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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 23, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PST

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michelle griego. and i'm anne makovec. let's start with a live look outs good morning, everyone. it's friday, we made it. it's february 23rd. i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. let's start with a live look outside this morning. on the left-hand side of your screen, a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge from the transamerica pyramid and on the right 580 in dublin where traffic is starting to stack up. >> yeah. >> no "friday light" there. >> maybe people are just going on vacation. >> friday getaway? >> i'm jealous. >> there's something about waking going out at 4:30 in the morning if you're going on
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vacation. >> you might want to go to a warm place. >> we have clear skies so the storm is over. the cloud coverage is also gone. great view of san francisco though. look at our winds, too. so some areas calm conditions. it's not allowing the cold air to mix around. so it's going to feel cold in san jose, mountain view, fremont, hayward, as well. it's chilly. but also up to the north we are still getting the northwest breeze so there's that windchill factor. whenever you feel the wind blowing at you, temperatures are down near freezing, it feels a lot colder. so definitely bring your big jacket and a hat. here's another great view of the bay bridge right now. 42 degrees in san francisco. 29 now in livermore. just dropped a degree. oakland at 40. feels a little cooler with wind. and then concord 34 degrees. santa rosa in the 30s, as well. san jose also in the 30s. so it's chilly. we had cloud coverage and rain. it brought us .01 for san francisco. .03 for the east bay. so it wasn't much measurable precipitation. now you can see a lot of the
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cloud coverage is starting to clear up especially right across downtown san francisco. we'll see continued clear skies throughout the day. jaclyn. we are going to take it to the south bay where we're tracking speeds moving at the limit along 280. this is right near 87. we are getting reports of an accident just a little north of here and this is along 280. it's in the northbound direction right near parkmore. it's over to the shoulder so not slowing anyone down. you have about an 11-minute ride from 85 up towards 680. so just a heads up if you are traveling along that stretch. you may see some flashing lights but it's not blocking lanes. over at the bay bridge toll plaza, take a look at that backup! that's clear beyond the west grand overcrossing. no "friday light" conditions for drivers who are using cash instead of fastrak. you have about 10 minutes heading into san francisco. president trump threatening to pull federal immigration
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agents from california because of the state's sanctuary city policy. >> jackie ward has the president's latest comments. >> reporter: just another threat against our state, right? he is already back on the topic this morning tweeting about an hour and a half ago. ms-13 gang members are being removed by our great i.c.e. and border patrol agents by the thousands, he writes. but these killers come back in from el salvador and through mexico like water. el salvador just takes our money and mexico must help more with this problem. we need the wall. he first began threatening to pull i.c.e. out of california yesterday because he says california is, quote, no help when it comes to trying to get rid of the ms-13 gang. president trump said if he did withdraw federal agents, that our state's leaders would beg for the feds to come back. as you can imagine, those comments have some of our local politicians fuming like oakland mayor libby schaaf. >> trump's level of vindictiveness knows now bounds! he is threatening to pull law. out of california?
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a couple of weeks ago threatened to arrestee elected officials like myself just for being the heads of sanctuary cities. >> reporter: other groups are outraged over president trump's latest thread. the california immigrant policy center called this political oppression. i.c.e.'s office had no comment on the matter. >> so did the president threaten to do this to any other state or just california? >> not yet, just california. but there are a handful of cities including chicago and philadelphia that have been openly defiant against the trump administration. each has lawsuits pending over whether the administration has over stepped its authority by attempting to withhold federal grants. the debate rages on over how to keep schools safe in the wake of last week's shooting in florida. president trump wants to arm teachers but as john lawrence reports, many of those teachers don't want guns anywhere near the classroom. reporter: president trump says he is focused on making schools safer.
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one idea under consideration, having teachers carry guns on a voluntary basis. >> we have to harden our schools not soften 'em up. >> reporter: mr. trump says gun- free zones are vulnerable to potential killers. >> that means that nobody has a gun except them. nobody is going to be shooting bullets in the other direction. and they see that as such a beautiful target. >> reporter: some teachers aren't on board. >> i have no desire to own a gun, carry a gun, shoot a gun, touch a gun. >> you know, if i fire, am i going to be nervous enough that i'm going to hit another kid? >> reporter: randi weingarten the president of the american federation of teachers released a statement thursday that said, teachers don't want to be armed. we want to teach. and there's a new social media movement with the hashtag, arm me with where teachers list the things they would rather have than weapons. others support the idea. >> here in ohio i have 300 teachers sign up in less than eight hours that want to be trained in firearms and want to have guns. >> it should not be easier for
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a madman to shoot up a school than a bank or a jewelry store or some hollywood gala. >> reporter: the debate will continue but the president says, something will be done to make schools safer. >> we are going to take action. >> reporter: i'm john lawrence reporting. >> one thing president trump says he is against, active shooting drills. he called them a very negative thing and said he wouldn't want his own son barron to ever have to do one. new indictments are filed against president trump's former campaign chairman and his business associate paul manafort and rick gates facing charges related to tax fraud and other financial crimes stemming from their work for the former president of ukraine. the indictments are part of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into the trump campaign and any possible ties to russian election interference. another swarm of earthquakes reported in the east bay this morning. the usgs says within four hours, there were 11 tremors in
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danville. no damage reported. this is the same area four earthquakes were reported two days ago. it just so happens today is the deadline to apply for the earthquake brace and bolt program. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in berkeley to explain. reporter: hey, good morning. we are actually standing along the hayward fault line and this is the area that if next "big one" hits this is where scientists predict it's going to hit right under berkeley stadium right here behind me. that's where it's probably going to happen, according to scientists. but that's why they want to get the word out today. if you live in this area, if you live anywhere in the bay area, you're probably on or near a fault line, you want to retrofit your home. today's the last day to register for the program called earthquake brace and bolt. the state will pay up to $3,000 toward the cost. to qualify, homes must be built before 1979. and be located in an at-risk
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zip code which is really most of the bay area. the application takes minutes and you fill it out before ever hiring a contractor. we spoke to a family who used the program. they used a contractor to bolt the home to the foundation, strapped and braced the water heater and reinforced the basement with plywood. >> the plywood stop these beams here from sliding. >> reporter: the $3,000 for that family covered about a third of the cost which is from $5,000 to $7,000. according to usgs, there's a 72% chance that the next "big one" will hit here along the hayward fault line. and that's a 6.7 or higher. that's in the next 30 years. that's why it's critical that if you are a homeowner who owns a home that was built before 1979, that you look into the program, register today and most people get the $3,000 to
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go ahead and retrofit their homes. reporting live here in berkeley, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. a sexual harassment case making waves inside the san mateo county harbor district. commissioner sabrina brennan says a fellow commissioner started harassing her in 2014 by sending her flowers, giving her bear hugs and inviting her on a trip. she says one of the most disturbing incidents is when he emailed photos of naked women to her and 40 other people. >> they are very graphic. i was shocked when he opened the email. >> would you say those pictures constitute sexual harassment? >> no. >> why? >> they were emails shared with a friend. >> the investigator sided with mattusch. according to the report, it's, quote, more likely he did not engage in severe and pervasive
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sexually offensive conduct toward brennan. brennan's are more than likely unfounded. brennan says she plans to file a formal complaint with the california department of fair employment. 5:10. robbers are in increasingly targeting cafe customers in one bay area city. what the thieves are after. >> the governor of missouri charged with a felony in connection with an extramarital affair. >> the skies are clearing this morning which is beautiful. very cold conditions. i'll have your forecast for friday and warming for the weekend. >> and we have been moving at the limit along the eastshore freeway but is that all about to change? we are getting reports of a new accident. find out the details coming up.
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now faces a felony charge, stemming from an extramarital affair. a saint louis grand jury found enough evidence to indict the republican governor, on a felony charge of "invasion of privacy." grei missouri's governor is indicted on a felony charge of invasion of privacy. he is accused of taking a compromising photo of a woman he was having an affair with in
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2015 without her consent. he is accused of transmitting the image to a computer. greitens faces up to four years. >> i have never seen anything like this in my life. the charges against the governor are baseless and unfounded. >> greitens' attorneys are trying to get the case thrown out of court. in a statement, the governor vowed to fight the reckless liberal prosecutor. he previously admitted to the affair which he called consensual. we are getting a better idea of just how much the uc system paid to settle sexual misconduct complaints. peyotes were more than $3.4 million bush payouts were more than $3.4 million in the 2016- 2017. two were settled for more than a million dollars. the allegations ranged from inappropriate hugging and kissing to sexually assault. this next story may want to make you think twice before taking your computer to a cafe.
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laptop thefts are skyrocketing in berkeley. the surveillance video from a peets shot on shattuck shows how fast it happens. three men walked in and stayed a while and then just lurched toward two different customers. they are stealing two laptops at the same time. police say last year there were 57 laptop thefts and robberies. this year, there have already been 21. 16 in january, 5 in february. >> if you were to sit at a table with a pile of cash and a clear plastic bag that someone could see, you would probably be more cognizant of who is around you before you let that go. it's not just the pile of cash, it's someone's dissertation and family photos. >> another laptop was stolen wednesday afternoon. 5:15. let's check the roads.
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>> we are tracking a few incidents. "friday light" for drivers on 101. this is right near sfo as you make your way in and out of millbrae. those headlights southbound are getting reports of a car that's over in the center divide. it looks like it's broken down. so you may see some activity but other than that, smooth sailing in both directions. san mateo and benicia bridge have wind advisories in place for drivers so keep a firm grip on the wheel. an accident out there since overnight, this crash occurred a little after midnight. this is along 84 right near little valley road. it was a big rig that slipped over on its side and so they are working on up righting the big rig but it's blocking the eastbound lane. traffic is getting through the area and they can use the left turn lane but it's backing up in both directions. this is going to cost you some time. so please plan accordingly. this is involving a big rig
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that hit a pole so pg&e crews are out there, lots of flashing lights if you will. if you are making your way along the eastshore freeway this is near 80 at powell. we had earlier reports of a crash just past powell but as you can see, traffic is still moving at the limit. that crash is cleared just a few slowdowns as you approach the may see and then you have the slow, slow traffic as you make your way through that toll plaza there. we are definitely seeing that backup. that's a check of your traffic. let's check in with neda on the forecast. here's a great view of coit tower with clear conditions. no fog in sight. no cloud cover. it's all clearing up. and yes, we don't have a chance of rain today. we saw all the action we are going to get this week yesterday. so yes, it was something to kind of light up the skies. that's for sure. our wind speeds right now still fairly strong to the north but obviously across the south bay not bad in mountain view, redwood city, just 4-mile-per- hour winds and san jose 9-mile- per-hour winds so it picked up.
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east bay conditions are calm. breezy in oakland north winds at 9. san rafael 12. novato 16. so it's chilly and it's windy and yes, it always ends up feeling colder than it is when it does that. getting breezy out there. we are going to continue to see the north winds this morning and then the wind direction will shifted a bit to the northeast but fairly calm throughout the day today and for the weekend. we have a nice calm looking weekend ahead. here's another great view of coit tower. san francisco right now temperatures 42. look at livermore just dropped down to 29 degrees. santa rosa at 37. san jose 39. concord 34. the areas where i showed you the stronger winds it feels colder. here's the rain we got. obviously it's not much. it's a small amount. some places didn't get anything. that pulled us out of our dry screen. day 28 we got rain .01 but it's something. for the day cold clear skies where the system has moved on
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to further to eastern nevada bringing them some snowfall. utah as well getting snow. but for california, it's going to stay pretty clear through the weekend. then we have another storm to the north. that one is expected to change our forecast a little bit as we start the workweek next week. so here's a look at your satellite-radar. so we had the clouds from some. night and we did even get a little bit of snow from mount hamilton again. around 5:00, 6:00 last night we were seeing it on hi-def doppler. paul deanno was showing it to our viewers at that hour so yes, this morning, because temperatures are still cold, that snow may still be out there. so check for a dusting across the east bay -- excuse me, south bay hills just east of san jose. here's your highs. mid- to upper 50s getting closer to average but not quite.
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temperatures will be cold in the 30s down into the teens at night but that's typical for this time of year. the next round of storms will bring us maybe a tenth to quarter inch of rain. that's for monday. there's another system on wednesday and that one will pack a little bit more of a punch. more moisture associated with what's to come later on next week. for now we can look ahead to the weekend and know it's going to be nice. >> i like that. thank you so much. trending now, a gif is causing a tweet storm on social media. the creator behind parks and recreation and an actress who plays the show's main character are blasting the nra! it comes after the organization used this gif on twitter thanking a spokesman. mike says he and polar want it taken down because he doesn't support the group's pro slaughter agenda. as of this morning, the nra hadn't taken down its tweet. and if "star wars"'s last jedi left you wondering what happens next, jj abrams knows. ♪[ music ]
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he told stephen colbert on "the late show" that he has a script and it hooting at the end >> the filmmaker is directing and cowriting "star wars" episode nine. he told "the late show" he has the script and it starts shooting at the end of july. abrams also cowrote and directed "the force awakens." he was also a producer on "the last jedi." can't wait to see that. well, comedian michelle wolf will host this year's white house correspondents dinner. that is going to happen. the group's annual dinner is set for april 28. she is known for her political humor as her contributor on "the daily show." she is also expected to launch a netflix show later this year. it hasn't been announced whether president trump will attend the event.
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you may remember he skipped last year. can you get the hockey stick that sold for over a quarter of a million dollars? that story coming up. plus, they are back. golden state resumes their season. can they rediscover their winning ways? tip-off coming up.
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even the warriors coach admits his team isn't playing up to the level of years past but hey, they still lead the league in wins. think the all star break treated steph curry well? i think so. final seconds, 1st quarter, clippers let curry shoot. knocked down the three from the logo to end the quarter. golden state led. second quarter, off the steal, andre iguodala feeds klay for the dunk. warriors up by 16. l.a. rallies in the fourth as just a four-point game. curry though daggers. he was eight of 11 from downtown, scored 44. golden state wins, 134-127. saint mary's beginning the final week of the regular season hosting pepperdine. late first half, gaels knock down one of saint mary's 13 threes in the game. jordan let the gaels with 18.
5:26 am
they win 75-61. the gaels are 26-4. that hockey stick that u.s. hockey captain mike beat russia in 1980 sold for $290,000 yesterday. rough night in the music city for the sharks goalie aaron dell. second period nashville fakes out dell, goes right between the legs for the goal. dell allowed 7 goals and the predators beat the sharks, 7-1. i'm dennis o'donnell. have a great weekend. play of the day now from the nba. oklahoma city at sacramento. game tied at 107 in the final seconds of the 4th quarter. >> westbrook, oh, my goodness. at the buzzer. >> oh, my goodness is right. that shot by russell westbrook lifted the thunder to a 110-107 win over the kings and gets
5:27 am
your play of the day. president trump threatens california yet again. this time, he says he is thinking about removing federal i.c.e. agents and some state leaders are infuriated! >> reporter: if you want several thousand dollars to retrofit your home, today is the last day to register for an important program to get your home retrofitted for a potential earthquake. i'll have the details coming up.
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people were killed last week is facing harsh criticism from his own department. and some disturbing new ouble homicide the deputy assigned to protect the high school where 17 people were killed last week is facing harsh criticism from his department. >> and some disturbing new details in a double homicide that ended with bay area police shooting at the suspect.
5:31 am
>> bundle up, windy conditions and below freezing for some areas. i'll also talk about slight warming for the weekend. >> and with that wind, we have wind advisories across some bridges. more coming up. >> good morning, it's friday february 23rd. >> i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec. >> california's immigration policies prompting president trump to consider removing federal agents from our state. here's jackie ward with more on the controversy. >> reporter: it's another day, another threat against california! it didn't take him very long to get right back on the topic this morning. here's president trump's tweet just before 6:30 a.m.: border patrol agents by the thousands, but these killers come back in from el salvador, and through mexico, like water. el salvador just takes our money, and mexico must help more with this problem. we need the wall!" yesterday, president trump ramped up his rhetoric over
5:32 am
california's sanctuary status .. threatening to pull federal agents from the state. he said the golden state is not helping >> reporter: yesterday, president trump ramped up his statements over california's sanctuary status threatening to pull federal agents from the state. he said we are not helping the administration target the notorious gang. he said if he did move forward with this idea, california would beg for help. groups are outraged. >> all i'd have to do is say, i.c.e. and border patrol, let california alone. you would be inundated -- you would see crime like nobody has ever seen crime in this country. in two months they would be begging for us to come back. they would be begging. and you know what? i'm thinking about doing it. >> the federal government cannot force local governments to do its work. >> reporter: you may recall the justice department threatened to subpoena sanctuary cities and states. president trump has warned of increased i.c.e.
5:33 am
raids and even proposed pulling federal grant money from california. i.c.e.'s san francisco office has no comment. san francisco mayor mark farrell said that san francisco will not stop protecting immigrants. he said that the president is once again choosing politics over public safety. law enforcement in florida is reeling after learning one of their own was at the parkland shooting and could have stepped in to help. instead, he stood by as children were shot. the broward county sheriff says deputy scott peterson was elsewhere on campus when the shooting started. surveillance video shows peterson standing there for four minutes while the gunman killed 17 students, teachers and coaches. peterson resigned after he was suspended without pay. two our deputies are on restricted duty after receiving phone tips warning the suspect nikolas cruz might shoot up the
5:34 am
school. >> sick to my stomach. there are no words. these families lost their children. we lost coaches. >> the president is leading the charge calling for more adults inside schools to be armed saying teachers should get paid bonuses to be armed. critics say the florida shooting proves even trained law enforcement officers don't always act properly in a crisis and we can't expect that of teachers. >> do i shoot through this wall? who is behind this wall? we have to learn trigger control. >> the american federation of teachers and the national education association are also opposed to the plan to arm teachers. president trump also said he wants comprehensive background check an ban for long guns for anyone under 21. that will put him at odds with the nra. it's feeling like winter in some areas in northern california. check this out. in vallejo, we saw hail yesterday piling up on cars and all over the ground and there's lots of snow in the sierra this
5:35 am
weekend. overnight, reports of levels as low as 1500 feet. it is looking gorgeous up there. >> they got several inches of new powder. so of course the ski resorts are so happy. it's going to be a great weekend to hit the slopes and we saw low snow down to 1500 feet in elevation near auburn. it was impressive. i want to show you the hail. this is not a snowman, this is a hailman. oscar in vallejo was obviously -- it's not very huge because it's -- it looks to be bigger than it really s. >> it's probably a couple of inches. this is all the hail that piled up near oscar's place in vallejo. so that's kind of a cool picture and then also i want to show you this because you may see a dusting of snow near lick observatory this morning when you wake up. so this is what we were watching yesterday morning. you can see snow on the hillsides. that could be the view this morning, as well. snow east of san jose in the hills yesterday. you may see snow this morning
5:36 am
because it didn't get cold overnight -- excuse me, it did get cold overnight, stayed cold through the morning hours and so there's no chance of the snow melting. no more precipitation today through sunday. temperatures near freezing in many areas below freezing for some spots. we'll warm up for the weekend. current conditions, 34 degrees in concord. 39 in oakland. livermore 29 degrees. san francisco 41 degrees. temperatures dropping off another degree or so this morning. but it feels colder because we have some wind especially along parts of the north bay. so winds calm for the east bay now. you guys had breezy conditions yesterday. mountain view and fremont calm. san jose a little wind at 9. san rafael, novato, still getting a breeze, northwest winds coming in around 15. some areas are breezy. >> breezy and chilly!
5:37 am
>> easy drive along 101. this is at fulton and north of here, we had a full closure in effect along 101. speeds are moving at the limit north- and southbound. 101 at spencer just before the robin williams tunnel you can see nice and light traffic. no delays heading into san francisco on the golden gate bridge. you will be delayed heading into san francisco over at the bay bridge toll plaza. metering lights are on, 13 minutes into san francisco. an update now on a double homicide in san francisco. prosecutors say the suspect shot two men over the alleged rape of his girlfriend. shooting happened at oak and
5:38 am
stanyan streets last week near the panhandle of golden gate park. a 28-year-old man died, the other is still in the hospital. after the shooting, police say 31-year-old joel armstrong carjacked an suv. officers found the vehicle three miles away behind an rv. armstrong was inside the motorhome but refused to come out. officers fired several shots which got him to surrender. armstrong is facing a list of flown charges. a cluster of small earthquakes in the east bay this morning. 11 reported in the danville area. four quakes hit two days ago near mount diablo. today, just happens to be the last day to apply for state aid to retrofit your home. jessica flores reports. >> reporter: we are in uc- berkeley along the hayward fault line near the stadium behind me and the hayward fault line runs under t scientists
5:39 am
say this is where the next "big one" will likely hit. that's why the california earthquake authority today is really urging homeowners if you have an older home to go ahead and register for this program to get $3,000 to retrofit your home. it's called the earthquake brace and bolt. you can get up to $3,000 to retrofit your home. to qualify they must be built before 1979 and have to be located in an at-risk zip code which is most of the bay area. the application just takes minutes to fill out. and you have to do it before hiring a contractor. we spoke to a family who used program. they did the work. >> certainly did feel like we had won some kind of minor lottery. >> reporter: the $3,000 covers about a third of their cost which can range up to $7,000.
5:40 am
now, usgs says that there's a 72% chance that the next "big one" will hit the bay area in the next 30 years. we talk about big one, we're talking about 6.7 or higher. it's important to retrofit these older homes. i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. u.p.s. is making a move that should please environmentalists. here's diane king hall of with that and more from the world of business. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. federal reserve issues a semi- annual monetary policy report to congress today. here on wall street it was a mixed finish. dow up 154. nasdaq down 8. japanese airbag maker takata has reached a settlement on its faultedy airbags covering 44 states and the district of columbia. the state won't get it. they have agreed know to the
5:41 am
collect the settlement so victims get larger settlements. u.p.s. will start using electric delivery trucks. it costs the same as diesel or gas ones. electric vehicles are more expensive because of battery costs. u.p.s. says it will start deploying 50 of the vehicles by the end of the year. and in one tweet kylie jenner wipes out more than $1 billion off the market value of snap. she says the parent company of snap has flopped as much as 7.2% after a member of the kardashian clan tweeted does anybody else not open snapchat anymore? >> that's a lot of power. who knew. we understand there is a new device for gadget geeks and fitness gurus? >> reporter: all right. so what about a fitness tracker on your face? a new pair of smart glasses. tracks steps, distance,
5:42 am
calories burned and total activity. it costs $270 not including the lenses. >> that doesn't include the lenses. okay. so then -- >> no. you know the lenses are expensive. exactly. >> you're out another $200. >> a minimum of $500. minimum. >> it is amazing though how this technology is going. iane king hall of "cbsmoneywatch" have a good weekend. >> thank you. you, too. 5:42 now. and the big lunar new year parade is tomorrow. details on this year's new attraction. we'll be right back.
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5:44 am
founder vinod khosla is event next month. the former first lady will participate in a speaker event at oakland's oracle arena for a moderated conversation on march 28th at ei michelle obama is coming back to california to oakland for a moderated conversation on march 28th at 8 p.m.
5:45 am
advance access ticket sales begin today and cost more than $500 for general admission. obama last appeared in the bay area on november 7th when she was a keynote speaker at a technology conference in san francisco. you got weekend plans, san francisco's famous chinese new year parade is tomorrow. >> the parade started back in the 1860s. it starts tomorrow about 5 p.m. on second second and market streets including floats, dancers, bands, acrobats, a 268- foot-long golden dragon. >> it's 48 people and fabulous art made in china. >> celebrations for the lunar new year started last week and festivities continue today in
5:46 am
chinatown and downtown. if you want to go check out the parade, it's recommended that you get there by 4:00 for a good spot. i recommend getting there earlier. >> make a day of it. >> we are all getting together tomorrow for a play so maybe after that? >> let's check that. >> i want to see that dragon. >> but you have to get there early. i have rolled up to union square just as the parade was starting before and you're ten people deep. you girls are all short. >> it's not going to work. >> very true. >> there will be a lot of street closures regarding that parade so there will be downtown going to affect tonight at 11:00. many of those surrounding areas will be shut down. so just a heads up. if you are planning to head to union square this evening, there will be much more traffic than usual. we are tracking a big crash. this is along northbound 880. an overturned semi.
5:47 am
northbound 880 is a mess. we'll let you know when the lanes clear. but if that big rig is over on its side, we have to up right that and clear those lanes. so please give yourself extra time. avoid northbound 880 if you can. heading into union city. right now a busy ride southbound in 880. this is south of 238. our travel times still showing speeds in the green. brake lights in the camera shot there. over at the san mateo bridge, we have a wind advisory in place for drivers heading across the span. your commute direction about 13 minutes over to 101. eastshore freeway 80 at gilman. it's starting to get crowded. we are going to start to say good-bye to the "friday light" conditions as everyone is waking up and heading out the door. traffic backed up to the foot of the maze. 17 minutes from the maze into san francisco.
5:48 am
it sure is cold out there this morning. thank you guys see this? the rainbow by the bay bridge around 2:00 yesterday afternoon. a lot of people along the embarcadero take photos of this this. i wanted to share this pretty side with you guys. we have clear conditions out there. relief skies, nice view of coit tower but it is cold. we have wind across much of the north bay and along the coast so it's going to feel colder because of the wind chill but calm conditions for fremont. pleasanton, livermore, oakland north winds at 9, san francisco 6 miles per hour coming out of the northwest and stronger up in novato and san rafael. santa rosa 10-mile-per-hour winds. the wind direction from the
5:49 am
north-northwest all associated with that storm that came through yesterday and now, that storm has moved on. that cold air is left behind and we are going to feel the cold mornings for the next several days. that will be our weather pattern. as far as the winds, they will be calm for this afternoon and saturday. saturday is looking good with warmer temperatures. 29 in livermore. it feels cooler than that because of the wind chill. sunrise 6:49. expect temperatures to drop just before sunrise. so it's going to be cold. temperatures will be warmer than yesterday upper 50s. 54 for downtown san francisco, redwood city also in the mid- 50s. where did that storm go? bringing snow down for eastern
5:50 am
nevada, utah and for us, we are going to have cold clear conditions but there's another storm that's going to track down from british columbia. that's been our typical pattern here where we are seeing a lot of the storms just now being allowed to come down. >> how much rain did we get from san francisco? .01. but that's remarkable. because it is our first measurable rain that we have seen on day 28. we have finally seen a little bit of change in that gauge so the last time we got any rain was january 25th for san francisco. hopefully next week will have more rain. the rest of the area got practically nothing. 29 degrees, fresh powder, windy saturday and sunday in the teens in the morning with temperatures warming up to the
5:51 am
upper 30s there. but this weekend for us inland areas low 60s, storm chance on monday and greater storm chance wednesday and thursday. that's your forecast. time now, 5:51. a dangerous drug is now blamed for the deaths of three men found on a bay area sidewalk.
5:52 am
5:53 am
5:54 am
we have a wind especially along the north bay and coast but clear skies. that's why it feels so cold. no more rain in our forecast near freezing temperatures for a lot of bay area neighborhoods today. but not to worry. the weekend is going to be nice. >> your morning commute if you head along 880, be aware we have a traffic alert in effect three lanes currently blocked after a big rig flipped over on its side. emergency crews are on the scene. avoid 880 until crash is cleared. the extremely powerful drug fencal has made its way -- fentanyl has made its way to san francisco streets. three men were found dead of apparent overdoses and health officials think the drug is to
5:55 am
blame. they were found yesterday in the haight-ashbury neighborhood. police say no foul play is suspected. but they did find drug paraphernalia at the scene suggesting the men were using meth or crack cocaine. fentanyl is an opioid that's often use intentionally to increase the potency of other drugs or accidentally mixed in. >> it's very easy to overdose with fentanyl. it's more than 100 times potent than morphine. and so you can literally die within minutes. that's how powerful it is. >> the city health department says the best safety measure for drug users is narcan, a nasal spray that can reverse overdoses. today inspectors scheduled to look for more evidence of vermin at a cafe. it's been closed since rodents were discovered during two inspections. rats can fit through openings the side of a quarter and that means all kitchen appliances and fixtures had to be pulled
5:56 am
from the walls. so the smallest holes could be sealed. >> gives me the chills. a legendary restaurant is closing. at oasis burger and pizza the drawing is the food and the ambience. history is carved into the hangings on the walls. the countdown is on for the menlo park institution. march 7th, they close. >> it's more than just a restaurant. there's a lot of memories here. most of the people that are here have been here hundreds of times. and they are reliving memories with every bite. >> the ownership group says a reasonable lease could not be reached. oasis is closing march 7th. president trump is threatening california considering pulling i.c.e. agents out of our state. how local leaders are responding next. >> plus the push stanford students plan to make on campus today. refresh your home and save at ross. ross has all the home trends for kitchen, living room
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the new threat president trump just directed at california, and how bay area lawmakers are sponding. it's frankly a disgrace. the sanctuary city situation, the protection of these horrible criminals. >> the new threat president trump just directed at california and how bay area lawmakers are responding. >> plus, officers in florida reveal a shocking revelation about one of their own who was at the scene of the high school shooting last week. >> and former state senator tony mendoza tells his side of the story after making the decision to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations. >> good morning, it's friday, february 23rd, i'm michelle griego. >> i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. first a cold snap under way in the bay area. here's a live look outside. the entire area getting a taste of the chilly temperatures that we have been seeing really all week. many are bundling up as they head outside. you can see a gorgeous shot of the bay bridge from


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