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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  February 22, 2018 3:12am-4:00am PST

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profoundly as the death of a president. >> a conservative southerner, graham walked a tight line during turbulent times in america. refusing to segregate his services in the deep south on one hand. >> christianity is not a white man's religion. don't let any body tell you it is white or black. he never joined the civil right marches on the other. he later said he regretted it along with his comments about joouz in a 1972 conversation with president nixon. >> you know i told you one time the bible talks about two kinds of jews, one the synagogue of satan, putting out the obscene films. >> asked about his life, billy graham, said, oh, lord i am a sirn, i still need your forgiveness. but death he said was not something he feared. >> no, i look forward to death.
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with great anticipation. i am looking forward to seeing god face to face. >> billy graham will be laid to rest at his museum and library in charlotte, north carolina. alongside his late wife ruth. they were married for 64 years before she died in 2007. i will miss her terribly, he said then. and look forward even more to the day i can join her in heaven. >> jim axelrod, thank you for that tonight. listen more to the word of billy graham later in this broadcast. right now move on to torrential rain causing rivers to rise to dangerous levels across the central u.s. a state of emergency declared in elk hart, indiana. a number of people had to be rescued from flooded homes and streets. from the southern plains to the great lakes, some areas have the seen ate month's worth of rain just this week. we'll be right back.
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we have new detail on an isis plot to blow up a passenger jet. at take planned for last year never happened because israeli cyberspies broke it up. jeff pegues is following the story. jeff. >> the plot itself showed potential reach of isis. today's disclosures are how aggressively western intelligence agencies are tracking the terror group. australian police raided several homes, linked to the plot last summer in the arrests followed. >> why are you being arrested sn today israeli investigators in a rare description of intelligence operation, said the elite 8,200 intelligence unit was response bum for the tip that led to the end of the plot. they also disclosed the target was an ethihad jetliner from said it knee to abu dhabi. a senior isis commander ordered the attack with a home made bomb disguised as a meat grinder.
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at the time australian prime minister, michael turnbull celebrated the work of his investigators. >> the tight cooperation and collaboration between our intelligence and security agencies is the key to keeping australians safe from terrorism. >> today israel's prime minister publicly claimed credit. >> i can tell you this is one of many, many, such actions. that we did preventing terrorism around the world. >> the secretive 8200 part of the israeli military. the unit scans threats online and has been keeping an eye on isis fighters forced from the battlefield into countries around the world. israelis did not reveal the specific intelligence that led to the foiled plot. >> they're good they have a lot of practice. they live in a tough neighborhood. >> the 8200 unit is among the best. >> israel punches well above its weight on cyberrelated issues. their cyberintelligence
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capabilities are parallel to even the united states. and, and, 8,200 is the elite of elite. >> it is unclear why the israelis chose to reveal the information now seven months after the arrest in australia to. day's announcement comes at a time when prime minister n netanyahu net faces problems from alleged corruption. jeff. >> interesting, scary story. jeff pegues. thank you very much. tomorrow on the broadcast, the cameras were the first to be invited to cover war games the featuring the newest generation of fighter jets high over the california the desert. >> but, coming up next tonight, an old flu remedy is making a come back. hey julie, i know today's critical, but i really need...
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doctors may have an additional tool to fight the flu next season. the nasal spray flu mist is making a come back. two years ago a federal advisory panel pulled recommendation for flu mist saying it wasn't effective. a new version appears to work better. >> incredible olympic momentarily today. america won its first gold medal in cross-country skiing. jessie digins felt unstoppable as the she blew past skiers in the final lap of the women's team sprint to claim victory. in the more than five-mile race. teammate, kikkan randall joined the celebration. what a scene.
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randall the only mom on the u.s. olympic team. california teenager sentenced to six months in federal prison for smuggling across the mexican border. the item. a bengal tiger cub. the team first told investigators it was a cat he bought from a guy in tijuana. prosecutors say the tiger tale was a cover-up for the smuggling ring. the cub now called moca is living at the san diego zoo. we'll give the final word tonight to billy graham in just a moment. there's only one place where you can get...
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so now's the time to get more happy! admirers of the reverend billy graham will pay respects at his library in north carolina. david begnaud is there. >> when you enter the billy graham library you go through a cross. reverend graham wanted that way. billy frank as he was known as a boy grew up on a farm in north carolina, dairy farm, light braer is made to resemble a barn. all day people have been coming through, paying their respects and celebrating billy graham's life. his childhood home sits on the library property. and so next week we are told reverend graham's body will be brought here to the house. the public will be allowed to file through. the castle coat will be closed. burial will happen here right along side his wife of nearly 63
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years, ruth graham. billy graham will be laid to rest here at his library. the funeral closed to the public. invitation only. trying to work out details. it will happen at some point next week. >> david begnaud thank you from north carolina. that's the "overnight news" for thursday. for some the news continues. for others check back later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm jeff glor. >> your life can be changed. you can become a new person. by surrendering your life to jesus christ. >> and jesus is saying to us, in 1969, take up your cross. follow me. and we can change the world. ♪ ♪ >> on the cross said lord
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remember me. and at that moment jesus said thou shall be with me in paradise. that quick you can make your decision. >> oh, yes there is pleasure in sin for a sloshort time. it's soon over. the hangover comes. nothing you can do about it. it will be there. choose christ and there will never be a hangover except joy and peace. >> by faith i said i believe him. he came into nigh heart. and changed my life. and now, i'm ready when i hear that call to go into the presence of god.
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welcome to the "overnight news." i'm don dahler. one week after the deadliest high school shooting in american history, the debate over gun control may have reached a turning point. president trump, staunch defender of the second amendment is vowing to get things done to stop gun violence at schools. the president, vice president, mike pence and secretary of education, betsey devos met with survivors of last week's shooting in florida and massacres in a listening session at the white house. mean while, other survivors, rallied at florida's state capital demanding action from lawmakers. their message was amplified by students and teachers across the country. we began with major garrett at the white house. >> i'm never going to see my kid
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again. want you all to know that. never ever will i see my kid. i want it to sink in. it is eternity. >> andrew pollack father of meadow one of 17 killed last week. should have been one school shooting and we should have fixed it. and i'm pissed, because my daughter i'm not going to see again. she's not here. she's not here. she's in north lauderdale at whatever it is, king david cemetery. that's where i go to see my kid now. keep happening. 9/11 happened once. fixed everything. how many schools children have to get shot. >> a student at the high school.
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>> i lost a best friend who was practically a brother. i'm here to use my voice because i know he can't. >> zeif spoke of the semiautomatic rifle used at the high school massacre. the af-15. >> i turned 18 the day after. woke up to the news that my best friend was gone. and i don't understand why i could still go in a store and buy a weapon of war, an ar, why is it that easy to buy this type of weapon. how do wenot stop this after columbine, sandy hook, sitting with a mother who lost her son. it is still happening. >> the mother, nicole hockley, whose son dillon was murdered in the sandy hook. elementary school shooting. >> this is not difficult. these deaths are preventible. i implore you, consider your own children. you don't want to be me.
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no parent does. >> the president said he would strengthen background checks and look to increase mental health services. mr. trump said he was open to all ideas on improving school safety, but spoke about only one at length. allowing teachers to carry concealed weapons. allowing teach herbs to carry concealed well ponz. >> if he had a firearm, he would have had a shot the end of it. called concealed carry. where a teacher would have a concealed gun on them. they would go for special training. and, they would -- be there and you would no longer have a gun-free zone. >> as presidents some times do, mr. trump brought talking points to the listening session. this photograph shows the handwritten notes. number one, reminds the president, to ask participants what they most want him to know. number five, reads, i hear you. speaking of being heard. the president told the nra last year he would never, ever infringe on existing gun rights. that promise will now confront the new politics emerging after
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last week's mass shooting. teenagers that survived the shooting that killed 17 classmates and teachers in florida made passional pleas for change in front of their own legislators. adriana diaz is there. >> reporter: stoneman douglas students who arrived on buses late last night. spent their day speaking with lawmakers. the capitol was flooded with students inside and out. they had the building surrounded. outside, thousands protested. including stoneman douglas jr., ashley santoro. >> if we are going to protect our future why are we not protecting our children? >> meanwhile inside roughly, 100 student survivors met with lawmakers on both siepds of the sides of the aisle, questioned them on assault rifles, background checks and whether or not to arm teachers. >> students protested outside the house chamber making sure their message could be heard inside.
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>> students united. will never bebe divided. >> students ended meeting with republican governor rick scott. bipartisan legislation is in the works. that would raise the minimum age for buying an assault weapon to 21. and provide funding for mental health in schools. that could be introduced as early as tomorrow. millions of americans are mourning the death of the man known as america's pastor. reverend billy graham, best known christian evangelist died yesterday. he was 99 years old. graham preached in person and on tv for decades. counseled presidents and helped lead a revolution in american religious life. vladamir duthier has mr. on his life and legacy. >> reporter: in the summer of 2005, billy grachl preached at what he called his final crusade. >> deep inside we need something else. that something else can be brought about by jesus. >> the three day event in new
3:36 am
york city was the culmination of a lifetime of evangelism. seven decades of spreading the christian gospel to more than 200 million people in 185 countries around the world. >> if god loves the world. >> raised in the fundamentalist faith, graham dedicated his life to christ when he was 16. was ordained a baptist minister in 1939. >> jesus christ the son of god has an answer to every problem you face. >> he created his own brand of populist evangelism. his you sads were soon attracting millions in person and later through television. >> we are united and are ready to march under the banner of al mighty god. >> graham became counselor and confidant to every american president. beginning with harry truman. graham himself denied he had a role in making policy. he said i don't advise them. i pray with them. despite his proximity to power, graham was resolutely nonpartisan.
3:37 am
fearing that political favoritism would damage his ministry. in moments of national kriels is such as the oklahoma city bombing, graham was sought out for ability to comfort and console with simplicity and eloquence. >> we have been reminded that a cruel event like this which vividly demonstrates the depths of human evil also brings out the best of us. >> former presidents honored graham attending dead kags of his library in north carolina. it its there he will be laid to rest, along side his wife ruth. they were married 64 years. at her funeral he said, we were called by god as a team. graham looked ahead to the end of his life. with enormous faith. >> i hatch beve been asked so m times lately, do i fear death? no, i look forward to death. with great anticipation. i'm looking forward to, to, seeing god face to face.
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cbs news has learned new details about the mysterious death of a border patrol agent in texas. in know, president trump vowed to bring the killers of agent martinez to justice. the president used the case to bolster his push for a wall on the mexican border. but the fbi now believes agent's death was an accident. david begnaud has more on what federal investigators believe happened in a story for cbs this morning. >> reporter: this happened near
3:41 am
town of van horn, 100 miles east of the city, from the mexico border. the fbi poured resources into the investigation and did 650 interviews and 26 searches. while the president and politicians use the death to make a political point. we have learned the february fib believes what happened was an accident. and not a crime. that is the culvert where agent martinez was found dying in know. it is locate add long a quiet stretch of interstate 10 near u.s.-mexican border. the area looks like in the middle of nowhere. martinez was responding to a tripped sensor along a known drug smuggling route. he radioed for backup. a law enforcement force tells cbs news, martinez parked eastbound interstate 10. turned off his headlights and kept emergency lights off so potential smugglers wouldn't see him coming. >> moonless night. no street lights. only light would be a flashlight
3:42 am
or headlights of a passing vehicle. >> according to the source. agent martinez who was not losing equipment, ran across i-10 through the grass divider then across the westbound lanes and ran right off the edge of a culvert that had no guardrail or barrier to stop him. >> i'm 6'1", if i go to walk into one of the culverts, put my hand here. estimation its it its 9, 10 foot drop if the agent were to fall off. >> according to our source, agent steven garland who arrived after martinez may have made the same mistake. running across the interstate, and right off that edge. the fbi suspects garland fell off at a different point. his blood was found 22 feet from agent martinez's body. border ba troll dispatcher was able to make contact with agent garland after his fall. despite injuries, garland was able to get back to the vehicle and turn on emergency lights. at the time.
3:43 am
garland told a dispatcher something to the effect of we ran into a culliver. i ran into a culvert. or i think i ran into a cull verlt. the dispatcher wrote in his lug. things they ran into a cull verlt. no defensive wound on either man or any dna belonging to anyone other than the two agents. >> are you open to the possibility maybe this was an accident? >> no. >> doesn't make sense to you? >> no. >> it has the been three months since agent martinez died. and his fiancee is not convinced by the fbi theory. she says martinez's injuries were too severe to have been caused by a fall. she is suspicious, toxicology tests found a pain medication, in his system. >> somebody convinced him to take that medication. i think. to make it seem like it was an accident. >> you are not not suggesting he was drugged? >> at this point, i think it was
3:44 am
probably given to him intentionally. >> even in a normal dose some times there can be some impairment of, of ability to function. but, very little impairment. >> we asked forensic pathologist, to look at martinez's autopsy report which states that he died of blunt force injuries to the head. class fietz the manner of death as the undetermined. >> this is all very tip cam for a fall. and not for a fight. >> skrcbs news learned that he suffered broken vertebrae and brain bleed. the fbi believed he had amnesia and nothing to do with martinez's death. no evidence of animosity or conflict between him and agent martinez. despite the fbi findings, union officials at border control council called it a heinous attack and reap fuse to back down from that. >> this group of smugglers attacked him ambushed him.
3:45 am
looks like he was beaten to death. >> so, no smugglers were ever found. we asked the white house for comment on the story. they told us no. we called union officials, 40 times, we left 15 voice mails. center ten e-mails and five texts. finally got back us, told us the people authorized to tauks would not be ha available. >> the cbs "overnight news" will be right back.
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the become so popular. players could unlock a prestigious new level. talk of including eesports as i is known at the olympics. >> in the arena in boston. fans got to their feet to root for their favorite team. the competitors pro fgsal gamers, vying for a $1 million the prize. >> keeps them in the game. >> the game counterstrike global offensive. >> oh. it happens. major champions. >> thousand packed in to see the drama including 16-year-old jesse wilkerson. and 15-year-old, who were rooting for team phase. >> i got into phase a long time ago when they started doing call of duty before they had competitive team. >> how long have you been gaining? >> since 4.
3:50 am
>> fans seem to have video games in their dna. and are why competitive gaming or e sports sell out stadiums. in 2017, battle arena games league of legend and dota 2 had more than 100 million monthly active users. fan watch an astounding 2 billion hours of game play. that's why e sports, a $1.5 billion industry in 2017 is expected to grow to $2.3 billion in 2022. >> sometimes people hear video game or e sports. may have super mario from nintendo in their mind. how hard can that be? games have come so far from the genesis moment. they truly are sports. >> a harvard business graduate who always enjoyed gaming. but, needed a little help. i had an ex-fear yens, playing on a very amateur team. with all my friend.
3:51 am
at some point my friend took me aside. they said, willie. we love you. you are fun to spend time with. but like, you suck at this game. like you are so bad at this game. you know, like it its we are going to kick you off the team. final leap i said to myself. well i will go get a coach. when i learned, you know, fencing in college, i got a fencing coach. so i was like i assumed this will exist. and, it just didn't. and, you know i eventually found somebody to do it for money. within five minutes i knew it needed to be a business. >> it became gamer sensai, pairs coaches with gamers who want to level up. >> when the lesson is ready to start you. click a button. the lesson software will drop you and the coach together. >> lessons start as the $10 an hour. celebrity coaches can charge hundreds of dollars per session. >> i there are parent watching this. and they say, look, i can see myself spending, a lot of money, for, a hockey coach.
3:52 am
or professional tennis lessons or fencing lessons you took. >> yes, yes. >> i've don't know about spending money for my kid to have a gaming coach. >> there are thou tons of college scholarships for video games. just like you might pay for a basketball coach. or a, you know football coach for your son or daughter. because, because you believe that is going to, you know help them excel, you know, academically in the future. games have that same, same path now. >> joe would agree. he is a sophomore at becker college in worcester, massachusetts. studying game development. he has the had dreams uflt turning his hobby into a career since he was 15. >> watch the professionals play, e sports. and fom load certain players. one day i hope i could be there at this level. >> scum piece on the league of legend team. which receives coaching services from the gamer. in hopes of winning a collegiate tournament. but the ultimate goal is to become a programmer at a top
3:53 am
gaming company. >> it is not a joke. some people think you silt behind a computer and dent do anything. in reality you can actually get, good money off of it. have a good living. >> that generation growing up now does not necessarily have the same interest, you or i do in fitz cal sports. awe all editor at large. he said e sports are here to dame. >> itch you looking at the average male under 25. they are watching more e sports and streams than they are regular sports. >> that's mind blowing. >> it is. i think there is a lot of reasons for that. i think when you look at accessibility. you got to go get a game. you are a part of that community. >> talking player recruitment. >> back at the headquarters in boston, the team is hoping to continue off to ride the wave of e sports growing popularity. >> we have people doing, 10, 20 hours, 30 hours of the lesson on
3:54 am
the platform a week. because they're committed to the games. if you love gaming this ill, this will beal seen as indennis penceable piece of how you experience gaming. >> in the future, these athletes mate be playing at the highest level in sports. the international olympic committee its talking to representatives, and possible include in the 2024 game ins air is. the cbs "overnight news" will be right back. there's only one place where you can get...
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so now's the time to get more happy! if you see a provocative post on twitter that's making people angry there is a good chance they could be arguing with a robot. bots that spread fake news stand outlandish rumors have become a real problem. but now there is an easy way to spot them. thanks to a pair of college students in california. here is john blackstone. >> reporter: at the university of california, berkeley, two college juniors studying computer science are challenging twitter to do a better job battling fake news. >> one of the the things we want to steep where did fake news originate from. >> digging deep into twitter, the two found many of the most angry and partisan tweets on both side. come not from real people, but from computers. automated, twitter accounts.
3:58 am
known as the bottles. >> you can go in and click that. >> the in a couple of second we get classification. >> using artificial intelligence they create aid bottle buster available to any one at bottle that reveals of a tweet likely comes from a computer. >> bots are retweeting voices otherwise not as the am liified. >> one person can put a tweet out and put together their army of bots that. throw it out across. >> exactly. seems like all twitter is saying il it starts trending. hash tags. individuals push this. >> fact news stories about the 2016 election went viral. gaining readers and credibility. calling into question, twitter's ability to monitor the platform. in a blog post. twitter its battling the bots. catching 450,000 suspicious log-ins per day. students say their bottle buster is helping users discover thousands of bots on twitter
3:59 am
all. this really annoys us, we will put out something cool for our friend to use. all of a sudden we have thousand of daily active users using it every day. my god, definitely something here. >> a pair of college students may not win the war against fake news, but given those bats lgt to find the truth a new weapon. that's the "overnight news" for thursday. for some of you the news continues. for others check back with us a pit later for the morning news and cbs this morning. from the broadcast center in new york city, i'm don dahler.
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captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, february 22nd, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." from florida to the white house, students and parents pleaded for change to end gun vie loans. >> how many schools, how many children have to get shot. plus storms and melting snow trigger major flooding in parts of the midwest. as water levels rise, people are evacuating their homes and crews are rescuing drivers.


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