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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  March 30, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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nephew's death. >> do we know how the other four victims were injured? >> that information was not released. it's hard to tell in the video. they are all out of the hospital. the contra costa county sheriff's department is under fire accused of violating california's new sanctuary law. kpix 5's jessica flores is live in richmond this morning with more on the allegations. jessica. reporter: good morning. well, under california sanctuary law, law enforcement agencies aren't supposed to communicate with i.c.e. but some attorneys here in contra costa county believe that the sheriff's department is finding a sneaky way to get around that by publishing release dates of everybody in jail here including undocumented immigrants. you know that, sanctuary law came into effect on january 1st and soon after that, contra costa county sheriff's department began publishing the release dates online. you can find it with a couple of clicks there. sanctuary state law sb54 prohibits local law
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enforcement from sharing information with immigration authorities and typically that includes release dates. now, we did speak to an attorney with the advancing justice asian law caucus who says publishing the release dates of prisoners is an open invitation for i.c.e. to pick up undocumented immigrants. >> by publishing these release dates, the sheriff's department is trying to skirt around sb54. >> reporter: in a statement: >> reporter: now, they also say this is part of their strategic re-entry plan to help folks get back on their feet once they get out and help organizations out here know when those people are being released. the association that represents sheriff's departments is backing the contra costa county sheriff's department saying what they
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are doing is totally legal because this is all public information. reporting live here in richmond, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. nearly two dozen people may be displaced because of a raging fire in san mateo overnight. it started around 10 p.m. at a four-story apartment complex on north delaware street near san mateo high school. fire crews kept the flames from spreading past the unit where the fire originated. but they say that there's still smoke and heat damage throughout the building. no one was hurt. he cause is under investigation. three minutes after 5:00 now and yeah, we had that spring/summer feeling going on. >> love it. >> appropriate for easter weekend. >> the sun was beating down. >> i don't know about everyone else but i was fine at the a's game yesterday. >> great times on opening day. >> i can tell my skin, like, oh, the sun! >> we are going to feel that
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again today. it's not going to be cloudy but a few thin clouds coming through. also that onshore breeze will pick up. so it will be cooler. if you were uncomfortably warm, today a little cooler. easter sunday temperatures will drop down near normal still staying above -- staying dry for the next week. here's a view of golden gate bridge right now. the flag that gives us a signal of whether or not we are getting that onshore breeze so whenever the west winds start to blow, keep an eye on that. if it gets gusty at the coast you will know that temperatures at the coast will be cooler. 55 in concord. 56 in oakland. livermore 48. san francisco 57. it feels warm out there. here's the futurecast. no cloud coverage until about 7, 8:00. cloudy for saturday.
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we are tracking some slowdowns for drivers along northbound 680. chp running traffic breaks trying to get activity out of the road so fire crews still blocking the far left lane. speeds below the limit as you approach 242. this is along interstate 80 at cummings skyway. it's not blocking lanes but it involves a big rig that went off the road and slammed into a tree. they are waiting for a tow truck that's large enough to retrieve the semi back to the road. so once that happens, they may have to shut down that far right lane. just a heads up if you travel along the eastshore freeway. but your ride heading westbound still moving at the limit. no problems. "friday light" conditions in the green heading into san francisco on the eastshore freeway. the search continues for three members of a family who
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have been missing since an suv plunged down a cliff in mendocino county. a crash happens monday off state highway 1 near westport. two women and three adopted children were killed. three others adopted children ages 12 to 16 remain missing. they are from woodland, washington. the alameda county sheriff's department has sent deputies trained in the use of drones to help with the search in mendocino county. meanwhile, mendocino county authorities confirm officials in washington had recently opened a child neglect and abuse investigation of the two women. the california highway patrol is investigating the wreck and looking at all possibilities including accidental or suicide. neighbors called child protective services about a week ago. >> 1:30 in the morning, the doorbell is ringing. and i answered the door. and she was standing out there with -- in a blanket. >> their daughter is telling us please, please, please, begging us not to make her go
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back and that they were abusing her. >> sheriff's investigators found personal belongings and pets still at the home in washington. they hope to find documents that will help in the crash investigation. more legal trouble for aldon smith this smith. he is already charged with domestic violence and now failed to show up in court. the former raider and 49er was supposed to be arraigned yesterday for violating a protective order. the judge told him to stay away from the woman he is accused of attacking in early march. the judge has issued a new arrest warrant but it only takes effect if smith misses his next court date on april 5. russia is expelling diplomats. they allegedly poisoned a spy and his daughter which russia vee very mentally denies. laura podesta. >> reporter: 60 americans are ordered out of russia. the exact same number of russian diplomats president
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trump expelled from the u.s. on monday. it came in response to the spying of a former spy and his daughter in the english city of salisbury. authorities blame russia for the attack. >> the message that is being sent is you cannot use a military grade nerve agent without a response. >> reporter: part of that response is president trump's decision to close the russian consulate in seattle. workers were seen packing up boxes and leaving thursday. in retaliation, russia said it would be shutting down the u.s. consulate in st. petersburg. white house spokesman sarah sanders says this marks a further deterioration in the united states-russiaories. russia said there was no proof russia was to blame for the march attack. he compares it to misleading information she said the west used to justify the invasion of iraq. >> ask for additional materials on weapons of mass
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destruction. they just trusted the united states and great britain and they were betrayed. >> reporter: a spokesman for the u.s. state department said russia should not be acting like a victim. laura podesta, cbs news, new york. there's growing concern about hundreds of under sea cables that carry more than 95% of international calls, emails, military information and other communications. russian ships have been detected around those under water cables. the u.s. atmosphere and allies are concerned that the kremlin might be interested in cutting or tapping them! those cables carry an estimated $10 trillion in financial transactions each day. time now 5:09. a battle is brewing over a lack of epa oversight. why the state of california may take the federal government to court. a friendship forms between president trump and roseanne. why he picked up the phone to congratulate the actress. >> and after breaking all kinds of records yesterday, we are going to talk about your warm forecast for today. are we expected to break more? >> and right now, we are
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tracking some slowdowns in the east bay, south bay problem- free, but a new problem could change all that. we'll take a closer look at 101 coming up. p admi
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trump administration could be heading for another legal showdown... this time over pollution from cars and trucks on the road. e nielsen is state of california and trump administration could be heading for another legal showdown this time about pollution on the roads. katie nielsen reports. reporter: kenny, the epa is expected to announce as soon as today that they could be lessening the fuel economy requirements. in 2009, the obama administration required all cars sold by 2025 to have a fleet fuel average of 50 miles per gallon. [ no audio ] >> reporter: too strict and that kind of fuel economy isn't realistic. it could start a legal battle between the state of california and the federal government. >> i understand that california's role in this process but california is not,
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you know, the arbiter of these issues. the epa, the department of transportation and others make those decisions. california contributes, as well. but that shouldn't and can't dictate to the rest of the country what the laws will be. >> reporter: california's attorney general says he is going to file suit if the epa reduces the standards. he says cutting grown house gas emissions is critical for the health and we'll being of the people who live here in the state as well as for the environment. now this could also be an issue that car manufacturers are going to be watching very closely. that's because the dozen states that have their own strict anti-smog laws make up a third of the car buying market. live in millbrae, katie nielsen, kpix 5. it is 5:15. the good news if you are about to hit the roads this morning, commute looking smooth. >> it is, especially in the south bay. we were tracking an earlier problem near university but that's cleared. so no delays heading north- or
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southbound along 101. this is a live look in san jose right near north first street. you can see our travel times remain in the green. in fact all of your south bay majors are checking in problem- free this time around. we'll take it north into san mateo where traffic is light in both directions. both on 92 and 101. traffic is minimal and we are checking in accident-free. over in the san francisco vicinity we are tracking an easy approach towards the lower deck of the bay bridge. but that 280 extension first reports of a possible lane that's blocked near cesar chavez. it's a car that broke down, not an accident. 6th street off-ramp not backed up yet so head out now. the other side of the bridge no metering lights and no backup.
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this is ideal for bay area drivers heading into san francisco. we remain in the green along interstate 80. 580 "super commuters" first reports of a possible hazard along the stretch. 4 and 80 problem-free. today nice and cooler. if you were hot yesterday, today will be cooler. calm water there. just love those lights of san francisco. good morning, everyone. what a way to start the day. it's going to feel comfortable when you step outside this morning. temperatures at 81 degrees. flight in san francisco 57 degrees. san jose also 57. 48 in santa rosa. some of the hills across the
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north bay are warmer in the upper 60s. wind speeds coming out of the west-southwest at half moon bay, sfo, 5-mile-per-hour winds, 4-mile-per-hour winds in downtown. so the west winds are hitting the coast. and that's that onshore breeze helping cool the temperatures down a little today but we are getting variable winds throughout the inland areas. you will notice it's going to feel cooler. look at the coast. temperatures in the upper 60s for today instead of the 70s which we got yesterday. and across the south bay temperatures in the low 80s. los gatos 83 most likely today. 82 for walnut creek. 83 for fairfield. concord 81 degrees. san ramon maybe a little cooler at 79. around the bay temperatures in the mid-70s today instead of the low 80s that we hit a lot of yesterday. alameda 71. berkeley 73. north bay still warm. 82 degrees for santa rosa. st. helena also 82. so it will feel nice. here's your futurecast showing clear conditions. thin clouds overnight and then
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tomorrow afternoon, a few more clouds could start to pick up. for your easter sunday mostly sunny. it's going to be an overall lovely easter day. here's the snow report. there's plenty of snow left. we'll see dry conditions for the next seven days. looking at another storm that's possibly going to reach us thursday night into friday. what's going on, anne? trending now, one of the world's most famous attorneys is representing journalists detained in myanmar. the wife of george clooney announced she is going to be representing two reuters journalists who are detained in the country. both were arrested in december while investigating alleged abuses and killings by security forces against muslims. the journalists are accused of violating the official secrets
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act. they could face up to 14 years in prison. president trump publicly praising the new reboot of the tv sitcom roseanne. the tv show debuted on tuesday night and got big ratings. 18.4million viewers, that got the attention of president trump who called her earlier this week to personally congratulate her. roseanne, like the character she plays, is a trump supporter. and president trump appears to be a fan of the show. yesterday the president talked about the show's popularity during a visit to ohio. >> it was about us. they haven't figured it out. the fake news hasn't quite figured it out yet. >> roseanne says that the call from the president was, quote, pretty exciting. an emotional sendoff at the white house as president trump bids farewell to hope hicks on her final day as communications director. president trump said good-bye to her outside the oval
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office. cameras were rolling. some on twitter called the kiss inappropriate. hicks resigned in february a day after she testified before the house intelligence committee during her testimony she said that she had told white lies in the course of her duties. hicks replacement is going to be president trump's fifth communications director in just 14 months. hey, good morning, everybody. got the first word on this friday as we'll take you all around the bigs from yesterday and opening day for the giants and your oakland a's. and, what happened to the warriors last night? oh.
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good morning, everybody. it's over my shoulder. giants and the dodgers, no more messing around. let's just get right to it. the dodgers against clayton kershaw. who kept his eye on the ball yesterday? it was joe panik in the 5th inning. boom. back away and gone. put the giants up 1-0. the only run of the game. dodgers did threaten in the 7th. but giants got a strike three call, ended the inning.
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giants closer is strickland got a grounder to short, a 6-3 put-out and that's how they put it on ice yesterday. 1-0 the final. they face each other later on in the day. speaking of day, rare day home opener yesterday in oakland. 27,000 saw the angels and a's. they came back from 4-0 down with a three-run shot by khris davis followed a olson homer that tied it. in extra innings, semien the san francisco native, a walk- off. a's win 6-5 in 11 innings. segue over to the nba. kevin durant all smiles until he -- well, said some bad words. got tossed. the games against the bucks. didn't get any calls. said the magic words. nba high five ejection. 4th quarter warriors down a
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bunch but trying to do something about it. got to within 11. warriors lost 116-105. that's sports at this hour. don't worry, i'll see you around later on. the play of the day, takes us to to the ana inspiration championships of the lpga tour. from iceland, gets the hole in one. she moves to +1 and takes the top spot in today's play of the day. first round take a look at this shot. perfect! the iceland player gets the hole in one and takes the top spot in today's play of the day. contra costa county sheriff's department is accused of violating california's new sanctuary state policies. i'll have the details coming up.
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>> and yet another tense town hall meeting is held following a shooting in san francisco. this time, it's about what happened before a police officer was shot and a 21-year- old man was killed by police. ♪you've got a friend in me
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department critics say uses a using a loophole... to give inmate release dates... to the feds. to run on i.c.e. tipped off, critics say that the bay area sheriff's department is using a loophole to give inmate release dates to the feds. >> plus, emotions run high as the man killed by sacramento police is laid to rest. the new security measures in place to keep the peace. >> and we sure broke a lot of records yesterday. so where are our temperatures headed as we start this friday? what's the weekend looking like? >> 101 heading in and out of san francisco, looking okay right now. but we are tracking a problem
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on the 280 extension. we'll take a closer look at that and what kind of backup it's creating coming up. it is friday, march 30th. good morning. i'm kenny choi. >> and i'm anne makovec in for michelle griego. >> a san jose father detained by i.c.e. for months could be released today. a judge ordered the release of the man yesterday. i.c.e. agents arrested the undocument immigrant in october. i.c.e. says that carrillo has been deported to mexico three times since 2003 and has past convictions for dui and identity theft. he has been held at the west county detention facility in richmond. officials that run the facility and others in contra costa county are accused of colluding with i.c.e.! kpix 5's jessica flores is live in richmond to explain why critics say they are violating california sanctuary laws. reporter: kenny, this jail here in richmond is the only detention facility for illegal immigrants in the bay area.
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they actually have a contract with i.c.e., a $6 million contract to house those who ice picks up. now, that doesn't mean though that they have to share information and release dates about any inmates in their custody, but that's what's happening here in contra costa county. some attorneys are saying the sheriff's department is getting around the law and telling i.c.e. about the release dates of illegals in custody. under california state law which took effect january 1st, local law enforcement agencies are not supposed to share information with immigration authorities. typically that includes release dates. but in february, contra costa county sheriff's department began publishing the release dates of every inmate including undocumented immigrants. now, we did speak to an attorney and she says it's an open invitation to pick up illegal immigrants. >> by publishing release dates, the sheriff's
5:31 am
department is finding other ways to cooperate with i.c.e. these people coming out of jail, have served their time and the sheriff's department is saying this person is being released, come and get them. >> reporter: now, in a statement to kpix 5, the sheriff's office says: >> reporter: there's a strategic plan to help organizations know when inmates are coming out to help them basically get back on their feet for those re-entry programs. an association that represents sheriff's departments across california says what the sheriff's department is doing here at contra costa county is legal because it's public information. 5:33 now.
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temperatures are going to feel nice out there today. yesterday was warm. records were broken yesterday in the 80s. today, temperatures will be slightly cooler. so not expected to break too many records but right now, our temperatures are doing an interesting thing. a lot of the lower lying valley locations, it's cool. but the higher elevations right now in the upper 60s and 70s. some of the hills across the north bay in the 60s where santa rosa is at 48. 57 in san jose. 57 in san francisco. 52 in oakland. over in truckee, it's 27 degrees. quite a difference to kick off the day up in the mountains. but our local hills, they are warm. that warmer air is going to start to settle in so we'll get quick warming this morning in the next few hours. expect the temperatures to
5:33 am
feel nice. the onshore breeze will help influence our temperatures, as well. i'll talk about the weekend coming up. it's still very light at this hour. so even when we're tracking an incident, it's really not creating any sort of backup. we'll take it to san francisco where we have a problem on the 280 extension. it's here approaching cesar chavez. it looks like chp cleared it to that off-ramp there. it's still blocking a lane on the off-ramp but as you can see, certainly not slowing anyone down along 280 extension. take a look at the bay bridge toll plaza. it looks fantastic. no metering lights. no backup. no delays. if you need to get into san francisco, now is a great time to get in and go there because we are tracking "friday light" conditions. eastshore freeway starting to get crowded but our drive times from hercules down to the maze still in the green, clocking in just under 15 minutes. back to you. >> thank you. newly released and dramatic body camera video is filling in the blanks of last week's deadly barbershop shootout in san francisco.
5:34 am
>> kpix 5's jackie ward joins us now with the moments leading up to this confrontation. pretty disturbing video. >> yes. reporter: once again here we are watching this kind of video. this first video shows us an officer walking into the amazon barbershop and a gunman confronts him and shot him. the officer was shot in the leg. you can hear gunshots as police fire back. 21-year-old jahed eid, officers duck for cover while another one goes into the barbershop. tempered flares at the town hall meeting. a family spokesman apologized but said he wasn't speaking for the entire family. >> his life did not have to end so soon and it's a complete tragedy that once again, a black or brown family
5:35 am
must grieve the death of their son. >> reporter: eventually things settled down. one of the barbershop employees who was injured in the crossfire said, while he is still in pain, he does forgive whoever shot him. the videos were also released online and include what was recorded from two officer body cams. >> what is the family saying about it? >> reporter: clearly, they are still very upset trying to absorb all of this. and they said they are in deep mourning right now that he was a very sweet kid who didn't have to die. they also said he never meant to put anyone in danger or to shoot the police officer. jackie, 5:36. emotions were running high in sacramento hours after stephon clark was laid to rest. protestors took to the streets during the evening rush demanding charges against the officers who shot the unarmed black man. >> i am. >> stephon clark! [ screaming ] >> clark's funeral brought hundreds to the south sacramento church. his brother stevante took the stage at the funeral and
5:36 am
unleashed an outburst. at one point he urged the crowd to say the name repeatedly. you just heard that. afterwards, he embraced al sharpton. >> we came for the family. we came because this boy should be alive today. >> this is not a local issue. this is a national problem. >> sharpton blasting the white house for calling the death a local issue. he was invited by the clark family to give the eulogy at the funeral. the sacramento kings stepped up security outside their arena yesterday. protestors blocked streets again near golden1 center but this time only ticketed fans were allowed past the first line of security. demonstrators had blocked the entrance to the arena twice since the march 18th shooting. and the kings players released a psa and wore warmup shirts with stephon clark's name. now they are partnering with "black lives matter" sacramento to create an
5:37 am
education fund for clark's two children. president trump is threatening to delay finalizing the renegotiated trade deal with south korea. he announced yesterday in ohio that he wants to hold off on the agreement to gain more leverage with north korea. the president and kim have plans to meet about issues that include north korea's nuclear program. that meeting has yet to be scheduled. in our money watch this morning, barclays settled a lawsuit. the mega millions inches closer to the billion-dollar mark and more flights are nearly on time. kenneth craig reports from new york. >> reporter: u.s. markets are closed today because of good friday. yesterday, the dow closed up 254 points. the nasdaq gained 114. barclays has agreed to shell out $2 billion in fines to the u.s. government. that settlement follows a lawsuit alleging it was involved in a fraudulent scheme to sell residential mortgage-backed security.
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some promising news for flyers. u.s. airlines have shown a little improvement in keeping flights on time. the transportation department announced 79.6% of flights arrived nearly on schedule in january. that's up from 76% last year. and for the fourth time in history, the mega millions jackpot has surpassed the half billion-dollar mark. it's now up to an estimated 502 million. the next drawing is friday night. that's your moneywatch. for more, go to in new york, i'm kenneth craig. tesla can't catch a break. they announced a recall of tens of thousands of model s cars. the recall comes one week after a deadly tesla crash in the bay area. the company is recalling 123,000 model s sedans built before april 2016 because of excessive corrosion on power steering bolts. tesla says that there are no reports of injuries or accidents and claims that if the bolts fail, the driver should still be able to
5:39 am
control the car. >> the credit has just been downgraded by moody's, their stock price is falling. so all of these things are combining to give tesla a black eye. >> all that stuff hadn't been happening, do you think this would even make the news? >> i don't think so. recalls are routine. >> the federal government just launched an investigation to figure out if a tesla model was in autopilot when it crashed into a barrier on highway 101, caught fire and killed the driver. they are going to determine whether the victim reached out to the company about that particular feature before the crash. tesla responding saying: time now 5:40. the golden state is not backing down. the legal action california's attorney general is now prepared to take if the epa doesn't make good on its promises. >> plus, an extra jolt with your morning brew. a judge says coffee must now
5:40 am
come with a cancer warning. the chemical at the center of a year's long fight.
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california and the federal government... this time over which cars can be sold in the state. katie nielsen joins us live from millbrae, to break down the fight. another legal battle between the state of california and the federal government. this time over which cars can be sold in the state. katie nielsen breaks down the fight. reporter: kenny, it all focuses around fuel economy standards and whether cars should be required to be more efficient. but as soon as today, the epa is expected to announce the current standards are too strict. in 2009, the obama administration required all cars sold by 2025 to have a fuel average of 50 miles per gallon. california, new york and a dozen other states created their own laws requiring the same standards. but the epa is expected to announce in the next couple of days those laws are too strict and that kind of fuel economy is unrealistic. this is an issue senator harris raised months ago
5:43 am
during the confirmation hearings of the current epa chief. >> will you commit then to upholding that same standard and recognizing california's authority to issue its own new motor vehicle air pollution standards? >> i agree to review that as each administrator has before me. >> reviewing and uphold having two different points. >> that's a review process. >> what's your intention sir. >> i don't know without going through the process to determine that, senator. >> reporter: the reason this is such a big issue in california, half of the greenhouse gas emissions in california come from cars and 80% of the smog in our state is from car exhaust. california's attorney general said he is going to do everything he can to fight this including filing lawsuits. he says it's too important of an issue for the residents of california and the environment. live in millbrae, katie nielsen, kpix 5. your cup of coffee could soon come with a cancer warning here in california.
5:44 am
that is because of the chemical acrylamide, which forms naturally as foods cooked at high temperatures turn brown. in high doses, it has been found to cause cancer in mice. and under prop 65, businesses have to warn you about it. coffeemakers argue that warning labels based on potential risk is a stretch. and some experts agree. >> i believe in transparency, but at the same time when you put a bold declaration x may cause cancer when there is not data to that effect in humans, to me causes panic rather than informed knowledge. >> 13 coffee companies including gloria jean's and 7- eleven settled and put up warning signs but starbucks and 90 others have until april 10th to appeal the ruling. a new high-tech car seat designed to prevent deaths of babies in hot cars may keep your kids safe when the ride is over. the maker says that the model is the only smartphone-synced convertible car seat on the
5:45 am
market using bluetooth technology to remind users when dangerous conditions arise and notifies emergency contacts if you left the child in the car and don't acknowledge the alert. >> i never forgotten my daughter in the car bus it's always been my fear because i hear so many people doing that and it just would be really nice. i look to have an extra, like, plan b. >> the temperature in a car can go up to 20 degrees higher in less than 10 minutes on average. 37 children died from being left in hot cars every year. >> are you going to get that car seat? >> got one -- i already have one, spent enough money on it. but i'm going to keep an eye on the kid especially in hot temperatures. >> just like yesterday. even on a day when it's 50 or 60 outside, the hot cars can heat up quickly within an hour of dangerous levels. so keep that in mind. >> enough car seat talk. let's talk traffic. okay. let's take it to the roads.
5:46 am
we are tracking nice easy ride for drivers along 680. we have an earlier problem on the connector ramp from eastbound 84 to southbound 680. 680. travel times in the green on down towards 84. san mateo bridge everyone on their best driving behavior no problems. as you make your way between 101 and 880 no problems. eastshore freeway, still checking in problem-free. we are seeing a trend here. it's nice and light. so if you do have to work today and you're heading out the door, you should have a nice easy ride. 14 minutes towards the maze. check this out. still don't have any metering lights at the toll plaza. and no backup. so it is looking good if you are heading into san francisco at this time. here it looks like a full moon but it's not quite just yet. we are waiting for that full moon on saturday.
5:47 am
so it looks beautiful though. a great view from our mount vaca camera and definitely showing nice clear conditions out there which is why we get such a great view but yes, it's not quite full yet. it's going to be full tomorrow. so make sure you look up to the skies if you are up early. i know it's saturday morning. most people may not be. but if you want to talk about the temperatures, clear conditions for many locations. and it is warm especially in places like where mount vaca is on those higher elevations our local hills. temperatures are in the 60s. just east of oakville right now, in the hills, 67 degrees. 62 in calistoga. oakland hills 62. berkeley hills 63. alum rock 65. so temperatures are warm and then a little bit cooler when you go down into the lower locations. so 52 for oakland. the hills are 10 degrees warmer. concord now 55. san francisco 57. san jose 57. so get ready it's going to be warm again. just not as warm as yesterday. all thanks to this west wind. it's starting to pick up and
5:48 am
show up a little bit along the coast and at sfo. but east-northeast winds still going on at hayward and in oakland right now. so once we start to see a little more of the west wind, that's when you will see the temperatures are going to drop more. sunrise today 6:57. sunset tonight 7:30. should be beautiful because we are still going to have clear conditions out there. we are cooling slightly today. just by a few degrees. especially along the coast. as this high pressure starts to drop and weaken across northern california. and then we'll start to see a few more clouds. this low here is going to impact us through this weekend bringing us just cloud coverage. temperatures will slightly cool down in time for easter sunday so we should be again low 60s upper 70s. we are looking at upper 70s, low 80s. 80 for palo alto and mountain view. 79 in fremont. across the east bay today 84 in pittsburg. fairfield 83 degrees. it's going to be warm. temperatures around the bay slightly cooler thanks to the onshore breeze and then along the beaches, instead of the 70s, we are in the 60s. so it will feel closer to normal. further up north st. helena
5:49 am
82. 79 in clearlake. and looking at our futurecast what we'll notice is as this high pressure starts to drop a little bit, there's going to be a bit of moisture but it will enter the pacific northwest. no rain in our forecast for the next seven days. here's the seven-day forecast. orphaned seal pups. veterinarians there say the marine mammal center in marin county is dealing with an influx of sick and orphaned seal pups. veterinarians say powerful surf from recent storms separated pups from mothers and the staff has an important warning for beach-goers. if you see an abandoned seal pup, stay away. if you see one, contact the marine mammal center. time check, 5:50. a heart-stopping encounter on a safari. watch a driver try to keep calm as a cheetah prowls around his jeep!
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♪ for the latest styles where you'll spend less. ♪ spring dress. ♪ ♪ you gotta go to ross. if you want to save big on dresses for every occasion, you gotta go to ross. for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? good morning. take a look at this. what a view this is. this is interest crissy field. our photographer is at the warming hut.
5:53 am
that's actually a great place to go this coming weekend. it's going to be gorgeous all across the bay area. so continue on with any outdoor plans you have. the weather will not disrupt you. a little cooler than what we experienced yesterday so should be nice and just gaze at this for a moment and start your friday. >> thank you, neda. to match that great weather, we have great traffic as in no delays. right now, your drive along highway 4 heading out of antioch westbound over towards port chicago highway or 680 we are still in the green tracking a travel time just under 15 minutes. a new museum in southern california is ready for its close-up. it's dedicated to the selfie and it's set to open this weekend. there are plenty of interactive features including a selfie throne and the world's longest selfie stick. it's about 90 feet long. there are also some grim reminders about dangers of taking selfies.
5:54 am
the museum has news stories about people who died trying to take the perfect picture. >> people who die, yeah. we acknowledge that and discuss a bit of the risks of taking selfies and living like you're a screen. >> the pop-up museum will be open for the next two months. no word yet if it might make an appearance in the bay area. speaking of selfies, this one may win for scariest. >> curious cheetah surprised travelers in the serengeti by jumping into their safari jeep. so the guy pulled out a camera and stayed quiet. and the animal you can see was just sort of checking things out. he was clawing parts of the seats. eventually he climbed on the hood of the vehicle. look at that guy, though. he is just trying to act like everything is cool. nothing to worry about here. this wildlife photographer filmed the meeting. he said it's not unusual for a cheat to that climb on a vehicle but didn't expected it
5:55 am
to climb in. >> very cool. >> both of them cool cats. >> absolutely. >> calm under pressure. it's 4 minutes now before 6:00. and this morning, wine country is working to recover after the deadly october wildfires. the lingering problems though one neighborhood is facing as it works to rebuild. >> reporter: and contra costa county sheriff's department is accused of violating the state's new sanctuary state law. i'll have the details coming up.
5:56 am
5:57 am
5:58 am
administration's lawsuit against california's sanctuary policies...will be heard. a federal judge makes a major ruling were where the trump administration's lawsuit against california's sanctuary laws will be heard. >> newly released police body cam video shows part of a deadly shootout in a barbershop. >> fresh fallout from the mudslides. the wrongful death lawsuits now being filed.
5:59 am
good morning, it's friday, march 30th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm anne makovec. the key part of that statement is that it is friday! >> yes. >> it's starting off pretty good this morning, warm temperatures and clear roads. >> i think everyone is starting their weekend early and so not a lot of folks on the roads just yet. but so if you do have to go to work today, the good news is that traffic is nice and light and we aren't dealing with any significant issues. so we'll take it out to 880. this is right near the coliseum. 880 was very busy yesterday. but right now, traffic is moving well in both directions. 15 minutes northbound from 238 on up towards the maze. san mateo bridge not a problem as you head westbound, 15 minutes. traffic is fine in both directions


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