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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  February 26, 2018 5:00am-6:00am PST

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it's monday, february 26th i m michelle griego. anne makovec. . good morning, everyone. it's monday, february 26. i'm michelle. >> and i'm anne. let's look outside this rather wet monday morning on the bay area. shot on the bay bridge from roof camera this morning. we're dodging rain drops there and 880 in oakland, traffic running smoothly at 5:00 a.m. so that's good news. >> it looked like it has rained but it's not raining. >> wet sheen on the roadway. >> always a sign of what's to come. this storm is actually impacting the morning commute. most of the rain coming downright now and a look at high deaf doppler and see where
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a lot of it is coming down pretty good, especially across the north bay area. just east of santa rosa and a look at some hot spots or wet spots and oak mill, union, napa springs and this whole area getting a decent amount of rain. pitter patter of rain fall through sonoma, vineburg, and big ben. lighter there and springs got a strong cell and seems to be drizzling down. a look at rain picking up across american canyon. the morning storm and showers will ease up by about 11:00 this morning and we may get plenty of sunshine. it just started picking up tib ron and light, light green and areas of just drizzle and some areas hitting the ground and some just enough to be a knew
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nuisance and require windshield wipers and as we move further south we can see a bit of lighter rain fall near the santa cruz showing up here and a lot of what's going on. it's windy and looking at cool conditions in the morning commute and warming up a little bit. scattered cells and where that will occur and then, yes, snowfall looking at more than a foot of snow for a lot of ski resorts but snow elevations as low as 2,000 feet. we're off to a rough start on the monday morning ride. reports of rollover crash and west 54 and not blocking any
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lanes and once the tow truck gets there, may have to block the right lane and keep that in mind if you're heading in that direction toward the tunnel, may be in for some delays. 580 approach over toward the maze looking okay and look at the maze, it's right at the foot of the maze and see where 580 and interstate 80 join together and that's quite the backup for 5:03 in the morning. you'll need to allow extra time getting over to the bay bridge toll plaza. it's a full house already. that's check of traffic. anne. students in parkland, florida, returned to campus over the weekend and part of the effort to ease the transition back to class. 17 people dressed as angels and students returning since taking 17 lives. a lot of parents will be struggling with dropoff on wednesday.
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>> i was there to pick him up that day. it was the longest eight hours of my life. i'm not ready to let him go yet. >> the three story building where the shooting took place has been blocked off and the school is working on the student's schedules. this morning many students from a bay area high school set to rally in support of gun control. sandra is live in palo alto and we're seeing this all across the country. >> reporter: what we'll see out here in palo alto and students in a local high school working for a group of gun control and meeting about an hour before gun control.
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president trump suggested mod rale changes to gun regulations such as raising the age limit to buy weapons last week. here's what an nra spokesperson said about the suggestion. >> the position is not wanting to raise the age. >> that's what the nra came out and said. >> reporter: senator diane fine stein tweeted last night announcing to raise the age to 21 to buy a rifle. through their pain the students from parkland demanding lawmakers take action to make sure an ar15 is never used to perpetrate a mass this is all ahead of planned student led walkouts that are expected to take place next month and also there is a congressman from the bay area that has a suggestion about gun violence. more details coming up in the next half hour.
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sandra oz born, kpix5. dozens of teachers in the bay area speaking owght about being a -- out about being armed in the classroom. >> it's ridiculous. when they mandate that teachers carry weapons, that's the day i will retire. i will refuse to do that. >> the flash mob was part of the nationwide protest demanding action. police say the suspects are still on the loose and this was the scene last night, a number of officers filled the area. it's unclear if the victims knew the suspect. police aren't saying much but one of the victims is male. the suspects were shooting from their car and no one from inside the store was injured. no word on what led up to the shooting. ice workers arrested a
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father. video shows ice workers arresting delgado in his home over the weekend. nonnies delgado -- nunez delgado helped workers and his 14-year-old daughter broke down in tears when they took him into custody. >> i cried. i got emotional and sad and to watch him leave without being able to say good-bye hurts. >> nunez delgado has a dangerous past. he was once on ice's most wanted list for charges with assault with a deadly weapon. his family wouldn't elaborate on his past crimes and insists he's went through a rehab program and left the life of gangs and drugs years ago. >> kpix5 jessica is live at the city hall with reaction and warning from the major. >> reporter: that's right.
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at least 11 individuals across northern california were arrested by ice agents over the weekend and officials here in oakland and berkeley expect that number to rise throughout the day. they expect there to be more ice raids through the day. she says she got a tip from her sources that let her know that the raids were coming so she decided to go to the public and let folks know so they could be prepared. not allowing the agents to go in and raid the classrooms. they're barred from helping ice agents conduct raids. they're telling immigrants if someone is looking for them, they must have a warrant signed by a judge . those immigrant right act is vies are saying they could have in writing a designated relative or neighbor or friend take chair of -- care of the children ahead of time.
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sharing information to prepare undocumented immigrants and wants them to know their legal rights but doesn't want them to cause panic. >> i feel confident that my sharing this information because i did not receive through official channels is legal and frankly it's my ethical obligation. >> reporter: now, employers should know it's against california law for business owners to help immigration agents and it's also against the law for federal agents to go into employee only areas. this is all coming after president trump last week threatened to pull ice agents out of california. the mayor doesn't know of a specific raid or where they'll specifically take place. reporting live here in oakland, jessica flores, kpix5. unexpected political blow for senator diane feinstein. a democratic party chose not to re-endorse her in his reelection bid. she received 35% from delegates
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at the convention in san diego in weekend. many believe the snug won't do nay. >> damage. democrats with the convention don't necessarily reflect the party's voters. >> it's always been dominated by the more activist types, and diane was never ever an activist. diane for a long time has been booed by members of the democratic party at the state central committee meeting and considered too conservative and sometimes that served her purpose. >> this is not an easy time to run for office. >> senator diane feinstein admitting the political climate is tense this year but a recent poll shows she's trouncing her main opponent by nearly 50% and since california has an open primary system, we may see both democrats on the 3w58 lots. -- ballots. time is 5:10 and we're on storm watch this morning as a deadly storm system is hitting the midwest. a current look at the flooding
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there. michelle obama announcing a trip to the bay area. coming up, what new projects the former first lady is working on now. here at home, high deaf def doppler lit up heading out the door. earlier crash along 280, accident now blocking two lanes in the south bay. we'll have the details and the backup coming up.
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hammered parts of the midwest and the south over the weekend ... and could lead to more flooding in the days ahead. kim hutcherson reports. . rain hammered parts of the u.s. over the weekend and could lead to more flooding in the days ahead. kim hutcherson reports. >> in the event of a possible tornado touches down at the kentucky, tennessee border caught on cell phone video. parts of kentucky and tennessee under a tornado watch till early sunday morning. most of the damage happened late saturday. >> looked outside and start seeing the trees start bowing and start doing this. right about that time, i felt the pressure on the window.
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i went, we got to go. >> several people in kentucky killed due to the severe storms. governor matt tweeted his condolences and warned residents to take the watches and warnings seriously. other parts of the state dealt with this. massive flooding and emergency officials say after the damaging wind threat and heavy showers, flash floodings will continue this week. >> the windows busted out. >> the storm ripped through home after home destroying nearly everything in sight. in the buckeye state, heavy rain led to widespread flooding. >> good news is, damage, yes, infrastructure damage, but the people, loss of life, no loss of life. >> even parts of arkansas witnessed the devastation. four storms confirmed in
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arkansas. i'm kim hutcher son reporting. weather around here to talk about. >> little action for this morning and we're seeing rain coming down across the area. darker green and zoom in and show you what location is impacted the most . coming down here and about half inch to one inch per hour. pretty strong rain drops as well and easing up with union and atlas with the areas of darker orange and a bit stronger.
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areas in yellow and hot spring and lightning up a bit and moved further to the east and some cells coming in quick and 580 to richmond and berkeley starting to get a bit more rain fall there and very light at this hour and a lot of stronger cells will move through there shortly and the valley and san francisco, it's not coming down too strong and enough to require the wipers this morning and move across the south bay, may start to see a light drizzle and east of san jose. a bit of rain coming down and it's a bit of slush as well. it is cold up across hills east of san jose. livermore feeling the breeze. same with san ramon. the storm system coming through and it's a colder storm, which is why we're also going to see
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sierra snowfall and decent amount of that and concord, oakland, livermore 47 and temperatures not in the freezing range. future cast showing through 7:00 this morning and widespread rain showers as the storm goes through the south and redwood city and morgan hill impacted. we may see the sun and get the instability and that was in the forecast and don't think it's all over and look at high temperature today in mid 50s and snow coming down and picking up a bit on highway 89 and most on interstate 80 and drive dropping into kol fox and the rain turning into snow right there and these are pretty decent snow levels.
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expecting placerville to see a few inches of snow from this system. they could get 2-5-inches, 5-10 at 3,000 feet, 6-16-inches at ski reports and there's another storm expected to arrive and not going to arrive tuesday or wednesday. next storm is a weather one and that will bring us a bit more measurable rain fall. jaquline. if this is part of your ride along highway 17 in the northbound direction, this is just past the walking speed and they're not too bad. we'll keep a close eye on that for you. along 280 and earlier accident and looks like now two lanes are blocked. southbound 280 past south tenth street and looks like they're
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clearing the crash. flashing light and roadways and north of here, 280 right at highway 87 and traffic is just zooming by in both directions. right now, it's shut down across the road while emergency crews are hooking up the vehicle from an earlier crash. everyone has to stop and take a peek as they are driving by. 580 approach toward the maze and it's a big backup focusing with chp and nothing going on over there and it's a very busy start to monday morning commute.
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michelle obama touring about her memory titled becoming michelle obama. it's scheduled for relief on -- release on march 13. an audio of the book will be released voiced by the former first lady herself. she published american grown in 2012 that documents the white house kitchen garden and promotes healthy living. barack obama is penning his memory. fans can travel into the labyrinth with him again this spring. 1986 -- this movie features bowie as a goblin king
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that possesses a baby after the goblin king wishes him away. they go to rescue the boy. fans are encouraged to show up to the event in costume. that should be fun. and want to own your own dinosaur,? how about a life size terminator to scare away burglars. delectable collectibles for movie fans hit the block in hollywood next week and they'll sell off hundreds of items all from the same collection and movie posters to aliens to monsters. some good, some not so good. can tiger woods crack the top ten? omething... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear.
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. sharking hoping to gain a little -- shashes hoping to gain a -- sharks hoping to gain a little separation in the game. they couldn't clear the poblght and the version scores the game win erp with 12 seconds left and the sharks drop 3-2 now. the honda classic, best finished since 2015. even par for the tournament and only 11 players finish under par. justin thomas there and played
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18 again and thomas a quick work knocking in another birdie on the final hole and clinch sixth victory in 14 months. comes in scottsdale and making first startover the spring and chicago's ian greeted him with a home run. he had five strikeouts to beat the giants 12-10. steven dugger hit fiers homer or -- first homer of the spring and could possibly win the center field job. >> reporter: high school students here in palo alto
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planning a walk out over strighter gun laws.
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to the florida high school where 17 people were killed. the latest while the gun debate continues ing. . 17 people killed in a florida high school. the latest while the gun debate heats up this morning. their life savings up in smoke. the northern california county telling legal growers to get out. we have wet weather to deal with this morning so starting to notice more rain picking up across places like san francisco and oakland. i'll track it for you on high def doppler. traffic on the golden gate
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bridge but big delays on the bay bridge. those metering lights on the toll plaza just activated and tracking a few new hot spots that will slow you down. we'll have all the details coming up. monday, february 26, i'm michelle. >> and i'm anne. >> around the bay and across the north bay and start with san francisco first through berkeley as well getting strong and same with oakland, that's where it's a bit lighter than some of the spots you see in yellows and oranges. coming down pretty good. it's a bit lighter in concord and richmond, a drizzle at this moment but a lot of cells
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moving in pretty quickly so you'll start to see a little bit stronger rain fall. across the north bay coming down through napa as well. we'll see a decent amount of rain fall this morning and measurable precipitation here on 128 north of atlas and been hunkering down and it'll be reaching the area and started picking up south of san jose and we're get ago bit of light snow flurries and it's cold enough to cause snowfall
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elevations. same with concord as well and notice wet weather out there and windy weather as well as pretty much a morning system so throughout the next few houser, that's when we'll get most of the rain fall. jaquline. >> already a very busy start to monday morning commute. good morning. be careful out there. westbound highway 4, a lot of yellow start to light up our maps here. 680 southbound heading near north main street and tracking a little crash south of here closer to south main street and creating that backup there.
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this is not just because the meeterring light is on. we've been tracking the backup for the last 45 minutes or so. it's been a very slow ride at the toll plaza this morning and with the meeterring lights, hopefully -- metering lights and hopefully can help. 28 minute ride into san francisco. back over to you, michelle. shift told alums he wants to demand background check for potential buyers and the power influence of the nra. >> nra seems to have a particular hold on that party and haven't been able to get that support and gun safety bills in the past. >> current high school students returned to campus for the first time since the shooting.
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they attended an orientation and therapy session. classes set to resume wednesday with a shortened schedule. more and more students across the country are rallying for gun control. kpi5's sandra osborn live outside the high school where a rally is planned this morning. sandra. >> reporter: good morning, michelle. after seeing what happened in parkland, florida, students here in palo alto plan on gathering outside of hair high school with an activist group in support of gun control. it'll take place in about an hour. it's part of a major movement and more and more students speaking out about this. the group raiding grannies has rallied here. the push back after president trump suggested moderate changes and raising the age limit to buy weapons.
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gun control will be at the top of the agenda. >> talking about the horrible event that took place last week. >> reporter: and california congressman mark, a democrat wants an independent board to research gun vines. he's drafting -- violence. he's funding a board by a $5 surcharge on all gun purchases and senator diane feinstein took to twitter over the weekend over the course saying she's interested in seeing the minimum age to purchase a rifle moved up to age 21. we'll continue to hear more about this in the very near future. students gathering here outside of of the senior high school in palo alto.
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sandra osborne, kpix5. gun violence is a public health threat. back in 1996, congress banned the cdc from doing any research to advocate or promote gun control. that was in response to a cdc funded study that found homicide was three times more likely in homes with guns. after the orlando nightclub shooting, a former congressman that helped write the law banning research said he's come to regret its effect. >> why do you think it's wrong now? if we'd kept the research dollars going and we had said science is important and we need to get to it, i didn't realize that it was possible to do that. >> week 2 republicans call for restoring research for gun violence. sthoo police describe a man as armed and dangerous. 26-year-old jose is accused of firing an assault rifle near a
5:38 am
house party. it happened on february avenue. it prompted an overnight standoff with police and started with a loud backyard party. one of the guests peeked over the back fence and saw guitierrez pacing with ab assault rifle. witnesses called 911 after he fired a shot in the air. by day break, they got inside the home and found the rifle but he's somehow slipped away. police believe he's descriving a silver honda accord. fremont police have arrested a man that held two women at gunpoint and sexual assaulted them. the suspect walk intoed the party city at free movent hub over the weekend, showed two employees a gun, and assaulted them. the suspect ran off and officers caught up with him late saturday night and he's facing armed robbery and sexual assault charges. kpix5 jessica sanchez live
5:39 am
with how long the raids are expected to last. >> reporter: what we know is that at least 11 individuals were arrested by immigration agents over the weekend in northern california. now, in oakland, that number is unclear but the mayor is warning folks that she got a tip that there are raids coming in the next day or two so she wants people to be prepared. berkeley's mayor is reiterating those warnings saying she got warnings as well and folks should be prepared for potential immigration raids throughout the east way today possibly into the week. oakland's mayor got the tip from credible sources and she's bringing it to the public and wants folks to know that school officials have strict policies that will protect students and families on oakland's school campuses and wants folks to know that oakland police are barred from helping ice agents conduct any raids. immigrant rights groups are telling immigrants if someone is looking for them, they must have a warrant signed bay judge. those groups are telling parents who could possibly be
5:40 am
picked up to have in writing a designated relative or neighbor or friend to care for their children ahead of time. the mayor is sharing information to prepare undocumented immigrants to know their legal rights. doesn't want to cause panic but city councilman questions the mayor's motive saying she could be taking a page out of the president's play book. >> like president trump, any time he wants to draw attention, he talks about immigration and the wall. he talks about other immigration related subjects that grab attention. >> reporter: now, this warning is all coming after president trump threatened last week to pull immigration agents out of california. mayor shaft said she doesn't have specific information as to where the raids will happen. now, she alsoments folks to know it's california -- wants folks to know that it's california law for employers not to help immigration agents and also immigration agents are prohibited from going into employee only designated areas. reporting live here in oakland,
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i'm jessica flores, kpix5. president trump considering the death penalty for big time drug dealers. white house sources tell the news outlet that the president has been inspired by similar punishment policies in singapore. he believes their practice of executing drug dealers is the main reason for singapore's low drug rate. it could back legislation for a five year jail sentence for people cricketed of selling -- convicted of selling two grams of the opioid fentanyl. here is diane king hall of cbs money watch with that story and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning. anne. start with wall street. it's keeping a close eye on jerome powell who's capitol hill testimony is set for tomorrow. latest rounds of talks to revamp the northern american
5:42 am
free trade agreement underway in mexico city and talks have continued for sixth mobts with little progress. president trump threatened to walk away from the agreement unless major changes are made. trump blaips the trade deal dudeen the u.s., mexico, and loss of jobs in this country. samsung unveiled latest smart phone with the s9 and s9 plus and upgrade to virtual assistant and enhanced audio system. prices start just under $720. >> hearing about a marriage of two of people's favorite things: coffee and girl scout cookies. >> reporter: yes, indeed. we've got coffee and cookies. dunkin' donuts partnering with girl scouts of america debuting cookie inspired coffee players today. dunkin' donuts says it's also supporting the girl scouts by opening select stores across
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the country to sell girl scout cookies. >> sounds like something to make the monday pain go away a bit easier. >> right. >> diane king hall. thank you. >> give me a thin mint coffee, i'd be happy. 5:43, cut out of california's legal marijuana market. the warning the trike has for the state. plus, their life savings up in smoke. the northern california county telling legal growers to get out. live look outside at # 80 in oakland, traffic is not looking too bad at this hour. jaquline will be back to let us know about any hot spots. and here you have a bánh mi inspired fried chicken sandwich.
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you'd never find this at a fast food restaurant - it's a good thing. is that right, martha? why don't you try my asian fried chicken sandwich? it's made with crispy fried chicken strips, crunchy asian slaw and a gochujang mayo - all on a toasted baguette. security! get him! you afraid of a little competition? you want to go to war with me, jack? do you really? oh my gosh! what! i can't smell! i can't smell!
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♪ introducing my food truck inspired sandwiches. only at jack in the box. commercial pot farms had been legal there for a year and a half. but 3 weeks ago- newly-elected, conservative county supervisors suddenly voted to ban it. they say neighbors were upset over dangerous chemicals and illegal irrigation on the farms.
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other complaints included talk over vicious dogs and weapons at grow sites. "sot: mills - 01:06:00:08 "what we didn't think we were giving people permits to grow in rural residential areas...but we were never allowing the neighbors to have a say in what that there's the conflict right there." there's another conflict. more than 300 qualified growers paid millions in taxes and fees to get the proper licenses to grow. that includes jeremy maddux and his wife michelle. they used all of their savings to shell out more than 6-figures to set up their new business.. into a completely legal growing operation. but now, it's no longer legitimate. "sot: maddux - 08:53:03 "the day after we paid our taxes...the painful taxes...the day after...they ban it...according to 3 members of the board...that feel banning is the proper way."..." sot: maddux - 10:37:25 "there's so much bigotry and hatred that comes from a group of people that lump us in with illegal growers as if we're criminals...and we're not criminals...we're part of the community." the growers are filing lawsuits and launched a recall effort against the supervisors who
5:47 am
instituted the ban. american indian tribes say they've been cut out of the california marijuana industry.. so now, they are considering the possibilty of growing.. and selling their own.. the california native american cannabis association has warned the state that tribes can run pot businesses under their own authority... outside the state-run system that is less than two months old. the tribes floated the idea of setting up rival farms and sales shops on reservations in december.. after concluding that rules requiring them to be licensed by california, would strip them of authority over their own lands. let's get a check on our traffic and weather. . busy out there with the damp roads might be playing into some of the crashes we're tracking. be careful out there and allow some extra time. it's getting slow.
5:48 am
we have 680 at north main street heading into walnut creek and sluggish approaching highway 24 and then past highway 24 and then two earlier crashes and only if we're clear now but we're tracking delays and this is partly due to the commute picking up and also an earlier crash down the embankment wilder road, that off ramp there and you'll see flashing lights and emergency crews on scene. westbound 80 and ride along east shore backing up and we're tracking close speeds heading into san francisco. this is right near pal and this is what she was waiting for on the 23 minute ride connecting to the 101 and san mateo bridge, sensor showing green but it is very busy out there getting crowded and a little
5:49 am
blurry. >> speaking of rain drops and live look in oakland and show you what a lot of people out there and want to have umbrella handy and fast moving storm and impacking us this morning and we're getting the bulk of rain fall and high def doppler moving down in oakland and berkeley across san francisco and start in the south bay and south of san jose and morgan hill area and highway 101 and see a light, light drizzle across mount hamilton and looks like snow flurries there at 2,000 feet elevation and above. also the rain started getting strong throughout south san francisco and that area getting dumped on.
5:50 am
high deaf radar. -- hi-def doppler and this will catch people off guard and take time out there. a lot of the north bay, we're seeing rain totals as high as two tenths of an inch. coming down quick but it's moving through pretty quick as well going from north to south. we'll see little bit more rain pick up throughout the south bay. also what we're dealing with. wet roads out there and it'll be windy. sustained winds at 14, livermore at 13 and concord and antioch and breezy and blustery storm system coming through and temperatures right now in the 40s and 50s. doesn't feel as brisk and afternoon highs 8-10 degrees below average and by 7:00 this morning, moving through a lot of the south bay and san jose and by 9:00 this morning, may
5:51 am
pick up through santa cruz and things clear up for lunch break and sunny lunch and sunshine by 5, 6:00 this afternoon and we could see scattered thunderstorms and tends to happen. because it's a colder system, 2- 5-inches possible for places like plasserville and snow totals impressive by the end of the day. it's stronger across portions of interstate 80 and snow level dropping to below the protest and it'll start to pick up because a lolt is moving from
5:52 am
the north to the south and next system is going to arrive thursday, friday, we get a couple days of dry weather and that next one brings more measurable rain fall forecast. 5:52, poaching from oakland, the measure from san francisco with the stadium of the new golden state warriors. google's so called grow culture failed to protect her from severe and pre-vasive abuse. -- evasive abuse. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? the warriors is coming together quickly. the view from chopper 5 shows: the oval-shaped shell is nearly halfway finished. but some fans.. aren't impressed. a group of people are building a case to try and stop san francisco from "poaching" oakland's team. the "good neighbor coalition" wants to put a ballot measure before voters june 5th... designed to survey san ether they . good neighbor coalition wants to put a ballot measure before voters on june 5. >> this city economically needs this. we need it. san francisco does not need it.
5:56 am
>> i want the mayoral candidates to comment on this. >> 50% plus one. even if it does pass, it's probably more symbolic. >> google hawses been slapped with a sexual harassment lawsuit. former software engineer says the bro culture failed to protect her. se received sexual tex messages and was groped and slapped. a male coworker hid under a desk and propositioned her for sex. lee said she was fired for poor performance in 2016 after eight years and so far google is not commented. oakland's mayor warning m gants about possible raids today in the city. i'll have the details coming up. similar to the movement we've seen across the country with more and more high school students calling for gun
5:57 am
control, we're live in palo alto this morning where a rally is planned outside of one local high school this morning.
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