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tv   KPIX 5 News at 6AM  CBS  February 27, 2018 6:00am-7:01am PST

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tuesday, february 27. i'm michelle. >> and i'm anne. ken any is off this morning. the start autowith traffic and weather. jaquline, tracking cleaner computer than yesterday. look on bright side. >> it's a lot calmer but you have wind when you came in on the bay bridge? >> yeah, it was very windy? >> two hands on the wheel. firm grip. no advisories for drivers making their way. that's good news. be careful. we're tracking some earlier crashes down in the south bay. this is 101 right at highway 25 and they just cleared. you can see the travel time already in the red. do keep that in mind if heading through morgan hill. ride continues to be a bit sluggish making way along 101 between 680 and 880. typical for this time of
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morning. drive times remain in the green and 101, this is right at north first street. it's moving at the limit. south bay ride off to a pretty good start with the exception of those two earlier crashes. that is a check of your traffic. check in with neda on the forecast. windy out there and cold out there. feels a lot colder because of that wind and here's a great view of san francisco. clear conditions this morning for most of us. mostly sunny skies in fact and that view is looking good. sunrise is happening earlier and earlier and we're getting a bit of nice colors out there. cool and windy for your forecast today. we have a big storm on its way. it'll arrive wednesday afternoon into wednesday night and that lasts through saturday morning. that's going to be quite the soaker so we have a calmer right now today. it'll be a significant widespread system. hi-def doppler with snow
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flurries across the mount hamilton area and diablo range and look that direction and see a nice coating and dusting of that snow. we got reports of snow of live mother valley at 2 this morning and sat light radar shows clouds breaking up and we're feeling the breeze and wind gusts as high as 67 miles per hour at mount diablo. sustained winds 19-25 miles per hour. current conditions and talk more about what's ahead in that big storm on its way. anne and michelle. >> neda, thank you. the state determined samoa ma county used an -- sonoma county used an outdated alert system during last year's wild fires. >> jessica is live in coffee park with a critical break down of the new report. >> reporter: michelle, that report is 34 pages long and comes from the state and what i can tell you here is in coffee park, these folks here did not get a wireless emergency alert letting them now to evacuate
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and folks here just essentially left with just the clothes on their backs and homes totally gone and new state report says sonoma county not prepared to deal with this type of devastation and wasn't prepared to warn those in the fire's path. it killed 24 people in samoa that county alone. -- sonoma county alone. what could have been done differently and emergency alerts and sonoma alerts. they have to select to opt into that system. the county was un-aware they could send targeted wireless alerts to only residents in the fire zone. they didn't want to cause panic throughout the entire county and the state finds that the specific procedures for using those alerts and warning capabilities uncoordinated
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including gaps, overlaps and redundancies in various county departments . the report found the county lacked reliable, timely, and coordinated situation awareness as to the scale, size, and scope of the movement. the top emergency services official in california mark says sonoma county on the right hand side.
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the proposal will require the department of california resources to annually inspect the vast majority of the 1200 daps it overseas. dams will low hazard potential needs to be examed every other year. cutting the steel the holds the net in place an the suicide barrier on the bay bridge. most of the work occurred away from this ban. work on the bridge will kick into gear over the next few months and by next year, net supports installed to the span by january 2021, the project should be finished. o
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oo. the trump administration ought to come down and put cuffs on everyone that doesn't follow the law and the mayor should be the first one getting cuffed for treason and drag her out of that mayorship and i'll be dammed if you let us be taken by foreign governments with no repercussion because you want to let a lot of dammed illegals in here to vote for you. >> the major has no regreets about the warning -- regrets about the warning and plans to continue on with her busy schedule despite the threats. this damage happen inside the iron triangle neighborhood . the garage caved in and a chunk of wall missing and two suspects took off on foot.
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they were later arrested with the help ochoa police canine. tonight the san francisco police department is holding a town hall meeting to give an update on the investigation into an officer involved shooting. it happened february 17. police shot a bay recreational vehicle and no one was hurt but the man inside, joel armstrong was arrested in connection to a deadly shooting that had happened earlier in the night. today a man arrest inside connection with two male bombings, including one that targeted an eastbound police officers due in court. 56-year-old ross was arrest inside 2013 by the same officer he allegedly targeted. dna found on a batd ri -- battery and he faces federal charges of mailing an explosive device with the intent to injure or kill. president trump making lots of props to the growing -- promises to growing course of americans demanding change to gun laws. this is a bipartisan team of
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senators planning to introduce a bill today that would raise the age limit for buying weapons like the ar15 which was the gun use inside the florida high school shooting. as gun control rallies continue around the country, signs the persistence this time in the wake of the parkland, florida, school shooting. >> i'm writing that out myself. i don't care if congress does it or not. i'll do it myself. got to do background checks, if we see a sick person, i don't want them having a gun. >> schools should be arming teachers and faculty and the white house still on board with raising the age limit to firearms and an idea he mentioned last week and hasn't spoken of. >> there's support for that but how it would be implemented and what that might look like is very much part of the
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discussion. >> republican senator jeff flake says today he and diane feinstein plan to introduce a bipartisan bill raging the age requirement for buying an ar15 and weapons like it to 21. though there are already measures to face resistance. senator flake say he and fellow republicans the so call no fly no buy measure to keep people from purchasing guns. they'll host a meeting with legislators tomorrow to discuss legislation. president trump is willing to talk with north korean leader kim jong-un. this weekend a north korean envoy sent a message through south korea saying he was open with discussions with the u.s.. the trump administration has been pressuring north korea to
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halt nuclear and missile programs. hope hicks expected to appear before the house intelligence committee today as part of the russia probe. >> she'll field questions blind close -- behind closed doors about whether anyone in the trump campaign might of had contact with russians. there's no word on limitations to the scope of her testimony. across the country, drivers are seeing a slight dip in the average cost of gas prices but californiaens, we're paying some of the most expensive prices at the pump. we'll take a look at numbers straight ahead. tuesday morning ride, it's starting to pick up out there. we're tracking a few new hot spots. will they slow you down? coming up next? windy morning out there. calm before what's to come. tell you all about a big storm that's on its way. plus, in our tech report, the changes facebook is making in order to try and help businesses connect with
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kpix 5's sandra osborne is live at a chevron near the airport in san jose with a look at the numbers. and unfortunately for drivers in san francisco, aaa lists the city as the highest gas cost in the contiguous united states with an average price of $3.44 per gallon of regular unleaded gasoline....the national average is 92-cents cheaper at $2.52. oakland is paying an average of $3.33 per gallon. here in san jose, gas prices are an average of $3.32. still, triple-a says overall they seen an improvement ac he country with an average price that' . >> reporter: the national average price for gas dipped slightly across the country but here in california, we're paying extensionive prices at the gas pump. triple a and unfortunately for traffic in san francisco, aaa lists it for the highest gas costs in the united states with an average price of $3.44 per
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gallon of regular unled gasoline . the national average is $2.52. oakland paying an average of $3.33 per gallon and in san jose, average of $3.32. aaa has seen an improvement across the kowrch try with average price -- country with average price dip of 2-cents. analyst say a declining gas for demand could be on the horizon. cost could rise along with the cost of crude oil in the future. aaa plans to release the spring projebs this week. two expensive states in the country coming to gas prices. the cost is $3.33 per gallon, if you pay with cash. live in san jose, sandra osborn, kpix5. >> more irritating that
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spending money on ex-sor tent gas prices is sitting on the freeway. we're tracking a couple of accidents not really slowing things down too much. it's along 880 and where we are seeing delays is folks transitioning on 237 and crash at interchange there and not blocking any lanes and it'll dip below the limit on westbound 237 and making way over towards 101. traffic time in the green and heading into foster city. 880 as you make your way out of san lorenzo down into hayward getting crowd inside the southbound direction and 18 minutes down into 84 and ride heading through oakland still look nice and in the green. we had an earlier report of the accident in the coliseum and not blocking any lanes and reports of new crash southbound direction right near embarkadero and doesn't look
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like it's slowing anyone down and may see flashing lights. fresh video from early this morning. this would be snow coming down. livermore valley and we saw snow at 2:00 this morning. about 1500 feet elevation and this was the last of the system we got yesterday that brought us all kinds of abs and saw the rain, low elevation snow. hail across a lot of the bay area and yes, at 2:00 a.m.. this was the sight so of course if you see the hills just east of livermore and east of san jose, this is what you'll likely see this morning. it doesn't look like anything is melting. look at coating there. the storm system is now moving down
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further south. right across 130. about a half inch of rain for oakland. we saw hail and some people reporting a quarter inch size hail in many spots especially across the east bay when the thorps came and -- thunderstorms came and make tg feel colder and breezy on the coast and gusting in the diablo clocking in at 67 miles per hour and the windchill, mount diablo, 4 degrees is what it feels like there. 26 especially as you get closer to those hills. sunnyville feels like 34 and feels near freezing. sunrise near 6:43 sunset at
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6:41. upper 50s for san francisco and along the coastline and here's what we're watching. the storm is moving further south and one that brought us all the action yesterday and now, there's another one coming and going and getting a lot of moisture. several feet of snow expected with this storm system and wednesday night through saturday morning. that's how long we expect to see a lot of rain drops anywhere from half inch of rain to an inch and a half of rain with possibly two inches along the coast. michelle. the social media giant added a new update to the platform. part of the quick replies.
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facebook added support for internet explorer so quus meres -- customers that use that browser can use that feature as well. apple working on over the ear headphones. the air pods are a big success is appears the company is looking to capitalize on the market. tech crunch reports the new headphones could feature the same convenience of the air pods but with better sound quality. uber will host flying taxi focused summit for the second year in a row. this year it will be held in los angeles. the company said it's happening within five to ten years from now. the ride hailing app said it expects flying vehicles to become an affordable method of mass transportation. sharks had beef at the trade library and why was this face made at the warrior game?
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nothing to do with president trump. coming up.
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. unfortunately for the knicks, the warriors may have the seventh pick. keep your eye on the kids slapping fives. curry won't watch that hand for at least a month. trying to spop the war yore -- stop the warrior's modest half- time lead. another warrior third quarter clay give and go for the three point lead and 26. warriors up by 13 points. mcgee, embraced the starting
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role last night. buries the jump shot and nobody in the guard saw that coming including comedian john stuart and steph curry drill that had downtown plus the foul, four of curry's 21 on the play. they outscored new york 39-18 in in the third quarter and win 125-111. the sharks made a deal at the nhl trade deadline and acquired evander cane. the 26-year-old has plenty of talent and scored 177 career goals so far. sunday at the honda classic in florida. woods faded and finished 12 while his buddy justin thomas ended up winning the tournament. >> every other chance hi a chance to win in la, i get a text from him and heard from him and has given me a little advice or wishing me luck and
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got crickets last night. >> crickets are a good thing. tiger woods lurking again and jack nicolas would contend hip at augusta. now to our play of the day, the chicago bulls playing the brooklyn nets. >> allen gives up dribble and needs help. russell comes to the ball with six to shoot, allen drives in, that's a grown man's move. >> jared allen gets the ball, bounces it and flies high for the huge slam dunk over laura cannen putting him down to the ground with authority. watch that one more time. boom. that is our play of the day. it is 6:26 now. in the wake of the deadly mudslides in santa barbara county. a new report from the
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state of california, sonoma county not prepared for the deadly wild fires this fall. i'll have the details coming up. what president trump was saying if he would have done if not responded to the deadliest school shooting in florida.
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. new state report that's criticizing sonoma county for how it responded. plus -- >> i got to watch some deputy sheriffs performing this weekend. they weren't exactly metal or honor workers. president trump raises questions about the deputies
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that didn't enter the high school. president trump created this problem by creating the daca list. >> the nation's highest court delivers a below to the trump administration. first, a new report by the state has determined emergency managers in sonoma county were not prepared for last year's wine country wild fires. it is tuesday, february 27. i'm anne. >> and i'm michelle. kpix's jessica flores live in coffee park with a break down of a 34 page report. jessica. >> reporter: michelle, anne, i spoke to many residents here in coffee park who left their homes with just the clothes on their backs. they didn't have much time to gather any belongings because they didn't get an emergency alert telling them to evacuate. but they could have gotten some of those wireless alerts. sonoma county didn't send any
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mass alerts out and that new report from the state this week says the county wasn't prepared to handle a disaster of this magnitude and warn those in the path. it burned five thousand homes and killed 24 people in sonoma county alone. state and local officials discussing what could have been done differently. sonoma county only sent those alerts to nose folks who opted -- those folks who opted into the alert system. the county was un-aware they could send targeted alerts to residents in the fire zone. officials didn't want to cause panic throughout the entire county . the state report finds specifically procedures for using those alert and warning capables were uncoordinated and included gaps, overlaps, and redundancies with regard to capabilities in various county
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departments. now, the report isn't singling out any specific manager or any specific individual, but does look at the whole emergency system in place. now, county and state officials today will be discussing this new report at a 9:00 a.m. meeting here in sonoma county. reporting live in santa rosa, jessica flores, kpix 5. smew the sonoma county board of supervisors taking steps in recovery effort by offering a workshop for the community. topics that will be discussed are including how to be a more resilient county. improving community warning programs. event runs from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. at the chom beers. move out ahead of another winter storm. the worry is heavy rain may cause more flooding and mudslides similar to what we
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saw in the community of mont see toe. hasn't been much rain to worry about and given construction crews to clean up debris. another storm moving in this week, some people taking no chances. >> this is nothing to fool around about. only 37% came down. >> mrnl officials created a new 72 hour evacuation time line and in this map, see on the screen, high end extreme risk areas for slides and flooding. >> get a bit of rain right now. low elevation snow but the next storm coming will reach us first and impact that area by thursday night into friday and they'll get a decent amount of rain from that. we all will. there's the current storm and brought us all that wild weather yesterday and we saw the hail and low elevation snow
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and la, santa barbara county and la county dealing with it. for us, we're going to get a bit of a break. hi-def doppler showing not much moisture left and further to the south near fresno. seeing a bit of precipitation and the past three hour loop. see the snow did come through. we saw a bit at livermore valley area over night early this morning and now it's call calming down but we're going to see this also, clear conditions out there this morning. mostly sunny skies and you'll get a good view of the snow that came through yesterday. that's the observatory in mount hamilton and snow dusting up there. hillsides, we are seeing strong winds right now. north winds at sfo, 24, san francisco 19 miles per hour winds and across the north bay 20 miles per hour winds. live look at the bay bridge toll plaza area. looking at clearer skies for now and will look really nice if you look towards those mountains east of san jose, you'll see that dusting of snow out there that we are seeing now because of the clearer conditions. what a yornlg yous shot that
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is. -- gorgeous shot that is and clearer clouds and sign of windy conditions out there and clouds are wispy like that. delays for drivers headed along 880 and heading out of san lorenzo into hayward and used to this slow ride. as you travel further south along 880, a bigger problem just popped up. we were reporting a crash in the northbound direction of 880 and 880 looks like chp has arrived on the scene and now telling us this is in fact in the southbound direction and krntly -- currently has all lanes blocked and dickson landing road and the backup quickly stretching along southbound 880 and speeds drop below 10 miles per hour and down toward 237 and use mission boulevard or 680 as an alternate route. michelle. president trump says he would have stepped in to help during the florida school
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shooting on valentine's day. >> i really believe most of the people would have rush inside too. >> a meeting with the nation's governors at the white house. the school resource officer stayed outside marjory stoneman douglas high school as the shooting unfolded last week is defending his actions. his attorney said his client believed the gunfire was coming from outside the school. at least three other broward county sheriff's deputies were outside the school and did not enter. a big win this morning for thousands of undocumented immigrants who were at risk of losing their protected status under daca. the supreme court rejected the trump administration's request to fast track an appeal and almost guarantees daca will remain in place fast the march 5 deadline. fight over daca headed to the ninth circuit court of appeal in san francisco and we turn to washington insider mark. >> good morning, mark.
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could you first explain why the trump administration was hoping to explain that move to the san francisco court. >> good morning. it's because the ninth circuit court down on seventh and missions streets regarded as the single most liberal court in the land . the chances of the trump administration prevailing here and getting rid of daca are very slim. he proposed end to preferred action of childhood arrivals and felt like a snap of the finger but a federal court said no. the trump administration tried to use bargaining chip as democrats. when the federal judge said no, they tried to leapfrog to the stream court and as you pointed out, supreme court said no. that means it's going to the ninth circuit in san francisco regardless of what happens there. it almost certainly be appealed to the stream court and instead of -- supreme court. instead of deadline to end the program this coming monday, the program's in place almost
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certainly for another year. >> mark, i look forward to your whoppers of the week every week and we know that daca is the subject this week. >> the double speak on this, michelle, just remarkable. president trump ended the daca program on september 5 saying by march 5, it was dead, it was over unless congress could figure it out and use it had as a bargaining chip. now that the democrats didn't go along with his chip, which was to build the wall and to limit legal immigration, he tweeted this out this week. look at some tweets, he said democrats no longer talking daca. out of sight, out of mind. nancy pelosi truly doesn't care about them, meaning the dreamers. democrats have totally forgotten about daca. not a lot of interest in the subject. to be clear, democrats want the daca program to be permanent. the president has ended the
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program. what he's referring to here is they won't go for his deal to limit legal immigration and build a wall in exchange. that's a remarkable example of double speak this week. >> lot of political observers in the national scale and many don't understand the open primary system here in california. really stunned that senator feinstein from the state democrats over the weekend. what are people saying in washington. >> tradition and seniority everything here and the idea that a senator who's been here for 26 years and if reelected one more time would be the third longest, third elder -- third oldest senator to ever serve in the u.s. senate ever. it's unthinkable to people in washington and the fact that democrats in california, the party activist didn't endorse feinstein is a shock to them. the red state watcher said they found out the real reason diane feinstein didn't get the
6:41 am
nomination is because the state is too radical. if they thought you were in hot tubs drinking chardonnay, before the weekend, that bottle got bigger. >> goals. giving us goals, mark. >> exactly. we wish. mark in washington dc. thank you. there is one fewer republican in the race to be california governor . republican doug has dropped out of the race, the former congressman cited a field of candidates and lack of fundraising needed to defeat the democrats. among the top dens is running -- democrats running and as for the remaining republican candidates, businessman john cox and orange county assemblyman travis allen remain. today santa clara county supervisor cindy will be available to talk about sexual assault kits. she's recommending the kits take no longer than 30 days to be processed.
6:42 am
the reason to address the backlog of untested kits in law enforcement agencies and forensic labs in california. time now is 6:42. the demands local residents plan to make tonight as google looks to move into downtown san jose. plus drivers seeing a slight dip in gas prices and californiaens paying some of the most expensive prices at the pump. we'll take a look at numbers straight ahead. look at numbers on the stock market this morning, the dow up a bit right now.
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month...but...calif ornians...we're still paying some . the national arching for a gallon of gas -- average for a gallon of gas dipped to the lowest price this mornt. californiaens paying some of the highest prices in the country. kpix sandra osborn luge at a sheaf ron -- live at a chevron
6:46 am
near the airport in san jose with a look at numbers. >> reporter: if you hear about any decrease, we will take it. where we are right now in san jose, seeing gas prices listed at about $3.33 per gallon, which is a bit expensive. up about 81-cents from the national average. that average is $2.52 per gallon of regular unled gallon of gasoline. it's the cheap this month . a declining demand is the reason and steady decline since december, but that trend is not likely to continue. analysts say the cost of crude oil is expected to go back up, which means we could feel it in our wallets. aaa plans to have provection genxs out this week. in the -- projections out this week. california and hawaii are the two most expensive states to buy gas. unfortunately for drivers in san francisco, aaa lists your city as the most expensive place to pay at the pump in the united states. the average price in san
6:47 am
francisco sets you back $3.44 per gallon and oakland not far behind at $3.33 and san jose and average gas price of $3.32 per gallon. if you're wondering why wr in the country has the cheapest gas prices, that's jackson, mississippi, people living there pay $2.33 per gallon of gas. sandra osborne, kpix 5. >> i'm moving to jackson, mississippi. >> it might make you want to. bay area home prices reaching now heights and jerome talking about the economy to congress. >> financial reporter with a look at stories and more. jason. >> good morning, michelle and anne. not many signs of home prices in the bay area cooling down. smp show bay area prices up from a year earlier and half a year from the prior month. two other large metro areas
6:48 am
bigger at annual gains. seattle and las vegas. bay area prices steadily risen and home prices across the country steadily risen having much weaker demand. historically low level of homes available for sale. that's continued to push prices higher. where she the added challenge of rising mortgage rates that have risen since the beginning of the year. we're starting to see some of that impact sales. we had weaker sales in december and in january.
6:49 am
nasdaq up three points. stock up by double digits and helping a lot of others like jc penny, sears and nordstrom. campus and they want google to meet before they open that new campus. he dubbed the fleet of the future, don't include outlets
6:50 am
for charging electronics. bart says the new cars are modified to handle passengers and take up space allowed for more standing room and no convenient places to put charging outlets. >> riding bart this weekend. >> your phone died. that would have been ferfect for you. charge before you -- perfect for you. charge before you leave the house. >> portable charnellers. i live on those things. >> the portable guys. >> yeah. >> good to go. >> i need a portable charger. >> if you'd like to avoid the roadways and running on time, don't be running on time along the east shore freeway and live look at 80 at charley son and slow down and five minutes on down toward the maze. additional 25 heading into san francisco. okay, southbound 880 we had that earlier and speeds dropping below 10 miles per hour approaching the scene and
6:51 am
looks like they've opened up those lanes and only one lane remains blocked in that southbound direction. that's a slow ride heading over to 101 and this is 101 at popular and north of here, overturned that dump truck and along the peninsula and overpass of 101 and emergency crews are the -- or the cleanup crews are there working on that. the road is currently closed and this is peninsula overpass of 101 in san mateo. avoid that area. that is a check of your traffic. check in with neda on the forecast. >> quite an exciting view right now. take a look at this. this is at livermore. greet view and allowing for us to -- great view and allowing to see the fresh snow for local hills. quite a sight to see and video
6:52 am
from earlier was at 2:00 this morning on mines road and pretty widespread across those hills east of livermore and we also have a great shot from the lick observatory over by mount hamilton and you'll see that snow here as well. right on the hillside and pretty day to look that direction. that's for sure. this is also a view from east of alex sending this in yesterday morning and we got a bit more snow after the storm passed through and overnight and will look even cooler out there this morning. satellite radar showing up and few clouds and very thin wispy clouds and windy condition and temperatures in the 40s so feels even colder and windchill factor and sfo, 24 miles per hour sustained wind and dealing with strong winds all morning long. same with the north bay hills and diablo got a gust clocking in at 67 miles per hour in the
6:53 am
30-mile to 35 miles per hour range for gusts in napa across the north bay. windchill what we're feeling out there. 28 degrees is what it feels like in berkeley right now. look at mount diablo. not a typo. fremont 26 and high temperatures warm up a bit compared to yesterday. we have sunshine and this afternoon, we're looking at low 60s for most of the bay area. fremont could reach 59 degrees and warmer in santa rosa and get ready for round two. this will be the biggest storm we've seen so far this season. we're expecting a half to half an inch of rain along the bay area and widespread precipitation on the coast. wednesday afternoon, just a few rain drops coming through starting in the north bay and impacting san francisco by overnight wednesday night. look at this, thursday morning through thursday afternoon, that's when the bulk of the storm will arrive. we could see well over an inch of rain for a lot of areas and inch and a quarter for concord
6:54 am
by thursday. but it'll continue through friday as well. so anywhere around the bay area will be impacted and take a look at snow. we've been talking about they got a foot of snow, fresh powder from the latest storm but look what they're about to get. quite the dumping and 42-inches at donor summit and 23 -- donor summit 2-3 feet of snowfall and windy as well with the storm system widespread and soaking rain arriving tomorrow night. we'll be right back.
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♪ (door bell rings) (cell phone vibrating) hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. (cell phone vibrating) hello, can i help you? hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪ nationâ but state lawmakers are now introducing 10 new bills. these new bills ra . california has some of the strictest gun laws in the
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nation but now introducing ten new bills for the gun laws and restraining orders and if the bills pas, they'll take effect on january 1, 2019. oakland mayor feeling the heat for warning the puck lick about the large scale ice raid in the works. she's now received hundreds of nasty messages on voice mail, e- mail, and social media including death threats. today a man arrested in connection with two mail bombings, including one that targeted an east bay police officer is due in court. ross now faces federal charges of mailing an explosive device with the intent to injure or kill. people in santa barbara continue living below last year's thomas fire being told to evacuate ahead of winter storm. worry is heavy rain may cause more heavy flooding and mudslides in the community ofmont see to. extra headaches for the
6:59 am
next few weeks. they're called to ignore the electronic red xs and green arrows in various configurations but these are tests. getting to the richmond san rafael bridge and ghettoing slow and this is through ignasio boulevard in the yellow in the northbound direction and fluid leaking in the lanes. be careful. northbound 101 at central. neda. taking a look right now at gorgeous view and sun out at and chopper 5 out there. gornl yous site at mount hamilton and dusting of snow and clouds out there and live shot from san jose and cool, windy conditions and skies bring us great view of the snow and not really going to melt because it's that could ot there. -- cold out there.
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>> thanks for watching, everyone. >> cbs this morning is coming up next. >> happy tuesday. good morning to our viewers in the west. it's tuesday, february 27, 2018. welcome to "cbs this morning." florida lawmakerings as are mov forward with new gun control legislation in the wake of the stoneman douglas school shooting. president trump says he would have run in unarmed to cop frnf the shooter. two american soldiers killed in last year's ambush in niger. showing the green berets bonding with local troops. a woman goes public with allegations of sexual harassment and assault by ryan seacrest. he denies any wrongdoing and an investigation found insufficient evidence. why she calls


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