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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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california, and our people. >> mayor libby schaff has sharp words, telling him to do his job and stop dividing americans. this, after the president called out california's leaders, saying they are doing a lousy job. the sanctuary city situation is a disgrace. he threatened to pull federal law enforcement protection altogether. >> frankly, if i wanted to pull our people from california, you would have a crime nest like you have ever seen. i would have to do is say -- i.c.e., and border patrol, let california alone. you would see crime like nobody has ever seen crime in this country. >> last month, the justice department and demanded that cities and counties from new york to california prove that they're working with the feds, or else risk subpoenas and cuts in federal grants. today, the president turned up the heat. >> if we ever pull our i.c.e. out, and say leave california alone, in two months, they would be begging for us to come back. they would be begging.
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and you know what? i'm thinking about doing it. >> trumps level of vindictiveness, knows no bounds. he is threatening to pull law enforcement out of california? a couple weeks ago, he threatened to arrest elected officials like myself just for being the heads of century cities. that is not america, that is not democracy. >> senator dianne feinstein released a statement saying -- the president renewed his attacks on california with more insults and threats. the president's obsession with our state is growing more outrageous by the day. san francisco mayor said -- if the president believes that threatening century cities with federal action will coerce us into betraying the trust and cooperation of our immigrant communities, he is sorely mistaken. >> the mayor maintains that immigration enforcement is the purview of the federal government, and that it is a city's right, legal right, to be completely hands-off. a spokesperson for i.c.e. referred all questions to the white house.
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we're live in oakland. new at six, concerned san franciscans are getting a bit of a trashy reputation. it is one of the world's most beautiful cities, but there is a problem on the streets. kpix 5 news shows us the impact on tourism's bottom line. -- >> reporter: there is concern about how the city of san francisco is viewed from those coming from around the world. with the skyline this beautiful, san francisco is not a tough sell for tourists, but if there is a complaint, it is that the view from the ground is not always as nice. >> the most common negative thing that they say is the condition of our streets. whether it is aggressive panhandling, whether it is encampments on the street. or even tourists on the street. in fact, that is kind of our brand -- tarnishing our brand. >> tourists are big business. it is estimated that 2 million visit each year. the tourism industry employs
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more than 80,000. but, they have experienced a slowdown recently. san francisco travel ceo says it is because international tourists worry that the us has become a unwelcome place under president trump, but also because of the conditions on the city streets. >> white is one of the wealthiest states and cities have to have streets that are looking like this? and people on the streets in this condition? it is unacceptable honestly. and, we are failing as a society, by not addressing this. >> how much of the city's dirty reputation is harming tourism? >> nowhere is perfect, we did see a lot of the homeless where we were staying. >> nicole is visiting a friend from new york, she says she was charmed by san francisco, dirt and all. >> we love the city, it has a lot of charm. i plan to come back. >> tourism is a $10 billion a year in -- business in san francisco, so there is a great desire to protect, preserve,
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and grow what amounts to the city's largest private industry. in san francisco, devon healy, kpix 5 news. air b&b is trying to attract more customers. elizabeth cook on the san francisco startups attempts to capture some of the luxury market.>> airbnb is for everyone. >> now, that includes high and travelers. the san francisco startups celebrated its 10th birthday by announcing a new strategy, it includes new categories of accommodations, like bed-and- breakfast. it is accessible with social stays, and most notably -- unique or special properties that rent for upwards of $250 per night. and, a category the more expensive called beyond. >> part of it is to be competitive with luxury hotels read >> they say airbnb's reason for that is simple. >> they get a cut from each
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listing. if a listing is $5000 a night, they're going to get a big chunk of that. >> she says it is also intended to offset a decline in bookings. she says cities are imposing stricter regulations on a short- term vacation rentals. for example, this new rule took effect this year in san francisco, the number of airbnb listings has plunged to -- from a peak of 2720 16, to just under 4000 now. >> we have a partnership -- >> and there are more changes coming. the company's founder also announced new perks for the highest rated hosts and most loyal customers, like discounts and vouchers. as well as a new web design. all moves that the company hopes will keep customers coming back for a long time. elizabeth cook, kpix 5 news. tony mendoza called it quits today before his colleagues. he was going to be expelled over sexual misconduct claims. the picture has already been stripped from the walls, but we
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found out that mendoza made his presence known with some angry parting words. >> members of the state senate were visibly shocked as they reviewed a letter of resignation from their former colleague, tony mendoza. he stepped down, just as senators were debating whether to expel him, something that has not happened in sacramento for more than a century. >> we were trying to grapple with the enormity of the situation. >> he wrote -- it is clear that kevin delhi on will not rest until he has my head on a platter. he needs to convince the me to movement of his sincerity. >> we must start here, and we must start now. >> an independent investigation revealed that mendoza, more likely than not, engaged in unwanted flirtation and sexually suggestive behavior with multiple subordinates,
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including asking a female staffer to share a room with him at an event in hawaii. sharing alcohol with a 19-year- old intern, and asked a senate fella to come to a home under the guise of reviewing resumes. mendoza consistently called the investigation unlawful and unfair. he is far from the only lawmaker accused of inappropriate behavior here. a assemblywoman, christine garcia, a leader of the me to movement is accused of groping a staffer, and bob hirschberg is accused of inappropriate hugs. >> we have zero tolerance, but it does not explain -- what the remedies are. the ramifications are. it is very vague, i think -- what we need to do is start tightening up for the future. >> within hours of his resignation, senate staffers had already removed his photo from the wall. mendoza says he will be back here, he is planning to run for reelection in june. in sacramento, kpix 5 news.
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we are getting our first look at the man accused of stealing a pricey unicycle , belonging to a popular warriors halftime performer. the theft happened last month. the surveillance video from the baggage claim area shows a man with a ponytail loading a black suitcase onto a luggage cart, then wheeling it out of the terminal. other cameras outside captured him hurrying away down the sidewalk. so far, he has not been caught. >> the seven foot unicycle inside that bag is worth about $25,000. the red panda has been using a backup ever since. the warriors promised to buy her a replacement. >> a suspected gambling den busted in san francisco. police released photos of electronic gambling machines inside a building on ocean avenue. officers raided the business around noon yesterday, and arrested a man and a woman. that was after neighbors complained about gambling, and possible drug use.>> we think these shops attract other criminal behavior. so, that was what we were also
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concerned with. >> police seized a total of 25 machines, the two suspects are charged with possession of gambling devices, and paraphernalia.>> san francisco retailers are locking up the tents. >> this photo posted on twitter showing the metreon target keeping the tents behind glass. it has gone viral. it is responding to questions whether it was due to the homeless. >> they say they took additional steps to protect merchandise, including putting high theft items in locked cases. target did not say how many tents had been stolen from the metreon store, but they said the move is not standard practice. >> eventful sunset tonight, to close out this very chilly thursday. look at that. some neighborhoods saw snow and hail today. this is vallejo this afternoon.
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a snow/hailed mix coming down and covering cars and even piling up on the doorstep. it is windy, cold, it definitely feels like winter out there. >> that was definitely hail in vallejo. if you look live at the radar, we can see one more shower. let me show it to you. it is moving into the fairfield area. we will zoom in a bit closer. watch out concorde, out towards the delta and discovery bay, you may get one shower before 7 pm. it will continue to snow in the sierras. details, coming up. anger boils over as friends of a man killed by park police demand justice. they want the officer jail. >> and, there is a new slick way to scoot around san jose. how you can catch a ride. >> looking far beyond middle school, students go high-tech at lockheed martin.
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and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. meeting today.. demanding action against a bart officer involved in a deadly shooting. furious family members shutdown a board meeting today, demanding actions against an officer involved in a deadly shooting. we're live near the west oakland station where the body? captured everything. >> reporter: the officer involved shooting happened at the corner right there. that man's family is calling the killing a public lynching. they want that officer prosecuted, and jailed.
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>> we are going to get it down -- >> unsatisfied with what they say is a lack of action, family and supporters of shelley henderson, stopped the board meeting and broke into chance. before taking over the meeting, staff spent a couple of hours telling directors to fire officer just for dale, -- >> he thought he was a cowboy, and shot my brother in the back. we want the officer arrested, charged, and convicted. >> police relieved -- released his body cam video. the shooting happened outside the bart station. you can hear two gunshots. then, the officer running across the street, towards the gunshots. he saw two men fighting on the
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ground, he screamed at -- let me see your hands, five times. then he shot schilling kendall in the back. >> both of you, let me see your hands -->> let me see your hands. let me see your hands. >> my son was murdered. he was shot in the back. with his hands up. unarmed. >> authorities circled what they believed to be a man in his hands before the officer shot him. >> if their life is threatened, whether it is their life or a member of the community, this deadly force is justified at that time. >> candles family does not buy it, saying that he defended himself by trying to wrestle the gun out of the other man's hands. >> it is a lynching, hands up -- it is a lynching. >> some in the crowd even warned them that if they do not remove the officer, other people may go after him. the officer is back patrolling the street. >> what about your son, your daughter? you would have an uproar, it would be an uproar.
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>> the directors say they cannot do anything, they have to wait for the oakland police to finish up the investigation. back at that meeting, despite that interruption, it was peaceful. police stayed back, and allowed the crowd to express their anger. live in west oakland, kpix 5 news . time is running out to get state aid to retrofit your home, the deadline to apply for the earthquake brace and bolt program is tomorrow. homeowners can get up to $3000 from the california earthquake authority to make safety improvements. to qualify, homes must be built before 1979, and be located in at risk as it goes, which is most of the bay area. they have a link for how to apply at cbs. that they want to make a cashless cable car this spring. it will happen at the
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turnarounds that are already there at the kiosks. at the beginning of next year they want to require prepaid fares from every stop. the plan would eliminate opportunities for cable car operators to pocket the cash, two men were arrested last year for doing that. >> new at six, anyway to zip around the silicon valley. it does not involve a tesla, get this -- you just download an app, and then you scoot. >> you are looking at the hottest new thing in personal transportation. it is a shared electric scooter you rent by the right. it pops up on downtown san jose streets, and they are quickly catching on. >> it is pretty convenient. you can just go ahead and stand there with your phone and through the apple take off and go wherever you would like. >> there from a san mateo startup, which also rents bicycles. unlike other bike share companies which have rights of back -- bikes at supplications, these scooters are placed randomly by users around the city. the app uses gps to help you find them. >> kyle just downloaded the app
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, added his credit card, and is trying it out. >> it is a little scary, but super convenient. i can tell it goes pretty fast and i could probably get home pastor. >> they come with a thumb operated throttle, lights, and a handbrake. this is my first time on one. it is pretty easy to read. the top speed is around 10 miles per hour. the company that makes these it says that it is cheaper than an uber, at a couple of bucks per right, and unlike a bicycle, you do not arrive sweaty at your destination. >> to me, it is more fun than a bike. they do offer bikes, but -- these are more fun. >> lime-bike says unlike other companies, it is licensed by the city of san jose to legally operate. but, questions of safety, helmets, and whether to write on the street, bike lane, or sidewalk, at least for now -- seems to be up to the user. in san jose, lynn ramirez, kpix 5 news. we have something cool to show you. one final shower that is left
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to move through the area. notice how it is just about to get to our radar site. it is minutes away. that is also where we have a live camera. look at this shot right here. the leading edge of the precipitation is literally just moving over the camera right now. and, there is a chance in vacaville, at the top of mount back, that that precipitation, that it may fall as snowfall, above 3000 feet in elevation. so, right of that specific location. highs today, concorde 57, santa rosa 55, redwood city 53, san francisco 52. that means it may rain in vacaville or rio vista, or even concorde and martinez in the next hour if that holds together. winter weather advisory continues for about 4 more hours. that is for anything over 2000 feet. we are getting reports of snowfall over 1000 feet. let's fast forward to the weekend. maybe you are headed out, lining the streets of san francisco saturday evening for the chinese new year parade,
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bring your jackets. it will be clear and cool with temperatures in the lower 50s, cooling to the upper 40s. our low-pressure area is now over nevada, and brought in unstable air. maybe you got showers or hell. maybe you saw a rainbow. that is moving out, but cold air is going to move in. it will be a cold night tonight. a couple evening showers moving out. wait until you see the overnight temperatures, it will be in the upper 20s in the north bay. santa rosa at 29, san jose all the way down to 34. tomorrow, sunny but on the school -- cool side of average. rolling through the weekend, we are milder. precipitation free. showers are possible monday, another round of showers or light rain next thursday. watch out vacaville for some showers headed your way right now. >> [ laughter ] love the live weather cams. all right, thanks. a former student turned olympic gold medalist. and east bay high school gets a new athletic center. >> there will be plenty of heroes in this country next week. 38 years to the day after the
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miracle on ice, the us offers another signature moment in hockey. how britney spears influenced last night's gold medal. ♪ ♪ there are two types of people in the world. those who fear the future... and those who embrace it. the future is for the unafraid. ♪ ♪
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hockey..the us women captured their 2nd ever olympic gold medal, and it came at the expense of canada.. a classic moment exhibiting the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat.. it is being called one of the greatest moments in hockey. the woman captured their second gold medal and it came at the expense of canada. a classic moment, really exhibiting the thrill of victory, and the agony of defeat. in the silver medal ceremony, josh lareau was so disgusted at coming in second, she took the metal off. it was a pair of twin sisters, jocelyn scored the decisive shootout goal, thanks to some incredible moves which were actually inspired by a britney spears song. >> the last four years, one of
6:24 pm
our coaches worked on that move with us. it is called oops i did it again. so, she did lips against russia, and then she did it again again. i have seen it a handful of times, and it usually works every time. [ laughter ] >> oops, i did it again. that is not the song the lawyers are hoping to hear tonight when they take the floor against the clippers. their vacation is over. in january, lou williams scored 50, and they embarrass the warriors on their home court. kevin durant insists the sky is not falling. >> we are a still a good team now. i mean, i know that it is not -- you know, the warriors over the last two years, you know -- as far as records are concerned, i'm not going to sit here and let anybody say that we are struggling, or you know, hang our heads because we lost of you. we are still getting. >> tiger woods, back to
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competitive golf. back-to-back weeks for the first time in three years. tiger was one under when he got to the back nine, but he took a double bogey seven, finished his round even. he was just for off the lead. it could have been worse. he had to put his rain pants on to hack out of the water, did not go well. i should not laugh, i have been there. a triple bogey, once he finally got out. >> baseman matt chapman reportedly left camp to get an mri in los angeles on his right hand. he had soreness in his palm area, but the team believes it is not serious. >> brandon boxes back. that is after being three years away. he made an all-star team in 2014, but getting parts in those famous a's commercials, but it is little different.>> they are always great commercials around here, they do a great job, but -- obviously, if i am asked, i
6:26 pm
would be one. but, right now -- i'm just trying to make the team. >> we will see how that goes first.>> good personality, we welcome him back. one quick note -- micros, who scored the winning goal against russia in 1980, his stick sold for $290,000 today. >> worth every penny. [ laughter ] >> that is awesome, thank you dennis. >> coming up, students go behind the scenes to talk rocket science at lockheed martin. a landmark cafeteria dealing with a nasty infestation. >> you never went in in the aftermath of the school massacre, we talk with a school guard on duty who stayed clear of danger. where he was.
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space - x's falcon 9 rocket you are watching kpix 5 news . 3-2-1 -- >> the falcon heavy rocket took off around 630 this morning. quite a sight. it is taking an image site -- satellite into orbit.
6:30 pm
is also caring prototypes of satellites for a space x plan to deliver local broadband internet service. in the meantime, the rocket scientists of tomorrow are hard at work here in the area. we are at lockheed-martin in sunnyvale, where local middle schoolers were invited for national engineers week. >> this is a replica of the hubble space telescope that lockheed-martin designed and built it there sunnyvale location. it is not every day that students get to come inside lockheed-martin, but today engineers gave them a special behind the scenes tour, to inspire them to follow their dreams. >> 23 middle school students from redwood city got to be engineers for the day. building, and blasting off rockets. it was all part of a stem science technology engineering and math outreach program with peninsula bridge. these are first-generation college students, and hopefully
6:31 pm
future engineers. >> i want to work for nasa and the rocket science. >> it is already making a huge impact on joanna. >> it really peaked my attention, because -- it is something that i don't see a lot of girls doing. and, i want to make a change, and have more girls get out there and going to the world, knowing that they can do anything that a guy can. >> she is a software engineer at lockheed martin, she knows firsthand the importance of role models and hopes that young girls will identify and relate to her. >> you see the light in their eyes, and so i think that is why we like to volunteer. >> the big part of this program is to encourage students to explore the possibilities. a career in stem, science, technology, engineering, and math. i am mary lee, kpix 5 news. a billion-dollar project straight out of a james bond plot is taking shape near
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stanford, where the world's most powerful laser is being built. an upgrade to the menlo park laboratory will allow scientists to observe individual atoms at work, potentially leading to breakthroughs in health, energy, and other fields. experiments will begin a few years from now. problems at the marin civic center forcing the shutdown of the cafeteria. rat droppings showed up in a san rafael during a routine inspection on february 9. the cafeteria reopened briefly a few days later, but then another inspection found more evidence of rats. now, everything has to cool down and be stocked up on tables. >> we want to do, obviously a thorough cleaning and make sure that it is spotless. but, also figure out how they got in initially. and, to make it so that that will not happen again. >> rats can fit through openings the size of a quarter, that means all of the kitchen appliances and fixtures had to be pulled from walls so that the smallest holes could be
6:33 pm
sealed. the next inspection happens tomorrow. >> bay area headlines -- a deadly crash and close call for a family. two cars collided, almost crashed into a home just before 1 am. one person was killed in the accident. police believe the driver of the camaro was speeding and had been drinking when he drifted into a pickup truck coming in the opposite direction. another fatality from another crash in palo alto. a female driver crossed the median on the oregon expressway into the path of a food delivery truck. the woman died, three others were injured. and a coast guard helicopter made an emergency landing at golden gate park. it happened about 745 this morning. pictures from chopper five showed it landed safely near the softball field. the coast guard tells us a mechanical warning prompted the crew to make a precautionary landing. the chopper was able to take off before noon, after the aircraft was checked out. a popular menlo park pub is closing up shop after 60 years. as you can see, business is
6:34 pm
still booming at the beer garden. the problem is the sales are not enough to cover the rent. the restaurant owner says when it came time for a renewal, they could not get an affordable price. >> i can understand, the owners of the property can get a lot more revenue by changing this institution into something else. but, it is going to break a lot of parts, including ours. >> at this point, the oasis is slated to close on march 7. more than 1400 people have already signed an online petition, urging the property owner to reconsider the leasing agreement. >> coming up, and the aftermath of a florida school massacre, the armed guard on duty has resigned. his actions, now being questioned. three men found that outside of an area school, investigators say their deaths may be linked to a drug epidemic.
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on duty during last week's massacre at a florida high school is out of a job tonight. as reporter chris martinez the school resource officer on duty at the florida massacre last week is out of a job. as chris martinez reports, the sheriff had harsh words about the guard's lack of action.>> the sheriff suspended scott peterson without pay, after interviewing witnesses, and reviewing surveillance video recorded from last wednesdays shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. >> what i saw was -- the deputy arrived at the west side of the building, take up a position, and he never went in. >> the sheriff said peterson was elsewhere on the campus when the shooting started, and remained outside while the shooter fired his automatic assault rifle, killing shooter -- teachers and coaches.
6:38 pm
>> i was devastated, sick to my stomach. there are no words. these families lost their children. we lost coaches. >> when asked what peterson should have done -- >> went in, addressed to the killer, killed the killer. >> peterson promptly re-signed, the sheriff placed two other deputies on administrative leave. he said his department had at least 23 encounters with school shooter nicholas cruz or his family since 2008. it was during two of these engagements that the sheriff said deputies are being investigated to determine whether they could have, or should have done more. >> chris martinez, cbs news. peterson was in broward county and was a resource officer of the year. he was held for his tact and judgment. >> training and arming teachers will prevent mass shootings at schools the president says.
6:39 pm
he met with local leaders from communities hit by gun violence. he said schools as gun free zones make them easy targets. he argued it is better to put educators on the offense, and have some be trained to carry guns on campus. >> it would be a small percentage, but it would be a lot of people. and once you do this, you will have a situation where all of a sudden, this horrible play -- thing will stop. >> mr. trump is echoing an idea first floated by the nra. he says that he wants to strengthen background checks, improve mental health services, and raise the legal age to buy a rifle from 18 to 21. >> san francisco health officials suspect a powerful opioid may be the cause of three deaths in haight-ashbury. the bodies were found in the early morning hours on a sidewalk outside of the urban school. late today, health officials announced they suspect the deaths were caused by fentanyl. it is a powerful opioid, often mixed with street drugs or fake pills, and sold at a lower price. >> it is cheaper, fentanyl is
6:40 pm
cheaper than heroin, so it can be placed into the opiate, or the opioid in the formulation. >> health officials are warning all users of street drugs to carry locks on or narcan for their own safety in the event of an overdose. and concorde police say a violent argument has left a man dead. officers were called to a home on lodge drive just after 5 pm -- 5 am this morning. they found one man was stabbed to death. he was located in pittsburgh and arrested for murder. no names or motives have been released. well, she has seen a lot and 96 years. definitely enough to write a book about. we spoke with a woman about her new book, sign my name to freedom. it is now raining in vacaville. it will be raining shortly in fairfield. the storm heads south, down towards antioch and pittsburgh, and discovery bay. we will talk about warming in the forecast, because we're not
6:41 pm
finished yet. your updated 7-day, coming up.
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a 96-year-old woman is sharing woman is sharing... her words of wisdom. she's releasing a new book about her life serving as the oldest park ranger. kpix five's john ramos reports. if the best books come from a iter's life a 96-year-old woman is sharing her words of wisdom. she is releasing a book about her life serving as the oldest park ranger. john ramose has her story. >> reporter: if the best books come from a writer's life experience, then that he reads ought to be a doozy. >> how do you describe the life you have lived?>> i have lived my life in a constant state of surprise. [ laughter ] truly. >> at age 96, that he is best known as serving as the oldest national park ranger, still giving tours in richmond. but, now she is moving from explaining the nation's history, to offering the wisdom
6:45 pm
gained from her own. last night, she introduced her new book, entitled sign my name to freedom, a collection of letters, speeches, and postings from her blog, that she began clear back in 2003. >> i kept it pretty much my history. i'm getting telephone calls from the younger members of family now thinking me, because it turns out to be their history as well. >> as a great granddaughter of a former slave, and a survivor of jim crow, much of her writing centered on her lifelong struggle for equality, and a basic appeal to man's higher nature. but it is not been easy. having lived so long, and experienced so much, perhaps the most amazing thing about betty is the usefulness of her outlook on life. >> she has seen so many changes. >> it is my honor to present to you, the president of the
6:46 pm
united states. barack obama. >> how could she have ever guessed that she would one day share a stage with our first african-american president? >> that he acknowledges the challenges, but does not fear the future, because she has been an eyewitness in the past.>> every day is a fresh canvas. and i think that may be the way that i have lived my whole life. >> authoring a book may seem like a way to rapidly life, but that is not really that he's style, considered instead as just the next stop on an ongoing journey. in oakland, john ramose, kpix 5 news. >> she has many great years ahead. yelp is out with his top 100 places to eat for 2018. a few bay area restaurants made the grade, but only a few. falafel in beaumont ranked the highest. that is number 15. a taste of jordan in livermore ranked 44, and nixon next door in los gatos is number 75.
6:47 pm
these are based on customer reviews, but a shout out to peter's kettle corn in oakland. >> concorde high school has dedicated the new aquatic center to a hometown hero. olympic gold medalist, natalie conklin was on hand today as her alma mater unveiled the new state-of-the-art facility bearing her name. she graduated from there in 2000 and went on to win a total of 12 olympic medals. three of them are gold. >> you know, not only am i really impressed with the school, but the weight room, and the training facility, and the physical therapy part is really cool. i'm super jealous that i did not have that when i was here. [ laughter ]>> the new athletic complex still needs a few more finishing touches. the school hopes to have it all done by late april. >> those looking to make a splash this spring are in for a treat. that is at northern california's biggest waterpark. what are rolled concorde will become six flags hurricane
6:48 pm
harbor concorde when it opens for the 2018 season. visitors can expect to see new dining areas, retail shops, and freshly painted slides. the park will open may 5. >> they will love that. it was not a great day for the pool. cool and rainy in some areas, drivers working through slick conditions in palo alto. and then check this out, there was enough hail to actually make a snowman in vallejo this afternoon. is there more of this on the way? >> well, the answer is no. but, it is kind of cool, yeah -- we had snowman in vallejo because of all the stuff coming out of the sky. from noon until 3 pm. we are seeing rain showers in the possibility of hail near vacaville or fairfield. and we actually had thunder snow in the sierra earlier today. the rest of the bay area is calming down, but it was somewhat of a stormy afternoon. it is still sore -- stormy. we are getting reports of grass valley getting snow. 1500 foot elevation.
6:49 pm
osterville had snow today. sutter creek had snow and thunderstorms at the same time. i love saying this word -- thunderstorm. and, also low elevation snow all the way down to the entrance of yosemite. so, we are looking at temperatures outside with a beautiful blue background right now. san jose 48, oakland 47, livermore 46. our map is painted blue, because tonight is going to be quite cold. look at san jose, 34. some parts of the city will drop below freezing tonight. we will go below freezing in the tri-valley. fairfield getting the rain now, call tonight. napa 30 degrees, santa rosa 29, oakland down to 38 degrees. so, very wintry throughout the day today. our hail maker, high elevation snow maker is in northern nevada right now. very cold, unstable air along the front. that is working its way quickly to the south, and very quickly we will clear out tonight. that is part of the reason that we will be so cold. we will wake up tomorrow morning and here's what i want you to do. if you're in san jose or
6:50 pm
fremont, look to the east tomorrow morning. because, it did snow on the diablo range today. it is not going to melt. you may look out to the east and see a nice little layer of white above 3000 feet in elevation. with clear skies it should be visible tomorrow morning. we will show it to you during the newscast as well. clear skies throughout the day. there will be some cloud cover throughout the day on saturday, but no rainfall. on sunday we clear things out once again. so, a calmer pattern before next week, when more low pressure areas will die down. and, another chance of showers, not only day but wednesday and thursday of next week. so, showers are wrapping up, the wind that has been with us all day, that is going to relax, and it is going to get rather cold tonight. milder for the weekend, more shower chances coming in next week. highs tomorrow, still not hitting 60. santa clara 57, san mateo, 55. sunshine in danville, 55. pittsburgh 56. looking at a high of 56 in alameda and san francisco. nevada, 58, mineta bay, 52. the weekend, we are looking dry. low 60s inland, a little lower
6:51 pm
than we will see for a while. showers on monday and light rain next wednesday, and the next thursday. that is your chilly forecast. we appreciate it, thank you. coming up, at 10, the bay one the championship, but they're not going to the white house. tonight, what the warriors are planning to do instead, while they are in dc. we will have that story for you tonight. join us tonight at 10 on our sister station. 44 cable 12.
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even if no one in your home smokes, secondhand smoke can be closer than you think. secondhand smoke from a neighbor's apartment can enter your home through air vents, through light fixtures and even through cracks in the walls and the floors. secondhand smoke is toxic. especially to children. protect your family. visit
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young players and the parents that supported them along their way.. and one former st. francis s working to spring training is the time for big league dreams for players and the parents who supported them. one former st. francis star is working to make the eggs for mom. >> another time one phone call away. >> creighton bishop has been on pins and needles, working out all winter in beaumont, preparing for his first big league camp. but the magnitude of that a compliment is lost on his mother, -- >> i do not know if she can process what it actually meant, but you know to see her be happy over part of the dream of mine, that meant a lot. >> susie bishop suffers from early onset alzheimer's, a
6:55 pm
disease that began to ravage her brain when she was just 50. >> five years ago, she was normal. and, in five years she has completely changed. she cannot have any freedom. >> bishop chooses to remember the mom that was a hollywood movie producer, and a parent that took him to batting practice, not the person who cannot find her way around the kitchen and gets lost in a simple conversation. >> i lost it. >> you know, she used to be so good and speak so eloquently. >> he learned of his mother's diagnosis when he was in college at the university of washington. he was on the verge of the major-league draft, his first thought was to give it all up. >> my biggest question was do you want me to come home? i will happily stop playing the game to be with you, because i know there's only so much time left. and, her answer to me was know.
6:56 pm
this has been your dream since you are young, i want you to chase it. >> and chase it, he did. bishop was drafted in the third round, and is currently one of the seattle mariners top prospects. and as his stock rises, so does his cause -- for mom. a charitable endeavor for early onset alzheimer's research, and caretaker support. >> families in need help, because the disease will drive them right into the ground. >> he is driven by his mom to make it to the big leagues. he calls it his y -- the coach says his how is already taken care of. >> so, for every hit that he gets in spring training, braden is raising money. so far he has raised 40,000 from previous events. we wish him well. and for the concern over early onset patients for alzheimer's. >> exactly. >> all right, have a great evening. good night.
6:57 pm
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