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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 24, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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a pretty high threshold for what goes on here, but it is the recent violence that has a lot of people concerned, and that was made very clear from the emergency public meeting held today that they are over it. >> how are we going to add additional resources to the eight to make sure that there is an improvement, a noticeable difference so that things like this don't continue to happen in this neighborhood. >> we're working every city. no one entity can carry all of this on their shoulders. >> reporter: when the s.f. p.d. chief and the supervisors said all of this, they're referring to the homicide that happened last week that ended with a carjacking and left one person dead. they're also talking aren't the three people who died from a suspected drug overdose whose bodies were found on a sidewalk thursday morning. the police recognize that more needs to be done to prevent these events from happening, but stresses that it is not a violent area. >> this is a safe district,
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right? in terms of crimes, we're seeing a decrease every month. >> reporter: the fatal shooting, the possible drug overdoses, plus incidents like this is where the residents are drawing the line. the person who lives at this intersection by the park tells us this is the second time a fight like this has happened in a matter of weeks before 3:00 p.m. on a sunday. some people at the meeting said it has gotten to the point where they are scared to leave their homes. >> it is a group of 14 kids, many of whom are transients with pitbulls and i can't get through the street. i feel frightened and intimidated as does my daughter. >> i turn a blind eye all over this naked, so it is not just getting the cops out there, it is opening your eyes. >> is there anything beyond more services, more police? that is basically what has been prepped for years. >> reporter: but the answer to that is complicated. >> so what we find to do in
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this case is a combination of law enforcement, when appropriate, and getting those people into services who need to be in services. >> reporter: so this is not an issue that will be solved overnight. in fact, it is not just one issue, it is many. and another public meeting an owl -- on all of this will be held wednesday. detail also be announced later. >> jackie, what were some of the other suggestions to how to make it a better place to live? >> reporter: well, it all depends on who you ask. some people propose a 24 -- 7 drop-in shelter. other people wanted more beat patrols from officers. the problem is none of these policing are quick fixes. >> thank you, jackie. flames fueled by strong winds tore through a multimillion dollar home in the loss ales to hills. a neighbor gave us this drone video that he shot. it shows the roof of the home totally destroyed. at the height of the fire the smoke could be seen all along
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the peninsula. it took a while to knock down the flames because of the rough terrain and the weather. >> and the conditions were such that at that time it was necessary that we back out in more of a defensive mode, and monitors and things like that to knock the fire down. >> no one was hurt. the cause of the fire is under investigation. angry parents packed town hall meeting demanding congress take action to save their kids from a school shooting.. >> reporter: nearly 1,000 people crowded into the auditorium at stanley middle school this morning to discuss the deadly florida shooting and what can be done to keep our kids safe. >> it is awful to wore question about somebody coming in through a school and shooting your kids and a friend. the fact that that happened is horrifying. >> reporter: it was organized by the congressman who says the common sense gun regulations would reduce violence. >> universal background checks,
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get rid of the loophole, number two, co--author a bill that would put the assault weapons bacashihua into place nationally. >> reporter: the aftermath of mass shootings like the one in florida often unfold according to an all too familiar outpouring. initially outpouring of support, and followed by inaction of lawmakers. but the parents at today's town hall meeting say they hope this time proves different. >> i am hopeful. i think all of the young people coming out has gotten more hopeful that they are going to take steps. >> reporter: the congressman says he is facing an uphill battle in a republican- controlled congress over which the nra yields great ins influence. the price says it is simply too high. >> i am hopeful. i think these kids are really -- this may be a turning point. it really has to be or we're going to read about this again. >> reporter: x .
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they are warning students of the very real dangers of a game involving fake guns. it is played for cash. and not everyone realizes it is just a game. >> reporter: manteca high school, at first glance it is just litter, but on thursday officials warned what this represents could lead to danger. >> unfortunately what our media has done and what society has done is justifying the seniors having fun wither in of balls. >> reporter: some parents and students say they don't see why the assassin game is such a big deal. >> i think it is pretty cool. i mean kids, you can go everywhere around you meet up and you get to shoot each other with aer in of gun. >> reporter: they're given targets and told to use only toy guns that shoot water or foam darts. at the end a person left standing wins the cash. >> if you use a paint ball gun or something that appears to not look like aer in of gun,
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your whole team is out. >> reporter: but the officers say they have been getting calls from scared family whose see people in bushes with weapons, and just days ago someone throughout a group of teens were robbers after they received what looked like weapons in their waistband and in moments they were confronted by real officers with real guns. >> the police came and, yeah, it was bad. >> if that is going to be the outcome of itno one should play because -- it, no one should play because that is a major safety hazard for everybody around you. >> reporter: a few years ago the police pulled over a car of high school seniors after getting reports of people with guns. >> we did a felony car stop which means we point our real guns at them and order them out of the car, and we found out it was just a game of assassin. >> reporter: but fake guns are not tomlin issue. the games have also led to reckless driving. this video shows the guy almost running over his buddy. the police have stopped the
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students in school zones while trying to ditch an assassin. the weather, this will not be a surprise, it will be cold again. the partly cloudy to clear skies, the little heat we will generate, the number also be down to near freezing again. the low pressure is keeping us cool in the western half of the country and they have stormy weather out on the eastern seaboard. santa rosa is down to freezing. and 41 degrees in san francisco. 42 tonight. 34 and santa fe, 37 degrees. and there is the prospect for rain coming. i'll have all of that in the forecast, but in the meantime, it will be cold and a winter shelter in sunnyvale is set to close its doors in seven weeks. but the people staying there are desperate to keep it open. and kpix 5, the shelter is one of a kind. >> and there are days when i do
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feel depressed about it. >> reporter: she wants to help people with low income find a home. >> it is scary. it is very scary.. >>reporter: but now she is the one who is homeless. >> worried how am i going to pay the bills, how i am going to take care of my daughter herself. >> reporter: when her contract ended, so did her a i built to pay for her palo ato apartment. >> where elsewhere we be? we would have to sleep in the car. that would not be good. >> reporter: however, the shelter is set to close on april 15th. it is funded be r. by santa clara county only as a winter shelter, but a couple of weeks ago. >> the shelter has helped me a lot. >> reporter: one after another urge teds board of supervisors to keep it from closing. >> i am waiting for housing, and they said it will take about a year. >> and it is a good, nurturing family environment, too. >> reporter: the shelter is unlike others. they say it is life changing, clean, friendly and safe.
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it also offers storings for their belongings which is rare. >> i would say it is the best shelter around. >> reporter: many would rather sleep on the streets than stay at a majority of shelters because of crime, but not at sunnyvale. >> people feel more at home here than nay do in other -- they do in other shelters. they feel safe here. for a lot of people, if they do close it, people will be in much worse shape than they are now. >> reporter: the shelter houses 140 people a night, including selena and her daughter who say they need more time to get back on their feet. >> i feel like is this ever going to end? am i ever going to be stable again? it is a scary place to be. >> reporter: a county worker says they have not eye dent guyed the money needed to keep the shelter open year round, and so for now it will shut down mid april despite the outcry to keep it from closing. in sunnyvale, kpix 5. and from drums and dragons to floats and fireworks, the
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sights and sounds are filling the streets of san francisco right now as huge crowds welcome in the year of the dog. the lunar new year parade is winding its way through the streets as we speak. we're live along the route right now and lots of noise in the background. hi, andrea. >> reporter: hello. it is not a parade unless you're live right next to the san francisco drum and bugle corps right now. they are at the corner, and i hope you can hear me. it is a packed parade route at this point. we're going to talk to lee chow now. what do you think so far? >> it is a beautiful parade. it is great to see people of all ages come and participate and watch the parade. >> reporter: what is your favorite part so far? >> the little kids marching from automatic of the elementary schools. it is so energetic. >> reporter: and what does the year of the dog mean to you?
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>> well, dogs are everyone's best friend and they're loyal, so hopefully this is a good year for everyone. >> reporter: thank you so much for your time. we're right leer along the route and we have more floats coming up along the parade route. we're about an hour into this parade right now and it just keeps coming. bands from high schools and colleges and the tiniest drummers you have ever seen and we'll have much more on this tonight on kpix 5 news at 11:00. back to you. >> thank you for that front row seat. we appreciate it, an drew andrea. we'll check back with you tonight. the voter also have an interesting choice to make on the june ball lat. -- ballot. and a trip to hawaii? the issue forcing one airline to cancel hundreds of bay area flights. and dozens of teachers dance through the streets of san francisco. the call for better pay and better schools, but there is one thing they don't want.
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but its location likely saved it from complete destruction. the fire s away... r. the taco bell in freedom that is closeed after an early morning fire, but, boy, was it located in just the right place at just the wrong time because
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the fire station is only 50 feet away. the firefighters say they -- the second they opened their garage door, they smelled smoke. >> the whole intersection was filled with gray smoke, black smoke coming off the roof, so i immediately called a second alarm. i was thinking this is going to go big. >> they're right there. the firefighters got it out fast and the adjourning -- adjoining businesses were not damaged and there is no word yet on the cause. if you haven't seen it lately, the new warriors' arena in san francisco is coming together quickly. the view shows the oval shaped shell is about halfway done, but some fans are not impressed. they will be voicing their displeasure ton ballot. >> reporter: the future home of the warriors is about to open next year, but a group of san franciscoians and oaklanders say not so fast. >> the people of san francisco should have a say in it. and a guy from oakland is going to make sure that the people of san francisco have a say in it. >> reporter: he is talking
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about it directed at the warriors. come june 5, san francisco voter also decide whether the city can host a sports team from another city. >> a world class city helps its neighbors. it does not help itself to its neighbors st. >> reporter: the san francisco residents alan jones with the good neighbor coalition wrote the measure. and jim eriksson was oakland's non-profit's direct help, paid $70,000 to collect signatures to qualify oh on the june ballot. >> this -- economically we need it. san francisco does not need it. >> i want the mayoral candidates to comment on this. how do you feel about taking from a city in need right next to you? >> reporter: both men admit even if it passes, it is more symbolic than legally binding. >> it is a declaration of policy, in other words, this is the policy of san francisco. sure, you can go against it, but you're going against the voters, and that is suicide if you're a politician. >> reporter: at the least, they say, it will be an expensive
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survey of whether san francisco voters want the warriors. >> i call it an -- [beep] >> reporter: this measure needs 50%, plus one to pass. in oakland, kpix 5. we did try to get a reaction from the warriors about the ballot measure and we were told that they hadn't seen it yet and they don't have a comment. if you bought tickets from hawaiian airlines new non-stop service, you might want to check with the carrier to make sure you still have a flight. some of those flights have been canceled or deferred. the airline has delivery delays on its new airbus. non-stop from oakland to kona and san francisco to honolulu were supposed to start this summer. instead, they have been canceled for now. and non-stop flight from oakland have been delayed until july 15. the airline issued a statement saying, quote, we sincerely apologize to the inconvenience
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for our guests whose flights have been affected and we are currently reaccommodating them on our other flights from the bay area. we are getting the look at the harsh conditions after getting lost in yosemite a search and rescue team posted these photos from the search zone. it is near the entrance. some searchers hiked from miles in the back country and spent nights camping out in the wilderness. they were looking for this man, 36-year-old of oakland. he was lost in the park for several days before a helicopter crew spied him yesterday. the rangers say that most of that time he stayed in his tent staying as warm as possible. amazingly he came out of the ordeal with only minor injuries. well, good. i am glad that all ended happily. the weather tonight willbe fairly chilly in the bay area. tomorrow, you might think this is leading up to something. tomorrow will be plenty of
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sunshine around the a bay area. monday is when it looks like we might get wet. first, for your viewing pleasure texas golden gate bridge, up and running since may of 1937. it is open before the golden gate bridge. 54 degrees in oakland. it is 51, livermore is 50 degrees. and san jose, 52. it is a nice view of earth. we'll zoom in a little bit. it is something we used to have to get a view of from apollo 8. now we get it every few minutes. sunny tomorrow for the bay area. high pressure builds in over the west coast. a little bit warmer. the temperatures will be about 60 degrees. the showers will return by monday in the bay area. the problem is it is really not that much rain that is coming in. we'll get showers. not much behind it. we could use showers for hours, but that is not what is going to happen. tomorrow at 4:00 p.m., a few clouds knots of sonoma county. then we'll let this roll on through monday at 4:00 a.m.,
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and then we get widely scattered rain through the bay area, rain showers, and do they linger? do they last a long time? are they really heavy cells? no. it just heads out of the bay area by monday afternoon and it clears off. so tuesday it will be sunny so we will get wet overnight monday and it willing interthe monday commute. partly cloudy. we'll be cooler than for tonight. it will be slight warming and sunny during the day time tomorrow and showers will be coming through early monday. the number is forecast to be 50 degrees in san francisco tomorrow, which is an easy forecast to make because it is happening now. overnight lows, 32 in santa rosa. 34 degrees in concord. 41 for oakland. and in livermore, 42 degrees. it will be chilly, but not like the really low temperatures we had last week. the high temperatures for san francisco to hit 56 tomorrow. in con courted, 60 degrees. san jose, 61. oakland, 57 degrees. and here is how it looks for
6:20 pm
tomorrow. sunshine, and the number also be upper 50s, lower 60s. over in the east bay, the numbers are more 60s. not much variation. even in north bay, we'll be in the upper 50s at the marin service center. 58 degrees. mill valley, 57 in santa rosa. 59 degrees. the site of alfred hitchcock's battle of the doubt in 1943. up there in u, tuesday, sunshine and wednesday, a bright thursday, maybe a few more anemic showers before we clear it out for the weekend. you want drama? that is why we have you. >> we just got weather and history all in one. st. mary's is holding on. they needed a win in their final regular season game. and it is only spring ball, but the giants beating the dodgers and it looks somewhat like a
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win their conference title... but they're going to need some help from byu to beat gonzaga. it is a final regular season game for st. mary's, and they're going to need help from byu to beat gonzaga. and the fist half of this one, the big man gets the bucket and the foul. the free throw makes it a 10- point lead. he scores 19 in his final home game. and the drive for the lay-up. and the bench definitely liking that. it gives the gale as 20-point lead. the final seconds, out of san ramone, he gets the floater for his first points of the season! his teammate goss crazy and st. mary's crushes santa clara, and they can claim the number one seed in next weekend's tournament if gonzaga loses to byu tonight. the former stanford coach and his 1998 final four team
6:24 pm
honored against washington state today. and the second half, travis for the dunk giving the cardinal the 10-point lead. the cougars rallied. down two in the final seconds. three at the buzzer, falls short and stanford hangs on to win 86-84. the cardinal are now 10-6 in the pac-12. cal freshman mcneill hoping to shoot the bears past washington. the final seconds of the first half, mcneill, he knocks down this three to tie the game at 35-35. the freshman scored 17 points in just 20 minutes. the second half, the huskies up by two. carter takes off and throws down a huge dunk. and 48-43 lead. and washington finishes the game on a 33-16 run. and they win 68-51. the giants committed six errors in their first gym of spring. the focus today to clean things up on defense and beat the
6:25 pm
dodgers, even if it is is just cactus league play. and he is welcomed back with the giants on a minor league deal. he triples to start the game. blanco was 2-4 on the day. in the sixth inning, williamson, a two-run home run. part of a big day for mack. he was 2-3 with three rbi's, and the giants go on to win 9- 3. andrew mccutchen is one of the new faces in giants' camp this year. even though he has only been in orange and black for just a couple of weeks now, mccutchen has already mastered his imitation of hunter pence's quirky batter stance and mccutchen sounds pretty impressed. >> it is awesome. i love it. he likes to have fun. he is funny. he is really smart and that was perfect. i really enjoyed it. i love that shot. >> now, to the a's take on the padres in their second cactus league game of the year. the bottom of the first, and making the case to make the opening day roster.
6:26 pm
he goes opposite field for a solo home run. oakland started cotton. impressive out of the bullpen today. he pitched two innings allow nothing hits with five strikeouts and the a's win 8-3. and one has moved across the bay to join the a's as their new third base does. williams hit 378 home runs, but as we found out earlier this week, williams' players aren't very familiar with his accomplishments. >> reporter: have you run across the kid that comes up to you and says, hey, you played? >> who are you? all the time. >> reporter: really? >> oh, yeah. these kids these days, it all happened before they were even born a lot of them on the team. >> and tiger woods playing the weekend for the second time in three tournaments. on the par four eighth home. the approach to set up the first birdie of the day. one under on the front nine.
6:27 pm
ton 18, woods rolls his chip shot right next to the pin giving tiger his third birdie of the round. and he is tied for 11th. later on 18, and he gets up and down from out of the bunker to set him up for a birdie that gives him the outright lead. and it is a four under 66 and take as one-shot lead going into sunday. and in the wee hours of the morning, what is being called the miracle on ice, usa captain's five-point throw-in, the gold medal match against sweden broke a 5-5 tie that propelled the united states to a 10-7 upset win and gave the u.s. their first curling god medal so a lot of fun stuff in the olympics. a lot of good stories. >> all right, andrea. thank you. coming up in our next half hour, it could be a life-or- death lesson for thousands of california college students. how they're learning to fight back against an active shooter. plus, just days after giving up his seat at the state
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a shake up in the russia investigation. tonight: the house intelligence committee has released the long-awaited democratic memo. our top story, the russiania investigation tonight. the house intelligence committee has released the long awaited democratic memo. it is a rebuttal document to a republican memo that alleges anti-trump bias at the fbi and justice department. >> the reporter breaks down the details. >> reporter: the so-called memo attempts to get major points of misconduct by the fbi and n.
6:31 pm
its process of obtaining a surveillance warrant of trump advisor carter page in 2016. the democratic memo released saturday asserts the fbi was already investigating multiple people connected to trump before it received a controversial dossier from former british spy alleging ties between trump and the kremlin. the republicans have said the fbi relied on the report as the basis for seeking a warrant for page. the memo also contends the fbi did tell the court about the political origin of steele's work and that his research appeared intended for use to discredit trump's campaign. after the release of the memo, the house intelligence chair devin nunes doubled down on the abuse allegation. >> they're advocating that it is okay for the fbi and the doj to use political dirt paid for by one campaign and use it against the other campaign. and i don't care who you are, republican, a democrat, or an
6:32 pm
independent, in the united states of america, that is unacceptable. >> reporter: president trump also had a different take on it tweeting twice saying the democrat memo response on government surveillance is a total political and legal bust. it just confirms all of the terrible things that were done. so illegal. and fbi did not disclose who the clients were. the clinton campaign and the dnc. wow. >> those are just the late nest a flurry of tweets from the president. he called out a prominent bay area politician while blaming democrats for holding up a deal on daca. the democrats are no longer taking daca out of sight, out of mind. they say daca beneficiaries should not be happy, nancy pelosi truly does not care about them. pelosi immediately fired back saying i continue to tell people that the president cares about dreamers because he has said repeatedly that he does. he can prove it by supporting bipartisan pick and rolls in the house and senate.
6:33 pm
at the state democratic convention in san jose today, pelosi's california colleague, senator dianne feinstein started off her speech with a direct address to dreamers. >> we will not give up the fight. i pledge this to you. we will get the job done one day, believer it or not. so, please, have faith, and we'll protect you in the meantime. another politician making the rounds, the disgraced senator tony mendoza. he told the associated press he plans to be there wooing supporter from his los angeles area district. he plans to run again for the seat he just gave up. he was facing possible explulings when he abruptly resigned thursday amid sexual misconduct allegations. new questions are being raised tonight about the response to last week's deadly mass shooting at florida high school. we have the report, several sheriff deputies may have
6:34 pm
intentionally stayed out of the school as the gunman killed 17 people inside. >> reporter: the broward county sheriff's office says it is investigating claims that three deputies did not go into marjory stoneman douglas high school when they should have. cbs has learned corral springs police officers say they arrived at the school shortly after the shooting and found the deputies outside with guns drawn. a fourth deputy school resource officer, scott peterson, resigned this week. the sheriff said peterson took a defensive position outside the school during the shooting. the 19-year-old nikolas cruz is suspected of shooting and killing 17 students and teachers in under 10 minutes on valentine's day. on sunday, the students can return to school for counseling and the orientation. >> we're going to try to get back to as normal as possible and really take care of the kids that is the bottom line. >> the shooting sparked intense debate about gun laws and safety. they have suggested tougher
6:35 pm
background checks. they proposed raising the age to purchase an assault rifle to 21. saturday, the congressman who represents parkland, florida called for action. >> and it has been 20 years since columbine and we continue to suffer a mass gun violence problem that is uniquely american. the rest of the developed word does not have this. >> reporter: several companies are cutting ties with the national rifle association. united airlines tweeted it is notifying the nra that we will no longer offer a discounted rate to their annual meeting, enterprise, met life and others have also ended relationships with the nra. cbs news. in a tweet earlier today, president trump renewed his call to allow highly trained teachers to carry guns in schools. he also suggested paying them an annual bonus to do it, but some bay area teachers say no way. >> i think it is ridiculous when they mandate that teachers carry, that is the day i will
6:36 pm
retire. i will refuse to do that. >> several teachers spoke out against the president's proposal at this flash mob in san francisco today. that event was part of a nationwide working people's day of action. the teachers also called for better pay, affordable housing and more investment in schools. well, tonight, thousands of california college students are also learning how to fight back against an active shooter. reporter tom wallet on the life- or-death hisson. >> one, hide, fight. >> reporter: the key to survivor in an active shooter situation according to this new video released, it offers some obvious pointers but also lays out some vital advice some of us may not think about. >> if it sounds like a gun or even fire crackers, consider that it may be an attack. >> i think it is important. >> reporter: and she says she thinks the video can actually help students. it can even save lives.
6:37 pm
>> the main thing is if you have a gut feeling negotiation with it. >> reporter: the video emphasizes running toward any exit during the shooting. don't look behind you. mass shooters don't typically chase. if you can't escape the campus, know of a good hiding place. >> don't waste time exploring rooms trying to break down locked doors. >> bringing awareness. it is happening increasingly more often. >> reporter: the most horrifying and final option may be confronting the shooter. >> you also have surprise on your wide. the attacker is not expecting armed resistance until the police arrive. this is your advantage. >> reporter: the bottom line, the clip emphasizes that all students have to be prepared. >> it is unlikely to happen, and there is a small chance of it happening, but it could happen. >> reporter: the students say videos like this new one that is posted so important bus of rumors that sometimes go around campus. just last week someone posted on snap chat that there was someone on campus with a gun. it was a hoax.
6:38 pm
reporting from cal state- northridge, i am tom wait, kpix 5. and a hearst billy graham's body was taken, and people paid their respects to continue influenceable spiritual leader and evangelist. and graham will lie in repose until wednesday at the charlotte library bearing his name and then the casket will be transferred to washington, d.c. where he will lie in honor inside the u.s. capitol rotunda. he is just the fourth private citizen ever to receive that honor. billy graham died earlier this week at the age of 99. the pirate funeral service also be held friday in charlotte. and still to come, a northern california 911 center flooded with false alarms. why a smart phone safety feature may be to blame. and should the cars get the green light to use california's hov lanes? >> and if you have ever struggled to find jeans that fit just right, try this on for
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fraction of the marijuana cultivators in california.. have state appr tonight, a new report shows only a fraction of the marijuana cultivated in california have state approval to operate. we explain what is causing the hold up. >> reporter: california grows more cannabis than any other state. most of it is still being grown illegally. >> they're going to go further into the shadows. they're going to put their heads back down. >> reporter: the executive director of the california growers' association. his organization interviewed thousands of growers and found several issues with the licensing process. >> what we're trying to do is highlight these problems early enough that hopefully some of
6:42 pm
these businesses have a pathway forward. >> reporter: getting approval is a long process for cultivators. before the state can sign off on these papers, cultivators must first get aprooferl from a local jurisdiction and each one of those can be totally different. >> reporter: we think that is about as many as 70% of the growers in the state. >> reporter: is about has more tan 150 cultivators who submitted a city application, but none has been approved so far. >> we're in the process of evaluating those proposals right now. >> reporter: even so, sacramento still may be ahead of the curve. some cities and counties have banned marijuana while others haven't yet finished writing their cannabis law. >> they are seeing different rules, different regulations. what is compliant in one town can be a violation in another. >> reporter: the one-time fees in the hundreds of thousands are another permitting obstacle to smaller operations. >> reporter: a bigger business is going to do a lot more volume can absorb those costs more redrily. the state could be missing out
6:43 pm
on billions of dollars in tax ref knew and the backlog of get diagnose product to the people is likely to continue. in sacramento, kpix 5. northern california 911 center is being flooded with false alarms from apple devices. >> 911, what is your emergency? hello, caller, are you? there? >> dispatchers say the calls trace back to a local apple repair and refurbishing center likely triggered by the product's built in s. o. s. feature. on average they say they got about 20 calls a day and roughly 1,600 since october. >> we might have dispatch on another 911 call that ultimately we have to put that on hold to triage the call. >> it is also getting the calls, and both departments say they are working with a toll resolve this issue. imagine driving a car that is just a few inches wider than
6:44 pm
a motorcycle? our reporter went for a spin in the new tango. and why the one-seater car could soon be coming to an hov lane near you. >> reporter: imagine you're on the freeway. you look and see this. but it is so small you might have to do a double take. >> at three feet wide, eight feet long and five feet high, the computer cars out of spokane call this the safest ride in the world. the idea came to rick wood bury back in 1982, sitting in traffic in southern california. >> everybody around me was taking up an entire lane, and i thought we need to fix this traffic and there is a narrow car, a car that can fit in half a lane like a motorcycle. >> reporter: fast forward and you have the tango car and, yes, it is electric. >> and with that? >> oh, oh, those are the
6:45 pm
windows, i was ready to drive. it can ride about 180-miles on a full charge, and even with all of the bells and whistles of a regular car, it still drives without making much of a sound. san francisco assembly member kevin mullen wants to see these cars zipping all over the golden state. he says like many californians, my constituents deal with congestion and limited parking options on a daily basis. narrow track vehicles could be one piece of our state's larger effort to move people around more efficiently. the bill would allow the narrow cars to park between regular cars in motorcycle spaces and perpendicular to the curb, and they can drive in the hov lanes. >> if it happens in my lifetime, i have devoted my whole life to it. >> reporter: kpix 5. a new app promises to take the struggle out of shopping for bsby having to try on high-tech leggings first. the sensors in the leggings sends your body measurements
6:46 pm
straight to an app on your phone. it in the only tells you the perfect size jean to buy, it also recommends different brands and styles. the price tag for the smarty pants, $68. ever see somebody out for a run and think you couldn't pay me to do that? >> what if someone did? still to come, the start-up offering to turn every step you take into cold, hard cash. and a fortune in california gold brought up from the bottom of the sea. the sunken treasure that is now on display. and as if that weren't enough, a weather forecast that has rain. we'll talk about when and where and how much when we come back. and bedroom for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. for the latest home trends, at big savings - you've gotta go to ross.
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they'd tell you to go to ross. because there's so much to choose from.
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listen to your pets. they're your best friends, so they don't want you to spend more than you have to. if you want to save big on pet accessories, you gotta go to ross. concord was closed wednesday.. after county health inspectors found a list of violations. the station has le last night we reported that the old spaghetti factory was closed, and the station has learn thadz the restaurant has been reinspected. all of the violations have been remedied, and that the restaurant reopened on friday. the inspection report never stated that there were rats found at the restaurant. tonight millions of dollars worth of california gold is on display after being recovered from a sunken ship. it is the first time in years the treasure is being put out for the world to see. the report -- our reporter is in long beach with a closer look. >> reporter: the 4-year-old got a boost from dad to get a better view of these. shiny coins that were on the
6:50 pm
america that sank in 1857 on its way from san francisco to new york. the ship of gold here at the long beach convention center is a -- 40-foot replica of the hull. >> in this space get to see it up close and see for yourself that is special. >> reporter: and especially for dwight who started collecting coins when he was 6. >> i found one in a coffee can and i saved it and the rest was history. >> reporter: there is also a lot of history in the display in these articles about the ship wreck. >> in 1957 we were deep into the gold rush for california. >> reporter: twice a month, gold from the west, and when the america sank in a category two hurricane about 150 astronaut kl miles off of north carolina's cape fear. >> because of -- it caused a financial panic in 1857 and 425 people died. >> reporter: and with them, the story and the unopened bags are also on display.
6:51 pm
>> your imagination is all you have to guess what is in there. >> reporter: and her sister jasmine used her imagination to guess who may have first touched this treasure. >> pirates. >> reporter: and her favorite. back then this 25-ounce bar was worth $470 and now it is worth a quarter million dollars. >> it is amazing to see that much gold in one spot. >> reporter: and it is worth $40 million and it is only about 10% of what was recovered in 2014 from the ship wreck. >> i like id it. >> reporter: in long beach, cbs news. >> there is something about gold. as we look from high atop our camera over what is a mostly clear night in san francisco, and a chilly night as well. parts of the bay area will be down below freezing. the numbers won't be too bad. and from last saturday, do you remember last saturday when the numbers were in the low 70s in the bay area? these are the i has today.
6:52 pm
the difference, 13 to 14 degrees. it is cooler. you knew that. it is going to be that way again tonight. right now concord, 54 degrees. we're all in the low 50s as we head into saturday evening. from way atop the west coast. sunshine on the way for tomorrow. a little bit warmer, too. we'll skyrocket into the upper 50s and low 60s around the bay area. the showers, though, return by monday. not much, though. we'll get overnight showers early monday morning. the future cast bears it all out. tomorrow, mostly clear skies. but as we head into the hours of monday morning, this is monday at 4:00 a.m. the trough coming through. but as usual with the system we had last weekend and the system we're going to have tomorrow morning or rather monday morning, there is not much moisture. so by tuesday we go to sunshine after a smattering of showers. maybe a tenth or two, but that is it. slight warming and sunny tomorrow. the showers coming into the bay area just in time for the
6:53 pm
morning commute monday. the chinese new year's parade is tonight. the temperatures are hovering around the 50-degree mark. the overnight lows, freezing in santa rosa. 37 in san jose. and then the numbers regain, upper 50s and low 60ing. san francisco tomorrow will be 56. concord, 50 degrees a lot of sun in the south bay and the number also be in the upper 50s and low 60s. 60 at morgan hill. over in the east bay, we're looking at upper 50s and low 60s. cooler, and san raphael will hit 58. 57 degrees. and then finally for clear lake and cloverdale, lit all be in the mid 50s. in the extended forecast, a splash of showers coming through monday morning. tuesday, a break. wednesday, partly cloudy. thursday, another round of mostly showers and then friday and saturday we'll go to partly cloudy skies. that is weather. we have more news ahead, but first we have to generate some income.
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at the marine mammal center, the environment is everything. we want to do our very best for each and every animal, and we want to operate a sustainable facility. and pg&e has been a partner helping us to achieve that. we've helped the marine mammal center go solar, install electric vehicle charging stations, and become more energy efficient. pg&e has allowed us to be the most sustainable organization we can be. any time you help a customer, it's a really good feeling. it's especially so when it's a customer that's doing such good and important work for the environment. together, we're building a better california.
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closed captioning is sponsored by -- well, a popular new app lets you take every step all the way to the bank. >> it is called sweat coin. and it is how you can get paid to stay fit. >> reporter: she is getting paid right now for every step she takes. >> it keeps counting. >> reporter: not in u.s. dollars, but in sweat coins. it is an app to rival bit coin as a currency. >> the whole idea is that physical movement add as value to our economy. >> reporter: suite coin got its start three years ago aren't it has suddenly taken off. it is consistently in the top ten three apps on the app store, it has seven million
6:57 pm
users and investor whose recently shelled out $5.7 million in funding. every 1,000 steps gets converted into one coin. the users can only earn five a day and for now suite coin can only be redeemed for participating products on the app. >> you can get an iphone pen, for example, for something like 10,000 or 20,000 coins. >> reporter: it intends to begin using technology similar to other crypto currency this is year. and it will soon be exchanged for much more than work-out gear. >> our target is going forward in the next 10 years to be able to pay part of your faxes in suite coins. >> how do you make people feel secure about this when so many people question crypto currency an as an idea? >> reporter: we believe long term for it to have a value it has to be built on actual vitality. >> it is sustainable because of the health benefit.
6:58 pm
>> it makes people more healthy and productive and it also saves society costs in health care. >> reporter: one of the biggest notes -- knocks against suite care, so your treadmill work- out definitely won't counter. the developers say this is the best way for them to prevent cheating. >> if we tried to count indoors and removed the goops, then the users would be able to do this by faking their phone. >> reporter: a better pedometer is one thing they hope to improve. they hope anyone curious about the crypto currency but wary of investing any real money, pour in a little sweat equity instead. >> kpix 5. >> it takes 20,000 coins, you get five point as day. that is about 10 years to get an ipad which will with an antique in the year 2028. >> we'll be back at 11:00. have a great evening.
6:59 pm
>> that is true. good point.
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