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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 21, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PST

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the question ton now at 11:00, this newly surfaced video shows a bart police officer using deadly force. the question tonight, is this shooting justified? good evening, i'm elizabeth cook. >> i'm allen martin. kpix 5 joe vazquez has the leaked body camera footage. we want to warn you, it's graphic. >> reporter: bart police have
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not yet made public the video of the officer-involved shooting that happened here. >> right there, >> reporter: but everyone can see it now because it got posted on facebook today. it's the body camera video worn by a bart police officer as he shot saleem tindle to death on january 3. some of the video is so graphic we're not going to show it to you. the officer runs across the street yelling at two men who were involved in a fistfight to get their hands up. within seconds, he opened fire. after a second set of shots, a dark object appears to fly into the air. the video is just not clear enough to identify the object. >> police said my brother had a gun, which was not true. never known my brother to have a gun. >> reporter: he says a family member shot the video with a cell phone off a screen as police were showing it to the family. he believes the officer did not
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give saleem enough time to react. >> the officer did say it, but gave him no time to comply to what he was saying. >> reporter: you feel like the officer shot quickly? >> he certainly shot quickly and didn't give them any time. >> reporter: the former oakland police chief, jordan howard, wants to see the context. jordan believes the officer's reaction was justified. >> reporter: he began to move and the officer was continuing to fire because the threat was still present at the time because he was armed. >> reporter: bart police told the family it would release the full body cam video to the public once the investigation is complete. joe vazquez, kpix 5. tonight, once again, temperatures near or below freezing in parts of the bay area. lafayette is one of the coldest spots tonight. here is kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno. paul? >> reporter: already temperatures are falling close to if not hitting or below freezing. danville also in the low 30s at
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33 degrees. right now in glen ellen, it is 35, petaluma 37. we have some cloud cover outside. with that said outside livermore, outside concord and napa will drop below freezing. likely upper 20s just outside fairfield and sonoma county. get out towards the san joaquin valley, another hard freeze several hours below freezing. as cold as the mid-20s. certainly bring your pets inside as well. perhaps the bigger story is a reintroduction of rainfall. there are some showers heading in our direction that will arrive as soon as tomorrow morning. we'll go hour by hour. that's coming up in a few minutes. >> we will look for that. tonight, students around the country rally for gun control after what happened in florida. now president trump is taking a stand. kpix 5 betty yu on what he wants to ban. betty? >> reporter: allen, the president today took a step to ban the sale in use of what is called bump stock. these devices can allow a
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shooter to fire hundreds of rounds a minute. the move is the first definitive solution mr. trump has proposed related to gun control. >> we have to do more to protect our children. >> reporter: the president signed a memo today directing the justice department to develop regulations that would ban so-called bump stock. california is the only state to explicitly restrict the sale of such devices. >> and i signed a memorandum directing the attorney general to propose regulations to ban all devices that turn legal weapons into machine guns. >> reporter: a bump stock is a plastic device that allows the shooter to fire a semi- automatic weapon faster. former fbi agent and kpix 5 security analyst jeff hart. >> if we do try to have legislation written that bans the bump stock, i don't think anybody on either side is going to say hey, that's a bad idea. >> this is about us demanding change. >> reporter: the president is
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under pressure from students at the florida high school, where the accused gunman, nikolas cruz, killed 17 people last week. today they made the seven-hour trip to tallahassee, ready to push for legislation and curb gun violence. >> we're the voices of america. we're going to make a change. >> reporter: the florida state house voted down an attempt to revive a bill that would ban assault weapons, like the ar-15 allegedly used by cruz. >> we are never going to stop pushing. >> reporter: bump stocks were not used in the florida shooting, but the gunman did use them in the las vegas mass shooting last fall. >> everyone is tired of seeing these horrific shootings happen, and then legislation getting caught up in a tangled mess with a lot of other legislation. >> reporter: tonight, president trump tweeted whether we are republican or democrat. we must now focus on strengthening background
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checks. tomorrow, the students in florida will attend meetings with local lawmakers, while the president holds a listening session on school safety at the white house. members from the parkland community will be in attendance. betty yu, kpix 5. and so coming up in about eight minutes, how thousands of california students are learning to fight back against an active shooter. >> and the white house says president trump has been tough on russia and it blames president trump for the election meddling. >> he has been tougher on the first year than obama was in eight years combined. >> he has blamed democrats, the media, even the fbi. shortly before leaving office, president obama expelled 35 russian diplomats in retaliation for the meddling. the leading democrat in the russia investigation gave a talk in the bay area tonight. >> andrea nakano sat down with congressman adam schiff, one on one, and asked if his party's secret memo will ever see the
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light of day. andria? >> reporter: allen, congressman adam schiff has been at the center of the house committee's investigation into the russian meddling investigation. tonight he told us the investigations aren't even close to being over. before his sold out commonwealth club talk at the memorial in san francisco, burbank congressman, adam schiff, the ranking democrat on the house intelligence committee, sat down with kpix 5 to talk about the concurrent investigations into russian interference in the up first, the latest rounds of indictments coming from the office of special council, robert mueller, aimed at russian troll farms. >> they said nothing about the hacking and dumping of documents that the russians did. that is the issue i think most implicates the trump campaign. and i think there is probably a reason why it was left out of this indictment. i don't think what we have seen is the last word. >> reporter: schiff and others on the intelligence committee
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interviewed former white house chief strategist, steve bannon, twice last week. in an exchange, schiff said was hand strung by restrictions. >> he refused to answer all, but 25 questions that were written for him by the white house. all of which demanded the answer no. and any question that called for a yes answer and explanation wasn't on the list of approved questions. >> reporter: on his wish list for the house intelligence investigation, schiff says he knows where he wants the next subpoena to land. >> the bank we should be subpoenaing frankly is to see whether there is merit to these allegations that the trump organization may have been laundering russian money. >> reporter: as for this tweet over the weekend from president trump calling him little adam schiff, the leaking monster, schiff had this to say. >> they would be funny if it wasn't so demeaning to his office. i find remarkably the president of the united states, the most powerful person in the world,
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the center of our democracy, and these hurling childish insults at people. >> reporter: now schiff says he expects resolution within the week on the minority memo. democrats and the house intelligence committee want to release in response to the memo released by devin nunes. in the newsroom, andrea nakano, kpix 5. tonight, california is one step closer to scrapping its cash bail system. reform advocates rallied in front of the santa clara county hall of justice saying california's bail system is broken. unfairly discriminates against the poor and people of color. in sacramento, the attorney general agreed. >> today's bail system doesn't make you safer. because if you've got the money and you're dangerous, you still get out. >> the california bail agent association had this response saying, "it's a shame that attorney general has chosen to
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politicize the public safety of every californian." the cal attorney general is not challenging a recent court ruling that prohibits holding defendants that cannot afford to pay bail. that means the rule goes into effect this saturday. in alameda county, thousands of marijuana convictions are about to be thrown out now that recreational use is legal in california. the district attorney announced she will dismiss, reduce, or seal decades of cannabis- related convictions. tonight, nearly 6,000 cases are eligible to be erased. now last month san francisco's district attorney announced a similar plan. tonight mountain view police say one woman did the work of several thieves. kpix 5 is at the santa clara county jail with details of the u-haul bust. >> he just went over to check on her and made sure everything was okay. >> reporter: melissa vincent's alleged crime spree came to an end. thanks to a mountainview police officer who spotted her in a u- haul last tuesday night.
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>> as he was talking with her, noticed she may be under the influence. >> reporter: the officer says he not only found vincent with drugs including meth, but also burglary tools like bolt cutters. the u-haul police say was filled with stolen goods, dozens of bags, some filled with identification cards, tax forms, and mail. >> laptop bags, gym bags, suitcases, backpacks, purses. >> reporter: vincent doesn't appear to be a stranger to the law. last year on her facebook page someone wrote, did they give you those glasses in jail? vincent replies you need to put me on blast like that? the suspect now back behind bars, and police say they need to get the stolen goods back to the rightful owners. >> and that is quite a bit of a process because some of the items didn't have any identifying information in them. >> reporter: if you do believe your property was stolen and now recovered, you must bring proof that it belongs to you, like a photo or a receipt. outside the santa clara county
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jail, maria medina, kpix 5. this could be a life or death lesson for thousands of college students. tonight, how they are learning how to fight back against an active shooter. tiny cars, big question. tonight, should they get the green light to use the state's hov lanes? tonight a potential breakthrough in treating peanut allergies. how a bay area company could be closer to a cure. and a car plows into
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they've foiled a student s plot
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to carry out a mass shooting at his high school. a security guard at el cam tonight investigators in l.a. county say they have foiled a student's plot to carry out a mass shooting in his high school. a security guard overheard the teenager make the threat on friday. investigators say a search inside the student's home turned up multiple guns and ammunition. they plan to provide more details tomorrow. tonight, thousands of california college students are getting what could be a life or death lesson. how to fight back against an active shooter. here is reporter tom wait. >> run, hide, fight. >> reporter: the key to survival in an active shooter situation according to this new video released today across the cal state university system. the clip offers some obvious pointers, but also lays out vital advice. some of us may not think about. >> if it sounds like a gun or even fire crackers, consider that it may be an attack. >> i think it is important.
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>> reporter: cynthia says she thinks the video could actually help students and even save lives. >> the main thing is not look for confrontation. if you have a gut feeling, go with it. >> reporter: the video emphasizes running towards any exit during a shooting. don't look behind you. mass shooters don't typically chase. if you can't escape the campus, know a good hiding place. >> shooters don't waste time exploring rooms, trying to break down locked doors. >> reporter: bring awareness to it, you know, it is happening increasingly more often. >> reporter: the most horrifying and final option may be confronting the shooter. >> you also have surprise on your side. the attacker is not expecting armed resistance until police arrives. this is your advantage. >> reporter: the bottom line, the clip emphasizes all students is have to be prepared. >> like they said, it is unlikely to happen or a small chance of it happening, but it could happen. >> reporter: students say videos like this new one posted is so important because of rumors that go around campus. just last week someone posted
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on snapchat that there was someone on campus with a gun, but it was a hoax. reporting from cal state northridge, i'm tom wait, kpix 5. an east bay driver who had a coughing fit behind the wheel probably should have just stayed in bed. check this out. their pontiac suv ended up inside this mattress store in union city. firefighters sate driver panik -- say the driver paniked during the coughing fit and hit the gas. no one was hurt and neither was the driver. >> reporter: imagine you're on the freeway, you looked at a side and you see this. it is so small you might have to do a double take. >> it like a regular camera. this is the video. >> reporter: at three feet wide, eight feet long, commuter cars out of spokane call this the safest ride in the world.
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the idea came to rick woodberry back in 1982 sitting in traffic in california. >> everybody around me was taking up an entire lane. and i thought oh, we need to fix this traffic game with a narrow car. cars that could fit like a motorcycle. >> reporter: fast forward to 2018 and you've got the tango car. yes, it's electric. >> so here is a key. >> reporter: with a crash course lesson, i was ready to ride. the tango can drive about 180 miles on a full charge. even with all the bells and whistles of a regular car, it still drives without making much of a sound. san francisco assembly member wants to see these cars zipping all over the golden state. like many californians, my constituents deal with traffic congestion and limited parking options on a daily basis. narrow trapped vehicles could be one piece of our state's larger effort to move people around more efficiently.
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mullen's bill would allow narrow cars to park between regular cars and motorcycle spaces and perpendicular to the curb. they could drive in the hov lane. >> it's a dream come true if it happens in my lifetime. >> reporter: in burlingame, mayci jenkins, kpix 5. remember all the water restrictions during the drought? well they could be coming back for good with nearly half the state already back in drought. water officials are considering a range of permanent conservation measures like a ban on overwatering lawns, hosing down sidewalks, washes cars without a shutoff nozzle, or watering within 48 hours of a good rain. first offenders would generally get a warning. repeat violators could face a $500 fine. a final decision is expected in april. soon there may be a new treatment for severe peanut allergies. veronica de la cruz tells us a bay area company could be on the verge of a cure, veronica? >> reporter: that's right, allen. they reported today exposing
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children with allergies, to tiny amounts of peanut dust that could help build them up a tolerance. in a double blind stud dirks, they posed patients to an increasing dose. 30 milligrams for starters. by the end of the year, most could tolerate 300 milligrams. more than half could consume two to four peanuts with minimum reaction. >> that means they will probably be largely protected from accidental exposure. and that is really what we're going for. >> the immune applied for fda approval. the company hopes to get it by the end of the year. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. tonight, another foodie favorite is being gobbled up. this time berkeley-based chocolate maker is being bought by a japanese foot company. cho started in 2005 by a former massive space shuttle contractor. the high-end chocolate was based on san francisco's water front before moving to berkeley. well, the view from sky drone 5 is about the only way you'll ever see the secluded
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beach near santa cruz. that's unless you have a spare $35 million lying around. it's what the owners of the coast side ranch are asking for the 175-acre property. it includes the only access to the so-called red, white, blue beach, which used to be a campground. paul, not the night to be on any beach even with clothes? >> that would be a strong suggestion. not the night for -- night for them. we're looking at temperatures in the 30s. 47 degrees in oakland, san jose 43, santa rosa 38. look at the temperatures drop and stay down. 7 to 9 degrees cooler in san francisco. i don't see a warm up any time soon. with that said, no widespread freeze tonight because of the cloud cover that's now prevalent. concord down to 34, mountainview 39. and san rafael 37 degrees. we have some precipitation on the way. in the north bay mountains above 2,000 feet and they may be falling as snow. but any precipitation would be welcome because we have little
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to zero so far this month. the pattern is very much changing. the ridge of high pressure has been close to us for the past month. now it has moved far enough away. the storm track is sliding down the coast. it was sliding down into nevada about a week ago. we were getting the cold air, but no moisture. now we're getting the cold air, but getting very weak storms moving down the coastline, giving us the chance for precipitation. not much, but a big improvement. tomorrow morning, marin county, sonoma county, humboldt county, they could see a few showers. as i mentioned, maybe at the top with a little snow on top of it. clouds will thin out in the afternoon. then on thursday, another quick moving system will hit the north bay in the morning, give us a tiny shower chance throughout the afternoon. once again spotty showers. nothing significant until early next week when widespread lighter rainfall may move through next monday or next tuesday. so the pattern is changing. we now have the cold and we're getting a little bit of rainfall. clouds are preventing that
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widespread freeze tonight, but still plenty cold outside. isolated showers tomorrow and thursday. widespread rainfall is possible early next week. look at the highs tomorrow, pretty chilly. san jose only 57. union city 56. pa -- pacifica barely out of the 40s. 50 for the high. petaluma 49. cloverdale 51. a couple isolated showers on thursday. a couple of low 60s next week. light rain and we stay chilly. remember ten days ago they hit 84 degrees in the east bay. we won't see seven day for at least the next two weeks. >> we are in february. >> it feels like the month, yeah, it's been a while. >> keep the jackets handy. >> thank you, sir. tonight where you can get a taste of montreal right here in the bay area. and here are tonight's guests on the late
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this new restaurant opened rial area of s tonight a taste of montreal right here in the bay area. >> this new restaurant opened
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in an industrial area of south berkeley. it's called ogies montreal deli. an authentic eatery. on the menu stuff like poutine and a smoked meat sandwich. restaurant owners describe it as the love child of a pastrami and corned beef. >> this is something different, but familiar. so it's not going out there on a limb that's going to be something crazy. >> looks good. he got the idea to make his own smoked meat after a customs agent confiscated his brisket. >> i was hungry for a little baseball. who is going to lead baseball in home runs this year? can lindsey vonn and her
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>> dr. stanley: remember this: cannot change the laws of god. when he has visited you in some form of adversity and he brings you through that, that's like he has increased the strength of the foundation of your life and your faith in him. [music]
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slugger. vern glenn reports from mesa, arizona. the a's are still looking for a stadium. they certainly found a slugger. vern glenn reports from mesa, arizona. >> reporter: good evening everyone, we hung out with the oakland a's today, where matt olson found himself in unfamiliar territory. as the starting 1st baseman. >> and it is just kind of like hey, you're going next. >> reporter: olson went back and forth. but he stayed for good after hitting 20 homers over the final two months of the season. the a's are hoping olsen and chapman could become the new corner stones. but they will not be living under the same roof this
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season. >> and who is the responsible one? >> that might be me. i'm always telling him to turn the music down, so maybe that makes me responsible. >> all right, i'm rounding 3rd base here. one more day in the desert and that is tomorrow. in mesa with the a's, vern glenn, kpix 5. >> not even gatorade could cool off the red hot. sharks are leading the blues 2- 1. scoring his fifth goal in the last four games. they win their third straight. u.s.a. hockey facing the czech republic and the olympic quarter finals. the united states, ready for this, they go 0-5 in the shootout, and the czechs win 3- 2 sending team u.s.a. home. in what is likely a final olympic -- in what is likely a final olympic game, lindsey
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vonn won the bronze medal in women's downhill tonight. it's vonn's third career medal. she becomes the oldest woman in olympic history to medal in alpine skiing. she won gold eight years ago in vancouver. and then missed the olympics in sochi with a torn knee ligament. so she goes out a winner tonight. >> yes, good for her. abso
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tomorrow morning at 4-30. michel will h the late show is next with stephen colbert. our next newscast tomorrow
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morning at 4:30. >> yes, the whole gang will be right here to start your day. have a good night.
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