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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 22, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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california military base. tonight: as an act of now at 11:00 a fiery security breach at a northern california military base, tonight the fbi is treating this as an act of terrorism. good evening. i'm ken bastida. >> i'm elizabeth cook. kpix5's andria borba has new information on the explosion at travis air force base in fairfield. >> reporter: this was the scene just past the main gate at travis air force base last night. an suv on fire after crashing the main gate of the fairfield military installation, home to 7,000 service members. inside that burning and popping suv, tanks full of propane. >> it's not normal to drive onto an air force base or anywhere, for that matter, with a car full of propane for whatever reason. it's just not good practice no matter what. >> reporter: no gunshots were
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exchanged, but the driver died after lighting himself and the suv full of propane on fire. the air force quickly called the fbi in to look at what is being called an act of terrorism. kpix5's security analyst jeff harp, former assistant special agent in charge of the san francisco fbi office, says this attack has classic hallmarks of terror groups. >> we know for a fact that both isis and al-qaeda have attempted to use these tactics against the military bases before. we know that they attempted to do it in new york city before. >> reporter: the investigation into the attack and the reasons behind it is ongoing, but harp says one thing may hamper investigators. >> propane is readily available. it's a pressurized gas in a metal container. it makes an ideal explosive whenever you add something to it to detonate it. >> reporter: harp says the fbi won't be looking into just the driver of the suv. >> they're looking for dna. they're looking for fingerprints.
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they're looking for all sorts of things you and i won't see with a naked eye expect those things are important, too, because it -- eye and those things are important, too, because it may show other people have handled the devices. >> reporter: the fbi has a suspect but is not yet releasing their name. andria borba, kpix5. breaking news, another federal shutdown averted, at least for now. just about an hour ago the u.s. senate approved a $1.3 trillion spending bill. it increases funding for the military and domestic programs and keeps the government funded through september. president trump is expected to sign that bill before the saturday deadline. tonight we're hearing from the family of a man killed during a shootout with san francisco police. his family says they actually called police before the shooting. betty yu has the interview you'll see only on kpix5 tonight. betty? >> liz and ken, the suspect's uncle said that a family member called police because he had indicated someone might want to hurt him. tonight the family is searching
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for answers to what would lead this 21-year-old to allegedly open fire on police. these are photos of 21-year-old jihal yi after a shootout on london street and geneva avenue, he died from his injuries at sf general hospital last night. >> he was a very sweet kid. he might have some issues. most people have issues, but he's really, really a nice kid. he's not violent. >> reporter: his uncle spoke exclusively with kpix5 tonight. he says his nephew would never harm anyone. san francisco police say five others including an officer and a teenager were injured in the shooting. >> i understood that he said something like some people are out to get him and he's scared, okay? that's why he's in san francisco. >> reporter: around 4:30 p.m. yesterday police responded to a report of a man with a gun. jihad's uncle said he spoke with a family member who was
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inside the barbershop. >> he told me that jihad walked in alone. he had no stress signs on him. he didn't have no problems at all. he just walked in, say hello, you know. >> reporter: new surveillance video from the hardware store nearby shows what happened next. you can see police officers walking into the barbershop near the top of your screen and shortly after gunfire and people scrambling to get out of the way. cell phone video captured the injured police officer crawling outside the shop. one man who was shot stumbles to the ground near the tree and is later dragged to safety. the barbershop owner identified him as abdel wahab and said he was shot in the foot. the man in the red sweatshirt was also hit and is seen walking into the pharmacy next- door. his name is earnest doc conway and works as a barber. >> and he got hit in the hip and then he went to the hospital and they found another bullet lodged in him, too. >> it's just crazy. i never expected it's going to
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happen here. >> reporter: the barbershop owner wasn't there at the time of the shooting, but today saw evidence of the aftermath all around his shop. there are multiple evidence markers on the floor and in the wall. the the suspect's uncle says he hasn't spoken to anyone who saw jihad with a gun and he awaits more details from the san francisco police department's investigation. three of the people injured sustained nonlife threatening injuries. another was listed in life threatening status. betty yu, kpix5. d a small rese on to our storm watch now, a dam in danger tonight after heavy rains overwhelmed the small reservoir in tuolumne county prompting flood warnings, road closures and even some evacuations. the mocassin dam sits right at the intersection of highways 120 and 49 right at the bottom of old priest grade. macy jenkins is there tonight and shows us the waters are starting to recede, but the problems there are not over. >> reporter: water ripping
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furiously through mocassin creek. >> nothing to this extent. this is the worst i've ever seen it. >> reporter: just feet away more water rushing through mocassin dam. >> very seldom do we ever see that they open the floodgates on the dam. this is a rare sight. >> reporter: thursday afternoon officials and locals were panicked, worried the dam would fail and cause massive flooding in the area. >> the best news of the day was that dam seems much safer now. >> reporter: just below the mocassin dam -- >> we're going to lose a lot of these fish. >> reporter: -- the mocassin creek fish hatchery. employees with the california department of fish and wildlife quickly evacuated this afternoon, but the water inundated the hatchery flushing the fish right into don pedro reservoir. >> there is a lot of them escaping right now and i think somebody needs to get some nets and save some of them. >> reporter: debris has piled up in mocassin creek causing all this water to rush back up to highway 49 pushing underneath the road causing
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part of it to collapse and fall back into the water. >> the big challenge with fixing this is going to be weatherwise. >> reporter: many rely on this stretch to get from mariposa to yosemite. caltrans says it's unclear how long highway 49 will be closed, but major repairs cannot be finished until the rain subsides for a substantial amount of time. >> mocassin is part of the hetch hetchy system, but tonight we're told san francisco's water supply was never endangered. >> we have a pipeline that can bypass it in events like this. in this case, pure coincidence, we actually shut off the hetch hetchy portion of the system this morning for maintenance we were going to do the next five or so days. so it was already out of the system. >> mocassin reservoir is now being drained into the much larger don pedro reservoir downstream. in fact, it's just adjacent to it. that's to relieve the stress on the dam. and tuolumne county got hammered by the storm today. this is highway 132, the old coulterville road.
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check it out. a huge chunk of that road is washed away by the storm, completely gone. more trouble for president trump, tonight a former playboy playmate says he offered her money the first time they had sex. had a >> i thought does he think that i'm in this for money or why i'm here tonight or is this a normal thing? i didn't know, but i looked at him and i said that's not me. i'm not that kind of girl and he said oh and he said, "you're really special." >> karen mcdougal said she had a 10 month affair with trump in 2006, just a few months after his son barron was born. in an interview with cnn tonight, mcdougal also offered an apology to melania trump. the white house denies the affair along with similar allegations from porn star stormy daniels. daniels will tell her story on 60 minutes this sunday. on u-s goods... tonight china is threatening to retaliate against president trump's tariff hikes. china said that it may raise tariffs on u.s. goods including pork, apples and steel pipe.
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earlier today president trump authorized tariffs on about $60 billion of chinese imports coming into the u.s. fears of a trade war rocked wall street. the dow dropped more than 720 points and right now asian markets are also tumbling. a new resignation at the white house tonight, this time national security advisor general h.r. mcmaster stepping down. reporter angelica alvarez shows us who will be his replacement. >> reporter: president trump announced his latest staff shake-up on twitter tweeting that effective april 9th john bolton will be my new national security advisor replacing general h.r. mcmaster. >> i didn't really expect that announcement this afternoon, but it's obviously a great honor. it's always an honor to serve our country. >> reporter: bolton was ambassador to the united nations under george w. bush. he will become the third
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national security advisor in the trump presidency following the ouster of michael flynn and now h.r. mcmaster. >> it is both diplomacy and sanctions working together. >> reporter: the white house said mcmaster's exit has been in discussion for some time and is not due to any one incident. bolton is a hard liner on north korea and iran and is expected to take a tougher stance than his predecessor which could significantly influence trump's foreign policy. in may president trump has to decide whether to continue with the iran nuclear deal, an agreement bolton staunchly opposed. bolton has also made the case for striking north korea first. >> his detractors consider him to be a warmonger and i think the concerns as it relates to north korea are very much in the same vein that he might advocate, you know, a preemptive strike. >> reporter: bolton wouldn't talk poll of just yet but said he looks forward -- talk policy just yet but said he looks forward in making the
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transition to the west wing. angelica alvarez, cbs news, the white house. these protesters took over a california freeway days after police shot and killed an unarmed black man, how they also disrupted an nba game tonight. >> this 4-month-old boy has a life threatening condition. tonight how a bay area sports team is trying to save his life. >> and these anti-aging exercises could make you look years younger, but how do they work? tonight our betty yu introduces us to face yoga.
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he police >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces. a major interstate blocked in sacramento and then hundreds of people surrounded an nba arena protesting the police shooting of an unarmed black
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man. reporter steve large was there. >> reporter: stephontae clark led this chant outside the golden 1 center shouting out his brother's name walking through a crowd of demonstrators. hundreds came together to protest the police shooting of stephon clark, an unarmed black man shot 20 times by officers. he was found holding only a cell phone. >> we need people out here in the streets to show everyone that we actually care about our brothers. we care about our sisters. we don't want this to go on anymore. >> reporter: earlier protesters marched onto interstate 5 in downtown sacramento forcing a back traffic backup. the crowd left on its own. after closing down the freeway some protesters came onto the kings plaza where one protester climbed a wall to hang up a black lives matter sign. at one point protesters trying to push through the golden 1 center employees entrance were physically confronted by security and sacramento police.
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officers deployed pepper balls. mounted police were also called to the screen, a police shooting that left an unarmed black man dead fueling anger, frustration and this massive demonstration in downtown sacramento. we showed you video of stephon clark's brother speaking to the crowd outside the golden 1 center. one thing he reiterated over and over again was his pride in sacramento for protesting peacefully. in sacramento, steve large, kpix5. tonight california's u.s. senators are among a dozen democrats calling for an investigation into the sudden resignation of san francisco's i.c.e. spokesman. james schwab told the chronicle he quit in frustration after being pressured to spread false claims about the number of arrests that could have been made in last month's i.c.e. raids. if oakland mayor libby schaff hadn't sent out a warning. in a letter to homeland security inspector general john
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kelly, the senators wrote, "we have serious concerns that the trump administration officials are misrepresenting the facts and statistics surrounding this enforcement action for political purposes." they are asking kelly to look into interagency communications on the raids and whether the trump administration knowingly made false statements. the earthquakes will be playing a different kind of soccer match saturday. maria medina tells us they're recruiting a stadium full of fans to help save a little boy's life. ♪ pull me closer tiny dancer ♪ ♪ >> reporter: for almost all of his short life baby bruno has lived in a hospital. he came down with a fever at 1 month old. it took two months for doctors to figure out he was living with hlh, a life threatening immunodeficiency condition. >> and it starts attacking your body, your organs, your body. >> reporter: at just 4 months
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old bruno is undergoing keep therapy, but it's a bone marrow transplant that will save his life. finding a match is not easy. >> we saw this is an issue that could be affecting thousands, not just our nephew. >> reporter: so family including his aunt began what they call a worldwide campaign to get people to sign up to be a donor. >> we're running against the clock here. >> reporter: she reached out to san jose earthquakes player shea salinas and told her story to hold a bone donor registry. >> and he agreed and it just started this way. >> reporter: this saturday the team will wear bruno's name on their arms and hold a registry. it doesn't end there. bruno's story is catching on globally with strangers taking pictures with the #togetherforbruno. his parents hope they find that one person in the world who will save their first born. ♪ we had a busy day today ♪ >> reporter: there are only a
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few hospitals in the world that specialize in hlh, but because the family lives in mexico, they say their insurance won't cover the costs. politician elected to the bo in san jose, maria medina, kpix5. sfo getting ready to honor san francisco's first openly gay politician elected to the board of supervisors, harvey milk. today a board of supervisors committee recommended that terminal 1 of the airport be named after milk. the full board will vote on that next month. milk was elected to the board of supervisors in 1977. he was assassinated just a year later after fighting for gay rights, low income tenants and the homeless. the idea to rename terminal 1 after him first popped up back in 2013. a new workout tonight that could make you look younger, kpix5's betty yu introduces us to face yoga. >> reporter: it may look funny
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and sound a little strange, but these exercises could take years off your face naturally. it's called face yoga, a workout that requires no weights or workout equipment, just a mirror and a mat. what is face yoga. >> face yoga is a great natural alternative to botox or plastic surgery because did you know that only 20% of the entire facial muscles are actively used by regular facial expressions? so the idea of face yoga is to wake up those sleeping muscles. >> reporter: face yoga instructor cocoa hiyashi said there are as many as 60 muscles attached to the skull. i took her pop-up class at the daily method in san francisco. she teaches more than 50 different exercises designed to lift and smooth the face like the anti-gobble neck and the forehead freezer. how much of a difference can face yoga make? >> face yoga is -- if you do it
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on a daily basis, you should see some results and people notice the difference in a couple weeks. >> reporter: 39-year-old cocoa has been practicing face yoga for more than 10 years. here are some before and after photos she shared. the practice has been long established in japan. >> actually i feel some kind of lift and actually i feel like my eyes opened after this. >> reporter: this year a new study out of northwestern university found that middle aged women looked about three years younger after months of doing face yoga. >> you have body muscles and you train muscles and you see results. the same thing should apply to the face. >> reporter: once you've mastered the moves you can do them anywhere any time. how do you feel after the class? >> to be honest, my face feels very tired. >> reporter: kpix5 employee don surath tried it for the first time. >> i felt my muscles got worked and it was really good exercise without having to get sweaty.
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>> reporter: in san francisco, betty yu, kpix5. >> all right! >> wow. >> i feel better already. >> you should see the facial exercises ken is doing right now. >> i think we should do them on commercial breaks. people will be using their facial muscles because next week when it's 75 degrees and the sun comes out, you'll be smiling. there it is. take a peek at the radar, nothing on the radar tonight. some north bay showers do return tomorrow. this is the best part of all this rain we've endured. some of you have e-mailed when is it ending? soon. in three weeks we have increased the snowpack in the state of california by 33%. that is amazing. it's now 52% of average. it's going to snow in the mountains again tomorrow, a little bit on saturday. so futurecast calling for another foot and a half at donner summit, 7 inches of snow at bear valley, 20 inches at mount shasta, a beautiful live picture of the golden gate
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bridge. mount diablo nearly 1/2 a foot of rain in the past two days, san francisco officially 1 1/3, san jose 1/3 inch of rainfall. notice how chilly it was this evening with the breeze coming in behind the front that gave us a heavy rainfall this morning. oakland down to 45 tonight, san jose down to 42 degrees. heavy rain this morning with the front, tropical moisture coming up from the south. now we flip our focus to this low pressure area spinning off to our north. that's going to fire in three rounds of some light rain or showers over the next couple days, most of which will not impact the entire bay area. case in point, tomorrow morning showers north of santa rosa, partly cloudy skies elsewhere. most of the rain tomorrow, if not all, stays north of interstate 80. we could see an isolated shower or two friday evening, friday night. saturday mostly cloudy in the morning. by afternoon time there's your chance of rain south of the
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golden gate. it's saturday afternoon. then a few leftover showers sunday morning, not a weekend washout, but a rain chance both weekend days. the best chance of weekend rainfall is 4:00 to 8:00 saturday, but any heavy rain is finished likely for a while. chilly day tomorrow, san jose 62, san mateo 58, partly sunny skies in san ramon, 59, fairfield 59 degrees. up towards san rafael, petaluma, a couple showers, mid- 50s and a chilly showery day in cloverdale, 54. look at the end of the forecast. once we get through the weekend, saturday afternoon a couple showers, thunderstorm in the north bay, a few showers sunday morning. by this time next week we'll be in the 70s with sunshine, pattern change coming monday. the sunshine will feel good because we've earned it because man, have we gone through some rain this month. >> thanks, paul. tonight a bay area celebration for these student rising above. >> and here are tonight's guests on the late show with stephen colbert. does this map show the
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peninsula trail? you won't find that on a map. i'll take you there. take this left. if you listen real hard you can hear the whales. oop. you hear that? (vo) our subaru outback lets us see the world.
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sometimes in ways we never imagined. (avo) get 0% apr financing on all-new 2018 subaru outback models. now through april 2nd. d at the a very special celebration in san francisco tonight to honor bay area students who have overcome tremendous odds. >> hundreds gathered at the ritz carlton hotel for the 15th annual students rising above gala. the nonprofit helps low income first generation college students who are dedicated and want to pursue a higher education. tonight it was all about celebrating the success of
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these students and it was also a chance for the community to meet them. >> so it's about having that open dialogue about what was your journey in college, your internships and how did you get there and seeing that we all are in this journey together. >> the nonprofit helps over 13,000 students. you can see some of their stories on our website, >> that is one of the best features we do here at cbs5. >> great program. >> but how about the teams rising above in the ncaa tournament? loyola pulls off another upset to get to the elite eight. tip-off next. . nick has been homeless for decades, but this deputy reached out to help him get an id. then a volunteer private eye found a key to nick's past.
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>> reporter: his birth mother was still alive. >> 65 years later the remarkable reunion. >> he suddenly discovered he has a family when he thought he was alone in the world. >> expect original reporting from kpix5 news. expect more. we need to be ready for whatever weather may come our way. my name's scott strenfel and i'm a meteorologist at pg&e. we make sure that our crews as well as our customers are prepared to how weather may impact their energy. so every single day we're monitoring the weather, and when storm events arise our forecast get crews out ahead of the storm to minimize any outages. during storm season we want our customers to be ready and stay safe. learn how you can be prepared at together, we're building a better california.
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the sweet 16...loyola of chicago vs nevada of reno with the two of the best stories of the ncaa tournament collided tonight in the sweet 16, loyola of chicago versus nevada of reno with a winner moving on to the elite eight. loyola's sister jean not more popular than the blues brother in chicago. nevada trailed by 12 in the 2nd half. four minutes left, morton in for the layup and the game tied
11:30 pm
59-59. so the final seconds the ramblers are up 1. marcus town buries the dagger three. loyola of chicago wins 69-68 and will play 9 seed kansas state in the elite eight, lots of love for sister jean even though she had picked the ramblers to lose this game. >> well, i already told them as they came off the court, great game! and one of them said to me we broke your bracket, sister jean. i said i don't care that you broke my bracket. i'm ready for the next one. half, florida state up seven, brandon allen, a one-time giants minor leaguer hits the floater to end final seconds of the half, florida state up 7, brandon allen, a one time giants minor leaguer, floater to end the half. noles led 41-42. four minutes left, sfu on the fast break. vonn misses the layup. florida state wins 75 high pressure 60 and advance to
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their first -- 75-60 and advance to their first elite eight since 1993. pitcher la mark a has been diagnosed -- pitcher samardzija has been diagnosed with a pulled tendon. in las vegas tied 1-1 in o.t. logan couture with the backhanded number to score the game winner. san jose wins their sixth straight 2-1. sharks are seven points behind the golden knights for first place in the pacific division. but how about sister jean? >> love her. >> picked a loser, turning a winner and the story goes on. >> the elite eight. now it's getting real. >> that school has picked up 6.5 million for their conference by getting to the elite eight. >> that's fantastic. be right back. for a fraction of what you'd pay elsewhere. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings...
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. good night. gi the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow morning at 4:30.
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>> have a great night! if you get a chance, practice your face yoga. >> you look younger already. are you 28 or 29? captioning sponsored by cbs >> the president's lawyer arranged $130,000 in hush money to keep former adult film star stormy daniels from talking about an affair she had with the president in july 2006. the "late show" has acquired hotel security footage from that evening in july 2006. if children are in the room, you may want to cover their eyes. if you are in the room, you may want to pluck out your eyes. ♪ ♪ >> stormy daniels! donald trump! in "commander-in-beef." >> you're a real beauty. >> you selfish jerk. >> hey, babe. >> yes? >> please be gentle. >> sure. >> ah, that's good. i like that. a


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