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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 2, 2018 11:00pm-11:36pm PST

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inside starbucks. one man charged, now a verdict next. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. (cell phone vibrating) hello, can i help you? hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪
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go now at 11:00, more downpours tonight as the storm turns deadly in the sierra, i'm veronica de la cruz. >> i'm ken bastida. that storm system also dumped some hail right here in the bay area today. that's what it looked like in berkeley. even some snow in the higher elevations. chopper 5 flew over mount hamilton east of san jose. another light dusting today. here is kpix 5 chief meteorologist paul deanno with more. paul? >> ken, it is still snowing in and around mount hamilton tonight. high elevation snow in the bay area, scattered showers continue becoming less numerous. often happens this time of night. let's take a look at radar. the snow showers are east of san jose. that white is not rain, that is snow falling just east of san jose in fremont. heavier showers on top of fremont. light rain for danville and
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livermore. we'll zoom in on a heavier shower moving over san pablo bay. that has its sights set on vallejo and hercules. the sierra, that is it. it has been snowing heavy all night long for a couple of hours. it was snowing at a clip of four inches of snow per hour. additional snowfall between now and 10:00 tomorrow night when this winter storm warning could end. we could see another two to four feet. lots of trouble for those heading up to the mountains. it'll be rough out there. scatteredownpours will continue through tomorrow. any heavier shower contains small hail. we'll talk about what happens next. >> thank you, paul. reporter steve large continues our team coverage for us tonight from the sierra. >> reporter: no question this storm has made for a tough day at the squaw valley ski resort. first a snowboarder's body
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found on the slopes, and then this terrifying avalanche. a heroic response. dramatic cell phone video shows the frantic effort to dig people out trapped in the squaw valley avalanche. skiers and snowboarders buried under a heavy snow that came crashing down squaw valley slopes. owe receive was one of those -- joseph was one of those there. >> i heard this sound. it sounded like a train coming to the woods. i turned around and all of a sudden it just blew up. the snow, it went probably 100 feet in the air all over the place. you couldn't see anything. >> reporter: it first became silent, then came the screams for help. >> people yelling for their wives, kids. >> reporter: he went to help one man covered by the avalanche. only the tail of the snowboard exposed. >> you start dig, i mean furiously digging. >> reporter: finally the man's
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face emerged. his lips were blue. >> he opened up his eyes, looking at right me and said where is my wife? >> the buried man was okay. his wife was too. >> his wife came up to him. obviously distraught, just so happy. >> reporter: that survival story following the tragic discovery of a snowboarder dead on the squaw valley slopes only earlier. placer sheriff department investigators say the body of the 42-year-old, wenyu zhang, of rocklin was found four to five feet of fresh snow. he had been reported missing the night before. >> especially with the heavier snow out here in california. if you can't move your arms to get your board off and you can't get your arms up to your head, you end you have suffocating. >> reporter: for one squaw valley snowboarder, this snowstorm proving deadly. for others trapped by an avalanche, they now have a heroine story of survival and
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heroes like joseph to thank. >> people were yelling for help, and we responded. >> reporter: joseph broad definitely a hero tonight. squaw valley ski resort did shut down operations this evening because of the hazardous conditions. they do expect to be back open tomorrow. back to you. >> all right, steve large reporting for us. >> we'll continue our coverage of the storm on air and online at well tonight police say a suspected bay area gang member wanted for 17 counts of murder is behind embarrass. >> kpix 5 andria borba is live with details. >> reporter: authorities in reno hit the jackpot when executing a search warrant yesterday. meanwhile the suspect's time went bust by being at the wrong place at the wrong time. this is the s.w.a.t. raid on the street in reno, a subpoena wanted for master's degree in the east bay. a suspect wanted for murder in
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-- a suspect wanted for murder in the east bay. they found an outstanding warrant out of contra costa county for 17 counts of murder in the first degree along with carjacking, robbery, and burglary. waters is allegedly a member of an east bay crime ring responsible for multitude of crimes, including robbery and murder of a couple in their driveway while wearing halloween masks. >> then i saw the guns, and the guy said give it up. >> reporter: tom spalding was pistol whipped during the incident. his wife shot twice. once in the shoulder, once in the pelvis. the crime sent the small community on edge. >> the neighbors obviously heard the shots and heard a vehicle leaving at a high rate of speed, which means engine
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revving, tires squealing. >> now waters' bail has been set tonight at $10 million. in the newsroom, andria borba, kpix 5. a couple accused of keeping their kids in a small makeshift home for years appears in court today. 51-year-old mona kirk and daniel plead not guilty. police say all of them were living in this three-by-ten trailer made of plywood for four years. the trailer did not have electricity or running water, and was occupied by about 30 to 40 cats. investigators say it was also covered with trash. the couple is being held on $100,000 bail. those kids are in protective custody. a man is found not guilty of attempting to murder two vallejo police officers despite the incident being caught on camera. maria medina on the message to
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the jury from the police chief and one of the officer's brothers. >> reporter: there were no words. >> reporter: brandon coleman said the jury got it wrong. >> you have a person out there who almost killed your brother. >> reporter: his brother, vallejo officer, josh cole march seen here in surveillance video with his partner, officer mark gallios, chasing after adam powell, who prosecutors say tried to ambush the officers while they were on a coffee break at starbucks, 2016. powell's rifle malfunctioned and he ran. >> the rifle malfunctioned, yes. each person that tested the rifle, they found that it was incomplete. >> reporter: that is powell's defense. that he didn't go there to kill the officers. instead he wanted them to shoot him. he told the courtroom he wanted to decide from suicide by cop after his son got a hold of his gun earlier that morning and
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accidentally pulled the trigger. brandon doesn't buy his defense. powell armed himself with an assault rifle and loaded handgun, wore body armor, then ran from officers while continuing to fiddle with his jammed rifle. but the jurying did believe him. on thursday they found powell not guilty on two counts of attempted murder on a police officer. >> i could not understand it. i thought it was a joke. >> reporter: he is not alone. the vallejo police chief said in a statement, "i am disgusted and case appointed with the -- disgusted and disappointed with the verdict. i can not recall a more rational verdict especially considering mass shootings. the officer is no longer in law enforcement. brandon's brother continues to protect and serve vallejo. >> 1 human beings could actually sit and go through all of that evidence and to be able to have that man go free.
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how is it possible? center he was also charged for child endangerment in this shooting, but the jury could not reach a verdict. he was found guilty. the district attorney's office released a statement saying they also did not agree with the verdict. in vallejo, kpix 5. some apple employees injured after walking into glass. tonight the 911 calls. tonight, the huge water main break that sent asphalt flying into stores. and also tonight, the changing face of san francisco's north beach.
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♪ they're super... ...but they can fly. ♪ united. helping superheroes fly. injured and bleeding... after walking straight into glass
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walls at the spaceship campus in some apple employees tonight injured and bleeding after walking straight into glass walls at the spaceship campus in cupertino. now kpix 5 katie nielsen has the 911 calls. >> what's your emergency? what's the address of the emergency? >> reporter: this isn't the way the new apple park wanted to get on the map. >> it's going to be 1 apple park cupertino. >> reporter: the new spaceship campus opened up right after the 1st of the year with a corporate-wide apple event led by apple's ceo, tim cook. >> apple park has been built to reflect apple's values for both technology and the environment. >> reporter: but the environment inside wasn't exactly employee friendly. almost immediately after the campus opened in january, people started getting hurt by accidentally walking into the building's glass walls. the san francisco chronical got the recordings of the 911 calls for help. >> we have an individual who
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ran in to a glass wall pane. >> i walked into a glass door on the first floor of apple park. >> they are bleeding, slightly disoriented. >> reporter: a building inspector, albert salvador, they said apple tried to fix the problems by putting markings like these on the glass walls. he says that fix appears to be working because in the last two months, they haven't goalen anymore of injuries from people walking into wall -- they haven't gotten anymore of those injuries from people walking into the walls. >> nothing high-tech like you might expect. they are just rectangular stickers. a water main break sends asphalt flying through the air. reporter tom wait shows us the big mess in l.a.'s mid-city neighborhood. >> reporter: it looked like a kaiser shooting out from the
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streets. ivan cho works in the street. >> i would stand right in front of the neighbor and hear boom. the rocks were flier where. >> reporter: the water was blasting from a 12-inch main. spraying water into nearby businesses. the enormous rupture even caused the street to sink down. >> i thought all the windows were going to burst. >> reporter: this woman's store was flooded with the water. >> the water was falling all over the place. >> reporter: another main just 15 feet from this one ruptured a day ago. officials say it is possible when they shut down the other increase, it is a man that blew tonight. likely old age is to blame. the mains were installed in 1923. for neighbors it's going to be another night without water. >> i checked this morning and they said to get in the shower
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as you can. shortly after that the water was off again. >> reporter: work crews here will spend most of the night again trying to pump all that water out from underneath the streets. as for water service for these neighbors, it could be until the early morning hours, and much longer for street repairs and the sinkhole to be fixed. reporting live from the mid city area of los angeles, i'm tom wait, kpix 5. ride share drivers enjoy flexible work hours, but a new survey finds many are earning less than minimum wage. the median profit for uber and lyft drivers is reportedly $3.37 an hour. engineers at m.i.t. conducted the study factoring in costs like car maintenance, gas, and insurance. they talked to more than a thousand ride share drivers nationwide and 74% earn less than their minimum wage, but all of this is perfectly legal. >> we do have minimum wage laws
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here in california and san francisco, but those are for employees, and there is a distinction of the law between employees and independent contractors. >> uber says this about the survey. its methodology and findings are ft. lauderdale. we reached out to the paper's authors to share our concerns and discuss ways on how to refine their approach. liz says it's an initial review that turned up some questionable assumptions. the company also says we will continue to engage with our community. san francisco north beach is known for their local businesses, especially their restaurants. lately it's been losing a lot of them. owners tell joe vazquez why it has become so hard to survive. >> reporter: north beach, san francisco's little italy is becoming less and less italian as more of the neighborhood's
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mom and pop shops are shutting their doors for good. there are four empty store fronts in a row right here along columbus avenue. rose pastola out of business. right next door is cafe roma. they shut down on sunday. they are in the yellow awning. the popcorn store is empty. next door to that the gelato shop is no more. >> this is the worst i have ever seen in 45 years. nothing that compares to it. >> also, cafe butino. >> it's frustrating. there is a reason why some people shop at certain places and not at others. >> reporter: the owner of cafe roma tells me the cost of increased minimum wage got to be too much. and scarce parking and the lack of direct publication is also blamed. >> north beach became a tougher location to get to especially with the congestion in san francisco. >> reporter: another problem says lori thomas, her restaurant as well as her neighbors may have grown old fashion for the new tech crowd.
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>> we were 21 years old, and the italian genre is aging. it's not the new hip ethnic cuisine a lot of the younger diners are looking for. >> sometimes it's the landlord that's looking for too much money. in the case of cafe puccini, which was beloved in the neighborhood, it was a midnight fire. >> reporter: the supervisor said north beach is doing much better than it looks. city surveys show the vacancy rate for north beach is lower than the rest of the city. some businesses are thriving and other new businesses are moving in including a theater- turned condo complex that has been vacant since the 90s. a new restaurant will open up on the ground floor. >> when people see a cluster of vacant places on one block, it's overwhelming. but when you look are at the neighborhood district, overall it's a very healthy situation. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix
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5. another bay area real estate deal setting another new record. this tiny 850-square foot two- bedroom home in sunnyvale selling for $2 million. it is not the sale price that set the record, but get this, the price per square foot. $2,350. the buyer paid more than $500,000 over asking all in cash. what made the simple home so attractive? location, location, location. >> sunnyvale is the hardest of silicon valley, so it is close to all the major employers in the high-tech industry. another thing that might have helped seal the deal, the buyer personally appealed to the seller to accept the offer as one cat lover to another. >> all right. $2,350 per square foot. >> that's a lot of scrap. take a look at what we have going on with the radar right now. we do have active weather right
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now. that's an expensive house, $2 million. let's take a look at radar across the bay in fremont. we are looking at some showers that will remain just that is some snow. we are also picking up a few showers around berkeley, oakland, richmond, heading up towards the hills. we are seeing one shower towards hercules. kpix 5 doppler is beginning to wind down and move back up again tomorrow. the high pressure hasn't moved much. look at all the snow where the winter storm warning continues. your forecast for tahoe, looking at a high of 27 tomorrow. more snow, the snow will let up on sunday. 32 degrees will be your high on supped. the beach wants something to say as well. we have the mountains and the beach will have rough surf tomorrow and the high advisory. northwesterly swells from 16 feet. chilly night, look at santa rosa down to 35 degrees. the heavier shower will pass over santa rosa tonight with
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some wet snowflakes. they will mix in with the rainfall. oakland 47, san francisco 47 degrees. mid-30s for the north bay. livermore 36. san jose 42. we have that low pressure area up to the innovator and the -- north and to the west. it's been heavy downpours with some hail today and some thunderstorms today because the unstable air being fed in by this area of low pressure continues. until this low staseses to the east. that will occur until 9:00 to 10:00 tomorrow night. overnight to want, fewer showers. watch the ramp up in activity by as soon as 9:00 tomorrow morning. scattered showers, small showers possible throughout the day. by sunday, things calm down. the first dry day since tuesday. it'll be the second half of your weekend. chilly day once again tomorrow. temperatures running 10 degrees below average. san francisco 51, the normal is 61. 54 with scattered downpours in san jose. sunnyvale 53.
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union city 53. san ramon and walnut creek 51. 51 in san rafael. sonoma 51, only 46 chilly degrees in clearlake. extended forecast, we finally dry out on sunday. some sunshine on monday. next week is going to be milder. it's been chilly for two straight weeks. next week highs in the 60s with showers or rain likely to return on thursday or friday. weather is so nice that it makes you want to spend $850. >> but then again it doesn't. if >> all right, thank you. tonight, what is in the oscars swag bag this year. here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert.
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one gi yeah, something just a little different in this year's oscar swag bag. >> just a little different. one gift item gives a nod to the #metoo movement. tucked among the $100,000 worth of freebies. personal safety items, pepper spray on a key chain. personal body alarms, and a test kit to determine if a drink has been drugged. there are also vacations to tanzania, greece, and hawaii. a conflict-free diamond necklace and a $10,000 donation to the an -- donation to the
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animal shelter. also there are some magic mud tooth paste. >> wow. magic mud. >> i'll take the vacations. >> that's what i was thinking. i'll go to greece, hawaii. >> all right, coming up on sports. the coin has been flipped and the 49ers and the raiders will sort out their picks in next month's draft. the warriors finish off their road trip with a win, but steph steph leaves the game with an ankle injury. we'll be right back.
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♪ (door bell rings) (cell phone vibrating) hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. (cell phone vibrating) hello, can i help you? hello. hello. hello. hello. hello. ♪
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steph curry's ankle might be happy to hear the dubs don't play the warriors wrap up a perfect three-game road trip. steph curry's ankle might be sore. he stepped on zsa zsa's first game. he scored 28 points in the game. curry returned in the is educational background qua rter, and then -- in the second quarter, giving them a nine- point lead. steph was taken out of the game in the second half for cautionary reasons. the warriors are up 90-81. the hawks just throws it up and banks it in cutting golden
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state's lead to just six. 10 seconds to go in this one. atlanta with the ball, trailing by 3, but andre iguodala steals a ball from kent bazemor. warriors win their fifth straight. 114-109. pac-12 women's tournament, u, is c in the -- usc in the finals. pulling off her best steph curry impression. take a look at this. nails a half court colored shot and beats the buzzer. cardinals led from the start and cruises to a 69-59 win. earlier in the day in seattle, the cal women took on ucla. 90 seconds to go. jay lynn brown turns it -- jalin brown turns it over giving the bruins an easy bucket to go up by 3. ucla wins 77 will have 74. -- 77-74. well to pick ninth or tenth, it was all up to a flip of a coin to decide where the 49ers and the raiders would
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pick in next month's draft since they had identical records. the draw maw all unfolded on live today, nearly hiring jon gruden, wasn't thrilled with the whole process being dragged out. >> if your thoughts on the fact that we are, sir, doing this live. >> let's get on with this, man. let's split the coin. and it's san francisco, john lynch, who are you picking at ninth overall? >> no comment. [ laughter ] >> let's get on with it, let's go. >> and where is kyle shanahan in that whole thing? we'll see, but yeah. it will be an interesting draft. raiders and 49ers have some needs, so we will see how they do. >> every little thing has to be live. >> yes, in the nfl. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back.
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captioning sponsored by cbs >> and now "the late show"" presents steve buscemi on the oscars and what could have been. >> hi. i'm hollywood actor and teenoidol steve buscemi. if you're anything like me, you might have noticed that i wasn't nominated for an oscar this year. but it's not for lack of trying. in fact, i auditioned for every single best picture nominee this year. let's take a look at what could have been. yes, my name is renalds woodcox and-- i'm sorry. ( clears throat ) my name is reynolds woodclock-- that's a funny name. you have to admit.


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