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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  February 23, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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♪ ♪ captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: a driver rams a security barrier at the white house. the building goes into lockdown with the president inside. also tonight... >> 911 emergency, how can i help you? pe glor: specific details on warning signs missed by the police and f.b.i. before a florida school shooting. a former n.f.l. player is taken into custody in connection with a threatening instagram post that references a school. d> i looked at that twitter and thought, "wow, that's gross." >> glor: a beauty chain accused of selling used products as new. when burglars break in, rex the wonder dog springs into action. >> if it wasn't for him i feel like i wouldn't be standing here right now. >> glor: and steve hartman, long after the war, one final mission. >> there are real superhero
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world war ii vets out there, and i want to meet them. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: this is our western edition. good evening. we're going to begin tonight with a security scare at the white house. the president and the australian prime minister were inside when a driver rammed a minivan into a metal security barrier. s ff pegues is on the scene with more on this. jeff. >> reporter: jeff, this crash sto the white house security wnrimeter down the street, it was intentional, and it shattered the calm this afternoon, putting all of washington on a tense alert. >> everybody, we've got to walk this way now! >> reporter: tourists, including the woman who shot this video, were diverted after this white minivan slammed into a security ecrrier at the southwest entrance. secret service quickly arrested the female driver. e'e vehicle's windows were shattered, but officers didn't have to fire a shot. federal law enforcement sources say the suspect has been on their radar for some time.
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she has been cooperating, and ngey believe she has mental health issues. in recent years, the secret service has been tested. in 2014, an iraq war veteran jumped the fence and made it all the way into the white house. and in 2016, the secret service shot and injured an armed man as he approached a guard booth. the security gate is still about 200 yards from the white house. over the last few years, the secret service has had to raise fences and add other layers of security. jeff. >> glor: jeff pegues on the 69 lo the scare tonight. jeff, thank you very much. now to the florida school shooting and the mistakes made. we have new details tonight of a tip that reached a national f.b.i. call center but was never passed along to local agents in paorida. manuel bojorquez is in parkland once again. manny. r: reporter: well, jeff, that call to the f.b.i. came from onmeone described as close to tie shooting suspect, who said he became easily enraged and it
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was just a matter of time before he was going to "explode." ( gunfire ) >> reporter: tonight, cbs news has learned five and a half ereks before the shooting, a woman called an f.b.i. tip line sncerned nikolas cruz would get into a school and just shoot the place up. she said he had a diminished mental capacity, and gave an ominous warning: it wasn't the only red flag. the woman who took in cruz and his brother after their mother's death last year called the palm beach county's 911 in november. he reporter: there are now investigations at practically miery level of law enforcement about potential missed warning signs before the shooting and what happened during. the school's armed resource officer, deputy scot peterson, stayed outside the building where the shooting happened and
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nod not confront the suspect inside as the shooting continued for about four minutes, according to the broward county g eriff. >> i've been a police officer for 30 years. >> reporter: records show peterson had been at stoneman douglas high for at least the est eight years. he met or exceeded all categories of his last employee review, and in 2014, was nominated school resource deputy of the year. the president, who has called tr more trained gun-carrying staff at schools had this to say about him today: >> when it came time to get in there and do something, he didn't have the courage or something happened. but he certainly did a poor job. >> reporter: superintendent robert runcie is also outraged by the deputy's actions. >> i was shocked, extremely upset. it's inexcusable. >> reporter: it's the awful epestion, right, "could lives have been saved?" >> yeah, i mean, it's one of those "what ifs." >> reporter: the deputy has not yet spoken publicly and appears to be secluded in his home, guarded by deputies, after reportedly getting death threats.
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superintendent runcie warns against blaming anyone but the shooter for what happened. >> we need comprehensive solutions. it's not this or that. it's a combination of the above. >> reporter: the sheriff has now placed a deputy armed with a rifle at every school in the county. classes at stoneman douglas high are expected to resume next wednesday, though, officials acknowledged not everyone will be ready to return. jeff. >> glor: all right, manny, thank you. florida governor rick scott, who has an a-plus rating with the n.r.a., put out a new plan today to reduce gun violence. it includes a state ban on firearm sales to anyone younger than 21 and a ban on bump stocks, the attachments that turn a semiautomatic into an automatic. a growing number of businesses are cutting ties with the n.r.a. as well. the insurance giant metlife, the cyber-security company, symantec, and the national, enterprise, and hertz car rental agencies are no longer offering discounts to n.r.a. members.
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and the first national bank of omaha says it will stop offering n.r.a.-branded visa cards. mechilling post on social media forced a los angeles-area school to close today. it was on the instagram account of 28-year-old former n.f.l. player jonathan martin. you might recall martin was ivolved in another controversy back in 2013 when he accused teammates of bullying him. tericka duncan is here with more on this. aricka. >> reporter: that's right. once the school learned about the post last night, a spokesperson said the safety of our students, faculty, and staff is always our top priority, which is why they decided to close their campuses today. this startling image shows a shotgun surrounded by ammunition and the words, "when you're a billy victim and a coward, your options are suicide or revenge." the picture also includes hashtags for harvard westlake and the miami dolphins. jonathan martin played football for harvard westlake, an elite aep school in los angeles, and went on to play for the miami dolphins. school officials say martin is
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in police custody. cbs news has not confirmed whether martin himself posted the disturbing image. ere picture also tagged former miami teammates richie incognito and mike pouncey. in 2013, incognito admitted to threatening martin's family and calling him the "n" word. it's unclear if the post was an attempt to bring awareness to bullying or a threat. either way, officials didn't want to take any chances, especially in the wake of last week's school massacre in rerkland. >> glor: a concerning story, to say the least. jericka, thank you. a former trump deputy campaign manager pleaded guilty today to conspiracy and lying to investigators. in a deal with the special counsel, rick gates will now cooperate with the investigation of russian meddling in the u.s. election. our justice reporter paula reid joins us. paula, first of all, the significance of this today. >> reporter: this is all about getting former trump campaign chairman paul manafort to cooperate. and over the past few days, special counsel robert mueller has been coming at manafort from
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every conceivable direction. he has filed dozens of new charges against him. he got a plea deal with a dutch lawyer who used to work with manafort, and now he has the gates plea deal. now, gates and manafort, they were charged in the same conspiracy. so it's expected that gates is going to provide evidence about those alleged crimes. >> glor: so, paula, any indication that manafort might cooperate? >> reporter: none so far. today, he released a statement reiterating his innocence and saying that he still intends to pursue this all the way to trial. now, robert mueller is collecting evidence about any connections between the trump campaign and russia, and manafort, if he chose to cooperate, he could provide evidence of two important questions. the first is what happened at that trump tower meeting with the russians that he attended? and the other big question is why did the trump campaign push to make the republican party platform more friendly to russia? but so far, no indication that he wants to play ball. jeff. >> glor: paula reid continues her thorough reporting on this story. erula, thank you very much.
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the president today again addressed ways to prevent school shootings, and he may be reconsidering one of his recent proposals. here's chief white house correspondent major garrett. >> that schools have to have some form of protection. im's time to make our schools a much harder target. we are going to be very strong on background checks. >> reporter: three separate demes today, president trump afdressed his school safety agenda, and each time, neglected to mention an idea he endorsed only yesterday-- raising the minimum purchase age for semiautomatic firearms to 21. congressional sources say there is no interest in pushing an age minimum. pre president again called for trained school personnel to carry concealed weapons. >> and a teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened. >> semiautomatic and let alone automatic weapons are essentially not available. >> reporter: during a press conference with australian prime minister malcolm turnbull, the two leaders discussed australia's near-total ban of
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semiautomatic firearms. it was put in place after 35 people died in a 1996 massacre in tasmania. >> we are very satisfied with our laws. ed maintain them. you have an amendment to your constitution, which deals with gun ownership. you have a very, very different history. >> reporter: mr. trump agreed. >> they are very different countries with very different sets of problems. >> reporter: the australian law created a national firearms registry and imposed a 28-day waiting period. the government also purchased, then destroyed, more than 600,000 firearms. perhaps the biggest difference between the united states and australia on this front? there have been no mass alootings in australia since this law's passage. jeff. >> glor: major garrett, thank you very much. margaret brennan joins us now from her new sunday post, the fat of "face the nation." margaret, first of all, we are thrilled for you. edngrats. >> reporter: thank you so much, jeff. i'm very excited to be here at this table and to be here live
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on sunday for our first show. >> glor: and we'll be watching un sunday. margaret, we have been focused on what the president and congress might do about guns. e u are talking on sunday to arficials around the country. one of the questions here is what is happening on the state level? >> reporter: that's right. things look a little different, feel a little different. will they be? we're seeing some gun policy conversations and a lot of town hall meetings across the country. and that could mean you'll see faster movement at the state and local level than perhaps at the taderal level. there are some tough tonversations to be had about why existing laws have not prevented massacres. there's this proposal here in washington about trying to provide financial incentives to local authorities and agencies to get them to follow through on existing laws, asking them to upload information to national background check systems. so there's a question about whether the kind of activism ac're seeing in places like florida will result in the tnversation being different dif time. >> glor: okay. also, the president announced a d w round of sanctions on north
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korea today. what do they tell us right now htout where the diplomatic efforts stand? >> reporter: well, the trump administration unveiled what they're calling the toughest and esst impactful sanctions on vessels and shipping companies that are basically cheating on existing sanctions, or bringing t a list of materials to north korea in violation of international law, and that includes coal and fuel transports now being blocked as they pass through international waters. this is also a big warning from the united states to russia and china saying they will blacklist those ships who cheat on sanctions. so you might see the vice president and ivanka trump in close proximity to north korean officials at those olympic games but so far no olympic diplomacy results so far. >> glor: margaret brennan, once again, thrilled for you and the entire team in d.c. >>ank you very much. iln violence will be among the eapics on "face the nation" this sunday, when margaret makes her debut as the new moderator. and sunday evening on "60 ttnutes," scott pelley has new
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video with the awful proof that syria's government used chemical weapons against civilians. n blic schools in west virginia are closed indefinitely. about 280,000 kids had a second day off today as nearly 20,000 teachers continued a walkout. their pay in west virginia averages about $45,000 a year. that's roughly $13,000 below the national average. this week, they were given a 2% raise for next year, and 1% raises for the following two years. the teachers say that is not enough, and the strike will continue on monday. we have much more ahead here. hena werner has the results of ner investigation. >> reporter: former employees, jeff, of the country's largest beauty chain allege used products were returned, cleaned up, and put back out for sale. we'll have that and the company's response next. company's response next. can make you feel unstoppable.
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according to two class action lawsuits against ulta beauty. the company has more than 1,000 stores in 48 states. anna werner tonight reports the trouble started with a social media post. >> it's practices that should not be happening in the beauty industry. >> reporter: kimberly brown says she used to shop at retailer ulta beauty, until she saw this- - a twitter post from a former ulta associate who alleged brown's favorite store was reselling used products as new. "we were told by managers to repackage/reseal the item and put it back on the shelf," she said. "they would resell everything." the former employee included photos of products, like this foundation stick she says was returned used then cleaned with a q-tip to make it look new, she said, not sanitized. >> i felt duped. bor somebody to come forward like that is a pretty big deal.
5:47 pm
>> reporter: brown's now part of a lawsuit that claims ulta deceived consumers for years. the company told us it's "confident that our stores uphold our policies and practices..." and posted this video. >> ulta beauty's policy does not permit the resale of used, damaged, or expired products, period. >> come on! >> reporter: but former ulta beauty store manager brittany ludwig says at one store... ea i saw them cleaning lip products and i did see them cleaning eye shadows. >> reporter: and another... >> things like shampoos, lotions, thing that were in squirt bottles. a lot of times they did get put back on the shelf. >> reporter: she says some of that she did herself. why? she says because higher level fanagers pressured the stores to keep down losses from returned goods. >> so we had other managers come in from other stores and they esre saying, you need to clean all these returns. this is how you're going to get your numbers down. it was all a numbers game. >> reporter: something she now regrets. >> i don't feel so great about doing it now, but at that time that's what i was told to
5:48 pm
job. >> reporter: and we did speak to some ulta associates who say they did not see this happen in their stores. nate today, ulta told us they have zero tolerance for actions that compromise the integrity of its products. jeff, they said hearing even from one person alleging this is one person too many. >> glor: wow, anna werner, thank you. up next here tonight, rex takes three bullets for his best friend. , rex takes three bullets for his best friend. but to help others, they first had to protect themselves. i have afib. even for a nurse, it's complicated... and it puts me at higher risk of stroke. that would be devastating. i had to learn all i could to help protect myself. once i got the facts, my doctor and i chose xarelto®. xarelto®... to help keep me protected. once-daily xarelto®, a latest-generation blood thinner... ...significantly lowers the risk of stroke in people with afib not caused by a heart valve problem. it has similar effectiveness to warfarin. xarelto® works differently. warfarin interferes with at least 6 blood-clotting factors.
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>> glor: carter evans now with a hero named rex. >> this is a real good boy. >> reporter: 16-year-old javier mercado was home alone when he heard strangers banging on a glass door. >> i heard that one shatter, and then that's when i dialed 911. and went into the closet. >> reporter: his two-year-old german shepherd rex did what came naturally. >> my dog sprinted downstairs, and he just started barking really loud. and from there i could hear everything. i could hear them getting closer and closer through, like, the creaking of the floor, and then
5:52 pm
one of the guys screamed. "get the dog! the dog bit me. the dog bit me." and then i heard one gunshot and several after that one. the dog cried after each shot. it was the worst thing i have ever seen. >> reporter: the burglars fled, police reached javier, then rushed rex to an animal hospital with three gunshot wounds. >> they didn't hesitate shooting rex. they didn't hold back on anything. and if rex wasn't there, they would have opened that door and they would've saw me in there. >> reporter: javier and his mother, julia, weren't sure rex would make it. he's now stable but needs several surgeries and donations are pouring in to help pay the bills. >> rex is my angel, my four- legged angel we had at our house. ha i want to thank my dog. n' it wasn't for him, i don't feel like i would be standing here right now. carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. >> glor: love it, go rex. steve hartman is next. next.
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>> glor: here's steve hartman "on the road." >> reporter: 20-year-old rishi sharma has always been into superheroes-- the real kind. that's why, as a junior in high adhool, he made it his mission to meet as many world war ii combat veterans as possible. >> i ditched so many days of high school to go do an interview. >> reporter: you were skipping school to go interview vets? >> yeah, i started riding my bike to the local senior home. orinterviewed those guys. then i started driving. >> reporter: it became a daily undertaking. >> every single day. >> reporter: when we first met rishi in 2016, he was driving all over southern california. >> i had a lot of missions. >> reporter: ...interviewing guys like marine tank commander ernie eisley. >> they were going to make a big camp there, attack us at night. ( laughs ) >> reporter: rishi talks to the men for hours. >> wow. >> reporter: ...then gives the licordings to their families.
5:57 pm
he says he does it because time is short. we're losing about 400 world war ii vets everyday. >> it's amazing how much history and knowledge is encased in each one of these individuals and how much is lost when one of them dies without sharing their story. the fact is i wake up every day to obituaries, guys who i wanted s interview, and i have to find out that, you know, they died. >> reporter: at this point, i should tell you, rishi doesn't come from a military family. his parents emigrated here from india. and yet he cares as much about our greatest generation as any i ung man i ever met. >> my name is rishi sharma. te reporter: in addition to his in-person interviews, he was telephoning at least five world war ii vets a day, just to thank them for their service and sacrifice. >> it means a great deal to me that you were willing to endure all of that, so that i could be here today. >> well, thank you very much for that. thank you. >> reporter: after this story yirst aired, rishi raised enough
5:58 pm
money on gofundme to expand his mission across the country. he travels by car, often sleeps in it. so far, he has interviewed over 850 vets in 40 states, learning about their stories and their r ars. >> bullet wound. >> reporter: ...those that have healed and those that will never. >> who is that? >> this is my brother jack and he died in my arms on the battlefield. >> reporter: nice to know as long as there are world war ii veterans willing to talk, there will be at least one young man... >> aw, shucks. >> reporter: ...willing to listen. "eve hartman, "on the road" in redondo beach, california. >> glor: makes you want to watch that story again right away. that's the "cbs evening news," good night. fbi, opened the door.
5:59 pm
award-winning journalist on the cbs news. kpix5 news starts now. a landlord calls it quits. he is fed up with the high cost of living. here is the twist, he is taking his tenants with him.>> i am veronica de la cruz. he says it is time to leave. money is not the only thing pushing them out. >> reporter: tony hicks is fed up with the bay area and moving to colorado. he is taking a house full of tenants with him.>> i want to move out of california. i did not expect to live in the cold again. >> reporter: it started with tony who lives in san jose and has three houses and is worrying about earthquakes. >> the sanctuary state came on which was a clue and i said i think i need to go.
6:00 pm
>> reporter: he did not want to leave his longtime tenants out in the cold. they wanted to go with him. seven of them said yes. they will move into this four bedroom home in colorado springs he bought with cash from the sale of his san jose homes. >> it is like a caravan. >> reporter: they are on their 60s and 70s and on a fixed income and could not afford rent. tony has not raised rent in over a decade. leaving the golden state is economic. >> everything is expensive. >> reporter: others mentioned changes in the bay area they don't like.>> the governor and everybody, i'm getting set up with politics. and crime.>> it has lost its charm. it looks like an ugly world and.


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