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tv   CBS This Morning  CBS  February 26, 2018 7:00am-9:00am PST

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it's refreshing; right. have a great day. good morning. it's . i'm kenn . >> happy monday. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, february 25, 2018. welcome to cbs this morning. >> deadly storms leaving a trail of destruction. >> flooding leaves entire towns strand e stranded. >> students return to the florida high school where 17 people were shot dead. then, the local sheriff who says he won't step down despite reports that a number of his deputies stay hed outside the school during the shooting. >> ivanka trump attends the olympic closing ceremony just
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feet from a north korean official. >> plus, the concerns about teenagers using e-cigarettes after new research shows they may not be safer than tobacco. how teens are using social media to show off their skills. >> your world in 90 seconds. deadly storms across the south. >> a mess out here, a wave of storms unleashed winds, devastating lightning and tornadoes. >> roofs ripped off of buildings. >> i was crying. it just barely missed my house. >> florida lawmakers demand the sheriff be suspended by the way the deputies responded. >> it's not the responsible of the general if you have a deserter. >> the president of south korea
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says north korea is ready to open diplomatic talks with the united states. >> the president will talk about guns with the nation's governors today at the white house. >> we'll make mathat first on o list because we have to end the country with what's happening. >> deadly fighting in syria. ignoring the u.n. resolution, demanding a 30-day cease-fire. >> all that -- >> the fiery crash at a racing event, believe it or not, both drivers are okay. >> and all that matters. >> usa, usa! >> fireworks and ice to mark the end of the winter olympics in south korea. >> weeks of intense corporation ends with the message of hope. >> hope brings people together. >> on cbs this morning. >> we almost didn't even come here because we didn't know if we wanted to play or not. >> the hockey team for stoneman douglas 11 days after the tragic shooting winning a state championship in improbable fashion. >> this isn't for us. this is for the 17 victims. we played for them.
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so passionate, so emotional, it's all for them. >> this morning's eye opener is presented by toyota, let's go places. >> i saw interviews with those kids and they said "we had a mission and a purpose when we went on that ice and we were not going to be defeated." so nice to have a positive story coming out of this. >> yes. >> really good story. welcome to "cbs this morning" on this monday morn png a powerful storm system pounded the deep south with strong wind and rain and caused heavy weekend damage that's blamed for at least four deaths in the area. >> record setting rain left entire neighborhoods under water along the ohio river in indiana yesterday. the national weather service says 12 tornados were reported across tennessee, kentucky, arkansas and missouri on saturday. >> those powerful storms ripped off roofs and flattened homes. david begnaud is in clarksville, tennessee, about 45 miles northwest of nashville, in one
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of the hardest hit areas. david, good morning. >> good morning. an ef-2 tornado did this, 125-mile-per-hour winds took off most of the roofs, blew off the wall by the living room, shattered windows across this neighborhood. in fact, insulation is covering homes, vehicles. throughout the neighborhood there are damaged homes and then homes right alongside them that are untouched. in the distance, you see the roof gone. next door to that, garage doors blown out and half the roof gone. and then vehicles like this. can you imagine the power and what it would take to take this hood and just bend it like that? >> oh, my goodness. >> reporter: across the central and southern u.s., suspected tornadoes mangled cars, flipped rvs and shredded roofs. >> we just turned around and the roof is just gone. >> reporter: in mississippi county, arkansas, possible tornado tore through the roof of that motel, destroying nearly two dozen rooms. >> we got in a closet and it was
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like trying to suck him out of it. >> reporter: they watched as a barn flew over their house in robertson county, tennessee. as the suspected tornado plowed through their property. >> we're just lucky to be alive. everything can be replaced. >> reporter: the sheriff here in clarksville, tennessee, says eight homes were destroyed and dozens more damaged as two tornadoes hit it area. that house was flattened but among the wreckage, hope. rescuers work quickly to remove debris because they saw a dog trapped underneath. >> it looks like they've got the dog out. >> reporter: just across the tennessee border in logan county, kentucky, 79-year-old dallas jane combs died. her husband john was outside laying down sandbags. tammy brown is their daughter. >> it took the roof off, it sucked him back through the basement. >> reporter: the combs would have celebrated 60 years of marriage in just a few months. >> all he can tell me is the love of my life is gone. and i can't live by myself because i've never been by
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myself. >> reporter: so back here in clarksville, tennessee, we were asked by a sheriff's office if we had heard the story about the family in the bathtub. we had not. come to find out, one family took shelter in the bathtub. the tornado moved through, destroyed their home. everything around the tub. but they were not hurt. it's a good reminder a bathtub is a good place to go if you ever find yourself in a tornado. >> first heard that in elementary school. good reminder is right. thank you, david. flooding threatened thousands in the midwest after record setting rain in the region. 12 states report moderate to severe flooding. cities and towns along the ohio river face some of worst floods in more than 20 years. demarco morgan is in utah, indiana, where people fled the rising water. demarco, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. they were choosing to stay
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behind. this is pretty much the picture across the midwest. in cincinnati, they are dealing with their own set of issues. the river crested at more than 60 feet. people need eed kayaks and boat. in kentucky, record-setting rains sent the ohio river smalling into downtown louisville. flooding that killed two people over the weekend. floodwaters are believed to have killed a 48-year-old man in kalamazoo michigan. parts of the state will see flooding through tuesday. in indiana, it is experiencing record setting floods. water should start to recede some time this week. but on wednesday, we can expect to see even more rain which could mean more flooding. >> all right, demarco, thank you. broward county sheriff scott israel faces new calls to resign after claims that more than one of his deputies failed to confront the gunman at marjory stoneman douglas high school. students and parents returned to the campus yesterday for the first time since the shooting.
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manuel bojorquez is outside the school. manuel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. sources tell our miami station wfor that as coral springs police officers responded to the shooting, they say they found multiple sheriff deputies waiting outside the school. students and counselors met with stude parents as they prepared to go back to class. flowers and memorials line the sidewalk. the emotion, still raw. >> it hurts, i'm broken, and it's hard. >> reporter: 17 people dressed as angels, one for each person killed, gathered nearby. >> walking into the school, i feel empowered to see all this love. >> reporter: as students prepared to return to class, the broward county sheriff's office is facing mounting pressure over its response to the shooting, including at least one deputy who resigned after failing to enter the building during the
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rampage. broward county sheriff scott israel on sunday says he has displayed amazing leadership. >> deputies make mistakes. we all make mistakes. >> reporter: israel says his office is looking into claims that at least three other deputies failed to confront the alleged gunman during the shooting. the department is also accused of mishandling some of the 18 phone tips involving the suspected shooter. >> 16 of them we believe were handled exactly the way they should. two of them, we're not sure if our deputies did everything they could have or should have. >> reporter: more than 70 republican state lawmakers on sunday demanded florida governor rick scott suspend israel. the same day scott announced a state-run investigation into the law enforcement response to the shooting. >> who was called? what was their process? how was it broken? give us the facts. >> reporter: according to an internal investigation, sheriff israel insists that only one of his deputies was present on campus while the gunman was there. his office says it will cooperate with the state's investigation and sheriff israel
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says he will not resign. john. >> manuel, thanks. president trump says school safety will top the agenda when he meets with a group of governors in about half an hour. the president hosted a dinner for the governors last night. they'll discuss a series of proposals today, including a higher age limit to buy firearms and stronger background checks. major garrett is at the white house. major, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. as you mentioned, the president welcomed the nation's governors to the white house last night and singled out rick scott, florida's republican governor and possible u.s. senate candidate later this year, for his leadership after the parkland shooting. the governor has been working with the legislature in florida on school safety. he and the president, though, don't always agree on future gun control. >> we'll be talking about parkland and the horrible event that took place last week. >> reporter: president trump told the nation's governors he's still working on a school safety agenda. saturday night, mr. trump again called for arming teachers.
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>> if we would have had some great teachers that were gun adept, you wouldn't have this problem. >> reporter: the president's daughter said during a visit to the olympics in south korea, that idea was worth discussing. >> having a teacher who is armed, who cares deeply about her students or his students and who is capable and qualified to bear arms is not a bad idea. >> reporter: rick scott, florida's republican governor, disagreed with the president. >> i want our teachers to teach and i want our law enforcement officers to be able to protect the students. >> reporter: scott, like the president, supported raising the federal minimum wage for long gun sales to 21. the alleged parkland assailant, 19-year-old nikolas cruz, used a legally purchased ar-15 semiautomatic rifle. >> doesn't seem to make sense that you have to wait until you are 21 years old to get a pistol but to get a gun like this
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maniac used in the school, you get that at 18. >> reporter: the national rifle association opposes raising the minimum age for firearms purchases. a spokeswoman yesterday suggested president trump agrees. congress is back in town to see where gun legislation fits in an already crowded legislative agenda focused on immigration and the budget. the president will meet with them at the white house tomorrow. the house committee finally released a redacted version of classified democratic memo over this weekend. democrats wrote the document as a rebuttal to a republican memo released earlier this month. the gop accused the fbi of hiding democratic ties to a controversial dossier on president trump in order to obtain surveillance warrant of a trump campaign associate. democrats in their newly released memo quote the original warrant application which says the information used came from a source with political motives. democrats say this shows the fbi was transparent, contrary to
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republican claims. on twitter, president trump dismissed the democratic memo as, quote, total political and legal bust. "60 minutes" obtained horrifying video of the aftermath of the sarin gas attack on syrian civilians last april. a warning, these images graphically show what happened in this chemical attack. an estimated 100 people died, 200 others injured. the video was not shown publicly until scott pelley's report last night. >> reporter: these are the people of the small farming town called khan sha hune. they're civilians. there's no military target here. but the village does lie in territory held by rebels fighting against the dictatorship of bashar al assad. >> there are reports of another chemical attack, this time in the rebel-held ghouta.
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seth doane is in lebanon near the syrian border with the latest on this story, seth, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we are close to the border with syria. the eastern suburbs of the capital damascus have been bombard by sources loyal to the syrian government as they try to regain control there. using some of most aggressive assaults of this seven year long war. young children, some infant, treated at a hospital inside rebel-controlled douma in eastern ghouta. while the intensity of air strikes lessened, forces allied with the syrian government continued bombing the damascus suburb, despite a u.n. cease-fire brokered saturday. "i was hit by shrapnel all over," this man said. "and my 9-year-old son was killed." the 30-day cease-fire did not specify a start time. apparently the result of lobbying by syria's ally russia.
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it's estimated more than 500 people, including at least 130 children, have been killed since this latest assault began last week. pictures released over the weekend by syrian activists show patients, including children, apparently suffering from symptoms consistent with a chlorine attack. the 16 patients were being treated by the syrian-american medical society, operating inside the rebel-held damascus suburb. the syrian government has always denied using chemical weapons and their russian allies have accused rebels of planning to use toxic materials to later blame the government. eastern ghouta has been described as hell on earth. it is estimated around 400,000 people are surrounded there by government forces. and this cease-fire is designed to allow for much needed humanitarian aid to be delivered and for medical evacuations, norah. >> seth doane in lebanon, thank you.
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in a possible diplomatic breakthrough, north korea says it is willing to hold talks with the u.s. the message came from south korean president moon jae-in who also met with ivanka trump in pyeongchang. ben tracy joins us from seoul with the south korean's president push for the talks to take place quickly, ben, good morning. >> reporter: good morning. so in recent months, north korea has said it's not going to beg the united states for dialogue and just this past weekend its state media angry about new sanctions says it won't talk to the u.s. for 100 or even 200 years. well, that hyperbole now seems to be history. the winter olympics ended the way they began, with pomp and politics. seated just a few seats away from ivanka trump was north korean general kim wrong-chol. he met with south korean
7:17 am
president moon jae-in on sunday. he said the relationship between north and south korea should improve hand-in-hand with the north korea/united states relationship. isaac stone fish is an expert on korean relations. >> i think there's the idea that they're showing themselves to be eager but not that eager. they want to be able to present themselves as a little bit reluctant to come to the table but willing to come to the table as a sort of sop to american and korean needs. >> reporter: the white house responded to north korea's outreach in a statement saying denuclearization must be the result of any dialogue with north korea. the maximum pressure campaign must continue until north korea denuclearizes. north korea might try to demand preconditions for talks, such as a suspension of u.s.-led military drills set to resume this spring. today in seoul, protesters railled against kim jong-un's
7:18 am
regime and even burned the north korean flag. they view engagement as appea appeasement of an authoritarian regime. so if there are talks, the question is what do they actually talk about. the trump administration has said that north korea must give up its nuclear weapons. kim jong-un said that's the one thing he will never do. so unless something changes that first conversation could be awfully short. norah. >> really interesting there. ben, while we have you, let me also ask you about china and the news that the country's ruling communist party has proposed eliminating presidential term limits and of course this would allow xi jinping to stay in power indefinitely. how significant is that? >> reporter: very. president xi has made no bones about it. he believes china is at a critical point in history. that it's about to take its rightful place on the world stage. of course, others might call that authoritarian. the reason china has only
7:19 am
allowed its presidents to serve two five-year terms is to avoid having another all-powerful chairman mao-type figure. you have people already calling xi emperor for life. this move will allow him to quash any remaining opposition. >> interesting to see how that turns out, thank you very much, ben tracy, reporting from seoul. more than a quarter million students are affected by an unprecedented strike by public school teachers in west virginia. ahead, how the teachers are using comparisons with other states to p good morning, everybody, this is what drivers are dealing with. slick roads out there, windy conditions as well. yes, this morning's storm has arrived and it will last through the next couple of hours. by noon, though, we may see a break in the clouds, but then, a chance of thunderstorms this afternoon, even hail possible, and look at the snow totals expected anywhere from 12 to 16 inches of fresh snow for the
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sierra. we're dry tuesday, wednesday and then another storm, a stronger one thursday and friday.
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da this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning, it's 7:26. i'm michelle griego. >> three people were shot near daly city last night. police say two of them have died. it happened just before nine in the parking lot of hillside market on hillside boulevard. police say the suspects are still on the loose. in the wake of the coyote creek flooding last february, a town hall meeting is planned today to discuss emergency preparedness. the devastating flood in san jose destroyed homes without warning. many are still struggling to rebuild. stay with us, traffic and weather in just a moment.
7:27 am
your morning time is 7:27. look out, if you're heading through the north bay, we are tracking a major crash that is creating a big backup. this is northbound 101 at roan ark expressway.
7:28 am
it's blocking two lanes. some injuries involved, and you can see the back up. this is 101 at highway 116 in the northbound direction on the left side of your screen. a very difficult ride for drivers heading in that direction this morning. looks like traffic is backed up to railroad and continues to stretch. 10 at agnosio in the westbound direction. it's wet out there. this line of rain is moving toward the south bay. now you are getting the rain drops. you stop for the north bay, here's where it's coming down heavy. some heavy bands coming through. same with san francisco downtown. san bruno, it is slick. and look at that, the snowfall, low elevation snow levels also, and so yes, slick out there. temperatures will be in the mid- 50s for your monday.
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isaac is ♪ >> beijing is ready to welcome the 2022 winter olympics after a stunning closing ceremony. international olympic president passed the flag to beijing's mayor yesterday. olympic torch went out soon after signifying the end of the 2018 games. norway led the medal count with a record of 39 total. that beat the u.s. record. united states finished in fourth place with 23 medals including nine golds and congratulations to team usa for a valiant
7:31 am
effort. >> the big story, the big tackaway the men's curling team. big deal. i'll take any gold medal we can get. go, team usa. welcome back to "cbs this morning." near are three things you should know. plans for mexico's president to visit the white house have been derailed again. it would have been the first official visit but a white house official says both agree now is not the right team. it was shelved last week after a testy phone call over the border wall. >> four-day period for the public to play respects to the late billy graham begins today. on wednesday and thursday, his body will lie in honor in the u.s. capitol rotunda.
7:32 am
he died last week at the age of 99. graham will be buried on friday and the white house says president trump will attend the funeral. and former first lady michele obama's memoir titled "becoming" goes on sale november. she tweeted writing the book has been a quote deeply personal experience. it is already in the top 20 on she and the president are reportedly earning more than $30 million for their joint book deals. >> doesn't come out until november and already a best-seller. must-read for a lot of people. west virginia's public schools are closed for a third day after a teacher walkout. educators and supporters held a candle light v candlelight vigil last night. national education association say the west virginia teachers are the 48th lowest paid in the country. receive an annual salary of just
7:33 am
over $45,000. teachers will protest for a fifth day. don, good morning. >>reporter: good morning. this walkout is expected to impact more than a quarter million students. almost 20,000 teachers from all across the state are taking part in the very first statewide teacher strike in west virginia history. >> our teachers are getting less in pay per year every year. and people are fed up and fired up about it. >>reporter: teachers are demanding state lawmakers take action to protect educators. >> we're united, all standing strong, teachers, service personnel, we are here and we are going to stay. we need charleston to wake up and smell the coffee. >>reporter: the statewide walkout began thursday after legislators passed a bill that would give teachers their first
7:34 am
raise in four years. it includes a 4% raise over the next four years but it won't argue rising health care costs. >> we're looking at going from $178 per month to $410 per month. that's a car payment with no car in sight. >> reporter: the teacher's union says it will not back down. >> we have to see a strong commitment. we're asking to take care of our health insurance at a level we can see our checks go up, not have them go down. >>reporter: while this is the first statewide teacher walkout, others went in 1990. it ended with salary increases and new support programs in schools. >> we can't keep watching our colleagues go out of state because they can make a living wage. we want to stay here.
7:35 am
we want to be with our students. and our students deserve that education. >>reporter: more than 277,000 students will be out of school for a third day. parents are showing their support. >> this whole situation is difficult for everyone. but i believe that the this is all for the right reason. i think we need to make education our top priority. we need to invest in our children and encourage people to stay here and maybe we can be a wealthy state. >>reporter: this work stoppage is actually illegal under west virginia law. state's attorney general says, while he does support the teachers' cries for higher salaries, he says he is going to help local law enforcement enforce the rule of law. now the teachers' union says their lawyers are ready to handle any challenge. >> thank you. i tell you what, they are bringing attention to the -- how little they're making. >> we ask teachers to do so
7:36 am
much. we ask them to have authority to deal with students and this sends a message about how much authority everybody thinks students should have. we value what we pay for. there's a bigger message here. all right. millions of teenagers who are too young to buy e cigarettes have tried vaping. >> everyone does it. every time i go into the bathroom there's someone doing it. >> the new research on what users inhale and the crawls for an fda crackdown. we ask you to subscribe to our podcast. find them on itunes and apple's podcast app. you're watching "cbs this morning." little things can be a big deal. that's why there's otezla. otezla is not an injection or a cream. it's a pill that treats psoriasis differently. with otezla, 75% clearer skin is achievable after just 4 months, ...
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♪ >> a new study found e cigarettes can potentially release significant amount of toxic metals in its vapors. scientists examined 56 e vig rets. they discovered a number of them release the vapors with potentially unsafe levels of
7:41 am
lead, chromium, or nickel. my scientists are concerned about the vaping popularity. >>reporter: good morning. they've been described as safer alternatives but some scientists studying the growing trend say those nicotine containing devices carry known health risks to developing teenage brains and some kids are already using them. >> a lot of people like vaping, and we do too. >> it's something you can find teens posting about all over social media. vaping, inhaling the vapors from e cigarette products. this high school sophomore is one of them. >> reporter: when's the first time you tried vaping? >> when i was in sixth grade. >> reporter: why did you try it. >> because my friend was doing it report government statistics have found millions have tried
7:42 am
it. nearly 56% of 12th graders tried some type of vaping. devices that can look like usb data storage drivers. >> everyone does it, like everyone. every time i go into the bathroom there's someone doing it. >>reporter: now, researchers at university of california's school of medicine are raising concerns about vaping's impact. their study shows some teens who likely would not have smoked regular cigarettes are using e cigarettes. it also found teens who do vape are six more times as those who have never vaped to littater be smoking. >> the normalization of e cigarette products and vaping products is really problematic report the indust report. >> reporter: the vaping industry disputes the science. do you worry about what's in it? >> honestly, no. >> why not. >> i don't really think about
7:43 am
it. it's advertised as being healthier than smoking cigarettes. >> some research does seem to support the idea they are less harmful than regular cigarettes. but a new stud yes finds that nicotine from e cigarettes can cause cancer in mice and the authors wrote it's possible that e cigarette smoke may contribute to lung and bladder cancer as well as heart disease in humans. e cigarette manufacturers say their products are not aimed at children but this man with the nonprofit group is skeptical. >> there are over 7,000 flavors on the market including flavors like gummy bear, cotton candy. those are flavors that clearly appeal to kids. >> one brand is juul. company says its device which resembles a usb drive is the number one selling in the country. one pod contains as much
7:44 am
nicotine as a pack of rig rets. >> it's slick, high tech, and gives a very strong hit of nicotine. so this is about an ideal tobacco product to get kids hooked. >> do you think the companies know that? >> well if they didn't know it when they introduced the product on the market, they should know it by now. >> this man says at his high school, juul products are everywhere. >> are they hard to get? >> nault. >> not at all. >> you get them at school? you can put on your snap chat. >> the company says its products are not for kids. in a statement juul said we condemn the use of our products by minors, we are truly committed to reduce the incidence of young people using it.
7:45 am
>> juul. >> but some kids clearly aren't listening. consocial media, the hashtag do it for juul has inspired many to post themselves and others juuling. as a first step, the fda should ban the flavored products. >> we'd like to see the fda exercise authority. >> the vapor technology association says its apushing marketing. fda does have the authority to regulate them but last year delayed regulation that is would have forced some makers to seek the agency's approval for the products and could have forced some products off the market. >> i appreciate the tcandor on this product. if i was a parent of kids this ij a i would be worried. >> i'm familiar with parents of kids this age. >> do you feel you need to go home and have a chat? >> we'll shave to have a
7:46 am
sit-down. in their class, the kids vape while the teacher's back is turned because it dissipates in the air. >> you're not there yet. >> by the time your kids are old enough the technology will be worse. >> thank you, again. coming up next, a look at this morning's other head lines including why president trump's former personal pilot could soon be at the controls of the faa. plus samsung unveiling the latest smart phones. about they will an iphone killer? we're going to good morning, stormy conditions out there this morning. that may impact your commute. it's wet and windy. those roads are slick. we haven't seen rainfall like this in a while. here's your satellite and radar. you can definitely see widespread showers this morning. it will ease up, though, by this afternoon. expect the sun to come out
7:47 am
later. that's going to bring us some instability, increasing the chances of thunderstorms, hail, sierra snowfall could be well over a foot for ski resorts. we're dry tuesday, wednesday, rain on thursday. >> announcer: this portion of "cbs this morning" sponsored by astrazeneca. visit us at it can be hard to breathe. whe, it can be hard to get air out, which can make it hard to get air in. so i talked to my doctor. she said... symbicort could help you breathe better, starting within 5 minutes. symbicort doesn't replace a rescue inhaler for sudden symptoms. symbicort helps provide significant improvement of your lung function. symbicort is for copd, including chronic bronchitis and emphysema. it should not be taken more than twice a day. symbicort contains formoterol. medicines like formoterol increase the risk of death from asthma problems. symbicort may increase your risk of lung infections, osteoporosis, and some eye problems. you should tell your doctor if you have a heart condition
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here's a look at this morning's headlines. npr reports there will be universal screening for teenagers. it's part of the first update for guidelines in ten years. they call for universal screenings for depression in children 12 and over. the recommendations also require families with a depressed teen to develop a safety plan to restrict access to lethal means of arm. president trump is privately pushing for his long-time personal pilot to run the faa. he fl he flu president trump on the "air force one." and a new study that suggests babies may not look like their dad. it tracks babies who live only with their father. in the first year fathers who felt the child resembled them
7:52 am
spend 2 1/2 days more. babies who spent time with their dad had a 10% to 25% higher health score. what does it mean? >> it means natural selection to prevent narcissists. >> i think it's a good thing to look for your dad. nra members loose some corporate discounts after the florida school shooting. we have two reporters in our toyota green room. we'll be talking with them after the break. and which have more vitamins and less saturated fat? only eggland's best. better taste, better nutrition, better eggs. you wouldn't accept from any one else. why accept it from your allergy pills? flonase relieves your worst symptoms including nasal congestion, which most pills don't. flonase helps block 6 key inflammatory substances. most pills only block one. flonase.
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e ice office in san fran this is a kpix 5 morning update. >> good morning, it is 7:56. i'm anne makovec. dozens of people expected to rally outside of the ice office in downtown san francisco, planning to show support for a man name armando. former first lady michelle obama has announced a trip to the bay area. she's going to hold a question and answer style discussion at or cal arena in oakland. that is set -- oracle arena in oakland. that is set for march 28th. tickets go on sale this morning. traffic and weather coming up next.
7:57 am
i've seen wonders all around the world but what i see here never ceases to amaze me: change. i see it in their eyes. it happens when people connect with nature, with culture, with each other. day after day i'm the first to see change. to see people go out, and come back new. princess cruises. sail with the best premium cruise line. 7-day cruises from $599. good morning, time now is 7:57 and we have a traffic alert in effect for drivers heading along 80 and 101.
7:58 am
we'll begin with a crash actually on highway 4 that has the roadway blocked involving an overturned vehicle. making your way towards interstate 80. it's going to be a slow ride along the east shore freeway, a motorcycle accident that has one lane blocked. emergency crews still on the scene. they're working on loading up that bike and clearing those lanes, but you can see traffic only getting by in those two right lanes. it's a slow ride all the way down to the bay bridge toll plaza. 29 minutes heading into san francisco, richmond, san rafael, recovering from an earlier crash just past the toll plaza. that is a check of your traffic. it's going to be very slow going in a lot of spots because of the rain. we haven't seen this all month, actually, this much rain coming down. san francisco over a 1/10 of an inch of rain. still see pretty strong cell coming through, and then for downtown san francisco, it's lighting up a little bit. the south way is getting pretty
7:59 am
wet in palo alto. mill tee das -- milpitas.
8:00 am
♪ good morning to our viewers in the west. it's monday, february 26th, 2018. welcome back to "cbs this morning." some big name companies and benefits for nra after the latest school massacre, ahead why cooperations are more likely to step in ahead of lawmakers on some political issues. the phone with an emoji that acts just like your face. how about that. we'll show you how it works. first here's today's "eye opener" at 8:00. >> a powerful storm system pounded the deep south with strong and wind and blamed for four deaths in the area. >> the area is covered in water. wednesday we could expect to see even more rain which could moan
8:01 am
more flooding. >> this is what an ef-2 tornado did with winds of 125 miles an hour. most of the roof is gone, the window was blown out alongside the living room. >> sources tell our miami station as coral springs police officers responded to the shootings they found multiple broward county sheriff deputies waiting outside the school. >> rick scott, florida,'s republican governor, has been working with the legislature in florida on school safety. he and the president, though, don't always agree on future gun control. north korea angry about new sanctions said it won't talk to the u.s. for 100 or 200 years. well hat bole now seems to be history. >> thomas with a putt for victory. >> the honda classic wrapped up with justin thomas taking the honda classic. >> here comes his dad mike.
8:02 am
>> i'm john dickerson with norah o'donnell and gayle king more than a dozen states in the south and midwest are experiencing flooding after a weekend of deadly storms and record-setting rain. a massive storm is blamed for at least four deaths across the central u.s. the ohio river crested in cincinnati at more than 60 feet yesterday. well above flood stage. >> the same river spilled over its banks in downtown louisville. kentucky's governor has declared a statewide emergency. at least a dozen tornadoes touched down in tennessee, kentucky, arkansas, and missouri on saturday night. they left behind damaged cars, blown out windows, downed trees and miles of debris. >> dozens of florida lawmakers say the broward county sheriff should be suspended in the wake of the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school. scott israel touted his amazing leadership and said he will not resign over his department's response to the valentine's day's attack. in a letter 74 state
8:03 am
representatives asked florida governor rick scott to remove israel for, quote, incompetence and neglect of duty. the sheriff's deputy assigned to the school resigned last week after he was suspended for not entering the building. the sheriff's office faces backlash for mishandling 20 tips related to suspect cruz. detectives have asked for video from more than 70 cameras in and around the school. they want to use the video and the photos of the area to learn more about exactly what happened that day. thousands of students and patients went to stoneman douglas high for the first time since the shooting. they're not scheduled to go back to class until wednesday. people marched on the sidewalk and dropped off flowers at a memorial to honor the 17 killed. omar villafranca is at the school and talked to some of the returning students and parents. >> the kids have been great. it's just very tough to be here. tough experience. tough experience. they've been an inspiration to
8:04 am
me. >> i want to walk into the school with my head held high because that's what they would have wanted. >> feels strange now that it's like a place that i can't go in, like one of the buildings you pass by and you always wonder what the story is behind it. >> i am considering not sending my kids back to school unless i feel this is a safe environment for my children and the rest of the children. >> we're going to hold each other closer than we have before. >> i think out of all of this something beautiful is coming out of it and the whole community shows it. >> this school, the kids, they're speaking out, they can do a lot and they can change the laws in this country. i believe. i believe they can make history here. >> teachers are returning to work today and tomorrow and there is a little bit of joy in parkland thanks to the marjory stoneman douglas club hockey team. yesterday they won a state championship title. >> and nice to see that. >> it comes at a really good
8:05 am
time. i saw an interview with one of the students that said two weeks ago i was a bus boy cleaning up tables and washing dishes and toay i'm being compared to the freedom riders because they're pushing for change. >> must be so hard to walk through the halls again. >> i think so too. more than a dozen corporations including delta, airlines, hertz and the first national bank of omaha say they're ending nra member discounts and perks in the wake of the school shooting. the nra calls that a shameful display. axios reports companies are stepping up on social issues when government has been reluctant or gridlocked. mike allen and jim vandehei are the co-founders of axios and with us this morning. good morning. jim, let me ask you this question about at the nra. there's sometimes when corporations are ahead of politicians and that pulls the politicians along with them. sometimes corporations react to pressure different than the pressure that operates on politicians. which is at play here with the nra? >> i think there's two things
8:06 am
hitting a company simultaneously that are reshaping our relationship with the companies and the companies that we work for. one is social media. i mean, people can instantly put pressure on companies to make big decisions about their products. two is, and i see this even at axios, where the millennial work force has a different expectation of us as employers. they expect to take a stand and expect you to have opinions and expect you to stand for something bigger than just profit and companies are feeling this and you saw this with the muslim ban, you saw it with immigration, you saw it with global warming and you're seeing it with guns like companies like blackstone and bank of america say we will take a look at our client relationships with gun manufacturers. this never would have happened five or ten years ago. >> when i was coming up you didn't challenge the company boss. you might have thought he or she was wrong but wouldn't speak out about it so publicly. >> that's right. it's a lot harder now to be a ceo because these issues that jim is talking about and things
8:07 am
includes metoo, lbgt discrimination, this includes immigration, like all of those, it used to be risky for a brand or a company to talk about it, now they have to. it's funny this is partly a trump effect just in the last year, there's -- the incentives have changed from pulling back to now you have to speak up. >> that's because purchasers make their decisions every day about whether to fly delta or not. but voters are different in the way they behave. if you want to punish a lawmaker you have to wait until november and in this case you have a calcified group supporting second amendment rights and believe in them strongly so you have a pushback where with customer products you don't have a pushback. the way this affects on lawmakers isn't it going to be different? >> you're right. for all people who want change in the wake of this shooting, it has to be in voting. listen, since the 1994 election the reason that republicans and a lot of democrats, by the way, never challenge the nra is because they believe that it's political suicide to do so.
8:08 am
if millennials turn out and voters who are outraged turn out and suddenly you see members of congress losing because of the gun issue it won't just change it will change like that and instantly. because lawmakers respond to incentive and the incentive is i want to keep my job. if you lose your job because of it the game changes on a debate that is otherwise been defined differently for 30 years. >> i was talking to a lawmaker this weekend who pointed out something, your freedom rider is going to be a voter in 2020. >> that's right. >> and they're starting to realize that there's a big wave coming up and just as a their customer behavior is different, they also are a lot more likely to have their own opinions that mirror their folks or others have in the past. >> more millennials than baby boomers. >> the president will talk about this again with the nation's governors. congress comes back to work after a long break. do you expect anything to happen? >> it could happen. listen, this president more than anyone, he does have a super power. he has this ability to get
8:09 am
republicans to do things that we always thought they wouldn't do. we saw it play out on deficits and how republicans view the fbi. so if he said listen, we're going to do something and really raise the age and toughen background checks, we're going to even go after the assault weapon ban if he wanted to do it he could do it. i don't think he will because his cues are always he muses in public what he talks about in private when he talks in public he's talking about arming teachers. that's the thing that has him most amped up right now. i don't think anybody thinks that the solution and not a pathway to a bipartisan compromise to get significant gun legislation. >> will he have to use his super power to get his personal pilot to be head of the faa something he's throwing out there? is his pilot qualified number one? >> so this is the pilot who flew trump force 1 during the campaign, john duncan, a great name, and we're talking in the green room if we became president we would appoint our friends to a bunch of jobs,
8:10 am
somebody in the axios story saying this is like on "seinfeld" when cramer uses his caddie as a jury consultant. >> yes. >> so what are you saying? >> has to be confirmed by the senate. >> the president of the united states has put forward his personal pilot to run the faa. we joke. it's not a joke. it's a massive part of the bureaucracy that regulates what happens in the air. and this is -- goes to the heart of how donald trump does run the presidency like a family business. he's got his son-in-law sitting there making big decisions when he can't clear the background check to be able to get security clearance to have access to the most sensitive intelligence. >> this is -- >> his daughter ivanka, intimately involved in tons of public policy. there's so many days we're like we laugh but this isn't normal. it's not normal to have this many family members this about intertwined in the operation of the white house for the obvious reason when it happens it presents conflicts of reasons.
8:11 am
a reason chief of staff kelly is outraged by this, doesn't want the kids there. because it just makes life more complicated for the people who are there trying to do their jobs and not feel like the deck is stacked because they're not part of the family circle. >> this is how trump has run his business for decades. >> all right. and is the pilot qualified? that's what i'm curious about. >> trump force one. >> mike allen. >> trump used to say he liked his plane better than air force one. >> mike and jim, thank you very much for joining us at the table. samsung reveals the newest % smartphone. dan ackerman is in green room and has it. it's the new galaxy s9 plus. a big long title. he will show us the features and is it better than apple'
8:12 am
8:13 am
aetna says its massive merger with cvs will help patients increasing access to health care. ahead the company's ceo will be here in studio 57 to share the innovations he says could help fix the nation's health care system. you're watching "cbs this morning." morning." morning."
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samsung has just unveiled its new phone. we've got one at the table. just before the start of the mobile world in barcelona. the new features include camera technology that lets people take pictures in low light setting, an upgrade to bixby and enhanced audio system. the starting price is just under $720. dan ackerman from our partners at cnet joins us at the table to discuss. that's still pricey. cheaper than the iphone x, which was 999 dollars. >> it is. the entry price for that phone was $999. that scared a lot of people off. samsung looked at this and said we have to pull it back a little bit. it's like 719 $719 or $729 and
8:19 am
s9 plus is $839. the upgrade over the previous version is definite improvement to the cameras. they probably use them more than phones. >> what about this personalized emoji technology? >> that was super fun. they have got ar emojis. aisle going to see if i can create one here. i'm going to flip the camera around so it's looking at you. neutralish face. >> neutral face, okay. >> it's doing it. my neutral face? >> there you go. >> that's because she's usually smiling. >> there it is. i can move this around in 3-d. i can change the outfits and the hair style and then i can save that into a whole bunch of
8:20 am
animated gifs. >> can you do john so we can see the boy version? >> is this in response to animal emoji? >> the animal emoji turns you into an animal. this turns you into yourself. animoji works good too. >> do we need a woman to do this too? i'll flip it around. here we go. it's look at you. >> how's the battery power? >> the battery in all of these phones is pretty decent. but the big secret, get the larger of the two phones. >> ooh, john. >> you don't have gray hair. >> no. >> your eyeliner isn't that dark. >> today i'm trying something a
8:21 am
little lighter. in this case the emoji is punishment for something i seem to have done wrong. >> and will live on forever and we'll be e-mailing it to each ore for years to come. >> does samsung sell more? >> globally they share more, but really it's the two big titans. they're either getting an iphone or samsung. >> do you think people will switch from an iphone with any version of this? >> that's tough. they have complex ecosystems. once you get an apple watch and macbook and ipad or samsung phone and samsung smart watch, they make excellent laptops, it's tough to get them to switch. going from stylus to android, it's tough for people to do that. >> it certainly seems very impressive. it's impressive at least until the fall when we see what apple's going to do.
8:22 am
>> thank, you dan. "rolling stone" named rup k rupi kaur" the queen of ins instapoets. you're watching "cbs this morning."
8:23 am
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8:24 am
about energy efficiency. we actually saved $50,000. and that's just one school, two semesters, three girls. together, we're building a better california. very close call. narrow escape for a mom and three kids in houston. their apartment complex caught on fire last night and the firefighters managed to get them all out. one of the neighbors tweeted the balcony collapsed a minute later. it destroyed one building and 16 apartments. no one was
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