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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  February 25, 2018 7:30am-8:31am PST

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bid what's behind the big split - and does it spell trouble for ca no endorsement in fine stein's reelection bid. what's behind the split and what does it mean for california senior citizens? >> a state senator resigns rather than face expulsion after a sexual misconduct investigation. but for how long? >> first u.s. gymnastics. dozens of team usa swimming coaches are accused of sexual abuse including one from the bay area. it's 7:30 on this february 25. good morning. >> i have a quick look at the weather because we've got rain coming in to the bay area. >> we need some. >> we have rain coming in
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tonight, but that's after a sunny day today. we are starting off with plenty sunshine and cool temperatures. 39 oak land. here is what's happening. today we have sunshine. the numbers will top out warmer than yesterday in the upper 50s and low 60s. then rain will be over spreading the bay area tonight. we will have all the details when we cover the forecast in depth. first phil and melissa. a warning about possible immigration raids. it is believed ice may launch a crack down locally today. the mayor claims that multiple credible sources gave her this information over the past 24 hours. she says she's going public with it so people can prepare and figure out legal options. berkeley's mayor also tweeted about possible ice action in the bay area. ice spokes men in san francisco told us ice conducts operations every day so i am not sure what
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the mayors are referring to. first it was u.s. gymnastics. now dozens of team usa swimming coaches are accused of sexual abuse including one from the south bay. thompson is talking about her former swim coach. she says he was her coach and when she was 15 he started sexually abusing her. she says it lasted until she was 20 and swimming competitively at arizona state university. she says usa swimming should have done more to protect her. >> if they would have recognized it and suspended him, i would have gone to another swim team. >> thompson did file a civil lawsuit against her former coach. it was settled out of court and he denied wrongdoing. police investigated but never filed charges against him and his name was not added to the list of banned coaches. thompson is demanding that he be added to the list which already contains some 150 names. onto national news,
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president trump is responding to a democratic memo from the house intelligence committee. it's a rebuttal document to the republican memo that accused fbi and justice department of antitrump bias. >> reporter: on twitter saturday, president trump says the memo released by democrats on government surveillance abuses is a total political and legal bust and just confirms the the terrible things done. the president called in to fox news. >> what they did is really fraudulent and somebody should be looking into that. >> reporter: earlier this month, republicans released a memo saying surveillance warrant was obtained and renewed on the former trump campaign adviser carter paige. the redacted memo written by democrats alleges fbi had independent basis separate from the information to believe page
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was knowingly helping russian intelligence. it is said our extensive review of the application failed to uncover evidence of illegal, unethical or unprofessional behavior by law enforcement. republicans say the warrant to monitor page taints origins of robert mueller's investigation into any connection between the trump campaign and russia. in california, u.s. senator diane fine stein fell far short of the votes needed to win california democratic party's endorsement of her bid for reelection. she spoke yesterday at the party's state convention in san diego before delegates voted auto endorsing -- on endorsing candidates. finestein got only 37% of the votes compared to 54% for her main challenger. neither earned the endorsement because that requires votes from 60% of delegates. during her speech yesterday she
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emphasized her support for dreamers, young immigrants brought to u.s. illegally as children. >> we will not give up the fight. i pledge this to you. we will get the job done one day, believe it or not. please have faith and we'll protect you in the meantime. >> she does have a substantial lead in recent polls of actual voters. meanwhile state delegates are also declined to make an endorsement in the governor's race. no candidate came close to the 60% threshold. no candidate won the endorsement and still this is a national story. melissa and i asked willie brown who is heavily involved in democratic politics to tell us about the relationship between feinstein and the democratic party that could have led to this. >> it's up and down, in and out. dianne for a long time has been
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booed, was always considered too conservative. sometimes that served her purpose. >> she made a commercial at one point showing herself being booed. >> that's when she gave a speech in support of the death penalty. that was filmed and everybody thought it was the end of her. she made it into a commercial and won. >> she reads voters of california much better obviously than members of the democratic party, that wing of the democratic party. it's always been dominated by the more activist types and dianne was never an activist. >> it's not surprising that the activists are the same people who made a rule change last year or late last year that would make it more difficult for incumbent to get democratic party nominee, endorsement. >> when you talk about activists, what are we talking about? who makes up this party when they go into the convention?
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>> this takes a lot of time. a lot of these are consultants. a lot are retirees, people with time on their hands and energy to devote to this. they tend to be a little bit removed from what mainstream voters believe. >> many times they're really beholden to other organizations. for example, unions, environmental movement, sometimes the ethnic movement. there are people with agendas, whether it is black lives matter or wall street project. they're not coming just for democrats. they're coming to carry the water of their real organization. >> in california's open primary where it is the the two top vote getters that move from the primary to general chances are in california many times as not it will be two democrats. what the value is a party endorsement? >> i am not sure there really is much of one. there is money that can come with that. but in terms of being able to say i am the democratic
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endorsed candidate, i am not sure it helps anyone. >> if you want to have the most not attack able, it is within the framework of the party. >> so the party can be a huge money operation. >> unbelievable laundry. >> all the special interests can give to the democratic party and once it is in that pool, it's all of a sudden clean, right? >> no. it's acceptable. it's never clean. >> willie brown having an interesting spin. you took a look at the votes aside from dianne feinstein, what others did you see? >> we have the vote tally. the issue with the governor's race is interesting. newsome despite having support of huge unions -- >> california nurses association, california teachers. >> right. he still only got 39%, didn't even come within striking distance of the 60% needed for actual endorsement.
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and chung has not been able to get above the mid teens in polls and got 30%. so there is some skewing here. >> perceived in the polls as running closest. >> he got 9%. it looks like our democratic insiders are moving a little to the left but not so far as to endorse the lieutenant governor. some real issues. we are talking about worried parents packed into a town hall meeting in the east bay yesterday. nearly 1000 people showed up at a middle school in lafayette. the discussion was what can be done to keep kids safe in schools especially after last week's massacre in florida. a congressman organized the meeting and says there are common sense gun laws that could reduce the the violence if only congress would act. >> universal background checks would get rid of the loophole. number two, co-author of senator feinstein's bill, put assault weapons bans back in
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place nationally. >> he says he does face an uphill battle where the nra holds sway but he is hoping the reaction to the shooting might be a tipping point. a congressman will be joining us later this morning. we will be talking about a number of things including the recent state of close calls at the nation's airways and the latest on the russian memo and of course guns. >> certainly a hot topic. dozens of bay area teachers are speaking out against one proposal from president trump to train and arm educators. >> i think it is ridiculous when they mandate that teachers carry weapons. that's the day i will retire. i will refuse to do that. >> teachers turned out for a flash mob yesterday in san francisco. the event was part of a nationwide protest called working people's day of action. tomorrow the supreme court will hear arguments in a case that may decide the future of public
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employee unions. at issue is constitutionality of laws in 22 states including california that forced public employees who do not want to belong to unions to pay unions agency fees for bargaining collectively on their behalf. without the mandatory contributions, public employees fear they will lose millions and power that comes with it. in florida, the high school of the scene of the deadly shooting, it is starting the process of trying to return to normalcy. 17 people died after a former student went on a shooting rampage on february 14th in parkland. today counseling and orientation will be available for students and parents. teachers and other staff will be on campus tomorrow and tuesday but only for planning purposes. students are set to return wednesday but with a shortened class schedule. up ahead, state senator jerry hill takes us behind the scenes on the latest twist in the sacramento sex scandal.
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picture has already been taken down from the walls of the capitol t i didn't tony mendoza abruptly called it quits. his picture has been taken down from the walls of the capitol. >> i felt i didn't have an opportunity to pretty side of the story to my colleagues who were going to decide my fate. i didn't have a chance to do that. i think it was shameful and not fair to me. >> accused of making unwanted advances to six women including several subordinates. the ex senator is suing the state for the handling of the investigation and he says he plans to run again. joining us to talk about senator mendoza and the on going sex scandal in sacramento is state senator jerry hill. was he going to be expelled? >> i think he would have been. the votes may not have been there exactly but it will be difficult for someone to not vote to expel him based on circumstances and facts. >> did he just step down to
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make this quicker so he could run for reelection? there is the issue with the timing. he had to do it quickly so he could still qualify to run. >> he was still qualified because he had run the papers. i don't think he wanted that scarlet letter on him that he was expelled. >> let me get this straight. you were going to vote to expel him. he resigns and there is now going to be a special election in june to name his successor. and he is planning to run for that. there is a chance he could be back on your door step july 1. >> that's absolutely true. we have talked about that. we could be dealing with this soon again. the conclusion was at least in my sense and what i heard is we need to deal with what's happening now. there is a cultural problem in sacramento. we have to deal with it. we have to stand up and make sure this sends the message and it is clear that it will not be tolerated and not going to happen again. >> i understand it took two law
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firms two months to complete the investigation. is that reasonable? are there steps being taken to try and streamline the time it takes to complete? >> two months seems like a long time but they interviewed 47 people, conducted 51 separate interviews over the period of time. it's sometimes difficult to find the people because some of the actions were ten years ago. >> the verdict, if there was one, wasn't guilty, wasn't not guilty. >> it was a flirtatious, sexual -- >> more likely than not. >> so the question becomes he is not the only lawmaker up there. there are male and female lawmakers who are under investigation. how many others will more likely than not face the same situation? >> i read the 46 page investigative report with the findings and facts and it was clear to me and i think most people that would see it that there was a pattern of behavior. it started ten years ago. he was preying on 22 year olds,
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19 year old women and girls that were vulnerable. that's what the indication was. we have to take each case as it is and the facts as we find them. in this case it was fairly clear. >> you could have a situation where people are found to be more likely than not with improper conduct threatened with expulsion, resign, special election, go back and possibly get reelected and come back. >> that's the arrangement that person has with their voters. we have a responsibility based on the code of conduct. it's not a court of law. it is based on facts as we see them and the condition we find ourselves and the code that we have which is violated and has been in the past. >> what is though there to stop the legislature from becoming the perpetual jury judging its own peers which is begged into the rules. it seems like now we've got these investigations going on. you may be in a position to expel any number of your members. >> it may happen.
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that's our responsibility. electorate has their responsibility to send a senator. it's our responsibility to evaluate how they perform and if they meet the standards we have set for ourselves and everyone. >> this is california. it ain't ever over one way or the other. mendoza or the others can be reelected. also he is suing saying the process was unfair, rigged against him, and it was political. you could have the courts saying whether or not you guys acted properly. >> it's difficult to do that when you resign. he made that decision and took that course of action. >> the courts will stay out. >> they may not. it's an evolving process. i think we have to take a stand, take a position. >> are people nervous in sacramento? >> some may be. i have not seen it. i think there is a legitimate concern that we have to evaluate terms and conditions. when you see what occurred, if
7:49 am
you were a state employee, he would have been fired. >> the lawsuit alleges he is treated differently because he is hispanic, that white legislators -- >> and his former house mate was pushing this for his own political agenda, state senate president running for senate and wanted this cleared up. >> i have not seen that as evidence or that there is discrimination. the facts are clear. if we see something that's discriminatory we would take action on that. it doesn't seem that way when you look at the facts. >> you read the report. did it appear he was interviewed. >> he was interviewed twice and able to make his case. >> he chose not to make the case on the senate floor. for now, it's not necessarily case closed. it's sort of like case half open. maybe we can get something more definitive with today's weather. >> if nominated, i will not run. wait a minute, that was johnson. as we have a look at ocean
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beach, it's looking pretty good as we've got a few mild waves breaking over the shoreline. we have blue skies out there this morning from the ocean to the mountains. mount diablo in the east bay had that storm. it's not unusual. it happens every three to four years. as to why exactly, nobody really knows. we do know that it keeps getting bumped up a couple millimeters a year. it could get a magnitude six tomorrow, could get one 250 years from now. all we can do is be ready. concord is 35, oakland 39, liver more 31, san francisco 44, san jose 38. here is how it looks. high temperature forecast, upper 50s on this beautiful sunday morning. what a nice start. rain tonight. overnight we will get showers lingering into the morning commute. here is what's happening, sunny and a little bit warmer today. maybe a degree or two. you would need a very accurate
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thermometer to see the difference. showers return tonight and we'll get a break monday afternoon and tuesday. in futurecast, here is 3:00 in the morning in the bay area. we have scattered showers. it will be over the north bay. does this linger? does this give us copious moisture? no, no. it's going to blow out of here so by noon monday we have clearing skies and not much in the way of rain. maybe 1/10 or two. that's it. there is more later in the week, a more robust system wednesday night and thursday. sunshine today, showers south over night. it will clear monday and tuesday. then we get more late in the week. the numbers are not far from averages. we will be in the upper 50s, a few low 60s. that's about where we should be. after the chance of showers tonight, we will be looking for more rain later in the week. we will cover the extended in a
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few minutes. first ladies and gentlemen, good morning. >> in sports, spring baseball for the giants and a's. the orange and black trying to top the division rival los angeles. warriors looking to avoid the third loss of the season to the oklahoma city thunder. they look like their old receives again. -- selves again. that's all coming up.
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the third match up between
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the warriors and kevin durant taking place last night. it got testing last night with duracell and anthony pushing and shoving. golden state has a 65-59 lead. later in the quarter, curry with a steal and throws it to durant for the easy lay up. final seconds, curry finds nick young in the corner for a three and golden state ends the third on a 14-0 run. over the final 15 minutes they out score 42-14 and run away with a 112-80 win. honoring the four seniors before the final game yesterday. in the final seconds, the floater to fall for his first point of the season. st. mary's crushes santa clara 67-40. >> giants verses dodgers. in the 6th, a two run home run.
7:56 am
this is part of a big day for williamson. he was two for three with three rbi and giants win 9-3. padres lose to oakland a's 8-3. former first lady michelle obama is returning to the bay area for the first time since november of last year. she'll be speaking at oak land's oracle arena on march 28 at 8:00 p.m. during her time in the white house she was known for advocating education and importance of healthy living with her let's move initiative. this event is a question and answer discussion and tickets go on sale at 10:00 am tomorrow. a parade and festival celebrating black community is planned today in oakland. inaugural black joy parade will feature dance troops, poets, dozens of vendors. it is at 12:30 this afternoon in oakland. comedian michelle wolf will host the white house correspond
7:57 am
enjoy the sunshine dinner. the dinner is set for the 8th. it hasn't been announced whether president trump will attend. you may remember that he skipped last year's event. in our next half hour, your summer plans might be in jeopardy if you booked a trip with hawaiian airlines. the flights that are now being canceled. the largest lunar new year parade outside of china. we'll highlight the sights and sounds, just ahead.
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not helping when it comes to taking down the notorious gang, ms-13. what he's threatening to do because of that .. president trump says california is not helping when it comes to taking down the notorious gang ms13. what he is threatening to do because of that. >> welcome back to kpix5 this morning. it's about 8:00. >> bryan, what's in our forecast? >> up and running, it looks like rain. not today. today will be perfectly nice. tonight it looks like it's going to be getting wet. it's not a huge amount of rain. first things first, we have mount diablo standing out there proudly and boldly. no earthquakes this morning. the numbers are in the 30s and 40s to start your sunday. we will finish with mostly
8:01 am
sunny skies, temperatures in the upper 50s. tonight rain is moving in. we have details coming up when we cover the weather. first let's get the latest. >> thank you. still to ice raids reported at this hour after the oakland mayor tweeted about possible immigration raids in the bay area. she claimed multiple credible sources gave her information in the last 24 hours. she says she's making the information public so people can prepare and figure out their legal options. >> this comes as california's immigration policies are prompting president trump to consider actually removing ice and other federal agents from the state. the president ramped up his rhetoric over california's sanctuary status. he says the golden state is not helping administration target ms13 gang. he said if he took away ice agents as some california people want, california would come back asking for help.
8:02 am
last month you may recall the justice department threatened to subpoena sanctuary cities and states. he has continually warned if increased ice raids happen and proposed pulling federal funding from california but so far ice in san francisco has not commented on his latest remarks. melissa and i asked willie brown, president pulling out ice, calls about whether or not california is cooperating on taxes and other issues, what is the democratic response? >> he clearly is never ever coming to california. he really literally every time he gets a chance, he takes a shot. we are a sanctuary state. as far as he is concerned we have too many dreamers as far as he is concerned. we are antiwall as far as he is concerned. now he says we've got to have our own bodyguards. this guy is wild. >> not to get too founding father but the president is supposed to carry out
8:03 am
congressional mandates. it's not clear that the president has power to withdraw ice agents from california. >> melissa, you are falling into the trump trap. irrational thought taken seriously once again. it's the reporter and the lawyer in you. you have to stop. you have to go into public relation. >> how much of this is him trumping. it's trump being trump. you are ignoring the fact that trump has no acquaintance ship with the constitution. that's not part of what he uses as a guidepost, a guideline. as a result of that as far as he is concerned, he is the king. >> is he calling out california officials? this is the same state that has sanctuary laws that says do not cooperate with ice. oakland won't even let them set upper i am teres around -- up perimeters around operations. >> he is of course calling out california but california
8:04 am
officials call out trump every moment they can. privately, they will tell you even at the highest levels that they need ice agents to help with drug trafficking issues, with human trafficking issues, weapons trafficking issues. they're an integral part of the team that breaks these things up. i think there are people who are privately going that would be a really terrible thing to do. >> just maybe california really is capable of being an independent nation. the resources that are here, we can begin to with hold from the feds. believe me, the confrontation over that issue under the state guide would be a good one. >> an interesting confrontation. >> that's not a thing. california can't leave the union. stop even thinking about it. that's not a thing. >> what if it joined with oregon and washington. >> no. you can't leave. the constitution is an in. there is no out. we are in. lord knows we don't want to pay
8:05 am
our share of the national debt to even get out even if that were a possibility. not going to happen. >> willie brown, president of california. president trump's daughter ivanka trump who doubles as senior white house adviser visited team usa's olympic village in south korea. she met with the country's president on friday. >> former trump campaign official rick gates pleaded guilty to lying to fbi and trying to defraud u.s. he will cooperate with mueller's russia probe. gates and manafort are each facing 32 new charges related to tax fraud and financial crimes. this stems from their work for the former president of ukraine. indictments are part of special counsel robert mueller's investigation into the trump campaign and possible ties to russian election interference. a west virginia judge tossed out a suit filed against hbo talk show host john oliver.
8:06 am
it was a defamation system filed against oliver by robert murray whose murray energy company has coal mining operations. on a show last june oliver criticized the company and coal industry as a whole and ridiculed him by calling him geriatric doctor evil. hbo's comments, these were either factual or satirical, take your pick. both are protected under the first amendment. google slapped with a lawsuit for sexual harassment. loretta lee says that the tech giant's bro culture failed to protect her from severe pervasive abuse. she says she received sexual texts, was groped and slapped. she says one male co-worker hid under her desk and propositioned her for sex. she was fired for poor performance in 2016 after eight years with google. berkeley is considering launching its own bit coin like
8:07 am
crypto currency. the proposal will turn municipal bonds into digital currency. and it will then be used to help build affordable housing and other city projects. the mayor and a city councilman came up with the idea and are teaming up with a start up company. there is nothing quite like the colors and sounds of the san francisco chinese new year parade. thousands line the streets to take in the floats and fireworks yesterday. kpix5 was in the middle of the action. >> reporter: the year of the dog started with lots of bangs in san francisco. the chinese community's annual march up market street also headed off into the sunset of gary street around union square and into china town. the celebration of lunar new year was ushered in with
8:08 am
ribbons ribbons, bands, drums, and dragons of all shapes and sizes winding through the parade route thrilling the crowd. >> the kids marching from all the elementary schools, i just wanted to see them so energetic. >> reporter: even in a city with one of the largest china towns in united states many were experiencing the towery magic for the first time. >> i love when the kids come out with the dragons. >> when the dragons came out with the fire crackers. >> reporter: the pooch factor in the year of the dog could not be missed with tiny heads covered in fuzzy dog hats to protect them from the bitter wind whipping through the route. others see the year of the dog not just protecting cute heads and adorning parade floats but as a positive element for the year to come. >> dogs are everyone's best friend. and they're loyal so hopefully this is a good year for everyone. >> even those life long from san francisco aren't immune to the spectacle. >> all the dragon dancers and
8:09 am
fire crackers, this is an awesome parade. this is what san francisco is all about. close calls at the nation's airport, especially san francisco. who is keeping track? >> what's behind democrats' release of the latest russian memo. a congressman joins us to take us behind the scenes. planning a trip to hawaii? you better make sure you still have a ride. one issue facing one airline is canceling hundreds of bay area flights. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
8:10 am
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned.
8:11 am
the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
8:12 am
s-f-o and other airports across the country -- have prompted bay area politicians to call for an
8:13 am
independent revi a recent state of close calls at sfo and other airports across the country have prompted politicians to call for independent review. one congressman says 59 feet is too close to a major tragedy. he is referring to the most high profile incident in y'all when air canada flight dropped to 59 feet. he wants officials to talk about the incidents and why it's so hard to recover the cockpit voice recorders when they happen. >> that's something that would make any of us flying a bit nervous. this has been studied before, right, by the federal administration, aviation administration. reports continue to be inconclusive. i am confused. >> the last one was in 2011. it had some concerns. i think the point is to make it still statistically safe to fly. we have a great record for safety.
8:14 am
i am not concerned when i get on a plane. there is a pattern with busy airports that run way intrusions and near misses are more prevalent. they went up by more than 12% last year. >> you are not worried. but i would say if there is a 12% increase about possible run way crashes because of increased flights, are we talking about airlines cutting costs and more planes and people moving through at a faster rate? >> that's what we have to find. in the context of not being worried, i am concerned that we are having the near misses. that's the point. what's the protocol? what are we learning? how are we adjusting to the other things? that's the purpose of what we have asked. >> so what i have questions about and i think people viewing this have is we have airways. we have run ways. we have a government agency that's supposed to be making sure that those line up and everything is safe. is there pressure from the
8:15 am
airlines for more volume and is the faa doing an effective job keeping tabs? >> that's what we are trying to find out. there is pressure from companies that make money. at the same time you have to put it in context. i have a concern and we are trying to be sure they correct it. we want them to look at the near misses in a way they haven't heretofore and make sure they learn from them. technology is changing. maybe demographics of the pilots are changing. >> i find it unsettling that congress has to ask the federal agency. >> that's the nature of how the system works. when these happen, legislature, congress, city council is supposed to look and tell the administration to look more closely. >> the agency overseeing is supposed to look and issue a report. i don't understand. every time there is a problem. >> i have worked with ntsb,
8:16 am
with the faa. we have their attention. i think they are. we want to be sure they're doing everything possible. there is a little bit of status quo where they're comfortable with the statistics. that's our job, to wake them up. >> times have changed. speaking of change, fraudulent is what president trump is calling the democratic memo in response to the republican memo on the russian intelligence. you had a chance to read the republican. i don't know if you have read the democratic memo. what's going on? >> i try not to listen to the president. when he calls you fraudulent -- >> both sides call each other. >> he is the master of this. this is a reality game show administration. the fact is he should just let mueller do his investigation. if there is no collusion, he is innocent. why does he act so guilty? let the committees do their investigation. we should follow the process. we shouldn't come to conclusions ahead of time.
8:17 am
>> why do demo release this memo that looks so redacted? all the specifics seem to be blacked out. >> right. so we did it because chairman nunez doctored another memo and edited it and they released it. we wanted a counter balance. in committee it was voted on by republicans and democrats to release it. then speaker ryan and president trump refused to release it so people can see both sides. >> they can't. they're both redacted and questionable. you have two opinions. >> but you have to put that in context. the reason is there is intelligence material in there that we don't want the russians on know that we know about. there is a process to make sure that sensitive material isn't out there. >> then we release sensitive material and redact it. >> no, no, no. you are in a feisty mood today. >> why not? i want to go onto a more serious subject. that's the question of the
8:18 am
guns. we may be at a tipping point in america on this and there is some questions raised if democrats are willing to go to bat and possibly raise questions about continued funding with the government over dreamers. what about over gun legislation? >> i can see us doing that. it would be the same we asked for for dreamers. we didn't say we want our bill passed and written into law. we demanded a vote. that's what we asked for. i could see the same thing on this. we have had 300 bills introduced in the three years i have been in congress by democrats with some republicans for gun violence reduction. not one has had a vote or hearing. that's not healthy democracy. we should have a debate. >> debate is what we are here for. >> just had one. >> maybe there is something we can agree on, the weather. bryan be the peace maker. >> we are looking at fairly peaceful weather today. tonight things go a little bit south. it is good news. tonight we have rain moving in.
8:19 am
today looks okay, high pressure in the eastern seaboard. we get the low pressure trough and unusually cool weather. we are cold and east bay is stormy. if you were on top of mount vaca this morning at our high def doppler site, you would see this and we would have the call the authorities to see what you are doing up there. liver more is 35, san francisco 44, santa rosa 37. we have a sunny day today, a beautiful start to the morning. it will be warmer today but not much. tonight showers will return but not much in the way of showers. futurecast shows beginning at about 11:00 tonight in sonoma and marin, light splashes of showers. this moves rapidly. there is not much there. it is mostly light, widely scattered. then we go to mostly clearing skies. i guess that's all the time i
8:20 am
have. expect showers tonight and then sunshine coming back on tuesday. >> thanks. if you bought tickets for hawaiian airlines new nonstop service from the bay area to the islands, you might want to check with the carrier to be sure you still have a flight. some of the flights have been canceled or deferred as the a irving line deals with delivery delays on the new airbus planes. nonstops from oakland tacoma, san francisco to honolulu were supposed to start this summer and instead they have been canceled for now. others are delayed until july 15. the airline said "we sincerely apologize for the inconvenience and we are currently reaccommodating on other flights from the bay area." coming up, a bay area high school student lost both parents at a young age. but his personal tragedies are motivating him to better his life. how this student rising above
8:21 am
is preparing for his next academic step. and bedroom for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. for the latest home trends, at big savings - you've gotta go to ross.
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es with sherry it was one tragedy after another for today's young students rising above scholars. >> as he shares, he is determined to turn the tragedies into opportunities. go to college and make a better life for himself and others. >> reporter: with a big time love for rock music, antonio is teaching himself how to play. he has had to learn a lot on his own for a long time. his dad died when he was only six years old. >> i asked when dad was coming and mom said he is not coming back. he is in heaven. >> reporter: within five years his heart was broken again africanser took his mother. >> i felt like i grew up in
8:24 am
that instant and i had a goal i wanted to complete to make my parents proud of who i am and to live a life that would be successful. a light switch had a hummingbird on it. >> once his mother died, his older sister became his legal guardian, a decision mom and daughter made together. >> we knew that she was going to go. we both love my brother and we wanted him to be with someone. >> she's like my mom really. she's always been there with me since i was little. she's raised me. >> after losing both parents antonio and maritsa have stayed by each other's side. >> after everything we have gone through, we are not stuck. we are strong enough to get out of the bad situation.
8:25 am
>> reporter: this means antonio is college bound. he takes both high school and community college classes as he prepares for the next academic step. >> i struggle with coming back from all the bad events. i think that's something me and my sister have done. >> reporter: when antonio thinks about the future, this is how it feels. this is turning into a banner year for middle college high school. beside antonio there are two other sra scholars. to learn more about sra and its scholars please go to our website for students rising aabove --
8:26 am
above ...
8:27 am
"face the nation" is next here have you heard tonight it is going to rain? i hope so because then it means i have done my job. we have developing rain coming into the bay area late tonight through tomorrow morning's commute. perfect timing. forecast highs today, upper 50s and low 60s. it will be beautiful during the day with sunshine and temperatures near 60. but we have showers moving in late tonight and early tomorrow, a break on tuesday. but the more robust system since january is coming in late wednesday, thursday, friday. we are finally going to get rain. >> enjoy today because it's your day off. make the most of it. i want to thank everybody for joining us. >> on face the nation, a number of parents who have lost children to gun violence. >> two florida congressmen on hand to talk about guns and legislation. you don't want to miss that. >> have a great sunday. name is jamir dixon
8:28 am
8:29 am
locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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>> brennan: today on "face the nation." anger and anguish following the marjorie stoneman douglas high school shooting lead to a big push for tougher gun laws. will this effort succeed where others have failed? we'll have the latest on the missed opportunities that could have saved lives or prevented last week's killing of 14 students and three adults. then we'll talk to two florida lawmakers, ted deutch and republican brian mast, says this shooting has changed his views. what do they think of the president's call for arming teachers in the classroom and other idea to end gun violence in schools? >> we have the capability to take these people out rapidly before they can do this kind of


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