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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 20, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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california is that we are currently actively testing the system right now. it is looking good. they are getting ready to roll it out. today we are learning that president trump is not making the rest of the project so easy. >> this map shows the stations in northern california. the yellow dots show all of the existing earthquake sensors in place. the u.s. ts has slowly but steadily been installing them all along the major faults in the bay area. the launch day is just around the corner. >> is the bay area where it needs to be?>> reporter: pretty close. we believe it is as dense station coverage as we can get. the west coast has about 850 sensors, which is roughly half the number the u.s. ts says they need. if or when the funding comes through, the number of sensors would go from this to this. it would take another $60 million to get the whole system
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up and running at 100%. this would cover washington, oregon, and california. once it is done, third party app developers will take the data and use it to warn the public that a quake is about to hit. train operators can stop service, elevators can position themselves and so one. a few seconds warning can make all the difference. other countries have proven it works. mexico's early warning system was captured in action last week on this webcam. it shows people rushing into a public square nearly 2 minutes before shockwaves hit. only four other countries in the world have an early warning system. as for the you s -- u.s., there is enough federal funding to continue until the end of the year. >> be on that is a question mark. beyond that, all bets are off.
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president trump's recent proposal has zeroed out nearly $13 million in funding for the early warning system and staffing. he cites the need to address higher priorities.>> it is a disservice to people along the west serve it -- west coast. our the congressman of southern california says the last time this happened, republicans and democrats actually banded together. >> this is happened before. last year, on a very bipartisan basis, congress said no, this is important. i am optimistic we will restore this funding. >> reporter: the usgs is under a lot of pressure to make sure they get this one right. they do not have any false alarms. eight limited public rollout will be happening this fall. a turf war in santa cruz tonight over a huge piece of property up for sale. the 175 acres ranch includes access to this beach that is nearly impossible for the public to get to. our reporter was able to get
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there.>> reporter: it is probably the most beautiful beach you have never heard of and almost certainly have never stepped foot on. >> it is the last private beach in the county. no matter how many beaches we have, we want more because people love to go to the beach.>> reporter: the problem is, to get from here to here, you have to cross 175 acres of prime it -- private farmland making the beach as secluded that is virtually impossible for the public to reach. >> the ocean and beach is something i feel like everyone should be able to access. i support people having their right. >> reporter: the property is currently for sale for $35 million. the land trust of santa cruz county wants to buy it and has make an offer of roughly half
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the price. it is worried it could be snapped up by a private investor for him public access is not a priority. >> the notion that you can have a private beach is not really true on the coast of california. one of the owners of the property initially agreed and later declined a request for an interview. he was concerned for the potential of public backlash. simultaneously, so close and yet for the public, still so far away. >> i feel like we can strike a balance where people can have their property respected and yet the public can have access to what we all deserve access to. the property is owned by several members of the same family. the court system has appointed a mediator to help guide them through the sale. the coastal commission will likely have to weigh in on any future development plan for the site. mountain view police have busted a woman who may be linked to dozens of cases of identity and property theft. she is 25-year-old melissa vincent. police say they found several
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stolen items, including burglary tools and bolt cutters. police are looking for the rightful owners of all this stuff, including dozens of backpacks and purses, stolen ids, mail, and tax forms. >> if you recognize something, have receipts or photos that show you with the item in question or proof that it is yours, if you actually reported something missing, please include that. >> reporter: the suspect is from san jose. eight tobacco product out of san francisco and out of politics -- today demonstrators gathered at city hall with signs saying no to tobacco. they have overturned the ban on labored tobacco products. a repeal is up in june so organizer are -- organizers are
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asking legislatures not to take funding from the industry. >> so far every elected official we have talked to seems to be in favor of it. >> demonstrators are especially upset at how they say flavored tobacco products are marketed as candy. thousands of marijuana cases in alameda county are about to go up in smoke. the d.a. announced today she will dismiss, reduce, or seal decades of marijuana related convictions. that will clear people of activities california no longer deemed criminal. new regulations allow prior convictions to be redesignated or erased. fallout from a wildfire. wedding planners are saying their business is taken a huge hit. our reporter is live from simona where bookings have nosedived.>> reporter: some of sonoma county certainly burned, but the majority did not. it looks just like the -- this.
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it is a beautiful place to get married but very few people are booking it. it is one of california's most popular spots to say, i do. but since the wildfires, many couples do not choose the area and it is taking a toll on the industry. >> it is a catastrophic time for many of us. summer runs blissful events is one of the top planning companies in the area. this time last year, she was 80% booked. post fire, only 15%. venues and vendors are feeling the pinch. >> it is unfortunate that there are so many vendors who have lost their homes and are now on the line for losing their businesses. >> reporter: the business bureau says it does not track revenue from weddings but you can believe it is a big is this. they have a complementary referral website for brides to be. it has been quiet. you can blame misperception. >> we have recently done a
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survey and the consensus is that we have burned completely. that is not the case. we are absolutely open for business. >> reporter: while sonoma county only lost one wedding venue, the collateral damage will likely be millions of dollars in lost revenue. this is why the industry is trying to get the word out with social media and advertising saying they are more ready than ever to host your happily ever after. >> it is a time for new beginnings. take the time to start life new with a wedding in a place that is rebirthing itself from a tragic event. >> reporter: all of these will -- wedding planners are hoping you can help them have their own reverse. if you are up here visiting, take a photo and show how beautiful it is. posted to social media to show that sonoma county is open for business.
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>> that is a gorgeous backdrop. right now in a church, a workshop is underway in napa helping victims of those fires. it will run until late this evening. it is being held at john the baptist catholic church. participants are able to ask questions about financing and rebuilding their homes and businesses. at least 42 people died in the october wildfires. a major traffic light malfunction in san francisco this afternoon, included 200 traffic signals that went down in intersections. 19th avenue was especially hard- hit. the lights are now working again. it is -- in the east bay, four adult escaped after flames and gave their -- engulfed their home. the fires started around 4 am but it was contained about 30 minutes later. one person was treated for smoke inhalation. scary moments for a convenience store clerk. this man went to purchase a bag of chips and then reached into the register to steal money.
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police are asking for your help in identifying the suspect. it is unclear how much money he got away with. the cashier was not hurt, only startled. coming up, a pioneer in the u2 movement, christina garcia speaks out denying allegations of sexual misconduct. an inside look at a new high tech weather satellite that could save lives. we will meet the canadian chef ringing the taste of montrial to the bay area. not too far from montrial, bangor, maine, which will be warmer than san jose tomorrow. isn't that crazy? the golden rate -- great -- gate bridge looks beautiful. we are talking rain in the seven-day. we will let you know when that is going to arrive, next.
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what words you well i haven't seen anything official yet
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week.
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together, we're building a better california. an investigation of state senator tony we are just getting an update from the state capital on a harassment case. this is the investigation of tony mendoza that says he likely engaged in six cases of notations or sexually suggestive behavior. women working for him at the time have accused him. he has been on and -- paid
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leave during the investigation. just a few weeks ago, cristina garcia was a leading voice in the #metoo movement. she was featured in time magazine's persons of the year, recognizing silence breakers. recently she has gone from speaking out to defending herself against allegations. our reporter sat down with her. >> i remember feeling confused about what had happened. >> reporter: daniel sierra was working in the state capital when he says garcia cornered him at a softball game. she touched you sexually? >> yes. her hand dropped down and she grabbed my butt. i spun to turn around. as i turned, she tried to reach for my crotch. >> reporter: daniel has said you groped him at a softball game. did that happen? >> no. >> -- >> reporter: what do you remember happening? >> i was at the game and i left
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with the staff. i have faith the investigation will clear my name. >> reporter: i second unnamed accuser also claimed garcia made a graphic proposal before groping him, something she denies. the former state employees who have filed the formal complaint alleged she talked openly about sexual activities with other elected officials, claiming to have sex in assembly offices. and she said having sex was a good way of getting information. >> i did not have these conversations and i am not engaging in sexual information. >> reporter: as a #metoo activist, she is being called to resign. she does not plan to do so herself. >> i do not know if i would go so far as to say it is hypocritical. i do know it is incredibly questionable. >> i am respectful of the process. i have been trying to be
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respectful of people coming forward. i have dead -- never had allegations like this before. mandatory water restrictions could soon be a way of life across california, drought or no drought. nearly half the state is already in a drought situation, and state water officials are considering a range of mandatory conservation measures. hosing down sidewalks or over watering lawns are examples. a new satellite launch next week will provide weather data so advanced experts could say it can actually save lives. our reporter got an inside look at this new technology.>> reporter: we are taking you inside where the view of the lightning mapper is located. because it is a completely clean environment, we have to get suited up before we had inside. this is the new geostationary lightning mapper. it is plated in gold for uv protection.
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it is the first of its kind to detect lightning from space. the high-speed camera captures 500 -- frames per second. it can track lightning inside a storm in real time. it is something that has never been done before. >> we put all of this work into it and then you put it on top of a rocket and launch it into space. our it has been a decade in the making. this scientist was there from the very start, overseeing the project from its conception to reality. >> it is about the same age as my oldest son. it is sort of like a child. you send it out into the world and hope it does amazing things. to know it is doing well is exciting. these are lightnings that are in a line of thunderstorms. the detection will help meteorologist follow a storm,
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tracking its development and dissipation. the crucial data will help them give earlier lead time to devastating weather events, like the tornadoes.>> -- >> reporter: from safety on the ground to in the air, if you look closely, the red dots on the screen are airplanes trying to avoid these strong storms. the new lightning data can pinpoint the exact part of the store that has a lot of convection which causes turbulence. this can help reroute and potentially save lives. right now, when we show the radar, we are actually showing the radar and lightning of cloud to ground lightning strikes. with this new lightning mapper, we will be able to see all lightning strikes from a thunderstorm, not just cloud to ground. we were talking about how this will dramatically increase
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early lead time for tornado warnings. so incredible. >> it is amazing. there are certain signatures within a storm. lightning is one that could detect what could happen next, like a tornado or severe thunderstorm. this is huge. now, take it away. forget about thunderstorms, can we just get a few showers? the answer is, yes. things are changing. one thing that did not change, it is still cold. san francisco at 52 degrees for a high. san jose 58. look at the radar, north and west of the bay area we have some showers, mainly offshore. that is the leading edge of facilitation that may give us showers tomorrow. we need more in the sierra. we got some over the weekend, but not that great. statewide, we are sitting at 20%. i think that number will climb.
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we will see several cold systems come from the north and west. if you have friends or family in portland, they are likely not on the roads because it is knowing heavily. some of that energy is working its way down into northern california overnight. behind that will be another area of low pressure, giving us a chance of showers on thursday. nothing widespread yet. it will be cold tonight with more cloud cover. the increasing cloud cover will correspond with an increase in temperature. it is still plenty cold. city center is at 33. 35 for him -- san jose. tomorrow we stay cold with an isolated shower possible. the highs tomorrow, 52 in napa, 56 in fremont. the chance of showers on thursday is possible. a little warmer saturday and sunday. widespread, light rainfall is possible monday and tuesday.
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a bay area spa chain suddenly closes. employees and customers are left holding the bag. what we are learning about the company's finances. imagine getting ready for your first major-league at-bat. you have worked your entire life for this one moment, then something goes terribly wrong. the player ends up in oakland. that story is next. ♪ ♪
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"potential." that's the case once again this year, incluidng their center's vern glenn from mesa. it seems like every spring, the theme surrounding the oakland a's is, potential. that is the case this year., including their center fielder. he cannot get away from that georgian southern drawl. but that is okay for outfielder dustin fowler. he has plenty of time to blend in. >> i am trying to cover it up as much as i can and fit in as much as i can. >> reporter: the 23-year-old was one of three prospects that was received in a trade.
6:24 pm
technically, he does have a one game on his big league resume. >> everyone keeps saying that last year was my rookie year, but i am trying to call this my rookie year. i am going to do everything i can for the season opener. i am thankful i got called up last year but i am trying to forget about that as much as i can.>> reporter: down the right field line, bowel -- foul. he made his debut but it lasted only one inning as he crashed into the wall and suffered a knee injury. he was scheduled to get his first big league at back the next inning. >> i had the anticipation of waiting for that first at-bat. i had so much adrenaline that i had no pain. i was just thinking, did this just really happened. i grew from it. i am thankful
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to be in oakland now to start my real rookie season. >> reporter: he will meet with his doctor later this week to see if he is fully cleared to play in games which start at the end of the week. i am feeling green and gold. the ncaa announcing that louisville must give up its 2013 national title. also 123 wins from a recruiting violation. the school fired rick pitino last fall. the banners may come down but pitino will always have his national champion tattoo. i have a similar tattoo -- are -- our catch of the day goes to tori. he hauled in this 50 inch fish near the pumphouse during his super bowl derby, presumably a pregame fishing tournament. he had the water all to himself.
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if you think you can do better, send us your fishing pitchers to catch of the day -- pictures to catch of the day. this time of year it is just too cold to fish. you are freezing on the boat. i will let tori do it. coming up, we must actually make a difference. >> the presidents surprise announcement on gun accessory -- accessories. students hit the streets demanding action on gun control. a woman practicing dentistry in her living room recliner learns her fate in court. a procedure that went very wrong.
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president trump calling for new e gun you are watching kpix 5 news. our top story, president trump calling for new regulation on rapidfire gun devices. that includes a possible ban on bump stocks used in last year's
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las vegas massacre. this is the first time the president has mentioned guns since last week's school shooting. our reporter is live at the white house with more.>> reporter: the president has been indicating for the last few days he might be willing to do something but never really taken a position or clarifying. today when he said he ordered his department of justice to tighten restrictions on bump stocks, which is a device that makes semiautomatic weapons potentially much deadlier. president trump used a ceremony honoring law enforcement officers to make an announcement. >> i signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns. we cannot merely take actions that make us feel like we are making a difference. we must actually make a difference. >> reporter:e regulations, which are still being negotiate dated -- negotiated, would ban bump stocks. the shooter in the las vegas massacre used bump stocks to
6:31 pm
increase the number of rounds he fired into a crowd. >> the president supports not having the use of bump stocks. we expect further action on that in the coming days. the white house did not commit to for you -- further regulations such as a ban on assault weapons. >> we have not closed the door on any front. >> reporter: a poll shows that american -- americans remain divided on whether there should be an assault weapons ban. the white house is hosting teachers and students to talk about school safety. >> this is a listening session to see what could be done better and what the concerns of the students are and what they would like to see. >> reporter: president trump says the white house is working hard to find a solution to school shootings. the president also indicated that he might be willing to do even more and take further action. he tweeted, quote we must now focus on strengthening background checks. we have learned that a republican senator is also --
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senator is also planning some legislation regarding that. students across florida walked out today demanding change in the nations gun laws. you can see that hundreds spilled out of this high school and went out into the roads at the same time. those who survived last week's shooting are headed to the state capital. our reporter says they want answers from lawmakers. >> you need to make sure you stay strong and keep the message. >> reporter: it is the message that students who attended the parkland high school hope will forever alter the gun debate. >> this is big. this is life-changing. this is where things will start happening. >> reporter: about 100 students
6:33 pm
boarded buses bound for the state capital. they are holding a march demanding a ban on assault rifles and stricter gun control for those with a history of mental illness. >> it will be embarrassing for them if they do not listen to us. kids who were in a school that had shooting just a week ago are begging for them to take action.>> i want to let them know that these students lost their lives to the shooter. they were so innocent. they did not deserve this. >> reporter: three of the students murdered last week were laid to rest last tuesday. peter wang who died a hero after saving other students. two others will also be remembered. >> this is not right. it was not something that anyone was prepared for. it is hard to make peace with something that happened so violently. students will return to school next tuesday. this is the first time to be back since the shooting.
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>> ahead of the students visit, the florida state house did open today's session with a prayer for those killed in last week's shooting. lawmakers then rejected a bill that would have banned assault weapons in a 36-70 one-vote. a pair of california gun regulations were banned today. it includes a 10 day waiting period to purchase a gun and a $19 fee to sell or transfer one. meantime, a municipal agency in el dorado county is apologizing today for raffling off an ar 15 rifle at a firefighters fundraiser. this was the same type of weapons used in the florida shooting. some people walked out in disgust. the local community district says the timing of the giveaway was insensitive. more than 14 months after the deadly oakland warehouse fire, the two men who managed the building pleaded not guilty today to 36 counts of involuntary manslaughter.
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our reporter was at the courthouse.>> reporter: these two men armed now headed to a -- are now headed to a jury style -- trial. they are accused of creating a death trap in the oakland warehouse leading to the death of 36 people. investigators say exits were blocked and debris filled the space. the men say they are innocent and their attorneys say their clients are being scapegoated for the tragedy. one line of defense, investigators have still not determined the exact cause of the fire. >> they do not know it is electrical. they have not discounted that it was arson. our the other defense, attorneys will argue the city is to blame for not shutting down the warehouse. city officials visited the building numerous times for code enforcement complaints. >> the city of oakland committed this crime. it was the oakland fire department, the building dissection -- inspection
6:36 pm
department, a complete systemic failure on the part of local government. >> reporter: bail is set at $750,000. attorneys are asking the judge to release the men on their own recognizance. they are due back in court for the bail hearing set for march 21. >> california is a step closer to major legal reform. they called for a ban against the poor and people of color. they will not challenge a ruling that prohibits holding defendants who cannot afford to pay. a sense -- seven cisco police officers were on foot patrol today in an effort to introduce themselves. the city supervisor and sf pd captain joined new chinese speaking officers. they walked in an effort to
6:37 pm
meet the shop owners they will likely see on their new patrols. customers want to know where their money went after a bay area spa chain suddenly closes shop. what we are learning about this spas finances. a promising breakthrough for peanut allergies. the treatment that could dramatically increase a child's tolerance.
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a bay area spa chain has suddenly shut down, leaving employees and customers a bay area spa chain has suddenly shut down leaving employees and customers wondering what to do now. a perfect day spa has two locations here in the bay area. last week they said they were closing for the chinese new year , but now signed say they
6:40 pm
are out of business. many customers say they were encouraged to prepay for spa services in advance. >> several months ago i came and they asked me to buy more. >> we cannot reach anyone at the company but kpix has learned it owed hundreds of thousands of dollars in back rent . the san mateo county district attorney says it is looking into whether the company broke any laws. new and unique housing will soon be on the market in san francisco. we will show you condos that look like typical homes but they are extremely energy- efficient. the project is in the cities mission district and uses solar panels to generate enough energy to power not only the entire building, but even charge electric cars. the excess energy will be fed back into the city's electric grid. >> it can be a community asset.
6:41 pm
if the grid goes down or there are other national disasters, this -- the building stays powered. >> this building has four -- four units that are expected to go on sale next month. coming up, no license and no formal training. a woman learns her fate in court after she tries to perform a root canal in her living room recliner. a hard freeze warning is in effect tonight for some of the area. temperatures are expected to drop to the mid-20s. around here, not as cold because of cloud cover. look out at the tri-valley where there may be showers tomorrow.
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the verge of a cure.. for severe peanut allergies. brisbane-based aimmune (eh-mune) therapeutics conducted a double-blind study.. exposing juvenile a company may be on the verge of a cure for severe peanut allergies. they conducted a double-blind study exposing juvenile patients to a gradually increasing dose of protein powder with peanuts. it started with a 30 milligram dose and by the end of the study, most could tolerate 300 milligrams. more than half who consumed peanuts had minimal reaction. >> that means they will probably be largely protected
6:45 pm
from accidental exposure. that is really what we are going for. >> immune has up plied for fast- track fda approval and hopes to get it by the end of the year. a southern california woman posing as a dentist attempts to perform a root canal in her living room. the patient ended up in the hospital. our reporter says that would be dentist ended up in court today. >> reporter: it is literally like a horror movie. it is real life though. behind this door, prosecutors say clara medina performed a root canal in her living room, using these supplies and this chair. she is not a dentist. >> i tried to put myself in the position of the victim and think of how horrifying this would be. the city attorney said the victim had to go to the hospital from complications. claret medina pleaded no contest to one count of battery
6:46 pm
likely to produce serious bodily injury. there was no answer at her door today and her attorney did not return our calls. we asked the city a ternary -- attorney, what are your options when you have no insurance, you are in pain, and you cannot afford a dentist? >> most of the viewers have access to some form of medical and dental care. >> reporter: in this case, the victim had the courage to report her ordeal to authorities. >> i have tremendous admiration for her, and a great deal of empathy for what she endured. he says he does not know how many people are practicing medicine or dentistry without a license here in the city of los angeles. as far as this woman, she will no longer be doing business here. a high school senior in southern california is not lacking in the final months of school. he is preparing to send his work into space. alex lopez is part of a program
6:47 pm
at hawthorne high. he is among students learning engineering, commuter -- computer coding and 3-d modeling. it will be used by nassau on the international space station.>> there was never a day when i did not want to do this.>> he is one of -- it is one of seven schools that has partnered with nasa. thousands of new toys are on display at the annual toy fair in new york. the top toys of the year, fingerlings. the lol surprise, a gift that kids unwrap and find little surprises along the way. other popular toys are some gross ones, including a game called pop at that. the older kids who would rather play with their phone can have the key pics. take a selfie,
6:48 pm
lay your smart phone on top, spend the wheel -- spin the wheel, and a photo comes out. it was another cold morning in the bay area. viewers woke up with ice on their cars. how cold did it get? our meteorologist is here with more. we had temperatures well below average, 10 or 15 degrees below. even parts of san francisco near freezing this morning. we are looking forward to what will happen tonight. temperatures have fallen into the mid-to upper 40s. santa rosa is at 48, concord at 50. look at the drop and afternoon temperatures. how cold do we get tonight? near freezing in the city centers but outside the city centers, it gets colder.
6:49 pm
it will be below freezing in napa county, and other areas. san francisco officially will drop to 42 degrees. we will have scattered showers in parts of the bay area tomorrow morning. things are changing. we are seeing this ridge of high pressure move west and to the south. the storm track is now tapping into some moisture in the gulf of alaska and writing down the coast. -- sliding down the coast. we might see some precipitation from it. not much but something. tomorrow morning, surrounding counties may see a few showers around 7:00 tomorrow morning. the top of the mountain might even have some snow showers tomorrow morning. we will be cloudy throughout the afternoon. thursday, the beginning of the day starts clear but another wave of low pressure starts through.
6:50 pm
-- starts to move through. isolated showers are possible again. it might be a widespread rain early next week, monday or tuesday. we are seeing showers working all the way down to monterey bay and hollister. we are seeing the group -- rain chances increase. clouds are preventing a widespread freeze overnight. isolated showers are possible tomorrow and thursday with widespread rain in the cards for next week. highs tomorrow, 9 degrees above average in san francisco and concord. only 56 for high in sunnyvale. only 53 at san ramon. 49 for a high in kentfield tomorrow. the mountains could see a little white on them tomorrow. another round of light showers on thursday. we dry out for the weekend and mild on saturday and sunday. next week, the opportunity for some widespread light rainfall monday or tuesday.
6:51 pm
he was stopped at the airport for daring to bring his home cooking across the border. >> but now he has the recipes nailed down and is ready to serve it up here in the bay area. what is on the menu at this new canadian restaurant. coming up con any --, black panther star has to do on-demand push- ups for his costar. we will have more on life eat at 10:00.
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kpix five's john ramos spoke to the owner who says he wanted to bring a little bit of montereal to the bay are a new restaurant opened in the east bay and on the can -- menu, canadian cuisine. our reporter spoke to the owner who said he wanted to bring a little montrial to the bay area.>> reporter: in an industrial area, a new restaurant has opened with some of the most polite service. >> appreciate it. thank you. it is not just good business, it is a birthright. >> i am canadian. welcome in to that montrial deli, a north of the border eatery serving up the holy grail of canadian zine, the smoke meat sandwich.
6:55 pm
it is described as the love child of a pastrami and corned beef sandwich. >> this is different but familiar. it is not going out on a limb. the deli opened on saturday but already the word has spread among people looking for offerings of their homeland. noel was so excited he began tweeting pictures of his lunch to his twin. >> this was a big treat in montrial. to be able to get it here is astounding, unbelievable, amazing.>> reporter: lex admits opening the restaurant was a bit of a gamble. >> i have no background. i like to eat it. it is a gamble that is paying off. it is time smoked meat takes its rightful place in an area
6:56 pm
that celebrates food diversity. >> we forgot about canada and they are so nice they didn't want to mention it. we thought we would do that for them. lex says he hopes this place will become a second home for canadians who have wondered in the culinary wilderness for far too long. >> we are taking over baby. but in a polite way. >> it sure looks good. lex said he got the idea to make his own smoked meat after he had a brisket confiscated by a customs agent on a flight back to the united states.>> confiscated, right. it went home. they had a good meal that night. >> do not forget to join us for night beat at 10:00. we will be back here tonight at 11:00. have a great night.
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♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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announcer: it's time to play "family feud"! give it up for steve harvey! [captioning made possible by fremantle media] steve: how are y'all? how's everybody? i appreciate you. how y'all doing? thank you all very much. i appreciate you, folks. well, welcome to "family feud," everybody. i'm your man, steve harvey. [cheering and applause] got another good one for you today. returning for their second day, from dallas, texas, it's the echebelem family. and from boston, it's the scialdone family. all right, good. everybody here trying to win theyself a lotta cash, and somebody might drive outta here in a brand-new car. let's go meet the scialdone
7:00 pm
family. woman: whoo! steve: hey, heather. heather: nice to meet you, steve. steve: how you doing? heather: i'm doing excellent. happy to be here. steve: good. yeah, yeah, yeah. what do you do? heather: i am a high school counselor in lowell, massachusetts. go, red raiders! and i'm a proud wife and mom of two kids. [cheering and applause] steve: introduce everybody, heather. heather: all right. well, i am here with my little brother and my 3 cousins. this is my beautiful cousin jen, my handsome brother mark, my talented cousin lindsay, and my stud muffin of a cousin brett. steve: all right. come on, folks. i'll talk with you as the game goes on. heather: yeah? steve: these are the champs. they play really well. here's the question. i got 20,000. who wants some? scialdone family: whoo! steve: let's get it on. let's play "feud. give me heather, give me chinedu. ["family feud" theme plays] ladies, top 8 answers on the board. here we go. what might a horse trainer use on a horse that she'd also use on her ma--


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