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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 21, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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manageable problem, not an epidemic. >> reporter: at a press conference today gascon announced his office needs some help. he's asking for $1 million from the city to build a task force. simultaneously he launched a hotline and a self-reporting car break-in section of the d.a.'s website. >> we want to encourage the community, if you see something, say something. >> reporter: gas cone said this should not be seen as a replacement for a police report. it's more for third-party witnesses. let's say you live nearby and your security camera caught something. we want you to send those pictures in. >> if we were able to prosecute more often, maybe people would think twice before doing it. >> reporter: jennifer wong and her husband own city rent a car. break-ins often leads to them paying more money. >> we pay $500 to fix the windows. it's pretty tough on us. >> reporter: gascon believes most of the break-ins are
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coming from an organized crime group and said if he can figure out who is doing the break-ins, they can solve the problem. >> we know if we can deal with those organizations, we will be able to have a very impactful result in dealing with this crime. >> reporter: in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix5. >> the d.a. has asked the board of supervises for $1 million in funding for the crackdown. late this afternoon b.a.r.t. police telling their side of the story of a deadly police shooting, they released body camera video that captured the incident outside the west oakland station last month. kpix5's joe vazquez has this video, but first a warning because these images are disturbing. joe? >> reporter: pretty graphic, veronica, and we'll show what we can of the footage. they just released this full body camera video here at b.a.r.t. headquarters this afternoon. so it's the camera worn by the police officer, shows his perspective. it begins with a police officer hearing gunshots and running toward them and it ends with the police officer firing
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shots. >> code 33, shots fired west oakland, shots fired. [ running ] [ car honk ] [ shouting ] >> let me see your hands! let me see your hands now! both of you, both of you! let me see your hands, both of you! let me see your hands. [ gunfire ] let me see your hands! let me see your hands now! >> reporter: this was january 3rd, 4 p.m. and the officer runs across the street, approaches two men who are entangled in a fistfight. the b.a.r.t. officer, you can hear him yelling for the men to put their hands in the air and then he quickly opens fire. salene tindall was shot to death. the other man was wounded. >> so he runs and in less than a minute he's confronted with a situation that he did not
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create, a situation that he did not ask to get involved in, but a situation where he felt it was his duty to respond and so he finds himself at seventh and chester with two individuals in front of him struggling for what i believe to be a handgun. here's a picture of it. two individuals struggling for a handgun. it's encircled there in yellow and it looks like one individual is trying to pin that gun to the ground and i believe that the individual that's trying to fight for his life has already been shot by mr. tindall. the individual that's being shot doesn't have his hands up. the individual that's being shot it appears to me has his hands that are concealed. >> reporter: i spoke to mr. tindall's brother yesterday. he says family members were shown this longer clip of video last month. they were over at oakland
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police headquarters, the investigating police division. in fact, it was then that a family member held up a cell phone and shot video off the screen at oakland police headquarters, so police here had to release this today. tindall's brother believes police did not give his brother time to react. >> the officer, he did say it, but he gave them no time to even comply to what he was saying. >> raise your hands! >> reporter: you feel like the officer shot very quickly? >> he certainly shot quickly. he certainly didn't give them any time. >> reporter: clearly a dangerous situation, a police officer running towards gunshots, sees two men fighting. you heard the chief say that he believes there was a gun involved. it is still not clear, though, what precipitated the shots from the police officer. did that gun get pointed at the officer or did he perceive that? we are not directly hearing that from police. they say oakland police may
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eventually release that to the public. joe vazquez, kpix5. for years there has been talk about building a second transbay tube for b.a.r.t. it's been mostly talk until now. b.a.r.t. is seriously studying a new tunnel that would run from alameda to san francisco south of the market area. kpix5's phil matier now on what it will take to make it happen. for a lot of commuters the tube couldn't come fast enough. >> reporter: that's right. right out here in the bay behind us is the tube that now goes from oakland to about a block away at the embarcadero, but now we're talking about adding a secondone somewhere down there on the horizon. the question is why now and at what cost? let's take a look. as anyone on a rush hour train to or from san francisco knows, the b.a.r.t. system is maxing out. >> we're at crush loads today. >> b.a.r.t. carries twice as many people in the peak during the app and-- a.m. and p.m. than the whole bay bridge does. the capacity of b.a.r.t. is what drives the bay area
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economy. >> reporter: and the fear of the economy grinding to a halt because people can't get in and out of the city is a key reason why that after 20 years of talk b.a.r.t. is stepping up spending a whopping $200 million for a second look at a second bay crossing. >> so that we will have some solid proposals versus just lines on the back of a cocktail napkin. >> reporter: but getting serious about a mega dig like a new transbay tunnel means answering tough questions like the route. which side on the east bay? where would it start? where would it land in san francisco? >> south of market in the mission bay area where we see all this growth. is it going to be in the traditional downtown area of san francisco? that's one of the most important questions. >> the downside is cost. >> reporter: early estimates put the price of the project anywhere from 10 to $15 billion, but as house minority leader nancy pelosi warned today, don't look to washington for help. >> the money is just not there. >> reporter: another issue is digging a transbay tube will
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likely mean either digging up or digging under alameda island and what do the folks on that city think about such a big dig at their doorstep? >> it's a balance. you weigh the benefit versus the burden and the long term good for the community i think is just huge. >> you have to think big. you have to plan grandly. you have to think about the future. >> we need to get busy on this now. >> reporter: and one of the reasons is, as i said, hundreds of thousands of people are passing under this tube, the bay, every day. if that tube went down for any reason, we'd be stuck. now it's interesting to note this is going to cost a lot of money and initial estimates are probably low, but b.a.r.t. is making the commitment. they are going to look at it and they promised to have something on the table by the end of the year. so we are definitely entering a new chapter as far as the bay area goes. in san francisco, phil matier, kpix5. back to you guys. >> thank you.
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in a tentative settlement san francisco voters will get to keep control over tall developments along the water front. the state lands commission sued the city last month over proposition b which promises local control of the water front, but in settlement today the commission is dropping the lawsuit on the commission that san francisco agrees to recognize state laws regarding public trust. >> this sort of resolve is one of the clouds hanging over our water front which was the question of whether the voters of this city have a voice on water front development. >> the settlement means that future projects proposed beyond height limits on the waterfront will have to seek approval at the ballot box which can be costly and challenging to developers, but the settlement will insure the state lands commission does not sue again over proposition b. a dispute over big cuts to the school district in east palo alto is getting nasty with a letter from the mayor chastising the school district.
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kpix5's devin fehely joins us now with how the fight affects the students. >> reporter: the school system is expected to approve a budgets with deep cuts and the community -- budget with deep cuts and the community is concerned about what those cuts may mean for students and the quality of their education and very frustrating to parents in what they say should be a time of leadership and unity has become one of feuds and in fighting. the letter by east palo alto mayor accuses the school system of a sneak ambush, an attempt to deflect blame for its budget crisis, but now is not the time for in fighting or finger pointing. >> pointing fingers at each other is not good because they should be focused on the children and not each other and who is to blame. it's more on what to fix. >> reporter: the ravenswood school district faces a $3.3 million shortfall. they sent a letter to the mayor and city council seeking a long
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term financial investment in its struggling child development center. it was not long before the mayor fired off an angry letter in response writing, "your self- inflicted financial crisis and failed leadership does not justify storming and ambushing the city council." the mayor did not return repeated phone calls, text messages and e-mails requesting comment on the war of words, but a district spokesperson says he was disappointed by the letter. >> to the parents and families out there watching this tonight, we completely understand your frustration. we better than anyone understand the value of communities coming together to work together. >> reporter: it's not clear if the city council will invest in the ailing school system, but parents say both sides need to refocus on what matters most. >> it worries me because these kids need school. they need education and meanwhile everybody is fighting over other stuff. they're not thinking about the
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children. >> reporter: now the child development center, which was the focus of the school system's all right to the city, will be transferred to the san mateo office of education. the school system said they were getting money from the state to run that program, but it wasn't enough. there was a half million dollars deficit every year. devin fehely, kpix5. coming up a change in strategy for a south bay school failing to respond to allegations of sexual assault. >> how a state senator facing allegations of sexual misconduct is defending himself. >> a prowler lurks outside a bay area home. the owner watches helplessly from overseas, how the security scare ends.
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school... in san jose has come up with a new system.. to handle sexual misconduct accusations. an all girls catholic high school in san jose has come up with a new system to handle sexual misconduct accusations. kpix5's len ramirez tells us this is a big change for the school since administrators insisted for months they were already doing enough to protect the students. len? >> reporter: that's right, veronica. when these types of allegations came out last fall, presentation high school has made a big point of saying that it had sound policies in place to protect students from misconduct and sexual abuse.
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now without admitting any kind of wrongdoing the school has set up a special office specifically designed to handle those types of complaints. the new office for the prevention of bullying, harassment and abuse is being formed on the presentation high school campus amid a string of sexual abuse and misconduct allegations against faculty members spanning decades. >> the new office was formed so that students could have a safe, independent place to report any incidents of misconduct. >> reporter: crisis communication specialists sam singer now represents presentation. >> every teacher, every counselor at the school is a mandated reporter. we want to make sure students feel safe and that they know there are people that they can go to and make reports. >> i think it's unnecessary and a waste of time and money. >> reporter: 1991pres graduate katherine hayne was the first to go forward with an abuse
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accusation against a teacher. >> you don't need a special law in place to follow the law. if a child comes to you with a report of abuse, you call the police. >> reporter: lee hayne said she reported her abuse to the principal, but she was ignored. >> she kept telling me she was working on it, but she never did anything at all. >> reporter: since then about 20 other students have come forward with similar stories, some through a victims website on social media pages. >> there have been some allegations made against presentation high school. many of them have no bearing in reality. >> you ignored past complaints about the sexual abuse. >> reporter: singer says presentation principal mary miller has received threatening phone calls. one recording was turned over to police. victims and their advocates denounced the recording but said the school's new office lacks credibility because it reports to the board of which the current and former principal are members. >> if you really want to have a conduit within your school to
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address these matters, higher a completely independent body which does not answer to the school. >> reporter: now some public schools facing similar allegations have set up a special coordinator, a title 9 coordinator, to handle those types of complaints which is separate from the school or school board. presentation high school here says that it will have its board up and running by may. reporting live in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. state senator tony mendoza was supposed to be at the capitol today but never showed up. he sent a letter. here's what he had to say. >> reporter: the findings of senator mendoza's harassment investigation may be all the talk here at the capitol tonight, but lawmakers here are staying very quiet about how they plan to move forward. >> these are very things to look into. >> reporter: the joint rules committee which assemblyman ken
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cooley chairs making no mention of embattled senator tony mendoza, but lawmakers say disciplinary action is the next step forward. >> it's sad to have the failings of people brought out in such a public way. >> reporter: senator mendoza has also made public his own concerns over his right to due process. in this letter to his senate colleagues, mendoza says he's not seen the final report uncovering details into his alleged misconduct. he also says he is not allowed to attend the senate hearings that determine whether he should be censured, suspended or expelled. lawmakers say the facts are out. according to outside attorneys, the senator likely engaged in unwanted flirtations or sexually suggestive behavior with six women he worked with and they say regardless of how mendoza is disciplined, his case will set precedent in the legislature. >> it is important for our democracy to uphold high standards. >> reporter: but cooley is not commenting on his closer
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colleague in the assembly, assemblywoman cristina garcia. remains on a temporary leave of absence pending investigations into claims she groped one staffer and played spin the bottle with another, claims she denies, but as mendoza ramps up his defense, sources say they're preparing for an uncomfortable discussion deciding his fate. >> now discussions will continue in the senate's regularly scheduled meeting tomorrow morning. yet another chilly afternoon, highs only in the mid- to upper 50s. half moon bay 54, san francisco 55, the warm spot san jose at 59. got to remember this. in 2 1/2 weeks the sunset will be after 7:00. we aren't that far away from springing forward, but it certainly feels like we fell back into winter over the past couple days. no precipitation on the radar right now. that will change come tomorrow with some scattered showers. we are entering record territory, one week left in february. it has yet to rain officially in san francisco this month.
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it's only happened one other time. the civil war was happening when it happened, february of1864 was the last time san francisco went 0 for february. it's possible it may happen again this year because storms are coming in, but they're coming from the north only giving us scattered showers. they aren't tapping into any tropical moisture whatsoever. even though there is some precipitation moving through, it is not widespread and san francisco has yet to see any weather from those showers. inland valleys drop below freezing, once again san jose chilly, 38, tri-valley 35, 40 in oakland, redwood city 38 degrees. it will be showery tomorrow, but everybody gets the wind and it will be blustery. look at the highs for tomorrow, even cooler than today. any showers that do fall above 2,000 feet in elevation likely will be snow showers like earlier this morning. friday we get sunshine with less wind. saturday and sunday a few
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inland spots hit the low 60s, milder for the weekend, another round of scattered showers possible on monday. that's your forecast. hello, dennis. >> the suspense is killing you, paul. who starts the giants first game of the spring? he played as an all-star with the giants, now he's with the a's, report from spring training next. sorry. i can't make it. it's just my eczema again, but it's fine. yeah, it's fine. you ok? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. eczema exposed. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor?
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baseman with the giants, a coach in arizona, manager in wash back in t matt williams has come full circle, all-star third baseman with the giants, a coach in arizona, manager in washington. now he's back in the bay area, this time with the a's. here's vern glenn from mesa. >> reporter: all right, dennis, back with the a's who had a little shakeup in their coaching staff. so when it came time to fill it, bob melvin, the skipper, said there was only one man he wanted at third base. >> when i talked to him at first, i said look, i'm making this call to see if i can get
6:24 pm
you and he said well, you know, you're looking me in the eye. i said no, you're my only call. >> reporter: williams was looking to impart some of his knowledge on the other side of the bay. >> when he called, he said i want you to think about this. it wasn't even a question. granted, it's green and gold instead of orange and black, but my job remains the same. >> reporter: williams may be 52, but he's got plenty of energy left to keep up with a kid, but it has reached the point where some of the young guys have no clue that the guy hitting the bungles every day also hit close to 400 career home runs. have you run across the kid that comes up to you and says man, you played? >> who are you? all the time. >> reporter: really? >> these kids these days, it all happened before they were even born. a lot of them on the team. it's fun, though, that they love this game just like we do.
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>> reporter: matt williams quietly did his thing hitting all those home runs as a giant and later on at the world series with the arizona diamondbacks. he has made his presence felt helping out the young guys for the oakland a's. in mesa, vern glenn, kpix5. >> thank you, vern. giants hall of familiar orlando serpata is hospitalized in -- famer orlando serpata is hospitalized in orlando with a cardiac incident. >> he's a tough guy, one of the great baseball personalities in the bay area. i've gotten to know him some and heavy hearts. anybody that knows orlando is pulling for him and thinking about him today. we're wishing him the best. >> if you're headed down to scottsdale this weekend, don't expect to see buster posey and evan longoria. they will be east of the games next week. then there's johnny cueto who
6:26 pm
has his own way to get ready for opening day. last week he posted a video of himself doing a workout in the hot tub and the latest? he's taken to hiking the legendary camelback mountain. i'm sure bruce bochy loves seeing his no. 2 starter swinging from the trees after his no. 1 starter fell off a dirt bike last year. >> thank you, dennis. coming up in our next half hour a prowler caught on camera. >> the homeowner alerted through his smart phone. the problem? he was halfway across the world. what he did next. >> students and parents gather at the white house to talk gun control, their emotional meeting with the president. >> security changes at a theater near you, the new policy that will force you to travel light.
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you're watching kpix5 news. our top story at 6:30, caught on camera, a man lurking around a home in martinez, the homeowner traveling overseas got the alert from his security camera. as kpix5's juliette goodrich reports, the scary part, the man's wife and children were asleep inside. >> reporter: steven marist is used to his surveillance cameras capturing wildlife
6:30 pm
around his martinez home, but this was a first. >> here you'll see there is a knife hanging from his pants. >> reporter: someone lurking around the outside of his home. >> he went right up to the door there. the light was on inside and he was looking in to see if anybody was around, anybody was awake, just the hall light was on. >> reporter: the only problem, steven was on a business trip in germany. his wife and children were inside the home. >> when i did look at it, though, i knew immediately i had to do something. >> reporter: it was 4 a.m. here, 1 p.m. in germany. as i walk closer towards the surveillance cameras, it sets off a motion detector, then sends a signal to steven's phone alerting him there's an intruder nearly his house. he immediately called the martinez police. >> so i called them up. right away they're like yeah, we'll have an officer out there immediately. i was on the phone with her live giving a description of the person i saw in the video. >> reporter: did he take
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anything? >> yeah. the chainsaw, the big stihl chainsaw worth about $450. >> reporter: even when we arrived and entered his gate, her surveillance camera started recording and sent him an alert. steven put this video out on social media and he learned this intruder has been spotted oner is surveillance cameras in the area. fortunately -- on other surveillance cameras in the area. fortunately is head of his neighborhood watch in his community. he called martinez police and they came out to search the area. so far there are no arrests and martinez police are asking anyone with information to come forward. in martinez, juliette goodrich, kpix5. a new look at the data shows the number of rapes reported in san jose is skyrocketing. in the past 10 years reported rapps are up 263% -- rapes are up 263% across the city. definitely factor may be the change in the fbi's definition of forcible rape which was modified in 2013. the fbi said the old definition
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excluded 40% of rape victims. the rape crisis center hotline in san jose says the me too movement is also bringing more victims out of the shadows. s they choose rape crisis ce >> we believe survivors. we are there for survivors and we support survivors in coming forward as they choose. >> the rape crisis center hotline gets 4,000 rape calls a year. the number continues to grow. the san jose police chief said the increase may be a result of more victims coming forward. today bay area students joined the nationwide movement against gun violence. school in alameda walked out of class for a short time today. the demonstration was a show of solidarity for the students at stoneman douglas high school in florida. students at a high school in alameda walked out of class for a short time today as a show of solidarity for the students at stoneman douglas high school in florida. >> i'm out here to show we care deeply and we want to make sure other people see that. >> alameda police coordinated traffic control to make sure
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everyone was safe. in florida high school students rallied outside their state capitol today demanding new gun laws. students want to see stricter background checks and the age raised to purchase an assault rifle. they met with lawmakers and reminded them they will soon be old enough to vote. >> we are coming after you. we are coming after every single one of you and demanding that you take action, demanding that you make a change. >> the next person who dies because of an ar15 will be on you! >>one change already being made, sheriff's deputies will be carrying rifles on school grounds in the florida county where the shooting occurred one week ago. florida shooting survivors sat down with president trump and told him what it was like to live through a school shooting. cbs reporter mola lenghi has their emotional stories. >> i was on the second floor in that building texting my mom,
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texting my dad, texting three of my brothers that i was never going to see them again. >> reporter: president trump welcomed students, teachers and parents from communities impacted by school shootings to the white house wednesday. >> we're going to do something about this horrible situation that's going on. >> reporter: the group included people from columbine, newtown and parkland, florida, the latest town rocked by gun violence. >> i am just grateful that i'm here and we can try to work out something, maybe compromise on some solution so this never has -- no child, no person in this world will ever have to go through something so horrific and tragic. >> reporter: andrew pollack came to speak for his daughter meadow. >> because my daughter has no voice. she was murdered last week and she was taken from us, shot nine times. >> reporter: he pleaded for something to be done to stop school shootings. >> i'm very angry that this happened because it keeps happening.
6:35 pm
9/11 happened once and they fixed everything. how many schools, how many children have to get shot? >> reporter: the president listened to everyone's story and says his administration will work to prevent another school shooting. >> we're going to be very strong on background checks. we'll be doing very strong background checks, very strong emphasis on the mental health. >> reporter: the president did not talk about a ban on assault weapons, but others brought up the issue. >> i don't understand why i can still go in a store and buy a weapon of war. an ar. that's why i'm here. i lost a best friend who's practically a brother and i'm here to use my voice because i know he can't. >> reporter: one issue the president did want to explore is putting guns in hands of teachers. >> i think it could very well solve your problem. >> reporter: but not everyone in the room agreed. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house.
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the security guard heard a threat, went with his gut and may have thwarted a school shooting tragedy in southern california. the guard at el camino high school in los angeles county overheard a 17-year-old student talking about shooting up the school. the guard said the student was upset at a teacher for not letting him wear earphones in the classroom. >> he did say that he was just kidding, that he did not mean it. i said well, you can't say those things on a school campus. i questioned him and brought him to the office. then when he confirmed what he had said, i got the sheriffs involved. >> deputies went to the student's home and found two ar15 rifles, two handguns and 90 high capacity military grade magazines. the student's brother said the weapons were his, but two of the rifles were unregistered. he's now facing felony charges. a brawling attack, a hatchet -- brutal attack, a hatchet as the weapon, what happened in the tenderloin last night.
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>> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. the late reverend billy graham is being praised by people around the world today. am was the mos the man known as america's pastor died this morning at his north carolina home at age 99. graham was the most widely heard christian evangelist in history reaching millions during his seven decades of preaching. graham was a spiritual advisor to many u.s. presidents going back to harry truman. president trump ordered flags to fly at half staff in his honor. this evening the search continues and it's underway now for an oakland man reported missing at yosemite national park. 36-year-old alan cho was last seen on his way to the hetch hetchy trail saturday. search and rescue were deployed yesterday to search liking trails and surrounding areas. cho has taken hiking trips there before, but this was a planned solo hike. friends and family are concerned about below 0
6:40 pm
temperatures in yosemite. today marks a year since floodwaters from the coyote creek spilled into santa clara neighborhoods. the water district installed 3- foot barriers to block stormwater from the creek and the district is working with the army corps of engineers to develop a long term plan. >> none of us want a repeat of what happened last year. >> we'll be able to provide technical resources through the water district as they pursue a study to evaluate what options can be done to address the coyote creek. so we'll work with the water district to scope out specific areas that we can do on their behalf. they would fund us and then we would provide that service back to the water district. >> the residents say the damage is done and are now taking legal action saying officials failed to warn them. the floods caused $100 million in damage. this evening san francisco police are looking for the suspect who attacked a man with a hatchet. it happened early yesterday
6:41 pm
morning on golden gate avenue and jones street. the 38-year-old man was walking home when someone yelled and then hit him. he was taken to the hospital listed in critical condition. his attacker fled the scene. a major bay area theater chain wants moviegoers to feel safe, their new ban on big bags. >> another day, another day with temperatures running 6 to 10 degrees cooler than average, san francisco 51. your normal is 61. the wind will make it feel even colder. any warm weather coming up in the seven-day forecast, i can't believe that's coming out of my mouth. your forecast is next.
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a movie theater chain -- is taking new precautions to ensure safety. kpix 5 reporter emily turner on wh well, a movie theater chain is taking new precautions to insure safety. kpix5 reporter emily turner on what you can no longer bring into cinemark theaters. >> reporter: the security concerns surrounding guns in big groups of people have literally come to cinemark's doorstep. the theater's new policy prohibits oversized bags and backpacks inside. >> i agree. >> reporter: you think it's a
6:45 pm
good policy? >> i do. >> reporter: the policy says, "in an effort to enhance the safety and security of our guests and employees, any bags or packages measuring larger than 12 by 12 by 6 inches will not be permitted into the theater with the exception of medical equipment bags and diaper bags." so in an effort to avoid movie theater shootings, you'll have to leave those bags in the car, have them searched or go home, but you can't forget about what else fits inside these oversized bags, candy and snacks that are significantly cheaper to buy outside the movie theater than to buy inside. >> i don't know. i think that's kind of stupid. >> reporter: why? >> because people don't always want to eat what's in the movie theater and they try to charge a lot of money for it. >> reporter: industry insiders say theaters make almost half their revenue from the concession stand by charging up to 85% more than regular retailer, but most movie patrons say that's just the
6:46 pm
price they'll have to take for safety. do you think it's just for safety or do you think there is a concession stand motive there? >> oh, obviously they have their ulterior motive, of course, but still other things can be brought in in those bags. >> reporter: this is far too large. this bag is 12 inches high, but it is more than 12 inches wide and it is about 6 inches deal. i would not be allowed in with this bag unless it was searched. all this goes into effect february 22nd. in larkspur, emily turner, kpix5. an east bay high school student paralyzed from a wrestling match is making progress in his recovery. 16-year-old ryan joseph is currently in a colorado hospital that specializes in spinal cord injuries. his family says he now has use of his arms and is able to eat solid food. over the weekend the diablo athletic league's wrestling championships was held at old happen bra high school in -- at
6:47 pm
alhambra high school in martinez. the california environmental housing act or ceha requires developers to measure the impact their project would have on the environment before building. researchers at uc berkeley and columbia university say the law is an unnecessary and expensive process. five bay area cities were included in the study, san francisco, oakland, san jose, redwood city and palo alto. it found that 20% of nearly 30,000 homes proposed had to go through a complete analysis, a process that may sometimes take as long as a year. a rare mountain lion sighting in west marin. on friday a mountain lion was spotted at the muddy hollow trail in point reyes. the park has posted signs around the area offering tips how to stay safe and what to do if you come in contact with a mountain lion. paul deanno standing by and
6:48 pm
it sure has been cold outside. >> absolutely. chilly, blustery weather coming up tomorrow, temperatures running below average and it will be with us for the foreseeable future. 40s already for santa rosa, 51 in oakland, livermore, san francisco 53. inland valleys below freezing tonight, concord down to 36, oakland 40, san francisco 48. kpix5 hi-def doppler radar, getting a break, had a weather system move by this morning, a few light showers and more light showers tomorrow. this will hit the sierra. that is good news. even more important than rain around here is snow in the mountains to add to our snowpack. above 2,000 feet in elevation we will do that tomorrow, a winter weather advisory in effect, 3 to 6 inches , at the highest peaks up to 10 inches of snow. it's snowing now in portland
6:49 pm
and seattle. on the other side of the country, they had their all time high temperature of 77 degrees. for us the storm track is coming down almost due north to south carrying the storm track over northern california. the not so good news is the storms coming from canada and the gulf of mexico don't have much moisture to work with. so as they pass by, we'll get scattered showers and that's it. scattered showers are possible any time tomorrow in the late morning and early afternoon. they won't be heavy or widespread. they could be snow showers above 2,000 feet in elevation. thursday evening we clear out and friday we'll start a drier pattern with sunshine and less wind. we're talking about temperatures that will feel a lot warmer friday. let's talk more about that wind because tomorrow morning when you wake up, it will be breezy. by tomorrow afternoon behind the front we could see wind gusts upwards of 30 miles an hour especially along the coast
6:50 pm
and higher elevations, highs upper 40s to mid-50s, a blustery afternoon. over the weekend less wind, a little milder as temperatures climb close to normal. scattered showers tomorrow. not everybody gets the rainfall. everybody gets the wind. drier, a bit milder friday through the weekend. mights continue to be cold, our inland valleys below freezing. low 50s for you tomorrow in cupertino, 54 union city, 50 at the beach, san ramon, antioch, 50s for you. only 48 for a high in ukiah. drier, less wind friday, mild early over the weekend, 50s to low 60s and another round of scattered showers is possible monday. widespread rain is staying away, but the cold is going nowhere. that's your forecast. >> thank you. coming up tonight at 10:00 on nightbeat what was in the president's hands as he listened to gun violence victims? tonight we'll show you his note card with his talking points and the important thing it
6:51 pm
apparently reminded him to say. it happens tonight on nightbeat at 10:00 on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12.
6:52 pm
i am extremely proud of jackie, gaby and stephanie. we worked with pg&e to save energy because we wanted to help the school. they would put these signs on the door to let the teacher know
6:53 pm
you didn't cut off the light. the teachers, they would call us the energy patrol. so they would be like, here they come, turn off your lights! those three young ladies were teaching the whole school about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. census and education data.
6:54 pm
well, one in 30 american children are homeless and that's according to u.s. census and education data. >> what a south bay student did when he learned the startling numbers is what make him this week's jefferson award winner. sharon chin tells us his story. >> ethan elyoung was only 12 years old when he came up with an idea to offer a helping hand to homeless and at risk children. at reese academy in east oakland where more than eight out of 10 children qualify for free lunch 14-year-old ethan elyoung has opened a door for an opportunity of service. >> i wanted to give a voice for them, be an advocate for homeless youth and children. >> reporter: about two years ago the los gatos high school freshman learned how many american children move from house to house, couch to couch. >> there's over 13.2 million homeless youth and children in america.
6:55 pm
i was just shocked by that number. >> reporter: so ethan started checking donations to give homeless and underserved children care packages of basic items from toothbrushes and toothpaste to socks, snacks and coloring pencils. eat ann named his out-- ethan named his outreach program three helping hands for his two hands and the community hands helping out. >> i don't know if they're more excited about the toothbrushes or the snacks. >> reporter: this teacher said when ethan distributes the care packages, he also leaves craft projects and gives motivational speeches. >> and my students, they were inspired. they're like wow, so little seeds were planted while he was speaking to the children. >> reporter: in two years ethan has used his savings, cash from recycling and business donations to give away thousands of care packages in the bay area and even south africa. community school manager camilla barber calls ethan a
6:56 pm
role model. >> to see somebody so committed and feel sometimes that i'm corresponding with an adult when he's only 14 years old. >> reporter: so for giving basic necessities to at risk children and inspiring them with his words, this week's jefferson award in the bay area goes to ethan elyoung. ethan said he'll expand his outreach to two new schools in oakland and san jose in the spring. in his free time he plays competitive tennis and wants to pursue a job in science, technology, engineering or math when he grows up. >> well done, ethan. >> yeah. we're very proud of him. you can nominate your local hero for a jefferson award online, that same website is where you find news, weather and sports throughout the evening. >> that's right. don't forget to join us at 10:00 for nightbeat. that's kbcw 44 cable 12 and back here tonight at 11:00. good night. >> have a good night!
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