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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  April 17, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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>> reporter: you could see behind me the vehicle near the intersection investigators are in front of us measuring this out. the officer was walking to the vehicle in his unmarked car when he was hit. the officer and investigator had grab something to eat as they returned to the vehicle a woman driving her suv turned into the intersection. >> he was crossing on a green light and he was hit by a vehicle. the vehicle sped off and all we know right now is that the vehicle is a mercedes-benz and it's possible that it's an suv.>> reporter: police stopped a mercedes on 26th avenue a short while ago but investigators say there is a discrepancy about the color of the car and they're trying to decide if that is indeed the suspect. the likeliness is that the driver will face hit and run
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charges. the lieutenant says the officer is going to be all right and he suffered injuries to his arm and was taken to the hospital but the good news is he's going to have a full recovery. and other top story this evening a ride on the southwest airlines flight, an engine literally blew apart. debris shattered. the passenger window. it killed a woman she has been identified as jennifer riordan. a wells fargo executive from new mexico. the local albuquerque journal is reporting wells fargo is confirming that she had been on a business trip and was the vice president of the comm relations. a closer look at the engine and unthe window. the boeing 737 was flying from new york to dallas with 149 people on board. it was forced to make an
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emergency landing on philadelphia -- in philadelphia. >> it's an emergency that's pretty serious.>> terrifying moments on the flight, the pilot made an emergency landing after one of the engines apparently exploded.>> the interest -- is your plane physically on fire?>> part of it is. they said there was a whole and someone went out. >> i'm sorry said there was a hole and someone went out? progress 1380, it doesn't matter we will work it out. her arm and body was sucked in that direction from my vantage point. you see people from the back of the vehicle holding onto it. the people in the other rower trying to plug up the whole peak -- the people in the other rower trying to plug up the
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hole in the window.>> it felt like it was free falling. everyone was crying and freaking out.>> photos from inside the plane shelley damaged left engine. the explosion puncturing the side of the 737.>> almost immediately the oxygen masks came down. within a matter of 10 seconds the engine then hit a window and busted wide open.>> seven other people were treated for minor injuries on the scene.>> i'm immensely grateful that there were no other reports of serious injuries but this is a tragic loss. >> the plane was going from new york to dallas with 144 passengers and five crew members on board. >> even though we believe there were parts coming out of the engine it may not have been that section of the engine that technically would qualify this as a uncontained engine failure. >> the national transportation safety board is launching an
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investigation. southwest airlines was here exactly where it stopped and unloaded its passengers. the ntsb is taking the plane to the far side for the continuance of its investigation. flights now taking off here in philadelphia after nearly 3 hours on ground hold on this runway. michelle miller, kpix5.>> this is the first deadly commercial jet accident on us soil since flight 214 went down nearly 5 years ago. to -- three passengers were killed, it essentially cartwheel down the runway. 2017 was actually the safest year on record for air travel with zero accidental deaths on commercial passenger jets. police searching for the
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suspect in a horrific case of animal abuse. it was caught on surveillance video. we want to warn you it's quite graphic. police say the man in the video was arguing with a woman inside of the store on church street on saturday morning when he grabs the woman's dog puppy -- with the woman's puppy and slammed it on the floor. the dog named prince did not survive. 23-year-old of san francisco, the suspect is wanted on domestic violence charges, kidnapping and felony animal cruelty charges. police say he has prior arrests for firearms violation and should be considered armed and dangerous. crews rescued people off of their balconies this morning when an alarm fire broke out in san jose. it started before 6:00 a.m. at the summer when departments. it's a three-story building. you could see here children
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were among those wrapped in blankets waiting for firefighters to get them down. some neighbors tied sheets together to escape from their balconies. four people were taken to the hospital. 15 were treated for smoke inhalation.>> the smoke was blowing out of one of the windows. the fire department was having a hard time to get to the latter because of all of the trees.>> you could see firefighters were on the roof looking for hot spots no word yet on what sparked the fire. a twist in the case of the family whose suv plunged off of the cliff. two of the children have not been found yet. investigators cannot be certain that they were killed. today the fbi released to these missing posters one of the 15- year-old boy and another one for the 16-year-old. the posters indicate there is a possibility that the siblings are alive and the fbi says they could be traveling together. in the meantime the sheriff's department announced dna evidence confirmed a body found the crash site in westport was the 12-year-old daughter of the
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family. jennifer hart may have driven the car off of the edge intentionally with her family inside. the body of jennifer, her wife sarah, and four of their children have been recovered. outrage is stirring for starbucks after an incident of racial bias. a man was denied access to the bathroom code in a los angeles store, in philadelphia two men were handcuffed for sitting inside of a starbucks without buying anything. the ceo is apologizing and has worked with the twos attorney to make a change.>> with got a situation with people at the center of this have come together -- when people at the center of this have come together with civility, common purpose, a willingness to listen to one another, and work
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towards a solution.>> today the starbucks ceo says the answer to change starts with education. juliet goodrich has more on how the company plans to do that. >> reporter: you could call it being proactive, necessary, but the company is going to be shutting down for a couple of hours all starbucks, nationwide, in may. the 175,000 employees going through unconscious bias training. >> reporter: the arrests of two men at a philadelphia starbucks location triggered multiple days of protests and calls for a starbucks boycott. starbucks in southern california accused of racism after a bathroom incident caught on video. >> this is a private business.>> reporter: starbucks announced it will close more than 8000 stores on the afternoon of may 29 so all employees could undergo training for unconscious bias.
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>> i specialize in workplace investigations.>> reporter: camille hamilton peyton says what it comes down to is making sure that people are aware of unconscious bias.>> training is prevention. that's what we do to keep clients out of trouble and make sure that the workplace climate is healthy and productive and thriving.>> reporter: she says she asks her client a series of questions.>> think of a name in your mind the first thing that pops in your mind.>> reporter: questions employees will likely be asked during unconscious bias training.>> the word would be leader. right down the first name. teacher. right down the first name that pops into her head. then we ask the group, for leader how many people thought of a rote down the name of an asian american? how many people thought of a
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person who is latino.>> reporter: employees are often given faces and titles to react to.>> it's a test to make you aware of how you are reacting and you could see different faces and be associated with different traits. you have to press different keys on the computer to associate a face which would be a race, gender, with some trait.>> reporter: when she says to come -- when she says it comes to answering these questions there is no shame or blame but this is part of training. in the east bay, kpix5. hours before the midnight deadline the irs is giving taxpayers a one-day extension to file their returns. this comes after the irs website for paying tax bills online crashed. the page was operational again around 2:00 this afternoon after being unavailable for most of the day. the deadline is tomorrow april 18 at midnight.
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coming up, tons of plastic, waste, it ends up in the ocean each year. some new research could offer a way to break it all down. the potential pollution solution. a puppy caught up in a bit of trouble. the a's gift to their fans as they celebrate 50 years in the bay area.
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environmental problems: but now... a breakthrough! sceintists with a way to break down plastics... tha it's one of the plans biggest environmental problems but now a breakthrough. scientist's with a way to break down plastics that now pollute the world's oceans. mary lee is live in with what they've come up with. >> reporter: researchers are now turning to an innovative way to solve the problem.>> so all of these nets you see
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hanging behind me come from the inside of the sperm whales stomach and allows us to see the issue of nets. >> reporter: you are looking at several plastic nets from inside of this 51 foot long sperm whale that washed ashore. the whale died after ingesting 450 pounds of ocean trash. the mammal center wants to bring awareness to the plastic pollution in the pacific ocean wish will -- with what they call the ghost and that monster. they treat 10-20 animals every year that have ingested ocean garbage.>> we have a sea lion at the hospital that had a plastic packing strap around his neck. it's something that we see here in the bay area. >> reporter: researchers at the university of portsmouth may have come up with a solution to figure out a way for a natural enzyme to digest strong plastic
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prominently used in bottles.>> what's special about this it digests it.>> reporter: these images were magnified and sped up to show that the emma zion -- that the enzyme is breaking down the two key ingredients.>> grassed stains on the clothing but this material has only existed for 50 years. to have the enzyme -- the enzyme if this material is stunning.>> reporter: it usually takes decades if not centuries for plastic bottles to break down but this process takes only a few days. environmentalists say there is a long way to go since the enzyme only works on a single type of plastic. scientist are working to improve the enzyme so that it works on a large-scale. the us department -- the mac to primitive energy partnered with the university of portsmouth on this discovery and hopefully it will help. reporting live, kpix5. tesla is tapping the brakes
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on production. the electric carmaker has temporarily suspended production to work on trouble in the assembly line. it's scheduled to last for another four days. one official says workers could take vacation time or unpaid days off or work on other projects. this is the second time that the company has paused, worked, on the model three in the past few months. and upcoming supreme court decision could cost you more money when you are shopping online. the justices are reconsidering a 1992 ruling that exempts online businesses from collecting sales tax. if they are shipping to a state where they don't have a physical presence, the government accountability office estimates the ruling has cost states as much as $13 billion in lost tax revenue since the explosion of online shopping.>> it's about the fact that the shopping on main
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street is losing their sale. it's not fair and it's not right.>> it would be a wet blanket on the electronic commerce economy. >> the supreme court is expected to deliver a ruling by the end of june. a bay area puppy save after being caught on the wrong side of the law. he was found in oakland riding shotgun in a car that officers were pursuing. they arrested the driver and picked up rascal the pitbull puppy. he's been transferred to the referral center in berkeley where he is waiting for his family to pick him up. a sweet surprise for the family of a bay area air man. thanks to the 49ers. the family of us air force tech sergeant rob thomas went for what they thought was a tour of levi stadium but members of the team took the kids to play on the field and everyone went to
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check out the rest of the facility. look at what happened when they walked into the 49ers weight room. >> wow. you see the reaction from his wife there. obvious joy, thomas was coming back from a six month deployment. linebacker dakota watson picked him up from the airport and the team orchestrated this big reveal to his family. welcome home. the oakland a's celebrating their 50th anniversary. the first game ever at the coliseum.>> the fans are getting a special treat for the game. free admission. our reporter is life at the coliseum for us. hello dennis.>> reporter: 1968, 50 years ago they played their first baseball game at the coliseum. a lot different back then. mount davis, today the birthday
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present we are talking about, everyone gets into the coliseum for free. everyone parks for free. they are expecting 65-70,000 fans for tonight's a's-sox game. >> reporter: what does it say about the fans who like to shop to support the team if it doesn't cost them anything?>> well, they like to party.>> reporter: are you happy you didn't have to pay for the ticket? >> pretty much yeah.>> reporter: the game started earlier than usual today. the parking lot opened at new. seven hours before the first pitch. fans could sit anywhere they want except for seats already belonging to season-ticket holders. earlier today several players visited all of the summit medical center in berkeley to recruit the next generation of fans by handing out a's onesies to newborn babies. >> we need onesies to fit us,
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right? i think it's always fun to give back to the community and meet people and fans. >> reporter: yeah so, in 50 years they are all expected to be a's fans. homegrown oakland, oakland a's fans, a lot of them are getting into the game tonight for free. i could tell you for sure the beer is not free. so you might as well hang out back at the station.>> no but you can't have too many onesies, right?>> you could never have too many onesies.>> exactly.>> reporter: i'm going inside because it's free.>> thank you dennis. my grandfathers first game was the philadelphia a's back in the 20s. looking at the sunshine and more mild weather, a good-looking shot of the coastline. which days are getting close to 80 degrees? this is coming up. snapped up for more than a million bucks.
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you can't get better weather than this. >> i think a lot of people avoided work to enjoy scenes like this. it's so gorgeous. we've seen rain and cold and today was a good break.>> some people from nebraska are looking at this shot, this is drivable from anywhere in the bay area. >> pretty cool. >> just watching it it's so calming. >> it's a little brisk today but warmer for the weekend. we are going to turn the
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corner. coming up quickly in and out. pleasant weather into the weekend and beyond. today was on the cooler side of average. santa rosa at 67. san francisco at 58. tonight will be a chilly one. clear skies at vallejo 43. 48 for san francisco and oakland. the radar is clear. another rain chance coming in with some of you along the coastline. some may even see showers as soon as 6:00 tomorrow evening. baseball tonight, the white sox taking on the a's. dennis was there live. good luck finding a seat. clear and cool at 58 degrees with a beautiful night for baseball and oakland tonight. we've got a ridge of high pressure waiting patiently toward the south and west. it arrives later on this week. looking toward the north there's another storm which is poised to move through. we got cloud cover first. future cast shows us the front arrives 6:00-7:00. we talked
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about why we seen so much hail because the trailing area of low pressure has often been behind the front. sunshine returns on thursday and mostly sunny skies on thursday afternoon. rain wraps by the evening. sunshine back by thursday morning with sunny and mild both weekend days. the highs tomorrow, 62 for livermore. napa at 63, fremont at 62, redwood city at 62. pacifica only at 62 degrees. here comes the sunshine on thursday. sunny and warm on friday. the two warmest days saturday and sunday. 70 degrees near the bay. close to 80 degrees inland. we remain mild for monday.
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the bay area may have looked like 15 to 20 million years ago. it's all thanks to fossils found at this construction site of a dam in the east bay. uc berkeley researchers are giving their best look yet at what the bay area may have looked like 15-20 million years ago. all thanks to fossils found at this construction site of a dan in the east bay. researchers are studying at least 1500 fossils, whale skulls, shark teeth, fossilized palm trees, the workers expect to continue work for another year and a half. people could check out the fossils the saturday at uc
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berkeley. thank you for watching tonight at 5:00.>> head at 6:00, a house not safe to walk in. it's condemned. the story behind this million- dollar teardown. allen and veronica are back with that in 30 minutes as well as more news for you. >> jeff: breaking news. s died at the age of 92. >> i thought i was cataloging the last moments of my existence. >> a engine blow mid flight killing a southwest passenger. we look at the plane and engine involved. also tonight a computer melt down prevents tax filing hours before the dead line. starbucks will take a break to teach employees about racial bias. stormy daniels says this is the man who warned her to keep quiet about her alleged affair with donald trump. trouble in paradise-- flooding and mudslides in hawaii force hundreds to evacuate. new technology that makes faking the news real easy. >> we need to be more vigilant with what we trust from the internet.


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