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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  February 18, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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full hours of news. >> there's update as always on see you in 30 minutes. s >> quijano: anger and grief. more victims of the florida shooting are laid to rest. meanwhile, the outrage from survivors hasn't let up. >> gun control now. gun control now. >> we are relentless, we don't let things go. >> quijano: also tonight. immigration raids. cracking down on undocumented workers and businesses. >> put up a wall, you have a 'no trespassing' sign on one side and a 'help wanted' sign on the same dang wall. >> quijano: a state of emergency in west virginia over rising floodwaters. and hazardous road conditions cause a 70 car pile-up in iowa. and breaking down barriers. >> it's okay to be proud to be african. >> quijano: gayle king sits down with the director of "black panther." this is the "cbs weekend news."
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>> quijano: good evening, i'm elaine quijano. in florida today, mourners walked hand in hand to pay their final respects. three more victims of the stoneman douglas shooting were laid to rest. this as we learn the fbi wasn't the only agency to let alleged shooter nikolas cruz slip through the cracks. here's manuel bojorquez. >> i just feel so heart-broken over what these poor parents have to go through -- it's just so tragic. >> reporter: as people gathered outside stoneman douglas high school to leave flowers and pray, newly-obtained documents reveal even more potential red flags about accused gunman nikolas cruz. the florida department of and fd his home a year and half before the shooting, after cruz "was on snapchat, cutting both of his arms." the investigator did not recommend further action, though
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she noted cruz suffered from depression and adhd and stated "he wanted to go out and buy a gun. it is unknown what he is buying the gun for." the fbi announced this week it did not follow through on a tip last month about cruz and guns. president trump tweeted: "very sad that the fbi missed all of the many signals sent out by the florida school shooter. this is not acceptable." >> i don't know that the signs were missed. there were multiple, multiple reports and contacts, our agency included. >> reporter: on a local tv program, broward county sheriff scott israel once again pushed for laws that would grant police more powers to detain those who make threats online. >> in the coming weeks we're going to find that law enforcement was contacted, we went to the home, or went to where the killer was, and they were handcuffed with what they could do. the laws, this isn't science fiction, we're not allowed to arrest on what a person thinks about on pre-crimes.
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>> reporter: in parkland, the funerals continue - including scott beigle's - the geography teacher students say died trying to block them from the shooter. the families of 14-year-old jamie gutenberg and allen schacter also plan funerals today. officials say the schools will not open til at least thursday. elaine. >> quijano: manuel bojorquez, thank you. many of the teen survivors say they're tired of waiting for adults to do something about gun control. so they announced a nationwide demonstration. it's called "the march for our lives" and will be held on march 24th. adriana diaz spoke with several students about what they hope to accomplish. >> enough. enough. enough. >> reporter: these students - some too young to go to the polls - are using their voices as their vote. >> people that i know, people that i love have died. >> reporter: teen after teen. >> this is a turning point in american history. >> reporter: who survived wednesday's shooting addressed this rally saturday.
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>> the people in the government who are voted into power are lying to us and us kids seem to be the only ones who notice and are prepared to call b.s. >> reporter: what did it feel like being up there in front of that crowd? >> um, it felt really good. >> reporter: students like emma gonzalez want to stop mass shootings with stricter gun laws, hoping to achieve what adults before them couldn't. >> it's a shame but i think it's kind of fallen on the kids to take care of this one. we're the ones who have to make sure that the cogs are greased and we have to do the greasing now because we're left with the oil can. >> reporter: what year were you born in? >> 1999. >> reporter: that was the year of the columbine shooting. >> yes, i've never known a world without a school shooting, without a mass shooting. >> reporter: they're a generation now taking a stand on social media. and on the streets, even staging a walkout at a nearby florida school on friday. >> i feel like no one listens to us because we are kids. >> reporter: and what do you say to that? >> i think that's crap. i think we should have a voice too.
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how many more times does this have to happen for them to do something? it's ridiculous. >> i think this is a tipping point. >> reporter: bob weiss' daughter was one of six students killed by a gunman in 2014 in isla vista, california. >> a lot of times in the wake of a shooting people are all upset and motivated for about five or six days. this is the first time i've ever seen people take to the streets. >> millennials are the ones that are going to make the difference because we have so much information at our fingertips. we are relentless. we do not let things go. >> reporter: why is a kid more relentless than an adult? >> because an adult can be swayed by money. d d kids are swayed by feelings. >> reporter: the student activists are using their time out of school to move their agenda forward-- this week they'll travel to the state capitol to deliver petitions calling for a ban on assault weapons. elaine? >> quijano: adriana diaz. adriana, thank you. president trump fired off another tweet storm. he covered a range of topics
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from the iran nuclear deal to the russian meddling in the 2016 election. and he attacked the fbi, lawmakers, even former president obama. errol barnett is traveling with the president. >> reporter: in the flurry of tweets president trump has sent since friday's indictment of more than a dozen russian nationals accused of trying to undermine confidence in u.s. democracy, not a single one is critical of the kremlin. "if it was the goal of russia to create discord. they have succeeded," he wrote. "they're laughing their expletives off in moscow. the president was also critical of his national security advisor after he weighed in. >> as you can see with the fbi indictment, the evidence is now really incontrovertible and available in the public domain. >> reporter: mr. trump responded, "general mcmaster forgot to say that the results of the 2016 election were not impacted or changed." >> americans are the victims of what russia did, not republicans, not democrats. all of us are victims. >> reporter: republican congressman trey gowdy.
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>> i've known all along that russia tried to subvert our 2016 election and they're going to do the same thing in 2020 and every election thereafter. >> the evidence is now overwhelming and unequivocal and we need to move to protect ourselves from russian interference. >> reporter: democratic congressman adam schiff acknowledged the previous administration should have done more. >> we couldn't get the obama administration to acknowledge the russian interference. they were very wary to be appearing to be putting their hand on the scale in the election. none of that should be an excuse for the president to sit on his hands. >> separate from the russian indictments there are new, financial crimes and other charges former trump campaign aid rick gates is expected to enter a plea deal. that will be the third trump official to cooperate with mueller's investigation.
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elaine. >> quijano: errol barnett, thank you. immigration and customs enforcement is cracking down on employers hiring undocumented workers. the agency says they're just enforcing the law. but some employers say they're bad for business. mireya villarreal has the story. >> i'm a special agent with homeland security. >> reporter: homeland security agents went from business to business in a five-day sweep serving dozens of employers with "notices of inspection". >> it's really important for america to protect american jobs for authorized workers and u.s. citizens and really to level the playing field in terms of unfair competition. >> reporter: mike poindexter is c.e.o. of his family business - the poindexter nut company near fresno, calfornia. they're in the middle of an ice audit. he says most americans don't want these labor-intensive jobs. why are you hiring people who are not legally documented to work in the u.s.? >> because they show up with documentation. here's my green card, here's my social security card and it is illegal for me to question that. >> reporter: when the nut company was audited 10 years
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ago, poindexter says they were forced to let go of 70 percent of the workforce and lost about $2 million. >> they said you think it's okay to hire illegals? i said i've got a person with three american born children, u.s. citizens, and i have to fire both of their parents, both of them. >> it is a tight rope. they have to walk a fine line. >> reporter: immigration attorney angelo paparelli says this is selective prosecution. >> these recipients of notices of inspection are smaller businesses. the fact is they don't fight quite so hard. they don't have the resources for lawyers and investigators to help defend them so they can chalk up statistics. that make it impressive that they are doing something. >> reporter: rafael is here illegally and asked us to conceal his identity. his employer is also being audited and some co-workers have stopped showing up. with families and business on edge, the debate continues as to whether problems faced by many
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states like california will be addressed by immigration solutions from washington. immigration and customs enforcement conducted about 1300 of these workplace audits in 2017. this year they're expecting a 300% increase. companies found employing undocumented workers could face civil fines or even criminal prosecution. elaine. >> quijano: mireya villareal, thank you. now some other stories we're following in the cbs weekend newsfeed: a quick moving winter storm caused a massive pile-up in central iowa. officials say more than 50 vehicles were involved and several people were injured. in west virginia, a state of emergency was issued for all 55 counties after heavy rains triggered intense flooding. in some areas the ohio river is cresting to 3 feet above flood stage. in iran, grieving families gathered at the airport after a twin-engine passenger plane crashed, killing all 65 people on board.
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the aseman airlines flight reportedly went down in a mountainous region about 500 miles south of the capital of tehran. iran's state run tv says dense fog prevented rescue helicopters from reaching the crash site. at a hockey game in chicago, four fans were thrown out after hurling racist taunts at the one of the black players. devante smith-pelly plays for the washington capitals. he was in the penalty box after fighting with a blackhawks player when several fans started shouting at him. security was called and the fans were ejected. and hundreds of thousands of magellanic penguins are getting ready to head out for their annual migration. the birds are currently living in argentina's punta tombo national reserve. mating season has just ended and once their chicks get bigger the penguins will take to the waters and go as far north as brazil. coming up, how the chill of the winter olympics could bring a
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airborne® with 2 times more vitamin c than emergen-c gummies. and specially crafted with vitamins, minerals and herbs. airborne® also with probiotics. >> quijano: at the olympics in south korea, another medal for the u.s. freeskier nick goepper won a silver in the ski slopestyle competition. and as important as these games are to the athletes, they could also help bring peace to that troubled region. 22 athletes from north korea participated in the games. and their leader kim jong un issued a rare invitation to south korea's president to attend a meeting. holly williams is in seoul. >> they need to understand no more missiles. no more nuclear test. >> reporter: retired lieutenant general chong unpom knows more about the north korean threat than almost anyone. he's the former head of south korea's special forces, and says talks with the north are essential to stop dictator kim jong un making a fatal miscalculation.
5:46 pm
>> kim jong un knows that he is in the wrong. i feel that he will always be defensive. he will always be paranoid, and that could affect his logic and thinking, which could lead to a catastrophic incident. >> reporter: a catastrophic incident could kill millions of south koreans and also americans. there are nearly 40,000 u.s. military personnel serving in south korea, including at camp humphreys. it's the largest overseas u.s. base in the world, and looks more like a transplanted american town. four chapels. >> yeah. >> reporter: a hospital? >> yeah. >> reporter: and how many schools? >> four schools. >> reporter: now the so-called "peace olympics" have brought a warming between north and south korea. they're technically still at war, and have been divided for more than 70 years, but there are hopes for a summit meeting later this year, the first in over a decade.
5:47 pm
it's unlikely north korea will give up its existing nuclear weapons, because the regime believes they guarantee its survival. and here in south korea, many people are pessimistic about what talks will achieve because they don't trust the north koreans to stick to their word. in its typical belligerent tone, north korea's state media said on saturday that it's "not thirsty for dialogue with the u.s. we are fully ready for every move they make, be it sanctions, military options, or sly schemes." but the u.s. says the reality is that its tightening of economic sanctions is hurting north korea. >> this peace offensive that they're conducting right now is a direct result of the sanctions. >> reporter: it is no break through yet but those are rare on this divided peninsula. holly williams, cbs news, seoul. >> quijano: still ahead on the "cbs weekend news:"
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5:51 pm
are tourist destinations like hotels and casinos in las vegas. but thanks to some new technology that is changing. john blackstone has the story. >> reporter: the las vegas that most visitors see is glittering and opulent. a city where there is more than enough of everything. especially food. at the aria hotel lunch is being served to 1300 people at a convention. but away from the vegas strip: >> get ready to open up the doors and feed the masses. >> reporter: the dining room at catholic charities serves those who don't have enough food. >> there's probably more food consumed in las vegas per capita than any other place in the world. >> reporter: since 2007 much of the leftover food from mgm las vegas hotels has been used to feed pigs. yalmaz siddiqui is the vice president of sustainability for mgm resorts. >> a better use is to feed people. >> reporter: but there's some challenges in doing that. >> sure.
5:52 pm
the process to collect surplus banquet food is complicated. >> reporter: complicated because food safety regulations require leftover banquet food to be delivered immediately for safe consumption. but now mgm resorts has found a way to keep their excess food safe for much longer. >> everything is at 140. >> reporter: as soon as a banquet is finished, food that was prepared but not served is transferred and loaded onto a truck from three square -- a las vegas food bank. once it arrives there it's flash frozen in a high-tech refrigerator called a blast chiller and moved to the freezer. the food can be saved for up to three months, sent when needed to places like the catholic charities dining room. they say the program could help divert 1 million pounds of food by 2020 to feed the hungry. john blackstone, cbs news, las vegas. >> quijano: next on the "cbs weekend news," the director of "black panther" on why the blockbuster resonates with the african american community.
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ryan coogler. the movie opened this weekend to rave reviews and a massive draw at the box office. it's expected to bring in over $200 million this president's day weekend. here's gayle king. >> reporter: mr. coogler, are you happy with the finished product? >> i'm proud of the work that we did, for sure. >> reporter: 31-year-old ryan coogler not only directed but co-wrote "black panther," the story of a young african prince who takes on the mantle of king and superhero who now must defend his throne and country. the action-fantasy film is set in, wakanda, a futuristic african kingdom. >> don't freeze. >> i never freeze. >> reporter: it's the first time there's an all black cast for a superhero movie. and that means what to you? >> i mean, for me, it was-- i mean, it was just-- it was just a beautiful opportunity, you know? i remember being young and-- and-- and-- and watching-- you know, consuming pop culture, you
5:57 pm
know whether it was power rangers or batman or spiderman. >> reporter: you look at these different superheroes. >> what i noticed was-- was none of th-- none of their worlds looked like my world, you know? and-- and when i was growing up in-- in the east bay area, in oakland, you know-- you know, my family, you know, my friends, i mean, everybody was black, you know? i longed for-- for-- for, you know, stories that looked like, you know, what-- what i know to >> reporter: at the end of the day, though, you said it best. you said, "i just wanted to make a good movie." >> reporter: coogler's intentions with this movie are very clear. what is the message you wanna send to young black kids who are seeing this? >> i think-- i mean, number one is just to give 'em a good time at the movies. >> reporter: yes, mission accomplished. >> you know, like, the-- the value of being able to go to the movies with your friends, you know, watch something for a
5:58 pm
c-- for 2 1/2 hours and come outta there feelin', you know, feelin'-- feelin' exhilarated. you know, the next day at school, pretending' to be the characters, you know-- draw-- drawin' the characters, you know, dressin' up as 'em for halloween. so that's-- that-- a lotta that is overlooked. but i think-- at a deeper level, look, man, like, you know, bein'-- bein'-- bein' an african anywhere on this on-- in this-- in this world, can often come with a sense of shame you know, how the continent is depicted-- how we're depicted, things that we're taught about ourselves, a lotta things that-- that-- that people'll tell you that you should feel ashamed of. you know-- and for me, it was about-- my own realization is that, you know, it's okay to be proud to be african. you know, you should be proud to be african. you know, everybody should be proud of their own heritage, you know-- but especially us. >> quijano: really interesting conversation. cannot wait to see the movie. cbs special correspondent gayle king with ryan coogler. that's the "cbs weekend news" for this sunday. later on cbs, "60 minutes." the news continues now on our 24-hour digital network cbsn at i'm elaine quijano in new york. for all of us at cbs news, thank you for joining us, and good night.
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south bay freeway. but it's what happened next.. that's really incredible to watch. now at six dlk, a small -- now at 6:00, what happened next that's really incredible to watch. >> first, strong winds take out scaffolding. this is just the beginning of a big winter blast headed our way. >> construction materials went flying at a building under construction. kpix joe vasquez is there for us. joe. >> reporter: juliette, this is a busy sidewalk. this is market near church. the you see the underground station. and this is where a couple of hours ago some strong gusts of wind blew construction materials off the top of the roof.
6:00 pm
>> it was just really loud. >> reporter: he was inside his shop when large pieces of wood and other debris began raining down. >> it's a midday surprise. >> reporter: police quickly blocked off the sidewalks in the 2100 block of market. fire officials tell me the high winds blew the construction material off the roof of the build being. it landed in the trees, on the ground and even in the stairwell of the muni train escalator. witnesses say elderly homeless woman narrowly missed getting hit. >> it turns out she's okay. >> yeah, she was okay. >> we're very fortune. >> reporter: in fact officials are telling me it's very lucky that nobody else got hurt. and to keep it that way for now, they're keeping the swabs blocked off -- sidewalk blocked off. it's a hard hat area. they're securing the rest of the materials so nobody


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