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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 22, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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near the airport in millbrae where traffic is moving smoothly at 5 a.m. >> it's a good thing. >> every shot of san francisco is my favorite shot. every time we see them, oh, i love it! except for the traffic backups. >> things can get ugly. >> traffic cams aren't as pretty, but the skies are sometimes really nice. we'll get quite a show this morning because we have clouds out there but also scattered showers and some snow flurries. yes, i'm going to zoom in to show you where it's happening east of milpitas and san jose. so yes, those hills are seeing some snow as well as about 2,000 feet in elevation, even down to 1500 feet in elevation. it's a cold morning for some areas. but definitely we do have that cloud coverage and that's helping protect us a little bit so it's not as cold as two mornings ago. here's a look at light drizzle through warm springs and then the hills right here are actually seeing that slush. so the areas of pink and purple
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would be that rain-snow mix. so it's not quite necessarily sticking to the ground because of course it just happened about 30 minutes ago is when i first started seeing it across those hills east of san jose. right now this area highway 101 near morgan hill getting a decent amount of rain. it's a quick cell. a lot of them are popping up and disappearing really quickly. that's the nature of this storm that's coming in. it is a fairly dry storm. not expecting to get much measurable precipitation. we are seeing light showers right around boulder creek, scotts valley but it's skipping around that whole area. highway 1 may just be a little light area of rainfall and then the sierra also getting some snowfall and we are seeing it get closer and closer to i-80 so it's getting closer there. those ski resorts are hoping for more snowfall and they are going to get some of that throughout the day. jaclyn. >> and right now, we are taking live look at your ride along 101 in san jose near north first street. traffic moving along in both directions a-okay but a little north of there an accident
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involving a semi and suv blocking one lane. that backup is stretching towards san tomas expressway and your cruising speed through the area just around 30 miles per hour. so give yourself some extra time if this is part of your morning commute. after that the ride in the green on 101. a wrong-way driver on northbound 280 right at foothill expressway. that driver was heading southbound in those northbound lanes. it looks like that car is now in a ditch. chp on the scene. no lanes are blocked. speeds are still moving at the limit along that stretch. here's a live look just south of where that location is and this is 280 at highway 85. as you can see, not too much cars out there at this early morning hour. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. two people are dead after a car crashed into a house in contra costa county. it happened this morning on wharf drive in bay point. jessica flores reports. reporter: hey, good morning, michelle.
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well, still quite a scene here. there's some trees knocked down but what i can tell you is chp says that this is basically the result of a crash happening just outside the home and then those vehicles swerving into the home. you can see the two vehicles in the home and basically we are told two people are dead from this crash. it's unclear whether or not those two people were inside the vehicle or part of the home or exactly what happened. we spoke to the person who lives in the home. take a listen. >> it was one of the loudest -- shook the whole house. and i -- i, um, i -- i thought it was almost a dream until i heard a man screaming. >> reporter: yes. we're still hearing more from chp at this time. as you can see they have cleaned up the scene so the vehicles are not here but this homeowner still has to deal with the glass and trees down
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around the home. we'll learn more later this morning. two people have died after a a crash every crash outside the home in bay point. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. today president trump will talk about school safety with state and local officials. a week after the shooting in florida, gun control was detailed in detail. they all gave their views. reporter john lawrence has more. reporter: the white house's listening session for gun safety started with a prayer. after that the discussion started. >> how many children have to get shot to stop here with this administration and me? >> i was born into a world where i never got to experience safety and peace. there needs to be significant change in this country. >> reporter: president trump did promise change and suggested the idea of potentially arming teachers and staff. he also expressed support for stronger background checks and
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regulating bump stocks. >> it's not going to be talk like it has been in the past. we are going to get it done. >> reporter: at a town hall meeting wednesday night in florida emotions ran high. >> enough talk. what your action? >> reporter: some called for gun control reform. others want weapons band. >> automatic rifles should be outlawed forever. >> reporter: an nra spokesman expressed sympathy for the victims but stressed that a person's mental status is also a major factor. >> none of us support people who are crazy, who are a danger to themselves, who are a danger to others, getting their hands on a firearm. >> reporter: although opinions differed at times, everyone agreed they didn't want to experience another rampage like the one in parkland. i'm john lawrence reporting. now, according to a columbia university database of mass shootings, about 20% or one out of five of the perpetrators had a serious mental illness. and president trump took to twitter this morning to dispute
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the suggestion that he wanted to arm teachers saying he wants to arm adept teachers with military or special training experience. investigators will look into what caused a fire at a small abandoned shopping center in hayward. it was first reported just before 9:30 last night on mission boulevard. crews had it controlled in less than an hour. you can see the flames there in the video. the hayward fire department says some transients were in the building when the fire began. but there are no reports of any injuries. google is getting hit with another lawsuit this time a former engineer alleging the tech giant fired him for defending diversity. kpix 5's jackie ward live in the newsroom to break down the claims. reporter: a transgender, queer disabled person says he is suing for speaking in favor of minorities and their rights. this is part of continued fallout following the release of a memo that a now former
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employee wrote. in august, james damore said that women were biologically less inclined to be successful engineers. tech website gizmodo reports that sheriff here says he was fired in november after writing several internal posts which called out racism and sexism and in one of those posts he compared the reasoning behind damore's memo to that of a domestic abuser trying to justify his actions. google said: dge our code of conduct and other workplace policies, under which promoting harmful stereotypes based on race or gender is prohibited." chevalier also claims he was fired because of two memes he created .. that spoke out against racism and white privilege. he is seeking unspecified damages. anne? >> reporter: chevelier also claims he was fired because of two memes he created that spoke out against racism and white privilege. he is seeking unspecified damages. >> so did mr. chevelier ever
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really say whether harassed or discriminated against specifically because of how he identifies? >> reporter: yes. he says he was targeted for being transgender, multiple times. and he says he reported it to hr but that google never took any steps to stop it. >> thank you. the fcc has taken a final step to eliminate net neutrality. this morning, the commission published a final notice announcing the removal of the regulations on the federal register. that means opponents can now file lawsuits challenging the decision. in december, the fcc voted to end the rule requiring all internet traffic to be treated equally despite overwhelming public opposition. net neutrality protections are scheduled to end in 60 days. 8 minutes after 5:00. bay area police arrest a man suspected of stealing jewelry from a shopping mall over and over again. >> and a year's long battle between the state and the city of san francisco over waterfront development is finally over. >> and we have all kinds of
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colors popping up on our hi-def doppler so what does this mean for you as we kick off this thursday? >> and we are tracking a big accident along 101 just north of 101 at north first street. we'll take a closer look at that crash and the delays that it's causing coming up. refresh your home and save at ross. ross has all the home trends for kitchen, living room
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jewelry from a shopping mall. the crimes happened on three a san francisco man is in custody accused of stealing nearly a quarter of a million dollars of jewelry from a shopping mall. the crimes happened on three separate occasions this year at the stonestown galleria mall right next to san francisco state university. according to police, the haul after the first two burglaries at macy's for suspect toby kessler was $3,000 in cash and $80,000 in jewelry. that translates into armsful of watches and row after row of diamond earrings. >> first two burglaries were after hours. so at that point you are kind of chasing the breadcrumbs and trying to see where he committed the burglary, how he fled the scene. >> last week, detectives say kessler entered the store around 10 p.m.
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when staffers were still cleaning up but after a brief chase by police, kessler was caught with $150,000 worth of jewelry. officers say they had evidence to link him to the previous crimes. the future of public unions could soon be decided in court. all over california today registered nurses will rally to urge the u.s. supreme court to uphold a law regulating unions for government employees and other public sector workers. the high court was going to consider whether workers can be forced to pay dues to fund the unions that represent them. organizers of today's rally say if the court decides that workers can opt out of paying dues, it will likely spell the end of unions in the public sector altogether. in san francisco, a tentative settlement in the battle over tall buildings along the waterfront. the state lands commission sued the city last month over proposition b which blocks the controversial eight washington development back in 2013. the commission is now agreeing not to challenge that in
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exchange the city of san francisco agreeing to take state law into consideration for future land use decisions. 5:13. here's the traffic report. >> it's been a busy start to our thursday morning commute. and we are tracking new problems on 101. this crash has been out there for a little while at one point all lanes were blocked now blocking just one lane northbound 101 at lawrence expressway. you can see that backup how quickly it shot into the red and is stretching towards san tomas expressway so heads up for drivers on 101. it's going to be slow there. past that things pick up. a wrong way drive, car in the ditch along -- excuse me, the driver was traveling northbound in the southbound direction of 280 right near foothill
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expressway so you can see those slowdowns starting to develop just under the limit there, chp now on the scene. a head-on crash on oregon expressway right at west bayshore road. emergency crews on the scene. at least one lane is blocked at this time. hat's a check of your traffic; over to you. hi-def doppler showing we have some green popping up and that would be rain. it looks like the radar went to make another loop. hopefully you will get a good view of what's out there across the south bay a few areas of rain and it's making a few loops around and then you will see where we are getting that rain. light drizzle in the area. so as we get up further north, morgan hill, light drizzle, as well. the hills east of morgan hill starting turn to slush so it is
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cold enough on those hills. then around mount hamilton that's where we are seeing it. higher elevations and down to 1500 feet rain turning to snow very light. 47 in oakland. 42 livermore. san francisco 47. it feels colder in san jose because of winds. windchill factor at mount diablo down to 18 degrees. mount tam 21 degrees. milpitas feels like 31. livermore feels like 30. so definitely does feel freezing . west wind at sfo up to 20. so they have picked up over the past hour. san francisco downtown 15-mile- per-hour winds oakland also seeing west winds at 15. across the south bay, 10 to 15-
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mile-per-hour sustained winds. but we are seeing stronger gusts especially along the north bay hills, the east bay hills and areas that get it. but the west winds will keep us cool throughout the day and it's all associated with a storm with scattered showers, also bringing in the winds with the storm that came through. it came down from canada so we are getting north-northwest winds. it's going to last through early tomorrow morning as far as the strong wind gusts are concerned. how much longer will we see chances of rainfall throughout the day? by about 2 p.m., this is when we could see some pop-up thunderstorms. and those thunderstorms could actually have some hail in them. so thunder, lightning, all of that not ruled out for today. once the heat of the day arrives, we could get a lot of instability in the sky and that's why. so temperatures this afternoon, low 50s for san francisco. 54 in oakland. 54 in fremont. and look at the sierra, they are also getting some snow. it's closer to 80. they have a winter weather advisory in effect as low as 2,000 feet elevation.
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so the foothills are under the advisory. let me step out of the shot so you can see that extensive amount of space that's under that advisory. 3 to 6 inches expected there. low visibility if you are going up to tahoe and snowy roads. here's your tahoe report. sugar bowl expecting to get up to 3 inches of new snow on top of the snow they got earlier this week. north star could see 6 inches. alpine meadows could see six inches. so snow is likely to last through early tomorrow morning and then things will calm down for them as well and for all of us. we are not going to get another storm until monday. and actually we'll see a few storms entering the area up from canada. next chance of rain on monday. the warriors are heading to washington, dc next week for the first time this season but the champs won't be heading to the white house. you may remember the warriors snubbed the visit after winning the title last year. and then the president disinvited them. a few months ago, team leader
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steph curry had this to say, quote, by not going, hopefully that will inspire some change when it comes to what we tolerate in this country and what is accepted. so what will the warriors be doing with their free time instead? according to the "chronicle," they will meet with children from dc at an undisclosed location. daytime talk show host wendy williams is taking a break from her show. the 53-year-old announced yesterday she has been diagnosed with graves disease and will be taking three weeks off to focus on her health. graves disease is an auto- immune disorder that causes overstimulation of the thyroid. they will run old episodes during her absence. and hollywood is gearing up for the oscars! we are learning which stars will be participating in the event. mark hamill, lin-manuel miranda are among the celebrities who will present at this year's academy awards. other presenters include margo row buy who is up for best
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actress and lady bird director nominee greta gerwin. the 90th annual oscar ceremony is march 4. ivanka trump is going to pyeongchang to lead the u.s. delegation at the winter olympics closing ceremonies. she leaves today and plans to have dinner tomorrow with south korean president moon. she will be attending the games with the delegation that includes white house press secretary sarah sanders. steve kerr weighs in on the school shooting in florida. but this time, he takes a different tone. and matt williams is back in the bay. this time, with the a's. we're up next. who are these people?
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5. 23, your ride across the benicia bridge heading northbound along 680. just before the 780 split and speaking of 780, reports of a new accident along that stretch. how bad is it backing up traffic? we'll find out but first, let's check sports with dennis. the warriors are back on the floor today against the clippers after a week-long break for the all star game. now, last we heard from head coach steve kerr, he was blasting politicians following the high school shooting tragedy in florida. yesterday, the warriors head coach expressed pride for the students that marched in
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tallahassee to demand new gun laws. >> you know, historically, it's a young generation that has to initiate change, you know, you think about the vietnam warm, all the old white guys who kept sending troops over to fight this ridiculous war and all the young people who protested who had to make change. they made change. so it's the young people in the country now who are going to create the change that we need. giants hall of famer orlando cepeda is hospitalized in critical condition after undergoing a cardiac incident monday in fairfield. word of his health made it to spring training in arizona. >> you know, comes here for hall of fame get-together, in the clubhouse, um, he has fun with the players. yeah, our prayers are with him. >> heavy heart. anyone who knows orlando now is pulling for him, thinking about him today. and we're wishing him the best. >> he and matt williams combined to hit nearly 500 home
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runs during their time in a giants uniform. cepeda had a brief career across the bay with the a's and now matt williams is beginning his stint with the oakland a's as their new third base coach. he chatted with vern glenn yesterday. >> have you run across the kid that comes up to you and says, wait a minute, you played? who are you? >> all the time. >> really? >> oh, yeah. these kids these days, it all happened before they were even born. a lot of them on the team. >> you know, it's interesting, matt williams and bob melvin both began their major league careers with the giants and now coach and manager of the oakland a's. and congratulations to the usa women winning gold over canada. i'm dennis o'donnell. see you tonight. play of the day now from girls high school basketball in heart iowa with two seconds left in regulation, north union and western christian tied at 48.
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state tournament. more fallout at google following release of a that was awesome. that off balance shot advanced the north union warriors to the state tournament. more fallout at google following the release of a memo that questions whether women could do as good a job as men. now another former employee is suing but this time he claims he was fired for supporting diversity. >> two cars crashed here in bay point coming dangerously close to the home behind me. and now two people are dead. we'll have the details coming up.
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week's mass shooting... students from parkland, florida descend on the capital to demand action in the wake of last week's mass shooting. >> and after decades of discussion, the plan to build a second tunnel under the bay moves forward. >> and we are seeing some rain coming down across parts of the south bay also i saw some snow flurries so we'll talk about what's expected today as we get instability out there. busy start to the thursday morning ride. things are slow heading into san francisco. good morning, it's thursday, february 22nd. i'm anne makovec. >> i'm michelle griego. a tragic scene in contra costa county this morning after a car crash outside a home that happened early this morning on war of drive in bay point.
5:31 am
jessica flores reports. reporter: we are right at this intersection, chicago port highway and wharf drive. you can see the home is behind me. the vehicles smashed into each other just feet from the home. you're going to see a tree stump and that's the tree that those cars came barreling into and then swerving very close to the home although it did not hit the home. you can see the video the vehicles hit with enough force so both are totaled. two people inside those vehicles died. we are not sure exactly if they were in both one vehicle or one in each or how many people were in the vehicles at the time of the crash. we are still getting that information from chp. man who lives in the home did speak with us. he said he heard those loud booms of those cars crashing outside and said those cars came dangerously close to going through his wall. . >> i opened my window and there
5:32 am
were two cars there, it was cars completely smashed. looked like the camaro completely wiped him out. >> reporter: branches and debris all around the home at bay point. again, no one in the home hurt. but two people dead inside the vehicles that crashed into each other just outside this home. he cause is under investigation. jessica flores, kpix 5. the survivors at the massacre in parkland, florida spent their second day at the state capital yesterday. they are sending a message to the legislators that nothing is going to stop them in this fight. >> we are the future of america. so legislators if you don't make a change you're not going to stay in office and that's a promise. >> some students holding signs while marching to meetings with lawmakers, others branding
5:33 am
messages on their arms. the crowd demanding to hear from lawmakers who have spoken against stricter enforcement. bay area students joined the nationwide movement against gun violence. students at encinal high school in alameda walked out of class for a short time yesterday. it was a show of solidarity for marjory stoneman douglas high school in florida. in texas a school district superintendent has threatened to suspend students who join any organized walkouts or protests in the wake of the mass shooting in florida. the students from parkland are planning a march on washington in a month. celebrities like oprah winfrey, steven spielberg and george clooney have donated more than a million dollars to the cause. plans to build a second transbay tube are moving forward after decades of discussion. early estimates put the price of that proposed project at 10 to $15 billion. hundreds of thousands of commuters are passing under the
5:34 am
bay every day and that number is growing. so bart is now stepping up and spending $200 million for a serious look at a second bay crossing. there are some tough questions to be answered including the route from the east bay and where the tube would land in san francisco. a new transbay tube would mean digging up or digging under alameda island. bart promises to have some proposal on the table by the end of the year. now for a look at this morning's commute, we might be hoping for that second tube. here's jaclyn. that's right. right now, we are tracking that bart is running right on time no delays, 46 trains in service. in fact, all your mass transit ride looking good off to a great start for this thursday morning commute. but on the roads, that's a different story. northbound 101 at lawrence expressway one lane blocked because of an accident. traffic backed up to about montague expressway. so just a heads up if you are traveling through that stretch or know someone who is. call them and let them know
5:35 am
it's going to be a slow ride until they get past that. report of an accident, northbound 680 right near crow canyon road, two lanes blocked but our sensors still showing that speeds are in the green. we will keep a close eye on that. no doubt about it, you can see how quickly the backup is stretching on to 580 and 880 at the maze. so if you are headed to the bay bridge, it's a full house. you'll be in good company heading into san francisco. just under 20 minutes to the maze connecting with 101. rain coming down could impact people's commute if your route takes you through the south bay. it's pretty light in many areas. but we are seeing still those snow flurries so there's a good chance that some of it could stick and actually show itself when the sun comes up this
5:36 am
morning. so it's been an hour we have seen snow coming down on mount hamilton. east of san jose, east of milpitas, east of fremont so definitely once the sun comes out, if you see any white dusting, then you will know that's the snow that's down and take a picture and send it to us. also east of gilroy right now looks like a light drizzle coming down but you can see where that rain turns to snow santa cruz this just popped up on highway 1 and could be heading towards boulder creek scotts valley but it's light saw some areas with light flurries pop up but that disappeared quickly so it's scattered showers throughout the day. here's a look at our skyline across san francisco. this is anne's favorite shot. wanted to show it to her again. we are going to continue to see showers and light snow flurries throughout the day and then tahoe will get up to 6 inches of snowfall even up to 10" in some of the ski resorts and then thunderstorms and hail likely for this afternoon.
5:37 am
once we get heat we'll have chances of thunderstorm and hail because of the instability. overall cloudy conditions this morning. santa rosa, north bay area a lit bit of spotty clearing but yes most of the precipitation is across the south bay and the winds are strong so it does feel a lot colder than it is. temperatures are in the 40s but we feel like we are in the 30s. and i'll have your full forecast coming up. the united nations will meet today to potentially call for a temporary cease-fire in syria as the slaughter of civilians continues. more than 300 people have been killed in a rural portion of that area this week. human rights monitors say russian and syrian planes have launched strikes that hit multiple hospitals and other civilian targets. the rebel held area near the capital of damascus has been under siege for more than 5 years as president bashar assad and his russian allies try to wipe out anti-government fighters. there could be more trouble for google this morning.
5:38 am
a former engineer says he was fired for something that he described as a, quote, cruel irony. kpix 5's jackie ward reports. reporter: tim chevalier was an engineer at google and he says he is fired for defending women and minorities. this lawsuit stems to a memo written in august in which now former employee james damore said women were biologically less inclined to be successful engineers. well, this morning, tech website gizmodo reports that chevalier took a stand against that memo and called out damore's words. chevalier says it's his liberal views that got him fired in november. google responded to gizmodo's report with a statement saying in part: code of conduct and other work licies, under which promoting harmful stereotypes d on race or gender is prohib chevalier also claims he was targeted for ide as transgender .. and that even after reporting it
5:39 am
to google's h-r department, nothing was done. he is seeking >> reporter: chevalier also claims he was identified for identifying as transgender and even after reporting it to the human resources department nothing was done. he is seeking unspend damages. in the newsroom, jackie ward, kpix 5. with the new tax code in effect, you may have seen a change in your paycheck. but a question, will the withholding amount be sufficient to cover next year's tax liability? cbs news business analyst jill schlesinger joins us now to explain why some of us will need to do more. good morning, jill. so first, i want to start, remind us what the purpose of withholding is. >> reporter: well, most full time employers withhold income tax from your pay. taxes may also be withheld from other income like a pension, bonus, commission, even gambling winnings. in each case, the amount is paid directly to the irs and it's in your name. if the amount is not enough, or if you're self-employed or receive other income like dividends, interest, capital gains, rent, you might have to
5:40 am
pay quarterly tax estimates to meet the total bill. >> so how do we make sure that the new withholding is enough? >> reporter: well, this is kind of tricky. if you have a simple tax situation, for example, if you are someone who might qualify for that new higher standard deduction, the new withholding tables should be fine. but for those with more complicated scenarios, especially for folks in california who could lose or have limited deductions, the withholding amount may not be enough to cover your tax due. so to be safe, you might want to at least assume that your tax liability will be the same this year as it was last year. so you get a penalty if you don't pay 100% of your income tax liability or 1010% if you earn more than $150,000 and to help you determine your specific withholding, the irs will be updating its calculator on it's not there as of this
5:41 am
morning. i went and looked. they said it should be available by the end of february. that's rapidly approaching. irs is also working on revising w-4s. you would use those in response to the new law or to update changes in your personal, financial circumstances. so got to pay attention to this, guys. i know in new york and california, we're going to project get hammered and many more cases than the rest of the country. >> makes a big difference. thank you, jill schlesinger. 5:41. a student at san jose state lost his home during the devastating floods that hit the city one year ago. coming up, how that loss turned into a friendship. >> plus, the effort to reduce homelessness all over california gets a huge boost. >> and taking a live look outside at 880 in oakland, traffic moving pretty smoothly at this hour. we have your traffic and weather coming up.
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5:43 am
in just a few minutes. this morning an oakland man is
5:44 am
reported missing in yosemite national park. it's looking good across san francisco. nice view there. temperatures are in the 50s so warmer than yesterday but it feels colder with that west wind that's blowing. i'll have your full forecast coming up. this morning an oakland man is reported missing in yosemite national park. 36-year-old alan chow was last seen on his way to the hetch hetchy trail on saturday. he did not return home sunday. search-and-rescue crews started looking for him on tuesday. another concern was the weather. it was 21 degrees in yosemite last night. a bill in the state assembly would direct $1.5 billion in budget surplus money toward curbing california's homeless problem. yesterday oakland mayor libby schaaf and mayors from other cities across the state announced support of the bipartisan bill. it was authored by democrat phil ting of san francisco and a republican of san diego. the money would fund local homeless shelters and other
5:45 am
programs. under the bill, local governments would have to match any state funding. yesterday marked one year since a devastating flood in san jose destroyed homes without warning and a lot of people are still struggling to rebuild today including a young san jose college student. xavier is staying at a church. he talked to a woman weeks before losing his home. a month before coyote creek flooded, kathleen crow put up flyers to help homeless students. xavier called wanting to help them, as well. lit did he know he would be calling -- little did he know he would be calling her back needing her help. >> i said you come on down and let's see what we can do. >> since the flooding, crow has helped more than a dozen homeless students find a place to stay. awww that's cal, a new found friendship. >> jaclyn, i hope you don't
5:46 am
feel too left out. >> we didn't plan this. >> nope. >> in fact, this is sort of a tragedy of not planning. >> i thought of this, this morning. what if michelle wears red today. >> nah, won't happen. >> we did! >> looks good. >> yeah. >> so -- >> very good. >> you're good right? >> you stand out. traffic is standing out this morning. it is very slow out there. we are tracking problems a head- on crash that's shut down the eastbound direction of oregon expressway. this is right near west bayshore road. the oregon expressway off-ramp from northbound 101 is shut down. so keep that in mind in that area in palo alto. there will be delays along that stretch. i do believe we have a live shot of that -- okay. we'll get that in the next
5:47 am
report. we'll stand by on that one. along 101 we had an earlier crash near lawrence expressway. that's finally cleared but in that backup, a new crash just came in involving a couple of cars and not blocking any lanes but certainly not going to help that commute. it's going to keep it slow. we are in the green 13 minutes to 101. the backup from the bay bridge toll plaza and it's going to be a slow ride heading into san francisco this morning out of oakland. we are in the yellow, with the travel time changing in the next few minutes into the red. 20 minutes in san francisco this morning. 101 through the south bay slow. eastshore freeway, still in the
5:48 am
green. areas of white on our hi-def doppler. snow still come down since 4:30 and it's not letting up. that could lead to a nice looking hillside there east of san jose. it's snowing in the local bay area hills. as the rain came through the hillsides were cold enough to see this happen. areas of pink that's where the rain is turning into a little bit of slush as you get a little higher up but again about 1500 to 2,000 feet elevation as low as the snow levels are getting this morning so east of gilroy, as well. there's a little area of light rain showers and that slush, as well. monterey, they are getting a decent amount right now so some of those mountains could get up to a quarter to half inch of snowfall.
5:49 am
it's coming down in the south bay. later on today scattered showers, as well. our wind speeds that's what a lot of folks are feeling even if you're not where the rain is coming. across sfo, west winds at 20. strong in berkeley and san ramon. southwest winds there at 17 miles per hour. so gusty conditions for a lot of us and that's why it feels colder than it is. this is your wind chill right now in fremont. livermore feels like 30. mount diablo 18. it's windy. our other temperatures across the bay area, according to the gauges at 40 degrees in concord, oakland 47. but again, it feels allotted colder in areas where it's windy. satellite-radar. we have cloud coverage so that's why the temperatures are in the 40s this morning, not the 30s. by noon, 1:00 today, we'll start to see more scattered showers and then possibly isolated thunderstorms and hail. so that is in your forecast on
5:50 am
this thursday. but then tonight into friday, we'll have clear conditions, things will dry up. our high temperatures low to mid-50s for today. pretty similar to yesterday. 55 in mountain view. 54 in fremont. across the east bay temperatures in the 50s, as well. low to mid-50s. so 10 degrees below average along the coast in the upper 40s as we head further up north temperatures in the mid-40s. so it will be chilly up there. that's where they are seeing a little bit of snowfall, as well. sunrise this morning at 6:50. sunset tonight at 5:56. let's take you up to the mountains. is the snow coming down for the ski resorts yet? it looks like it is along 80. and yes a lot of this is going to move toward the ski resorts. snow levels down to 2,000 feet so the foothills under a winter weather advisory 3 to 6" expected this morning and afternoon when they will get the heaviest amount of snowfall lasting until tomorrow morning. we'll have a dry weekend ahead with temperatures warming up slightly into the low 60s for inland areas. monday chance of showers. tuesday, wednesday we'll stay dry. that's your forecast.
5:51 am
time now 5:50. some big changes start today at a popular movie theater chain all in the name of safety. >> and the man catches a suspected burglar in the act outside of his home on a security camera. his family slept inside.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
ensure safety. good morning, snow flurries east of san jose. here's your headlines on this thursday. we have showers throughout the day expected. even a chance of thunderstorms and hail for the bay area. and even snow flurries because it's cold up on the hillsides. and tahoe will get three to six inches of snow throughout the day so do expect some travel delays in that direction. you can expect some travel delays if you are heading through palo alto. here's a live look at the scene of a head-on crash. it happened just before 5 a.m. and this is along oregon expressway right at west bayshore road. so just off of 101 there. the eastbound direction shut down and one westbound lane currently closed. you can see emergency crews still on the scene. we'll keep a close eye on this and let you know when those
5:55 am
lanes re-open. today a movie theater chain is taking new precautions to ensure safety. you will no longer be able to bring large bags into cinemark theaters across the bay area. the rule applies to any bag or package that measures larger than 12 by 12 by 6. medical equipment and diaper bags are excluded to prevent people bringing in weapons. it also applies to snacks. industry insiders say theaters make half their revenue from the concession stands. a terrifying sight for a man on a business trip in europe after his home security camera sent him an alert. then he could see a prowler outside of his home in martinez. the scariest part is that his wife and children were asleep inside the home. steven was in germany when a motion detector outside his home in martinez triggered his surveillance camera and that sent him an alert on his phone. he saw that intruder walking around his home. so he immediately called the martinez police. >> so i called them up and they
5:56 am
sent an officer immediately. i was on the phone with her live giving a description of the person i saw in the video. >> did he take anything? >> the chainsaw. it was about $450. >> so far no arrests. and martinez police are asking anyone with information to come forward. a deadly car crash comes dangerously close to this bay point home. i'll have the details coming up. >> plus, a fire tears through a bay area strip mall overnight. the damage done next. and here you have a bánh mi inspired fried chicken sandwich.
5:57 am
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the white house: students and parents plead for something to be done to end gun violence. what president trump is saying about arming teachers. "'it s sad. i think it's sad to have the failings of people brought out in such a public way." plus: a state senator facing accusations of sexual misconduct is now just hours away from learning his fate.. what president trump is saying about arming teachers. >> it's sad that we have the
6:00 am
failings of people brought out in such a public way. >> a state senator facing accusations of sexual misconduct is now just hours away from learning his fate. the actions his peers could choose to take against him. >> and the discrimination lawsuit google is facing from a former employee. good morning, everyone. it's thursday, february 22nd. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. and neda has been very excited this morning. anytime we see snow it's a big deal. >> we are seeing that. it's been happening for the past hour and a half or so. so let's take you to our hi-def doppler and show you where. east of san jose, so look to the hills in milpitas and san jose, we have been seeing this on hi-def doppler since at least 4:30. a dusting on mount hamilton. it could be


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