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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 20, 2018 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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we will have the full traffic and weather forecast coming up. we are following breaking news this morning in san francisco. firefighters are working to put out a two alarm fire near jackson and polk street. this is a live look at the scene. a lot of fire vehicles out there. the 911 call came in about an hour ago. we have learned crews rescued one person from a balcony and the fire has been contained. a man was shot driving on an east bay freeway last night. we are live in oakland with the latest. >> reporter: it happened on the eastbound lanes here on 580. it is back open now, but the freeway was shut down here for about an hour yesterday as police investigated this latest east bay shooting that happened around 8:20 pm last night. chp says a man was shot in his
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hand while driving here. investigator shut down the freeway at seminary to look for shell casings. at this point, is unclear where the fire was shot from. this is part of an alarming trend according to chp. the bay area averages about one freeway shooting per week. most are tied to gangs. cities and counties have pushed for some type of surveillance system along freeways, and that has been approved for highway 4 and 80. but along this stretch, there is no surveillance system. it is unclear exactly if there are any cameras on neighboring homes along the freeway that may have caught something, but at this point investigators say they do not have any suspects. breaking news out
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of texas. we have just learned a package being sent to austin exploded at a fedex facility northeast of san antonio. police say that one female employee was injured in the blast but will be okay. the fbi is now on the scene. they say it is more than possible the blast is linked to the recent ones in austin. prior to the latest explosion, austin police believe the four other attacks were the work of a serial bomber. police say the fourth attack on sunday night was set off by a tripwire. the three attacks previously involved package bombs left on doorsteps. two people were killed and two others injured in the explosions. police believe the attacks are linked and the bomber is taunting law enforcement. >> do you think the suspect still has a message for police? >> we open ourselves up for a message, and that is why we asked him to contact us.
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>> some experts believe the bomber has experience with explosives and could potentially have military training. today marks the first day of spring, and it is bringing some extreme weather in the south. forecasters say this could be the most widespread severe weather event since last summer. this is the scene in northern alabama. baseball sized hail cracked windshield of cars. the stars are also bringing in heavy winds, rain and even tornadoes. >> it is so quick. we try to tell everybody to get prepared because things come out of nowhere. >> these storms could threaten more than 29 million people through georgia, florida and the carolinas. >> reporter: -- in southern california crews have been clearing up mud in burbank to prepare for an upcoming storm. just last week another round of rain sent a river flowing in front of homes. city officials are upping patrols to prepare for another
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hard-hit. let's get a look at the weather can see how much rain we are looking at here in the bay area. >> we will definitely been -- be impacted. we will see a few inches of rain. it is already here. we're starting to see the rain picking up across a lot of the bay area. it is right off the coast and inching its way towards land. let's take you to the north bay right now where we are noticing a little bit of drizzle. it is light at this hour. we are starting to get more moisture in downtown san francisco. light drizzle showing up. further south, it is moving towards interstate 280 and 101. it will start to get more intense in the next hour or so. we will definitely see a lot of
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that coastal moisture moving towards us. that will happen pretty soon. east of san jose noticing rain showers now. overall, we have cloud cover out there. this storm will last a few days. have your umbrella ready to go. you will need it all the way through saturday morning. things are starting to heat up out there. we are tracking a new hotspot along interstate 80. we have reports of an accident near willow. there are slowdowns in the opposite direction, eastbound. the crash is westbound. we will keep watching that. anticipate flashing lights, a visual distraction for drivers. at the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup has cleared up and
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it is in the green heading into san francisco. a judge facing backlash from his sentence of a stanford swimmer accused of rape will ask for an appeal of the court decision allowing a recall petition against him to appear on the june ballot. we are live in san jose at the courthouse where judge aaron persky is expected today. >> reporter: this is a polarizing topic and a story that people all across the country will be watching. >> he was only a judge in palo alto as a criminal judge for 17 months and during that short time issued a number of egregious decisions. >> reporter: the recall
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campaign was launched after critics a judge aaron persky handed down in inexcusably light sentence for brock turner, the former stanford swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting a woman outside a campus party. but opponents of the recall say he followed sentencing guidelines and fear the potential fallout if he is removed from the bench. >> judges are not going to be willing to exercise their discretion to be lenient for fear of being recalled. >> reporter: the santa clara county board of supervisors approved putting this decision on a june 5 ballot. 94,000 signatures from county voters were for the proposed recall. this morning, but we will see at the court of appeal will be the beginning of oral arguments for the appeal of the court decision to allow this recall vote. as of right now, the county estimates the special election, if it moves forward, can cost between $500,000 and $1 million. right now, there are other candidates already expected to be on the ballot. more than
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1000 people came together in the north bay last night remember the three women who lost their lives almost 2 weeks ago. they worked at the pathway home in yountville and were killed by a man who was recently kicked out of the program. emotions ran high at the celebration last night. people who knew and loved them spoke about their dedication to veterans and the need to continue their important work. >> i believe these three brave women would want our veterans to receive all the kindness, care and compassion that they deserve. >> the families of the victims were also honored last night. board members from pathway home presented them with folded american flags to honor their commitment, service and sacrifice. facebook shares lose big as a social media giant finds
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itself in the middle of a data scandal. how it involves the 2016 campaign. plus, a sex and the city star is back in the public eye. she is running for office. the rain showers have arrived. we will have a wet and windy week ahead. we are tracking a couple of accidents. the traffic report is coming up. get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event.
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a senior executive plans to step down. kpix 5s anne makovec joins us now -- and anne, it was a bad day for facebook's stock yesterday. new fallout in the facebook data scandal. >> the new york times reports a senior executive plans to step down. it was a bad day for facebook stock yesterday. turmoil on several levels this morning, including a top facebook executive stepping down. alex stamos is the chief information security officer. he plans to leave in august. facebook shares dropped almost 7% yesterday. they lost about $35 billion in
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shareholder value. all of this after reports that facebook may have mishandled data for more than 50 million users. data that ended up in the hands of the trump election team. a former employee of data firm cambridge analytica says the company harvested the data and then used it to influence voters. now calls for mark zuckerberg to testify before congress and for more laws to increase transparency and disclosure. >> i think most people realize you need sensible regulation and self regulation and legal regulation to make sure that the social media is preserved. >> among the statements pressuring a deeper investigation into facebook dealings, a senator from minnesota said it is clear that these platforms cannot police themselves. mark zuckerberg needs to testify before the senate judiciary. in a statement, facebook said they remain committed to vigorously enforcing policies to protect information.
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in recent years, facebook has said high level executives to capitol hill to answer questions from lawmakers, but never mark zuckerberg himself. >> it is interesting where the personal information came from, it came from personality quizzes we see all the time. >> yeah, you find out what disney princess you are or something. they get people to really interact with the app, which then apparently uses a loophole to pull all that behind the scenes data of the user. also the same data related to their friends, typically 200 to 300 other people per user that takes the quiz. cost go and the northern california coffee
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company jbr reached a settlement over plastic coffee pods. the companies have agreed to pay $500,000 to settle a consumer protection action. the settlement is based on allegations the companies misled consumers and sold those plastic coffee pods as compostable. jbr does business as a gourmet coffee company. the judgment also prohibits costco from labeling products as compostable and list backed by a scientific certification. crews have repaired a sinkhole near the exit of the posey tube. both lanes of the tylenol -- tunnel have reopened. they were closed yesterday after a storm drain failure caused the sinkhole to open up over the weekend. good news for commuters. let's get a check of the roads. >> i am sure everyone is
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relieved that is reopened right now. right now we are tracking an easy ride if you're making your way through alameda and oakland. green in both directions. here is a live look near the coliseum. no troubles heading northbound. 580 past highway 24 is still looking good. no major backups at the bay bridge toll plaza. we are tracking an accident westbound 80 near willow. speeds are still at the limit. a little west of their -- of that area still in the green. highway 37 we're starting to see more cars, but no reports of any accidents.
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no delays on the richmond bridge. no accidents along 101 at this hour. we are seeing green popping up more and more across the bay area on doppler. i want to track the rain for you. there are a few areas with light showers, but it is picking up through downtown san francisco. north bay a lot of moisture getting closer and closer. it is moving fast through santa rosa. light drizzle. same near napa. this is near woodville heading toward sausalito. a light showers through the
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richmond district and further into downtown san francisco. all of this is headed towards union city. you're just now starting to see the rain. it is moving quickly off the coast onto land. you will continue to see rain throughout the day today. we will start to see the rain get a little bit stronger around 9 o'clock and through the lunch hour as well. temperatures in the 50s right now. the temperatures will stay in the 50s most of the day today. all the moisture is coming off the ocean. we are getting some tropical moisture. that is why it is a warm or storm. -- warmer storm. showers they heavy through wednesday night into thursday. that is the day of most intensity. windy and wet wednesday into thursday. showers will last into friday
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and saturday morning. there is a winter storm watch wednesday night through thursday night for the greater lake tahoe area. the afternoon highs today low 60s and upper 50s. we will be a few degrees below average. we stay pretty cool through the week. saturday most of the day should be nice and dry. the last mail northern white rhino in the world has died, leaving only two females left to save the species. the 45-year-old rhino had been in poor health in recent days and was being treated for age- related issues in a sanctuary in kenya. a team of veterinarians made the decision to euthanize him after his condition deteriorated. researchers were able to save some of his genetic material and the hope so successfully artificially inseminating one of the two females white rhinos left. cynthia nixon is officially throwing her hat in the new york gubernatorial
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race. >> i love new york. i have never wanted to live anywhere else. but something has to change. >> the former sex and the city actress released this ad announcing her candidacy on twitter yesterday. she will challenge incumbent governor andrew cuomo in the democratic primary in september. she says new york leaders are letting the people down. she has assembled a team to prepare for the primary and says she will not take any corporate money for her campaign. two of the most influential performers on broadway are joining forces for the march for our lives against gun violence this saturday. lin-manuel miranda and ben splat have released a new song.
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they say the song is dedicated to the victims of the school shooting in parkland florida. part of the proceeds made from the sale of the song will go toward march for our lives. the sports report is coming up. there's only one word for the all new
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the golden state warriors took the court last night in san antonio without steph curry and kevin durant. guess what happened? draymond green left the game in the second quarter with a pelvic contusion. final seconds of the third, golden state gets the first lead of the game. in the fourth, kyle anderson back and forth. they led by 3. three minutes left, the game is put away. golden state lost. they have lost four of seven. third-quarter the cardinals
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leading. only a 10 point game. stanford win. they face louisville in the sweet 16 on friday. last night in arizona, dodgers all-star justin turner broke his wrist when he was hit by the ball. he will be placed on the disabled list. that means he will miss opening day against the giants one week from thursday. the dodgers don't believe surgery will be necessary. that opening game will be played at 4 o'clock in the afternoon. plan accordingly. justin turner out indefinitely with a broken wrist. the judge facing backlash over his sentencing of a former stanford university swimmer convicted of sexual assault is now appealing
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a court decision for a recall vote. we are live in san jose with the latest straightahead. another freeway shooting, this time in oakland. what investigators are saying about the alarming trend, coming up.
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freeway. this morning... the search for the shooter. plus: uber suspends its self-driving car program after a dead crash. the violence on the roads. two shootings along freeways. plus, uber suspends the self driving car program after a deadly crash. good morning everyone. it is tuesday, march 20. >> let's get a check of the weather. >> the rain has arrived.
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we are noticing rain drops out there. you will definitely need your umbrella today. will start to pick up in a little bit. we are seeing light rain for now across a lot of the bay area this morning. then on and off heavy rain through friday night into saturday morning. wet and windy, especially tomorrow night when the storms will be at its most intense. right now doppler is showing some areas a pretty strong rain coming down, about one half inch per hour. a lot of this is moving in quickly off the coast. it is starting to pick up through the north bay. you will run into some areas of wet roads. it will stay that way through saturday morning. all of this just picked up through chinatown. it did make its way across the
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bay. a pretty slick ride on the bay bridge. people will be running into wet roadways out there. near san mateo, it is heading in your direction. we have a couple of problems along 580. we have a traffic alert on eastbound 580 near northland road. a crash has one lane blocked. expect delays. traffic backing up. westbound direction we are tracking a new accident with three lanes currently blocked on westbound 580 just before 680. expect your drive time to increase. give yourself plenty of extra time. emergency crews are on the scene. 35 minutes between 205 and 680.
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the latest incident happened in oakland last night.. and left a we're starting to see crowds develop heading into san francisco. police are investigating another bay area freeway shooting. the latest incident happened in oakland last night and left a man wounded. we are live at the scene with the latest. >> reporter: it happened here on the eastbound lanes of 580 at the seminary exit. the freeway was shut down for some time yesterday as police investigated. it is back open now. it happened around 8:20 pm last night. police say a 50-year-old man was shot in the hand while driving. at this point, there is no information as to a suspect. they don't know where the shot came from or if even there is a mode of. this is part of an alarming
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trend. chp says the bay area averages about one freeway shooting per week. according to highway patrol, most are tied to gangs. cities and counties have been pushing for more surveillance systems along the freeway. that is coming to highway 4 and 80. but this stretch of 580 does not have any surveillance cameras. no license plate readers either. right now, basically investigators are saying they do not have a suspect in this latest freeway shooting here in oakland on 580 at the seminary exit. a man has been arrested in another shooting on interstate 5 80 during the height of the evening commute. investigators say it began as a road rage incident yesterday. the suspect apparently cut off a driver and when the driver honked their horn, the suspect brandished a gun and fired.
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>> with road rage incidents, there is always more than one person. if you get cut off, back off and let ago. it is not worth escalating. >> no one was hurt, but officers want to remind people to put the brakes on road rage incidents before they spiral out of control. uber is putting the brakes on all road testing of self driving cars after a deadly accident in arizona. police say that on sunday night in tempe arizona the car was in autonomous mode when a woman walking outside of a crosswalk was hit. she died from her injuries. the crash comes weeks before autonomous cars are sent to hit the bay area. uber released a statement saying their hearts go out to the victims family. they are fully cooperating with police and local authorities. at this time, it is unclear why the human inside the car was
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not able to prevent the collision. in about an hour the u.s. supreme court is set to hear arguments in california abortion case. opponents of abortion are challenging a state law that by it -- that they say violates their constitutional right to free speech. the law requires license pregnancy centers, including ones with religious affiliations, to inform women about state subsidized family- planning services including abortion. california argues the law is a neutral regulation aimed at informing women of healthcare options. yesterday people were already lining up to get a c in the courtroom. the case could impact what states can and cannot direct abortion providers or opponents to tell women. meanwhile, mississippi is imposing the most restrictive abortion law in the country, banning the procedure after 15 weeks. but this morning, it is being challenged in federal court. the governor signed the bill into law yesterday.
5:36 am
it does not make exceptions for pregnancies resulting from rape or incest. doctors who knowingly violate the law could have medical license is revoked or suspended. judge aaron persky is appealing a decision for him to possibly be recalled. is being facing backlash after the sentencing of a stanford university swimmer convicted of raping. we are live in saint -- rape. we are live with more. >> reporter: the judge will asked for an appeal of the court decision to allow a recall vote this morning. the campaign for recall was launched after he handed down and inexcusably light sentence for brock turner, the swimmer convicted of sexually assaulting a woman. that is what supporters of the recall say. but opponents fear the potential fallout if he is removed from the bench. >> it is always utilized for
5:37 am
judges who have egregious track records on the bench who abuse the law. this judge has not abused anything or anyone.>> reporter: the santa clara county board of supervisors approved putting the decision on the june 5 ballot. 94,000 signatures from county voters were for the proposed recall. this morning there will be oral arguments for the appeal by the judge of this recall vote. protesters are expected to be outside this morning. they will be holding a press conference after they hear what happens inside the courtroom today. the county estimates that for the special election, this can cost anywhere between $500,000 and $1 million if it moves forward as scheduled. president donald trumps legal team has given documents to special counsel robert mueller summarizing their view on certain key matters being investigated. this comes amid rumors that
5:38 am
robert mueller could be fire. the president took a very aggressive stance yesterday with this tweet. senators are warning firing him would be a bad move. >> anything directed at firing him would blow up the whole town and that becomes the end of governing and the presidency as we know it. i have zero concerned that robert mueller will be fired. >> it has been a long concerned that his days are numbered and the president is not the only one who was trying to limit that. that he has a number of my colleagues, republican colleagues in congress all the way up to paul ryan enabling the ouster of robert mueller. >> paul ryan and senate majority leader mitch mcconnell also gave strong warnings to the president not to fire the special counsel. today is the first day of spring, and to celebrate you clean out the cobwebs and
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prepare to hit the delete button. jill schlesinger tells us what we need to keep and what we can toss. it is tax season, the how long do we need to keep the old returns? >> because the irs has up to seven years to audit, you have to hold onto the returns and supporting documents for seven years. a little bit better for bank and investment accounts. if your banking online or have accounts online, find out for how long the companies you work with make documents available. if you are still receiving paper statements, keep them for a year. then shred them. there is one big caveat, if you think you are a family member might be applying for medicaid, there are many states that require you show five years worth of statements. when it comes to your credit card statements, keep the business or tax items there,
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flat the items, but then shred the statements themselves after 45 days. >> at least we don't have to keep those statements for seven years. >> exactly. >> there are some things you do need to keep forever. >> this is the one that makes people nuts. if you have a birth or death certificate, social security card, marriage license, a divorce decree, estate documents, you should keep those in a fireproof safe, on the cloud or a safe deposit box. if you want to know the basis, you want to maybe be a hoarder with these kinds of documents. hold onto records related to home improvements or a major purchase until you dispose of that asset. if you hate those bulging files, maybe you make 2018 the year you dump the paper and go digital. security experts say you are more at risk with paper going through the mail that dealing
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electronically, and even despite the data breaches. new fallout in the facebook data scandal. the top executives expected to step down. plus, the end of an error on the santa cruz border -- boardwalk. i will have the traffic report coming up. ♪you've got a friend in me
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pixar fest with all new fireworks and your favorite park parades. only at disneyland resort. facebook's latest privacy scandal sent its stock into a hello everybody. spring officially starting at 9:15 am. we are tracking rain and i will
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time it out for you coming up. the latest privacy scandal with facebook sent its stock into a downward spiral and one of the top security executives will be stepping down. >> we will see how facebook stock is doing when the opening bell rings on wall street this morning. right now, the social network company facing trouble on several levels. a top executive is stepping down, alex stamos, the chief information security officer. he plans to leave in august. facebook shares dropped almost 7%, losing almost $35 billion in shareholder value yesterday. this is after reports that facebook may have mishandled data for more than 50 million users. data that ended up in the hands of the trump election team. a former employee of political data firm cambridge analytica
5:45 am
says the company harvested the data using some of those personality quizzes that they used it to try to influence voters. >> in terms of the amount of data collected and the quality of the data, it was a rare example where something was fast and relatively cheap but high quality. >> now calls for mark zuckerberg to testify before congress and for more laws to increase transparency and disclosure. senator john kennedy says facebook, twitter and google, we have yet to hear directly from the leaders of these company. a senator from virginia says that it is clear if left unregulated the market will continue to be prone to dissension. -- deception. another senators says cambridge analytica was able to weapon nice psychology. facebook says they remain committed to protect information.
5:46 am
in recent years, facebook has sent several high-level executives to capitol hill to answer questions from lawmakers, but never mark zuckerberg himself. a seawall in san francisco needs a lot of work and a new bill would provide a steady stream of funding. experts say it needs major upgrades before the next big earthquake strikes. a natural disaster caput the waterfront and financial district at risk. now a group of bay area lawmakers is proposing a new bill that will provide up to $250 million for a massive renovation project. that would be enough to find half of phase 1. the entire project would cost an estimated $5 million and likely take generations to complete. it is the end of an era in california santa cruz beach
5:47 am
boardwalk. the ferris wheel has seen its final span. -- spin. officials say they might consider another ferris wheel as a replacement. >> most every ride has a shelf life. we just felt after nearly 60 years, we need to make a change and look for something different. >> they will choose a new attraction by next summer. it is so cool to get an ice cream cone and go on the ferris wheel. >> ice cream is still there i am sure. >> i like the snapper jack ride. traffic is busy. right now we are tracking a couple of problems. with mass transit, there was
5:48 am
smoldering debris at the 24th street mission station. right now, no trains are moving through that station. this is impacting all directions for anyone trying to get to downtown san francisco and sfo. the trades are not moving through the 24th street station right now. plan accordingly. we will continue to monitor this and have a reporter heading out there. we have a traffic alert for drivers along eastbound 580. one closed at northglenn due to an earlier crash. -- cruiser cleaning that up now. the drive heading westbound will be pretty complicated. there was an earlier accident with the backup stretching further and further. here is a live look at 580 approaching 680.
5:49 am
36 minutes. give yourself extra time. east shore freeway still looking pretty good. at the maze, it is slow heading into san francisco. we are in the yellow. a lot of people may run into some rain drops out there this morning. it is starting to pick up pretty good here, especially along the coast. the rain has arrived. on and off heavy rain for friday is what we expect. especially tomorrow night. doppler showing a lot more green starting to pop up. it has been picking up over the past 20 minutes or so. it will continue throughout the morning hours. will impact a lot of the morning drive. it is moving pretty quickly.
5:50 am
you can expect to see a lot more rain headed your way. further south, and has just started to pick up. about one half inch per hour. through petaluma, just a drizzle, but the yellow and orange is headed that way. a lot of this is moving west to east. a lot of people waking up to the raindrops out there this morning. downtown san francisco also wet out there. and it has moved over the bay. you will notice that on the east bay as well. this will start to pick up in walnut creek. here is a look at the temperatures. we are in the 50s.
5:51 am
the afternoon highs will not be very warm. we are in the upper 50s and low 60s. yesterday we were spoiled with a lovely afternoon and sunshine, but that is changing now that the storm has arrived. it is headed straight for santa barbara, that is where the atmospheric river will bring the most moisture. they could get 4 to 6 inches of rain. we could see 1 to 4 inches. tonight through tomorrow morning is when we start to see scattered showers. wednesday during the day will not be as severe, but wednesday night into thursday heavy rainfall will last and wind gusts could get up to 50 miles per hour. that is also when we have a winter storm watch with 2 to 3 feet expected at 7500 feet. this is a warm system. not much lower elevation snowfall. rain showers last through early saturday morning. next week is looking pretty dry. but because has several days of
5:52 am
rain, there is a chance of mud flow -- mudslides. we are heading to monterey bay with a closer look at the whale watching season, coming up.
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humpbacks up close... should head down to monterey. the marine mammals usually migrate south this time.. but a handful have stayed behind. kpix 5 caught about a dozen of the humpbacks about a mile from moss landing. you can see just how close they got to the boat. well watchers looking to see humpback whales up close should head down to monterey bay. >> the marine mammals usually migrate south, but a handful have stayed behind. we caught up with about a dozen of them. marine biologist say most of the whale spotted are juveniles. >> there is fish here and they are feeding on anchovies. it is also possible that it is the variability of the population. it is increasing. >> on average, an estimated population of 2000 humpbacks make the annual migration
5:56 am
south. a man is shot on 580 eastbound here in oakland. i will have the latest, coming up. plus, new details on the cause of a massive fire in north beach.
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available for further protection... & less per month. switch to at&t internet for business. more & less - that's the power of &. plus: the california city that just voted to exempt itself from the state's sanctuary city polices. and, facebook is facing new fallout in a data scandal. the employee that's now planning to step down. the investigation underway after two separate bay area freeway shootings. plus, the california city that voted to exempt itself from the state sanctuary city policies. facebook is facing new fallout and a data scandal. the employee that is now planning to step down. good morning everyone. >> first we are tracking another round of wet weather. this is a live look outside and
6:00 am
doppler. >> we are kicking off the new season, spring has begun with rainfall. we are seeing some heavy rain right along the coast especially, but it is working its way inland. it is coming in pretty quickly. it started around 5 o'clock this morning and now across the north bay we're starting to see more rain. further south is where it is starting to pick up really heavy along highway won -- 1. we see the yellow and orange, it is coming down pretty good. it will be pretty slick on highway 101. expect a wet drive this morning. get ready


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