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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 20, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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and accessories for your mobile phone. like this device to increase volume on your cell phone. - ( phone ringing ) - get details on this state program call or visit out of class... with a message against gun violence. it comes on the 19-th anniversar now at noon, students across the bay area and across the country walking out of class with a message against gun violence. it comes in the 19th anniversary of the columbine high school shooting. good afternoon. as these walkouts are happening, another school shooting has taken place.
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this time, it's at forest high school in ocala, florida. authorities say one student was shot in the ankle before school started. he will be okay. the shooter is another student and is in custody. that marks the 20th school shooting so far this year. here in the bay area, high school students also staged walkouts protesting gun violence. jackie ward was at a different demonstration in fremont. [ screaming ] >> enough is enough! >> i'm heart sick. we're not trying to take guns away from responsible people. we are just trying to add the responsibility and make sure they get into the right hands so that we don't have the problems that we have had with the school shootings. >> reporter: standing alongside parents and teachers, students at american high school are calling for gun control. but instead of walking out during school, they rallied before classes began as a walk- in to show support for peers across the country. >> a lot of teens have been
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stepping up. i'm proud of us. >> it's a little scary so we are out here because we want to make school safe and assure the parents and the students that it is -- >> because we're so young, like, people think we don't have a voice and our voice doesn't matter but i think by doing this stuff says we are doing stuff and we are the future. >> reporter: they are demanding change. >> it's inspiring to have the kids take the lead where we try to do that in the classroom . >> reporter: the next step is getting people to vote leaders in who will change laws. jackie ward, kpix 5. also in the east bay, students at skyline high school in oakland headed to the football field for the national school walkout. chopper 5 flew overhead as the teens sat on the field protesting gun violence. at san francisco city hall authorities lined the steps to keep the peace for the
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protests. some students held signs, others sat in front of the building. a few dozen spectators took part. the national walkout is happening today on the 19th anniversary of the columbine high school shooting. earlier today, a 13-second silent tribute honored the 13 victims who died in the 1999 colorado shooting. california senators weighing in on today's walkout. that kids are dying in their classrooms. congress would be wise to listen." senator dianne feinste tw 19 years ago we experienced the impossible tr of columbine. we thought it w nge the way we spoke ab ns in this count today 206- thousand children have bee d to gun ence in schools. and th loopholes exist for minors to get their guns." as part of today day of nationwide action against gun violence... teachers in san francisco are calling out *wells fargo. kpix 5's katie nielsen... * the bank should b as part of today's day of nationwide action against guns, teachers in san francisco are calling out wells fargo. kpix 5's katie nielsen on how they say the bank should be
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part of the solution. >> reporter: the group of teachers are here at the wells fargo in downtown san francisco because they say the bank heavily invests in companies that manufacture guns. more than a dozen representatives from the united educators of san francisco rallied in front of wells fargo asking the bank to hold gun manufacturers accountable for safety risks. the teachers are also asking wells fargo to sign a code of conduct limiting the bank's relationship with gun companies and the national rifle association. >> we don't want to do business with, um, an institution that's not taking its responsibility seriously in regard to reining in arms manufacturers. >> reporter: the teachers say their pensions are invested with wells fargo some of their money funds companies that make firearms. this comes one day after the american federation of teachers announced just yesterday wells fargo will no longer be their preferred mortgage lender.
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in san francisco, katie nielsen, kpix 5. wells fargo just released a statement saying, quote, we take great pride in supporting teachers and their families and last year alone we provided nearly $70 million in education-related contributions across the nation. we remain firm in our belief that the american public does not want banks to decide which legal products consumers can and cannot buy." relief for commuters. the new lane is opening today on the richmond/san rafael bridge. kpix 5's jessica flores on the much-anticipated traffic conditions. >> turn that system on. >> whoo! >> system is on. >> reporter: county and state officials cutting the ribbon to mark the opening of the long-awaited third lane on eastbound richmond/san rafael bridge. >> it's out there. >> reporter: marin county supervisor damon connolly says it's been three years in the making and a lot of moving parts. four transportation agencies including the metropolitan transportation commission and caltrans working together to convert the eastbound right
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shoulder know a lane. >> we're hoping this is going to really provide some needed relief. >> reporter: according to mtc, in the last five years, traffic on the bridge has gone up about 10,000 more vehicles a day. during rush hour, it looks like a parking lot. now digital signs will let drivers know the third lane is open. green is go, red x is closed. it runs from sir francis drake to richmond parkway, at peak times, 7 days a week 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. but richmond mayor tom butt says this is just the first step to addressing widespread traffic issues. he is hoping voters pass regional measure 3 in june. that's an initiative that would fund transportation improvements across the bay area. >> if it doesn't pass, you know, we're going to be sitting in our cars waiting -- ha -- waiting a long time. >> reporter: the added eastbound lane cost $27
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million. transportation officials are now studying the idea of adding a third westbound lane. in richmond, i'm jessica flores, kpix 5. for the first time since recreational marijuana became legal in california, pot lovers are celebrating "420 day." kpix 5's emily turner is at golden gate park where the light-up is just beginning. emily, a lot of people out there right now. >> reporter: a lot of people. they are expecting at least 15,000 people, which is how many they had last year. in fact, i'm going to step out of the way so you can see exactly how many people are here now. the gates opened at 9:00. here we are at noon. let me tell you, it was not this packed at noon last year. this is now my fourth year covering this event and i haven't seen crowds this big this early in the day and i have a feeling it has something to do with the fact that recreational marijuana is legal in california. music in the background is blaring. that started at noon. countdown to "420" itself, it will be this afternoon. we'll be here for that. that big cloud of smoke that
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goes up over hippie hill. this year again it's legal recreational marijuana so they are expecting huge crowds. this is the second year that the city has worked with a sponsor to make sure the event is organized although not sanctioned. we talked to the organizers and they are expecting major crowds doubling up on security, porta-potties and making sure everything is good to go at the gates and they are expecting a great event. people came all over to be here for it. >> i was up in washington. i just set a goal to trek down the coast and end up here in the park. got in yesterday. >> reporter: so you took a week? >> yeah. traveled down from washington. >> reporter: why is it so important to be here for "420"? >> just all the people around me to share this same vibe, the same experience seeing that it's, like, communal here, you know, community. >> reporter: and there has
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been some confusion on whether or not folks can sell marijuana recreationally here now that it's legal. i spoke to the park service and they said absolutely not. there is no way that you can legally sell marijuana here in golden gate park. i have seen people selling it. she says if these folks are caught selling marijuana of any kind they will be removed and not to return. everything start to shut down at 4 p.m. they have everything set up for clean-up afterwards. be sure to tune in at 5 to 6:00 to see the big countdown and clean-up that follows. reporting live in golden gate park, emily turner, kpix 5. president trump is responding after the secret memos former fbi director james comey wrote after their meetings were made public. mola lenghi reports from the white house. >> reporter: former fbi director james comey says he decided early on he needed to document his interactions with president trump. >> the first meeting in
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particular i was concerned that i needed a record to show the other intelligence agency chiefs who had been with me but didn't stay behind for the second private meeting. >> reporter: the day after that first meeting, director comey sent his first memo to top fbi officials. he typed the notes immediately upon exiting trump tower where he had briefed mr. trump alone warning him that the russians allegedly had tapes involving him and prostitutes. comey writes that president trump interjected about that trip to moscow. there were no prostitutes! there were never prostitutes! president trump responded to the memos on twitter saying they clearly show there was no collusion with russia and no attempt to obstruct justice. comey says the president may have tried to obstruct justice when he believes mr. trump asked him to stop an fbi investigation into former national security adviser michael flynn. comey detailed how president trump asked if he could see your way clear to letting this go to letting flynn go.
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>> the request that we drop the investigation is potentially obstruction of justice but i actually don't know the answer to the final question because under american law, obstruction of justice requires a specific kind of intention. >> reporter: president trump tweeted this morning, so, general michael flynn's life can be totally destroyed while shady james comey can leak and lie and make lots of money from a third rate book that should have never been written? is that really the way life in america is supposed to work? i don't think so! mola lenghi, cbs news, the white house. the body of former first lady barbara bush lies in repose today at the family's houston church. members of the public can say farewell at st. martin's episcopal church before tomorrow's private funeral. last night an open celebration of mrs. bush's life took place outside houston city hall. the crowd was encouraged to wear blue and to emulate mrs. bush's signature style by wearing pearls. still ahead, police arrest
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a grandmother they call a cold- blooded killer. the woman wanted for murder in two stays. we are taking you inside the ultimate guide to smart living. >> and this forecast looking good. timing out just right so you can enjoy this coming weekend. we'll talk about the warmer weather coming up
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to move california forward, we need to help more californians get ahead. that's why antonio villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets - and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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information about the minnesota grandmother accused of killing two people.. the u.s. mar investigators have released new information about the minnesota grandmother accused of killing two people. the u.s. marshal's office says a tip led them to 56-year-old lois reiss. she allegedly killed her husband and she clove to florida and targeted a woman who looked -- drove to florida and targeted a woman who
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looked like her to steal her identity. she was arrested in texas. authorities believe she killed both people with the same gun. it's official. federal regulators are slapping wells fargo with a $1 billion penalty for abuses tied to its auto lending and mortgage businesses. the fine is imposed by the consumer financial protection bureau and the office of the comptroller of the currency. it comes after wells admitted last summer that hundreds of thousands of customers were sold auto insurance they didn't need or want. devices are getting smarter these days and that includes the features in your home. chris martinez shows us a san francisco house where your voice can control everything from the lights to your bed. >> reporter: this 2900-square- foot home of the future is a reality today. >> alexa, turn on the tv. >> reporter: from voice- activated entertainment to helpful kitchen appliances. >> you will see here's a panoramic camera that you can access from your phone when
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you're at the grocery store to see if you have eggs or not. >> reporter: there's a smart mattress cover. >> you can ask it to warm the bed and track your sleep so you can find out how you slept the night before. >> reporter: connected every room in the san francisco house to see how smart devices perform. >> lock the front door. >> reporter: most everything can be controlled with voice assistance like google home and amazon alexa. >> smart features -- >> reporter: executive editor -- >> you wake up in the morning and your mattress knows you got out of bed your coffeemaker will automatically brew. >> reporter: smart plugs give ordinary items like lamps the ability to listen. >> night-night. >> reporter: to customize commands. >> good night. >> reporter: even the art is smart. 4k monitors display vivid paintings on the wall. >> now you can change the art whenever you want. >> whenever you want.
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>> reporter: she says consumers need to take security seriously. >> your wi-fi password should be super secure. this is like your front door key. the other thing is make sure all your devices have unique passwords. >> reporter: making smart choices with your smart devices can help heighten your home's iq. chris martinez, cbs news, san francisco. gone are the days of just flipping a switch. >> i'm still flipping. i'm still switch flipping. >> it's easier. here's a look now. i like to flip the switch on all our live cameras. we can't take a bad view now. look at lake tahoe. this would be the homewood camera and you can see the blue skies over the blue lake. it's just so nice out there. clear conditions. that's what we'll see a lot of for this weekend. we are beginning our trend from the mountains to the beach. cloud coverage at the coast. clear at the bay.
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69 in livermore. 60s and 70s in the area. above average temperatures through the weekend. temperatures are rising for san jose and concord. around town today's temperatures: you're definitely going to get a view of the sunrise and sunset because we have clear skies. it's all because of this ridge of high pressure. as it brings us sunshine and warmer air and it's closer to california. moisture is moving towards washington and oregon and not really going to affect us because of the ridge. it's large and in charge for the next few days. your game forecast for today for the a's game, 7:05 first pitch clear skies mid- to
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upper 60s for the game. and then the cherry blossom festival this weekend second weekend in a row. if you missed it in japantown last weekend it's worth checking out. sunny and upper 60s. even low 70s possible. here's that seven-day forecast. by saturday, sunday, monday, look at that, low to mid-80s expected for many inland spots. around the bay temperatures low 70s. and sunday is earth day so it's a great time to be out and enjoy the earth especially when, you know, mother nature cooperates like that. >> no kidding! hello, mother nature! still ahead, we are talking pet health with our expert, and a common issues bladder problems for dogs. >> awww. >> we're going to meet lucy. i just did. you're going to want to stick around. she is adorable!
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tackle issues that owners may be facing with their furry friends. dr. jill chase joins us... er health every friday we check in with our pet expert to check issues owners may be facing with their furry friends. dr. jill chase joins us now with lucy, very cute. and today's topic, bladder health. >> well, actually today what i wanted to talk about was calcium oxalate crystal in the bladder. these are crystals that are -- i use the analogy of a snow globe. you may not find them on a
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urinalysis, in small numbers. but when the bladder is sitting there, the crystal sediment settles down. unless you shake the dog you won't get a representative sample. so lucy's history is she was just every once in a while urinating in the house which was not normal for her. she is really bright and very well behaved. and she is fairly new to my practice and so i was suggesting to the owner she had an ultrasound today and so she is not happy that we had to clip her belly. that's what she is licking there. so i recommended a urine sample and we found crystals. and today, we are talking about calcium oxalate crystals but there's another type of crystals we see, as well. we just turned her toward the camera. there we go. >> so some of the symptoms we should watch for? >> inappropriate urination that done happen all the time or maybe all the time. sometimes increased water consumption, frequency of urination. so we run the analysis, find our problem and then with calcium oxalate crystals, we want to go ahead and do x-rays or and you will stra sound because a lot of -- ultrasound
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because a lot of times stones can block the urethra and that could be life-threatening. >> and treatment? >> treatment, unfortunately, the only thing we can do now is a dietary treatment and adding water to the meals to ensure that they get more fluids so they can flush out their bladder. that seems to work well. but that's all we have to offer at this point. >> all right. dr. jill, thank you so much. and lucy you're a beauty. for more, just email us at and we'll have our pet expert give you an answer every friday right here at noon. we'll be right back. you could save energy
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by living off the grid. completely. or... just set the washing machine to cold. do your thing. with energy upgrade california.
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ring of succulent smugglers.. plucking california plants and shipping them oversees. the clues that helped undercover officers.. crack an internationa t. california's wildlife detectives bust a ring of succulent smugglers sending them overseas. the clues that helped officers crack an international plant heist. >> whoa. >> exciting, huh? >> that's coming up at 5:00. >> we want to show a lot of shots of outside because it's so beautiful but even cuter and better, lucy!!
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♪ >> hope: i bet you slept better than you have in a while. >> liam: yeah, really. my whole world is different. i guess i'm not who i thought i was. >> hope: you never were. >> liam: well, maybe you knew that. >> hope: uh...yeah. i had a pretty difficult time believing that you could pick up a gun and shoot your own father. but i would have been there to help you. therapy, group counseling, whatever you needed, i-i would have been there, but, luckily, that is not necessary anymore... i don't think. >> liam: mm... >> hope: [ laughs ] come on, liam. we need to celebrate. th--


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