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tv   CBS Weekend News  CBS  February 24, 2018 5:30pm-6:00pm PST

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>> those are skinny jeans. thanks for joining us, we will see you back at 6 pm. >> ninan: the other memo drops. democrats respond to republican claims of anti-trump bias at the f.b.i. mlso tonight, new fallout from the school massacre. oid sheriffs deputies wait outside instead of rush to save lives? more companies cut ties with the n.r.a. and a wounded survivor vows to r gun control. >> if that takes screaming and that takes yelling, i will do as much as i can. >> ninan: public health officials sound the alarm about a rise in cancers caused by a virus. the emotional farewell to the raverend billy graham. a hearse carries the pastor's body to his final resting place. and do you believe in
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"mira-curls"? the u.s. wins a gold in a winter game few understand. >> ninan: good evening, i'm reena ninan. t begin with the release today of a memo from democrats on the duse intelligence committee. it's a rebuttal document to a thpublican memo released earlier this month that alleged anti-trump bias at the f.b.i. and justice department. paula reid is at the white house. >> reporter: reena, as you just noted, republicans earlier this month released a memo suggesting that the f.b.i. abused its surveillance power to monitor former trump campaign adviser carter page. they alleged that the f.b.i. requested a warrant based on information from someone who had an anti-trump bias. but today's memo, which is authored by democrats, alleges that the f.b.i. actually had an frompendent basis separate from the information in the infamous dossier to believe page was knowingly helping russian intelligence.
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and republicans have charged that the warrant to monitor page ecints the origins of the caecial counsel's investigation into any connection between the trump campaign and russia. in a statement, democrat and d,nking committee member adam schiff said, "our extensive isview of the initial fisa ncplication failed to uncover any evidence of illegal, l,ethical, or unprofessional behavior by law enforcement," while republican committee chairman devin nunes released his own statement, doubling down on claims "the f.b.i. used political dirt paid for by the democratic party to spy on an american citizen from the republican party." today's release caps a month of gueling memos and partisan bickering on that committee. het while they debate the origins of the russia investigation, special counsel mbert mueller moves ahead full steam. over just the past week, he has netted two new guilty pleas and filed dozens of new charges. reena. >> ninan: he certainly hasn't lost steam. paula, thank you very much.
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well, there are new questions about the law enforcement rjsponse to the massacre at marjory stoneman douglas high school. 17 people were killed in the valentine's day attack. a 19-year-old former student is accused of opening fire with an ar-15 rifle he had purchased legally. omar villafranca is in parkland, eworida. >> reporter: cbs news has rearned that broward county authorities are looking into the possibility that three additional sheriff deputies did not go into the school to confront the shooter. er i'm scot peterson. >> reporter: deputy scot peterson resigned this week from the broward county sheriff's department after investigators ofy the armed school resource officer stayed outside the school in a defensive position while the gunman was still shooting inside the building. >> my wife and son go to that school. my wife's a teacher there. thes an assistant athletic director. >> reporter: for officers who did go into the school, like coral springs police sergeant
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jeff heinrich, the emotions are still raw. heinrich was on the baseball field when he heard gunshots, his wife and son were on campus. , by the grace of god, when i walked down the hallway, they found each other... and they were able to shelter in glace. >> reporter: officer chris crawford was on patrol when the shots rang out. the marine veteran says he grabbed his rifle and went into the school, bracing for a shoot-out. ho my philosophy is if i got there while he's still shooting one of three things is going to happen. he's either going to be killed by me, i'm going to get killed by him, or i'm going to be helping a wounded child. >> reporter: officer tim burton is a 12-year veteran of law enforcement. burton says last week's shooting will haunt him. >> this one's-- this one's pretty tough to-- can't get rid of this one. eris will be with me forever. f> reporter: sergeant heinrich says one of the students who he helped who was injured actually
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ave him a solid description of the shooter and where he was in the building, which he irmediately relayed to dispatch so first responders could know who they were looking for. reena. >> ninan: omar, thank you for that report. well, classes resume wednesday at stoneman douglas high school. there about the president's idea to allow educators to carry guns. she also met with a wounded student who says she's not going teck. nt reporte8- samantha fuentes was learning about hate crimes in a holocaust history class when the shooting started. ( gunshots ) >> oh, my god! ng i looked up, and i saw him standing at the window. and-- >> reporter: you saw his eyes? >> he lacked any expression at all, actually, which is probably the most gruesome factor of it all. i looked over to my right, and that's when i realized both helena and nick were dead. te reporter: if there were teachers in classrooms who had weapons, do you think they could have saved people's lives?
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>> no, because i don't think teachers should have weapons. to arm them, that's not a part of their job description. >> reporter: it's an idea president trump has proposed repeatedly this week. >> and a teacher would have shot the hell out of him before he knew what happened. ( applause ) >> and i do own a gun. >> reporter: you do? >> i do. gl reporter: that message was heard by stoneman douglas history teacher greg pitman. ay met him outside the school friday when teachers were allowed to return. >> i do not want to be a teacher armed with a gun. that's a whole other question i'll answer in a minute. >> reporter: why not? ?> very bad idea. what if i shoot a student and i make a mistake, and you shouldn't be shot? hodon't want to make a life-or-death decision-- am i to rhoot you or not to shoot you? r want to be able to help you to do your best, to achieve your best, to grow. t to not want to end your life. >> reporter: even though classes resume on wednesday, samantha won't be there. she's finishing the rest of the school year online so she can scus on her fight for gun control. >> and if that takes screaming and that takes yelling, i will do as much as i can. i will lose my vocal chords if
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it takes that. >> reporter: students and anachers learning to deal with a new reality. adriana diaz, cbs news, parkland, florida. >> ninan: in the aftermath of be tragedy, the n.r.a. is facing a corporate backlash. today, two major airlines, united and delta, joined the list of businesses that are no longer offering discounts to members of the n.r.a., car rental agencies, insurance, and cber-security companies all doing the same. in response, some members of the n.r.a. say they will now boycott companies that cut ties with the gun lobby. public health experts are sounding the alarm about a rise in cancers caused by the h.p.v. hirus. our chief medical correspondent dr. jon lapook has one patient's story. os reporter: michael becker has spent a lifetime in the business of diagnosis and treatment of lancer. that's why a glance in the mirror two years ago frightened him. >> i saw this huge lump on the right side of my neck. nd reporter: you're somebody who
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has worked with cancer, and now you're feeling this hard lump. i i said, "i think it's cancer." ep reporter: it was advanced throat cancer from human papilloma virus, or h.p.v. the same virus causes cervical cancer, but unlike cervical cancer, there's no routine screening test for cancer of the throat. arecent study found about seven million adult males have high-risk strains of oral h.p.v. bst infections clear, but about 13,000 a year are linked to cancer of the back of the throat. there is a vaccine to prevent h.p.v., usually given at age 11 or 12, yet only 43% of teens complete the recommended doses. when you see how low the uptake is, what's your reaction? >> anger. anger. we have a moral obligation to wipe h.p.v. off the face of the planet. >> reporter: becker has detailed his experience in a blog and a memoir. his wife, lorie: >> i've had different people reach out to me saying, "you
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know, i was on the fence about my son." and then after looking into it, they're like, "thank you." y reporter: last year, becker was in an immunotherapy clinical raial at the national institutes lt health, but it failed. le's finishing up a chemotherapy cycle. >> everybody, look up here! >> reporter: his ninth and final visit is next week. tumors have shrunk but may be showing signs of resistance to this treatment. >> i know that what time i have left really needs to be devoted to raising awareness of the fact tiat my condition could have been avoided. >> reporter: next sunday is international h.p.v. awareness day, and one advocacy group is mounting a new campaign to show that h.p.v. can affect anyone. their goal is to eliminate all cancers caused by the h.p.v. virus. dr. jon lapook, cbs news, new york. ty ninan: today, the u.n. security council approved a 30-day cease-fire in syria. it clears the way for aid deliveries and medical
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evacuations in rebel-held areas that have been getting pounded by syrian government forces backed by russia. more t people were killed this week in eastern ghouta near damascus. after seven years of civil war, the assad regime has been trying to finish off the opposition. in south korea, the winter olympics are coming to a close tomorrow. team u.s.a. swept up a surprising gold medal in a game played with brooms. ben tracy is there. >> reporter: the u.s. men's curling team made history in a sport a lot of americans are still trying to figure out. veeir 10-7 victory over sweden srned the united states its first-ever gold medal in curling. >> ah, this is the front 14. e> reporter: team u.s.a. also caught some big air saturday in the final snowboard competition. 20-year-old kyle mack soared to a silver medal. ivanka trump is here, cheering a american athletes, but also offering a counter charm
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offensive to what the trump administration views as north korean propaganda at these olympic games. >> ...and to reaffirm our strong and enduring commitment with the people of the republic of korea. or reporter: south korea's president, moon jae-in, hosted her for dinner. and the white house says she briefed moon on tough new sanctions against north korea announced just as the rresident's daughter and senior adviser arrived here. nie sanctions target more than 50 companies and ships thought to be smuggling banned goods into north korea. white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders is also in pyeongchang. is the united states willing to forcibly turn ships around that are coming into north korea? >> the president won't make mistakes that past administration has and be soft or weak. he's going to continue to be strong and continue to put maximum pressure on north korea. ep reporter: but would the u.s. use force to impose these sanctions? nt i'm not going to get into what the specific next steps
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ok like, but i can tell you that we're going to be strong. co reporter: the united states and south korea continue to say they are on the same page when it comes to north korea, but that page certainly has different words on it. president trump continues to say e"aximum pressure" while president moon talks about "engagement." reena. >> ninan: pressure versus engagement. yoank you, ben. the emotional farewell to the reverend billy graham is under way. a hearse carried the body of the man known as "america's pastor" to his home town of charlotte, north carolina, today. graham will be laid to rest in his library in charlotte next week. earlier in the week, graham will lie in honor at the u.s. capitol. reverend graham died last week at the age of 99. coming up, italy chooses a new government next week, and anti-immigrant fascists are hoping to have a voice. and later, a little girl addresses gun violence with her powerful pen pal. al.
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polls in >> ninan: voters go to the polls in italy next week to choose a new parliament. political parties held rallies today ahead of the national elections on march 4. im seth doane reports, a far-right anti-immigration party called casapound is on the rise in italy and hoping to have a new voice in the new government. >> reporter: food is distributed to the needy by this italian political party, which is also providing services like cardiac checkups. but this is no left-wing group-- rather, casapound, a far-right, anti-immigrant political party that's building support among voters like roberto, by offering services for the unemployed and the poor, as long as they're not foreigners. >> we have a lot of immigrants in italy. a lot. it's impossible for the economy i italy to sustain this. >> reporter: casapound blames llndreds of thousands of illegal migrants from africa for contributing to italy's economic
5:47 pm
woes. they see themselves as fascists, and in a scene reminiscent of world war ii, casapound supporters recently filled a rome street doing the fascist salute. ormone di stefano is the party's candidate for prime minister. he doesn't want to return to the irctatorship of benito mussolini but pushes the italy-first nationalism of that era. "during the years italy was poverned by fascism, it was a world power and took a leap airward economically," he said. alarmed by the rise of the far right, protesters have rallied against groups like casapound, which has seen its membership rise. this parliamentary press conference was a first. casapound is more commonly associated with activities like this: supporters in red vests kicking immigrant vendors off an italian beach. when you talk to a lot of italians about casapound, a lot
5:48 pm
of them say, "those are racist thugs." "it's simply because they don't sow us," di stefano said. casapound has already won some ascal elections, and for the first time has candidates on the ballot nationwide. the party is stepping in to provide services while, it argues, the state is looking the other way. seth doane, cbs news, rome. >> ninan: still ahead, we take to the skies for an inside look at the u.s. military's high-tech higgames. games. i thought i was managing my moderate to severe crohn's disease. then i realized something was missing... me. my symptoms were keeping me from being there. so, i talked to my doctor and learned humira is for people who still have symptoms of crohn's disease after trying other medications. and the majority of people on humira saw significant symptom relief and many achieved remission in as little as 4 weeks.
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and for pain relief and a good night's rest, try aleve pm for a better am. >> ninan: we take you now high above edwards air force base in the california desert. forter evans was granted rare access to the military's eigh-tech war games. he shows us how technology is improving communication between old and new warplanes. >> reporter: just after sunrise at edwards air force base, the newest generation of fighter kits and decades-old warplanes took to the skies over the mojave desert. we climbed into the tail of a kc-135 tanker for an exclusive look at "orange flag," a mock battle in the sky designed to push 25 military planes to their technical limits. modern planes, like the f-35 and f-22, have to share data-- like battle plans and enemy olordinates-- seamlessly with older jets, like the f-16.
5:52 pm
we watched from the air as pilots took part in a mock war scenario. >> coming in. >> reporter: at the halfway acint, the jets approached the tanker for midair refueling. back here, they can communicate with the pilots and fly the refueling boom. this is the lever that they use to extend the nozzle into the jet. asnior master sergeant ryan nerry maneuvers the tanker's nozzle into a space the size of a baseball on this f-35 at 350 miles per hour. >> contact. >> that's the fun part of the t b. >> reporter: everything from how accurately the enemy is detected to how effectively the planes communicate with each other is tracked, and it's all sent to this command center in real time for analysis. pilot christopher nations flew a 30-year-old f-16, now outfitted r-th the latest technology. >> one of the things we're constantly updating is the software. so just like with your iphone, when you're doing the ios update. ehe same concept. >> reporter: even on the planes from 1988? >> even in a plane built in
5:53 pm
1988. >> reporter: the lead planner for "orange flag," airforce origadier general carl schaefer: >> we're trying to work all the bugs out. by the time it gets to the war fighter, there are no bugs. they can go right into whatever situation they need and operate seamlessly and share that information. >> reporter: commanders here at edwards say it's a lot less risky and a lot less costly to find and fix problems here on the airfield than it is on the battlefield. flight testers now plan to hold one of these events every three months. reena. ce ninan: carter, thank you. up next, she wrote a letter to the president about gun violence, and he wrote back. for my constipation, my doctor recommended i switch to miralax. stimulant laxatives make your body go by forcefully stimulating the nerves in your colon. miralax is different.
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my mouth feels so clean. i'll only use an oral-b. oral-b. brush like a pro. >> ninan: we end tonight pe story of a brave little girl pd her powerful pen pal. here's mark strassmann. >> reporter: ava olsen always carries mikey, the ninja turtle that belonged to her friend jacob. and when you look at mikey, what do you think? >> that jacob is with me. >> reporter: jacob hall, the boy ava imagined marrying, was six. tn september of 2016, he was shot and killed on the school playground in townville, south carolina. the shooter was 14. ava watched it happen. do you want to try to forget it i... >> i always try to forget it, but it doesn't work. >> reporter: mary and david olsen, ava's parents, now home hthool her. the eight-year-old has been diagnosed with severe p.t.s.d. and what are the symptoms?
5:57 pm
>> the rage. >> yeah. rage, starting to yell. you can tell because her pupils get dilated, and then she doesn't remember anything after it's all over with. >> reporter: ava decided to do something about it. >> so i wrote the president a letter. >> reporter: and why him? >> because presidents are a pretty big deal. "dear mr. president..." >> reporter: she used her best handwriting. nd "i heard and saw it all happen, and i was very scared. i don't want that to ever happen again. are you going to keep kids safe?" >> reporter: four months later, the president wrote her back. >> "dear ava, thank you for your yetter. it is very brave of you to share your story with me. schools are places where children learn and grow with their friends. their halls should be free of fear"-- it was nice to hear that he prayed for me and stuff. >> reporter: did it help? >> i wanted him to say how, so that's why i wrote the second letter.
5:58 pm
sku know, adults sometimes don't yke to ask for help. >> reporter: and you thought you'll give him the help. ep yeah. >> reporter: in her second letter to the president, ava suggested ways to keep kids fir. k "my first idea is keep violence away from schools and kids. move the schools to a safer area, and help the kids be able as get there." >> reporter: she has yet to hear a second time. and how are you feeling these days? >> sad, mad, scared. >> reporter: ava olsen has no physical scars, but she was wounded in a school yard shooting. mark strassmann, cbs news, anderson, south carolina. >> ninan: ava isn't alone. on march 24, there's a planned walkout for schools nationwide io gun violence. well, that's the cbs weekend news for this saturday. later on cbs, "48 hours." the news continues now on our 24-hour digital network, cbsn and i'm reena ninan in new york. thank you for joining us, good night.
5:59 pm
mess. "it's awful to worry about someone co now at 6:00, a house fire leaves behind a multi-million dollar mess. it is awful to worry about somebody coming in to a school and shooting your kids and his friends. the fact that that happened was horrifying. >> a town hall meeting, demanding action to protect tear kids from gun violence. >> and violent brawls in broad daylight. the san francisco neighborhood where crime is getting so bad, people are scared to step outside their own homes. good evening. >> and tonight those neighbors are saying enough is enough. let's get right to k. pix 5's live tonight. jackie? >> reporter: the people who live in this neighborhood have
6:00 pm
a pretty high threshold for what goes on here, but it is the recent violence that has a lot of people concerned, and that was made very clear from the emergency public meeting held today that they are over it. >> how are we going to add additional resources to the eight to make sure that there is an improvement, a noticeable difference so that things like this don't continue to happen in this neighborhood. >> we're working every city. no one entity can carry all of this on their shoulders. >> reporter: when the s.f. p.d. chief and the supervisors said all of this, they're referring to the homicide that happened last week that ended with a carjacking and left one person dead. they're also talking aren't the three people who died from a suspected drug overdose whose bodies were found on a sidewalk thursday morning. the police recognize that more needs to be done to prevent these events from happening, but stresses that it is not a violent area. >> this is


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