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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 24, 2018 2:07am-2:37am PST

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been used by squatters. >> reporter: investigators say the building is a complete loss tonight after the third fire in less than a year. neighbors say the city of oakland should have closed it up years ago. the top floor of the building that was once east oakland's library looked nothing more than a fire ball. >> the whole top floor is gone. when we arrived on scene, the whole building was engulfed in flames. >> the structural engineer red tagged the city-owned building, which had been abandoned for decade. some neighbors say the fire began with a brawl between squatters. someone set the fire intentionally. but a woman who did not want to show us her face said the place was a drug den. >> a lot of prostitution and drunk people. they should be taking care, yes. >> reporter: but the city struggled to sell the building, which needed $2 to $3 million in improvements. last summer, the council
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members showed us how bad it was. >> people are living here, starting fires. >> reporter: last year it burned twice. gyos says the city got a $1.5 million insurance payment after the fires. instead of fixing the building, they plan to sell it to a church below market value and use the insurance money to make up the difference. now that sale may not happen. but he still has hope someone will buy the land. in oakland christin ayers, kpix 5. after shaking in the east bay, 30 earthquakes in contra costa in less than 24 hours. all of them centered around danville. the biggest one a magnitude 3.5 at 12:30 this afternoon just east of 680. scientists at the usgs say the quakes are centered on the fault. they say this does not indicate a bigger one is on the way, but kpix 5 tells us the jolts may keep on coming. >> reporter: so scientists say an earthquake swarm could last for a few days as long as a
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month, but right now we're on day seven. as people here in danville can attest, it is not slowing down, at least not yet. >> there is no real damage reported, but bart did slow trains for a bit for crews to inspect the tracks. in florida tonight, we're learning more about the warning signs that law enforcement agencies missed ahead of last week's deadly school shooting. cvchs reporter manual borjorqos is in broward county. >> reporter: tonight cbs news learned five and a half weeks a woman called the tipline concerned nikolas cruz would get into a school and just shoot the place up. she said he had diminished mental capacity and gave an on mouse -- an ominous warning. it wasn't the only red flag. the woman who took in cruz and his brother after their mother's death last year called palm beach county's 911 in november. >> he put the gun at my head.
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that's not the first time. he did it to his mom. >> reporter: there are now investigations that practically every level of law enforcement about potential missed warning signs before the shooting and what happened during. the school's armed resource officer, scot peterson stayed outside the building where the shooting happened and did not confront the suspect inside as the shooting continued for about four minutes according to the broward county sheriff. >> i have been a police officer for 30 years. >> reporter: records show peterson had been at stoneman douglas high for the last eight years. he met or exceeded all categories of his last employee review. in 2014 he was nominated school resource deputy of the year. the president who has called for more trained gun carrying staff at schools had this to say about him today. >> when it came time to get in there and do something, he didn't have the courage. he certainly did a poor job. >> the superintendent is also outraged by the deputy's
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actions. >> i was shocked, extremely upset. it is inexcusable. >> it's the awful question, right? could lives have been saved. >> yeah, it's one of those what if. >> reporter: the deputy has not yet spoken publicly and appears to be secluded in his home guarded by deputies after reportedly getting death threats. superintendent runsi warns about blaming anyone, but the shooter for what happened. >> we need comprehensive solutions. it's not this or that, but a combination of the above. >> reporter: the sheriff has now placed a deputy armed with a rifle at every school in the county. classes at stoneman douglas high will resume on wednesday, though officials acknowledge had some people may not be ready to return. cbs parkland, florida. tonight, florida governor, rick scott, is proposing banning firearm sales in the state to anyone under 21 and a ban on bump stocks. those are the attachments that turn semiautomatic weapons into
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machine guns. tonight a growing number of businesses are cutting ties with the nra. they include the insurance giant, metlife, the national series, and hertz -- national enterprise, and hertz car rental company. tonight the california teacher association says arming teachers is not the answer. in a statement it said, "bringing more guns into schools is a misguided and dangerously flawed idea." thinking more firearms on our campuses is the answer is the most irresponsible solution you could imagine. east bay congressman tweeted this. "the nra and president trump would rather have us argue about this non-starter idea of arming teachers rather than moving ahead with common sense gun violence reform supported by the vast majority of americans. don't be distracted." a former 49er is in custody tonight after posting a chilling image on instagram.
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the post caused a school shutdown in los angeles. >> reporter: this image of a shotgun and scattered shells sparked a shutdown friday at one of l.a.'s most prestigious schools. police detained jonathan martin, ex-nfl player, for a post on his verified instagram gun. along with the words, "when you're a bullied victim and a coward, your options are suicide or revenge." martin graduated from harbor westlake in 2008 and went on to play as an offensive lineman for the dolphins. in 2013, he accused then dolphins teammate, richie incognito to bullying, leading to his suspension. others were tagged in the post along with two of martin's classmates. martin read a brief statement back in 2013 about the alleged bullying. martin retired from the nfl in 2015.
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we stopped by his west hollywood apartment, but he wasn't there. early friday morning, students at westlake were instructed to stay home. and the shutdown of the private school comes only a week after 17 people were tagged and a mass shooting at a high school in florida. and though police do not believe it there is a credible threat to harbor-westlake, school officials closed both campuses as a precaution. 87-year-old wagner declined to comment. in los angeles, peter dout, kpix 5. the city plans to add a second top shed shelter site at north gate and 27th. the first is at sixth and castro. the north gate location is currently littered with tents. the city started using the storage units late last year. the units at the pilot site houses up to 40 people. the city says the program is not perfect, but it's showing science of success. when a winter shelter in
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sunnyvale shuts their doors in seven weeks, many say it will be devastating. kpix 5 maria medina is in sunnyvale with why the homeless says this shelter is one of a kind. >> reporter: you know, there are days when i feel depressed about it. >> reporter: selena cole wants to help people with low incomes find a home. >> it's scary, it is very scary. >> reporter: but now she is the one who is homeless. >> wondering how i'm going to pate bills, how i'm going to take care of my daughter. >> reporter: when her contract ended a few months ago, so did her ability to pay for her palo alto apartment. selena and her 9-year-old daughter, angel, turned to the home first shelter in sunnyvale. >> where else would we be? we would have to sleep in the car. that would not be good. >> reporter: however, the shelter is set to close on april 15. it is funded by santa clara county only as a winter shelter. but a couple of weeks ago.
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>> the shelter has helped me a lot. >> reporter: one after another, they urged the board of supervisors to keep it from closing. >> i'm waiting for housing. they said it would take a year. but it's good nursing family environments too. >> reporter: many say the shelter is unlike others. they say it is life changing, clean, friendly, and safe. and it also offers storage for their belongings, which is rare. >> i would say it's the best shelter around. >> reporter: homeless advocate sean cartwright says many would rather sleep in the shelter because of crime, but not at sunnyvale. >> people feel more home here. people don't feel safe at other shelters, but they feel safe here. for a lot of people, they do close it. people are in worse shape than they are right now. >> reporter: the shelter houses 140 people at night including selena and her daughter who say they need more time to get back on their feet. >> i feel like is this ever going to end? will i ever be stable again?
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it is a scary place to be. >> reporter: a county worker says they have not identified the money needed to keep the shelter open year round. so for now, they will shut down mid-april despite the outcry to keep it from closing. in sunnyvale, maria medina, kpix 5. this bay area man has been found safe nearly a week after disappearing in the yosemite. tonight how he managed to stay alive. the driver of this van rammed a security barrier at the white house. tonight police say this was no accident. and tonight, meet rex, the german shepherd that took three bullets to save his
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36-year-old alan chow of oakland was ay... near a bay area backpacker who went hiking in the yosemite is safe tonight. 36-year-old allen chow of oakland was last seen saturday. the park service started searching for him tuesday. during his time lost it in freezing temperatures, he spent most of the time in his tent and stayed hydrated. he also had plenty of food. a helicopter search crew spotted him around noon today. he has only minor injuries. a security scare at the white house when a minivan slammed into a barrier today at the southwest entrance. cbs reporter mola lenghi says the driver is now under arrest, a 35-year-old woman from tennessee. >> reporter: authorities say woman intentionally rammed her van into a barricade at the white house gates friday afternoon. the barrier did its job and
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stopped the van before secret service officers swooped in and arrested her. this video shows smoke coming from the scene immediately after the incident. >> everybody, we are going to walk this way now. >> reporter: the van's back windows were somehow knocked out, but the secret service said no shots were fired during the incident. the white house was put in an immediate lockout while officers investigated. all -- australian prime minister, turnbull, was meeting with the president at the time, but no one was injured. the driver is already known to secret service. police are interviewing her now to try to figure out why she got into the white house. mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. some stanford students are angry about a plaque. dozens turned out at the spot where former swimmer, brock turner, assaulted a woman in 2015. the victim known as emily doe has proposed two quotes for the plaque from a letter she read out in court.
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the university is considering different quotes upsetting students. >> stanford betrayed its promise. >> administrators say the excerpts the victim put forward will not work for a contemplative space on campus. instead they may use one that says i'm right here, i'm okay. tonight a suspected serial bank robber in san jose is in custody. police obtained the surveillance image of the robber who struck three different banks beginning january 4. police identified the suspect as oscar radio. they arrested him at the great mall in milpitas. intruders burst into a home in washington state and opened fire. carter evans tells us a german shepherd, named rex, took three bullets to save his best friend.
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>> reporter: 16-year-old javier mercado was home alone when he heard strangers banging on a glass door. >> i heard that one shatter and that is when i dialed 911. i went into the closet. >> reporter: his 2-year-old german shepherd, rex, did what came naturally. >> my dog sprinted downstairs. he started barking real loud. and i could hear them getting closer. and then one of the guys screamed, get the dog, the dog bit me. and then i heard one gunshot and several after that one. my dog cried after each shot. it was the worst thing i've ever seen. >> reporter: the burglars fled. police reached javier and then rushed rex to an animal hospital with three gunshot wounds. >> they didn't hesitate, they didn't hold back on anything. if rex wasn't there, they would have opened that door and they would have seen me in there. >> reporter: they were not sure if rex would make it, but he is now stable. he needs several surgeries.
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donations are pouring in had to help pay the bills. >> rex, he's an angel. he's my four-legged angel that we had at our house. >> i just want to thank my dog. i wouldn't be standing here right now. >> reporter: carter evans, cbs news, los angeles. the future home of the golden state warriors is really starting to take shape. tonight, we saw lots of cranes, even this one carrying a trio ofporta-potties. since the ground breaking a year ago, hundreds of construction workers have been working around the clock. we can finally see that arena oval. the new 18,000 seat center is expected to open at the end of 2019. lanterns, dragons, and lots of fireworks. get ready. tomorrow is the lunar new year parade in san francisco. kpix 5 andrea nakano shows us what it -- andria borba shows us what it takes to get ready. >> reporter: before the dragon can wind its way through the
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streets of san francisco tomorrow, these barricades behind me have to go up along market street, preparing for the thousands upon thousands expected for the chinese new year parade. all signs of san francisco point to a party. the san francisco symphony rehearsing. >> it's a great day to celebrate. and i love this is the year of the dog. >> reporter: the sparkling floats are getting finishing touches. >> we started in early december with the small crew. and then we got very busy in january, even busier in february, and wrapped it up the last few days. >> and tiaras are getting shined in preparation for the year of the dog. >> and this is a celebration, a time of renewal and a time to be with family and friends and to be happy and celebrate new year's together. >> the parade route will begin along market street and then up gary, loop around union square, and finally up kearney to the corner of columbus. the countdown clock is on for the year of the dog.
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in san francisco, andria borba, kpix 5. >> the parade is scheduled to begin add 5:15. paul, your message to parade goers, bundle up? >> yes, you will need your jacket. it will be chilly tomorrow. sun will still up be at 5:15. it is cold tonight. we are already at freezing mark in livermore. it's 32 degrees. santa rosa already 34. concord 41. oakland 40 degrees. overnight lows, i tweaked them down. i do think we'll see widespread mid to upper 20s. napa county, sonoma county, mendencito. we could have some frost. what a change. we were on a record pace for the month of may. forget about february. we are eight and a half degrees warmer than average, then the
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bottom fell out. we've within colder -- we've been colder than average. that's where we will stay tomorrow evening. it will be chilly out there to start and quickly going into the 40s. wide shot of the entire country, severe weather, tennessee valley tomorrow, and big strong ridge of high pressure over the carolinas. that's the kind of ring we had over the first half of the year. now we're under a huge trough of low pressure that will keep the cold air coming out of canada. all until the end of next week when things may move just enough and a storm may come through and give us widespread beneficial rainfall by next thursday. more on that in your seven-day forecast. a mostly cloudy sky tomorrow. clear by the evening, chilly tomorrow. sunday with sunshine, barely making it out of the 50s. then by monday morning, here comes one of the wimpy weather
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systems. and so quirkily in and out, .1 of an inch of rainfall, that's it. then we may see the pattern change as february ends and march begins. march may come in wet and that might not be a bad thing. 59 degrees, fremont 57. redwood city 58. upper 50s for you, partly sunny in san ramon. antioch 57, pleasant hill, marty n mid-50 -- martinez, mid- 50s for you. sonoma 56. daly city only 52. look at the highs in lake county, barely making it to 50 degrees tomorrow. a little sunnier, a couple of degrees milder on sunday. sunday is the nicer day to be outside. rain monday morning. albeit very light. dry tuesday and wednesday. i'm thinking late next week this pattern is going to change. with what we have locked in place right now, it won't take much to tap into some moisture to where we actually get rain when it rains.
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>> yeah, if we can tweak it just enough, then we might be talking about half of an inch, an inch of rainfall, something we haven't seen since mid- january. >> we'll take it. >> we can do it. >> paul, thank you. tonight, how this rap artist is helping dozens of bay area teens see their potential. here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. "mas a rap artist with ties to the bay area is making sure local teens can see their futures. master p is a multiplatinum recording artist, producer, and founder of no limits record. he named the record company after a record store he founded in richmond decades ago. now he works with a group called vision to learn, giving
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free eye exams and glasses to students in low income communities. today they were at oakland high. >> i sold 100 million records. to be here with these kids, you know what, to be able to put glasses on kids, so they can see n is more important. >> the golden state warriors also support vision to learn. the team will spotlight the group's work at tomorrow night's game at oracle arena. >> it is so cool. very nice. should be a good game. >> the oklahoma city thunders coming in. but another layer of corruption uncovered in college basketball as the fbi catches head coach talking money to lure recruits. and spring baseball is officially back. it's time to play ball as both the giants and the a's open cactus league play. we'll be
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looking forward to today. the orange and black.. after finishing last in the west with 98 losses last season, the giants were looking forward to today. the giants opening the cactus league against milwaukee. he was 0-2 in the game. in the sixth, pablo sandoval trying to make the opening day roster connect for a solo home run. and the a's, starting daniel mendon. the top of the fourth, chris carter singles in a run, allowing two runs and five hits. last season, matt olsen hit 24 home runs in just 59 games. a two-run homer in the first, giving them a 3-2 lead.
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well some sharks on the road against the chicago blackhawk. third period they were up 1-0. and forced from close range despite outshooting the blackhawk 43-35. chicago holds on to win by the final 3-1. and the sharks now with back-to-back losses on the road. and another scandal, rocking the world of college basketball, espn reports fbi wiretaps intercepted telephone conversations between arizona head coach and john miller and a key figure in the agencies investigation in the college basketball corruption. the report says miller talked about paying $100,000 to sign deandre ayton, one of the top college players. and taking on washington, the seahawks quarterback on hand to watch the sister play for stanford. and she drains a quarter three
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as they win it by a final of 86- 79. >> awesome. >> and i think elizabeth is going to try to regain that top spot as the bracket winner. >> and that is the gold. >> yes, march madness. if i could have the lucky juices back. >> i mean how could you forget that? >> it is convenient. >> yeah, yeah, yeah. we'll be
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