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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 19, 2018 6:00am-7:00am PST

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county. this is kpix5 news. >> the evacuation is underway as california fire works to stop a fast moving wildfire in indian county. >> your job is to protect us and your blood is on our hands. >> survivors from the deadly florida high school shooting rampage are demanding gun control. the lawmakers that are ourld showing support for their
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stances. and a senator facic sexual harassment claims, when he can expect his fate. good morning, i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec. first, we have a cold snap in the bay area and we have live team coverage. sandra osburn is in the mountains live where some snow mraks are showing up. and neta has more in the weather center. >> it feels colder with the wind chill factor today in many areas. if you have the day off, you may want to stay inside and bundle up. some snow flurries with popping up on the hills east of san jose. we are looking at a few snow flurries and the areas in the white and gray, that is snow coming down on the local hills.
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we are seeing the rain and slush mix as well. let's show you where we are spotting some of this. highway 35 and and further south. you can see a little more of the sloes -- close up of where the flurries are. around red wood grove is where it is turning into slush. it is not cold enough there for the precipitation to be snowfall. we are looking at snow as low as 1500 feet in elevation because of the chilly conditions. and just before the sunrise, the temperatures will drop more and we could see the levels drop lower than 1500. we are seeing precipitation in the santa cruz area and those mountains are under a winter weather advisory as well as the santa lucia mountains. sandra, what are you noticing out there. >> reporter: we saw some
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snowflakes at about 5:15 this morning. it kind of blew past us in the breeze, still very exciting at this elevation. we are at the summit along highway 17. the elevation is at about 1700 feet. still, it is definitely very cold. the thermometer has been going back and fourth between about 30 to 32 degrees. as you said, we have a winter weather advisory in place for the mountains. regardless of any chance of snow in the mountains this morning, cold weather is here and will be felt into tonight and tomorrow morning as well. that is when we have a freeze warning going into faeth for the san francisco bay area from the national weather service. we did speak with families this weekend who said they were already feeling the chill. >> i can't deal with it. >> how are you holding out? >> i'm very cold. >> reporter: with the freeze
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warning in certain areas, there is a chance of snow around big sir and into the santa cruz mountains. be sure to be extra careful on the mountain roads. highway 17 is already a darng s road -- dangerous road to drive on but with the snow added to that, you will want to be extra careful. also be sure to check on your pets, plants, and pipes and any elderly family members you have. the temperatures here between 30 and 32 degrees this morning. right now, we are not seeing any precipitation but if we see more, i will let you know. homeless shelters in san francisco will be expanding their capacities during the cold snap. anyone who needs a warm bed at any facility is welcome to come in. an additional facility opened on 6th street and will stay suving hot meals until wednesday morning. they want to remind people that pets are not allowed inside.
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a small earthquake of magnitude 2.9 struck at around 1 a.m. in diablow, northeast of danville, no damage reported. right now, california fire is working to put out a fire burning northwest of vista. as many as 200 people including campers at the pleasant valley camp ground were ordered to evacuate. emergency crews went door to door to get people out of the area. water drops are slated to start early this morning. traffic has been light this morning because of presidents day. >> let's check in with jaclyn. >> good morning. it has been light but we have an alert along 580. it is in the opposite commute direction, eastbound 580. right now, the connector ramp to 205 is shut down due to an earlier accident.
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we have been tracking this accident since a little after 3:00 this morning but they have had to close the ramp. if you need to get over to 205, you can exit at the mountain house parkway or grant line and then reconnect with 205. heads up for drives along that stretch. there was a wind advisory in place for 580 but that has since canceled. back to you, michelle. >> this morning, firefighters battled a fire at a condominium complex in martinez. it is the same place where a fire broke out less than 24 hours ago. jessica is there live with the latest now. >> reporter: this complex is just off of moraleo and highway 4. firefighters have cleared the scene and they are no longer here because they were able to knock down the fire in about 15 minutes. look at what remains behind me. you can see the foam on the ground and charred remains right now. a lot of the families here are
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exactly displaced this morning as crews board up some of the apartments here. now, what fire officials are saying is this fire started after another fire started yesterday. that fire from yesterday rekindled and this one started around 1 a.m. no one was hurt and no one was in the building for the second fire. the original fire broke out on sunday morning after a pan of oil was left unattended on a stove burner. that broke out at 4 a.m. on sunday and destroyed five of the eight arment arments here -- apartments here. the flames spread into the attic and then to other units. >> there are no fire walls in the attic and that's the problem. >> reporter: fire officials say
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a 19-year-old man admitted to accidently starting that fire. we are also told that a firefighter was somewhat injured in this fight, we are not told the extent of the injuries at this hour. the firefighters have cleared the scene and it has been knocked down completely. they say nothing was suspicious, it was just the fire from yesterday rekindling. as funeral services started for victims of last week's school shooting in florida, many of the teen survivors are taking the fight for gun concontrol into their own hands. they have announced a demonstration on march 24 called the march of our lives. many will travel to the state's capital with a petition calling for a ban on assault weapons. >> i have cried a lot and it has turned into anger and motivation to do something. >> in the wake of the shooting,
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president trump has smoken primarily of the issue of mental health, steering clear of the gun control debate. cbs this morning will have continued coverage of the shooting starting right after our broadcast. this weekend, president trump had another twitter storm, talking about russian meddling to the fbi, lawmakers and former president obama. >> reporter: president trump has talked about the indictment of 13 russians, not one of them critical of the kremlin. they are laughing their exmretive off in moscow. >> as you can see with the fbi indictment, the evidence is incontrovertible and available
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in the public domain. >> reporter: the president responded to mcmaster's comments by saying he neglected to say that the outcomes of the 2016 elections were not changed. >> all of us were victims. >> reporter: congressman tray goudy said this. >> i know they have tried to subvert the election and they will do the same thing in 2020 and every election there after. >> the evidence is overwhelming and we need to move to protect ourselves from russian interference. >> reporter: democratic congressman adam shif acknowledged the previous administration should have done more. >> we couldn't get the obama administration to acknowledge the russian interference but that is not an excuse for his president to sit on his hands. >> reporter: there are new developments in the essential counsel's probe. after initially pleading not guilty to financial crimes and
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other crimes, rick gates is expected to enter a plea deal. >> that would make gates the third trump campaign official to cooperate. and the investigation into tony men dosea is complete. the state senate rules committee now has the final report. and tomorrow, they will decide whether discipline is warranted. the facts and finding of the investigation will be presented to senate democrats and republicans on wednesday. among the options for punishment are suspending or expelling men dosea. he has denied allegations that he harassed three female aids. the president supererouser breed is saying as mayor she would support the monitored use of tasers in the police department. the commission could vote as early as the end of this year
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but they need to approve a policy for officers to use them. other candidates disagreed with the vote to use them. 12 minutes after 6:00, how a new bill in the bay area could change san francisco's sky line. >> and the construction plan this week in the south bay for the high speed rail project. >> and you may encounter delays in your ride. we are tracking a new problem that has one lane blocked around 101. we will have all of the details coming up. >> i am tracking snow flurries in the bay area. yes, we are seeing snowfall coming down on some of our hills. it is cold and windy out there, how long this cool weather will last, coming up. mber event' on the only bed that adjusts on both sides to your ideal comfort
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is proposing a solution to the state's housing crisis.. but it could mak san francisco a lawmaker from the bay area is proposing a solution to the state's housing crisis. >> but it could make some cities like san francisco look open the door fort in a few construction of more multiple story buildings, such as high as 8 stories tall. these could be built in neighborhoods that traditionally only see single family homes or duplexes. it idea would be to build them win a quarter mile of public transportation. state officials will begin conducting geo technical work in the silicone valley. it will require various roadway and freeway ramp closures throughout friday. >> more closures, what we love
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to hear in the bay area. >> and we expected light traffic today because of presidents day but you have a traffic alert? >> yes, we have a closure for drivers headed along east bound 580. this is the opposite commute direction but still slowing some folks down who are trying to get into tracey. eastbound 580, the transition ramp to 205 is shut down due to a big rig flipped over on its side. crews are on the scene, working to clear it. no estimated time when the ramp will reopen. if you need to get around that, you can continue onto 580 and take mount house parkway or exit at west grant line road and reconnect with 205. let's take an over to another portion of 580 where we are tracking snow delays across the richmond bridge but a new problem on 101, one lane blocked just north of bridge side. just a heads up.
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let's check in with the forecast now. >> we are looking at moisture coming down. and it is cool enough. you can see the area in white, that is snowfall between highway 1 and 9. it is wiping down as it moves south, it is winding down near portola valley. you can see a lot of it near monteray and they are getting a coating of snowfall. they are expecting to see more further south. a lot of the moisture is still on the way. for the next couple of hours, we will continue to see some showers, snowfall on the coastal mountain ranges. as low as 1500 and possibly with those levels dropping more in elevation. this is east of san jose, east of mount hamilton area, 130, this just passed up in the past few minutes. we may get a dusting of snowfall there. a winter weather advisory
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through 10:00 this morning for santa cruz and santa lucia mountain ranges. the elevation as low as 1,000 feet is where we could see snow because it is so cold. we started to feel the cold yesterday and some areas got light showers. the wind is here as well. it is cold and windy. how long will it last? we will see showers throughout the next hour. through 9:00 this morning, we will continue to see some for red wood area, this afternoon we may get another pop up shower as well. then things clear up and late it night, we will not have any cloud cover. that's when the temperatures will be at the coldest. we are looking at record breaking temperatures tonight through tomorrow. tahoe is expected to get a few inches of snow out there so keep that in mind if you are headed up that way on presidents day. you can see the cloud coverage, we are waiting for the sunrise. the temperatures will drop as we get closer to sunrise. wind chills at 21 in santa rosa.
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it feels very cold. san francisco feels like 35. current conditions in the 30s and 40s but it is the wind that is contributing to the very uncomfortable conditions. our sunrise is happening this morning at 6:54 a.m. grab your blanket, maybe you are off and you can stay inside. winds will be gusty throughout the day. locking at winds -- looking at winds staying strong at about 40 to 45 miles per hour along the east bay hills until midnight tonight. afternoon highs will be in the low to mid-50s. be late tonight, a freeze warning begins until 9 a.m. tomorrow. and there is a frost advisory for the coast. inland areas, temperatures in the low to mid-20s through mid-30s when you wake up tomorrow. tomorrow will be a dry day, a slight chance of showers for wednesday and staying cool all week long. starting next month, apple will require all new apps to
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support the i-phone 10. the techgiant is notifying the sumrierz of the -- suppliers of the requirement. there is an online petition calling for a company to scrap the new redesign but it is here to stay for now. almost a million users signed the puetition lodging the complaint against snapchat. they could be looking to add a new section with stories within the redesign. a last lap decides the daytona 500. and the nba all-star game came down to a defensive stop.
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in the revamp nba all-star giem, kevin dur ant and stephen curry met on the opposite sides of the court and it came done to defense on whether curry could get the final shot off. team stephen was up and then james down low gave his team the lead. he won the mvp. and final seconds, curry trying to send the game to overtime but dur ant is in his face and he never got the shot off. team lebron wins it, 148-145. bears trying to finish off a sweep of rival stanford. up 1, stanered's appalla scores is in the paint, pushing the lead to 3 and the cardinals go on to win it. final lap of the daytona 500. austin dillon goes on to take the checkered flag. he drove the 3 car to victory
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lane 20 years after dale earn heart won in it in the daytona. san jose is a 5-2 winner last night as well. spring training is underway. we will have a complete report tonight at 6:00. have a great day. now to our play of the day. during the nba all-star weekend, all eyes on the slam dunk contest. >> i got that was spelled with an i. >> i don't know. >> donovan mitchell, oh, that is something. >> why did he try that? >> donovan mitchell caught the ball off the side of the backboard and then dunked over comedian kevin hart and two other people. he went on to become the slam
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dunk champion. time now is 6:26 this morning. the wine country is working to recover after the deadly wildfires, the problem many victims are facing with insurance companies. >> and why california companies say ice grapes are bad for business.
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this is kpix5 news. >> i was actually supposed to be at the school right when shool was -- school was ending. >> an oakland a's pitcher is telling his story and connection to the parkland school shooting. >> immigration and customs
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enforcement cracking down on employers hiring undocumented workers. the agency says they are just enforcing the law but some employers say they are bad for business. first, firefighters sent their warning putting out a blaze at an apartment complex in martinez. >> good morning. we are live now with what sparked another fire so soon after the first. jessica. >> reporter: basically fire fires are saying that the last fire from yesterday rekindled and started this fire around 1:30 a.m. firefighters were able to knock it down quickly and they have cleared the scene. you can see the doors boarded up and ashes on the ground. a few units destroyed here. the second fire was called in around 1:30 a.m. and the firefighters had it knocked down
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in ut15 minutes. no one was hurt and no one was in the building. the original fire broke out sunday morning after a pan of oil was left unattended on a stove burner. that original fire broke out just after 4 a.m. on sunday at east gate lane here and destroyed five of eight of the apartments in this complex. the other units have smoke and water damage. firefighters say the flames spread from a kitchen into attic spaces and then into other units. a 19-year-old man according to fire officials has admitted he started the fire by accident. firefighters out here say this is not suspicious but that these fires often rekindle. at this moment, we don't see any smoke or flair ups or -- flare ups or hot spots. many families are displaced as the investigation into what happened continues.
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but again, firefighters believe it was simply a pot left on a stove. reporting live in martinez for kpix5. it is 6:33 and right now a cold snap is underway in the bay area. we have live team coverage. we have sandra osburn in the mountains where there is a chance of snowfall. but first, we have anita in the weather center with our forecast. >> i want to talk you to the doppler and show you where the snow is coming. the bay area hills are dealing with it right now. the radar is winding around the bay area and it just decided not to work. but there were snow flurries east of san jose and some along there. as the sun rises this morning, you may see a little dusting along the hills east of san jose. also there is a band coming through santa cruz and south of monteray, those hills are seeing
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some snow as well. portola valley, had some about 30 minutes ago. it is pretty quick and the snow levels are dropping down to about 1500 feet. it could drop more as we get colder this morning. a lot of people are noticing the cold conditions out there. we have a winter weather advisory for the santa cruz and santa lucia mountains for a few inches in those areas. we are looking at low snow levels and we will continue to see that. our temperatures feel below freezing because of the wind factor. let's check in with sandra who is live. >> reporter: good morning. it is very cold out here. a few minutes ago, we saw some snowflakes go by. an hour ago, we saw some snowflakes going by for about a minute and a half. it was not enough to stick to the ground but exciting to see at this elevation. we are along highway 17 at the summit. the elevation here is about 1700 feet. the cold is here and it
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definitely feels like it. the temperatures are listed at 32 degrees and it has been for over an hour this morning. we are used to seeing snow in the sieras and we have seen more snow from this system. but the national weather service is telling us the elevations above 1,000 feet in the santa cruz mountains could see some snow today. other areas, around big sir and santa lugia mountains, they could also see some snow and hazardous conditions. we spoke to some people this weekend who said they were already feeling the chill. >> i wish it was warmer. >> do you think wearing the shorts will help make it warmer? >> well, i was hopeful but yeah, it is not helping. >> reporter: that sounds like something you would hear in california. we are starting to see more cloud cover out here.
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we saw a couple of snowflakes go by again but i still had to bust out my happy dance because i love seeing the weather out here. but you do want to be extra careful, especially along mountain roads like highway 17. be extra slow and aware of your surroundings and there is a freeze warning tonight into tomorrow morning. so be sure to take care of your furry friends out there. one last check of the temperatures, still listed at 32 degrees, not surnt -- currently seeing any precipitation out here. cold weather is worrisome in wine country where workers are trying to help crops from freezing off. wind machines are turned on to prevent ice from forming. just one night of frost can damage an entire crop. >> keeping the air moving keeps the ice from forming on the
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buds. >> we are really at the whims of mother nature. >> growers are particularly worried about the chardonnay vines saying there is not much they can do if temperatures reach below 28 degrees. the morning rush is a little tempered this morning because it is a holiday. >> jaclyn is tracking what drivers can expect this morning. >> they can expect speeds is in the green for the most part. we have been tracking a couple of problems, only slowing a few folks down. we are looking at 101, right near ignasio boulevard. we had annerlier problem -- an earlier problem along southbound 101, all lanes open now but you can still see some delays left ov. your ride continues to look great. across the golden gate bridge, no significant delays into san
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francisco. starting to see a few more cars join the commute. the nice thing about the plaza, no lights and no backups. speeds are in the green. we are tracking eastbound 580, two lanes closed as you transition onto the other portion of 580 due to an accident. oakland a's pitcher who recently graduated from the holowhere last week's massacre took place was actually supposed to be at the school in florida the same day the gunman opened fire. jesus graduated a year ago and had been working with the stoneman high school baseball team during the off season. he was supposed to meet with his coach that afternoon.
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>> i got a text from my baseball coach saying there was a shooter and not to come. a called a lot of people at the school and it was nerve racking. >> one of the people shot that day was the school's athletic director, chris hixon. there is now a scholarship in his name. as funeral services started for the victims of last week, many teen survivors are trying to take action for gun control. this week, many of them well travel to the state capital of florida to deliver petitions calling for a state wide ban on assault weapons. >> our children need more than our prayers, more than our well, let's see what happens. they need our actions. >> in the wake of the shooting, president trump has spoken primarily of the issue of mental health but in a statement issued this morning, trump said he is
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open to improving the background check system for gun purchases. cbs this morning will continue the coverage of the shooting right after our broadcast. in texas, police are looking for the suspect who dunned gown a -- gunned down a family outside of a texas roadhouse restaurant in san antonio. a 6-year-old boy was taken to the hospital and two of the victims have life threatening injuries. police believe this was not a random shooting. police in southern california are looking for clues that may lead to a ride share driver who went missing last weekend. friends of joshua seedy posted posters all around the area where he lived. one neighbor said he saw a car similar to the car he drove, a
6:41 am
2014 plaque nissan -- black nissan which is also missing. both uber and lyft told our sister station in la they are cooperating with police in the investigation. president trump has lashed out in a twitter tirade, this time calling out oprah winfrey. last night he wrote, just watched a very insecure oprah winfrey who at one point i knew very well interview people on 60 minutes. it was biassed and incorrect. i hope oprah runs so she can be defeated. >> i don't have access of trump voters outside of this group. >> oprah was leading a decision with 14 voters from michigan, 7 voted for president trump in 2016 and the other 7 did not. they met six months ago and came back to discuss trump's first
6:42 am
year in office. speculation thatope raw may run for president started after her emotional speech at the golden globes. >> former vice president joe biden is considering another run for the house so she may have some competition. he said he has made no decision but keeping his options open. he has been a presidential candidate twice before and served as president obama's vp for two terms. this time, sexual harassment allegations filed by christina garcia. she says she was fired after she refused to play spin bottle with the garcia. the feds are escalating on
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attempts to crack down on employers hiring undocumented immigrants. thas year they expect a 300% increase in sweeps. last week, homeland security agents went from business to business in southern california in a five-day sweep. they served dozens of employers with notices of inspections. >> they said do you think it is okay to hire an illegal? >> i said i thought someone with three american born children, i wouldn't have to fire them. >> the debate continues as to whether problems faced by many states like california will find a solution in washington. it has been four months since the deadly wildfires in california and now one of the
6:44 am
biggest struggles is insurance. many have to fight the companies to get what they are owed in damage. now there is legislative proposal in sacramento to make it easier for victims dealing with insurance companies. and people in san jose are still struggling after water flooded the coyote creek area. one family said the cost to fix their home's foundation was ut20,000. the flood forced about 14,000 people from their homes, leaving a tragedy of $100 million in damages. time now is 6:44, the new warning issued after a volcano emits an ash cloud in indonesia. >> what one california snow boarder did in her second competition at the winter games.
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indonesia. new video this morning of a massive ash cloud rising in the sky after a volcano erupted in indonesia. the ash cloud travelled as far as 3 miles. it happened this morning on mount sin ban. no one was hurt but there are flight warnings because of all of the ash. and we have falling snow here. >> a crazy morning. >> we had snow across the local hills, very rare and we are also seeing tahoe snow. let's show you the siera and tahoe cameras. we have windy conditions and visibility is impacted as well in the high elevations. you can see there are a few flurries coming down. we are expecting a few more throughout the next few hours
6:49 am
for tahoe. this has initially impacted the coastline. let's look at the santa cruz mountains, a gorgeous start to the day. sinerize officially happening -- sunrise officially happening in about 10 minutes and there were a few flurries coming down all. let's look at the doppler and see where the moisture is. it is winding down now. we were seeing a little on the coastal mountains and now it is to the south in the monteray valley. we only have a winter weather advisory for the santa lucia mountains. it has expired for santa cruz mountains. wind chill is definitely cold and you can feel it. 10 degrees for some of the mountain ranges. moisture is expected for another couple of hours right along the coast but it will be very light. it could continue through 8:00 or 9:00 this morning. we may see a pop up shower here
6:50 am
and there but we will also have sunshine today. things will clear up tonight and temperatures will really drop. here is look at the tahoe area and the snow expected to fall for the next few hours. maybe 2 inches in bear valley. coop -- keep an eye out if you see any flurries and let us know. the wind is so strong, we are down to 21 for santa rosa for what if feels like. sustained winds are still high up there at about 21 miles per hour out of the west. that adds to the cool conditions. i want to talk about the winds are going to stay strong through about midmight and then things will camp -- calm down. once they calm down, cool air will settle in. we will have highs of mid-to low
6:51 am
50s. and at midnight tonight, we are under a freeze warning for a lot of inland areas and a frost advisory along the coast. temperatures will drop into the mid-20s to low 30s tonight. when you wake up tomorrow morning, it will be very chilly with afternoon highs staying in the 50s for the next five days and a chance of showers on wednesday. jaclyn, how are the higher elevations doing? we have chain control in effect for drivers along the siera highways, this is interstate 80 right here. also on portions of highway # 50, between bridges and myers. from the sieras to the bay, let's take it to interstate 80 near gillman. you can see the east shore freeway is starting to show some slow downs but overall, we have been enjoying a pretty nice and light ride on this monday, presidents holiday. look at the bay bridge toll plaza, no meter lights and no
6:52 am
backups. in the green into san francisco, no prabz through oakland -- problems through oakland. that is a look at your traffic. back to you, anne. snow boarder jamie anderson from lake tahoe has made the top 12 in today's kwoifgzs. last week see defended her medal in the slope style event, becoming the first female snow boarder to win more than one olympic gold medal. norway is leading the medal count with a total of 27. team usa has 5 with -- ranks 5 with a total of 10 medals. two fires at this complex, we have the latest coming up. and new developments in the
6:53 am
russian probe, the farmer campaign -- former campaign official expected to enter a plea.
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we are near highway 4 and morello street... the fire here on eastgate lane was called in around 1:30am and firefighters had it knocked down in about 15 minutes... no one was hurt and no one was in the building. broke out i am live in martinez where firefighters urbattling a second fire here at this apartment complex on east gate lane. the fire officials say this fire started after the fire from yesterday rekindled. they had it knocked down in ut-- about 15 minutes. no one was hurt and no one was in the building. the original fire started on sunday morning when a pan of oil was left unattended on a stove. it destroyed five of eight homes in the complex. the units have fire and water
6:57 am
damage after the flames spread into attic space and then into other units. a 19-year-old admitted to accidently starting the fire. there is nothing suspicious about the fire according to fire officials, it was just the rekindling of the original fire. 3 minutes before 7:00. it is time for your final five. >> as funeral services started for victims of last week's school shooting in florida, many of the teen survafbers are taking the fight for gun control into their own hands. many will visit the state's capital delivering a call for a ban on assault rifles. >> there are new developments in the special counsel's russian probe. rick gates is expected to enter a plea deal.
6:58 am
>> and the sexual harassment investigation into tony men dosea is complete. tomorrow the panel will decide if discipline is warranted. >> 900 acres have been burned and as many as 200 people including the laws and creeks meadows community were ordered to evacuate. the next phase of california's high speed rail train starts today. the geo technical work will begin in silicone valley. much of the work will require freeway closures through friday. tracking slow downs for drivers along 242, a crash on concord has traffic backed but it has been cleared of the center divide. if you are planning on using mass transit today, keep in mind, many of the agencies are operating on a modified or saturday schedule. the doppler is showing some
6:59 am
areas with light showers. it is all hinding down -- winding down but you can see the area of snowfall near monteray. the higher elevations along the coast to the south of us are still under a winter weather advisory. tahoe is getting a few snow flurries. this is waterman's landing and you can see the storm clouds on the horizon. they will see a few more flurries in that area. this morning, we have exciting news to share. there is more choi in the world. >> this weekend, the family welcomed a baby boy into the world , adrian cade choi. a big congratulations to kenny and his family. the older daughter is doing well accepting little brother because she wanted a little sister. and she cried about it but she looks happy. >> yes, she's happy. congratulations to the whole family. we can't wait to meet adrian.
7:00 am
>> have a great day, everyone. good morning to our viewers in the west on this president's day holiday. it is monday, february 19th, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." surviving students from the school shooting become activists, upushing congress fo new gun laws. a top donor threatening to cut off funding from politicians that oppose an assault weapons ban. >> how a series of missed opportunities might have stopped the school shooting suspect from getting a gun. >> president trump says the fbi was too focused on the russia investigation to notice any red flags. >> lebron james says he has a duty to speak out on politics, after a fox news host says he


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