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tv   KPIX 5 News at 11PM  CBS  March 28, 2018 11:00pm-11:35pm PDT

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a palo alto teenager sexually assaulted near a trail. the search for the suspect, next.
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good evening, i'm ken bastida. i'm elizabeth cook. a driver hit a wall at sonoma now at 11:00, breaking news. a sanctioned bay area drag race turns deadly tonight. i am ken bastida. >> and i am veronica cook. the sheriff's office says the man was going more than 100 miles per hour just after 6:00 during the sonoma drags and drifts program. about 300 vehicles hit the truck for the drag race each week. they all have to pass a technical inspection before hand. this is video of the aftermath. at the top of your screen, you can see emergency vehicles surrounding the crash. the driver was a 75-year-old from napa driving a 1976 ford pinto.
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he veered left and hit the wall just after crossing the finish line. this is video from earlier in the day. we are pulled tonight's fatality was the first on track death in the 30 year history of the program. it was launched to give people a legal environment to race their vehicles . a wild and deadly chain of events is under investigation in san francisco. witnesses say it started with a group of guys chatting before it turned into a fatal hit and run in the dogpatch neighborhood of san francisco. an arrest was made in the outer mission area. joe vazquez shows us how it all unfolded.
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>> reporter: it was a scene of mass chaos and mass casualties. paramedics rushed five people to the hospital after a hit and run driver ran them over. it happened at illinois and 24th street at 10:30 am. witnesses say the van driver appeared to be talking calmly with a group of men but then got angry and pulled out a weapon. >> i saw someone with a hatchet and then other guys took out like a belt. there was a scuffle between them. >> reporter: he managed to wrestle -- the group managed to wrestle the ask away, but the situation escalated. >> he flipped the van away, and drove it up on the sidewalk pedal to the metal. >> reporter: the driver got away but 40 minutes later, police surrounded a vehicle here in the outer mission. you can see a van with front end damage that matches the description of the vehicle that took off from the crash steve -- crash scene. the vehicle is registered to mark dennis, seen here talking to police. police have confirmed the
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suspect was arrested and put in jail. they have not named the suspect but compo stated the van. one man died in the hospital. some of the others were in really bad shape. >> one looked like potentially a broken back. one of the four and was starting to get up and it seemed like he was maybe going to do a little better, but yeah. three of them didn't move until paramedics arrived. >> reporter: joe vazquez, kpix 5 . eight family members are believed to be dead after an suv plunged off a 100 foot cliff in mendocino county. the crash happened along highway 1 last week. so far, authorities have recovered the bodies of three children and their two parents. search and rescue crews are still looking for the others but authorities found no skidmarks near the scene of the crash, indicating no attempt to break. the family used -- moved to washington state less than a year ago. child welfare officials recently visited the home of
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the parents, jennifer and sarah hart. neighbors say one of their children, 15-year-old devontae booker, kept coming over asking for food. this photo of devante hart went viral after he policed -- viral after he hugged a police officer following the ferguson protests. one of the parents was assaulted -- convicted of assault against a six-year-old daughter. all six children were adopted . police are looking for a man who sexually assaulted a teenage jogger in palo alto. police say the man attacked her on a path at deer creek road. she told police a man pulled her off the trail into some bushes, put a gun to her head, sexually assaulted her and ran away. the victim is in stable condition tonight. >> that is a routine investigative step we would do. if there is evidence on the victim's body, that will be collected and will be of a big benefit to detectives. >> police say the attacker was
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in his 30s and detectives are trying to track down possible witnesses for more clues and they are revealing -- reviewing surveillance video from a nearby industrial park . an outpouring of support following stephon clark's death. protesters are voicing anger over his shooting. >> [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: on the streets of downtown sacramento. the evening commute once again disrupted by people protesting the death of stephon clark in his grandmother's backyard on march 14. while the scene in south sacramento was far more somber at bayside church, the message was the same. grief and justice for stephon clark. >> it should never have happened. he shouldn't even be laying here. nobody shouldn't even be here period, if they had traveled -- if they had handled their jobs
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right, followed protocols or whatever. >> reporter: stephon clark was unarmed when officers fired 20 rounds of him. earlier this week, the county attorney announced his office will be looking into the shooting. >> [ crowd chanting ] >> reporter: tuesday, the sacramento city council meeting was taken over by still montaie clock, stephon clark's brother and others, asking for a change to police tactics in the capitol of california. >> as you point to this, does this look like a gun? >> i am asking you to stand with the voices you hear today. not one to be exempt, be the change sacramento needs. >> reporter: across sacramento day after day, contrasting scenes continue to play out. tears over the 22-year-old father. >> the sad thing is he left behind his children. watching his kids. they are not doing good. >> reporter: and rage over his death. and protesters say the system
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is designed to allow victims of color time and again. >> he died a worthless death. it shouldn't have even happened. >> reporter: at the sacramento county da's office, signs breaking the officers -- begging for those officers to be prosecuted. the funeral is discovered for tomorrow. reverend al sharpton will give the eulogy. andria borba, kpix 5. to washington. yet another shakeup in the white house. another top-level official is out. this time, president donald trump has fired the veterans affairs secretary david shulkin with a tweet. earlier this year, and -- an inspector general report found shulkin used taxpayer dollars on a lavish trip to europe for his wife. president donald trump is trying to doctor ronny jackson to fill that position. house minority leader nancy pelosi: "the abrupt dismissal of secretary shulkin is a troubling step in the trump administration's ultimate goal
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of va privatization." shulkin was the sole obama holdover, but had recently clashed with members of his own staff . a san francisco building went up in flames. what happened next prompted a city supervisor to call the fire chief to resign. tonight, the fire chief defended their plan of attack. betty yu is in north beach tonight. betty? >> reporter: that fire, the building rather that went up in flames, is behind me. the san francisco fire commission says it wants to educate the public about common firefighting tactics because they say to the untrained eye, it may have looked like firefighters weren't doing enough during this latest big firefight. >> we do normal plans of attack. >> reporter: deputy chief of operations mark gonzales explained to fire commissioners how firefighters do their jobs. if possible, they fight fires from the interior first. the strategy was called into
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question after this four alarm fire tore through a three-story building with restaurants and storefronts on union street about 10 days ago. as it raged on, so did san francisco supervisor aaron peskin. >> tonight was a total failure by the fire department. that starts at the top. >> reporter: peskin later apologized for slamming the fire chief on the scene. >> there was heightened tension. we have received some criticism. that's the elephant in the room but we are professional. >> reporter: gonzales says peskin created a distraction at the scene. days later, he submitted a form to the chief detailing what went down. he said he hinted peskin should step down. >> are you asking him to resign? >> as a member of the public, the way he reacted to that fire, that's what i think he should do. >> reporter: and is a member of the san francisco fire department?
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>> i am going to keep my professional etiquette. >> reporter: i reached out to supervisor peskin tonight. he was not available for comment. in north beach, betty yu, kpix 5 . a carjacker tosses an elderly woman to the ground. the car ends up in the bay area. tonight, how police tracked down that suspect . the mayor of oakland raised this flag and raised hopes of keeping the a's in her city. details of the exclusive new agreement. these electric scooters suddenly popping up in the bay area. tonight, there are no regulations.
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carjacking case that stretched from placer county.. to the bay area. but this case - has a twist. reporter jennifer mcgraw on how police tracked down the suspect.. with a shoe. dna evidence just help solve a carjacking case that stretch from plaza county to the bay area. >> reporter jennifer macgraw on
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how police tracked down the suspect with a shoe. >> reporter: the suspect snatched an elderly woman's vehicle, which investigators later found in danville about 100 miles away. he was booked on possession of a small -- as -- of a car theft until he was located here. the attack caught on video outside a cvs pharmacy. a woman thrown to the ground and her car taken. >> what was most egregious is the woman was older and i think she was in a disabled spot and he just pulled her out of the car. >> reporter: but it was flatly he left behind that tied him to the crime. >> fortunately for us, he left a shoe. >> reporter: chief logan of pd says dna collected was a direct match. >> i don't know if he was having an oh shoot moment the whole time. >> reporter: sean stirling was arrested after being caught
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with her car. >> he did modifications to the vehicle. >> reporter: but they needed more to charge him. >> it took the dna evidence for us to have probable cause to believe he did the carjacking as well. >> reporter: it's a relief for this retirement community. >> it really concerned me, particularly because it happened during broad daylight in the morning. >> it's amazing how brazen people are now. >> reporter: so while it's no glass slipper, this shoe was the ultimate evidence for sender fell in . president donald trump is responding to retired supreme court justice john paul stevens who told the new york times today the right to keep and bear arms should be repealed. the president tweeted, "the second amendment will never be
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repealed as much as democrats would like to see this happen. despite the words yesterday of former supreme court justice stevens, no way." after the deadly high school shooting in florida last month, president donald trump proposed stricter gun controls and floated the idea of arming some teachers at schools. our exclusive survey usa poll shows 52% of californians believe students would feel less safe if armed teachers were on site at every school. when you single out the bay area, 56% of people say arming teachers would make students much less safe or less safe. the poll showed the majority of people did favor having an armed active duty police officer at every school in the state . the a's are one step closer to finding a home in oakland. fillet here spoke to maybury -- mayor should be -- mayor libby schaaf about the acquisition. >> oakland mvas hoisted the flight today on what could be the final round of talks on a new ballpark for the team.
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>> this is great news for oakland. this is great news for -- news for the a's. >> reporter: the howard terminal is one site. the other is their current home at the oakland alameda coliseum complex. but neither site was the team's first pick and while everyone was smiling today, the fact is, the team's dream of a downtown ballpark was buried under an avalanche of opposition before it even got off the ground. >> the setback in september shows it's important to have options. >> reporter: but there are already challenges. the port side has no b.a.r.t. service and is difficult to get to. the coliseum has plenty of access but there is a question of price. the a's are offering $135 million for the 120 acre site but oakland city council president larry reid says that's not enough. >> how much do you think the property is worth? >> it was appraised at $150 million. >> that is part of what we will hash out during the's investigations. >> reporter: the other issue is time.
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>> this process is taking too long. >> reporter: this president made it clear he wants the deal wrapped up by the end of the year, so they can get started building a home here, down at the port or where else remains to be seen. film a tear, kpix 5 . uber has reached a settlement with the family of a woman killed by one of the company's self-driving car. it was caught on dash cam video in tempe, arizona. uber was said to be at fault. reuters is reporting that uber agreed to a settlement with the family to avoid a long legal battle. the terms of the settlement have not been released . a new flock of wheels hit the bay area. electric scooters you can rent from a company called bird. they are popping up all over right now. maria medina reports, now the city's are trying to figure out what to do about them.
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>> reporter: for just one dollar $.15 a minute thereafter, a motorized scooter could be yours to rent. >> reduce traffic and carbon emissions. >> reporter: and helping the environment. >> it's clear people in san francisco and i think throughout the country hate two things, traffic and polluting the environment with cars. >> reporter: bird dropped off 200 electric scooters over the weekend. >> we were told shortly before they were dropped off. >> reporter: the city of san jose had no idea it was getting scooters until right before the drop off. while they encourage other modes of transportation other than the car, they are trying to keep up with the new trend and are working on regulations. so is san francisco. >> we see it as a good thing in some respects but we want to make sure to create the right regulatory environment. >> reporter: bird reminds
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scooter riders to stay off sidewalks and wear a helmet. the company picks up scooters each night to charge them before dropping them off the next day and they say customers are flocking at the chance to use them. >> what we are trying to do is provide a safe, affordable, and environmentally friendly alternative. >> reporter: bird is also in san diego and los angeles. they say they are in talks with cities they are into pledge a dollar a scooter a day so cities can use them for safety campaigns. maria medina, kpix 5 . it's a good day to test them out. it was nice. >> your head has to be on a swivel now with san francisco sidewalks. that's a new startup. it's pretty mild. a warm day. another warm day tomorrow. still 65 degrees in san jose. 58 in concord, oakland 57 degrees leading to a pretty warm night. clear skies, staying in the 50s. we are doing it in the summer and late march. oakland 52, mountain view 53,
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fairfield livermore dropping to 50 degrees. no rain for now until beyond easter. we will be completely dry in the bay area. let's talk baseball. how about the forecast for the a's? hosting the angels first at 4:00 games. i will give you the weather. sunshine and 79 degrees for the first pitch or warmer than it will be in most summer days -- on most summer days in san francisco and oakland. look at where this rage is centered, north and west with a clockwise flow. less of the onshore flow. that's why we were warm today and warmer tomorrow. still warm on friday and changes towards saturday because the ridge of high pressure will be moving. tomorrow morning, clear skies, tomorrow evening clear skies and a nice day to get outside. high, thin cloud cover friday. on saturday, here is a change as we head into the holiday
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weekend. mostly cloudy on wednesday morning. our ridge has moved off to the west allowing the ocean in florence to return. still mild, still above average but not as warm for the holiday weekend. san jose, 16 degrees above average. could be a record 83 degrees. morgan hill 84, 71 on the pacific appear. pittsburgh, 82 degrees, pleasanton 83 degrees, san rafael 81 degrees, sausalito 77 degrees, and 80 into lakeport. the extended forecast, the cooldown begins on saturday. easter sunday looking pretty nice. we continue the cooling trend next week. the easter egg hunts over the weekend should be fine. maybe, some rain toward next week but a long time between now and then. >> we will enjoy it while it's here . chp in ca -- in san jose says it's not dummy and posted this picture to prove it . here are the late show with
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stephen colbert and his guests . got tax questions? during our kpix 5 tax call in tomorrow from 1 pm to get to p.m. our consumer watch team will take your questions to the experts. there's only one word for the all new
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together forever-a pixar night time spectacular. ooohhhh. ahhhhhh. okay, maybe two. celebrate friendship and beyond at pixar fest. staring april 13th at disneyland resort.
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the c-h-p in san jose posted this photo after pulling over a
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car on 680. the passenger.. is a mannequin! the photo came with the caption "hope he isn't ssenger to pay we have seen this before. a carpool sheet tries to get clever with little success. chp san jose posted this photo after pulling over a car on 680. the passenger is a mannequin. a dummy. but the driver is a dummy, too. >> the photo came with the caption "hope he isn't expecting his passenger to pay for half the ticket." #mannequin manipulation. >> #domain. >> he was trying. >> you do not get an a for effort. >> it's a lot of see notes. just pulling them right out of the bank account. i've got this for you. if you thought the college basketball season was over for bay area schools, think again . and on the eve of major- league baseball's opening day, for this a's player, playing in the bay area is really a
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homerun. inside this stanford lab, the search for hidden history. >> it's a particle accelerator that generates high intensity x- rays. >> we learned an inch in translation of this ancient physician has been erased. >> scraped it off and turned it 90 degrees and overwrote it. >> reporter: words lost for centuries until now. >> we can see that -- see the different types of ink. >> expect original reporting from kpix 5 news. get ready for spring-at the ross spring shoe event.
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the season is going to be a little bit longer for the usf men. not since the bill russell led team in 1956 have they been this close to a national championship. the ncaa sanctioned college basketball invitational. the title is up for grabs. white cloud north texas in the dallas area. frank vieri hit a man and scored 10 points. down two at the half. they call it the mean green. a stealing bucket by brian weren't. at the end, north texas won 69- 55. it sets up a winner take all game on friday, on this court. this was the scene last night at dodger stadium. exactly what it looks like. raw sewage seeping up from a pipe. it spilled onto the field and into the stands. stadium officials worked all day to solve the problem. they are confident there will be no sewage when the giants
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and the dodgers take the field tomorrow. i will see some of you at the coliseum tomorrow. the a's are hosting the angels in a rare 1 pm season opener. this has special meaning for new outfielder stephen scotty out of pleasanton. and later stanford. he had been with the cardinals but last season, his mother gretchen was diagnosed with a neuromuscular disorder, als. for stephen to be closer to his mom, the cardinals traded him to oakland during the off- season. >> it's one of those things that you just kind of have to deal with. it's been a really great off- season being able to be home and be around to spend some quality time. we did some fun things. we went to a cruise to hawaii and we are soaking it up. taking it day by day. >> his mom will be watching. the a's swinging against anaheim tomorrow. >> i'm sure he will do great. we will be right back.
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good night. hey eveybody...a rousing rendition we like to call...pix the late show with stephen colbert is next. our next newscast is tomorrow
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at 4:30 am. >> have a great night. captioning sponsored by cbs >> confirmation this morning that north korean leader kim jong-un made a surprise visit to china. he traveled by train meeting in beijing with. xi jinping.


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