to return to his former position. the sharks taking on the canucks at the tank. they hold on for a 4-1 win. remain in second place in the pacific division. not crunch time yet but it's getting there. martin jones 43 saves tonight. that ties his season high. >> timmy is throwing 93, i would sign him tonight. >> let timmy >> there you go. >>
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