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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  February 24, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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u-s-a swimming coaches are accused of sexual abuse... including on now at 11:00, first it was u.s. gymnastic, and now dozens of team usa swimming coaches
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are accused of sexual abuse, including one from the south bay. an alleged local victim is speaking out, claims year of mistreatment from her coach. >> we spoke with the team usa swimmer earlier tonight. >> the first big case we ever heard about was with the u.s. gymnastics team and now it's usa swimming. young athletes saying they were preyed upon by trusted members of their teams. there was just one predator with gymnastics, but in this case with swimming, there could be hundreds of them. >> if he was suspended for a period of time, we would have gone elsewhere. >> reporter: jansy is talking about her former swim coach norm havercroft at a swim club, and at 15 he started abused her, and it lasted until she was in
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college swimming competitively. she's now demanding he be added to the list of more than 150 coaches banned from the sport, mostly due to sexual abuse allegations. >> if they would have recognized it and, um, suspended him, i would have gone to another swim team. >> reporter: her civil lawsuit against her former coach settled out of court, but he denied wrong doing. police investigated the case, but never filed charges against havercroft and his name was never added to the list of banned coaches. >> my mom would have taken me somewhere else and none of this would have happened. >> reporter: thompson's attorney from san jose is also representing another swimmer ariana cukors with a similar case. >> he started coaching me when i was 13 years old. >> reporter: she swam for the u.s. in the 2012 summer
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olympics in london and says her coach, sean hutchson started watching her shower and took naked pictures of her in the locker room when she was only 15 years old. she also says usa swimming didn't do enough to protect her. >> what happens when there's a person that your parents see as a voice of authority, that they fully trust, that your family trust and your community is praising? what happens when that person abuses that power and takes advantage of you? >> hutchson denies wrong doing and hasn't been charged in the case. two executives with usa swimming have stepped down. one was susan wasser, the head of the safe sport initiative designed to protect athletes. she led an investigation into the sexual abuse allegations against hutchson, but department disclose that she and the coach at one point had a romantic encounter. well, tonight neighbors in
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the hate district in san francisco are fed up with crime like you see here. we have exclusive video of a sidewalk brawl in broad daylight. today police and city officials held a town hall meeting to address this type of violence in the neighborhood. some people told us they are scared to step outside of their own homes. >> when i walk on the street and there's a group of 14 kids, many whom are transients with pit bulls and i can't get through the street, i'm frightened and intimidated. >> reporter: she's referring to scenes like this one near buena vista park. we obtained exclusive video of a violent street fight a few weeks ago, over what appears to be a backpack. a surveillance camera from a home nearby was rolling. watch as the bowl gets even -- brawl gets even more violent. the bigger man throwing blows while the other man lays on the stairs. and then the man is kicked right in the face as a passer by stops and appears to intervene before just walking
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off. >> i see neighbors turn a blind eye all over this neighborhood, so it's not just getting the cops out there, it's opening your eyes. >> reporter: the last few months, crime in the neighborhood has soared, but they say it recently reached a boiling point with a deadly car jacking last week at the corner of stanion and oak, and then a suspected drug overdose that left three people dead on the sidewalk on page street thursday morning. some argue more officers isn't the answer, but others disagree. >> i could have been the car jacked person because i drive on south street almost every day, so this is entirely unacceptable, and i realize the conversation we're having is a very action very complex one, but i also have to tell you, until we get to some of the solutions, we need more beat cops in this neighborhood. >> i would just like any other solution than more beat cops because while i appreciate them, if you're just being moved from block to block, that's not solving anything.
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>> reporter: san francisco police say they realize residents are fed up, but they stress this is not a violent area. >> this is a safe district. right? in terms of crimes we're seeing a decrease every month. >> we're working as a city. no one agency can carry all this on their shoulders. >> so far no concrete plans to stop crime have been rolled out. city leaders are planning another meeting in the hate on wednesday. the exact details haven't yet been announced. a warning tonight from oakland mayor libby schaaf about possible immigration raids. she thinks that ice may launch a crack down locally in the next 24 hours. she claims multiple credible sources gave her the information. she says that she made the information public so people can prepare and figure out their legal options. about 20 minutes ago, berkeley's mayor also tweeted about a possible bay area raid.
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an ice spokesman in san francisco told us they conduct raids every day, so i'm not sure what the mayor is referring to. and a new wave of criticism from president trump over a democratic memo released today. it's a rebuttal document to the republican memo accusing the fbi of anti-trump bias. >> reporter: on twitter saturday night president trump says the memo released by democrats on government surveillance abuse social security a total political and legal bust, and just confirms all of the terrible things that were done. the president also called in to fox news. >> what they did is really fraudulent and somebody should be looking into that. >> reporter: earlier this month republicans released a memo saying a surveillance warrant was obtained and renewed on former trump campaign advisor carter page based on information from an individual with an anti-trump agenda. the redacted memo released
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saturday and written by democrats alleges the fbi had an independent basis separate from that information to believe page was knowingly helping russian intelligence. in a statement, ranking committee member adam schiff says our review of the application failed to uncover any evidence of a legal, unethical or unprofessional behavior by law enforcement. republicans say the warrant to monitor page taints the origins of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into any connection between the trump campaign and russia. cbs news, new york. >> the memo comes as some of the biggest names if politics are in -- in politics are in san diego for the state democratic convention. and one of the key issues discussed was gun control. during her speech nancy pelosi spoke about ending gun violence in the wake of the florida school shooting. >> we're at a tipping point because of your activism to end gun violence in our schools,
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churches, communities, throughout our country. the stoneman students in florida are holding public officials accountable to save lives. let us salute those students for their courage. >> in the east bay worried parents packed a meeting on gun safety at schools. the district was asked what they think should be done to keep students safe. they say there are common sense gun laws that would reduce gun violence, but only if congress can act. >> universal background checks would get rid of the loophole, and the bill that would put the assault weapons ban back in place nationally. >> he admits they face an uphill beatle on gun control in a -- battle on gun control in a republican-led congress, but they hope the reaction to last week's shooting brings new support. dozens of bay area students are speaking out against a proposal from president trump
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to train and arm teachers. >> i think it's ridiculous when they mandate that teachers carry weapons. that's the day i will retire. i will refuse to do that. >> teachers turned out at a flash mob part of nationwide protest called working people's day of action. and new at 11:00, santa clara university is one of nearly 50 colleges standing up for teenage activists demanding gun reforms. they say high school students suspended for walkouts or demonstrations won't see a negative impact on their admission chances. also new at 11:00, steph curry of the warrior social security sharing his thought -- warriors is sharing hit thoughts about the florida school shooting. he said on cnn the death of 17 people was quote tough to digest and he said it got him thinking about his own two
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young children. >> as a parent thinking about the world you want your kids to grow up in and trying to protect them, it hits home, and you feel for the families effected, and there's a lot that's been said about change that needs to happen, and i hope that conversation actually goes somewhere, and we actually make an impact for the next generation. >> he made the remarks in an interview with the activist and author van jones. two major airlines have joined a list of companies cutting ties with the national rifle association. united and delta are ending discounts for trips to the nra annual convention. three rental car companies also made the move, and more than a does other corporations are -- dozen other corporations are cutting ties with the group after gun control activists pushed the boycotts claiming the nra contributes to gun violence. the nra had this to say earlier today quote some corporations have decided to punish nra membership in a shameful
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display of political and civic cowardice. >> they have their right to do what they want to do, and i have a right to spend my money where i feel fit. >> fun rights activists -- gun rights activists say it's wrong to punish people for the criminal acts of a few people. and the new bro culture lawsuit against google. >> what one former software engineer says about constant harassment from her male coworkers. the accusations are shocking. plus, poaching from oakland. the june ballot issue over the golden state warriors. and the huge turnout tonight for san francisco's lunar new year parade. we'll explain this year's pooch factor. >> and we'll explain why it was a good night for it because we didn't get any rain. but that's about to change.
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suspect in a violent rape and robbery. it happened just before nine this tonight police are searching for a suspect in a violent rape and robbery that happened just before 9:00 this morning at the party city store at the treatment shopping cent -- fremont shopping center. the store wasn't open, and there were no witnesses. fremont police are asking the public for tips. that sexual assault happened at the same fremont shopping center at this fire that burned a taco bell this morning. but a fire station was just 50 feet away that probably saved the restaurant from complete destruction. aco bell will be back open for business. >> the whole intersection was
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filled with gray smoke, black smoke coming off the roof, so i immediately called second alarm. i was thinking this was going to go big. >> it didn't because there were on top of it, but it's unclear when it will be back open for business. tonight investigators are still looking for the cause. google has been hit with a sexual harassment lawsuit. a former software engineer said the tech giant's so-called bro culture failed to protect her from severe and pervasive abuse. she says she received sexual text messages and was groped and slapped. she also says a male coworker was hiding under her desk and propositioned her for sex. she say she was fired for poor performance after 8 years with google. google is not commenting. and the new home of the warriors is coming together quickly. you can see it's nearly halfway done. but some fans are not impressed. as fast as the chase center
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goes up, one group is trying to put together a case to stop the move. they want to put a ballot measure before voters on june 5th designed to survey san francisco citizens as to whether they want the warriors in the bay area. >> san francisco does not need it, oakland needs it. >> i want the candidates to except on this. how to you -- comment on this. how do you feel about taking from a city who needs this right next to you? the organizer add -- >> the organizers admit even if it passes it's symbolic more than anything else. and san francisco is lit in gold and red in honor of the lunar new year. the calm scene a far cry from the streets a few hours ago. the streets were packed with tens of thousands of people watching the new year parade, and andria borba was there. >> reporter: the year of the dog started with lots of bangs
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in san francisco. the chinese community's annual march up market street also headed off into the sunset, around union square, and into china town. it was ushered in with ribbons, bands, drums, and dragons of all shapes and sizes winding through the parade route and thrilling the crowd. >> the little kids marching, it's wonderful to see them so energetic. >> reporter: even in the city with one of the largest china town's in the united states, many were experiencing the towering magic for the first time. >> when the little kids come out with the dragons. >> the dragons with the fire crackers. >> reporter: the pooch factor in this year of the dog couldn't be missed with heads covered in dog hats to protect them from the bitter wind whipping through the parade
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route. others see the year of the dog not just protecting cute heads, but as a positive omen for the year to come. >> dogs are everyone's best friend and they're loyal, so hopefully it's a good year for everyone. >> reporter: and even live long san francisco citizens aren't immune to the spectacle. >> this is an awesome parade, this is what san francisco is all about. >> reporter: andria borba, kpix 5. and we continue with fairly cool conditions across the west coast, even as the seaboard has showers and thunder showers. for us we're on the cool side. in fact this week will be unusually cool as well. not as bad as it has been. santa rosa 32, napa 34, and livermore 42. in san jose 37 degrees, and sun up on your sunday morning about a quarter to 7:00, and here's the bay bridge tonight, and the numbers right now.
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47 at concord, 47 oakland, and 42 livermore. so a bit of a chilly night with temperatures as we once again look toward city hall hitting the mid-50s to upper 60s. big difference from a week ago when concord had 72 and livermore was 71. today we're only in the 50s, a difference of between 12 and 14 degrees. what's happening next is a mystery that's revealed through the grace of the super computers that show tomorrow will be sunny and warmer, but then we get low pressure pin wheeling showers through the bay area early monday. actually a little earlier. futurecast will tell us when and where. but how much is just a few tenths of an inch. but this is 4:00 in the morning on monday. widely spread light showers over the bay area. not much in the way of heavy rain. at least that's not how it's looking.
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does it linger and drop a lot of moisture is this no, out it goes. monday -- moisture? no, out it goes. monday it's gone. it's not a fast mover, won't dump much, but it will mess up the commute a little bit. showers spread south late in the day, approaching midnight, and in the early hours. it clears later on monday and tuesday. maybe another shower later in the week, but first temperatures upper 50s low 60s in the south bay, say in the east bay. sunshine -- same in the east bay, sunshine, near 60. sunshine for sunday. up in ukia 57 degrees. extended forecast. well tomorrow's nice. monday early showers. not much. and then tuesday sunshine, but thursday here comes another before we dry it up by the time we get to the weekend. a little something for everybody. let's hope the same is true in sports. copping up in -- coming up in sports, the orange and black trying to top their division
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rival the los angeles dodgers, and the warriors looking to avoid their third loss of the season to the oklahoma city thunder. finally looking like themselves again. we'll be right back. sorry. i can't make it.
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taking place tonight. after two games to the third match up between the warriors and kevin durant's old team taking place tonight. after losing the first two games to okct dubs step on the court with a little extra motivation against the thunder. things get a little testy at oracle. durant and anthony getting into it, and right after that scuffle, durant knocks down a three giving golden state a 45- 39 lead. kd scores 28 against his former team. in the third, anthony hits the three giving okc a 56 to 54 lead. later in the quarter, the warriors back up by 4, curry
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goes behind the back for the dunk, and two minutes to go in the third. final seconds of the quarter, now 81-66. curry finds nick young in the corner for the buzzer beating three, and the warriors finish the third on a 14-0 run in the fourth off the steal, durant back to green for the huge dunk. golden state out scores oklahoma city 42-14 over the final minutes of the game, and win 112 to 80. after the game westbrook had strong comments about a play where a player fell on his leg. >> i think it was intentional. he tried to hurt me, fell on my leg. >> reporter: you had a couple of run ins with him. do you think he's a dirty player? >> yes, for sure. to spring baseball now.
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the giants versus the dodgers. blanco back on a minor league deal with the giants. he was two or four on the day. and williamson connects for a two-run home run. part of a huge day for him. he was two for free. the giants win -- three. the giants win. the a's taking on the padres. beretto goes opposite field for a solo home run. and cotton impressive out of bull pen today. no hits and five strike outs as the a's win. and tiger woods made the cut to play this weekend. we'll show you if he was able to green any ground in the honda classic. and st. mary's holding on to slim hopes of winning the west coast conference title and needed at least a win in their final regular season game. we'll be right back.
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so listening is a huge part of my job. because customers want to know that you hear them. they have kids, they have families, they have priorities. i definitely understand that. i have three children, i was a stay at home mom, i didn't have money to pay the bills, and so i put myself in their shoes. and i'm going to do all that i can to lower their bills and to help their situation. to choose the rate plan that works best for your family, visit together, we're building a better california. there's still some hope that they can it's the final regular season game for the st. mary's gales, and there's still some hope that they can win their conference title, but they need
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help from byu to beat gonzaga. they honored their seniors before the final home game against santa clara. first the bucket and the foul giving st. mary's a 10-point lead. final seconds, the floater. st. mary's crushes santa clara 67-40 and will be the two seed in next week's wcc tournament with the zags winning tonight. and mike montgomery and his 1998 final four team honored during today's game during washington state. end of the first half, the cardinal senior hits the shot at the buzzer. flynn's three at the buzzer though falls short, so stanford hangs on to win 86-84. the cardinal are now 10 and 6 in the conference. cal freshman mcneil hoping to shoot the bears past washington.
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final seconds of the first half, mcneil knocks down the three to tie the game at 35. the freshman scored 17 in the first 20 minutes. second half, the huskies up by two. carter takes off and throws down the huge dunk plus the foul. washington finishes the game on a 33-16 run and wins 68-51. pga's honda classic. tiger woods playing the weekend for the second time in three tournaments. on 18, woods rolls his chip shot right next to the pin setting him up for a birdie. he shot a 1 under 69, and is tied for 11th place. luke list has a one-point lead going into sunday. we'll be right back. ♪
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