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tv   KPIX 5 News Early Edition  CBS  February 28, 2018 4:30am-5:01am PST

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>> i'm anne makovec. we made it to "hump day." >> halfway through. >> it's the day before the big rain. tomorrow morning is going to be crazy. right now it's cool, calm and clear, but just wait for it because this big storm is arriving. i'm watching it right there by the california-oregon border at this time. so it's going to move towards us. so we have a cool start to your day. and then the showers will arrive. later on this afternoon, heavy rain going to start after midnight tonight so that means the morning commute tomorrow please leave early, set your aarms earlier than normal -- set your alarms earlier than normal because it will be slow going. we have wind and rain, sierra snowfall to talk about. this storm will last through saturday. there it is on hi-def doppler so we are starting to see some of the snow flurries showing up at the lower elevations across those mountains to the north. as well as eureka. we'll time it out hour by hour and let you know how much rain
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we'll get. >> we are seeing the usual slowdowns on westbound 580. we were tracking overright roadwork along 680 is cleared up but now a crash southbound 680 just past 84. so heads up, you may see some flashing lights. no lanes blocked. northbound lanes of highway 13 shut down at broadway terrace. it should be wrapped up by 5:00 this morning. right now they have a detour where you exit at broadway and get right back on. but it will cost you a few extra minutes. over at the bay bridge toll plaza starting to see cars back up in the cash lanes. police are releasing more details of a the shooting involving officers and a murder suspect in san francisco. it ended with the arrest of the suspect. as joe vazquez reports 7 officers had body cameras
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rolling. >> we got him. he is in there, he's in there. >> reporter: san francisco police say the man inside the rv is the murder suspect accused of shooting two men in the golden gate panhandle killing one of them, a 28-year- old man. >> he is in there laying down. >> reporter: police say after the suspect joel armstrong carjacked a vehicle to get away, they tracked him. he refuses to come out after repeated orders. >> reporter: three people and a dog emerge but the suspect stays inside. moment later police hear two shots fired from the inside the rv. the officers fired back. according to the police report, 7 officers fired 65 shots.
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the suspect fired two-shot. a total of 67 shots, nobody was hit. get back, don't move, stay on the ground! >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> federal prosecutors say a northern california man accused of traveling overseas to join isis was self-radicalized by online statements. 21-year-old bernard lives in keys, south of modesto. his computer contained evidence that he was willing to die for the cause. >> yeah. that doesn't sound like him. i liked him. i never saw anything wrong with him. sorry to hear that. >> just a quiet guy, smart, that's all i know about him. >> augustine allegedly wrote in an email, my purpose in life is to seek the ultimate justice. the good people in this world bring balance and push back
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against evil and give their lives freely in the process. he was arrested in 2016 while trying to enter libya. he is now charged with providing material support to terrorists. i.c.e. has confirmed what oakland mayor libby schaaf warned of a wide pranking dragnet on undocumented immigrants from oregon to bakersfield. it was called operation keep safe and i.c.e. arrested 150 people. >> fresno and the central coast. >> among those i.c.e. arrested, 38-year-old a documented gang member with criminal conviction of assault with a deadly weapon. another person from the northern california rapid response and immigrant defense says the concern is not over the criminality of those arrested but the constitution. detained immigrants can be
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held in jail indefinitely while waiting for deportation proceedings. the supreme court made that ruling yesterday. it reverses an appeals court ruling in san francisco requiring bail hearings every six months. pg&e's top executive could make more than $12 million in bonuses over the next few years. the person makes a base salary over a million dollars but can get a bonus of $4.32 million this year and millions in long- term incentives depending on performance and safety. this as the utility faces lawsuits over the north bay wildfires. the october firestorm killed dozens of people and destroyed thousands of homes. investigators have yet to release an official cause but many homeowners have sued pg&e alleging fallen power lines started the fire. it is a chilly morning.
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it's going to change. all of that is going to turn from clear to stormy. here's hi-def doppler. the rain is off the coast. snow near redding so some of the low elevations actually near redding at 2500 feet where we are seeing some of that rain turn to snow snow. we'll have storms tonight. temperatures right now: >> santa rosa below freezing. wind speeds not bad about 11 but most of the area calm. 3 to 5-mile-per-hour winds tomorrow our wind speeds will be high, 20 to 30 miles per hour. so here's what we can expect
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with this storm that's arriving. today we'll see clear conditions until about noon. then we'll start to see the showers arrive after 12:00 today for the north bay. and then by this afternoon, it will start to work into san francisco but tonight, that's when the rain will start to really pick up so the heaviest amount of rain we'll see and the strong winds will be on thursday. sierra snow will start falling saturday night with ridgetops expecting 7 feet of snow. so here's the futurecast. clouds will work their way in around noontime. 7:00 north bay deals with more rain overnight through 1:00 a.m. and it will pick up and stay strong widespread throughout the bay area upon your commute tomorrow morning. so jaclyn, if you are not busy today you will be busy
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tomorrow. allow plenty of extra time. you may have a dry commute but this evening commute you will see showers. overnight roadwork 880 northbound. we have at least one lane closed until about 5 a.m. caltrans starting to pick things up but we still have slowdowns in that southbound direction between 29th and 23rd avenue. you can see speeds dip below 45 miles per hour. and northbound freeway closure along highway 13, this is right at broadway terrace, caltrans should have that wrapped up by 5 a.m. and they have a detour set up for you. 10 minutes into san francisco from the bay bridge toll plaza. the next presidential election is more than 2.5 years
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away but this morning, president trump already has his 2020 campaign chief in place. brad parscale is the president's long time digital marketing strategist. during the 2016 campaign he played a key row in building support for mr. trump on facebook and twitter. president trump's son-in- law no longer has access to the nation's top secrets. his clearance was downgraded friday along with other white house officials who had been on temporary authorizations. among other things, the move blocks jared kushner from accessing the presidential daily brief. as the presidential adviser, kushner had been granted interim access while the fbi completed his background check. that report was delayed after kushner had to refile paperwork three times because of undisclosed contacts with foreign nationals. >> he is a valued member of the team and he will continue to do the important work that he has been doing since he started in
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the administration. >> at this point, it's unclear how long the lowered security clearance will last but the fbi is expected to wrap up his back brown check in a month. a u.s. district judge has sided with president trump on building the wall removing what could have been a main obstacle to president trump's pledge. it's the same mexican heritage judge who the president accused of being biased in a case against him. congress has to provide funding first. state attorney general xavier becerra said california will look at options to stop the wall. he said a medieval wall along the u.s./mexico border simply does not belong in the 21st century. students today are returning to classes at a florida high school two weeks after a gunman killed 17 people there. here's some video from just a short time ago. marjory stoneman douglas high school will have a shortened schedule at least through the end of the week.
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there's a heavy police presence at the campus as students arrived this morning. crowds of media are there. time is 4:41. pot for dogs. a new bill that would let veterinarians talk about cannabis treatment with pet owners. >> plus, it's an epidemic in san francisco but this particular car break-in is getting the attention of the mayor and now firefighters are fed up.
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can afford to dream gig. comcast, building america's largest gig-speed network. francisco. but this time: firefighters had their s-u-v broken into. and as kpix 5' us: another report on the epidemic of car break-ins in san francisco but this time, city firefighters had their suv broken into. and as kpix 5's susie steimle tells us, they are calling out the mayor. >> so we were right in the middle of contract negotiations yesterday oddly enough and when i cam out i found my car had been broken into right in the middle of the day in front of city hall. >> reporter: san francisco firefighters union president thomas o'connor showed us the busted out window of his work car. this is the third time his car has been broken into in two
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years in san francisco all in broad daylight. he was so frustrated that he posted this tweet that reads, hashtag city fine, hashtag, no problems here, and tagged acting mayor mark farrell. >> i share the frustration of that tweet. it's why i have been working with the police chief over the past week to get a staffing plan together. >> reporter: the mayor sees this as an issue of police resources. he promises to add money in the budget specifically for sfpd to tackle this problem. >> this cannot be the status on our streets. we need to do better. >> reporter: last week the district attorney held a press conference where he asked the city for a million dollars to build a task force to understand the problem. mayor farrell said that's a no for him. >> we don't need a task force to study the situation where we know what the problem is already. >> reporter: farrell says instead the d.a.'s office and police need to partner up. >> they always need to work closely together. and you know, they have had
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different conflicting relationships over time. we need our police department and d.a.'s offices to be strong and the courts to be strong. >> it's shocking how big a problem it is that the thieves are emboldened to do it in the middle of the day on a busy sidewalk. they can do it and get away with it. >> reporter: o'connor says this hasn't just happened to his personal car. it's also happened to marked fire department vehicles in the city. he wants police to get more resources to tackle the problem. in san francisco, susie steimle, kpix 5. a climate plan, reduce greenhouse gas emissions as defined in the paris accord. san jose plans to produce more solar power and lower water consumption. president trump withdrew from the paris climate accord last year. san jose is now one of the first cities in the u.s. to develop such a plan. a state lawmaker from san
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jose wants to allow veterinarians to prescribe pot for animals. supporters say it would be another option to treat pets for ailment like pain, anxiety and nausea. but it's important to be regulated. >> since cannabis is now legally recreationally, there is a great risk people are give it to their pets with no guidance. >> critics of the bill are concerned about marijuana poisoning in pets. they say there's not enough research to support pot as a medical option for animals. there's a new workplace perk at apple. boutique healthcare. it will soon be offered to employees at the spaceship campus and other offices. it includes a network of medical clinics that offers a concierge like healthcare experience. it's set to launch this spring. job seekers in san francisco are building new careers. they are putting up new buildings. citybuild academy is an 18 week program for san francisco residents interested in
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construction careers. they get on-the-job training as they complete projects around the city and once they graduated they are placed into steady union jobs straight away. >> this is way better than being out there by yourself. this helps me a lot. >> you know what i'm saying, somebody reach their arm out to you and you grab it and they pull you up, it means something. >> it helps contractors to fulfill their obligation to hire locals. it's been going until 2006. >> a great sound bite. >> i like that. let's talk weather. >> you have a day to get ready. the rain is going to get here. let's take a look at our hi-def doppler. here's a view of the waxing gibbous moon. it looks beautiful nonetheless
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and a sign of clear skies out there. we'll not have tomorrow or most likely not on friday either. the rain/slush mix it's cold enough near places like red bluff and redding where some of those lower elevations are seeing a little bit of snow flurries. it's picking up moisture. temperatures are cool. 40 degrees in san jose. below freezing. because of those clear skies, not helping keep any warm air in place livermore at the freezing mark oakland cool at 36. here's what we can expect later on today. our temperatures will be in the mid- to upper 50s. cooler than yesterday by a few degrees. we hit some of the 60s in some areas, no 60s today because of the storm.
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at midnight gusts pick up. the weather service issued a wind advisory from 2 a.m. tomorrow morning. so you can see why. here's the futurecast, winds stay strong. we are looking at 45-mile-per- hour gusts in many areas throughout the day tomorrow. so it will be raining and windy so of course that always can lead to downtown trees and power lines. you may see a lot of sideways rain blowing around because of the winds. the futurecast as far as the timing of the storm when we'll get the most of it, scattered showers for the north bay this afternoon. and then overnight tonight through early tomorrow morning, it will be widespread so most of the bay area will be impacted after midnight. through 9 a.m. strong winds from san francisco, redwood city, south bay, also we'll be dealing with it. the afternoon tomorrow may get a little bit of a break for some areas but it will still remain strong for much of the north bay and then by friday
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morning, we are going to see scattered showers. so we are going to start to get a little break friday but it will pick up friday throughout the day friday even through saturday. it's a long lasting storm. so here's the timing just to clarify it for everybody. showers start this afternoon, heaviest tonight. the wind will pick up all day tomorrow. the downpour will happen during your commute in the morning. and again for the afternoon. and then we may see low elevation snow as well especially friday morning. that's when the snow levels could drop down to 2,000 feet. so i haven't gotten to the sierra snowfall yet but i will. coming up we'll talk about that. but look at rain chances through saturday. sunday, monday, tuesday, though, things are clearing up. jaclyn. >> it's going to be a tough couple of days on the roads. right now we are tracking a nice easy ride for drivers along highway 37.
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we have a full highway closure in both directions on lakeville highway until 6 a.m. this is between stage gulch and old adobe road so heads up there. we have overnight roadwork between san antonio and kastania. slowdowns building northbound. it should be wrap up in the next 15 minutes or so. here's 101 at spencer. some overnight roadwork is picked up. 11 minutes to the golden gate bridge. you can see the golden gate bridge never takes a bad shot. it's beautiful out there. the bay bridge toll plaza much busier over at this bridge. give yourself some extra time out the door. back to you guys. 4:51. the search is on for the gunman behind bb gun attacks on a bay area freeway. >> and a strong chemical smell
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in the air. the chemical leak on the train tracks that forced a "shelter in place" order.
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sporting goods has announced that they will stop selling assualt- it's a cool start to the day and many areas below freezing. look at your afternoon highs. we're looking at some upper 50s in most of the bay area across the south bay even could reach the low 60s. and this afternoon, we'll start to deal with that storm. scattered showers especially across the north bay first. and then it will be widespread. so the east bay temperatures upper 50s, low 60s and around the bay also in the upper 50s. so temperatures slightly cooler than yesterday. but it will start to get windy and rainy later on tonight. jaclyn? >> there's "diamonds and rubies" out there. this is 580. and those heed light, your diamonds making their way westbound 27 minutes between
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205 and 680. and we are getting first reports of a new accident over near the bay bridge toll plaza. it's just past the metering lights. so hopefully they can get that cleared soon and it won't have any major impact on your morning ride. this just in. dick's sporting goods the store has announced that they will stop selling assault style rifles. they also say they are raising the age limit to buy a gun to 21 years old. it's been happening more lately. airplanes on a collision course at airports across the country including sfo. now a bay area congressman is trying to do something about it. air canada flight 759 mistakenly started to land on taxiway c instead of the assigned runway. on taxiway c four planes were in line ready to take off. that air can't friday nearly landed on top of -- that air canada flight nearly landed on top of those planes before it
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pulled up. >> if that 59 feet finalized in a tragedy and if it happens in the future, we'll be held to account. we want to avoid that. >> yesterday in washington lawmakers asked federal aviation agencies about cockpit voice recorders. the recording on the air canada flight had been eraseed. >> if the airplane is involved in an accident it will stop recording and preserve the data. however, in an incident in which the airplane is undamaged, likely power will remain on as passengers disembark and the next load of passengers will get on and very quickly that data is going to be overwritten. >> newer planes must have a two- hour tape limit on those recorders. older models need minutes of tape. now the national transportation safety board says it's considering 25 hour recording standards and that could take effect at 2021. chemicals leaking from a train car prompted a "shelter in place" order in parts of pittsburgh along the bnsf railroad tracks on north parkside drive.
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someone reported a strong vapor coming from one of the cars in pittsburg afternoon noon yesterday. contra costa county fire officials said they ordered a shelter in place until they could determine which car had the problem in pittsburg and exactly what was leaking. >> we were able to discover that one of the cars was leaking sodium sulfide. when that material catches the air, it turns into hydrogen sulfide which smells like rotten eggs. >> that "shelter in place" order was lifted about 2.5 hours later police are hoping a $10,000 reward will help them find the gunman behind bb gun attacks on a bay area freeway. this is one of the charter buses struck over the past two months on 280 between woodside and cupertino. there are no reports of injuries in any of the attacks. it is 3 minutes before 5:00. two weeks after 17 people were killed, students in parkland, florida, return to school today. more on that as congress works towards gun legislation. >> plus, new details on a police shooting that happened earlier this month following a
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shooting and carjacking on the panhandle in san francisco.
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i'm michelle griego. and i'm anne makovec. kenny choi is off this morning let's st good morning, it's wednesday, february 28th. i'm michelle griego. >> and i'm anne makovec in for kenny choi. let's start with a live look outside. the morning rush is starting this morning. and on the left-hand side of your screen you can see a gorgeous shot from the embarcadero. that's the ferry building there on your left. clouds start to build in the skies over the bay area. and on the right-hand side, 101 at trimble in santa clara where traffic is moving smoothly at the limit. >> looks good. but the morning is still young. >> yes. >> keep our fingers crossed. >> so if it stays that way today, tomorrow things will get busy. yes, right now we are looking at clear skies. it's cold out there, though. and look what's on the way. hi-def doppler showing it's getting closer. you can see it working its way down the screen. so yeah, red bluff getting this rain/slush mix. it's cold


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