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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  February 23, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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>> reporter: scientists at the usgs say the quakes are centered on the calaveras quality and say a common misconception is an earthquake swarm indicates a bigger quake is on the way or conversely that it releases enough pressure making one less likely. neither they say is true. >> we don't expect this to grow into anything really large. this swarm is really typical of this region. we've seen this very similar pattern happen about seven times now over the last -- since 1970. >> reporter: the quakes are a reminder this is earthquake country and the big one is never far away. >> our forecast right now for the next 30 years is a 9.6 or 7 or larger. >> reporter: scientists say an earthquake swarm can last a few days, perhaps as long as a month. we're on day seven and they are showing no sign of slowing down just yet. >> the big one not if, but when. did you feel any of the quakes
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yourself roaming around? >> reporter: here's the strange thing. i was in the city of danville for much of the day and the station was texting me often as these earthquakes was happening. i didn't actually feel them. now most of them are modest in size. somehow i was really trying to experience one and they just slipped past both me and my photographer today. >> i can tell you on this end i heard the conversation and they were saying he must have felt that one, he must have felt that one, but nothing? >> reporter: no, i didn't. i don't know what it is. i was sitting in my truck. maybe you're just moving around at the wrong moment. i was also flying the drone. maybe there was a little tunnel vision for part of that, but i was really trying and i didn't feel any of them. >> i think you hit the nail on the head. thanks, appreciate it. crews are still at the scene of a fire that ripped through a historic building in east oakland a few hours ago. the flames were raging nearly an hour starting around 2:00 this afternoon. the building is a spanish colonial that sits along miller avenue just off international boulevard. it's on the national registry
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of historic places. according to the chronicle, this building was a library back in the '70s but closed down in the '90s. this is what's left. the roof is gone. it basically stripped down to the frame. residents of a nearby apartment were evacuated as a precaution, still no word on the cause. another fire did heavy damage to an old victorian in san francisco's castro district. the two-unit residential building on sanchez street had been identified by police in the past as a drug den and its owner sued by the city. kpix5's susie steimle talked to the man whose property the neighbors call a nuisance. susie? >> reporter: allen, joel elliott, the homeowner here, tells me he was just trying to do the right thing and he often invited the homeless in to stay here, but police often found illicit drugs on the property and neighbors called this an accident waiting to happen. black smoke enveloped this
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three-story victorian in the castro cutting access to the street forcing neighbors to the curb and gutting everything inside. >> this was really hard nosed, just down and dirty good firefighting, old-fashioned firefighting. >> but it sure took a long time and i sat and watched my house go up in flames. >> reporter: joel elliott is at odds with the city once again. arson investigators were at 519 sanchez all day long trying to determine if in fire was set intentionally. are you suspicious this is arson? >> yes, i am. >> this house has a history of troubles. >> reporter: joel elliott was in the middle of being forced out of his home. the city accused him of running a drug den here and won a judgment for $1.7 million in 2016. police raided this home multiple times finding methamphetamines and other illicit drugs. the city attorney calls it a lawless neighborhood nuisance. >> i say that that is a very deep misunderstanding, that i
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helped people who were homeless. i helped people who had drug addictions and so on. >> reporter: unable to take the 1.7 million joel filed for bankruptcy. the bankruptcy court was forcing him to leave but allowing him to go back in to collect his belongings, something he'll no longer be able to do. >> it's devastating. i lived in that house for 22 years and all my things are in there. >> reporter: firefighters say the flames spread fast and furious. they say it's lucky this didn't happen overnight. >> had this fire occurred at 3 a.m., it would have been a completely different story. >> reporter: the city is still owed that $1.7 million. the plan was to have the bankruptcy court sell this house and give that money to the city. it's unclear right now how the fire will impact that process. live in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix5. a security scare at the white house today after a driver intentionally rammed her car into a barrier. the building was quickly placed
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on lockdown. from a distance you can see the back windows of the white van shattered after the crash. the secret service says the woman is known to asians and suffers from mental health issues. president trump is doubling down on his idea to give some teachers guns. at the conservative political action conference he spoke about arming in his words well trained gun adept teachers and coaches. so this crazy man who walked onto campus woul s it thats goo >> cnn went on and they said donald trump wants all teachers. okay. fake news, folks, fake news. fake news. [ applause ] >> i don't want a person that's never handled a gun that wouldn't know what a gun looks like to be armed, but out of your teaching population, out of your teaching population you have 10%, 20% of very gun adept people, military people, law enforcement people. they teach. so this crazy man who walked in wouldn't even know who it is that has it.
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that's good. that's not bad. that's good. and a teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened. [ cheering and applause ] >> gun policy also came up later at this meeting with australia's prime minister. malcomb turnbull mentioned the partial gun bans his country enacted after a mass shooting there in 1996. president trump said the two countries have "very different sets of problems." kpix5's da lin now with a look at how educators handle security in oakland. >> reporter: liz, the police chief for the school district says the best solution is prevention and intervention. now as for the president's idea of arming teachers with guns, that's getting very little support here in oakland. >> remember the root word here is bar. >> reporter: veteran teacher ken carter said he went into education to try to improve our society. >> the one thing you can say can actually make a difference and impact every problem that we have on the planet is
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education. >> reporter: he says carrying a gun in class creates more problems, not solutions. >> in my 19 years here i have again involved in several incidents where guns have been involved on campus and i've never once thought oh, i wish i had a gun to, you know, try to shoot back. >> reporter: educators here believe the president is trying to distract from the debate over gun control. >> terrible idea. i think really it's a ridiculous idea. >> this is a deflection on everything. there is not going to be a ban on assault weapons. >> reporter: oakland is the only bay area school district with its own police force. >> it's an insane idea to arm the teachers. it's not as. as you think -- as simple as you think that you can shoot somebody with a handgun dealing with a rifle like that. >> teachers do not sign up to be militiamen. >> reporter: the union that represents 2,600 oakland
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teachers says more books, not guns. >> society either wants to blame teachers or make them heroes. we're neither. we're teachers and arm us with the tools to do our job and maybe we would have a better society that didn't have all these problems. >> reporter: the police chief said the best way to keep kids safe is to have a good working relationship with the community. he said since that florida shooting last week they have gotten a few calls from the community about potential people they should look into and they're now following up on those cases. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix5. we are getting a new look inside the mind of the florida school shooting suspect, 19- year-old nikolas cruz. he called 911 a few months ago after his mother died. >> the thing is i lost my mother a couple weeks ago. i feel like i'm dealing with a bunch of things right now and then a kid [ bleep ] came at me and i threw him on the ground
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and he started attacking me and kicked me out of the house. >> cruz made the call three months before the shooting. he was living in the trailer park of friends of his late mother. those friends called 911 about cruz's apparent threats. >> he was in the backyard behind the fence digging for 15 minutes and i'm positive he hid a weapon. i'm positive he hid a 9- millimeter carbine in the back. >> he hit him in the head and it's not the first time. did he that to his mom and his mom -- he did that to his mom and his mom did. >> sheriff's deputies went to the home three times in nine months but decided not to detain cruz or arrest him. meantime president trump has harsh words for the florida deputy who stayed outside while students were shot inside marjory stoneman douglas high school. reporter nikki batiste has that.
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>> reporter: first responders to the valentine's day shooting are sharing their stories. sergeant jeff heinrich arrived at the parkland, florida high school knowing his wife and son were inside. >> by the grace of god, when they walked down the hallway, they found each other. and they were able to shelter in place. >> reporter: nikolas cruz is charged with killing 17 people. a u.s. official confirmed to cbs news a person close to cruz called the fbi last month saying she was concerned he would get into a school and "just shoot the place up." she warned, "i know he's going to explode." her tip was never investigated. the armed guard who was stationed at the school has resigned. skot peterson stayed outside the building about four minutes after the shooting began. it lasted about six. president trump weighed in from the white house. >> that's a case where somebody was outside, they're trained, they didn't react properly under pressure or they were a coward. >> reporter: florida governor
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rick scott announced plans to improve school safety. >> we will require all individuals purchasing firearms to be 21 or older. >> reporter: in parkland teachers were allowed back into their classrooms for the first time. students will return half days starting wednesday as the school faces what some have called the new normal. nikki batiste, cbs news, new york. up next not one but two happy endings in the sierra. >> what we know about the bay area men recently rescued after their adventures took a dangerous turn in the high country. >> plus stars empowering women, we're live in san jose with a message from amal cooney and reese witherspoon. >> gearing -- clooney and reese whether spoon. >> gearing up for one of the biggest bay area parties, we have the scoop on san francisco's lunar new year fa prayed. -- parade.
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e.. has been . >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. an chow disapp two to outcomes in the sierra, a bay area hiker
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missing in yosemite has been found. alan chow disappeared saturday. he was backpacking alone. a national park service helicopter spotted him about noon today in the hetch hetchy area. it has, of course, overnight been extremely cold there, but rescuers say chow was prepared. he stayed in his tent. he kept hydrated and he had enough food. he did suffer minor injuries. the sheriff's office says a man co.. and anoth near south lake tahoe two skiers were rescued from heavenly. the sheriff's department said a man from san francisco and another man from connecticut got lost. they were found about three hours later, but one man had to stay in an emergency shelter overnight because of a medical condition. he was airlifted out this morning. both men have been cited for skiing out of bounds. hollywood a listers are in the bay area for an event that's all about empowering women. more than 6,000 people gathered at the san jose convention center today for the annual
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watermark conference. kpix5's mary lee is there now. mary? >> reporter: liz, we spoke to many women who said it was incredibly inspiring. they said it's even more powerful because of the me too and time's up movement. the message here at the 25th annual watermark conference for women here at the san jose convention center was all about celebrating and supporting women. >> i think that women have been supporting women for a very long time as well. it's just kind of coming a little more to the forefront which i'm very happy about and not a moment too soon. >> we're definitely supportive of the me too movement. i go to so many rallies about that. i support women whenever i get the chance to. >> when you hear what they have to say and hear their stories, it is so inspiring for us to just be able to help them. i think we want to help them get to the next level, whatever they're looking for. >> reporter: the event kicked off with keynote speaker amal
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clooney. she gave her support to parkland students and praised their courage. >> i'm just blown away by these students. i think they are doing an amazing job. [ applause ] >> at turning a tragedy into advocacy. it's only been a week since this happened and i'm in awe of how, you know, courageous they are. >> reporter: reese witherspoon also spoke today. she is a powerful voice in the time's up movement. she says it's so important every workplace is safe from harassment and abuse. >> we realized there was no going back from this moment, the moment that the silence was broken, the moment that we saw that our sisters had been so badly abused and hurt and discriminated against and i learned things i can never unlearn. >> it's so important and also listening to her talk about her own personal experience with me too and the time's up movement. i still think it's really scary
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for women to admit that so many of us have been in that position. so to hear her say it shamelessly and powerfully was really something that resonated with me. >> reporter: we also spoke to men who attended the conference. they said it was very eye opening and inspiring for them, too. live in san jose, mary lee, kpix5. *see their own y. a rap artist with ties to the bay area is making sure local teenagers can see their own futures literally. master p. is a multi platinum producing artist and founder of no limit records he founded in richmond. now he works with a group called vision to learn. they give out free eye exams and glasses to students in low income communities. today they gave away 30 pair of glasses at oakland high. riors also >> that's what helped me, changed my life, saved my life, education and i said if these kids could see, this will be one of the greatest, you know,
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projects that i could be a part of. >> the golden state warriors also support vision to learn and the team will spotlight the group's work at tomorrow night's game at oracle arena. we're hearing from the newly crowned ms. chinatown, usa. jasmine lee and other contestants visited the chamber of commerce today. lee graduated from berkeley university last year and now works as a software engineer for microsoft. >> i hope to be a good role model and show girls it's okay to do traditionally girly things like pageant, dance and theater while also pursuing scholarships and studying in school and doing computer science and engineering. >> chinatown will have the chinese new year's parade tomorrow. kpix5's jessica flores shows us what to expect. >> reporter: this is where the magic happens, pier 54. these floats will roll down
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tomorrow's chinese new year's parade and the star of the floats are the dogs because it is the year of the dog. the 21 floats will be rolled out for their debut as a san francisco tradition, the chinese new year parade. >> there are probably 10 different styles of light we worked into this floated. >> reporter: this master float builder said her team of crafts people from builders to painters have been working towards this moment for months. >> that's right. we started early december with the install crew and got very busy in -- small crew and got very busy in january and february and wrapped it up in the last few days to our core crew. >> reporter: some floats more traditional, others with a modern touch all celebrating the year of the dog. >> the dogs were a fun theme to work with because everybody loves dogs. everybody came in with a favorite and they all had really great, positive emotional responses because who doesn't love dogs?
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>> our dog is very proud and grand at the front. >> reporter: but before the proud moment at the chinese new year's parade the floats are parked and worked at pier 54 until the very last second when they'll roll through the city streets for more than 1 million people. in san francisco, jessica flores, kpix5. weather pleasant today, should be pleasant tomorrow, but when are we going to warm up? we haven't seen 60 degrees the past couple days. crystal clearly skies on a friday evening. we'll talk about a cold night and our next chance of rainfall coming up. >> at 6:00 tonight a bay area landlord is calling it quits ditching the high cost of living heading east and taking his tenants with him. >> but first the markets closed up today. here's a look at the closing numbers from wall street.
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we made it. it's friday. >> weekend time. >> we can just see it from where we're sitting. it's wonderful, but bring a coat if you're headed outside.
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>> anything would be better this weekend with a jacket. if it involves outdoor activities. it's baseball season, so early baseball practices. let's see if your kid has a baseball practice at 9:00 tomorrow morning,37, 38 degrees, perfect baseball weather, right? no, but practice is on because it will be clear. livermore 51 degrees, concord 56. this is the warmest time of the day. we will get cold tonight because we have crystal clear skies. these are the city overnight lows, 30 in livermore and santa rosa. outside the city, some of our coldest valleys, 25, 26, 27 degrees, oakland below 40 degrees tonight, fremont down to 36, san jose down to 33, but with clear skies the radar is also clear, no rain moving back in until sunday night. tahoe will stay precipitation free but thankfully should be a nice skiing weekend after all the snow the sierra received the past couple days, up to 10 inches of new powder, mostly
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cloudy, wind saturday, temperatures mid- to upper 30s. not only is it strange weather around here, did you hear that washington d.c. hit 82 degrees earlier this week? boston hit 78 degrees. it was that big kink in the jet stream. now it's a dip on the west coast. that's why everybody is cold down to phoenix and scottsdale where the a's and giants are in spring training, doesn't feel like spring down there, but watch the rise in the jet stream, now warm and stormy back east. that pattern will hold the next week. don't plan on any warm weather in the bay area for at least the next seven days. do plan on cloud cover. around lunchtime tomorrow we could see mostly cloudy skies for a few years. we're clear out saturday evening and a quick moving weather system sunday into
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morning after midnight we may see showers in the north bay and the whole thing clears by 8:00, 9:00 monday morning. it won't be much rainfall, but that is our next chance of rain late sunday into monday morning. cold nights continue. highs get close to 60 this weekend, a little more sunshine sunday. we'll watch out for two rain chances next week, monday and thursday. mid- to upper 50s tomorrow, partly sunny skies, napa, vallejo, san rafael 56. milder sunday, monday a couple showers. no widespread 60s in in seven- day forecast, likely even beyond that. we're staying cool for a while. that's your forecast. be back with the tease and the cbs evening news.
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"..." ahead at six... the cbs evening news is coming up next. >> jeff glor is here with a preview. >> reporter: more details on the warning signs missed before the shooting in parkland, florida. >> the hero dog who survived bullet wounds while protecting his family during a violent robbery. >> and steve hartman on the road with a young man on a journey to meet world war ii veterans coming up in a few seconds on the cbs evening news. >> look forward to that. ahead at 6:00 striking the right note for the lunar new year. >> yeah. we'll preview the san francisco symphony's concert celebrating chinese culture. veronica and i will be back with you in 30 minutes.
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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: a driver rams a security barrier at the white house. the building goes into lockdown with the president inside. also tonight... >> 911 emergency, how can i help you? pe glor: specific details on warning signs missed by the police and f.b.i. before a florida school shooting. a former n.f.l. player is taken into custody in connection with a threatening instagram post that references a school. d> i looked at that twitter and thought, "wow, that's gross." >> glor: a beauty chain accused of selling used products as new. when burglars break in, rex the wonder dog springs into action. >> if it wasn't for him i feel like i wouldn't be standing here right now. >> glor: and steve hartman, long after the war, one final mission. >> there are real superhero


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