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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 23, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PST

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>> reporter: he did not want to leave his longtime tenants out in the cold. they wanted to go with him. seven of them said yes. they will move into this four bedroom home in colorado springs he bought with cash from the sale of his san jose homes. >> it is like a caravan. >> reporter: they are on their 60s and 70s and on a fixed income and could not afford rent. tony has not raised rent in over a decade. leaving the golden state is economic. >> everything is expensive. >> reporter: others mentioned changes in the bay area they don't like.>> the governor and everybody, i'm getting set up with politics. and crime.>> it has lost its charm. it looks like an ugly world and.
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>> reporter: the primary residence he bought for $1.2 million, $200,000 over the asking price indicating yes, people are leaving california, many are eager to come in as well. >> it does not hurt the bay area. it frees up housing we need. >> reporter: the group plans to start for their new lives in colorado next month. len ramirez with kpix five. this is martin speech and land around it. a federal appeals court was wrong when they said the public should be able to access the beach. they are violating his property rights. the courts will decide over the next two months if they take the case. more than 20 earthquakes in 24 hours. neighborhoods have been rocking and rolling. these storms are around the danville area and all the dots are the epicenter. the biggest one was a 3.5 at
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12:30. devon feely is live. >> reporter: call it what you want, a quake storm, a cluster, it does not matter what the name is. people at danville are talking about it and people have been left shaken by it. the hills above danville are running. scientists describe it as an earthquake swarm, a series of small quakes that did not cause real damage yet but have rattled neighbors. >> i fell asleep after midnight and it's like somebody whacked to the house. it was like a sudden jolt, not very long.>> reporter: there are 20 small cake -- quakes just today. they are inspecting the trains and trucks for damage.>> when there are multiple earthquakes going on,
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it has to raise eyebrows. is there a concern and what is the next step? >> reporter: scientists say it is a response. earthquakes indicate a bigger quake is on the way. conversely, it releases pressure making one less likely. neither is true. >> we don't expect this to grow into anything large. this swarm is typical of this region. we have seen a similar pattern happen seven times over the few years. since 1970. >> reporter: this is earthquake country. a big one is never far away. the forecast for the next 30 years is for a larger one. scientists say an earthquake swarm could last a few days or as long as a month. we are on day seven and as people in danville can attest, it is slowing down but not yet.
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this is devin fehely with kpix5. there was a competition at the democratic convention. democrats meet in san diego. she is in favor of the parties endorsement but could be in for a major snap. she is facing a challenge from the state leader. >> will she be stopped from getting the nomination? if she has, people like kevin daley on and his supporters can say she is not endorsed by the party. they could look down on her credentials. >> they say feinstein has many of -- plenty of money and backers. we asked the host about the impact in washington if feinstein failed to win again. >> she has a huge voice in washington. her failure to win reelection
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would be significant. it would change dynamics here. >> you can watch it here on kpix5 sunday morning at 8:30. you may not have heard, tony mendoza resigned yesterday amid sexual allocation allegations. >> reporter: tony mendoza's name may be erased from senate chambers. but not for memory. >> if he can get past the credibility issue with what has been leveled against him. >> reporter: this professor and analyst says regardless of what he is known for, he knows.>> look at our president. voters can be forgiving of candidates or elected officials with transgressions. >> reporter: he is the author of the california target book
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analyzing legislative races. according to his findings, 15% of voters voted for him in 20,015. -- 2015. that is wrong according to this political strategist.>> people know very little about their state senators and very little have name recognition. all they know about him is something bad, his chances of being reelected are next to nothing.>> reporter: he acknowledges mendoza got more campaign money than potential challengers. the secretary of state says mendoza has more than $655,000. he says that's a good amount, particularly for a politician accused of harassing six women he has worked with. he says more money cannot save a bad man. >> no matter how much he spends or people defend him, his name is associated with sexual
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harassment. >> reporter: mendoza, a married father of 4 has repeatedly denied the charges. he resigned this week and save himself from the first senator to be expelled in over a decade. will he surprised us? potential challengers had to san diego this weekend for the annual democratic convention. students are angry about a school plan for a plaque that puts a sexual assault victim. brock turner assaulted a woman in 2015. the victim known as emily doe has proposed to coax -- 2 quotes from the plaque. they are considering different quotes. >> we are free to comment. this was a story that was most convenient to protect the brand
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and stanfords image. >> reporter: administrators say the excerpts the victim put forward will not work for a contemplative space on campus. they may use one that is right here and i'm okay. any spay viewer sent us this video of cars and motorcycles doing donuts. that smoke is burning rubber from the tires. this happen this afternoon. by the time officers arrived on the scene, the drivers were gone. no reports of injuries. this entrance of the health department confirmed the three men found yesterday died of sentinel overdoses. they were found outside of school. drug paraphernalia was scattered around them. the toxicology shows they had a combination of cocaine, methamphetamines, and the deadly opioid in their systems. a stunning sunset on a friday night. it has been chilly all week long. what we are in store for over the weekend.
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the weekend begins with the over night lows tonight which are below freezing in the north bay and east bay valleys. 32 in napa. 31 in fairfield. we will talk about how warm it gets this weekend and a chance of rain coming up. a house with a history for trouble goes up in flames. why investigators say the fire could have been set intentionally. the parents accused of torturing and serving their 13 children face new charges. for the first time, we learn about the children's recovery. check out the window and little care of what is inside. an east bay homeowner is disappointed with an amazon delivery drivers technique.
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the first was in san francisco's castro.. the second.. in east oakland.. where flames *gutted an abandoned la a fires around the bay area today. the smoke could be seen for miles. the first at castro and the second in east oakland. it got it a landmark. the oakland flames took over at 2 pm this afternoon on miller avenue off of international boulevard. look at that building go. it was a library in the 70s. it has been vacant for 15 years. homeless people and drug users have squatted there. firefighters rattled the flames from all sides and water coming from all directions. this is a nerve racking thing to watch as the firefighters went to the top of the ladder
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there. we saw a couple small fires this year. firefighters do not believe anyone was inside the building when it burned. this is what is left of it this evening. the roof is gone and stripped down to the frame. residents of a nearby apartment were evacuated as a precaution. we saw one neighbor hosing down a nearby rooftop. the building is a spanish colonial, or was, and is on the national registry of historic places. a stately victorian goes up in flames. the neighbors are not sad or surprised to see a burning. they told us it has been a nuisance on their block for many years. >> reporter: that's right, veronica. if you ask anybody that has lived in this neighborhood for a while, they will tell you this homeowner has had issues with the police and the city for a long time. police called this place a drug den. the homeowner says he has always tried to do the wrong thing, often allowing the homeless to stay here. joel elliott is at odds with
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the city again. are investigators were outside his cast store neighborhood home all day trying to determine if this fire was set intentionally. are you suspicious this is arson ? >> yes, i am. >> this house has a history of trouble. >> reporter: joel elliott was being forced out of his home. he is accused of running a drug den and won a judgment for $1.7 million in 2016. police raided his home multiple times finding methamphetamines and other illicit drugs. the attorney call that a lawless neighborhood nuisance. >> i say that is a deep misunderstood -- deep misunderstanding. i help people that are homeless and have drug addictions. >> reporter: he was unable to pay the 1.7 million billion and he filed for bankruptcy. he collected his belongings. this is something he can no
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longer do.>> it is devastating. i lived there 22 years and all of my things are in there. >> reporter: firefighters say the smoke was heavy and it happened back. if this happened in the middle of the night, more than one home could have been jeopardized.>> this is good firefighting and old-fashioned firefighting. >> reporter: this fire causes problems for both sides and parties in the story because the city is still owed the $1.7 million and this home was supposed to pay for that. >> if the homeowners judgment happened in 2016, why has it taken so long for him to leave? >> reporter: this has been a long process and the homeowners allege after legal action was taken, everything that happened was unlawful and unfair. he has been fighting to stay in
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the property. the bankruptcy court has gotten involved and has formally kicked him out and told him to leave. they are now in the process of taking it over through his bankruptcy court. thank you, susie. more criminal charges for the southern california couple for torturing their 13 children. the rescue children are discovering what life is like outside captivity. reporter, renny page with the latest. >> reporter: he had a new suit and haircut and was in good spirits as they conferred with the attorney before the hearing came to order. they are charged with multiple counts of torture, child abuse, neglect, and false imprisonment involving their 13 children. in court today, prosecutors added more charges. luis was charged with felony assault. they both pleaded not guilty to the charges. david and louise are in custody
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as their case moves closer to trial, their children are learning what life is like outside of their home that prosecutor say was like a prison . they told cbs news they are free to make their own choices. >> they are deciding what they want to read and were. these are things and decisions they make every day which are new and empowering. in court today, they spoke about the mountain of evidence his client is facing.>> the council and voluminous discovery of this case, including audio and video statements, there is significant physical evidence. i am skeptical of being ready on may 14. >> reporter: with the preliminary hearing three months away, david and louise face the certainty of spending months in custody and the possibility of spending many
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years in prison while their children tell their attorneys, they want to go to the beach, the mountains, and the movies. they make long-term plans to go to college and pursue careers and take control of their lives. >> that was randy page reporting. prosecutor say when the children are found last month, they had not been to a doctor in over four years and had not been to a dentist. criticism for the way a package was delivered in east bay. the whole thing with caught on camera.>> he drove up the driveway and put their hand out the window and dropped the package.>> that resident has the surveillance video of the amazon delivery she is talking about. the delivery trucks rose up to her driveway and the driver does not get out of the cart. they dropped the package on the pavement.>> i hope they make sure the sources they use for delivery would be more considerate and thoughtful rather than dropping a package and walked to the door as most
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people would and be mindful of that package. >> she is a long-time customer of amazon and is willing to give them another chance. let's hope we have rain. it's a 15 step walk to the front door. san jose post sunset as we head toward the weekend. only a high of 55 degrees. this is typical for winter. it is 7 degrees below average. concord is 57. what happened this month? the first two months, san francisco was on a record, not only for february but may. we were warmer than average and in the bottom fell out. the past 10 days we have been 3.5 degrees cooler. those that happened in the same month. bring a jacket if you had to san francisco tomorrow. the beautiful chinese new year parade will have a brisk evening, 50 degrees at most. we have a pattern that will be
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locked into place. we talked where it was warm and dry, we are working on the dry part but lost the warm. we have a depth in the stream over the west half of the country. the western half is warm and stormy with severe weather likely in many parts of the country, especially the tennessee valley. clear and chilly tonight. let's look at the highs tomorrow. it will be partly sunny. it will be 59 in san jose. concord 57. san francisco 55. we stay on the cooler side of average for a while. a opportunities for lighter rainfall. on monday morning we see a few showers. we dry out tuesday and wednesday. let's hope this ring chance late next week will be more juicy. we need rain as february wraps up. a threatening instagram post forces the shutdown of one of la's most prestigious
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schools. the former nfl player is now under arrest. coming up in sports, the warriors takedown the clippers. we take on the oklahoma city thunder. spring baseball has arrived. the giants and the oakland a's play. we will tackle that when we come back. and because nothing keeps us more connected than the internet, we've created access from at&t. california households with at least one resident who receives snap or ssi benefits may qualify for home internet at a discounted rate of $10 a month. no commitment, deposit, or installation fee. visit to learn more.
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looking forward to today. the orange and black back on the diamond for their first game of spring. the giants opening the cactus league against milwaukee. in the first... andrew mccutchen struck-out in his first at-bat as after finishing last in the west with 98 losses, the giants were looking forward to today. the orange and black on the diamond for the first game of spring. the giants opened the cactus league against milwaukee. andrew mccutcheon struck out in the first inning. he was 0-2 for the game. pablo sandoval trying to make the opened a roster. he connects for a solo homeroom -- homerun. the oakland a's start chris carter. he singles in a run. there were five hits. last season, oakland
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hit 24 homeruns and he picked up where he left off. this was a two run homer. they go on to when, win, 9-8. tiger woods with golf is under contention. he rolled into the pot, one of three birdies in the round. he was within three shots. he was to back -- 2 back. it leads to a double bogey. he shot one over 71 and made cuts for the second time in three weeks with four shots back from the leaders. the nfl chase have traded marcus peters to the rams. in three seasons, peter leads the nfl with 19 interceptions. the warriors come out of the all-star break and beat the clippers. kevin durant's old team, they
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have not been able to beat them, they play the oklahoma city thunder. golden state shot 63% and steph curry shot 44 points. the head of 144 win over the clippers. for the game, golden state went 4-4. despite the hot shooting, green did not take too much from a february win. >> we are a good team and are not going to sit here like we are battered that had a horrible season. we have not been as great as most people expect. and what we expect. we are still a damn good basketball team. >> they should come out and play a good game against the oklahoma city thunder. >> nice to see tiger in the hunt.>> it's nice to see him
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playing a good level as well. coming up, oakland teachers tell us what they think about carrying weapons in schools. a threatening instagram post forces a prestigious la school to cancel classes. the person in police custody is a former nfl player. we get the dates of what is to come for this year's annual chinese new year's concert.
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white house... where pr you are watching kpix5 news. a live look at the white house where president trump has been talking of a plan to arm teachers. he says it could prevent mass shootings at schools. the president mentioned the security guard in florida that did not go into the school during last week's attack.>> the school the other day, he probably does not know or let the children. the students are loved by the teachers. they would do it from left. they have to be adept. i am not talking about every teacher, just a small percentage.>> the president talked about gun issues today as he met with australia's prime minister. kpix5 tells us what teachers in oakland
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think about having guns. >> reporter: not a lot of support in oakland to arm teachers. they say that did not come into the profession to carry a gun. this veteran teacher says he went into education to make a difference. >> the one thing that can impact every problem on the planet is education. >> reporter: he believes carrying a gun in class creates more problems, not solutions.>> in my 19 years, i have been involved in several incidents where guns were on campus. i never once thought i should have won to try to shoot back.>> reporter: agitators believe the president is trying to distract from the debate over gun-control.>> this is another absurd idea from an absurd administration. >> this is at the flexion on everything. there will not be a ban on assault weapons. >> reporter: this is the only bay area school with a police force.
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>> it is insane to arm the teachers. you cannot just shoot somebody with a small caliber handgun dealing with somebody with a rifle.>> reporter: many oakland parent do not want armed officers in schools, let alone armed teachers. >> teachers do not sign up for this. >> reporter: the union represents over 200 teachers. they want votes, not guns. >> society wants to blame teachers are make them heroes. we are neither. we are teachers and arm us with the tools to do our job and maybe we would have a better society that did not have these problems.>> reporter: the district police chief says the best way to prevent a mass shooting is through prevention and intervention. in oakland, i am.len with kpix5. a chilling 911 call. we hear the suspect calling for help. >> 911 emergency. >> i was just assaulted.
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someone attacked me. i don't know where i am. >> days earlier, nikolas cruz's mother had died. he moved into a trailer with his family. according to 911, they were worried by his outburst. >> he was in the backyard behind the fence digging for 15 minutes. i'm positive he had a weapon. -- he buried the weapon. >> this was not the first time. >> his mother died from the flu. the shooting left 17 dead. he had several run-ins with the law since 2008. they had more than 20 calls that concerned him. the san francisco giants
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wore caps today to acknowledge the tragedy in parkland, florida during their first spring training game. the giants and milwaukee brewers wore black cats with the red letters, sd which stands for stolen doug -- stoneman douglas high school. la's most procedure school, harvard westlake was shut down today because of a threat posted on instagram. the account belongs to an ex- nfl player who is in custody. christie shows us the instagram post that is the center of the scare. >> reporter: this post popped up on jonathan martin's instagram account. it says when you are a bully victim and a coward, your options are suicide or revenge. next to the words is the image of a shotgun and shall with that #harvard westlake and miami dolphins. he hacked instagram accounts. martin accused of bullying him
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in 2013. the nfl investigated and the report concluded, martin, and offensive lineman had been the target of bullies. he had harvest -- harvard westlake cancel classes. school officials acted as a precaution. >> the lapd believes there is no threat. in washington, the white house was put on lockdown after a woman ran her vehicle into a barricade. reporter was there as it all went down.>> reporter: authorities say a woman rammed her van into a barricade at the white house gates friday afternoon. the barrier did its job to stop the van before secret service officers arrested her. this video shows smoke coming to the scene immediately after the incident. >> everybody walk this way now.
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>> reporter: the van's back windows were knocked out. the secret service says no shots were fired during the incident. the white house was put under immediate lockdown while officers investigated. the prime minister was visiting president trump during the incident. the leaders were not in danger. law enforcement sources say the driver was somebody known to the secret service. police are interviewing her to determine why she was trying to get to the white house. recently, police identified the suspect as a 35-year-old woman from tennessee. she has been arrested several times for previous encounters near the white house. the russia investigation and the 5th guilty plea. rick gates has pleaded guilty to lying to investigators and conspiring against the united states. the signal skates agreement to cooperate with robert mueller's investigation. in exchange, prosecutors will drop other charges.
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the great debate, how officers are getting caught up. a powerful message today from reese witherspoon.
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the flu continues to rise.. even continues to rise.. even though the outbreak appears to to be easing, the c-d-c reports 13 more flu-related child deaths. that brings the total to 97 this flu season. the number of children dying from the flu continues to rise even though the outbreak is easing. the cdc reports 13 more child related deaths. that brings the total to 97 this flu season. the percentage of people that visited a doctor complaining of a flulike illness is down. 39 states are still seeing high levels of flu activity. a new way to catch like steve. the police department posted this video. it shows a bike set on harrison street. that bike just olin was bait. police say they will use to -- easy to steal bait bikes. in berkeley, two people
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walked into a coffee shop this afternoon. one grabbed a laptop and ran. however, a customer grabbed the second person. there has been a rash of laptop that's in berkeley. these men took the laptops and took off. please admit the numbers are skyrocketing. oklahoma homeowners say that aging sewer system is stinking up the city. the city sanitation crews were working behind the oakland zoo yesterday after a sewer pipe overflowed into the creek. residents reported toilet paper and colored water and strong odors. they say this is not the first time this happened. public workers are pumping the creek and sucking out the contamination. she misses her home but is coming back. meet the tiger that left her heart in san francisco. not much of a breeze
6:40 pm
tomorrow. the peak gusts art 10-20 miles per hour. it is in the mid-50s and it will feel chilly period are we going to warm up anytime soon? i will have that answer and talk about a different chances for rainfall and when they happen, coming up next.
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kpix5 weather is brought to you by sleep world. save thousands of dollars on presidents' day mattress sale. the old spaghetti factory on mt diablo street in concord.. wednesday. co a popular east bay restaurant shutdown over a rodent infestation. they are on mount diablo street in concord. county health inspector sent a lengthy list of major and minor violations. >> if they have rats, it is not good. they need to do something about it. >> no word yet on the restaurant or when it will reopen.
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i have a strange site for you. a gray whale missing a tale. it was spotted at newport beach this week. photographer, brooke palmer caught the image while out on a boat. despite the impairment, the whale seemed to a adapt. experts think it got tangled and something. they remind people that if they see a whale tangled in something, don't try to help it but take a picture and send it to authorities. a tiger goes on to the san francisco zoo where she was born. she was sent to the sacramento zoo last year. she was supposed to mate but did not settle in. the zookeepers thought she was homesick. they gave her anti-anxiety medications. nothing worked. the decision was made to bring her back to san francisco. the zoo says, "once julian completes her 30 day quarantine period and can see other big cats, she will be ready to return to her former habitat". the zoo says she recognizes the
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sound of her parents. >> she is beautiful. a rap artist with ties to the bay area are making sure local teenagers can see their future bright and early. master p is an artist. he works with a group called vision to learn. they give out free eye exams and glasses to students in low income communities. they give away 30 pairs of glasses today at oakland high. >> that helped change my life, education. these kids can see, this will be a great project that i can be a part of. the golden state warriors also sponsor vision to learn. they will sponsor it at tomorrow night's game at oracle arena. >> reese witherspoon and george clooney were at a conference to empower women. mary lee got to listen to what
6:46 pm
they had to say.>> these are the triggers. >> reporter: these women were so inspired by all the support from other women at the watermark conference for women. they developed safe and sound spray which is an alarm and pepper spray. they created it to support and empower women.>> each year there are 329,000 victims of sexual assaults. we were ready for our next step in life which is going to college. we wanted to create a product that would help us feel safe and help other women.>> we are supportive for this movement. i go to rallies about that. i go to rallies when i get the chance. >> reporter: the keynote speaker was amal clooney. >> i am blown away by the student's. i think they do an amazing job.
6:47 pm
they can plan a tragedy into advocacy. it has been a week since his happened. i am awed by how courageous they are. >> reporter: reese witherspoon also spoke today. she has a powerful voice in this movement. she says it is important every workplace is safe from harassment and abuse. >> we realize there was no going back from this moment. the moment the silence was broken and saw our sisters had been badly abused and hurt and discriminated against. i learned things i can not unlearn. >> it is important to talk about her own personal experience. i think it is scary for women to admit how many of us have been in that position. to hear her say it shamelessly and powerfully was really something that resonated with me.
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paul, people looking to get out and about this weekend. we are coming up on the weekend which will feature sunshine. a couple weeks ago that meant 75 or 80 degrees. this weekend it means 55 or 60 degrees. it will get chilly quickly tonight. if you had out, make sure you have a jacket for yourself or significant other. it is in the 40s in livermore and san francisco. it is 50 in san jose. oakland is below freezing tonight. the valleys away from the water, plan on anywhere from 25 -30 degrees. the city is 30 degrees. river city is 34. it could drop into the upper 30s in pacifica and san francisco. we don't have precipitation. we had 1/100 of rainfall. that is the second driest february ever. we had the third driest december ever. here we go again.
6:49 pm
>> mostly cloudy and window in tahoe tomorrow. 36 degrees tomorrow and 39 degrees. the wind continues sunday. i read an update from the storm prediction center. it could be a widespread outbreak of severe weather that we have had in the country for the past half year. it is centered on arkansas tomorrow. usually the storm tracks, the green arrows. it has been one back east. the opposite is cold and unstable error we have had on the west coast. arizona has been setting record lows. we had a few around here. the cooler than average weather will continue next week area we have to work some precipitation into this. cold does not prevent us from a drought. we have not had much snow or rainfall. cloud cover tomorrow and rain stays away. saturday evening is clear and sunday is clear. it will be mild over the weekend. rain moves into the area sunday night into monday morning.
6:50 pm
it quickly moves out. we are fortunate to get 1/10 inch of rainfall. highs get close to 60 this weekend which is below average. it will be sunny on sunday and showers are likely early in the day or monday. highs of the day are below normal. union city is 56, san mateo 57. widespread mid-50s through the area. oakland at 56. santa rosa is 57. a degrees warmer on sunday. monday morning has showers. it will be chilly on tuesday and wednesday and dry. there could be more widespread rainfall next thursday. keep your fingers crossed because we need it. >> thanks, paul. enjoy your weekend. a musical weekend of chinese culture coming up. the sounds of the lunar new year. they are reacting to how
6:51 pm
the shells are restocked with used goods. the manager was pressured to do it. we have that story tonight at 10 pm on our sister station.
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year parade in san francisco. lunar new year. kpix 5 anchor elizabeth cook has a preview. besides the big parade, san francisco host a special concert tomorrow to celebrate lunar new year. olivia cook has the preview. >> reporter: inside davies symphony hall, today is a musical celebration of chinese culture and comes to life. this is the annual chinese new year concert. this is the featured soloist. >> every chinese-american as part of their heritage.>> reporter: yang says this piece, the triple resurrection by tom dunn is exciting to play it. it was inspired by words from
6:55 pm
the german composer, richard wagner and the movie, crouching tiger hidden dragon. >> i love that we each get a turn, the piano, the violin, the cello to introduce the various things. >> reporter: the concert has been a san francisco tradition for almost 20 years. this year show features bay area musicians alongside chinese guest artists including the chinese celebrated artist. this is the guest conductor. she says concussions like this bowl of water is a hallmark of traditional chinese music.>> there is a lot of traditional percussions. the little and big symbols. >> reporter: there's another signature. >> the melody does not cover all the notes. we picked the field and stay
6:56 pm
with it. >> this event uses the universal language of music to embrace the east and west. >> reporter: lou collins hopes the inspired -- they inspire the audience. particularly the children that come with their parents. >> they have an experience they totally enjoy that is connected to their heritage and will come back every year.>> reporter: with music like this, that is practically guaranteed. elizabeth cook, kpix5. >> this year's performance is dedicated to the late mayor lee who was a regular attendee. there is only one show tomorrow and it is sold out.>> too bad they cannot capture that live. >> week -- we stream our newscast live. >> don't forget to join us tonight at 10 pm. we will also be back at 11 pm. >> have a good weekend.
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