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tv   KPIX 5 News Sun Morn Edition  CBS  March 25, 2018 7:30am-8:31am PDT

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millions march in solidarity... calling for an end to gun violence. and this time... it charge.. we'll take a lo millions march in solidarity calling for an end to gun violence. this time it was the students leading the charge. we'll look at the demonstrations across the country and at the bay area. >> armed officers on all school campuses in california? the proposal from state lawmakers. we'll be talking with oakland school district police chief about the idea. >> the president signs a multi trillion dollar spending bill despite his veto threats. a representative joins us later with more on the veto blow out. it's 7:30 on this sunday, march 25. good morning. >> let's start this sunday morning off with a look at our forecast. >> are you tired of the rain and cold weather? >> i would like to wear different shoes. >> i would like to say welcome
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back. it's good to see you. you are bringing the sun with you. >> that's so sweet of you to say. it's so good to be back. i have a great forecast. if you were tired of the wet weather, tired of the cold weather, take a look at this. we've got some sprinkles that will be tapering off as we move on throughout today. we are going to see more sunshine and temperatures are going to be warming up as we move into the work week as well. i want to show you the satellite perspective. the weather story, a few lingering showers through tonight and then sunshine makes its way in as high pressure builds. we are looking at temperatures in the 70s by tuesday into wednesday and it is continuing to warm in through the rest of your work week. a few things to remember as you head out the door. we are going to see lingering showers and then partly sunny skies today, off and on showers possible throughout the day. you will see breaks of sun. after tonight, no more rain. warmest temperatures are reaching near 80 inland by
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friday. big changes are on the horizon. we'll talk more about that in a bit. the march for our lives rallies were front and center across the bay area. kpix5 was with tens of thousands of people as they marched down market street in san francisco. >> enough is enough. >> in the shadow of city hall the march for our lives movement sweeping the nation hit the streets of san francisco. down market street, a generation raised and educated in active shooter drills expressed disappointment and anger at the political system. >> i don't want to have to worry about guns at 6 years old. >> i think it's way too easy to buy a gun. i think kids who are like three or four, five years older than me should not have access to guns. >> you don't know when it's going to happen or what's going on. >> reporter: they were joined
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by parents. >> call bs on our politicians. >> i am a teacher. i think after parkland having to practice active shooter drills was heart breaking and i don't think students should be scared of being shot in the classroom. >> reporter: leaders several generations ahead of them. >> it is about the youth of our country that will make a difference. >> reporter: they're marveled at the tenacity of people determined to change a system like senator dianne feinstein. >> young america is stepping up and they are stepping out, and they are saying never again. >> reporter: the san francisco mayor. >> as a parent of three young kids it is absurd to me that we continue to have a congress and federal government that does nothing on the issue. it is now up to the next generation. i am here because i am inspired by them. >> reporter: for many of these kids, it was their first taste of political activism or, more
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accurately, their first experience having their voices heard on issues that affect them but are legislated by adults. >> it felt like freedom. >> chopper 5 was over oak land at the height of the rally as protesters marched down 14th street to lake merit. students gave speeches and called for action. thousands also showed up in san jose and on the peninsula. california's freshman senator harris marched alongside protesters in downtown los angeles. there were about 40,000 people that took part. a morning program was followed by a march to l.a. city hall. some displayed signs featuring drawings of the 17 victims of the recent high school shooting in florida. among the speakers were the
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l.a. mayor and amy schumer. >> we are fighting for the survival of innocent victims. >> at the end of the march many young people registered to vote so they can have a say in the next election. >> thousands turned out for a march in sacramento. capitol mall was filled with demonstrations. stein berg acknowledged that young people are demanding elected officials do more than just hold moments of silence after mass shootings. >> in california, where do we stand in terms of the rest of the nation on gun control? is there much more we do? >> it seems there is no gun law that the legislation won't pass or the governor won't sign. we are tied up with lawsuits because we have passed laws that the nra says goes too far. it's unclear what the state can
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do. >> nra is weighing in blasting marchers saying good hating millionaires and hollywood elites are exploiting children as the plan to destroy the second amendment. >> in sacramento a prominent civil rights attorney is getting involved after police shot and killed an unarmed black man. protesters have taken to the streets for three nights demanding justice for clark. officers fired 20 shots at him last sunday night as he stood in his grandmother's backyard. clump has represented cases like trayvon martin, michael brown. president trump finally signed a $1.3 trillion spending bill into law this week. it avoided a government shut down at least until september. he had threatened to veto the package because it didn't
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include his wall or protect daca recipients or fully fund his wall as we said. we sat down with former mayor willie brown and asked if he thought trump was going to veto this thing. >> no, not at all. he will make the noise but he is not going to let the government shut down. that would be a tough one for 2018. >> i don't know. it's really hard to predict at this point the lengths to which he will go to distract frankly from other things that are happening, from this interview that will air sunday night. >> on stormy daniels? >> stormy daniels. >> we have robert mueller and north korea. it's not like there is anything to talk about. >> still some people to fire. >> must be exhausted. >> all of that's going on but whats this coming down to? it's got to do with fiscal
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responsibility, since this is our national debtor are they trying to make it about something else. >> it's cover fill. he couldn't careless about the national debt. he has never balanced a budget in his life for himself or anyone else. he has never paid a bill. what does he care about the trillions in deficits this might create? that's not his point. his point is direct attention. >> redirect attention. >> for a number of republicans who have a track record of pretending at least to be concerned about deficit and the debt, now they're voting for bills like this that are going to explode our deficit. i don't know if they have a leg to stand on when they try and talk about the responsibility. >> both sides talk about one thing and do the other. what did you think about him saying it's about the dreamers? >> that was all a cover. he said out of the box the democrats are abandoning the dreamers, and my wall. it's almost like he didn't say
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the whole thing. he is a master. >> democrats had a compromise bill several weeks ago when he said i will sign whatever you give me. there was a bill that had majority of votes to pass and it was the compromise on daca and the wall and he threatened to veto it. >> this is the first time actually on a prominent basis that the congress has ever acted like the congress. they've put a bill on the desk that didn't have anything to do with him dictating the content thereof. >> that content was rather heavy. how many pages? >> when i looked this morning, 2300 plus pages. >> once again we managed to make the spending bill about everything but spending. there is a certain amount of spending in daca recipients and a certain amount in the wall.
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that is not overall arching effect of the spending bill. we are spending more than we are taking in. whether it is a democrat or republican in control, we keep doing it. >> that's true. it looks like the way this got passed, is republicans got their military spending and democrats got their social program spending. that all went in. of course when everybody gets everything they want, who is going to vote against it? >> spend, spend, pay, pay, pay. >> the reason i was looking at the bill this morning was to confirm, and i did, that the border wall funding has to be fence funding. the way they've done this is structured it so any fencing built with the money is see through. it has cross barrier visual situational awareness which is congress speak for a fence and not a wall. that's actually in the bill for the money. >> a congressman will be joining us next half hour to
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talk about the spending bill. >> you won't find love on craigslist anymore. the company just pulled a plug on one of its sections. >> a police officer in every california school? that's one proposal being considered in sacramento. open school districts police chief jeff godin weighs in next.
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would assign armed law enforcement officers to all school campuses in the state. caliiably education committee has recommended a measure that would assign armed law enforcement officers to all school campuses. this is in response to recent shootings at schools across the nation. the state would pay for the officers and the bill still needs approval from a fiscal committee before it advances to the assembly floor. >> we are here to talk about school safety. you actually give seminars to staff and faculty about what to
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do if an active shooter shows up. >> correct. i do the active shooter training, run, hide, fight, flight scenario. i have conducted three or four of the sessions. a couple hundred people have come through. i have another session this monday. >> it's disturbing what i heard you talk about. you say if an active shooter shows up with an automatic rifle basically the teachers and students are on their own for 5 to 8 minutes. >> usually the perpetrator knows when they come in and fire the first round, they have between 5 to 8 minutes to do as much damage as they can because they know the police will come and get them. the teachers are on their own, responsible for the safety of the students until the police can arrive. >> that's disturbing. what do you think of the idea of putting a police officer, not a security guard, in every
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school. >> that's a hercules thing. the bottom line is they're not going to have a comprehensive gun control policy. no one is going to do it. politicians will wait the protesters out. they know everybody will go home. there was no gun control after columbine, after sandy hook, las vegas, or pulse night club. to your question in reference to a police officer in every school, i don't think you need an armed police officer in every school. the cost for oakland unified would be 10 to $15 million just for the oakland school district. multiply that by all the schools in california and it will be a huge amount of money. we had an armed officer in florida and that didn't make a difference. >> we had one in maryland and it did. >> the officer in maryland did a great job. we have had this conversation before. somebody comes in with that
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high powered weapon, putting rounds down range, i will be hard pressed to be able to stop the person. the person that did the shooting in maryland was using a hand gun, not a long rifle such as an ar-15. the weaponry alone can be a problem. metal detecters won't stop it. they'll just walk through. armed presence on the campus may or may not stop it. without that, what do we have for the 5 to 8 minutes except for the incredible massacres? >> if there is money in the budget in the state of california or the united states to put a police officer in every school, then i am for it. i don't think that's going to happen. it's really about the training. it's about looking at the issues at the school. almost every shooter at the schools there was a pattern people had seen prior to the event occurring and they didn't look at it, didn't investigate it, didn't touch base with what was going on for example. there were indicators that the
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person had psychological issues. fbi and police department in florida dropped the ball when they admitted they had seen things that they didn't act on. at oakland, we probably had 7 or 8 threats on the school since the shooting in florida. simple threats, phone call threats, graffiti on the wall. we do a good job of getting ahead of those and finding out if it's going to be a big problem before it gets to be a big problem. >> oakland is no stranger to guns in schools. >> no. >> it's hand guns and knives that show up in backpacks. that's different. it appears the mass shootings occur in suburban and rural areas. to be blunt, it's usually white adults with long rifles. what's going on? >> i can't answer as to why that is. i have tried to investigate that and come up with rationale as to why. some of the logic i have seen on the internet is that inner
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city schools do have metal detecters. maybe that's prohibiting some of the people from showing up on the campus. i don't necessarily believe that. somebody intent to kill a lot of people with the long weapon such as the weapons used, they're not going to care about metal detecters. i don't have an answer as to why it is male whites in suburban school areas. >> if congress isn't going to act and get the guns off the streets or out of the hands of people, is this just a fact of life in modern america then? >> in my training what i tell people is i have been doing this for 37 years. the sad commentary is any parent needs to go home and have a conversation and tell their 3 year old if someone comes to school to try to kill you today, this is what you need to do to protect yourself. if you were to ban all guns in the country, not manufacture another weapon, there are over 350 million in circulation. i am told there are between 10
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and 15 million of the ar-15s in circulation today in the united states of america. that's a huge amount. if we don't have comprehensive hand gun control or start getting them out of the hands of people, you and i will be back here in three months having the same conversation. i guarantee that's what's go to happen. >> thank you. i would like to say that it was enlightening but itmore frightening than anything else. let's step outside and take a look at the weather. >> there is good news on the weather front. if you are tired of rain and chilly temperatures, we have big changes. soggy and cold today but warmer drier changes are on the way. high def doppler showing some lingering showers. as we look at the peninsula, you can see some showers, light rain. more showers at half moon bay
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moving inland over the next half hour or so. a winter storm warning in effect through 9:00 this morning and then it expires. we are looking at travel conditions heading to the sierra but i want to point out the chilly temperature and low snow levels. the storm warning will expire in the next couple hours. right now we have a mention of sun and clouds. 36 liver more, 44 san francisco and san jose is 40. futurecast shows we are starting with scattered showers this morning. we'll continue to stay unsettled with showers spotty, peeks of sunshine, and some sprinkles. it will not be a total rain out. it will feel cool and gray as it has for the last couple plays. monday, no clouds are in sight. we are drying out and warming up with big changes on the way. from the satellite perspective,
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you can see why. lingering showers through today and into tonight as the cold system passes to our north. then high pressure is building for the work week. that means highs of 70 by tuesday. we will see lingering showers today, partly sunny for most folks. after tonight, no more rain. warmest temperatures are reaching near 80 inland by friday. if you are heading out traveling, we are looking at a high of 56 at sfo and some showers. you might see travel delays but over all i don't think you should see much in terms of weather related conditions. looking good for seattle, chicago, los angeles. high temperatures around the bay today are still on the cool side of average, anywhere from five degrees or maybe a little bit more in some locations.
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we are going to still feel cool. you want to grab a jacket as you head out. temperatures in the upper 50s to the low 60s for south bay, slightly warmer than yesterday. temperatures are in the upper 50s around the bay. north bay temperatures are looking pretty cool as well right now in the 50s. extended forecast shows our changes. we are going to dry out beginning monday, warm up by tuesday tuesday. by the end of the work week inland temperatures could reach upper 70s and near 80 degrees. we'll be right back. step one: get to ross. step two: walk out with top brands at big savings... the ross spring shoe event. ♪ ♪
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may be necessary.. in the wake of the facebook data-mining scandal. tim cook says new regulations on tech companies may be necessary in the wake of the facebook data mining scandal. he told bloomberg news the ability of anyone to know what you have been browsing about for years or who your contacts are or who theirs are, things you like and dislike, every detail of your life from your own point of view shouldn't exist? >> investigators raided offices of cambridge analytica. the company is accused of harvesting data from tens of millions of facebook users without permission while working on the trump campaign. some members of congress are calling on mark zuckerberg to testify about the issue under oath. craigslist says because of
7:56 am
a bill passed by congress and is expected to be signed by president trump, the bill is aimed at stopping child sex trafficking. it says people can be sued or go to jail if they know or should know that the website is advertising sex with people under age or being coerced. one congress woman in san jose says this creates a dilemma. >> if you made any effort to try and find out what was happening among users, as many websites do today especially for child pornography but also for trafficking, you would incur liability because you would then have a reason to know. >> a law firm voted against the bill as did other silicone valley representatives. both of california's u.s. senators voted for it. guess who else voted against it? our congressman who will be here later in the show. >> we'll ask him about it. i am concerned because their
7:57 am
concerns were if you were looking for people that were doing things illegally, that would put you as being liable or responsible for it. if you don't look, don't tell, then you are okay? >> exactly. that's what she's saying. if the act they're being sued about is you know something was happening, people may find it's more beneficial to not know than to reach out and try to dig into what people are posting on their sites. >> don't look, don't ask. in the next half hour, the president and porn star stormy daniels breaks her silence. >> cleaning house at the white house. another national security adviser is out the door. you are watching the kpix5 news this morning.
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the west coast -- students are leading the charge to stop gun violence... as millions of people hit the streets to dem from the nation's capital to the west coast, students are leading the charge to stop gun violence as millions of people hit the streets to demand action. >> another federal government shut down has been averted at least for now. a representative joins us with the details. >> legal battle between sanctuary policies between the feds and california heats up. the request a judge is now granting. welcome back. the time is 8:00. good morning. >> let's start out this half hour with the good news, a
8:01 am
check of our forecast. julie, what is the story? >> we have good news if you are tired of the stories. we will see lingering showers and chilly temperatures again today but drier, warmer changes are on the way. outside we have scattered showers especially along the peninsula, south san francisco, san mateo. we are seeing showers through los altos. throughout the day you will get peeks of sunshine. you may get an unexpected stray shower. keep the umbrella handy. the good news is they are going away. today we'll be partly sunny with temperatures in the mid to upper 50s depending where you are. you are still on the cool side of average for this time of year. as i mentioned heading into the work week, big changes with lots of sun, temperatures near 80. they marched in cities across the nation including several in the bay area.
8:02 am
thousands took part in yesterday's march for our lives. student led protesters called for lawmakers to do more to reduce gun violence. >> reporter: thousands of people in san jose lent their voices to the growing national chorus calling for tougher gun laws in the aftermath of the deadly parkland shooting. >> right now there is innocent people dying, and we want to change that and create a more safe environment for students. >> the nra has got to go! >> reporter: people of all ages attended but it was led figuratively by students in fear they're in the line of fire and are determined to do something about it. >> innocent people are dying. people are going to school and having fun and all of a sudden something changes their lives tremendously. >> the students support common sense gun control like tougher back ground checks that they hope would keep guns out of the
8:03 am
hands of criminals and the mentally ill. they realize that the toughest battle may be convincing the congress. >> the goal isn't really just to get rid of guns. it is to make the world a better place by regulating them. >> they say oh we're sending our thoughts and prayers but no big changes are made which is a real problem. >> the challenge is to translate the enthusiasm and ideas into concrete legislative action. >> marches with the same theme were held all over the bay area. in san mateo people gathered. elementary and high school kids stood alongside adults and they're determined to make a stand on guns. they say otherwise nothing will change and more school shootings are inevitable. >> i feel like it is time to act upon this. we are the students. we are the victims. we want to feel safer, and we just want to have the
8:04 am
government to do something. >> after the rally, many marched to a cal train sages and traveled to san francisco. small bay area marches were intentionally held earlier in the day to give people time to get to san francisco. it wasn't just the bay area. marches were held in hundreds of other cities across the nation and the world. in washington, dc an estimated half million people filled the area between the white house and capitol. survivors from the recent massacre in florida got passionate. >> in a little over six minutes, 17 friends were taken from us. 15 were injured. and absolutely everyone in the douglas community was forever altered. >> focusing on the biggest voter registration push our nation has ever seen. >> many who took part yesterday are not yet old enough to vote but they're looking forward to making their voices heard at the ballot box in the next presidential election in 2020.
8:05 am
this evening, 60 minutes will broadcast anderson cooper's interview with an adult film actress who said she had an affair with donald trump. she was asked about the $130,000 payment an attorney for the president says he made to her using his money. >> was it hush money to stay silent? >> attorneys on both sides are taking their confidentiality agreement cases to court. the interview will air at 7:00 this evening on kpix5. with that in mind, melissa and i asked willie brown if he was going to watch stormy daniels tonight. >> absolutely. are you kidding me? i said sometime ago storm warning. that's what i would suggest on sunday night. it will be the biggest turn out for 60 minutes in a long time. i am actually having a screening party at my house. >> my invitation must have gotten lost in the mail. we'll talk about that. i am going to watch too but i
8:06 am
don't really know why. it's not like there is going to be information in there that is going to change what i think about the president. i think for people who have varying opinions, they're just going to find themselves in the same position. >> fear has always been a part of the white house -- theater has always been a part of the white house one way or the other. this is theater. you always have to go back. that's ancient history. bill clinton sent me a birthday card. let's not tarnish that name. i am keeping the birthday card. nobody remembers any of the things he did. believe me trump is the order of the day phil 20 years later. >> fox news certainly remembers. they talk about it a lot. >> you watch fox news? i can't believe what i am hearing. >> i will not confirm nor deny that. here is the thing about the interview. it's one of these things that's
8:07 am
interesting. usually the dynamic is the president will do something and a bunch of people freak out about it. it seems often things mean less to him than to a certain part of the population. this seems like the opposite. it seems like for the rest of the population there is a curiosity. but it's not make or break at the end of the day. for him, the extraordinary lengths he has gone tor prevent this is really remarkable. a real reversal. >> i am curious also. no one i know of has ever heard her speak. >> it will be interesting tonight watching. you will have to have your phone to check to see if the president tweets while he talks. >> a big possibility of him maybe trying to do something, make a big splash with a move today to try and divert some of the media attention away from it. >> i think he's got enough problems in the white house. it could be a chilly evening in the residents part of the building. i understand there is more
8:08 am
trouble for the president. >> we've got a former playboy playmate who says he offered her money the first time they had sex. >> i thought does he think i am in this for money or why i am here? is this a normal thing? i didn't know. but i said that's not me, i am not that kind of girl. he said oh, you are really special. >> mcdougal said she had a ten month affair starting in 2006 a few months after his son baren was born. she offered an apology to melania trump. the white house denied the affair. mcmaster is being relieved of his duties as security adviser. john bolton will take over. he is a hard liner on north korea and iran and key issues that the white house will be facing. a federal judge is granting
8:09 am
the state's request to question the acting ice director in a lawsuit brought by the trump administration over california sanctuary laws. the judge is ordering the agency to make homen available for testimony no later than april 13. the state is expected to ask him to back up his claims that the federal government is being harmed by three california laws that extend protections to people living in the u.s. illegally. as the sanctuary debate looms california u.s. senators are among democrats calling for investigation into sudden resignation of northern california's ice spokes man. schwab told the chronical he quit in frustration after being pressured to spread false claims about number of arrests that could have been made in last month's ice raids if the oakland mayor had not sent out a warning. in a letter to home land security inspector general john
8:10 am
kelly it was wrote we have serious concerns that ... are misrepresenting the facts and statistics. they're asking kelly to look into interagency communications on the raids and whether trump administration knowingly made false statements. a boost, funding and military domestic programs. next we break down the president's spending bill and what it means for the bay area. >> closed captioning for this newscast is sponsored by living spaces.
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8:13 am
department's newly announced ban on bump stocks. with the country focused on gun control, president trump is touting the justice department's newly announced ban on bump stocks. the device which enables rapid fire will be categorized as part of a machine gun making it illegal to buy or sell them.
8:14 am
the new bilin creases fund for background checks as well as mental health and criminal record sharing. it increases money for military and domestic programs. >> we are extremely proud of what we have been able to do when it comes to our military. >> the bill provides $1.6 billion to build new border fencing, not a solid border wall. that's far less than the 25 billion the president asked for. it does not address the daca program for people brought here illegally as children. joining us to talk about the veto blow out is representative mark desonnier. how much of this was theater and how much was real? >> both. bad theater. $1.3 trillion, avoided the shut down. so there is predictability at least through the rest of the budget year. >> did you ever think he would veto it? >> no. who knows? he would have been responsible for shutting down the
8:15 am
government solely. >> what do we get? >> california, it is very important i think given housing market, $250 million in tax credits to help make up what they took away in the tax plan. that's important. nih gets a boost. then the social safety net got protected which is important. >> over a trillion dollars and over 2000 pages, did anybody read this scheduled to host. >> i doubt it. i have it and it will take me at least a couple weeks to read it much less understand all the nuances, no way to run a government. >> in the end it became a debate about the wall verses daca or that's what the politics were. he is saying i am screaming i don't want to sign this but i have to. is anybody concerned that we are continuing to spend much more than we are bringing in? >> yes. >> is anybody going to do anything? >> we will have to because we will go bankrupt if we don't. what he is doing with the trade
8:16 am
wars with china, threatening not to buy bonds, this is a recipe for disaster. >> if that recipe is always there every year, if it's getting worse, why is there no desire to do anything about it? i am talking democrats and republicans both just keep it going. >> i don't buy your symmetry. republicans when they passed the plan without one democratic vote they added over a trillion dollars to our deficit. they're supposed to be the party of fiscal restraint. they're not. they don't care. they're paying the people who pay for their campaigns. >> you say democrats are the fiscal restraint. >> they are now. to a certain degree we always have been. this is a horrible budget between the tax plan and what we are doing in terms of spending. the department of defense has $125 billion waste according to an outside group. but we don't audit them. it's the only department that's never been audited. >> a good amount of the money
8:17 am
comes to california. >> most of the money goes to contractors who don't have to be held accountable. >> a lot of those are in california. >> they may be. >> so we get our money as well. >> that's no excuse. >> i agree. >> it's bad policy. >> i agree but it keeps the money going. everybody knocks and says make money, make money. >> i disagree. i think we have to be fiscally responsible. and the congress is not. >> next issue that's big this weekend, the marches. where does it go from here? do you think it makes a difference? >> i don't think this republican leadership will introduce one bill. they won't put one of the 300 bills that have been introduced since i have been there. we will see if it makes a difference in the mid-terms. if democrats control the house, they'll have a hearing, a vote, and be held accountable. >> even democrats being elected are pro gun in vast parts of the country. >> you can believe in the
8:18 am
second amendment i firmly believe. but you can invest in evidence based research. we do in in california. we are one of the strongest in the country along with connecticut. you can invest in research at cdc and uc davis and follow what the research tells you in terms of reducing gun violence. >> if democrats take control, do you see them taking action? >> yes. we have to. it's a moral imperative. how many times are we going to go through this? i the largest protest in the history of the country. if we don't do something, the american people should be furious. >> they already are. >> they are. they should be more engaged. >> we'll see if they are. >> i want to thank you for joining us this morning. now we will head out for good news, julie and the forecast. >> the forecast is looking
8:19 am
pretty good today, phil, especially if you are tired of all the showers or chilly temperatures. we are about to see a warm up. there are still some lingering showers. right now as we zoom into the peninsula, you see we have scattered showers through portions of san mateo through half moon bay, further south. the winter storm warning does expire today at 9:00 am. that's sort of the beginning of the changes. we'll see likely a little snow fall but we are not going to see a lot of precip out of what's left of the system. a live look outside, temperatures are in the 40s for most folks, 39 in liver more and santa rosa. futurecast shows that we have lingering showers throughout today. you are still going to see peeks of sunshine depending on where you are, scattered showers, spotty in nature. i would keep an umbrella with you but you are probably not going to need it all day in case you are stuck underneath one of the showers.
8:20 am
monday we are clearing out with plenty sunshine, and that builds into our work week. the satellite perspective shows a few lingering showers today thanks to the area of low pressure, the weather system moving out to our north. it was a cold system with not a lot of moisture associated but i think we are ready to be done with the showers. next high pressure builds as we move into tuesday. we will see highs near 70. by the end of the week we are looking at temperatures closer to the 80-degree mark. lingering showers throughout the day but partly sunny for most. after tonight, no rain in sight with warm temperatures, near 80 inland by friday. in the meantime, we still have temperatures below average. we are talking about five degrees below average for today. here is a look at the extended forecast. mid to upper 50s for most folks inland, mid to upper 50s around the bay as well, low to mid 50s
8:21 am
along the coast today with lingering showers possible today. into the rest of your work week we dry out monday and warm up tuesday with upper 70s for warmer spots inland wednesday and thursday. we are flirting with 80 thursday and friday for warmest spots inland with plenty sunshine. it is really staying nice and dry through the extended forecast. back to you. coming up, are students rising above scholar? fighting tough odds to find success and a first class education. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession. we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls
8:22 am
pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis. i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
8:23 am
but as christin ayers shares with us, her life is now pretty sweet. (ice cream video) track one today's sra scholar struggled to keep her family's business afloat. >> but her life is pretty sweet now. >> if there has been one constant in evelyn's life, it's this. her family's east oak land based ice cream truck. for over 20 years her family's
8:24 am
fortunes hinged on this truck and this treat. >> i became like an adult very early in life. >> reporter: for evelyn, life was rarely sweet. when we first met her 12 years ago she was a high school junior, an a student and class president. but at home she was in survival mode fighting to keep this business afloat. >> it was being two people at the same time. >> reporter: after a bumpy start at college, she dropped out. >> they were able to give me the help i needed. >> help with applying for and getting into a different school, university of southern california. the years flew by punctuated by internships set up by students rising above. >> to help me and made sure i needed to and i was prepared to enter the workforce. >> reporter: the workforce wasn't prepared for her. evelyn graduated at the height of the recession. >> i just finished at stanford and i can't get a job. i am selling fruit in east oak
8:25 am
land. i cried. >> reporter: students rising above would not let her slip through the cracks, connecting her with a job interview that would launch her career in finance. now evelyn is a broker at a start up. she still goes back home to east oakland and evelyn's ice cream. life she says is a beautiful dream, one she could not have created on her own. >> i want to go back and tell them the story. >> students rising above, proudly sponsored by bassett furniture.
8:26 am
games against the giants team president dave kaval says anyone rootin oakland a's have a tongue in cheek pricing plan at home games against the giants. the team president says anyone rooting for the giants will be charged $50. the price drops to 30 if a
8:27 am
giants fan yells go a's. on a more serious side, parking rates are increasing. the standard price is going up from $20 to $30. >> face the nation is next on kpix5. rand paul, bob corker, angus king will be the guests there. >> have a good sunday. >> it should be dry today with temperatures warming up into the work week. one more day to keep the umbrella handy and then we can get rid of it for a while. >> go out and have fun today. if you are going to the giants, the a's, oakland, warriors, oakland marathon, it's a busy time and the weather will be good for it. >> that's right. have a great sunday.
8:28 am
8:29 am
my name is cynthia haynes and i am a senior public safety specialist for pg&e. my job is to help educate our first responders on how to deal with natural gas and electric emergencies. everyday when we go to work we want everyone to work safely and come home safely. i live right here in auburn, i absolutely love this community. once i moved here i didn't want to live anywhere else. i love that people in this community are willing to come together to make a difference for other people's lives. together, we're building a better california.
8:30 am
>> brennan: today on "face the nation." the students of marjorie stoneman douglas high school march on washington leading more than 200,000 in the largest youth-led protest since vietnam. >> welcome to the revolution. >> brennan: across the nation and around the world, thousands and thousands more came out to voice their support for tougher gun laws. but will washington lawmakers get the message? last week congress enacted some new school safety measures and made modest changes to the background check system for gun purchases. is this all they can get done in an election year? it was another head turning week at the white house. on friday president trump first tweeted out a threat to veto a massive spending package th


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