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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  February 18, 2018 7:30am-8:30am PST

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now on kpix 5 news, the outrage and anger over valentine's massacre is overflowing. how students are remembering their peers. >> we'll look at another question, how safe are our schools? a major development in the investigation into russian interference in the 2016 presidential election. how much is smoke? and how much is fire? and who could be the next to fall? it's 7:30 a.m. on this sunday, february 18. good morning, i'll phil. >> we're going to begin with a quick look at the forecast which is going to be heavily in the news as we head into the week because temperatures, they are
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falling and the skies are clouding up too. we'll see increasing clouds during the day as we look south from transamerica pyramid at what is turning out to be a cloudy morning. lows tonight, that's going to be the big story. we've got clouds around. concord right now though, we're beginning sunday morning with 50 degrees. santa rosa still at 37. high pressure is driving cold air south into the bay area. 10 to 15 degrees from yesterday, it will be breezy as well this afternoon. and tomorrow morning bay area peaks could have a dusting of snow. we'll have the details when we do the forecast. emotions ran high last night in tracy as friends and family gathered to remember the life of a murdered teenager. more than 100 people came together at the memorial near city hall to honor
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lizette questa. friends and family released balloons to show their support. >> she lightens the room when she entered. >> police say lizette was stabbed last monday dumped off tesla road and crawled almost 100 yards for help. 19-year-old daniel gross and 25-year-old melissa leonardo. authorities are still trying to piece together of how they knew each other. this morning san jose police are looking for the suspects who stabbed a man last night on story road. police say the suspect pecked are asian men and -- suspects are asian men. if you have any tips, call police. president trump tweeted they
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don't want to solve the daca problems, why didn't the democrats pass gun control legislation when they had both the house and senate during the obama administration? because they didn't want to and now they just talk. democratic congressman eric accused the president of doing nothing to prevent mass shootings. he met with people in his east bay people yesterday. he called for beck ground checks that included mental illness evaluation. >> we can continue to have tough gun laws that protect our citizens, but if neighborhoods don't, it leaves us more vulnerable. >> it isn't likely the ideas will go anywhere because the president has the power to veto. house minority leader nancy pelosi had a three step gun control. her visit to houston comes in the wake of the deadly mass shooting in parkland
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florida. and she's calling for background checks. she wants to lift the restriction preventing from the center for disease control researching guns and death. >> if we have our disagreement, let's sit down, iron them out basically what we're saying to the speakers. there's not one person in this county, the political survival is important in compared to the lives of these children. >> cbs reporter duncan reports that the surviving students are making their voices heard. >> we are going to be the last mass shooting. [cheering and applause] >> reporter: emma gonzalez was at this anti-gun rally. >> we are going to change the lives and it's going to be due to the tireless efforts of the school board, the faculty and
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students. >> reporter: they're demanding a change to our nation's gun laws to stop people like the alleged shooter, 19-year-old nikolas cruz. >> reporter: do you think it will happen again? >> the fact that we are personally seeking out this time, i hope it makes a difference. >> reporter: on friday, the f.b.i. admitted to receiving a tip last month from someone close to cruz who claimed cruz had spoken about committing a school shooting. >> the potential of the f.b.i. that could miss something is always there. we do our best. we have protocols to prevent ths . we will be looking into where and how if something -- the protocol broke down. >> reporter: cruz was no stranger to law enforcement. broward county sheriffs record revealed 20 calls for service during the past few years over disturbances involving cruz and his younger brother. the report obtained by cbs news shows on september 28, 2016, police were on the scene with the department of children and family to check
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on the health and well-being of nikolas cruz. the report says nikolas suffers from mental illness. it goes on to say he had mentioned in the past that he would like to purchase a firearm. classmates say they were well aware that cruz was a danger. >> you didn't know this kid, okay? we did. this isn't just a mental healthh sue. he would harm students with a knife. how about we stop blaming the victims for something that was the shooter's fault. >> reporter: several students i spoke to said the rally is only the beginning. next week they plan to take their message to the state capital in tallahassee. >> a lot of talk shows this week were talking up the deadly shooting but also noting it's going to be a two or three-day story at most.
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so i asked chronicles editor in chief audrey cooper and former san francisco mayor willie brown, what does that say about the american media today? >> i don't think it says anything about the media, i think it says something about the interest of the american people. look, we do news when there's something new to say about it. unfortunately in this tragedy there's not a whole lot to say about this. it keeps happening. the one thing i would say is the story might keep going if it's for the students who were in the classroom. they are so eloquent. they are saying so many smart things on social media and on tv they could keep this going. >> let me also tell you there is clear evidence that students, not just in that school, but all across this nation in discussing this matter with children in high school over in marin county, they were traumatized and concerned about it because all of a sudden, the words about what's in your bag has been your
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backpack has become an issue. >> as far as the media goes, there seems to be a formula we follow. the tragedy hft shooting, the heroes and the sill ans, then we have a debate about mental health and guns and then it winds its way around that cul-de-sac. >> and everybody does the story about how many congressmen get our money. at the end of the day, people care about gun control, but unless you've been personally affected by gun policy, that's not the thing that you vote on come november. >> you've been doing this a long time. do you see it ever changing? ever? >> you know something, i was thinking about that. columbine was in 1999. think of the times that it's expanded. think of how many other shootings we've had. think that we've had an entire generation that has grown up, con through school and college as this is their new reality when they go to school. we're going to sit down with
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former oakland police chief howard jordan talking about police response to this, what's it like to go into a situation like this and the usual questions about weapons. but meanwhile we an interesting story here in san francisco that has to do with the mayors race, well that the russians might be interested in. >> it's certainly a little switch. first he lost the job of acting mayor and now supervisor london breed has lost a web name. this is what you get when you go to it's now a website, one of her opponents in the san francisco mayor's race. turns out somebody snatched the domain name. the so-called cyber squatter demanded nearly $100,000 to give it to her. but when breed's campaign refused to pony up that cash, suddenly became a website. will there be an
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investigation? well, it's not the first time that happened. >> no, it hasn't. that's life in the cyber space. nationally he's known as somebody experimenting with this thing called universal income. but people in stockton are trying to recall their mayor and they've actually been out there starting to collect signatures. organizers say that the 27-year-old mayor michael tubs has been neglecting basic city services and they're trying to get 16,000 signatures to put a recall measure on the ballot. the first person to sign was the campaign manager for the former mayor who tubs defeated in 2016. >> he hasn't done anything for the homeless, nothing for the crime. we need to know better and safer city. we don't need to give away taxpayers' monies to criminals so they don't commit crimes. that's crazy and i draw the line on that one. >> tubs has always been accused of creating new jobs in the mayor's office just for his friends. in response he says he
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supports accountability and transparency but he says some people are now out there distorting the truth. just last week tubs joined cbs this morning to talk about this basic income proposal for the city of stockton. he said the goal is to give people a hand and see what happens. >> the idea having conversations about the economic system of this country but also something what $500 can do, the difference between a mother and get back in the work force. >> the $500 payments are expected to start this summer and will last for a year. it's expected that dozens of people will get monthly payments. right now the city's trying to figure out who should qualify. by the way, the experiment is being funded by an organization called economic security project. california police chiefs are getting behind gubernatorial vee
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. with lieutenant knew some. a call for gun control and how to make our schools safer. and why the f.b.i. didn't act sooner after receiving tips on the florida gunman.
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the florida gunman used a popular assault rifle, the ar-15. he bought it legally. >> the whole process can take no more than 15 minutes. >> and i would walk out here with an ar-15? >> if you have a license. >> nikolas cruz did not have a concealed carry license, so he had to wait five days after passing a background check to get the gun. they have been used in six of the deadliest mass shootings since 2012. some parents in parkland, florida
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want to get rid of the rifle. >> joining to us talk about that and other aspects of this is our law enforcement expert howard jordan, former police chief of oakland. i can't imagine a tougher call coming over the radio than the words active shooter in school. how do you handle it? >> it's very fluid, very difficult situation, very stressful. as you recall back in april of 2012, we had an active shooter here in oakland. he shot and killed seven people. it happened in the daytime. we relied heavily on our first responders, the officers at the scene to control the scene, former team and taking immediate action by going in and neutralizing the threat. >> that is the new rule. we don't surround and figure out what's going on. as soon as you have a team asell nld with enough to go -- team assembled with enough to go in. >> yes. >> it could actually be a student or student age. they could look just like everybody
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else in the school. they could look like the staff. you go in and they could be armed with something like this. to go in a school full of kids, how do you keep accidents from happening? >> well, crossfire. >> it's a difficult situation, very -- the officers are trained to assess as they go along, so they're looking for, you know, warning signs, people carrying backpacks. maybe people react differently than other students. as the information comes into the police department, the dispatchers are feeding them the information about the description of the suspect, where they went, what they're doing. did they leave? how many guns they have. all those things. the officers have to be very aware and be able to evaluate it as they're going. >> it's no wonder it's not worse. because if you got into a shootout with the suspect, kids could be caught in the
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crossfire. >> yes. >> california school, are they doing enough? >> california schools do a good job of training, practicing and getting the message across. but there's always room for improvement. >> do they do it consistently? >> they don't. and sadly when we see these this happen, that's when a lot of administratives take it seriously. couple of times a year, when it does happen, this is a very stressful situation, so they're at least -- their muscle memory kicks in. >> what about putting gates or fences around the schools? i mean making it more difficult for people to get in. >> that is definitely an option. but with that comes, you know, staffing. so in addition to looking at putting up gates, you need to increase the campus security forces. and also implement cameras so you curve someone watching the cameras and watching for people that may try to enter the school.
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>> but that goes against a lot of what we hold near and dear in california. the idea of armed guards at schools, people are going to reject that. the idea of people always watching you, we don't like that. >> there's a lot of things we don't like. we don't like getting searched at the airport. we don't like those processes to, you know, maintain our security. but we live in a different age nor, phil. we live in a age where these things are happening more rapidly and they're getting more deadly. so how can american people feel safe. it may require them to give a little bit of their freedom as well. >> do you think there's such a thing as a viable assault weapon van? can you write one or can manufacturers keep getting around it? >> as you saw back in the early '90s when california tried to pass an assault weapon ban, it
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lasted for ten years. manufacturers added things by taking away things of the weapons and that resulted in several water-downed version of the ban. i don't know if there's actually a particular ban that can stop people from purchasing weapons that they're entitled to. i think there's other things that can be done to help combat some of the access to assault weapons. >> we'll have to see. unfortunate i think we're going to do the story again if the past is any indication. >> sadly it is, yes. >> howard jordan, former oakland police chief. now, we're going to turn something a little brighter and that is brian with the weather. yes, indeed. we've got big changes ahead. yesterday the numbers were in the low 70s for highs. tomorrow temperatures are going to fall like a set of car keys. they're going to come down from 5 to 15 degrees. in fact, look what's happening up in the mendocino coastline. they have rain on the shore and
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snow on the mountains and the same thing could happen in the bay area. widely scattered showers are possible after sunset tonight. and this is all by way of the forecast from the cpc, climate prediction center is saying it's going to get chilly today and it's going to stay chilly for the next week, week and a half or so. well, chilly by california standards. tonight temperatures get down to 41 in oakland. santa rosa, 33. still there is some sun out there as we begin this sunday morning. concord starts today at 49 degrees. in san francisco, 49. in san jose, it is 50 right now, but it's still chilly with a little fog up in santa rosa. here's how it looks, high pressure in the eastern pacific being nudged to the west. cold air is powering -- cold air is pouring in from the gulf. but much cooler that be it has been. tonight after sunset we could
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get a sprinkle or two. daytime should be okay, the winds are going to pick up. windy enough to fly an iron kite by the time we get to the evening hours. the future cast, we're looking at a few showers popping up over the coast range, this is mostly late in the day and then overnight tonight we could get a dusting of snow in the peaks of the bay area. by monday night, this is monday night, santa rosa down to 27 and walnut creek down to 27 as well. so here's what we're expecting, fair and cool tonight. winds of pick up tonight, temperatures will come down. sunday night snow, at least a chance. nevertheless, monster jam this afternoon, 57 degrees for the fans out there. it will be plenty chilly. and forecast highs for today, we're all going to be in the upper 50s and again that's where we should be at this time of the year. so it's not exactly freezing by much of the nation standards, but by ours we will complain. numbers are down in the 50s
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today. numbers continue cool monday and tuesday, and then the numbers skyrocket thursday, friday and saturday, we'll be back into the low 60s. that's what's ahead in weather. for sports, here's andrea nakano. king looks to regain his title in the three-game shooting point contest. coming up. for kitchen, living room and bedroom for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. for the latest home trends, at big savings - you've gotta go to ross.
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klay thompson was a favorite in the nba. looking to take back his three-point crown. second round, scored a contest record 28. that's higher than the 27 step curry posted in 2015. so last chance for thompson, he came close, but not close enough. he finished with 25. so def an booker -- devan booker wins the contest. >> utah wins, that dunk will put mitchell over the top as they win the dunk contest. the bears looking to even the scores, thomas wouldn't let the bears hoods on senior day in berkeley. the bears win 78-66. >> kyle smith trying to build up
7:56 am
their ups earlier this week. less than two minutes to play. frankie ferrari with the knock-out blows. they beat lmu72-63. today you'll see team curry go against team lebron in the nba all-star game. investors get a day off tomorrow. u.s. markets are closed for president's day. the dow is up 15 points. volkswagen says it sold more cars last month than any january in the history of volkswagen. almost 900,000 vehicles worldwide. the car maker has strong sales in china. consumers are getting a first look at what might be on their holiday list this year. the toy fair is underway right now.
7:57 am
among the most anticipated new releases, finger hugs and a scratch and sniff game that literally stinks. okay. coming up in our next half-houre go from cars to toys to the robotic roach. why one bay area college is developing a brand-new technology on the creepy bug. how your holiday weekend is going to turn bitter cold.
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the president mentions florida.. criticizes the f-b-i.. and focuses on the russia investigation. th in a series of tweets, the president mentions florida, criticizes the f.b.i. and focuses on the russia investigation. the recent claims that he's making. and demonstrators call for young immigrants to be protected. but it's tearing congress apart. how can they come to an agreement? welcome back to kpix 5 this morning. >> we say happy birthday to john travolta. get ready for a big chill in the bay area. temperatures are going to plummet tonight and tomorrow. the cold weather can also be harsh on plants. according to nursery
8:01 am
professionals, here's how can you protect them. plants blankets, don't plant them in the ground, various sprays, a good soaking of the plants and even christmas lights. >> what you can do is you can actually step up one more to the c-7. the other thing you can do is put a floodlight at the bottom of the plant. >> plants aren't the only things we have to keep in mind. animal organizations are reminding people to bring their pets indoors as well. time for your forecast as we start with partly cloudy skies. there's almost nobody coming into the city. right now we're waking up to sunday morning with temperatures in the upper 40s and low 50s and the temperatures don't get much warmer from there. in fact tonight along the coast there's a chance of a shower or two late in the day. it will be windy tonight. gusts up to 30 miles an hour. less sunshine and cooler temperatures for sure. the winds will blow up to 30 miles an hour
8:02 am
especially along the coast and we'll see how long this cold snap is going to last when we cover the forecast in full. first let's get the latest. firefighters were busy battling flames in san leanne droe overnight -- leandro overnight. you can see these massive flames shooting out of the roof. crews knocked down the fire in three hours, but no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. meantime in martinez, another blaze broke out also around 4:00 this morning. crews on the scene of a condo complex fire, when they arrived, both floors of the two-story home were engulfed in flames. at least four other units were burning. crews say one firefighters was injured but no residents were hurt. on the national front, president trump is now responding to indictment of 13 russians who interfered in the 2016 election. reporter laura
8:03 am
on what the president is saying. >> information warfare. >> reporter: a surprise indictment formerly accused 13 russians and three russian companies of mettling in the 2016 election. the russian nationals created hundreds of fake social media profiles. they posted a tax on hillary clinton while praising bernie sanders and then candidate donald trump. donald trump wrote funny how the news media doesn't want to say the russian group was formed in 2014, long before my run for president. maybe they knew i was going to run even though i didn't know. >> it's ultimately about driving wedges, sewing distrust and having us point fingers at one another. >> reporter: officials say russian interference is far from over. director of national intelligence says russia will
8:04 am
try again. >> there should be no doubt that russia perceived that its past efforts is successful in views of the 2018 target. >> reporter: cyber experts had suggested improvements for election security. replace electronic machines, upgrade hardware and software and conduct postal election audits. the russian ambassador to the u.s. said on saturday night he nor his staff interfered with u.s. politics. congress is no closer to settling the fate of dreamers, undocumented people who were brought into the u.s. as children. four different immigration bills have failed in the senate. that includes bipartisan measure that came up six votes short on thursday. the clock keeps ticking a
8:05 am
program to protect dreamers expires on march 5th. people concerned about daca and other immigration issues held a demonstration. >> our goal is to build the movement that's necessary to defend all of the immigrants, to defend daca and to eventually make it safe again for students for the immigrant community to be open. >> the current daca program shields about 700,000 of those undocumented immigrants from deportation. the big sweep by i.c.e., they say most of them already had had criminal records. agents targeted businesses with undocumented workers. they issued more than 100 notices of
8:06 am
inspection. the immigration vote appears to be going nowhere. we had senator diane feinstein vote yes. calm law -- kamala harris voted no. >> it's all about your own reelectability. because the american public is committed to the idea that anybody who's been here since they were almost born, you have to have some way to keep them here and let them stay here. they have no other place to go. on the other hand, there is a real hesitancy in certain parts of this country where there are no immigrants and you're running for election, that's not your concern. >> mayor willie brown, what was it, diane feinstein voted yes, kamala harris voted no. why the split vote? >> it's all about politics. one of them is on the way out, the other is on the way in. and on the way in is with the dreamers.
8:07 am
diane is practical. diane is exactly where the american people generally might be. the results are evidenced by how they cast their votes. >> she also wants to go national too. >> i don't want to kamala harris here. >> why not? >> she's not looking for headlines. that's a sincere policy execution. >> oh, my gosh. [laughter] >> you're worse than that, come on. >> let me tell you the whole business of what happens on this immigrant thing, keep in mind that america generally says yes on immigration until it comes down to your neighborhood. it comes to your neighborhood and your pocketbook, then it's america first. >> which brings me to my question, and i want to address both of you on this, is it the -- is it better to
8:08 am
immigration not to pass for a feinstein and harris or a mitch mcconnell or oh rye en? because if it passes you have to go back to your supporters saying you didn't give enough. you have to answer to editorials saying you let the other side win. >> i don't think that there's any great decided factor on the immigration question involving your vote. that has got to be fifth or sixth reason why somebody either votes for or against you. and i would frankly not look at it as a vehicle by which to build a career. >> what kind of feedback do you get at the chronicle on this issue? are people passionate about it? >> they're impassed about it. all the politics that go along with it. but i think you're right that people who care about the issue, they care about it
8:09 am
right now. >> and that's always the equation. how high up is it somebody -- the average voters' mind set when it comes to election time? is immigration really that big of an issue to the average voter? i don't know. >> i think the point that mayor brown made is an interesting one which is if it's in your neighborhood, you're against it. tom leer says he's a liberal in the distance. >> there's a national program to help the homeless, he'll send money to it. but if there's homeless on his street corner he's calling 911. >> there's the other analogy that says better to get it done than to wait for the perfect. we always wait for the perfect. now locally we have a bay area law maker who has a back and forth going as well. this is for drivers caught trolling through red lights when they make a right turn. it's called the california rolling.
8:10 am
but state senator jerry hill says that's the same as the fine is for actually going through a red light at a high speed. and he thinks it's wrong. >> what we've seen is that cities use this as a cash cow. they've been able to place these cameras in a position where they catch people making that california, that rolling right turn, and i don't believe it's fair. >> now hill has backed similar legislation before but ran into resistance from police organizations. in other driving news the oakland dmv office will stay closed until march. this is due to water damage. the coliseum location has been closed since february 7 after thieves stole copper pipes causing water to flood the entire office. dmv will honor all appointments including those for drivers test at other locations. and they hope to have the office open by the 5th of march.
8:11 am
one bay area pushing the area higher. a new development of townhomes in mountain view are not going over asking but in many cases, 50% over asking. buyers buy $1.1 million list prices paying at much as 1.8. >> if i don't buy it next year, it will be much higher next year. i think that's part of the reason that -- because there's so many people that are bidding it and that makes the price higher than expected. >> shades of 2008. there's still some good news about the high prices. the city gets a 3% cut. that's good news for the city. another shocking number in the san francisco real estate, the annual income now needed to buy a median home price, you need to make 30300,000303 --
8:12 am
$303,000. uc berkeley getting creative with the robots. like the annoying household pest, kram can be flattened. researchers say skill could be used to finding survivors, something we think of a cockroach for instead of killing them. more than a dozen russian nationals arrested. we sit down with the former prosecutor to talk about what's next. plus the movie creating new interest in a decade old group, the tribute in oakland to one of the founding members of the black panthers.
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8:14 am
8:15 am
. it is the story of the week and likely going to be the story going forward. joining us now
8:16 am
to talk about these russian indictments is former prosecutor and uc hastings professor rory little. what are we supposed to make of it? is this the beginning of the end of the investigation? >> it may be the beginning of the end, but it's definitely the beginning. this is a steady progress. this is the first opening salvo. there are others identified here. they're cooperators. there's another guy in america citizen who pled guilty and they announced that indictment on friday afternoon under the cover of this one so that one wouldn't attract much attention. >> now when i see that, i wonder is that the opening line for we don't have the collusion? >> well, i think bob mueller is playing a careful political game here. and until he has evidence
8:17 am
he believes is a crime of knowing participation, he's going to use unwhen iingly -- unwittingly to say he doesn't have enough to put in his pocket. >> when we read the indictment it appears the russians were intent on disrupting the president election or influencing it via the internet. and that including and it was started before trump got in the race and it included helping trump but it also included doing things to help bernie sanders. >> well, first let's make this clear, trump had formed a committee to look into being running for president in 2013. this started in 2014. so it wasn't before anybody had an idea that trump was running. it's just that he hadn't announced yet. this is a
8:18 am
disruption of the american democratic process regardless of whose benefit you're fighting. >> is it the disruption of the american political debate. we don't have a disruption of the process as in where we cast our ballots or how it's counted. >> what we have is people setting up internet sites and doing demonstrations. >> well and breaking the law. let's face it, visa fraud, bank fraud, defrauding three or four different government agencies, their law is designed to prevent this sort of thing and they were circumstance up vented by this. >> but for the average americans you say okay they've done that. is there anything that's going to prevent them from doing anything in the future? they're over in russia. >> although there is an asset forfeiture part of it. but you know, that is really, i think, the most disturbing thing is that this same thing could be
8:19 am
done and may be done right now. and we don't have a president who's saying let's come down hard on the russians and stop this. let's have some new legislation. let's have some bipartisan legislation. >> we could have that. but if it came to disrupting american elections, we do a pretty good job of that on our own. >> maybe so, but that's our american right. >> does this lead to trump? >> it's going to look further into the trump campaign. whether it actually leads to trump, most people isolate themselves, so i'm not sure it will ever lead to trump. >> in other words, the story will continue. rory little, you couldn't write this up if it was a fiction account. i want to thank you for joining us this morning. and now we're going to something that is equally mysterious. we got a shot at clarifying this anyway which looks like things are going to be turning cold at night by monday night.
8:20 am
so we're on the cusp of the coldest week of the year coming up. i say coldest week of the season. doppler showing a mix of rain and snow up there. trinity mountains, a little rain offshore. but it will slowly work its way south during the day today. by tonight we get some showers, in fact snow showers at the upper elevations of the bay area. the golden gate bridge showing a few clouds. right now in concord, it's 51. san francisco's beginning sunday with 49 degrees. in santa rosa, it's 40. later in the day, there's a chance of some pop-up showers in the highest elevations. it hits the coast range. it will be breezy today as well. and in general, partly sunny. not as much sun and certainly cooler with those winds picking up into the north. that's later in the day. here's tonight, 10:00, 11:00, look at all those showers
8:21 am
popping offshore. so there's the distinct possibility we can have a mantel of snow on mount hamilton. we'll see. monday night, this is monday ni, temperatures get down to 27 degrees in santa rosa, same for walnut creek and san jose, it will be freezing. tonight will be a transition night. it will be plenty chilly. more clouds and much cooler today. temperatures fall 5 to 15 degrees from yesterday's balmy high. the winds will pick up later today. sunday night snow, tonight there's a chance. monster jam tonight, 57 degrees, you're going to catch the action there at the coliseum. for us, temperatures will be within a few degrees of average. so it's knocking down these unusually high temperatures back to where we should be. a little bit cooler in february. temperatures upper 50s in the east bay. few clouds and then tonight, maybe a drop or two, upper elevations could get snow. you're going to be looking for
8:22 am
more clouds, maybe some showers tonight. monday partly cloudy skies. tuesday, wednesday and thursday, still be chilly, so it will feel more like winter in the bay area. by the time we get to thursday, friday and saturday after suffering through this penetrating cold, we'll finally get a break. and speaking of breaks.
8:23 am
8:24 am
directed by an oakland native. kpix 5's christin ayers on how . marvels black panther is already a box office smash. it's actually direct by an oakle ive. >> an ins separation from the panthers of the '60s. >> reporter: organizers in west oakland were talking about the timing of the movie's release. >> everyone is talking about a movie about the first black superhero. >> on the same weekend panther party founder huey newton would have turned 76. >> their lips are on the words blan pack they are, we're --
8:25 am
black panther, we're saying people did dynamic things and got attention. records spoken word, and a mural dedicated to newton. the movie is bringing new publicity. >> it sparks the interest. >> reporter: they were created in the same year, 1966. though it's unclear whether one inspired the other. people couldn't contain their excitement today. >> it's a big deal like star wars. >> it's a film that has to do with a country that's all black. >> reporter: ryan at the helm of the movie. >> the fact that i'm seeing it in oakland on our land and they're talking bus makes it even more -- talking about us makes it even more special. >> reporter: nothing beats knowing the real history of the panthers. >> people who really want to get
8:26 am
the story, research the story, go to the library. at stanford health care, we can now simulate the exact anatomy of a patient's brain before surgery. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for seizures. and if we can fix damaged heart valves without open heart surgery, imagine what we can do for an irregular heartbeat, even high blood pressure. if we can use analyze each patient's breast cancer
8:27 am
to personalize their treatment, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you. that looks a lot like president . a giant spotted -- well actually, brian, would you take a look at this. it's a giant chicken and it's been floating in the bay a little bit that happens to look like president trump. they chose president's day weekend to make a statement. you can see it very clearly as it's going around alcatraz. if it looks familiar it's because it's been here before. it came to san francisco last year on tax day. >> i would have to think it's the same because you can't find many outfits for an inflatable chick. >> thank you for joining us.
8:28 am
"face the nation" is next.
8:29 am
8:30 am
captioning sponsored by cbs >> cordes: today on "face the nation." teenagers at a florida school map out a new national movement to curb gun violence. >> not because another statistic but because we are not going to be the -- >> cordes: can they change the political dynamic we'll talk to five students from marjorie stoneman douglas high school about their plans to march on washington and hold a national day of protest. and after the fbi failed to follow through on warnings about the suspected shooter, president trump slams the agency for wasting time trying to prove his campaign clueded with russia this has special prosecutor robert mueller hand down a blockbuster indictment against


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