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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 6, 2018 1:37am-2:12am PST

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tonight: police evacuate a bay area and the bomb squad now at 11:00, a potentially explosive situation. tonight police evacuate a bay area hotel and the bomb squad is brought in. good evening, i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. police cleared out the homewood suites on embarcadero in oakland. joe vazquez has the latest from
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the scene. >> chp got some information tonight. and possibly also inside the pickup truck, so they quickly evacuated the area. around 6:00 this evening, police cornered off several blocks of embarcadero and told hotel guests they had to leave the premise. police say they can't tell us much. just that the information about explosives came from an arrest they made somewhere in alameda county. >> chp was involved in a case where we do have a business that evacuated. >> and it is like everybody needs to move and get out for a minute. >> what was going through your head? >> like my kids. >> the bomb squad was called in to search the room. three hours later they gave the all clear. they can't tell us whether they actually found any explosives. in oakland, joe vazquez, kpix 5. a freak accident in the sierra has killed a san francisco mother and son.
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olga perkovic and her 7-year- old son, aaron, died at the kirkwood ski resorts last night. the alpine county sheriff's office said they were skiing back to their condo when a massive block of snow slid off the roof and completely buried them. it was several hours before someone, a neighbor, spotted a ski glove. and that led searchers to the bodies. new trouble tonight for former nfl star aldon smith. there is a warrant out for his arrest and the raiders released him from the team. police say smith committed domestic violence on saturday at a woman's apartment in san francisco. here are the charges. willful infliction of injury, assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury. false imprisonment, and vandalism. smith left the building on bush street before officers got there. police are now talking to his lawyer to arrange a surrender. smith is currently suspended for repeat substance abuse violations. tmz reports he has checked into rehab.
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murder mystery in half moon bay. tonight the san mateo county sheriff's department is asking for help in solving a case that has gone cold. a man was found shot to death near the great whale cave state beach. katie nielsen has more details of the victim's final hours. >> what were his last words? his last breath. what was he thinking? how much did he feel? [ crying ] i don't know, i don't know what to answer that with. >> reporter: these are all the questions lorena has about her brother's murder, but answers are hard to come by. the sheriff's department says their case has hit a dead end. >> we are really trying to get the public's help to get more information, so that we can bring justice for this family. >> reporter: here is what investigators do know. some time between 9:30 and 11:30, the night of tuesday, february 13, someone shot 53-
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year-old gilberto rodriguez jr. in the gray whale cove parking lot. deputies found his body a few hours later. right now no one knows who shot him or why. his family can't figure out how he got to the remote lot just south of pacifica. they say he didn't have a car. >> public transportation was his only means, so i truly feel like he was taken out there. >> reporter: rodriguez worked as a mechanic with his father at their family business in the mission district of san francisco. he recently left a three-month treatment program for alcoholism and was living on the streets. his sister says their family just wants answers, so they can move on. >> and to hear about how he was found is the nightmare. i hope they do find somebody or something or give me an answer of some kind. >> reporter: there is a makeshift memorial in the parking lot for gilberto jr. a sign asking for anybody who knows anything about his murder
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to contact the san mateo sheriff's department. katie nielsen, kpix 5. president trump gave congress until today to fix daca. >> but tonight millions of dreamers are still stuck in limbo. the president tweeted, "it's march 5, and the democrats are nowhere to be found on daca. gave them six months. they just don't care. where are they? we are ready to make a deal." betty yu is in san jose with a look at the push for new legal protection. betty? >> reporter: liz, hundreds of dreamers and their supporters demonstrated outside san jose's city hall today to call on congress to protect dreamers permanently. across the bay area, communities are rallying behind them. >> and we won't be silent anymore. ♪ [ music ] >> reporter: on the day the obama era immigration program known as daca was suppose to end, interfaith clergy and community leaders sent a powerful message to immigrant
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families and dreamers, people who came to this country illegally as children. >> i really hope that anybody who feels afraid, who is an immigrant, who will see the kind of support and solidarity that they have from such a diverse community, that they heard the message loud and clear. you are not alone. >> reporter: the non-profit faith in action, which hosted the event says its rapid response line received a thousand more calls just in the last three weeks. >> people are scared. people are nervous, people are wondering if they should go back to work or not. in the morning they don't know what's going to happen. they're scared of -- they are scared for their children. >> reporter: he pledged to work with his colleagues to o establish a fund for undocumented immigrants. >> the first reason is it's the right thing to do. but the second thing is folks may not have the resources they
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need. >> a supreme court ruling delayed the end date of deportation protections. but dreamers used today to put on pressure congress and the white house to pass a new law granting them permanent protection. hundreds of students did so outside san jose city hall earlier today. >> i feel like they don't really understand there's a sense of urgency for our communities right now. so we are seeing an increase in i.c.e. enforcement in our communities and collateral arrests that are resulting in the separation of more families. >> reporter: congress must pass a spending bill by march 23 to keep the government running. it's unclear whether lawmakers will use that as the next opportunity to find a solution for daca recipients. live in san jose, betty yu, kpix 5. house minority leader, nancy pelosi tweeted this today. dreamers have proven their dedication to our american community more times than
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anyone can count. these young americans deserve to live with stability and without fear. san francisco's former acting mayor has been stripped of that title again. one of london breed's opponents in the mayor's race, mark leno, sued to keep her from using that title on the ballot. the judge ruled it would be misleading. she will now have to be identified as president board of supervisors. in the meantime tonight three of the candidates debated where and how fast affordable housing can be built. >> that's one of my goals as mayor is to revisit what has been required and to remove many of the obstacles that exists. it's so difficult for us faster in this city. >> we are not talking about building in the middle of your single-family block. but just to the side of your neighborhood. and this is a place that has a lot of housing. we can duplicate plans like
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mission bay in different areas of san francisco. >> the special election to replace late mayor ed lee will be held june 5. tonight a former trump campaign aide says he will probably cooperate in the russia investigation after all. san nunberg initially said he re-- sam nunberg initially said he refused to appear in front of the special grand jury's probe, but now he seems to be reversing course. veronica de la cruz tells us there are new questions tonight about how he smelled. veronica? >> that is absolutely right, liz and ken. nunberg made the rounds throughout the day saying he doesn't think the subpoena is fair. tonight his state of mind came into question. >> talking to you, i have smelled alcohol on your breath. >> well, i have not had a drink. >> you haven't had a drink? >> no, no. and so because it is the talk out there, again, i know it's awkward, let me give you the category. mike, have you had a drink today? >> my answer is no.
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>> anything else? >> no. >> and nunberg says federal investigators spent five and a half hours interviewing him. he believes investigators have evidence that the trump campaign may have colluded with the russians. >> look, i'm not going to weigh in to somebody that doesn't work at the white house. i can tell you from our perspective, we are fully cooperating with the office of the special council. we are going to continue to do so. >> reporter: and nunberg lost a job. he is scheduled to appear for testimony this friday. veronica de la cruz, kpix 5. passengers had to tie up this woman on a flight. out of the bay area tonight, why they said they did it for their own safety. >> the murders of these best friends in fremont. unsolved for 32 years. tonight the break in the case thanks to one piece of evidence. and you think scam artists usually target only the elderly? tonight how millennials
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cabin door! reporter kris van cleave shows us: other passenge a mid-air scare. a passenger tries to open the cabin door in flight. reporter kris van cleave shows us other passengers jumped into action with zip ties. passengers on board flight 5449 restrained this boise, idaho woman who was ranting about being god. they worked to tie up her feet.
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moments earlier she tried to open the aircraft door while the plane was in flight. that plane landed safely and police were waiting at the gate where the woman was taken for medical evaluation. the united express was operated by sky west airlines and had 73 passengers on board. experts say it would be impossible to open up the door in the air, but that wouldn't make it less terrifying for the people on board. the officers responded will support a report to the local prosecutor to determine if this woman will face local charges. the fbi is also investigating. cbs news washington. a mother and her 3-year-old daughter were attacked with a knife on a bus to the bay area. the greyhound was traveling from las vegas to oakland. passengers say a woman got on in bakersfield this afternoon and stabbed the woman holding the toddler and threatened to
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kill the little girl. several people tackled the suspect and some suffered wounds. >> the gentleman behind her had a forearm and i was grabbing her fingers to try -- to try to pry that knife. >> teresa is now under arrest. during the struggle, she also stabbed herself in the neck. other passengers described her as delusional. tonight greyhound confirms four victims are in the hospital. they provided another bus to carry passengers who were unharmed. a little break tonight in a cold case murder in fremont. it happened back in the 1980s. glenn guillory says detectives, they were not sure who did it until now. >> we've been working this case constantly. >> reporter: it is one of their more shocking murders in a long lasting cold case. the double homicide of two young women unsolved for 32
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years until now. >> they were last seen at this convenience store. as they reported in february of 1986, 18-year-old michelle xavier and 20-year-old jennifer duey best friends since childhood vanished on saturday night. only their car was found in the mission village parking lot. a passer-by later found their bodies dumped on the side of the lonely road. there were headlines in a $35,000 reward, but the case went nowhere. it landed on the desk of the glass, a newly designated cold case specialist. >> i've been diving into this case, just working tirelessly to try to do whatever they could to get this thing solved. >> the case had so much working against it. so much time had passed and so many potential witnesses had moved away or even died. one tiny piece of evidence was preserved to help catch the
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killer. that plus advances in dna technology led them to a match. 57-year-old david emery misch, a former east bay resident who was in a california prison for a 1989 murder was charged with the murders of xavier and duey. >> having fingernail clippings with dna is a tall tale. >> he is being moved to the jail and will stand trial. blast stayed on the case for the sakes of the family. >> it may not be the greatest closure, but it is something to hold on to. >> in fremont, len ramirez, kpix 5. the suspect is already serving a sentence for 18 years to life for stabbing another woman to death in hayward back in 1989. a statue that many say is racist will be removed. they voted unanimously to take down the 19th century statue after decade's of public opposition. the statue depicts a native
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american sitting below sir francis drake. well a real life hollywood heist. a man is facing charges of grand theft for allegedly swiping frances mcdormand's academy award for best actress. this happened at the governor's ball after the oscars. she had just won best actress and was waiting to have her statue engraved. the man live streamed on facebook claiming he had won it. there he is, holding it. police say a photographer who noticed followed the man and took the oscar away from him before alerting security. he was later returned to mcdormand -- it was later returned to mcdormand. the young or the old? anna werner has the answer in one of the more frequent tricks they are falling for. >> it hurts a lot. it is one of the biggest
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lessons ever learned. >> reporter: the 29-year-old said he never thought he would fall victim to a scam. >> i felt violated. i was most upset i let myself down. >> reporter: they needed money, so he signed up to mystery shop local businesses and review their customer service, paying him a small fee. then in january, he got a bigger assignment. all by cashing a check the company sent him and then wiring the money back to them. >> and then shortly after about a couple of hours after taking all that money out from the bank, sending it away, i got a call from wells fargo saying it is fraudulent, that i'm on the hook for the entire amount that's been taken out. >> reporter: a new scam risk reports from the better business bureau shows it is one of the most frequent tricks played on millennials. those age 25 to 34. on top of that, the federal trade commission found twice as many millennials who reported
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fraud in 2017 lost money as did people over 60. monica vaca is with the ftc are bureau of consumer protection. >> some of these older folks are doing a really good job recognizing fraud when they come upon it. they are doing a really good job avoiding a loss, and they want to warn people about it. >> reporter: one interesting thing to note, when older people did lose money, they lost more. a median $621 for those in their 70s as opposed to a median $400 for those in their 20s. anna werner, cbs news, new york. sky drone 5 soaring above the sierra. what a difference just a few weeks makes. snow pack is still well below average now at just 39% of normal. but way up from a week ago thanks to last week's storm. the state department of water resources says we need at least a couple of more big storms like that last one to get anywhere that we need to be.
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>> those would be two massive storms. >> big old storms. >> in order to get us to normal for this time of the year. and they are not on the horizon. the numbers tonight with mostly clear skies, patchy dense fog forming by sunrise. but at the moment the numbers are tumbling down to 41 degrees at livermore. overnight lows tonight, we'll see them range from 35 degrees in santa rosa to about 42 in oakland and 46 in san francisco. here is what's happening. high pressure resurgence over the west coast will give us a little bit of a bump in temperatures. we'll be in the lower 70s. that's a big turnaround. futurecast though, shows you we have a few more high clouds tomorrow before clearing off in the afternoon. tomorrow 1:00 in the afternoon, what happens next, more high clouds will come in on wednesday, but wednesday daytime looks dry. that'll change after sunset tomorrow night. wednesday about 10:00, a weak cold front will be draped over the north bay. that'll head south wednesday night into wednesday morning.
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as kenny pointed out, snow pack is not looking good. it's at 37% above average. this point of the season and the next couple of storms, it will see snow. but tomorrow any way and this weekend, such is what we have, falling at a higher elevation. and so for tonight, we will be looking for mostly clear skies, sunny and mild on tuesday, rain chances do return wednesday night. and then by the weekend as well. forecast highs for tomorrow, we will skyrocket to above average for the first time in a while, 72 in san jose. south bay is nice and mild tomorrow, a beautiful size. severely clear skies in the afternoon. for the east bay numbers up in the upper 60s. north bay will be nice with some patchy dense fog tonight. a high of 69 degrees. 67 degrees, extended forecast will call for the numbers to climb up to the lower 70s tomorrow and then to decline on wednesday -- and then decline on wednesday. thursday morning, more rain will come in this weekend and
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then out of nowhere we are going to lose an hour as the clocks will move down. can you believe it's that time of the year? >> leaving less time for snow, there you have it. it always hurts. the news just gets worse, but tomorrow looks pretty good. >> oh good, thanks, brian. the tech billionaire who discovered this wreckage of a sunken aircraft carrier. >> and tonight's guest on the >> and tonight's guest on the late show with stephen >> and tonight's guest on the late show with stephen ♪ ♪ hello? hello! ♪ hello? hello. hello? hello. ♪ hello, i got your package. you can just leave it, thanks. ♪ ♪ hello? can i help you? hello! hello?
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hello!!! hello hello!!! ♪
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successful space-x launch. the falcon 9 rocket launched from cape canaveral, florida... another successful spacex launch. the falcon launch rocket. they planned to launch on february 25, but delayed takeoff. this is the company's 50th
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launch. tonight we learned a billionaire explorer discovered an aircraft carrier. >> it sunk the lexington during world war ii and now a team of explorers led by microsoft's co- founder discovered the wreckage. they found it off the australian coast. and the vessel was one of the first u.s. aircraft carriers ever built. paul will find a sunk l treasure, right? he plays with the top ranked tennis player in the world. it must be nice. and this looks like a concerned coach to you? that is the man in charge in trouble tonight. no, fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
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we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year
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and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
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19 game winning streak this year, but after tonight at the wcc tournament in vegas, there will be some who question whether they belong in the big st. mary's had a 19-game winning streak today. but there will be some question as to whether they belong in the big dance. byu is the flavor flav of the night in sin city. jordan floor at 27 tried to keep them in it all by himself. they were down three in the second half. 10-point byu lead. st. mary's turned it over. dalton nixon, i am not a crook. they closed it out thanks to some nifty passing. knocks it in, two of his 33. byu knocks off st. mary's. they're now at the mercy of the selection committee sunday.
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bill cartwright sharing stories before the usf-gonzaga game. the dogs tried to keep it early. usf within six. but the zags crush them. rory with the highlight jam in the open court. that's his 16-point lead right there. and kellyanne tilley with a dilley. zags advance to the wcc finals to face byu 86-80 the final. the first game of the era acquired from buffalo a week ago. he scored his first goal in a losing effort. not only is big daddy cane a scorer, but he's a fighter. two years ago he fought al pekovich. he's the heavyweight champ. >> and at what point were you aware he was watching your
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boxing match instead of you watching his? >> probably when he tweeted at me, you know. i think obviously the hockey league hasn't seen three guys go at it in a same game and get kicked out. it was kind of a fun moment for me. >> stay out of the way of cane. staying in san jose. 15,000 packed sap center tonight to watch roger federer team up with bill gates in a charity doubles match for education in africa. gates became a spectator here. federer rifled three overhands at his sock before it ended. and he
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our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4-30. michelle griego and kenny choi you need.. late show with steven so far bare is -- stephen colbert is next. >> the whole gang will be here tomorrow to start your day. have a great night.
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