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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  February 26, 2018 6:00pm-7:00pm PST

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dark clouds looming over the city. our chief meteorologist paul deanno is watching it all for us. >> we've got cold air and unstable air above us. it's happened several time over the past month. we can get widespread small hail. we had it again today. let me show you the hotspots at this hour. san jose, you're up next. you may see some small hail between now and 7:00 because the leading edge of this storm system has just moved through fremont and hayward with reports of small hail there. union city up 680 back toward the tri-valley, we've seen heavier showers and small hail. that right there is mount diablo. why is is purple or white? it is currently snowing above 3,500 feet in elevation. i'll be very curious to see if the snow lasts through the night. maybe we can see it in the east bay tomorrow. half moon bay, fremont and mountain view has had about 1/3 of 1 inch of rain, san francisco 1/4 inch, and snow continues in the sierra through
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this evening, 2 to 4 inches of additional snowfall, today's storm is the weaker of two this week. details on the next one are coming up in a few minutes. the other big story, oakland mayor libby schaaf stands by her tweet. she warned the people of oakland about pending immigration sweeps. >> the question is was she within our rights or was it obstruction of justice? as kpix5's phil matier tells us, her critics found this reckless, right, phil? >> that's right. this is a combination of politics and public safety. those are two volatile issues that when they mix up, create controversy. that's just what oakland mayor libby schaaf did when she warned about the i.c.e. raids. the question is did she cross the legal line? let's hear what she has to say. >> everything i've done has been legal. >> so she has, but former federal prosecutor tony brass said putting out a public warning about a planned immigration sweep may have crossed the line. >> she's on the threshold of obstruction of justice tore doing what she did. >> reporter: why -- for doing
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what she did. >> reporter: why? >> because you put the agents and police and neighbors in danger. >> i was sharing in a information in a way that was legal. it was not obstructing justice and it was an opportunity to insure that people are aware of their rights. >> reporter: still there could be repercussions. >> what's going to happen is that federal agents will stop talking to local police agencies and the reason that communication is so vital is for the safety of everybody. >> reporter: schaaf's warning on the pending i.c.e. raids is also slammed by critics of sanctuary cities. >> this seems to be mostly a political stunt. it's not going to stop i.c.e. from enforcing the law. >> reporter: while the mayor has local defenders like hastings immigration law professor richard boswell -- >> she's trying to keep some level of peace within the community. >> reporter: -- questions remain like will the mayor reveal who told her of the planned raids? >> no. >> reporter: why not? >> again my information did not come through official channels.
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>> virtually everyone who is likely to be caught up in one of these enforcement actions is someone who we call a criminal alien, that is, someone who is typically committed some other crime. >> that has been one of my concerns, that this has been used as a wedge issue and that this ugly myth that immigrants are criminals, this is a decision i made. i recognize that it's controversial, but i believe it was the right thing to do. >> reporter: would you do it again? >> based on the information that i had, yes. >> reporter: so it will remain to be seen where it goes from here. so far the raids haven't materialized, but i.c.e. has made it clear that they are targeting california and told california to get ready because things are going to get shaken up. >> right. oakland has some of the toughest sanctuary city laws in the country and i.c.e. has said this is what we're doing. >> that's right. i.c.e. made it clear they are planning to do these raids one way or the other. you want to call them raids or a sweep.
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they issued a statement that oakland is not immune from federal law and if they refuse to cooperate by handing over violators with criminal records, if something happens when they go into the streets or if something happens when they go into a house and find family members they weren't looking for, but they wind up getting caught up in the raids as well. >> thanks, phil. we learned this afternoon president trump is planning a trip to california to see border wall prototypes up close. eight times are on display in san diego. he will also visit los angeles to attend a republican national committee fundraiser. the visit is scheduled for mid- march. meanwhile the supreme court declined the trump administration's request to fast track the dispute over daca. the judges were asked to step in right away and review a san francisco judge's ruling. so that means the cases will
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continue in the lower courts. some bay area drivers could experience extra headaches for the next few weeks. kpix5's melissa caen joins us now live from the richmond san rafael bridge to tell us why drivers there are being told to ignore the electronic signs am. >> reporter: we are on the san rafael side of the san rafael richmond bridge and you can maybe see behind me traffic from this side of the bridge is slowing to a crawl and it may be worse tomorrow. starting at 10 a.m. tomorrow drivers entering from this side getting into that lower level of the bridge are going to see overhead a series of signals, xs and arrows, pointing and opening various lanes. it's all part of a test. so drivers are going to be asked to ignore the signals and if they don't ignore the signals, the traffic could be that much worse. nfigurations but these are just tests. [sot-john ation officer >> this is a bit unusual and this is a sort of new ground, if you will, for us here in the
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bay area. >> reporter: for the next two to three weeks drivers entering the bridge from the san rafael side will see red xs and green arrows in various configurations, but those are just tests. [sot-john goodwin, public information officer fo ity] what >> if the far right hand lane has a green arrow over it, please do not enter the far right lane. >> reporter: add to that the two left hand lanes will be open even if there's a red x above them. all this confusion is testing a new system that will allow that extra right hand lane to be open more often. this man says any improvement on the traffic is a good idea. >> any third lane sounds like a good change to me. >> reporter: he also agrees that something should be done. >> traffic sucks. i'm getting tired of traffic. >> reporter: but he says that this temporary approach makes no sense. >> i think it's stupid to have arrows and ignore them. >> reporter: john goodwin admits the toll authority isn't completely sure how this is all
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going to work. >> what i don't know is whether that lane will be coned off. i presume that at either end of the bridge it will be coned off, but i don't know whether there will be a continuous line of cones stretching 5 miles shore to shore. i done know how much chp presence will be there. >> reporter: this driver's plan is to take it in stride. >> going to just be adaptable in driving and kind of play it the way i normally do. just drive safe. >> reporter: now the new system is supposed to use cameras placed along the bridge to determine how much traffic there is and when there is traffic, a person sitting in a control room elsewhere will open up that third lane as necessary. at least that's the plan. in san rafael, melissa caen, kpix5. a controversial bill that will require college campuses to offer students the abortion pill could soon become law in california. kpix5's maria medina is live at san jose state with both sides
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of the debate. maria? >> reporter: yeah, if a senator gets her way, the abortion pill would be on college campuses in the next four years, but one student group is trying to stop that. 3 i just can't imagine it honestly 25")) in a fight... >> i just can't imagine that honestly. >> reporter: mariana miranda is in a fight to keep the controversial abortion pill off her campus. if passed, the law would require the university and university health centers to offer nonsurgical abortion services by 2022. senator connie leva who introduced the bill said college students should not have to delay medical care and travel many miles away from their work and responsibilities to access this constitutionally protected right. >> i feel horrible thinking that my students, my peers, would go through this in their dorms without maybe anyone there to support them. >> reporter: but pro life clubs across csu and uc
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campuses like the spartans for life here at sjsu disagree with the senator. >> we think it's a recipe for disaster. >> reporter: the medication is given in two doses with the last pill taken at home. >> some have even died as a result of taking the abortion pill. now imagine a woman taking the pill at her dorm room. >> as a woman we should decide what we want to do with our body. >> reporter: but some students argue it is their right to choose whether off or on campus. >> it's our body. we should have complete like -- we should dictate what happens to us. >> reporter: the bill passes the senate a few weeks ago. it goes on to the assembly in the spring. in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. a new state report reveals sonoma county use an outdated emergency alert system during last october's wildfires. the office of emergency services says the procedure in place was more suited for slower moving disasters like flooding. it said sonoma county used an
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uncoordinated approach and had an outdated understanding of technology. the state's brace and bolt program is a huge success. a record number of people applied for free money to retrofit their homes. the california earthquake authority says more than 7,500 people put their names in for only 2,000 grants. the deadline was friday. those selected at random will get $3,000 to retrofit their homes against earthquakes. the rest will be placed on a waiting list. coming up a man lost in yosemite says he's lucky to be alive, how he says he managed to survive for days with little food or water. >> a horrific accident in the south bay, a landscaping project takes a deadly tour. >> and how volunteers managed to turn an ordinary rv into hope for a threatened species of ostriches.
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firsthand how a bay area hiker survived for a week... lost in the snow at yosemite, kpix five's susie steimle has his story... to we are hearing firsthand how a bay area hiker survived lost in the snow in yosemite. >> 36-year-old alan chow came to yosemite well prepared for a solo hike over presidents day weekend. that preparation saved his life. he spent six nights alone in freezing temperatures. today he wrote about that experience on facebook. his post reads, "i luckily only suffered a sprained ankle and slight malnutrition. otherwise i'm fine physically and mentally. i simply followed the basic survival skills i learned, kept
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close to a water source, conserved my energy, rationed out food supplies, tried to keep warm and found a suitable location to set up camp so that i would be as visible from the air as possible." this is the first we've heard from alan since the search started for him last tuesday. the oakland hiker was spotted by a national park service helicopter around noon friday above the wapama falls in the hetch hetchy area. his friends say they're happy he always goes out prepared. he did have a sleeping bag and tent with him. >> he's fully geared. we know that and we know he's bright enough to know, you know, how to navigate through these type of terrains. >> those those national park officials say roughly 60 people participated in the search effort. alan tried his best to thank every single one of them including the dogs who were there on his facebook post. h bay neighborho he also said he is just ready for licontinue as normal. susie steimle, kpix5. a south bay neighborhood is
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still without power after a deadly accident involving a tree trimmer. the man was electrocuted working at a home in the 5000 block of page mill road in san jose. kpix5's len ramirez has details. dead from . friends >> reporter: several homes were evacuated and the neighborhood was left without power for several hours following the accident which left a landscape worker dead from electrocution. friends and co-workers were horrified at the scene. the man's lifeless body was still roped into the tree he was trimming above some high power lines. >> he may have cut a branch and when the branch fell, it may have come in contact with the power lines and knocked it free and either contacted him or a piece of equipment and it did rain today. the wood is wet. so that's going to have an effect, also. >> reporter: pg&e cut power to the neighborhood to allow the fire department to safely bring the body down, but even with a large ladder truck fire crews still had trouble because the accident scene is about 20 feet
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up the tree and behind a row of two-story homes which left the man's body visible for hours. neighbors say the house was recently put up for sale. >> yesterday him and a couple other workers were working on a house because it's going to be sold and he was here yesterday. super sad. >> reporter: police kept children just out from a nearby school far back so they couldn't see the accident scene. cal-osha is investigating. in san jose, len ramirez, kpix5. ere shot to de other bay area headlines, the search is on for suspects in a double homicide. two people were shot to death and a third injured last night in front of the hillside market in unincorporated san mateo county. all the victims are in their early 20s. police believe they knew each other. a box truck blamed for this crash on southbound 680 this afternoon. the truck hit three cars as well as a center divide and injured several people and tied up traffic more than an hour. the marin county civic center moving closer to getting
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a new roof. next week scaffolding will go up and work will begin on the first phase. the library and administration wing should be complete in the fall. then attention will turn to the building's signature skylights. the landmark building became famous for its leaky roof. the renovation will cost nearly $18 million. a wild day of weather here in the bay area, rain, wind, even hail. our crew in corte madera captured some small pellets. you can see it building up on this car's building. >> in lark spur a similar sight and sound. listen to that, the little nuggets of hail bouncing off the truck's hood. you hear the rattle as his roof is pelted. >> we saw raindrops turning to ice from our camera atop mount vaca. a cool win blew through chilling the -- wind blew through chilling the rain into a slushy mix. >> fog on top of mount hamilton in santa clara county this
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afternoon, elevation about 4,000 feet and our chief meteorologist paul deanno is keeping tabs on it. got to show you something really cool we don't see that often, guys. see that pink color there, that's 24 right above the caldecott tunnel cold enough in the air above us that there may -- not a guarantee, no ground troops to it yet -- there may be some snowflakes mixing in with the rain in the highest portions of the east bay hills now. it is definitely snowing at the top of mount diablo. it's now snowing to the hills west of saratoga and south of sunnyvale and cupertino where the temperature is between 34 and 36 degrees. it may snow in a few spots in evening in the santa cruz mountains, so the atmosphere is cold enough to support high elevation snowfall. the system is working its way north to south. so those of you in san jose who have had sunshine, if you were to look north now, you'd probably see some dark ominous clouds. that will yield rain and the chance of small hail in the next hour or so. we are clearing out in san francisco, one more wave of
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light rain showers that may move through, highs today chilly, san francisco 51, napa 57, half moon bay 54. a pretty breezy night in the north bay hills, sustained winds 30 miles per hour with higher gusts above 2,000 feet in the north bay. we had a front move through this morning. you got some rainfall. then it cleared out. then we had a low move through and the atmosphere was even more unstable with the heating of the day in the 50s and things blossomed over the sacramento valley and the bay area. in the north and east bay numerous reports of small hail today. what happens tonight? the rain will end this evening. it will be chilly with lows around freezing. we'll clear rather rapidly, 33 for a low in livermore and santa rosa, 43 for san francisco. we're dry tomorrow. rain moves back in as soon as wednesday night and the beginning of march may turn out to be rather soggy. thursday rain is likely. showers to continue on friday. showers to continue on saturday. we will not clear things out till saturday night. sunshine will return on sunday,
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this on the first couple days of march, thursday, friday, saturday, may give us more than 1 inch of rain. >> thank you, paul. stale ahead a once in a lifetime encounter with whales could land some tourists in trouble. almost everything you see in this video may be illegal. >> the sharks made a big move at the trade deadline. will it translate into goals? >> and an update on the condition of giants hall of famer orlando cepeda next.
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which may have lit a fire under general manager doug wilson to make a move before today's trade deadline the sharks dropped three straight games in their road trip which may have lit a fire under general manager doug wilson to make a move before today's trade deadline. kane will be a free agent the end of the season. the 26-year-old has plenty of talent, 177 career goals, but also plenty of baggage from his
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previous stops in winnipeg and buffalo and will day into for the sharks tomorrow night -- debut for the sharks tomorrow night against the oilers. good news, orlando cepeda showing major signs of improvement. former first round pick getting the glove up just in time. veteran derek holland trying to win a roster spot as a starter or in the bullpen. he was taken downtown. holland allowed two runs in two innings, did have four strikeouts. royals beat the giants 10-6. how about the a's and white sox? kendall graveman making his first start of the spring, struck out three, gave up one run, the front runner for the a's opening day starter. chicago beat oakland 7-6. if you were busy coaching your kids this weekend in hoops, here's what you missed.
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>> boom! >> florida's allen, 65 feet away, gators knocking off 12th ranked auburn. tiger woods accuracy, much improved over the weekend. just ask the duck strolling on the fairway on the 8th hole. tying her three birdies on the front 9. that wasn't one of them unless you count the birdie. woods finished tied for 12th, best since2015. 76ers fans trying to get a head start on recruiting lebron james. ronda rousey beginning the next phase of her career in the wwe. the former usc star took down the table. she will appear at next month's wrestlemania. finally show time at the
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swamps. gators blew out chico state. they'll play at san marcos tuesday night in the opening round of their conference tournament. anybody who has been to that gym knows it's called the swamp and they do the chomp city very loud, very loud in the swamp. >> i was at the fly fishing show in pleasanton. i wasn't coaching my kids. people want to know where you were? >> really. did you have them send in your pictures at catch of the day? >> thanks. coming up in our next half hour sharing the road with driverless cars. >> today the green light from the dmv, the regulations those cars will have to meet. >> plus the white house session where not everyone was buying the president's plans for school safety. >> and vaping in school, the new advances making it easier for kids to use and harder for teachers to crack down.
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ssing one big you're watching kpix5 news. how you doing? paul deanno with a look at the radar. the east bay is seeing rainfall right now. it looks like the hail threat is over, but widespread areas in our hills, the diablo range, above 3,000 feet in elevation likely seeing snow and not
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rain. it is a steady soaking rainfall on the 680 corridor from milpitas north through the tri- valley. look at mount diablo. the white at the center of your screen is snow, snowing currently. we'll have more on your forecast coming up. >> thanks. also at 6:30 you may soon notice some cars on the road are missing one big thing, the driver. today the california dmv officially laid out the ground rules for the next phase of autonomous car testing. kpix5's kiet do has the precautions in place to make sure the rollout goes smoothly. >> reporter: right now one of the few places you can see an autonomous car with no human operator inside is at waymo's secret private test track in the central valley town of atwater, but we could be seeing empty cars driving themselves on public roads in about a month. the dmv is issuing new permits and the criteria include telling police the time, date and streets where testing will occur.
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companies must continuously monitor the vehicle with a two- way communication link and if possible, police officers should be able to disengage the autonomous mode. in the event of a crash, companies must submit a so- called law enforcement interaction plan, basically a way to communicate with police or to find the registration, proof of insurance and so on. the cars are not required to have special markings. so the only way to know for sure if there's no human there is to just peek inside and look for an empty seat. get you excited? >> i think it's a positive step for the industries and i say industries because again the tech and auto industries are working together. >> reporter: glenn stevens is with mich auto, an advocacy group for the on industry group in michigan. we caught up with help in a conference in san mateo of stevens said california's move will encourage other states and countries to keep moving forward. as for when we'll see fully autonomous cars on public roads? >> i really don't know what
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that is. you can pick those numbers and date, but one thing i don't underestimate is how fast technology can accelerate. >> reporter: kiet do, kpix5. to florida now, this evening the guard who is facing mounting criticism for failing to enter the school building during a deadly rampage is defending his actions. scot peterson resigned after the sheriff said he stood outside the building while 17 people were inside being gunned down. a statement from peterson's attorney insists the officer has been unfairly labeled as a coward and that he did nothing wrong. today bay area students and supporters rallied for washington to take action on tougher gun law reform. ken bastida is here with more. >> dozens of people stood outside gunn high school in palo alto in support of the victims of the florida massacre. >> hey hey, the nra has got to go! >> they chanted and held up signs that read sacrifice guns, not children and fear has no
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place in our schools. student pr >> i hope that everybody here, especially the kids in high school, realize that they have a voice and that they can use it and a lot of people are going to be voting in november. so it's really important for them to realize they have a vote and they have a shot to make a difference at this. >> student protest for gun control legislation has become a nationwide movement and at the white house today president trump met with governors across the country to talk about ending gun violence at the schools. gun" (track) the president is ackground chec president trump told the nation's governors he wants to take action to improve school safety. >> we don't want to have sick people having the right to have a gun. >> the president is pushing for stronger background checks and increased access to mental institutions. foisted upon this responsibility of packing heat" "s little les >> the bad guy has toed up that there's a big price to -- to understand that there's a big price to pay when they mess our >> president trump is advocating for arming and training some school staff.
6:33 pm
governor jay inslee said that's not sitting well with teachers in washington state. >> we have to take steps to harden our schools so that they're less vulnerable to attack. >> identify listened to the 1st grade -- i've listened to the 1st grade teachers that don't want to be pistol packing 1st grade teachers. i think this is a circumstance where we need to listen, that educators should educate and not be foisted upon this responsibility of packing heat. i just suggest we need a little less tweeting, a little more listening and take that of on the table and move forward. >> despite having differences, they see a better chance to enact change at the state level than capitol hill. >> we're going to invest $500 million and have a significant law enforcement presence at every public school in our state. >> the president said that he had lunch with nra leaders this weekend and told the governors not to worry about them. >> half of you are so afraid of the nra. there's nothing to be afraid of
6:34 pm
and you know what? if they're not with you, we have to fight them every once in a while. that's okay. >> president trump also said if he'd been at the school in parkland, florida, he believes he would have run inside to confront the shooter. publican gregg abbott from te during the meeting a handful of governors including republican greg abbott from texas spoke out about the success of programs already underway in their states to arm school staff. rump is speaking out >> thanks, ken. for the first time since the shooting first lady melania trump is speaking out about the student movement on gun control. >> i have been heartened to see children across this country using their voices to speak out and try to create change. they're our future and they deserve a voice. >> at the white house the first lady made her statement while speaking to the spouses of the nation's governors. vaping is becoming more popular among teens just as new evidence suggests it's more likely to push them towards
6:35 pm
smoking. here's the marking making it so irresistible to kids. >> reporter: in videos all over social media more and more teenagers are posting using vaping devices like these and at calabasas high even students who never vaped know it's a problem. >> it's definitely an issue. it's pretty much everywhere these days. >> people don't know the risks involved because they think it's just oh, i'm vaping from thin air, but really it has nicotine mixed into it. >> reporter: that's why the superintendent of this school district chose to send out a letter warning parents and students. >> there's a sense it's safe and not a health issue. that's not true. let's get the facts out there. >> reporter: the jewel is an e- cigarette but looks more like a usb device. it's small and easy to hide. >> they'll blow a puff and swallow it, which is even worse. >> reporter: a new study shows these cigarettes can potentially release significant amounts of toxic metals in its
6:36 pm
vapors which users inhale including potentially unsafe levels of lead, chromium, manganese and/or nickel. >> kids' brains are developing and when they get chemicals in the body you get from various types of smoke like marijuana, it can have developing effects on the brain like learning, judgment, memory, can lead to more emotional and behavioral problems. >> reporter: still the popularity of vaping is growing. government numbers found 36% of 12th graders tried some form of vaping in 2017. students know it's a problem but low it will get better and say it needs -- hope it will get better and say it needs to be addressed from all angles, home, school and the industry itself. the vaping industry say they condemn the use of its products by minors and are working hard to combat the problem. se and personal with this caught on camera, whale watchers getting up close and personal with this gray whale, but did their good time break the law? >> the future of bay area parking is like a giant vending
6:37 pm
machine for cars, the new fully automated garage that does all the work for you.
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locate and mark fieldman for pg&e. most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment,
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and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california. . >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. grey whale. a rare and once in a lifetime encounter, spectators reach out and touch a gray whale. >> kpix5's emily turner on the amazing video that shows whale watchers possibly breaking the law. opposite: steve jones/ center for biological diversity, spokesman "what ?" that's be >> reporter: the video is stunning. it was taken over the weekend by a charter out of ft. bragg, but for marine mammal advocates like steve jones he says it's appalling. >> wait a second. not so fast. you should not be petting whales in the wild. >> reporter: that's because it might be illegal. the federal marine mammal protection act requires you to be 300 feet from whales and this video taken by anchor charter boats at ft. bragg obviously shows the boated in that space. not only -- boat inside that
6:40 pm
space, not only that, but goes on to show tourists petting the gray whale. >> you have to put this a lot on the whale watching community. they really oughtton better and some of the -- ought to know better and some of the fines can be $25,000 or loss of vessel. >> reporter: the owner said he's within the law because the whale came to him. >> the whale was there. if you've seen the other videos that we posted, it was definitely liking the attention and basically, you know, appeared to ask for more. >> reporter: as for the tourists, maximum punishment could be a $10,000 fine and up to a year in jail. the law enforcement arm of the national oceanic and atmospheric association says they're aware of the situation but can't comment further other than to say this is a prime example of what not to do when you see a whale. >> it sends a bad message. we don't want to domesticate our wild animals, particularly large whales. we would like them to be wary of us and to keep their
6:41 pm
distance from us. that's only going to happen if we keep our distance from them. >> had i tried to maneuver away from the whale, i would have hurt the whale. it was down near the propellers on the hull of the boat where we would have either hit it or cut it with the propeller and that's just not something you can do. >> reporter: the captain states it doesn't say anywhere explicitly you're not allowed to pet a whale, so noaa said that's correct. it doesn't explicitly say no petting the whales. however, the intention of the law is to keep wild animals wild, not to interfere with what they would naturally be doing. so the question is does petting a whale change what a whale would naturally be doing or potentially domesticate it? in marin county, emily turner, kpix5. still to come, coffee with a twist, the robot bay rest a serving up charm -- barista serving up charm with your favorite brew. >> we'll see shower activity decrease but likely not before we see some steady rainfall
6:42 pm
moving into milpitas, santa clara and san jose and snow in the higher elevations, a live peek outside showing clearing over san francisco the we'll have your forecast with more rain in it next. ♪ [thinking] mexican spices? ♪ [thinking] nacho cheese sauce? they don't want these coming out. who's they? the burger people. they! they! nacho fries, now serving at a taco bell near you. [bong!]
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tommy tran ... of san jose igh... just here's a young man going places like maybe cal tech or m.i.t. tommy tran of san jose's evergreen valley high just got a perfect score on the a.p. calculus exam. it sounds pretty impressive, but consider this. he's one of only six students in the world who can make that claim. congratulations! has come to the bay area. the future of parking, a fully automated parking garage has come to the bay area. this parking structure is now open in oakland acts like a vending machine. you drive in, hop out, select a spot and let the machine do the rest. it lifts each car it a designated spot. when you return, punch in your number and your car is brought back down. >> this innovative company which is perfectly based in oakland is a forward future
6:46 pm
looking approach to solving the urban transportation challenges. >> the garage will be open for monthly parking for employees in the area, but after 5 p.m. it's general parking. a new robot barista is about to debut in downtown san francisco. its creators say this second generation machine offers up coffee with person. the robot is named robin. it's gearing up for its first day on the job at cafe x, the first robotic coffee bar in the world serving nitrogen infused cold brew, no word how much that cost. cafe x serves up coffee with a bit more entertainment like a big robot wave. there it is. wave bye. the company's ceo says these robots won't replace humans. two product specialists will always be on hand to help customers pick their perfect drink. >> the dream experience if you were to go to a very high encafe is you want to go in there -- end cafe is you want to go in there and be really
6:47 pm
impressed with the flavor notes and the different origins of the beans are. we're able to deliver that experience working with robots. >> robin is cafe x's third robot barista in the bay area debuting tomorrow at one bush plaza. apple reportedly trying to appeal to a broader customer range. according to bloomberg, a trio of new iphones will come out this year. one would feature the largest iphone screen ever. there's reportedly a cheaper model in the works and an update to the iphone x is expected. warren buffett said today his firm purchased more stock in apple than any other this year. the stock price nearly reached a record high today after buffett's comments closing at just over 179, $2 off the all
6:48 pm
time high. it was a very strong day overall for the markets. the dow, nasdaq, s&p rising more than 1%. u.s. stocks have now recovered most of the losses suffered during the big selloff earlier this month. . hail pelted cars in walnut creek this afternoon. you can see the icy buildup caking windshield wipers of this car. in san francisco we watched from above as children and dogs played in the white stuff, but that's actually just a lot of hail. it covered roads creating a slick commute for drivers. no surprise here. the snow was whipping around in the sierras today. some skiers were out navigating the mountains through near whiteout conditions. paul deanno joins us now with whether or not we can expect more in the forecast. >> later on this week, absolutely. if you have plans to head up to the mountains, you picked a really good weekend. rain is winding down along highway 24 corridor, but the focus shifted south. we're seeing the snow wrap up
6:49 pm
at mount diablo. there's snow behind our hi-def doppler high con there at mount diablo -- icon there at mount diablo. we have reports of small hail in east san jose. north bay, you're pretty much done with the rainfall and just spotty showers in san mateo county. things will calm down rapidly with the low moving out and temperatures falling. look how chilly it is already. livermore 41, santa rosa 45, concord 45. we'll make it to the 30s overnight tonight, wouldn't be surprised if many of our north and east bay valleys get close to, if not below freezing tonight, napa 34, oakland 40, san jose 37 degrees. an active weather day for two reasons. one, we had a cold front this morning giving us the light to moderate rainfall that may have gotten you earlier than you may have wanted to.
6:50 pm
then we clear out a while. sometimes a low pressure will pass by way to the north and we get no effects. sometimes the low follows right behind the front. that's what happened this time. so we had the thunderstorm activity and rain and hail this afternoon from the low behind the front. the low is gone. tomorrow morning sunshine, tomorrow afternoon and evening sunshine. by wednesday cloud cover begins to roll in. here's the more widespread rainfall moving in wednesday night for the north bay. look at the steady soaking rainfall thursday morning and the rain chance will not leave until saturday. when it does, we likely will see widespread rainfall totals of at at least an inch, likely double that for the north bay and snowfall totals in feet in the sierra, perhaps the most in calendar year thursday and friday. showers ending this evening. widespread rainfall returns thursday with lots of snow in the mountains. highs tomorrow around 60 degrees, sunshine in san jose sick, san mateo and hey -- 60,
6:51 pm
san mateo and hayward 59. petaluma 63, cloverdale 61 degrees. we're sunny tomorrow, cloudier wednesday, rain likely thursday, showers likely continuing friday and saturday. it's a wet start to march. >> we need it. thanks, paul. ostrich eggs in novato? the effort to save the north african flightless bird.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
the african ostrich is close to california today... tonight on nightbeat...we'll take a closer look at the a set of new gun bills introduced in california today. tonight on nightbeat we'll take a closer look at the proposed legislation. join us at 10:00 over on our sister station, kbcw 44 cable 12. the largest bird in the world, the african ostrich, is close to being completely wiped out. >> kpix5's john ramos reports a new project here in the bay area is i going them a chance of survival -- area is giving them a chance of survival. >> reporter: at this storage rv in novato sits the last hope for a creature that should be familiar to all of us. >> the north african ostrich only has eight breeding pairs left in the wild. it's essentially extinct. >> reporter: standing 9 feet tall, it is the largest bird in the world and it is on the razor's edge of existence, but
6:55 pm
these converted shipping containers may offer them a chance. led by a san francisco plumbing contractor named steven gold, a group of dedicated conservationists created a hi- tech mobile ostrich hatchery that will be transported and set up in a remote area of the sahara nation of niger. >> getting the percentage of hatched eggs up and the survival rate up in order to reestablish the population as the north african ostrich in the wild. >> reporter: the four unit complex will include an egg incubator room, hatchery room, office and control center and most importantly, a solar energy plant with 17,000 pounds of batteries. weather conditions in niger are extreme with 130-degree temperatures, so air conditioning is vital to protect the equipment and allow more of the hatchlings to survive. >> the incubation and hatching process which they're trying to achieve requires very controlled temperature and humidity in order touche the
6:56 pm
high success -- humidity. in order to achieve the high success rate, you have to have a very controlled climate. >> reporter: ostriches lay 12 to 13 eggs at a time, but only two to three hatch. so they're hoping the temperature control can increase the rate of survival, the just for ostriches, but for a whole host of threatened species in the wild. >> if we actually pull this off and get there and it all works, someday i'll be able to say there's a species on this earth that wouldn't be there if it wasn't for me. that would be pretty cool. >> reporter: if all goes well, the units will be ready for shipping to africa in about three weeks. in novato, john ramos, kpix5. >> that's great. this effort to save the ostriches is funded solely through public donations. there's a link on ourself website if you'd like to help that website is where you go for news throughout the evening. >> don't forget to join us for
6:57 pm
nightbeat at 10:00 on kbcw 44 cable 12 and back here at 11:00. good night. who are these people? the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too?
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turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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