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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  February 26, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PST

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evening hours. allen, veronica and paul will be back in 30 minutes. captioning spo captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: deadly storms strike the heart of the country. homes swallowed up by floodwaters were knocked down by a tornado. >> oh, my goodness. >> glor: also tonight, a former deputy defends his actions during the florida school shooting. the president escalates his criticism. d i really believe i'd run in there even if i didn't have a weapon. is glor: what monica lewinsky is now saying about her relationship with president clinton. an employee of the c.d.c. disappears without a trace. >> 55 strong! >> glor: every public school teacher in an entire state on strike and no end in sight. and stoneman douglas scores an upset win when it's needed most. >> this wasn't for us. this was for the 17 victims. we played for them.
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this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: and this is our western edition. good evening. we're going to begin tonight with first defense from a man who was blamed in part for not stopping the parkland, florida, shooting. former deputy scot peterson has taken a public beating over his failure to confront the florida high school shooter. now the one-time school resource officer of the year is now speaking out, explaining what he did and did not do. here's manuel bojorquez. >> he wasn't a brave guy. under pressure, he choked. >> reporter: the president again criticized former school resource deputy scot peterson for not entering the building shere the shooting happened and confronting the gunman. peterson is now fighting back. in a statement his attorney said the first call peterson received was of firecrackers and not gunfire. and when he actually heard shots, he believed they were coming from outside and consistent with his training, mr. peterson took up a tactical position between two buildings.
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a radio transmission about a possible victim by the football field "served to confirm mr. peterson's belief that the shooter or shooters were outside." ( gunfire ) ort with over 100 rounds fired over six minutes, jeff bell questions peterson's claims. >> with that information, you know where those rounds are being fired from, you better get your butt inside that building. because it doesn't matter if you engage that shooter, there are plenty of circumstances and past scenarios where shooters have simply just given up because they saw a uniformed police officer making entry. >> reporter: the sheriff's office said it was also r:vestigating unconfirmed reports that three other deputies stayed outside and whether two of 16 calls about suspect nikolas cruz's behavior before the shooting were properly handled. governor rick scott has now called for a state investigation, and more than 70 republican state lawmakers
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signed a letter urging the governor to suspend sheriff scott israel. the sheriff refuses to step down. >> i can only take responsibility for what i knew about. >> reporter: student activists and their supporters are keeping the focus on pushing for stricter gun laws. survivors returned to campus yesterday ahead of the start of classes. >> i want to walk into school ecth my head held high because i know that's what they would have wanted. >> reporter: classes are set to resume wednesday with a half school day and grief counselors on hand. beachers have already been allowed to return to the campus to prepare. >>ff? >> glor: manny, thank you very much. the national debate over how to protect school kids played out today at the white house as the president met with state governors. here is white house edrrespondent and "face the nation" correspondent margaret brennan. >> i really believe i'd run in there, even if i didn't have a weapon. >> reporter: president trump mpsisted he would have personally barged into the parkland school to save students
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under fire. >> i say the only way you stop it is retribution. i don't think you'll stop it by being kind. t reporter: the president urged a roomful of governors to take up the n.r.a.-supported idea of arming educators and used a golf analogy to describe those who perform well under pressure. >> how come some people always make the four footer and some people under pressure can't even take their club back. >> educators should educate. they should not be foisted upon this responsibility of packing heat in first-grade classes. >> reporter: washington democratic governor jay inslee said teachers are not interested in firearms. >> i just suggest we need a little less tweeting here, a lettle more listening, and let's take that off the table and move forward. >> reporter: the president held up programs in states like texas and arkansas as a model, yet on the federal level, republican congressles,emain rluctant to craft laws requiring arming school staff. other initiatives like raising the age limit for weapons purchases or banning assault rifles also faced long odds in congress, leaving state
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governors to act faster and president trump urged them not to fear the gun lobby. >> don't worry about the n.r.a. they're on our side. you guys, half of you are so afraid of the n.r.a. there's nothing to be afraid of. and you know what, if they're not with you, we have to fight them every once in a while. that's okay. >> glor: margaret, the president did mention raising the age to purchase firearms today. any development there? >> reporter: well, he has hantioned that in the past, but today he did not reiterate the call to bump up the age of purchase to 21. but the white house says he does still support the concept and denies that a meeting on sunday dith the head of the n.r.a. softened his stance. a bipartisan group of lawmakers will be here on wednesday. jeff? >> glor: margaret brennan who " st made her debut on "face the nation" yesterday. thrgaret, thanks very much. there was an anxious watch along the ohio river tonight. much of it is above flood stage with more rain on the way later this week. this follows weekend storms thcluding tornadoes that ripped through the south killing at least five people.
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a disaster has been declared in 18 counties in indiana, including jefferson, across from louisville, kentucky, and that's where david begnaud is tonight. david? >> reporter: jeff, where we are the ohio river is essentially the border between indiana and kentucky. that river has swollen so much rtat it is starting to flood nearby creeks and rivers, and it's causing rural flooding. in fact where we are, we're boating right now on what is a street in clarksville, indiana. ert far from here in louisville, bontucky, they had ten inches of rain in five days. that makes it the wettest february on record. in fact, in louisville, they've got 16 pumps, which have already pumped out 21 billion gallons of flood water. that's enough floodwater to fill 210 million bathtubs in america. south of here there were ofrnadoes over the weekend, and that were deadly. it was an ef-2 tornado that took out that window. here in clarksville, tennessee, saturday night at 9:00. the winds were nearly 125mph
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when that tornado took off most of the roof and this side wall. no one was hurt. gat far from here in logan county kentucky, 79-year-old dallas jane combs was killed when her house fell on top of her. she was going to celebrate her 60th wedding anniversary with her husband in just a few months. he survived. back here in clarksville, tennessee throughout this veighborhood, the tornado hopscotched, damaging more than 80 homes and vehicles, as well, including this one, brand-new, had just come off the lot and was sitting in the owner's driveway for just four hours. more heavy rain is expected in arkansas and tennessee. in fact, in that area they could oue more tornadoes. jeff, the good news, where we are, the ohio river is here in clarksville, indiana, we're told residents should be able to get back into their homes. it may not be for another 7 to 14 days. >> glor: david begnaud, thank you very much. now we move to a mystery. ov employee of the c.d.c. in atlanta has disappeared without .ctrace.
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he hasn't been seen in two weeks. sar villafranca is following the investigation. >> reporter: police were back in timothy cunningham's northwest atlanta neighborhood today looking for anything that helps answer why the 35-year-old has disappeared. ucnningham, a harvard-educated eridemiologist at the centers for disease control left work feck on february 12 but never returned. after not hearing from their son for two days, cunningham's parents drove from maryland to atlanta. they found his wallet, his car, and pet dog still at his home. terrell cunningham is timothy's father. >> we're hopeful that with the money and the press that would be associated with that, it could perhaps bring to memory something that someone may have forgotten. >> reporter: in a statement, a end.c. spokesperson wrote, "dr. cunningham's colleagues and friends at the c.d.c. hope that he is safe. we want him to return to his loved ones and his work."
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worried friends of cunningham have joined in to help. they've actually started canvassing the area and putting up flyers like that one there. they also started a gofundme page to increase the reward for information. their goal is $10,000, and jeff, they've already raised more than $20,000. >> glor: a story we will keep following. omar villafranca, thank you very much. some disturbing numbers came out today concerning teens and depression. ive in five will experience it at some point during adolescence. and now the american academy of pediatrics is calling for every child 12 and older to be screened. dr. tara narula is here with more on this. now, tara, this means a new role-- first of all, what do you make for this? >> reporter: there could not be a better time in our society for putting children's mental health at the forefront. 20% of adolescents report a history of depression. 50% go undiagnosed. and of those that are diagnosed, only half receive the proper treatment. pediatricians are thrust into
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the forefront because of mental health shortages and because of be barriers of access of adolescents to mental health services. so that's why this discussion is happening here. they need to be trained and empowered to take on this role. because, if children do not get the appropriate care, they are set up for social problems, school problems, family problems, substance abuse, and suicidality. >> glor: this means a new role for doctors. >> reporter: it does. this has been recommended mefore. this is about giving pediatricians more guidance. it says children should be screened starting at the age of 12 yearly for suicide, depression, mental health issues. they should also have time alone, pediatricians spend time alone with the adolescent. eney should also spend time with the parents to identify and discuss depression risk factors and what symptoms might look like. create an action plan, a treatment plan, and a self-harm plan, a safety plan, should the child exhibit signs of self- horm. >> glor: a lot of talk, tara, about social media and the time
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kids spend on their phones. is that a factor here in depression? >> reporter: it is. the research has shown us that social media internet screen time does play a role in increasing the risk of suicide and depression. we losing that face-to-face interaction that's so important. >> glor: okay, tara, thank you very much. in syria the assad regime has ignored a u.n. cease-fire declared saturday. ap fact, there is evidence of a new gas attack outside the t pital. charlie d'agata tonight has the latest on this. >> reporter: on this second day of the cease-fire, air strikes and missiles continued to pound anouta. the bombing has been strongly condemned around the world, but the syrian regime and their russian allies seem deaf to the criticism. the famed white helmets civilian rescue teams worked frantically to save who they could. and medics today said they treated children who showed symptoms consistent with a chlorine gas attack. we've been keeping in touch with
5:42 pm
the family of ten-year-old noor and her eight-year-old sister alaa. she suffered a gash on her forehead last week when a piece as shrapnel from a nearby explosion tore into their living room. today we spoke with their mother, shamza khatib. have you seen any change since the cease-fire was announced? >> reporter: so there were more air strikes? >> reporter: activists say more than 500 people have been killed since the bombing started. the russians say the cease-fire doesn't apply to the targeting .f those they consider terrorists. that's no solace to the residents still trapped there. charlie d'agata, cbs news, london. >> glor: for the first time tonight we're seeing images of one of four u.s. soldiers killed by islamic militants last
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october in the african nation of niger. david martin reports the video was captured by a "national geographic" cameraman for a report airing tonight. >> reporter: coming just one month before his death, the small talk in a makeshift barbershop between sergeant ladavid johnson and one of his commanders is especially poignant. >> finding stuff to do like making sure my truck is good, making sure my generator is good, like regular maintenance on the daily. >> reporter: johnson was the pechanic for a special forces team that trained nigerian soldiers, and according to joint chiefs chairman general joseph dunford, accompanied them on low- risk missions. >> they were authorized to accompany nigerian forces when the prospects of enemy contact was unlikely. >> reporter: the enemy, an offshoot of al-qaeda, was described to american commanders or the chief of niger's special meeration forces. >> these guys are very mobile. they move on motorcycles, land cruisers. cly time we have an encounter with them, they will try to cross the border.
5:44 pm
>> reporter: special forces set out on a routine patrol but were given a second mission to check out a camp used by a suspected suspected terrorist who had fled across the border into mali. that change of plans significantly increased the chance of enemy contact, even if the terrorist was no longer there. retired brigadier general donald bloduc is a former commander of a special operations in africa. >> i would still consider it a very high-risk mission in that there's still intelligence that isn't definitive on exactly what >>e enemy situation is there. >> reporter: as they returned s om that mission, they stopped at this village for water. shortly afterwards they were ambushed and four soldiers killed. ladavid johnson's body was found two days later, riddled with bullets. which commanders approved that rore dangerous mission and why is part of an investigation which was supposed to be completed in january, but has only now reached the secretary ta defense. jeff? >> glor: david martin at the
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get symbicort free for up to one year. visit today to learn more. if you can't afford your medication, astrazeneca may be able to help. >> glor: there is no budging on either side in west virginia's teachers' strike. every public school in the state will be closed tomorrow for a fourth day. omn dahler is there. th 55 strong! 55 strong! >> reporter: "55 strong," they 5anted, a reference to all 55 school districts on strike. for the third school day, thousands of teachers have come together on the steps of the capitol building to speak with one voice that low wages and rising healthcare costs are making their lives unbearable. jake burdick told us he might have to declare bankruptcy because his teacher's income won't cover his health insurance increases. you qualify for food stamps?
5:48 pm
>> yes, and that's while working teo jobs. s reporter: west virginia teachers work an average of $45,000, well below the national average of $58,000. the striking teachers were offered a 2% pay increase, the first one in three years, e llowed by a 1% increase over the next two years. >> we're being pulled into the gutter, and our lives are about .ulling people out of the gutter. ( applause ) >> listen, listen, listen. listen, listen, please. >> reporter: governor jim justice was jeered when he said the state can't afford anything more. >> then i can't help you. >> reporter: lindsay dolan, a mother of two, is concerned that bespay means that the best teachers go elsewhere. >> we need to have qualified teachers. they need to be well compensated, and they need to have the qualifications to teach our children. >> reporter: the teachers were llrned the strike is illegal, jeff. they face anything from being fined, being fired, to going to jail.
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>> g >> glor: the #metoo movement has afd monica lewinsky to reexamine her affair with president bill clinton. for 20 years she said it was consensual. now she has told "vanity fair," "he was my boss, he was the most powerful man on the planet, he was 27 years my senior with enough life experience to know better." we have some sad news to report from washington state. two teenagers who went missing while snow shoeing were killed by an afternoon of after lamp. their bhoidz were found by snoqualme pass. up next here, after all the heartbreak, stoneman douglas high has something to celebrate.
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heads up bay area commuters, the type of red lights you should ignore starting tomorrow next on kpix5 news. three educators came to a sudden end, the hockey team at stoneman douglas high took the ice at the florida hockey state championship. what happened next is remarkable. >> these three boys all lost friends in the school shooting. going into the hockey tournament, they were not the favorites. >> going into the semifinal games, i'm sure everyone was expected an early ride home, but we put up a fight and we didn't let that early ride home happen. >> reporter: players and friends dyed their hair yellow to remember joaquin oliver, a charismatic newly declared u.s. citizen and the album he loved so much, "blonde" by frank ocean. joquin was killed that day in the shooting. stoneman douglas was the low
5:57 pm
seed, 0-3. but something happened on the , e, in the semifinals and final, something beyond improbable. >> yeah! >> glor: by winning two pressure-packed, unbelievably emotional winter games, the became state champs this past weekend for the first time ever. >> this picture really just shows what we became, how we brought everything together and just pulled through to win this championship. >> glor: a bittersweet celebration on the ice was followed by a more poignant one at the school. there were 17 people killed in owrkland, 17 memorials now sit ch campus. yesterday not by design, but perhaps some form of divine intervention, there were 17 players on the ice. >> before the game, as a team, in the locker room we decided that we would go back to douglas after the game if we won and each one of us stand behind a cross or a jewish star and put a
5:58 pm
nddal on each one of them. >> reporter: and that is exactly what they did. >> everyone who was at the school came out and kind of circled around us, and then as d explained what we did, they had a round of applause. emere was just a lot of emotion, and it definitely brought happiness to see just sharing of just love. just a lot of love. ( applause ) >> glor: stoneman douglas now moves on to the national championship next month in minnesota. we are with you guys. that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. oud e leave you, we are proud to also welcome our new 24-hour streaming sports news network. cbs sports hq is available free is all devices. we'll see you tomorrow. good night. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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was it legal? or an obstruction of justice? kpix5 news begins with a mayor defending her warning about pending i.c.e. raids, was it legal or an obstruction of justice. good evening. i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm allen martin. we'll have that story coming up. but first got to show you this, hi-def doppler lit up with thunderstorms bringing in some wild weather, rain, hail, even snow on bay area mountains. neighborood. video shot in waln rumbling away just moments ago you hear the roar of thunder in oakland. this was the montclair neighborhood. video shot at walnut creek shows hail bouncing off rooftops in the last few hours and you can see tiny ice pellets building up on that wooden railing. in sacramento the hail is so intense it's blanketing the ground like snow. this was shot in the downtown area. looking live now over downtown san francisco water droplets are still covering our camera,
6:00 pm
dark clouds looming over the city. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is watching it all for us. >> we've got cold air and unstable air above us. it's happened several time over the past month. we can get widespread small hail. we had it again today. let me show you the hotspots at this hour. san jose, you're up next. you may see some small hail between now and 7:00 because the leading edge of this storm system has just moved through fremont and hayward with reports of small hail there. union city up 680 back toward the tri-valley, we've seen heavier showers and small hail. that right there is mount diablo. why is is purple or white? it is currently snowing above 3,500 feet in elevation. i'll be very curious to see if the snow lasts through the night. maybe we can see it in the east bay tomorrow. half moon bay, fremont and mountain view has had about 1/3 of 1 inch of rain, san francisco 1/4 inch, and snow


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