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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  March 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:31pm PST

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>> flowers were being delivered at their sunset home. this posterboard filled with messages of love and condolences was left on the doorstep. >> reporter: the alpine county sheriff's department says when temperatures warm up that snow could melt off of rooftops and occasionally injure people. in the three decades the sheriffs been there he can't recall anyone being killed from this. >> reporter: they were the third and fourth skiers to be killed at a major ski resort in california since the major snowstorm hit last week. >> how did authorities find out that they were missing what happened? >> the woman's mother was staying in the condo where they were supposed to be returning home and at around 6:40 when they were not home, that is when her mother was really concerned and called the police and filed a missing persons report. rescuers began their search at
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the ski resort but it was not until hours later around 9:00 when a neighbor spotted a glove by the door. they started shoveling out the area where they found them. back to you. >> jackie ward live in san francisco tonight. in addition to the kirkwood deaths, two snowboarders died in the storm last friday one was lost overnight in squaw valley. another suffocated after falling into heavy snow. heart stopping video out of southern california of a five- year-old girl dropping from a ski lift at bear mountain resort, she and her sister were going up with an instructor when she slipped. the instructor held her by her
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jacket for more than a minute. rescuers stretched out a tarp to catch her. the girls mother was three chairs ahead and had to watch the whole thing. other than bruising the five- year-old girl is all right. a big story tonight, former raider aldus smith has been released from jail after turning himself in on domestic violence charges. the 28-year-old. he assaulted a woman inside of a home on bush street. on saturday night. our cameras caught him as he was leaving the jail from san francisco this afternoon. he was released on $30,000 bail. he turned himself in at the jail this morning and has been charged with domestic violence. assault, false imprisonment, and vandalism. all misdemeanor charges. >> and arraignment is scheduled for next monday he was cut by the raiders yesterday after these allegations were public. police on the hunt for the vandals who used a pellet gun to shoot out the windows of cars and businesses. a dozen attacks were reported over a span of about 10 hours. mostly scattered around the east side of the city.
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>> reporter: you know what this is what the windows look like all up and down the street either shattered or blown out like this one. the victims are hoping that surveillance video could help capture those vandals.>> i want it stopped. >> reporter: from this business, to the building robert prairie manages, 12 confirmed stores with at least two cars shot at by vandals with a pellet gun. mostly overnight as well as over the weekend.>> it's pretty devastating to see, someone could be so callous. >> reporter: carlos diaz is a business owner where many of these stores were hit. is the vice president of the santa clara street business association. he says that many victims are small business owners and will likely pay hundreds of dollars out of pocket to repair
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damages. >> i do not think they think of the harm that they are causing. >> the only that investigators have so far is that a dark- colored dodge charger could be an -- could be connected. the michelin star revel in -- the michelin star restaurant a digger. >> it look like they shot out multiple windows. >> tenants are fearful many say they are lucky that no one was harmed. >> it seems like someone went on a joyride, you know, just, doing it for kicks. >> reporter: there's quite a bit of financial impact here to the business. one man says he had to hire a security guard because he did not have any more windows. the estimated damage of up to $5000. kpix5. a traffic alert for the evening commute. topper five with a live look at traffic heading out over san francisco near the bay bridge. the aftermath of a strange incident earlier this
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afternoon. a fire broke out a couple of hours ago below the lower deck west of treasure island. could see the smoke in the photo. it was under the lanes that caught fire. they were able to put it out using a boat the fire was out after about 10 minutes. this was enough to ruin the commute. commuters were waiting for hours to cross the bridge. still slow going right now. a san mateo sheriff's deputy stumbles upon a marijuana grow operation this morning, it happened at a renowned artist's preserve in woodside. it was on bear gulch road. video that we shot from chopper five. after the deputy found the marijuana he called for backup. they responded to the scene without any word on how many plans were seen. father and son the lead they area police on a high-speed chase with a car full of explosives.
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police say they found more explosive material inside of the hotel room. >> reporter: this father and son are now behind bars. we learned that they are not from the bay area but from out of the area. they are trying to figure out exactly what they were doing with this bomb making material and devices.>> reporter: 7:00 p.m. monday evening, everyone side -- inside of homewood suites was ordered to evacuate while the bomb squad moved in. >> i was thinking of my kids. mac they searched a hotel room or a father and son were reportedly storing destructive devices and homemade bomb making materials. the father and son are from the modesto area. >> we need to look at why it is they are here and look at what it is exactly that they were attempting to do with the bomb
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making components that were found. >> reporter: the sun was arrested the night before the police stopped him on a routine traffic violation. he did not stop and led them on a short pursuit before being arrested. during a search of his car bomb making material was discovered. >> the officers initially were trying to conduct a traffic stop which led to a pursuit to them finding homemade bomb making components within the vehicle. >> they obtained a search warrant at the homewood suites where the father and son had been staying. ronald guy was found inside of the hotel and taken into custody. the bomb squad searched the room and the father's car for evidence. >> you know nothing really surprises me anymore. so. i don't know. >> at least they got him. >> yeah, for sure.>> tell chp so we could look at these types of things before it becomes a catastrophic disaster or some tragedy like we've seen so many times repeated over and over again in recent years throughout the country.>> reporter: a lot of questions that the chp is investigating namely what they were doing in
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oakland if they were from out of the area. what were their plans? we will continue to follow up on this. in oakland, juliet goodrich, kpix5. >> there one step closer to banning gun shows the county fairgrounds . the board of supervisors voting unanimously today to study the idea. it stems from last month's shooting in florida. several prospect high school students attended the meeting in support of this proposal. opponents caution that this move could actually hurt gun safety efforts.>> you must know that many of your constituents participate in these sports and teach community safe gun practices. support our youth including scouting and are avid hunters. >> reporter: the proposal would also prohibit the possession of
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firearms at county run facilities. coming up tonight at 6:00, why that could spell trouble for a popular local gun rage -- range. a former trump campaign aide has had a change of heart. he said he would defy a subpoena from special cancer -- special counsel robert mueller to go before a grand jury which would include turning over thousands of emails between the president and his inner circle. he said he was willing to go to jail as a consequence but has since changed his mind.>> i would be willing to go in for testimony. i want this to be fair. >> reporter: he never worked at the white house but spent two months as part of the campaign before being fired. he's scheduled to testify before a grand jury on friday. a possible breakthrough in the upper to shut down north korea's nuclear weapons program. veronica delacruz in the newsroom with more details. >> north korea has now open the door to talks with the united states. the south korean delegation visited for the first face-to- face meeting between the two sides since kim took power in
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2011. the north reportedly saying it's got no reason to possess nuclear weapons at all if it has a security guarantee. >> we've certainly come a long way at least, rhetorically, with north korea. it would be a great thing for the world and for north korea. >> it's not entirely clear with the security guarantee would entail. military officials say they remain skeptical of the softer stance from the north. >> we need to learn a lot more relative to these talks. >> south and north korean president -- presidents will meet in the summer. the battle over sanctuary city policies is ramping up. jeff sessions will be in sacramento tomorrow for what the department of justice calls a major announcement. northern california has become the center of the debate over policies barring local and
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state law enforcement from cooperating with federal immigration authorities. more than 200 people were arrested in a series of raids in the region last week. sessions has threatened to pull threat -- federal funding from certain jurisdictions. we will be there when the attorney general makes his announcement with complete coverage right here on kpix5. coming up, a look inside the house of horrors were 13 children were held captive. how i was able to post secret videos to youtube. is the bay area ready for the high-speed rail? its potential impact for the environment.
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my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders
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on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california. were allegedly tied up and starved.. by their own parents. these youtube videos are giving us a look inside of the southern california home where those 13 children were
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allegedly tied up and start by their parents. randy page tells us that they were posted by the teenager who escaped the home and saved her siblings.>> it's over. >> reporter: using the fictitious online name, this girl believed to be a 17-year- old daughter of david and luis turpin, stood in front of the same white door and performed songs. >> reporter: the themes of her creations are similar to the musings of many teenage girls. it is difficult to know if there are deeper meanings. for example, when she sings, you blame me for everything.
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>> reporter: she appears clean, often wearing bright red lipstick with bows in her hair and her mood appears lighthearted. at one point she could be seen playing with one of the families two dogs. all of the videos which she posted to youtube were recorded in the same room, she has been identified as the turpin teenager who broke out of the home that she lived in with her parents in 12 -- and 12 brothers and sisters and alerted authorities. when deputies arrived found -- they found three children tied up. all were malnourished. the oldest, who is 29 years old weighed only 82 pounds. david and louise turpin are in custody facing multiple charges. they both pleaded not guilty to these charges. there adult kids are being countered for -- cared for at a medical center. they are all able to communicate using skype. kpix5. sonoma county is about to wipe thousands of cannabis related convictions off of the
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books. the da says more than 3000 convictions are eligible to be reduced or dismissed under proposition 64. people who want their sentenced reconsidered could submit a petition. san francisco and alameda counties have begun a similar process. plans to bring a high-speed rail to the area but, are we ready? the important testing that's taking place to see if the ground could handle the high speeds. >> reporter: here they are, heil -- high-speed rail crews are here in santa cruz. with the testing begin. this is the dirty and difficult work that has to be done. they are drilling for soil samples 125 feet low the surface. >> it's probably clay based off of the great of the drilling. it's slow.
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>> reporter: the samples provide valuable information so that the geologists know exactly what they will be building on. >> you don't want to have this rail system settle or issues such as liquefaction or other soil conditions that cause the track to tilt or shift in any way. the data we collect will help us determine how to define that so that none of this happens.>> reporter: cruise testing -- the work crews are testing on how this will settle. they learned the hard way about railing waves. >> the train comes in with a wave in front of it. the soil is not strong enough to resist the waves. you get a motion -- a motion in the embankment because the soil is not strong enough.>> reporter: so the engineers are conducting shaped tests to
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simulate a train passing by. sensors strung along 187 foot lines measure the surface velocity of these waves. the question is, is the ground strong enough to avoid the rail wave phenomenon? >> if we find that with this testing that we could introduce these waves into the soil, then that would be the area that we could potentially need to mitigate. >> reporter: if you are curious, federal law limits the speed of the train between san francisco and san jose to 110 miles per hour. the train could go up to 125 miles per hour in between gilroy and san jose which depends on how the environmental review goes. kpix5. >> a major step forward for public transportation here in the bay area. driverless shuttles. they've been approved for testing on public streets. the battery-powered shuttles will go on bishop ranch. eventually they will be able to transport thousands of employees. >> you're looking at the future there's no question about it. i really think that this is the
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first opportunity since henry ford rolled off the model t for us to create a new metric for public probability. dramatic video to show, a bus driving down the street in dayton ohio, it slams into a row of parked cars. it just keeps going. it doesn't stop. it continues to push the cars out of the way. it finally slows down, police say the bus driver was cited but there was no word on what caused the crash. amazon wants to make it easier for you to get groceries offering free shipping on whole foods orders. they are expanding their free two hour delivery on orders of $35 or more for their prime members. orders under $35 will come with the 799 -- $7.99 delivery fee part of the san francisco, san jose, and oakland areas. a popular dating app is
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saying no more photos with guns. they announced they are banning profile pictures that have a gun or weapon inside of them. the company is reportedly using a team of 5000 people to weed out the prohibited images. bumble says this move comes after recent mass shootings. the gun violence is not in line with their values. we have a lineup of storms coming into the bay area. not much on the way but it's enough to turn the streets slick. more details as we go live toward the bay bridge. when we return. coming up tonight, how you clean the tallest building in san francisco, the tricky innovation to get to 61 floors worth of windows at 1000 feet.
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but it's not going to happen with this. you will not be thrilled with the forecast because this son will diminish. we will get rain but there is not going to be that much coming this way. looking toward the golden gate bridge, a little bit of haziness out there already. the numbers are in the 60s and the forecast for tomorrow shows it will continue. the numbers will be 3-5 degrees above average. wednesday, we will finally get a chance for rain coming in. probably by tomorrow night. lows with a veil of high clouds means there will be of blanket of atmospheric insulation. santa rosa down to 39 degrees. 43 degrees at livermore. in san francisco 49 degrees. on your wednesday, at 6:00, 32. high atop the west coast, the upper-level devil -- the upper-
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level low, bringing in tropical moisture. first we get a little bit of snow on the sierra but not much. this is a warm source. there is not much, that not much moisture. so the rain such as it is will amount to about 2/10. ukiah south of that, attempt are under for the most part. in sonoma county around 6:00, a cloudy day tomorrow and then we begin to get some rain at 6:00 p.m. it shouldn't mess up your evening commute foremost. a weak cold front gets dragged into the bay area overnight until thursday morning when there is not much. mostly cloudy skies. another wave comes in after a break on thursday. friday morning it looks like more wet commute is michael more wet commute. these amounts again, they are not a lot. 2/10 of an and bite got -- by the time he gets down -- by the
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time it gets down to this area. more clouds tonight with a chance late wednesday, it stays unsettled. not a big rainmaker. the numbers will be in the mid 60s for tomorrow, 3-6 degrees above average for the bay area. in your extended forecast, clouds lead to a chance of not too much in the bay area tomorrow night, thursday morning. friday, another wave of rain comes in with saturday looking unsettled before we finally get a break coming in by the early part of next weekend. that is the weather. who are these people?
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the energy conscious people among us say small actions can add up to something... humongous. a little thing here. a little thing there. starts to feel like a badge maybe millions can wear. who are all these caretakers, advocates too? turns out, it's californians it's me and it's you. don't stop now, it's easy to add to the routine. join energy upgrade california and do your thing.
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among them: dumpster fire... cryptocurrency... and mansplain. and thanks to our texting culture... let's not forget these two: "mm- hmm" and "ooh." merriam-webster is adding more than 800 new words to the dictionary among them, dumpster fire, crypto currency, as well as many others. let's not forget these two. merriam-webster says these new additions are reflective of the english language being a vibrant and living language. >> i could see the next spelling bee. could use that in a sentence? >> cbs evening news is next.
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jeff glor is here with a preview. we look at whether north korea is really prepared to talk about ending their nuclear program. record number of emergency room visits due to opioids. a former president born in 1790 has a living grandson. you will meet him coming up in a >> glor: bre few seconds on the adviser is out. also tonight... >> the statements coming out of south korea and north korea have been very positive. >> glor: the north is reportedly ready to talk about giving up its nuclear arsenal. >> i really believe they are sincere. i hope they're sincere. we're going to soon find out. >> glor: another nor'easter is just hours away from hitting areas without power since the last one. the opioid epidemic worsens, with a dramatic rise in overdoses. a cbs news investigation: a key component of your cell phone may have been produced by child labor. what has three wheels and flies? we'll show you. and his granddad was president of the united states 173 years ago.


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