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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  March 13, 2018 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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and ronald goldman. that's the "overnight news" for tuesday. captioning funded by cbs it's tuesday, march 13th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." the storm-battered northeast is bracing for another hit as a third nor'easter brings winds and high tides, but the main event will be the snow. there's no evidence of collusion between donald trump's presidential campaign and russia according to the republican-led house intelligence committee, but the democrats say not so fast. and the texas community is on edge as the race is on to find a killer after three package bombs leave two dead.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs headquarters in new york, good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. this morning for the third time in two weeks, a powerful coastal storm is hitting the mid-atlantic to new england. the difference this time is snow. and for some folks, a lot of it. winter storm warnings are posted from north carolina to new england where blizzard conditions are expected. there will be strong winds and high tides, but the main impact will be snow. there have already been whiteout conditions in richmond, virginia, and several inches of snow have fallen in west virginia and north carolina. boston and eastern massachusetts are expected to get hit hard. a foot and a half of snow is possible. schools in boston are closed today. travel conditions will be brutal. >> your plan should be to remain inside and off the roads so that those folks who really do need to travel to get to a hospital
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or a place of employment that they need to be at, you know, that they have the space they need to get where they need to go. >> american airlines suspended all flight operations from boston's logan national airport today, and more than 1,400 flights have been canceled nationwide. amtrak suspended service from new york to boston until later this morning. now to austin, texas, where officials are looking at whether race was a factor in three bombings they say are probably connected. two package bombs left at separate homes blew up yesterday. one killed a teenager. it was less than two weeks ago that a man was killed by another bomb. governor greg abbott is offering a $15,000 reward for information leading to an arrest. david begnaud is in austin. >> reporter: members of the fbi and atf join local law enforcement officials in austin after a second package exploded on the doorstep of a home monday. that seriously injured an elderly woman. >> the victim in this incident
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came outside of her residence and found a package out front. she picked up that package, and at that point the explosion, the box detonated. >> there was a package that exploded inside of the home. >> reporter: in another explosion earlier in the day, a teenage boy was killed, and an adult woman was sent to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. >> a couple of the people, they knew the family that i know. my heart goes out. >> reporter: the devices were powerful enough to cause damage inside the homes and showed a certain amount of sophistication. investigators believe the two explosions on monday are linked to a third explosion that happened earlier in the month. the victim in that case, 39-year-old anthony stephan house, died from his injuries after being transported to a local hospital. >> we are willing to investigate any avenue that may be involved and behind these attacks. >> reporter: all three bombings happened on austin's east side.
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it is a predominantly minority community, and historically an african-american part of town. >> i'll be extra on alert now more so than normal. >> reporter: so far, officials have not ruled out the possibility this may be a case of terrorism or hate. david begnaud, cbs news, austin, texas. this morning, the top democrat on the house intelligence committee is disputing a report from republican members that concludes there was no collusion between the trump campaign and russia. committee republicans say their investigation into russian meddling is complete. committee democrats will get to see the full report today. republicans dispute intelligence claims that the russian government worked to help the trump campaign. democrats call the report incomplete and misleading. president trump tweeted in all caps that the report found no evidence of collusion, vindicating him. in southwestern pennsylvania today, voters go to the polls in a closely watched special congressional election considered a barometer ahead of november's midterm election. a republican seat is in play in a region president trump easily won.
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hena doba is here in new york. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. shadowed by the trump presidency and the potential impact of a special election in a midterm year, voters in western pennsylvania find themselves on an unlikely national stage. while republicans are bracing for the real possibility they could lose a house seat today that they've held for a decade and a half. the eyes of capitol hill and much of the politically active nation are on southwestern pennsylvania today. a special election is taking place for a u.s. house seat that's been held by a republican for 15 years. president trump was in the district this weekend trying to help make sure it stays that way. >> we need republicans. we need the votes. >> reporter: the contest is drawing so much national attention because of its potential to preview a change in the political landscape in the upcoming midterm elections. the latest national poll in the district, president trump won by more than 20 points has democrat
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conor lamb ahead of rich saccone. lamb is a former prosecutor and retired marine. >> this is a time in our country where many of our most important promises seem to be up for grabs. things like social security and medicare that apply to every american. >> reporter: 60-year-old republican saccone has been playing up his seven years as a state lawmaker. >> his two accomplishments is he was appointed by obama and voted for hillary. i'm the person with the experience and the record. he has no record, come on. >> reporter: whoever wins will hold the seat for just about half the year, the remainder of republican tim murphy's term who resigned last year over allegations he encouraged his mistress to have an abortion. in another unique twist, the winner will have to run for re-election in a new district. the pennsylvania supreme court recently redrew the congressional map. as a result, come november, the district will cease to exist in its current form. anne-marie? >> hena doba here in new york. thank you.
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stormy daniels, the adult film actress who claims that she had an affair with donald trump, says that she'll return the hush money she received as long as she can tell her story. the offer is good until noon today. daniels received the money from mr. trump's personal attorney, michael cohen. she wants to publish text messages and video relating to the president that she may have. >> if he does not accept it, it's yet another instance of mr. trump and mr. cohen trying to silence this woman and keep the american people from hearing her story. >> president trump denies the affair. daniels' attorney says deposing mr. trump is not out of the question. the white house insists president trump is committed to significant changes in gun laws even after he about an aboutface on his calls to increase the age to buy an assault weapon. last month the president mocked republican lawmakers for being afraid of the national rifle association. he went against the nra by
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advocating raising the age to buy an assault weapon to 21. yesterday the president tweeted, "states are making this decision, not much political support to put it mildly." the pilot of the helicopter that crashed into a new york city river killing five passengers told investigators that he believes a passenger's bag may have hit an emergency fuel shutoff switch. investigators are looking into the chopper's flotation devices and the harnesses worn by the passengers. they were trapped when the helicopter overturned and sank. ahead, a story you'll only see on "cbs this morning." tony dokoupil talks with the parents of andrew coffey, the florida state university student who died last fall at an alleged hazing incident at a fraternity party. coming up on the "cbs morning news," a florida school shooting video. a judge decides whether to release outside security video. and the mystery endures. a new hampshire woman who won a historic powerball lottery gets her privacy wish. this is the "cbs this morning." historic powerball lottery gets
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a huge fire at a portland, oregon, scrap yard destroyed nearby homes and forced the evacuation of several neighborhoods. parents rushed to pick up their children at school when the evacuation order went out. the fire started yesterday morning and burned for hours. fire officials say it was difficult to fight because of strong winds and a poor water supply. at least 16 cats and several birds left behind were killed. a powerball winner will remain a mystery, and we may soon see security video from the florida school shooting. those are some of the headlines on the "morning newsstands." "the orlando sentinel" reports that a florida judge ruled video from outside the stoneman douglas high school must be released to the public. the surveillance video shows some of what took place outside during the shooting massacre inside the school. several media outlets sued for
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access to the video. it shows the actions of former deputy scot peterson. he was armed but never went inside during the shooting. "the austin american-statesman" reports london's muslim mayor called on tech companies and governments to tackle hate speech. in a speech yesterday at the south by southwest conference in austin, sadiq kahn read racist tweets about himself. he suggested that facebook and twitter be fined if they don't remove offensive content and misinformation quickly. "the new york times" reports on the death of french fashion designer hubert de givenchy. he was part of an elite group of paris-based designers including christian dior and yves saint laurent who redesigned fashion after world war ii. he helped dress women such as jacqueline kennedy onassis and grace kelly and designed audrey hepburn's little black dress. hubert de givenchy was 91. the "washington post" reports the next navy destroyer will be named after an irish
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immigrant. yesterday new york senator chuck schumer announced the destroyer will be named after u.s. marine corporal patrick gallagher. he was awarded the navy cross for diving on a live grenade in vietnam in 1966 to save other marines. and "the new hampshire union leader" reports a judge ruled the name of the $500 million powerball jackpot winner can be kept secret. last week lawyers for the unidentified woman picked up a ceremonial check on her behalf. the woman did have to reveal her hometown of merrimack, new hampshire. presidential intervention. why president trump is stepping in to halt the takeover of a u.s. chip maker. ation to halt the takeover of a u.s. chip maker. on stage.etting oute i wanted to be clear. i wanted it to last. so i kept on fighting. i found something that worked. and keeps on working. now? they see me. see me.
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the sausage mcmuffin with egg, or bacon, egg & cheese biscuit. a deal that will make your morning routine, a little better. breakfast at mcdonald's here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ all right. all right. okay. >> can we spill? >> we can spill. >> all right. ready? [ chants ] [ cheers ] >> i left a little. >> a beer-chugging contest on last night's "late show" between stephen colbert and tom brady. brady won. colbert asked brady what foods he missed on his strict diet and
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brady said cheeseburgers, pizza, and beer, and said that he was a pretty good beer chugger back in the day. maybe not just back in the day. maybe now, too. on the cbs "money watch" now, the president scraps a major takeover deal, and youtube tv gets more expensive starting today. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> reporter: good morning, anne-marie. stocks on wall street finished mixed yesterday. gains in tech shares boosted the nasdaq. the dow and s&p 500 finished lower. boeing and caterpillar were the biggest losers fears the president's steel and aluminum tariffs will hurt overseas sales. the dow dropped 157 points. the s&p 500 shed three, while the nasdaq gained 27. a mega merger is batted back. president trump blocked singapore-based broadcom's hostile takeover bid of qualcomm due to national security concerns. this morning, broadcom said it strongly disagrees with the decision. broadcom's $117 billion bid
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would have led to the largest deal ever in the tech industry. a white house official says the security concerns are related to broadcom's relationships with third-party foreign entities. qualcomm is a leading company that powers smartphones and other mobile device. lyft, uber's rival, maintains a larger market share. fourth-quarter revenue surged 160% compared to last year. all told, raking in more than $1 billion in revenue. keep in mind it operates only in u.s. and toronto while uber operates in 78 countries. looking to grow its subscription service, apple bought the digital magazine subscription service texture. texture is often described as the netflix of magazines. readers have access to articles in over 200 magazines for $10 per month. and unlike most apple products, texture will be available on devices powered by google's android software. and the price of youtube tv rises today. youtube announced the price hike last month from $35 to $40 a month.
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the service was launched almost a year ago with programming from major broadcasts and cable networks. youtube says it's hiking the price because it's adding more channels. anne-marie? >> diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot. >> thank you. still ahead, a cut above the rest. we'll meet the waffle house worker whose small act of kindness won her a big scholarship. waffle house worker whose small act of kindness won her a big scholarship. but why go back there, when you can stay home with neulasta onpro? strong chemo can put you at risk of serious infection. neulasta helps reduce infection risk by boosting your white blood cell count, which strengthens your immune system. in a key study, neulasta reduced the risk of infection from 17% to 1%, a 94% decrease. applied the day of chemo, neulasta onpro is designed to deliver neulasta the next day. neulasta is for certain cancer patients receiving strong chemotherapy. do not take neulasta if you're allergic to neulasta or neupogen (filgrastim). ruptured spleen, sometimes fatal as well as serious lung problems,
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allergic reactions, kidney injuries, and capillary leak syndrome have occurred. report abdominal or shoulder tip pain, trouble breathing or allergic reactions to your doctor right away. in patients with sickle cell disorders, serious, sometimes fatal crises can occur. the most common side effect is bone and muscle ache. so why go back there? if you'd rather be home, ask your doctor about neulasta onpro. a look at the newly released body cam video. plus: ice agents interview a bay area inmate. but it's against the rules. this morning... who's to blame for the breach. and president trump heads to the golden state today... the opposition he's already facing. join us for kpix 5 news this morning... beginning at 4:30. good morning.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. ♪ a death-defying dance yesterday in greece. the aerial dancer dangled in billowing fabric while suspended from one of greece's largest bridges. it's part of a series of performances from bridges, cliffs, and gorges. she says she's doing it to draw
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attention to the country's iconic landmarks and help the financially struggling tourism industry. now to the sweet story of a waffle house waitress whose simple act of kindness turned into something much bigger. omar villafranca has more. >> reporter: things move fast during the breakfast rush at this la marque, texas, waffle house. >> got to move fast. but you got to keep your pace. you need more coffee? >> reporter: for one brief moment, waitress evoni "nini" williams slowed down. a man eating at the counter needed help cutting his ham. another customer snapped this picture. what did he ask you? >> he was like, my hands not working so good, i just got out of the hospital for it. you could tell. he was very shaky. >> reporter: the picture went viral. an older man, an oxygen tank visible between his legs, sitting at the counter, and 18-year-old nini cutting the man's food. laura wolf took the picture.
4:22 am
a picture's worth a thousand words? >> right. >> reporter: what's one word for that picture? >> kindness. >> reporter: when did you know people were talking about you? >> later that day. >> reporter: how? >> facebook. what can i get for you? >> reporter: 78-year-old adrian charpentier is the man she helped. >> i feel great that she done it for me. really grateful. >> reporter: the mayor of la marque was also grateful when he saw the picture. >> evoni "nini" williams day -- >> reporter: and proclaimed march 8th evoni "nini" williams day, making this 18-year-old emotional. >> a day named after me -- you wouldn't cry? >> reporter: what did you do on your day? >> work. >> reporter: but the biggest surprise came from texas southern university which gave her a $16,000 scholarship. she plans to study business management, but this teenager has already shown she knows how to take care of customers.
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omar villafranca, cbs news, la marque, texas. >> such a sweet story. on "cbs this morning," actor alan cumming joins us to talk about the new tv drama "instinct." cumming joins us to talk about the new tv drama "instinct." because stuffed animals are clearly no substitute for real ones. feel the clarity and live claritin clear. packing to the last minute. guys, i have a couple of things to wash we got this. even on quick cycle, tide pods cleans great 6x the cleaning power, even in the quick cycle it's got to be tide
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to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner. our top stories this morning -- the third nor'easter in two weeks is hitting the atlantic coast this morning. blizzard conditions are posted for much of massachusetts where some areas could see more than a foot and a half of snow. schools are closed in boston today. american airlines has canceled all flights at boston's logan national airport. and voters go to the polls today in a closely watched special election in southwestern pennsylvania. republican rick saccone is a strong supporter of president trump and is running against democrat conor lamb. he is leading in the polls, but the race is tight. the election is considered a barometer ahead of november's midterm elections.
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education secretary betsy devos is responding to an interview on "60 minutes" and offered responses that were widely criticized. jericka duncan has more. >> reporter: have the public schools in michigan gotten better? >> i don't know overall. i can't say overall that they have all gotten better. >> reporter: education secretary betsy devos appeared on "60 minutes" unable to answer questions about schools in her own state. >> reporter: have you seen the really bad schools? maybe try to figure out what -- what they're doing? >> i have not -- i have not -- i have not intentionally visited schools that are underperforming. >> reporter: maybe you should. >> maybe i should, yes. >> reporter: according to "u.s. news and world report," michigan ranks number 36 overall in education. devos has championed school choice proposals which take funds away from underperforming public schools and invest in charter and private schools. >> reporter: the public schools here are doing worse than they
4:27 am
did. >> michigan schools need to do better. there is no doubt about it. >> reporter: devos defended herself on twitter saying, "missing from "60 minutes," students at charter schools in detroit are doing two times better than their peers. the reforms are helping, but there's so much more to do." press secretary sarah sanders says she's not sure if the president saw the entire interview, but sources tell cbs news' major garrett that administration officials inside and outside the white house viewed that interview as uneven and ill-prepared. still, devos has the vote of confidence from the president who just put her in charge of a commission that will focus on school safety. jericka duncan, cbs news, washington. coming up on "cbs this morning," a secret recording allegedly reveals a plan to sabotage efforts to protect nashville schoolchildren from toxic lead in their drinking water. anna werner has details. plus, thieves steal more than $1 billion in tax refunds every year.
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mellody hobson has tips to protect yourself from identity theft. and actor alan cumming joins us to talk about his new tv drama called "instinct." that's the "cbs morning news" for this tuesday. thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day.
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it's tuesday, march 13th. i'm michelle griego. good morning. it is tuesday, march 13. taking a look at the golden gate bridge. it is a wet golden gate
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bridge.>> can morning. it is almost 4:30 am let's get a check of the weather and traffic.>> it's going to be very wet. >> yes it is. and we have this band coming for.>> let's show you these wet roads. headlines, a rainy morning. 40 to 45 miles per hour and we are going to get a break this afternoon. and that increases the chance of thunderstorms. so this is showing a lot of rain. an audit will be reaching most of the bay area. so we will time it out for you and zoom in to the heavy rain he spots. we will let you know you will be dealing with. definitely be dealing with the wet roads. is a live look at the northbay. so, it's a little bit


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