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tv   The Late Show With Stephen Colbert  CBS  February 22, 2018 11:35pm-12:37am PST

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captioning sponsored by cbs earlier today president trump met with officials, mostly from red states to discuss the violence. he called for arming teachers. >> and now a response from a schoolteacher. >> president trump and some others suggested the safest thing we can do is arm our teachers. others have suggested that the safest thing we can do is arm our teachers. as counterpoint, i would just like to say... that is a great idea. i look forward to packing heat. now, let's imagine i'm in the middle of a lesson on the ancient aztecs and the unthinkable happens. here's how it will go down. first, i'd spring out of my chair. ( laughter )
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>> announcer: this has b response from a school teacher. >> announcer: this is "the late show" with stephen colbert. stephen welcomes christine baranski, constance zimmer and musical guest bon jovi featuring jon batiste and "stay human." now live on tape from the ed sullivan theater in new york city, it's stephen colbert! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: hi, everybody! you're very kind! whoo! please have a seat! please have a seat, everybody! thank you very much! please, sit down, sit down! you're very nice, everybody! welcome to the "late show."
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i'm your host, stephen colbert. the national conversation continues to be, how do we keep our children safe from gun violence. everyone knows this is a crisis, so, for the president, for the republican majority, for the n.r.a., every option is on the table-- except fewer guns. where to start? yesterday, president trump held a listening session with traumatized students, teachers, and parents at the white house. it's a good place to start, but it was clearly a test of trump's ability to listen, because he brought along a cheat sheet that included: "i hear you." ( laughter ) ( applause ) i mean, people have cheat sheets, but it is a little unsettling that the president needs a cheat sheet for reacting to other people's emotions. i can imagine the notes he used when he left his wives. "hello... 'wife's name.' it's over.
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you were a nine and now you're a high seven. thank you, and i hear you, but i don't want to see you ." well, we here at the "late show" got the actual list. looks much bigger when he's holding it. ( laughter ) ( applause ) now, the reason we could see those questions in the photograph is because he was looking at the other side, which says, "do this." he did his best. ( laughter ) but listening is not enough. trump knows you have to take action, and he's got a lot of ideas. >> and there are a lot of different ideas. i can name ten of them right now. does anybody have an idea as to how to stop it? what is your recommendation to stop it?
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>> stephen: oh, he could name ten solutions, but he doesn't want to hog the spotlight. "i could name ten, and it would be fixed, but you go first, and i'll tell you how many of mine you guessed. oh, that's one of them. that's one of them. that's not one of them. n.r.a. won't let me do that, but i hear you." ( laughter ) ( applause ) donald trump actually does have a suggestion to deal with the number of guns. he wants more of them. >> a teacher would have a concealed gun on them. if you had a teacher who was adept at firearms, they could end the attack very quickly. i think it could very well solve your problem. >> stephen: yes, arm the teachers! i'm sure it's in the budget. "sorry, your school can't afford enough copies of 'to kill a mockingbird,' but, good news,
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we're giving you something that can kill any bird." ( laughter ) ( piano riff ) yeah. now, trump's idea didn't go over great with law enforcement, teachers, and people who are children. so this morning, he took to twitter to clarify his position, and doubled down. "i never said 'give teachers guns.' what i said was to look at the possibility of giving 'concealed guns to gun-adept teachers with military or special training experience'-- only the best." yeah, trump never said to give guns to teachers willy-nilly. can you imagine what this country would be like if anyone could get a gun? ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) that was actually hard to read.
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trump tweeted on, "if a potential 'sicko shooter' knows that a school has a large number of very weapons-talented teachers-- and others-- who will be instantly shooting, the sicko will never attack that school. cowards won't go there. problem solved." yeah, that's what sickos are known for: logical reasoning. and what does he mean, "weapons talented?" that's not a phrase that i want to associate with teachers. "boy, jim, you sure are handy with guns. have you considered working with children?" ( laughter ) he finished, "must be offensive, defense alone won't work!" oh, sir, i think your suggestion is offensive enough. ( applause )
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and, this afternoon, trump met with state and local officials to talk about school safety, where he tripled down on the idea of arming teachers. >> frankly, you have teachers that are marines for 20 years. they retire and they become a teacher. they're army, navy, air force, coast guard, people who have won shooting contests and, you know, they're for whatever. ( laughter ) >> stephen: if there's one thing that reassures you as a parent about the safety of your children is when the president says, "whatever." ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) i haven't given it much thought. so, shooting contests or contests for whatever. "i saw a guy at the carnival with a big mallet do the bangy thing, got the li'l biscuit way up the pole. maybe he could knock the bad guys over the head. problem solved.
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everybody gets a stuffed animal. i hear you." ( laughter ) ( cheers and applause ) as a matter of fact, he has one specific guy in mind for the job. >> i'm watching john kelly, general john kelly. so he's a four-star marine. he's a tough cookie. if he was a teacher of mine, i wouldn't mind him having a gun. because they know general kelly is the history teacher. he's teaching about how we win wars, okay? and he's got a concealed weapon, but they're going to know he's got a concealed weapon because we tell them the bullets are going to be flying in the other direction. >> stephen: so, parents, you can relax. bullets won't be flying in one direction. now bullets will be flying in all directions. ( laughter ) but he's a businessman, he knows you get what you pay for. >> and what i recommend we do is, the people who do carry, we give them a bonus.
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we give them a little bit of a bonus. >> stephen: i'm sure all that's in the school budget, too. "sorry, kids, we had to cut the music program, but you can still watch mr. hutchinson polishing his glock in the darkened band room." ( laughter ) ( applause ) >> jon: oh, my gosh! >> stephen: or he can play that thing. yeah. >> jon: he can play it, huh. >> stephen: he can play that glock. and again, these tragedies can never be blamed on the 310 million guns in america. they always have to be blamed on something else, like the sad fact that too many of our schools are not built to withstand the zombie apocalypse. >> we have to harden our schools, not soften them up. a gun-free zone, to a killer, or somebody that wants to be a killer, that's like going in for an ice cream. that's like, "here i am, take me." >> stephen: does donald trump imagine ice cream saying that to him when he eats it? donald, i'm here, take me. ( laughter ) put me in your weird little
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mouth. ( laughter ) now, obviously, all of this sounds pretty grim. but don't worry. donald trump had a message of hope. >> i think we need hardened sites. we need to let people know, you come into our schools, you're going to be dead. >> stephen: sure. ( laughter ) sure. there you go. yeah, why not? especially once you arm the teachers and you rig one of the janitors to explode on contact. which one? you'll never know. and neither will he. keeps everyone on their toes. oh, and maybe change the mascot to gunny, the gun-toting gun. there's a happy image of america's future. and trump wasn't the only one listening to victims of gun violence last night. cnn hosted a town hall on the aftermath of the florida shooting. it included some of the most outspoken survivors, and parents, but the real star of the show was florida senator and man who just received his cash from the n.r.a., marco rubio. now, the crowd wasn't exactly with marco rubio last night.
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and you know what they say: "if they're not with you, you're marco rubio." ( laughter ) here he is, trying to explain what he sees as the perils of banning semi-automatic weapons. >> on the issue you've raised about your background checks, related directly to what you said about the assault weapons ban, it's not the loopholes. it's the problem that once you start looking at how easy it is to get around it, you would literally have to ban every semi-automatic rifle that's sold in america. ( cheers and applause ) fair enough. >> stephen: that is a guy who can not read theçó room. ( laughter ) look, we'd have to get rid of guns and then it's a slippery slope to dead people. oh, you would like that? fair enough. guess it takes all kinds.
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( laughter ) now, a lot of people are giving rubio credit for even being at this town hall. >> it was brave of rubio to show up. >> credit to rubio for showing up last night. >> i commend senator rubio going. >> hats off to him for showing up. >> stephen: here's the thing. just showing up isn't that impressive! he works for those people. if your boss calls you into their office, you can't say, "yes, i hit a customer, turned the break room into a sex dungeon, and i'm currently very high... but i showed up even though i knew you'd be mad. i should get some credit for that. want to get high?" ( laughter ) ( applause ) they do. they get high! i know the feeling. fight it. fight it. the highlight of the evening was when rubio came face-to-face with cameron kasky, one of the teenagers who survived the parkland shooting, and cameron had a particularly pointed question for the senator. >> senator rubio, can you tell
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me right now that you will not accept a single donation from the n.r.a. in the future? ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: oh, that's going to leave a marco. ( laughter ) oh. maybe a skid marco. ( laughter ) but rubio had an answer to the idea that the n.r.a. paid him to follow their agenda: >> no more n.r.a. money? more n.r.a. money? >> that-- that is the wrong way to look-- first of all, the answer is, people buy into my agenda. the answer to the question is that people buy into my agenda. you can ask that question, and i can tell you that people buy into my agenda. >> stephen: "yes, people buy into my agenda. i don't ask who, or why, i just tell them to leave the money on the dresser." ( laughter ) we've got a great show for you tonight. ( cheers and applause ) christine baranski is here. but, when we return, i'll be right back here to talk about the n.r.a.'s response. stick around! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) ye
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11:54 pm
trump thinks it's not the guns. marco rubio thinks it's not the guns. but on the other hand, the florida legislature also thinks it's not the guns, because, after refusing to even debate an assault weapons ban, they took decisive whatever. >> house bill passed wednesday to have every state school and administrative building prominently display, "in god we trust." >> stephen: that's right, kids, trust in god. because your lawmakers aren't doing crap. ( cheers and applause ) ( piano riff ) here's the thing, it's not just them. the gun lobby also believes god has a role in all this. just listen to n.r.a. chief and grandma wearing a grandpa suit, wayne lapierre. >> and there is no greater personal, individual freedom than the right to keep and bear
11:55 pm
arms, and right to protect yourself and survive. it's not bestowed by man, but given by god to all americans as our american birthright. >> stephen: guns are bestowed by god? i guess we're going to have to update the sistine chapel. ( laughter ) yeah. less michelangelo, more quintin tarantino. >> jon: right, right. >> stephen: it really makes you wonder, is god pro gun or not? >> you're darn tootin', stephen. >> stephen: hey! it's the lord, everybody. give it up for god! >> how's it going, stephen? >> stephen: well, not great, god. have you seen the news? >> yeah, we're testing a new version of hell in the american market. would you say you've abandoned all hope, or some hope? >> stephen: we're hanging in there. thanks to these students.
11:56 pm
so, god, is it true that the right to bear arms comes directly from you? >> yup. in the garden of eden, they bared everything! i'm talking full frontal, with snake. ( laughter ) it's a metaphor forpenis, stephen. >> stephen: i understand that, hence the fig leaf. so you created the second amendment? >> i did. but, like everything i write, you people get it wrong. i said, "a well-regulated militia." does that sound like getting an ar-15 should be easier than buying sudafed? >> stephen: so, people are just misinterpreting it? >> yup. just like when i wrote, "thou shalt not covet thy neighbor's property." i didn't mean everything. my neighbor just got a sweet new tesla. i covet the heck out of that. i live next to james cameron. >> stephen: really? yeah, the titanic guy. >> stephen: so does he live in heaven or do you live in bel air? >> well, we live on the border of bel air and brentwood. >> stephen: so, you support gun
11:57 pm
control? >> yeah. you know how easy it was for me to get one of these? say hello to my little friend. no background check. and i'm a vengeful loner with a messiah complex. >> stephen: god, everybody! thank you for stopping by. >> check out these guns! >> stephen: always great to see you. a great show for you tonight. back with christine baranski from "the good fight"! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) at petsmart, we understand that different pets
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: hey! welcome back! >> stephen: my first guest tonight is an emmy and tony award-winning actress, now
12:02 am
starring in season two of "the good fight." >> i have been asked to be a partner at another firm twice the size of this one. >> and you're wondering -- if i should go. the offer came from someone who betrayed me. >> well, someone who betrayed you once will betray you again. that's a given. >> yeah, but isn't it better to go with the devil you know. >> i never understood that expression. why not go with no devils? >> i just don't like hustling every day to keep this firm afloat. >> yes, you do. you love it. >> stephen: please welcome christine baranski! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing )
12:03 am
>> thank you! thank you! >> stephen: hi, nice to see you again. >> so god is a hard act to follow. >> stephen: yeah, he sure is. just ask jesus. ( laughter ) thank you for being here. >> i'm happy to be here. >> stephen: i know you're a busy lady. you're literally stopping by for a moment on your way to broadway. >> yeah, i hope this doesn't take too lon i'm on my way to bernadette peters opening night in "hello dolly." >> stephen: i can't wait to see that. >> she's a good friend. can i wish her a good opening? >> stephen: yeah, sure. break a leg, bernadette! >> stephen: that's nice. where does that come from, the "break a leg"? >> that's a good question. you say it in the hope no one will break his or her leg. i actually broke a leg. >> stephen: when?
12:04 am
i was preparing to do mame, another jerry herman musical, and it was february, and i had to go into rehearsal in april, and i was going between a ballet and a jazz class, and i was walking on the streets of new york to a bus stop when i slipped and landed straight on this kneecap and smashed it. this is early february. i had to go into rehearsal in april. so i did crazy rehab. and we kind of renamed the musical "lame" o or "maimed." ( laughter ) it was like "hello dolly" one of the musicals where we descend the staircase and all the fabulous boys are waiting to pick you up and swish you around. i would come off stage at intermission and my knee would be the size of a grapefruit. but i did it. >> stephen: is it like a broad way dr. feel good?
12:05 am
>> no, but i got through it, it was amazing. >> pure grit. but doing eight shows of a musical is so challenging. >> stephen: i can't imagine. but you don't have to go down a staircase. >> stephen: everything is one level because of grandpa shambles. that was actually my stripper name, grandpa shambles. ( laughter ) ( applause ) i was young and needed the money. you went to oxford and studied? >> i did. >> stephen: okay. well, it's a summer program. oxford has a summary program. >> stephen: oh, you had to go to summer school and be held back at oxford. >> my daughter did a graduate degree at oxford. when i took her there, i went, oxford -- i went to juilliard. it's like trade school, it's like a plumber but it's acting.
12:06 am
>> stephen: you go to juilliard and you become a plumber? my plumbers here! ( laughter ) >> i love doing libraries and doing homework and raising my hand and getting the right answer, so oxford has adult courses in the summer, and two years ago i took it on t.e. lawrence, lawrence of arabia. >> stephen: sure. last year i did oscar wilde, and this summer i think i'm going to do the b.b.c. during the war years. >> stephen: were you always a good student? >> yes. >> stephen: yes. yes. because i worked hard. i was raised by nuns, you know, catholic girls school. >> stephen: okay, sure. just being the good girl was what you had to do. >> stephen: tough nones? oh, my gosh! you have no idea. >> stephen: would you want these nuns to be armed i?
12:07 am
( laughter ) just curious. >> they were armed with rosaries and attitude and i tell you -- >> stephen: the nunchuck was the rosary? ( laughter ) >> did you go to catholic school? >> stephen: i am the only one of my brothers and sisters who did not go to catholic school. >> because the sex education there would prepare you for harvey weinstein. ( audience reacts ) no, what i mean is they would tell you, if a boy touches you below the neck, he turns into a wild animal, he can't be controlled. >> stephen: that's not terrible advice. ( laughter ) >> that's what i meant by the nuns. >> stephen: yeah, okay. well, good. >> so we had girls, you know, there was just a lot of necking in high school. >> stephen: because the neck was still a free zone? >> a free zone. anything below there was, whoa! ( laughter ) so we'll go to ballet class
12:08 am
saturday morning and you would see these girls, they would be doing their ballet, and you would see all these hickeys. >> stephen: did you ever see one in a mirror? >> no, i was a good girl. i waited. the nuns said to wait, so i waited as long as possible, until i got to new york. >> stephen: as soon as you got to juilliard, then you made up. ( laughter ) we're here season two of "the good fight." >> it's going to be incredible. the writers on "the good fight" as with "the good wife" write what's going on in the world. >> stephen: you had to rewrite the pilot because trump won. >> yes, the first scene was me going, watching the inauguration. this first scene starts with me going, because a lawyer becomes a judge hand has no place being
12:09 am
a judge like a lot of trump appointees. but anyway -- ( cheers and applause ) no, we've done episodes on sexual assault, white supremacy, fake news. we're in the middle of shooting the golden shower tape. >> stephen: are you shooting the tape or the episode about the tape? >> it's about the tape. >> stephen: okay, all right. well, i'm looking forward to that. ( laughter ) >> here's the thing about writing for the show, you're writing about characters who are living in this real time, except we're not living in a real time, we're living in a surreal time, and the writers somehow have to breathlessly keep up with the news. so by the time the golden shower episode airs, might be nostalgia, we might be on to something even more outrageous, do you know what i mean? >> stephen: i do know what you mean. i know exactly what you mean.
12:10 am
by the time this show airs tonight we might. ( laughter ) obviously, you're a star of the screen, but as i said before, you're no stranger to broadway. you've got a beautiful singing voice, you've won tonys. have you ever thought of making "the good fight" a musical? that would be fun. >> well, "the good fight," i mean, that's so serious. like, look, this is how i look in "the good fight." this is so serious. >> stephen: oh, okay. and i haven't sung in so long. >> stephen: so you probably wouldn't do it? >> i don't know, i think it might be -- it might be -- ♪ ♪ ( cheering ) ♪ on the mean streets of chicago ♪ the brutal windy city ♪ sometimes you need a lawyer ♪ when things don't look so pretty
12:11 am
♪ someone in your corner ♪ to stand up for what is right ♪ you need a diane lockhart ♪ to fight in your "good fight!" ♪ it isn't "the good doctor" ♪ it isn't "the good place" ♪ it's different than "the good wife" ♪ but it still has my face ♪ because you loved me on that other show ♪ for over seven years ♪ they gave me my own spin-off ♪ just like "frasier" after "cheers" ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: with cush jumbo! >> her, too! not ♪ ♪ it's "the good fight" >> stephen: only cbs! ♪ ♪ "the good fight" >> you mean, cbs all access. >> stephen: right. ♪ ♪ the good fight >> it's a stirring legal drama.
12:12 am
>> stephen: and this year there's an episode where they impeach obama. >> actually, it's the other guy. >> stephen: oh, even better. ♪ it's "the good fight"! ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: "the good fight" returns sunday march 4, on cbs all access. christine baranski, everybody. we'll be right back with constance zimmer. ( cheers and applause ) 'sup, world? it's the box with 30% savings for safe drivers. coming at you with my brand-new vlog. just making some ice in my freezer here. so check back for that follow-up vid. this is my cashew guy bruno. holler at 'em, brun. kicking it live and direct here at the fountain. should i go habanero or maui onion? should i buy a chinchilla? comment below. did i mention i save people $620 for switching? chinchilla update -- got that chinchilla after all.
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: welcome back, ladies and gentlemen! my next guest is an actress you know from "entourage," "house of cards," and now, as a cutthroat reality show producer on "unreal." >> do i or do i not look like a
12:17 am
stripper mermaid? >> this is how all the girls on this show dresses. sequins pop, a willingness to participate. >> no, i brought my own dress. great if you want to accept a nobel prize not catch a husband. >> i don't know how to talk about people. >> no one will be listening, just staring. come on, rachel. >> stephen: please welcome constance zimmer! ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> very lively. hi. >> stephen: they are a very lively crowd. now, for the people out there
12:18 am
who may not be versed, "unreal" is about a realty show kind of like the bachelor. >> yes. >> stephen: and it's called -- it's called "ever lasting" is our show within the show "because "unreal" is behind the scenes of the making of a show like" the bachelor ." >> stephen: of a reality show to show how unreal saints. >> which is shocking that people didn't realize reality shows aren't real. >> stephen: it says realty in the title. >> realty-ish. >> stephen: realty-ish shows. yeah. >> stephen: this season it's more like the bachelorette, right? >> correct. >> stephen: you have a woman choosing the guys. >> yes. >> stephen: which is my jam. it is? >> stephen: because i don't watch the bachelor but i enjoy the bachelorette. >> are youio lying? >> stephen: no, every summer it's the bachelorette. it's her and all the greased up meat slabs they bring in. i just love the guys who are
12:19 am
flexing off against each other. like, what were you doing talking to brenda? you were on the couch more than 15 minutes. hey, bro, we're all supposed to talk to her tonight. you know what i'm talking about? >> then you would like her show. there are a lot of greased up, i call them meat puppets. >> stephen: of course, they're just the puppets for you because you're the producer. >> i'm, like, welcome to the sausage party and, you know, i really like to call 'em like i see it. >> stephen: do you watch any of these reality shows? >> i don't, actually. >> stephen: did you have to? did you have to watch any of this to get ready for it? like do a ride-along? >> i don't know if i would have survived. i did -- i had to watch one season of the bachelor and i asked all my really smart friends who watch reality television because only smart people watch reality television, right? >> stephen: right, yes. okay. and i asked them which season was the best to watch because i never watched it before and they said watch the season with juan
12:20 am
pablo. >> stephen: oh, yeah. o i didn't need to see anything else, that was plenty. >> stephen: mm-hmm. i realize it's the same thing over and over again. >> stephen: are reality shows, like, have you spoken to people who produce reality shows? have they said to you, you guys have got it right or have they said, no, we don't do that? >> well, we were very nervous, right, because we thought people would hate us, and, instead, they really love us. like, i mean on the street. i mean, as constance -- because everybody thinks i'm quinn, right? >> stephen: your character is quinn king and she's a total hard as. she's a manipulator, she's a monster. >> yeah, and there's nothing wrong with it, right. but i do think it's very funny because people watch our show now and think our show is not scripted, even though it is scripted because reality producers have now told me that they will get in their room and they are getting ready to cast
12:21 am
their next contenths on their shows and in one of those conference rooms, one of the girls raised her hand and she said, i just want to let you know that we've all seen the show "unreal" and we're not going to let you manipulate us like they do on that show. ( laughter ) >> stephen: wow, what a great compliment. >> that's what i said. i said that is the greatest compliment i think i've ever heard. >> stephen: yeah, you've added to america's inability to differentiate between fantasy and reality, thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> stephen: pulled us further into the madness. >> yes. ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: have reality people seen your show and gone, we should do that? >> i don't know. sometimes what you've seen on our show, the next night you will see on a reality show. >> stephen: like what? well, there's been a couple of times. i think the one time that really -- i got weirdly excited about it was we made a
12:22 am
contestant (bleep) herself on television. am i allowed to say that? >> stephen: nope. oh, sorry. >> stephen: nope. i don't even have to ask. i don't even have to ask this time. i'm pretty sure you can't say that. >> i feel like if i said pooped, that's not as good as the real word. >> stephen: i kind of like it. i already said it. >> stephen: we get the idea. it's fine. >> and he was wearing a white dress because, you know -- >> stephen: because she's getting married. >> you act like that's a bad thing! it needs to show up on camera. >> stephen: you are a producer. how many times have you made me wear a white suit when i (bleep) myself? twice, twice. go ahead. yeah. >> and our show airs monday night, and tuesday night there was another reality show called "bachelor in paradise" where the guy who was, i think, like the bad guy, he pooped his pants.
12:23 am
see, i said pooped that time. >> stephen: yeah. he pooped his pants on television. >> stephen: they stole you guys' idea so you should get a piece of it. >> i think they were a little bit like did they do to that guy what the producers on "unreal" did to that girl? >> stephen: what did you do to her? >> we might have put something in her food. characters on the show, not me! >> stephen: do people on the street come up to you and say, you are a terrible person? do you get that from people on the street? >> yes, but they love i'm so terrible. >> stephen: lovely to meet you. thank you so much for being here. >> thank you. >> stephen: "unreal" returns this monday on lifetime. constance zimmer, everyone. we'll be right back with a performance by bon jovi. ( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) this is jim. he's hyperventilating after opening his verizon bill. who's that? that's the version of you that switched to sprint and saved 50% for his family.
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12:31 am
♪ ♪ ♪ we were young unafraid ♪ we were finding our own way there is no wind ♪ there is no rain in the eye of the hurricane ♪ every time you climb that mountain ♪ there's another one left to climb ♪ don't go looking for tomorrow leaving yesterday behind ♪ fighting everyday together those days were not to last forever ♪ diamonds in the rough when we were us ♪ burn the house and torch the skyline ♪ there was more than fire in our eyes ♪ love meant more than lust when we were us ♪ we were one
12:32 am
born and raised ♪ more than blood runs through these veins ♪ cuts can heal scars will fade ♪ what we had will never change ♪ seasons pass and time will move on ♪ you don't ever have to let it go ♪ you can only go so far now till you're on your way back home ♪ fighting everyday together those days were not to last forever ♪ diamonds in the rough when we were us ♪ burn the house and torch the skyline ♪ there was more than fire in our eyes ♪ love meant more than lust when we were us ♪ memories are nothing more
12:33 am
than ghosts that we let in ♪ don't be afraid of them do you remember when ♪ fighting everyday together ♪ fighting everyday together those days were not to last forever ♪ diamonds in the rough when we were us ♪ burn the house and torch the skyline ♪ there was more than fire in our eyes ♪ love meant more than lust when we were us ♪ whoa
12:34 am
when we were us ♪ oh ♪ ( cheers and applause ) >> stephen: thank you, john! jon bon jovi, everybody! we'll be right back! ( cheers and applause )
12:35 am
♪ ♪
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♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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( cheers and applause ) ( band playing ) >> stephen: that's it for "the late show," everybody! see you tomorrow! now stick around for james corden. good night! captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh ♪ are you ready y'all to have some fun ♪ feel the love tonight don't you worry 'bout ♪ where it is you come from it'll be all right ♪ it's the late, late show


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