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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  February 16, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PST

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developing right now out of washington - a new twist in the russia meddling investigation. ernoon - good afternoon. thank you for joining us. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. out of washington, this afternoon special counsel robert mueller issued indictments for 13 russian
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nationals and three rubs companies for -- russian companies for allegedly interference in the 2016 election. charges are conspiracy, bank fraud, wire fraud and aggravated identity theft. >> they allegedly conducted what they called information warfare against the united states with the stated goal of spreading distrust towards the candidates and the political system in general. >> according to the indictment, the russian organization internet research agency began operations as early as 2014. they even allegedly traveled to the u.s. to collect intelligence. in florida, the fbi is now saying that the agency received a tip back in january from someone who knew the accused school shooter might be planning something. the fbi also admits it didn't follow up on that tip. reporter kenneth craig is live in parkland, florida, with the latest. >> reporter: good afternoon. over the last few days, so many
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people have been struggling to understand how this could happen with so many warning signs and then this afternoon, that major bombshell admission from the fbi that they got a tip about this a month ago and didn't investigate it. the fbi now says 19-year-old nikolas cruz should have been on its radar but wasn't. the agency admits that in january, someone called into its tip line and told the person who answered that cruz had firearms. the caller referenced specific social media and even mentioned the school shooting threat. the fbi says that information was never passed to the south florida fbi field office and no follow-up took place. investigators say cruz confessed to the shooting using an ar-15 which he legally bought. >> obviously, he shouldn't have had that weapon and shouldn't have been able to do the kinds of things that he did. >> reporter: today mourners gathered at a north lauderdale funeral chapel to say good-bye
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to 14-year-old alyssa alhadeff. she was one of 14 students killed on valentine's day at marjory stoneman douglas high school. yesterday her mother charged president trump with making sure it never happens again. [ screaming ] >> president trump, you say what can you do!! you can stop the guns from getting in these children's hands!!! >> reporter: president trump is coming to his mar-a-largo estate this weekend about 40 miles north of here. he plans to meet with families whose lives have been shattered. democratic senator bill nelson was at the high school today and wants assault weapons off the streets. >> maybe these students speaking out so boldly, maybe this will be the turning point, because in fact, enough is enough. >> reporter: fbi director christopher wray says he is committed to getting to the bottom of this mishandled tip and offered his deep regrets to victims and families for the additional pain it causes. authorities executed a search warrant at the home where cruz
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was staying. they found at least 3 more firearms. it's unclear as to whether cruz bought those himself. >> authorities said that they interviewed more than 2,000 people already. what's next for investigators? >> reporter: well, this investigation continues. i can tell you a good thing is that investigators have already learned a great deal of information a lot of coming out yesterday into today with that apparent confession from the suspected shooter after his arrest. one of the big things the authorities will look through now is through those social media accounts and continuing to talk with people, friends, distant family members who knew this man to figure out what motivated this how long he had been planning it and if there are any other connections to anybody else. in addition to the fbi investigating this communication breakdown that led to this tip not being investigated. >> thank you. we now know the names of the 17 people who were gunned down in that deadly shooting. many of the victims were active
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in their communities. reporter laura podesta has more from florida. >> reporter: these are the faces of the 17 people killed on valentine's day at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida. joaquin oliver from venezuela had just become a u.s. citizen last year. >> an amazing person. beautiful soul. nice, kind. obviously no one deserves this. >> reporter: freshman gina montalto volunteered as a friend for kids with special needs. >> she was so bubbly. she was just a tiny little girl. i didn't think she would hurt a fly. >> reporter: 15-year-old peter wang was killed while holding a door open so others could escape. but he wasn't the only hero that day. assistant football coach aaron feis used his body to shield students. some say they weren't surprised to hear about his bravery. >> he was different than normal faculty. he was our friend. he truly cared. >> the fact that i heard that he used his body to protect others, it's not a surprise to me. >> reporter: a sign planted outside the school expresses
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the anger and frustration the community is feeling after this shooting. it reads, make schools safe, no guns for kids. >> someone having the ability to instill that much terror in the people i love hurts. >> reporter: funeral services for some of the victims begin today. laura podesta, cbs news, parkland, florida. >> just two days after the florida attack, teachers in oakland are getting active shooter training. jessica flores spoke to the police chief about the program. >> reporter: another mass shooting in america, another active shooter training here in oakland unified school district. i spoke to the school's police chief who says these types of training can only go so far in protecting students. oakland schools police chief jeff godown is fed up. >> in 2018 we are going to need to go home and tell your child who could be 3 or 4 when you're at school tomorrow, coloring, if somebody comes in to try to kill you, this is what you need to do. that's the most absurd, obscene discussion that needs to be
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had. >> reporter: the active shooter training for oakland educators has been planned for months. but it comes the same week as the parkland, florida massacre and chief godown says it's pastime congress bans assault rifles, often used in mass shootings. >> they are designed to kill people. that's all they are made for. people are saying they are designed to shoot targets and bottles. that's a bunch of baloney. >> reporter: the training for teachers and administrators focuses on what to do after a shooting begins and characteristics of possible shooters. >> i work in correctional education inside jails and parole offices for 10 years and it's -- i'm sorry to say but i feel safer working in those places than i do in a public school setting. >> reporter: but this is one school lesson with no simple answers as teachers train for the worst, gun control remains an uphill battle in washington. >> at the end of the day no matter what do you in someone comes in with a high capacity assault weapon that's bent on
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killing people, you are not going to stop him. >> reporter: in oakland jessica flores, kpix 5. pg&e crews are doing repairs after a gas leak in the sunset. chopper 5 flew over the scene on irving street. a construction crew hit a service line about 10 a.m. crews say the leak has been resolved. two nearby restaurants and an apartment been were evacuated. high-speed chase with a stolen car ended in a fire eve crash in santa rosa. police say a man stole a dodge charger from a home just before midnight. the people who live there caught him in the act and followed him. the suspect reached speeds up to 100 miles an hour. eventually he crashed. police found 7 other cars in flames when they arrived. the suspect was hurt in the crash. he is expected to survive. the fate of so-called "dreamers" is still unclear after the u.s. senate failed to agree on a proposal to solve the issue. as kpix 5's jackie ward
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reports, time is running out to get a deal done. >> reporter: the senate tried and tried. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: but failed to pass four separate immigration proposals thursday. >> this does not have tonight end of our efforts to resolve -- this does not center to be the end of our efforts to resolve this. >> reporter: even a bipartisan bill didn't pass. it would have funded the wall while providing a path to citizenship for the illegal immigrants who were brought to the country as children. >> this provides $25 billion for a border security system. number two, it addresses the issue of daca. it takes 1.8 million young people who want to be citizens of the united states 10 to 12 years from now. >> reporter: the white house threatened to veto it because it doesn't stop chain migration or end the visa lottery system. that killed the chances of passing. >> president trump created this problem by terminating the daca program last august.
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since that decision, president trump has stood in the way of every, single proposal that could become law. >> reporter: president trump said: >> reporter: the house bill sponsored by bob goodlatte is further right than the republican-backed bill in the senate which garnered only 39 votes. jackie ward, kpix 5. coming up, parents and coaches are speaking out against a controversial bill to ban tackle football for children. the petition already getting support. >> plus, marking the lunar new year. the celebrations under way. ♪[ music ] >> and high pressure making for a beautiful start to the lunar new year. we have beautiful clear skies out there and temperatures are good. but we have a cold front on the way. more coming up.
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two california lawmakers are lo rt parents and coaches are taking on a bill that would ban tackle football for some children. two california lawmakers are looking to ban the contact sport for children under the age of 14. parents want to keep youth football alive and are speaking out throwing their support behind an online petition that just started. it has already received 34,000 signatures across the country. today marks the start of the lunar new year. it happens to be the year of the dog. kpix 5's anne makovec is live in san francisco's chinatown where celebrations are under
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way. >> reporter: good afternoon. you're not wearing red? michelle, it's the color of the lunar new year but i'm wearing red enough for both of us today. a lot of celebrations happening in chinatown today. you can hear firecrackers going off, intermittently. there was a huge dragon here in this intersection just a few minutes ago. one of many celebrations welcoming the year of the dog. [ music ] >> reporter: san francisco's chinatown is alive with the sights and sounds of lion dance performers on the first day of the new lunar year. >> chase await evil spirit and bring us good luck. >> reporter: wong is the leader of the troupe. >> i think united states people can be very prosperity and wealthy and, um, safe. >> reporter: some people have made special trips for the celebration. >> what better place, san francisco, the biggest chinatown. >> reporter: this mom and son
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came from hawaii with high hopes for the year of the dog. >> it's supposed to be a prosperous year and hopefully, you know, good health. >> reporter: it's not just the chinese new year being celebrated. all calendars based on the moon are kick off their year in cities around the world. the vietnamese tet festival is one of the bay area's biggest. it runs this weekend at san jose's eastridge mall. the big parade here in san francisco is happening a week from tomorrow. that's the one that goes around union square. it attracts tens of thousands of people each year. so the celebrations will be continuing for the next couple of weeks. live in san francisco, anne makevoc, kpix 5. looks like all those people celebrating this weekend are going to have perfect weather. >> the weather will be really nice and just so you know, the fireworks are there to ward off evil spirits but it's hard to sleep during them.
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that's all i'm saying. [ laughter ] >> here's the view right now, a gorgeous view of the bay clear, no cloud coverage. barely a breeze. it's feeling good especially as our temperatures warm up for this afternoon. 63 right now in concord. 57 in oakland. 60 in san francisco. san jose 63. here's a great picture from san mateo of elizabeth out there this afternoon -- excuse me, it's not afternoon yet. she was out there a couple of hours ago. she sent us this picture from the seal point park with a plane and blue skies. that's to our weather watcher. she is on our kpix 5 weather watcher group. you can join us on facebook. today's afternoon temperatures in the 60s. they are above average up to 8 degrees. sunset at 5:49. sunrise tomorrow at 6:56. i want to show you this. our drought update. so abnormally dry for
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california. it's increased. no rain so wider areas under severe drought extending into central california and the moderate drought areas in brown. so yes, part of the bay area now abnormally dry. these areas in yellow have extended into the bay area. here's the futurecast. we are hoping for rainfall. clear the next couple of days, early-morning morning sunday will start the beginnings of the cold front from canada. we are hoping for moisture to come along with it. this futurecast showing there's a slight chance for light showers and if that happens, it's cold enough across the higher elevations, napa, sonoma counties, you could actually get low snow levels. so we could see a light dusting monday morning across those hills in the north bay. frost is likely also along the coast monday morning and tuesday morning. in fact, the cold air from canada is really going to impact us tuesday morning. that will be the coldest day that we are going to experience so far this year. here's your snow futurecast for
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the sierra. you could get a few inches at tahoe, low snow levels between 1,000 to 2,000 feet. temperatures will be in the 40s saturday. by sunday dropping down across tahoe to the 30s. so you will see that change. you can see it here in the seven-day forecast with the 70s inland saturday. then cold and windy sunday up to 40 miles per hour then monday we have to be prepared. that's when we need the blankets, big jackets. >> all right. i like all that. and gloves. >> neda, you have to get some earplugs. >> i know. the fireworks. coming up, there's an app for getting paid every day. find out what companies are doing for some employees who want it.
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a number of major employers are allowing their employees to have a pa taking a look at the big board the dow is rallying today. it's up about 96. the best week since 2011. a number of major employers are allowing their employees to have a payday every day if they want. several major companies are partnering with payday apps. kenneth craig found out how it works. >> reporter: jamiel is an aspiring actor who also works a temp job for extra cash always worried about surprise expenses. >> emergencies always pop up.
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and they pop up when you least expect them. >> reporter: but now, he has a lifeline in the palm of his hand. he is one of more than 100,000 people using daily pay, an app that allows workers to tap into their current earnings days ahead of payday. >> use it probably about twice a month in times that i'm sort of in a bind and i need some cash for the metro or, you know, a cable bill comes in. >> reporter: jason lee is the company's ceo. >> our users who really range from the minimum wage hourly employee all the way up to someone who makes six figures a year. >> reporter: daily pay is just one of several instapay apps that are partnering with employers and their employees. >> these aren't mega amounts they are pulling out. it's $20, $60. $11.20. >> that's exactly right. this is not folks trying to buy a new flat screen tv. this is really, hey, i've got
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rent coming due and i'm $80 short. >> reporter: fees range from $1 to $3 per transaction. critics say they too can lead to bad habits like not planning ahead and not saving. he tries to be responsible. >> i can determine whether or not i get paid instantly or on friday. >> reporter: a new way to make ends meet. kenneth craig, cbs news, new york and bedroom for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. for the latest home trends, at big savings - you've gotta go to ross.
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i'll take a bite of this right now -- no, i'm not! i'll wait until i cook it. at 5:00 a huge party in san jose tonight. the pet festival kicks off this afternoon. so expect to hear hundreds of fireworks into the late night hours. that and more tonight at 5:00. >> earplugs! >> or just join the party. >> join the party forget the earplugs. >> who cares. >> overrated. [ laughter ] >> on that note, you know what's not overrated? lunch! [ laughter ] >> sounds good. have a great weekend, everybody. ♪[ music ]
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♪ >> ridge: i'm impressed with hope. so is steffy. >> brooke: well, there is a family at stake, and hope didn't want to interfere with that. >> ridge: hmm. >> hope: hi, mom. hi, ridge. >> ridge: hey. >> brooke: hi, honey. >> ridge: [ sighs ] steffy told me about your conversation. so, you -- you really think you can convince liam to take her back? >> hope: i mean, i did my best. >> ridge: you've already seen him? >> hope: yeah, i was just there. i left after steffy called. she has her first ultrasound today. >> ridge: wow. uh... is -- is liam gonna go? >> hope: i hope so. i mean, he needs to see his child.


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