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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 7, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PST

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captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, march 7th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." nor'easter number two is here, and it's bringing heavy wet snow and strong winds triggering fears of more power outages. from pennsylvania to maine, schools are closed, and the salt trucks are out. tariff risks. it leads to the resignation of the president's top economic adviser. and bust a move. a little girl learns how to
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shake it up with former first lady michelle obama. good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning people on the eastern seaboard from the mid-atlantic to new england are getting hit with the second nor'easter in less than a week. a winter storm warning stretches from pennsylvania to maine. heavy wet snow and gusting winds threaten to take down trees and power lines. some areas could see over a foot and a half of snow, and it's not good news for folks still trying to recover from last week's storm. the national weather service recommends against travel and hena doba is in new york's times square with more. good morning, hena. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. the second nor'easter is threatening to drop two to three inches of snow an hour in some
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places. by last count, more than 200 homes and businesses are still without power from the first storm, and that number is now only expected to shoot up. the second major storm in two days has rolled into the northeast, whereas the first on we could see a come of feet of snowfall in new york state. five feet of snow in five days. >> reporter: up in new england winds are expected to hit between 30 and 50 miles an hour. not quite as extreme as 90-mile-per-hour winds from the last storm that battered towns like duxbury, massachusetts. a 60-year-old seawall partially knocked down wasn't repaired in time. now homes along the coast are in danger of being washed away. >> reporter: trees throughout the region that fell last week and took power lines down with them have left around a come hundred thousand still without electricity. >> we've been without power
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since friday night. >> reporter: here in new york city sandwiched between cities that will get rain and snow, plows are ready. treesthe woodings yet. some forecast models show other storms. we're live in time square. back to you. >> get through this one and we'll talk about the other one. well, eric fisher, chief meteorologist at our boston station wbz is tracking this morning's storm. >> here we go again with another nor'easter. this one will bring heavy snow to the same spots. especially eastern pennsylvania, northern new jersey, and heading up across eastern parts of new york state where they saw over 3 feet last week. another 2 is on the way p.
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and the winter storm warnings extend across new england. this will be quite a vector of storm. heavy snow through philly, new york, hartford, and just west of boston before things wrap up thursday morning. again, basically from southeast new jersey and parts of eastern pennsylvania reaching up across new england, this will dump over a foot of snow. looking at some of the major cities, heavy snowfall at times, 4 to 8 feet in philly, 8 to 14 in scranton, hartford at 5-10, boston at 1 to 3 and from a coastal perspective, the winds won't be as strong. t e seen a lot of damage at the coast, seawalls broken down, these winds that will gust over 50 at the shoreline will cause moderate to
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minor coastal flooding. power outages, again, an issue with this storm. i'm meteorologist eric fisher for cbs news. the storm is having a major impact on travel, particularly in the northeast. so far this morning, nearly 2,000 flights have been canceled within the united states. most of them at newark liberty and john f. kennedy airports. some airlines are waiving ticket change fees. some will operate on a modified schedule gary cohn, the president's top economic adviser resigned yesterday following a fight over mr. trump's plans for steel and aluminum import tariffs. nancy cordes has more. >> reporter: just a couple of
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hours after president trump touted his team's morale, the size of his team downsized by one. sometimes an uneasy fit. the former president of goldman sachs was a registered democrat. >> a group on one side that was bad and you had a group on the other side that was also very violent. >> reporter: cohn decided to stay and pass a gop plan which passed in december. he said he was looking to tackle an infrastructure bill next. then president trump made this surprise announcement last week. >> we'll be imposing tariffs on steel and aluminum. >> reporter: cohn and most republicans advised against it warning the move could spark a trade war, but he could not change the prlt's mind. in a statement cohn said, it has
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been an honor to serve my country and enact pro-growth economic policies to benefit the american people. i am grateful for the president giving me this opportunity. the white house thanking him and called him a rare talent but this was a blow as recently last friday sara sanders said gary cohn would not be stepping down over the president's surprise move on tariffs. president trump is hopeful following north korea's willingness to open talks with the u.s. the apparent breakthrough came at a meeting between south korean officials and north korean leader kim jong-un. president trump thinks kim is sincere. >> i think their statement and the statements coming out of south korea and north korea have been very positive. that would be a great thing for
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the world. great thing for the world. we'll see how it all comes about. >> the president said he thinks north koreans are willing to talk because of the tough new sanctions imposed. california officials say they'll fight a trump lawsuit over immigrants. they bar police from asking people about their citizenship's status or enforcing federal immigration laws. attorney general jeff sessions is expected to discuss the lawsuit during a speech to law enforce mnlts in california today. teachers in west virginia go back to school this morning following a nine-day statewide strike over pay. teachers who packed the state capitol yesterday cheered after state legislators approved a 5% pay raise. >> i'm so excited we were able to get 5% pay raise for all
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employees. that's what we wanted from the very beginning, the same for everyone. we all worked so hard. >> reporter: west virginian teachers are some of the lowest paid in the united states. they had not gotten a pay raise in over four years. the original offer was 2%. schools can't offer more money so some districts are offering a three-day weekend. omar villafranca takes a look. coming up on the "morning news." a porn star's legal fight. what stormy daniels is accusing the president of doing. and boot camp for what a father does with his son gets a lot of attention on social media. this is the "cbs morning news." i already spoke to our allstate agent, and i know that we have accident forgiveness. which is so smart on your guy's part.
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a video from daten, ohio, shows a transit bus. it plows into the back of the first car causing a chain reaction pass. one car pops up into a utility pole. a passenger was taken to the hospital and the bus driver was issued a citation. there's no word on why she lost control of the bus though. a virginia father is being praised for some tough parenting, and an adult film star is suing the president. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstands. "the new york times" reports porn star stormy daniels filed lawsuit claims donald trump never signed a nondisclosure agreement. she said she and mr. trump began an intimate relationship in 2006 and it continued into 2007. the lawsuit claims the agreement for her to keep quiet is null and void because mr. trump didn't sign it. ahead on "cbs this morning"
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we'll talk with her attorney and what they're trying to accomplish. kellyanne conway was vfound to have violated the hat law. the watchdog says conway went on tv twice to discuss the candidates in last year's alabama senate race. the white house denies conway was advocating any particular candidate. "the tennessean" reports on the resignation of nashville mayor megan barry. she stepped down as part of a plea agreement to felony theft charges related to her affair with her former body gard. prosecutors say barry used taxpayer money to pay for the bodyguard's expenses while he was on personal time and she was sentenced to three years of probation. the roanoke time s says a
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video shows a father showing his son running to school. he drives behind his son. he is punishing his son for getting kicked off the school bus for being a bully. it has more than 23 million views. his son has not gotten into any trouble since running to school. and michelle obama met the 2-year-old girl captivated by her portrait. they danced to her favorite song. mrs. obama invited parkey curry to her office after a photo of curry became an internet sensation last week. the photo shows a little girl awestruck by the former first lady's portrait. still ahead, newly approved screening. 23 and me is offering a new test that can help a high-risk group.
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god. >> wow. oprah knows who i am? i can't wait to tell jesus. >> stephen had two huge guests on his show last night. oprah winfrey and god. the cartoon god asked oprah winfrey to run for president. she said she would need a clear sign from god before she would even consider running for president. on the "cbs moneywatch," 23andme offers a new screening and a deal to save the weinstein company collapses. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> good morning, anne-marie. here on wall street stocks recovering after news that president trump's top economic adviser gary cone resigned. the dow finished 9 points higher, the s&p rose 7 points, and the nasdaq jump 41 points. >> the weinstein company said it will look for any viable options to buy the weinstein company.
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maria contreras-sweet pulled the deal after she found out the company is in debt. the food and drug administration approved the first at home test to identify gene mutations in a common type of breast cancer. the test is sold by the genetic testing company 23andme. using data gathered from saliva samples, the company can provide genetic risk information to patients. it's most common among east european jewish descent. and mcdonald's has started serving quarterbacks with fresh beef instead of frozen. so far the fresh quarter pounders are available in about a quarter of its u.s. restaurants. most u.s. mcdonald's will have
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♪ ♪ see how a personalized financial strategy and access to j.p. morgan investment expertise can help you. chase. make more of what's yours. here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. helmet camera captures the moment a snowboarder triggers an av large. he says he was able to activate his avalanche airbag which protected him as he tumbled down the mountain in the snow and he wasn't hurt. a retirement home in london
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is teaming up with a nursery school to bridge the generation gap. children from the apples and 00 nursery school visit the retimer home and spend time with the seniors. the staff says their youthful energy boosts the mood and the mobility of the home's residents and could help them live longer. >> seeing the kids and hearing the kids in the home, it just transformed the environment from a home to a proper community. >> the program seems to be taking off. retirement communities from around the world have contacted the london retirement home and the nursery school for more information. well, coming up on "cbs this morning," actress krysten ritter, star of marvel's jessica jones, will stop by the studio to stop by to tell us about
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may cause heart failure that can lead to death. stay together with the lantus $0 copay. ♪ let's stay together talk to your doctor or visit our top stories this morning, another nor'easter is making its way up the east coast, hitting communities still reeling from last week's storm. heavy wet snow is expected in some interior areas, getting up to a foot and a half. the snow and gusting winds threaten power lines, air, and travel and rail lines already disrupted. >> and president trump said he'll move quickly to replace top adviser gary cohn. cohn resigned yesterday. he's the latest official to leave the trump administration. aides worry more staffers may be leaving soon as well.
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newly released numbers show america's opioid crisis is getting worse. in 45 states emergency room visits for opioid overdose has risen 40% in a year. dean reynolds has more. the nation is moving into a fast moving epidemic for which there are no easy solutions. illinois is haefrtd hit with a 66% increase with opioid overdoses last year. dr. tom skaletta treat patients last year. >> we see a little bit of everything. >> reporter: increases across the nation are even more alarming. wisconsin up 108%, pennsylvania,
4:27 am
dr. anne schuchat is director of the cdc. >> we saw increases in men and women and all adult age groups. >> reporter: according to the cdc overdoses kill five pooefr people every hour. >> the toxicity of what's on the street is very high right now so we think there is probably not an increase in people using drugs but there's an increase in the danger associated with a single use. >> reporter: aaron weiner is the director of linen oaks behavioral health. >> the biological pull is very strong. >> do you expect it to get worse? >> i hope not. >> reporter: but there's little sign that the opioid epidemic is
4:28 am
slowing down and the emergency rooms across the country are bracing for another night of frantic efforts to keep the victims alive. dean reynolds, cbs news, naperville, illinois. coming up on "cbs this morning," more on the nor'easter. we'll take you to duxbury, massachusetts, where duh ps of homes are at risk. and actress kristen ritter will stop by the studio to tell us about season two of the hit show. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac --
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good morning. it's wednesday, march 7th. i'm michelle griego. good morning, everyone. this is a live look out at the bay from right on top of our transamerica pyramid in the city. good morning, it's wednesday,
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march 7th. i need to clear my throat a little bit. >> you're good. >> i'm michelle griego. >> good morning, i'm kenny choi. time now is 4:30. right on the dot. we're going to talk about traffic and weather starting off with the weather today. >> yes. it's going to be cloudy today. so yesterday was so nice. the sunshine and a lot of people were enjoying it outdoors. today things starting to change a little bit. we'll see more clouds in the bay area and we'll notice later tonight that's when the rain will start. it's not going to be much. north bay will get a round of rain tonight. it will be more widespread through the morning. we'll time it out. then scattered showers for the next four days into the weekend. so have the umbrella ready to go every day this week. it's in the car. right now, we have smooth sailing for all drivers heading to 280 near saratoga. traffic is fine in both directions but as you head


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