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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  April 22, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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has been bitten by a snake today, but they have heard rattlesnake just off the side of trails. because the snakes hibernate all winter like a bear. on warm, spring days like this, they come out, looking for a meal. >> there was a snake coming on down and to watch out for our dogs. >> reporter: amanda says this was the first time she had heard about rattlesnakes at mission peak. >> so worried about my dog because she has never seen them and i thought, i'm going to walk up this trail, should be fine. >> reporter: the east bay regional park service put up signs at the trailhead warning people about the rattlers. >> they slither across the trail, but sometimes you hear them. just on the side. i was worried about the kids on their bikes. they are not going to stop in time. >> this is a full-grown adult northern pacific rattlesnake. that's the only species of rattlesnake we have in the bay area. >> reporter: dave allen owns got snakes. and catches them for a living. then releases them back into open space.
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>> rattlesnakes are more common than people think, one of the most common snakes in the bay area. >> reporter: he says rattlesnakes will try to stay away from people, but the telltale rattle means the snake feels threatened. >> the rattling is just an indication that you are too close, so he struck out at the end of the snake hook there. >> reporter: if you do come across a snake on the trail, give it space and let it pass. >> it's all about respect, respect the snake, the snake -- the snake will respect you. >> reporter: rangers say the best advice is if you see a snake, stay away from it and figure out where it's going and try to go around. the best way to tell if it's a rattlesnake, try to see the tale, even a freshly hatched baby snake will have a little rattler right on the end of that. if you are bitten by a snake, the best advice, call 911 right
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away. in fremont, katie nielsen, kpix 5 news. >> before today, the last bay area rattlesnake bite happened on march 31 when a woman was bitten at a park. a water main break made a mess of one neighborhood this afternoon. an eight-inch pipe burst just after 2:00 p.m. near 48th and geary. crews have cut off the flow but they will be on the scene through the night making repairs. so far no word on a cause of the break but the department says it was a pretty old pipe. one person is dead and a dozen more displaced after a three-alarm fire tour through a multiunit home in san francisco's sunset district. the building on eighth avenue sits in a mirror -- sits in a neighborhood of densely packed homes just west of the open space preserve. neighbors describe the devastation. >> reporter: the remnants of a home are too much for some neighbors to handle. >> i just got here. so i am pretty much -- i walked by all the time.
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just so devastated by it. >> reporter: fire crews are looking into what caused this house to light up the night sky. smoke billowing over the streets and flames during a peaceful neighborhood into a chaotic scene. >> the flames were 10 feet high. >> reporter: joe rivera lives across the street from the home on eighth avenue. he stayed outside watching for as long as he could. >> pretty bad. all the cops were saying there's too much ash, you've got to go back in to your house. >> reporter: 's main concern was for his neighbors. >> pretty upset. i put it off and then i wake up in the middle of the night and all of a sudden you see the flames coming out the window. >> reporter: he has known her for 15 years ever since he moved here. speak -- >> she was one of the people that made sure everything was okay. >> reporter: the female who died was inside the home when the fire sparked. it burned the house all the way through and flames were seen on the backside of the hill.
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>> we had to fight the heat, it's very dangerous and a harrowing situation. >> reporter: 100 firefighters responded. >> i heard them continuously coming up the hill. i am overwhelmed and grateful. >> reporter: now that the smoke has settled, damage can be seen at the neighboring home and the resident here has to move -- has to move her belongings out. two of the other people are not in the country and the red cross will help families find a place to stay. >> good support from the community. >> reporter: in the sunset district, kpix 5 news. by the way the assistant chief said the fire was especially dangerous to fight because the homes were built into the hillside and some of the units are below grade. that means while firefighters are moving down, the danger is moving out. >> heat rises, smoke and flames will rise. as they burn up, when we show up on the street, and the building is built down the hill in the back --
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>> similar fire killed two in the diamond heights neighborhood seven years ago. lieutenant vincent perez and anthony valerio died in june of 2011. a report by investigators blamed a combination of factors including the heat, the hillside architecture and tactical blunders. the heat rendered radios useless. a new investigation says the bay area is falling behind on retrofitting buildings that could fall down in a big earthquake. an analysis found there are up to 3000 brittle concrete buildings in san francisco, the structures are especially vulnerable. the city does not have a list of locations. the times also says nearly 2000 wood frame apartment buildings are at risk in a major quake. but there is no law on the books to get them fixed. also the report found more than 1000 apartment buildings are at risk and there is no official list on them. some disturbing new revelations on this earth day by the massive -- about the
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massive cleanup scandal in san francisco. that area was once a dumping ground for radioactive material for top the navy spent more than a billion dollars to clean up the soil. former employees tell the chronicle a lot of the toxic waste that was removed from the site was hauled straight to several bay area landfills. including facilities in morgan hill, pittsburgh, brisbane and vacaville. this comes as a recent review found as much as 97% of the radiation clean up data from the site could be unreliable. dozens of volunteers in the south bay celebrated earth day by rolling up their sleeves and cleaning up alum rock park. devin fehely was there with sky drone 5. >> it is san jose's oldest and for many, most beloved park. dozens of volunteers showed their love for alum rock park. >> dating back to 1872, so we
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are trying to improve the trails. for people. >> reporter: volunteers helped to widen and restore the trails and pick up trash. younger volunteers planted trees while learning important lessons about being good stewards of the environment. >> if you don't clean up the pollution, the earth would be like a big trash ball and you wouldn't have any trees or flowers or anything, it would just be trash like soda cans and chip bags. >> reporter: this is the first large-scale cleanup effort and when rangers put out the word, more than 200 volunteers jumped at the chance. >> i like this park, super close to my house. i remember riding my bike here. once a week. it was so close. >> reporter: volunteers say their goal is to leave the park and planet a little cleaner, trails clearer than they found them. >> trying to educate our visitors about how to be safe in the park and how to protect
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the environment. >> reporter: in san jose, devin fehely, kpix 5 news. this bay area city is the hottest housing market in the country. so hot, even burned down homes are selling for seven figures. it would be nice if they could come in and ask in a collaborative fashion for permission rather than after the fact forgiveness. >> as city leaders slam the rental scooters, we have learned one of those companies has a new plan to swerve around the law. >> if you think parking tickets are expensive in san francisco, try crossing the line in south lake tahoe, the new rules targeting tourists making a lot of vacationers feel unwelcome. and as we look at south with salesforce in the corner, the blue skies in the distance, we will see how long this mild weather is going to last with the forecast after the break.
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trapped against a tree.. after their car sheared off a power pole in atherton. it happened around 3-30 this morning.
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when firefighters arrived: live wires firefighters had to use the jaws of life to rescue two men left trapped against a tree after their car sheared off a power pole. it happened around 3:30 a.m. live wires from the power pole were resting on the car. pg&e had to cut power to entire sections of the town so rescuers could free the men. both were taken to the hospital with unspecified injuries and no word on what caused the crash. would you pay a million dollars for a house after it had burned down? you would if the land is worth more than the house. kpix 5's maria medina shows us it has happened three times this month in the hottest housing market. >> i've been selling full-time for 33 years in the south bay. >> reporter: if you would have told gary shapiro he would sell -- sell this home for nearly $2 million -- >> i would not have believed you. >> reporter: san jose led the nation in year-over-year median home price increases for the first quarter. this time last year, homes were 33% cheaper.
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today the median price in san jose will cost you $1.15 million. >> two main reasons why it's happening here. >> reporter: one is supply is at historic lows. in santa clara, there are just over 800 homes for sale. in a normal market, there should be 4000. the second reason why prices are so high, one word, google. >> when google announced they were going to build the campus, the prices of houses jumped 5% that month. >> reporter: the demand is so high even condemned and burned homes are quickly being sold. a burned mountain view home for 1.5 million, a burned home in san jose for 1 million and a condemned home in fremont for more than a million. >> it is the land that has increased dramatically over time, the cost of building a home has not changed much. the scarcity of land has caused the demand. >> reporter: while prices may level off, this is becoming the new norm. >> even though you are paying
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what feels like a crazy price, within a few months or years, it will be the norm and it won't be a crazy price anymore. as prices continue to go up. >> reporter: supply is so low because people just are not moving. he says over the last few years, more people are renting than buying and maybe not by choice, as house prices continue to rise. in san jose, maria medina, kpix 5 news. another place they can't build homes fast enough, the north bay. six months after the devastating wildfires, it is just the beginning of a long recovery. shirin rajaee shows us demand for workers is building by the day. >> reporter: the fires that raged across the north bay are one of the worst disasters in california history. 43 people were killed. thousands of homes were burned to the ground. >> what happened in the north bay -- it is sad but it did open up a lot of work.
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>> reporter: six months since the wildfires, a real need for contractors and construction workers to help get communities from santa rosa, napa and solano counties back on their feet. >> obviously a need for lots of tradespeople and i think we would like to be right on the forefront of providing our services to help those communities to rebuild. >> reporter: from the bay area to sacramento and up to the oregon border, headhunters are scouting for local people to fill the dire need. >> looking for all kinds of people interested in the trades. this is a very active time for the building trades. and young people are going to be the future of this trade. >> reporter: at this job fair, dozens of trade employers were on hand ready to hire. and this high school student, eager to learn. >> i'm interested in joining the business. >> reporter: the requirements for the carpenter apprenticeship program is a high school diploma or ged. entry-level positions start at
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23 to $27 an hour. >> the apprenticeship runs for four years, there is a requirement of working 4800 hours and taking a number of classes. >> reporter: communities looking to rebuild, depending on skilled workers to step up, and help churn the ash and rebel into a place they can call home. >> when a natural disaster happens, it does open the trades. and sadly at the loss of one's that lost their homes but at the same time it's putting more people to work. >> that was shirin rajaee reporting. companies need engineers and also truck drivers. dozens of volunteers with save the bay were doing their part this earth day by helping to preserve and protect wildlife in alameda. the nonprofit provided volunteers with gardening tools to plant new vegetation along the shoreline. >> we work in an area called the transition zone between the marsh and upland and there are
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a lot of species who live in the marsh that need to come out and get refuge on the shoreline and so the plants we put in the ground actually help those animals. >> save the bay held an educational branch fundraiser emceed by our own neda iranpour. the calla lilies may not be in bloom but the cherry blossoms are. in san francisco, that means a parade. the annual celebration from civic center to japan town, featuring colorful floats and music on the move, the grand parade was the centerpiece of the 51st cherry blossom festival. and a beautiful day for it as well. as you can see live from transamerica south, and fairly decent day right now, the number is 82 at concord, livermore 81, san francisco up to 64, san jose 78, santa rosa, the same. warm day in the bay area with high-pressure over the state, just keeping us sunny and warm the next few days, warmest day probably by just a note or two will be tomorrow.
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futurecast shows a little bit of fog overnight like we had last night. forming around napa, not much and then futurecast plenty of sunshine on the way. here is what we are expecting, starry skies again tonight, sunny and warm again tomorrow, and a mild and dry week all week long with no real surprises. sfo looking at sunny skies with winds out of the west at 16. the high will be 73 and as we have a look around the country up to seattle, looking uncharacteristically dry with sunshine and 68. chicago 53 and los angeles 78. new york tomorrow, sunshine and 63. overnight lows a little bit cooler than last night with 47 in santa rosa, the same for napa. san francisco down to 48 downtown, oakland 50. sun up tomorrow at 6:24 a.m. monday. san jose down to 53 so a little bit chilly overnight.
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as we have a look at the high temperature forecast, still warm in some places, 13 degrees warmer than usual like at concord. san jose will hit 81 and oakland 73. san francisco 70. you know, down in big sur, 80 degrees today. wow. 68 along our shoreline, 62 at half moon bay, 78 redwood city, 78 san mateo. son at sunnyvale. probably why they called it that. over in the east bay, patchy fog in some of the inland valleys tonight, the numbers recover into the low-to-mid-80s with 85 for antioch, same for pleasanton and dublin, livermore tops out at 82. tomorrow in marin and sonoma, low 80s. close to the shoreline the
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numbers only in the mid-to- upper 60s. finally for ukiah and lakeport, numbers tomorrow will be in the mid-80s. warm weather continues for the next couple days. readings topping out in the low- to-mid-80s, 70s around the bay. shoreline, good beach weather if you bring a sweater. toward the weekend, things are going to begin to cool down as the clouds come in, sunlight diminishes and so do the temperatures but in terms of rain, doesn't look like this week. can the giants finally win their first series of the year? and why a spurs when extended more than just the series for manu ginobili. next. villaraigosa brought both parties together to balance the state budget with record investments in public schools... and new career training programs. as mayor of la, he brought police and residents together to get illegal guns off the streets - and keep kids out of gangs, and on the right path. that's antonio villaraigosa. a governor for all of california.
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for the 101-st "opening day on the bay." this year's theme: perfect weather in san francisco as hundreds of boats set sail for the 101st opening day on the bay. nations on the bay, crowds gathered to watch the decorated boats sail by. also a display of about 100 historic work boats, fire boats and tow boats. moving along. >> and a lot happening in sports. warriors, giants and a's, a great day today unless you are a warrior's fan. in the first three games, the san antonio spurs shot just 26% from three-point range. in the do or die game for today, the spurs shot lights
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out. 53%. you can guess the result. filling in for gregg popovich for the second straight game. the warriors forgot to flip the switch. javale mcgee throws it away, rudy gay dunks it. 10 turnovers. steve kerr is not a happy man. >> not really running back. it's a playoff game. this is what we expected. >> second quarter not what steve kerr had in mind, dejounte murray, corner three, san antonio up by 16. final seconds of the third, here come the warriors. the rent is going to beat the buzzer, cutting the lead down to six points. move it to the fourth quarter, tony parker to danny green, that's a three-pointer. san antonio up by 11, they knocked down 15 threes today. opposite for klay thompson. 4-16. draymond green got the putback, part of a 9-0 run, finished
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with nine points, 18 rebounds, nine assists. just over four minutes to play, shot clock winding down. that's a three, led san antonio with 22 points. durant answered right back, a tough finish over to defenders, let -- he led golden state but he took 28 shots. manu ginobili wasn't ready to call it a career. the 41-year-old contemplating retirement scored 10 of his 16 in the fourth, the spurs win 103-90. >> i know he's old because he was my teammate and i'm old as dirt. so if i played with him, he must be old. >> as colleagues and competitors, would you like to see manu ginobili one more year? >> i think he's a great player, he had a great career. that's his decision. >> it ain't on us. >> game five is tuesday night in oakland. that's where the a's have
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cooled off the hottest team in baseball this weekend, boston came to the coliseum with two losses on the season, they left with four. sean manaea enjoying his day off after throwing that no- hitter. jackie bradley rips a leadoff base hit to right field, but he did hold boston to one run over six and a third. bottom of the first, chris davis with a runner on third, he hits a three-hopper, through the left side to give the 80s and early 1-0 lead. top seven, red sox with the go- ahead run at third. christian vasquez into foul territory. making his first start of the year at first base, the nice over the shoulder catch. boston would strand a pair. remember that three-hopper that davis hit in the first? better contact this time around in the eighth, three-run shot put the a's backup on top. sixth home run of the year, he
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drives in all four runs. they beat the red sox 4-1, they win five of six. now 11-11. brandon belt putting the giants on his back trying to win a series for the first time this year, broke one of the more obscure records in major league baseball history. had a battle against the angels starter jaime barre. fouled off an incredible 16 pages. it lasted 12 minutes and 45 seconds and ended with a fly out to right field. two outs and a runner on board for evan longoria. rips one to the matterhorn. 3-0 giants. not worn out from that marathon at-bat in the first inning. no-doubter, solo shot, home run in his fourth consecutive game. 4-0 san francisco. johnny cueto ran into some trouble, bases loaded, he got luis valbuena to ground into the inning ending 3-6-1 double play. giant hold on to win 4-2. it is
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their very first series win of the season. instant -- giannis and the bucks trying to even up the series. boston trailed by as many as 20, rallied back later to take the lead in the fourth. jaylen brown had 34 points. but 10 seconds left, tied at 102, malcolm brogdon mrs the jump shot, the greek freak there for the put-back. milwaukee wins 104-102 to even that series now at two games apiece. final round in san antonio. andrew landry hits a stiff one on the par 33rd, birdied four of his first six holes, opened a comfy for short lead for his first pga tour win. a shot on 17, into the bunker, bogeyed the whole so headed to 18, two shots up, for his first career win after losing a playoff in january to john
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rock. gameday tonight is kind of cool, one member of the san jose sharks has been with the organization since the beginning. and a member of the oakland athletics, has been there every 50 years of their existence. >> a long time. >> can you guess? >> that's one of them. randy. >> for the a's? >> you told me but i forgot. >> okay. you've got to watch gameday. coming up, a pauper -- a pop warner protest, why these players and parents say too many new safety rules are hurting the game. i think that the scooters run amok are actually a plot of the young people to kill off us old so they can have our rent- controlled apartments. >> the war of words over the rash of rental scooters. could there be a potential truce in the works? new details about a deadly shooting at a tennessee waffle
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house. the man accused of opening fire with an assault rifle has been arrested before. near the white house.
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guess." our top story at six-thirty: he got out of his vehicle and started shooting. he didn't say nothing to nobody. he just came to shoot people i guess. >> our top story at 6:30, an intense manhunt for a gunman who opened fire on a waffle house restaurant. at least for people are dead, to others are critically wounded. the suspect was half naked and armed with a semi-automatic assault-style rifle. when he burst in and started firing. laura podesta reports it could've been worse if a customer had not put his own life at risk to stop the shooter.
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>> reporter: police are combing the suburbs of nashville looking for travis reinking. the 29-year-old is suspected of shooting six people killing four of them. at this waffle house restaurant in antioch, tennessee, sunday morning. >> lunatic in a pickup pulled up , he got out with an assault rifle wearing only a jacket, nothing from the waist down, just craziness. and he shot a customer who was about to go in the door and then he shot my friend who was trying to get away on the sidewalk. >> reporter: ryan king went inside the waffle house and continued shooting. during a pause in the gunfire, this man, james shaw jr., charged the suspect and grabbed the ar-15 rifle. >> started wrestling for it. scuffling and fighting for it. he let it go, with one hand and then when he had in his other hand, i took it and tossed it over. the counter. >> reporter: ryan king ran from
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the waffle house possibly stopping at his apartment to put on pants. police surrounded his home but did not find him inside. he was known to law enforcement. the secret service said he was arrested last july in dc after crossing a barrier near the white house. officials say four guns were taken during that investigation. they were returned to his father who gave them back to his son. police confirmed two of the guns are unaccounted for. and the 29-year-old could still be armed. laura podesta, cbs news. the victims who died included a waffle house employee and three customers. >> investigators suspect foul play after they found a man and two young boys dead inside a home. police discovered the body shortly after 1:00 a.m. in the neighborhood on the south side of town. the children were just four and six. police are treating the case as a homicide, so far not saying
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how the victims died. a spokesperson did say, the suspect involved is not outstanding but so far she's not elaborated. neighbors tell them moda still be new residents moved into the house two months ago. -- southwest airlines canceled 40 flights as it continues to inspect the engine fan blades on its fleet of 737's. the move follows tuesday's in- flight engine explosion that killed a passenger on a dallas bound flight. southwest says today's disruptions are the result of the voluntary safety checks it announced shortly after the accident. not the emergency 737 engine inspections the faa ordered on friday. in a statement, the airline added, we have minimized flight disruptions this past week through actions such as proactive aircraft routing to cover open trips, performing inspections overnight, and utilizing spare aircraft unavailable. a flight bound for sfo was the only bay area cancellation today. we did ask if that was one of
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the planes pulled for inspection. they told us they don't actually know because they don't have the logs broken down by flight. james comey will be in the bay area tomorrow, slated to speak at the current theater. to promote his new book "a higher loyalty." it details his service as fbi director and interactions with president trump. before the president fired him last year. the event is sold out but we did see a handful of tickets on stub. going for as much as $265 a pop. we told you yesterday how scooter complaints skyrocketed in san francisco after three rental companies started scattering them last month. now kpix 5 political reporter melissa kane says a truce is in the works. >> i think the scooters run amok are actually a plot of the young people to kill off all us
6:35 pm
old so they can have our rent- controlled apartments. >> reporter: seems everyone has an opinion on rental scooters in san francisco. at a recent hearing, the supervisor says he's been getting an earful. >> i have also -- i'm sure you have received hundreds of complaints, photos, videos, telephone calls, and e-mails from angry constituents. >> reporter: not everyone wants more relation. sam said we should enforce the laws we have. and agreed we should not have scooters on sidewalks. >> just as we shouldn't have bicycles or human waste, all of which i encountered on my way here. >> reporter: the municipal transportation agency is now setting up a permitting process for the companies. cheryl brickman is the chairwoman of the board of directors for the sf mta. >> we are happy to welcome them in san francisco. >> reporter: she gave us a preview of what the companies have to do to get a permit. >> the permitting the sf mta is working on will require the company to make sure the users abide by the safety laws, helmets, not riding on the
6:36 pm
sidewalks, not leaving the scooters where they will block right of ways. >> that's up to the companies to figure out. and i'm not sure how they are going to do it, but they need to be able to do that to operate in the city of san francisco. >> reporter: melissa kane, kpix 5 news. two of those scooter companies, line and bird, tell us they will start requiring users to take a picture of where they leave their scooters so the companies can be sure they are being properly parked. one scooter company is trying to swerve around city laws, bird is sponsoring a state bill that would eliminate the requirement that adult users have a drivers license and wear a helmet. it would allow scooters on sidewalks, and a committee hearing on that bill is scheduled for tomorrow. 49ers playing moneyball with the city of santa clara. the latest dispute centers around the college football match -- national championship game at levi's stadium in january. under a deal, money from non- 49er events is supposed to go toward paying down stadium debt but the niners say this time there won't be anything left over.
6:37 pm
lisa gilmore tells the chronicle the stadium authority was never informed of that. but the team says the city will still see benefits from having thousands of hotel guests and the high-profile game could help draw other profitable events in the future like soccer matches and concerts. in a separate dispute, the 49ers and the city have not reached an agreement on who will pay for public safety services outside the stadium for that championship game. supporters of youth football say excessive safety regulations are hurting the sport. kpix 5's kiet do shows us they rallied with a claim that lawmakers are just playing politics. >> reporter: they y they're tired of the ignorance and unfairness and now they are tackling the issue head on. nearly 200 people gathered in santa clara today and simultaneously in sacramento to raise awareness of assembly bill 2108 making its way
6:38 pm
through sacramento. it reads, this bill on or after january 1 would prohibit any person who is not at least 12 years of age from playing tackle football with a youth sports organization. the bill is aimed at preventing young athletes from sustaining long-term brain damage. >> i know more about football than have to lawmakers trying to pass this law. >> reporter: demetri is a freshman now, but has played youth football for the past eight years. he says football is being targeted over other sports like soccer, rugby and baseball. >> baseball you have a ball coming at you at 90 miles per hour. his ups and downs of every sport. to say football is unsafe and target football primarily is just unfair. to football itself. >> we know sometimes politicians will jump on anything to get their votes. >> reporter: at the rally, the feeling was the bill was introduced as a way to score
6:39 pm
political points. >> lawmakers i have spoken to are very uneducated on our sport. >> joe rafter is one of the founders. he says the sport is as safe as it's ever been and has made great strides to monitor head trauma. he says a bee 2108 is overkill. >> we used to let children ride in the back of pickup trucks, we don't do that anymore. the way the bill is written, the analogy would be we have outlawed children from being in a car at all. >> reporter: he supports a statewide standard for mandatory concussion reporting. he has tried to meet with kevin mccarty, with no luck. >> i would welcome a conversation. we invited mccarty to multiple -- to multiple conversations only to be refused by him. >> reporter: the office did not respond to a request for comment. but released a statement earlier in the year saying, the golden state's children need to know no touchdown or interception is worth long-term damage to their brains caused by tackle football. in santa clara, kiet do, kpix 5 news. after the break, inside the smartest home in san francisco.
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>> when you wake up in the morning and you -- your mattress knows you've gotten out of bed, your coffee maker will start brewing coffee for you. why the single most important item in this high- tech home is not a gadget at all.
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6:42 pm
control your living conditions and comfort. cbs reporter chris martinez got of the "smartes there seems to be an app for everything these days including more and more to control your living conditions and comfort. chris martinez got a tour of the smartest house in san francisco. >> reporter: this 2900 square- foot home of the future is a reality today. >> turn on the tv. >> reporter: from voice activated entertainment to helpful kitchen appliances. >> you will see the panoramic camera you can access from your phone when you are at the grocery store to see if you actually have eggs at home or not? >> also a smart mattress cover. >> you can ask it to warm the
6:43 pm
bed as you are getting ready. and also track your sleep so you can find out how you have slept the night before. >> reporter: connected every room to see how smart devices performed. most everything can be controlled with voice assistants like google home and amazon alexa. >> smart features. >> reporter: executive editor sharon says the devices can talk to each other. >> so that when you wake up in the morning and your mattress knows you've gotten out of bed, your coffee maker will automatically start brewing coffee for you. >> smart plugs give ordinary items like lamps the ability to listen. to customized commands. >> reporter: even the art is smart. 4k monitors display vivid paintings. >> know you can change the art whenever you want. >> reporter: but consumers need to take security seriously. >> your wi-fi password should
6:44 pm
be super secure. this is like your front door key. the other thing is to make sure all of your devices have unique passwords. >> reporter: making smart choices with smart devices can help heighten your home iq. chris martinez, cbs news, san francisco. >> that seems to make it possible to have your mattress hacked. >> may be. stay in the hot tub too long and you get burned. with a $1000 fine. >> just one of the new harsh rules vacationers are facing in south lake tahoe. >> this doesn't make any sense, totally punitive and unfair. not just vacationers feeling the burn. how the rules could cost homeowners their right to rent. in san francisco, the weather has been beautiful. we'll have the forecast coming up. a piece of american music history is about to hit the auction block, how much it will cost you, in michael jackson's met famous footsteps. -- famous footsteps. or smack -- famous footsteps.
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we can now use a blood sample toh care, target lung cancer more precisely. if we can do that, imagine what we can do for asthma. and if we can stop seizures in epilepsy patients with a small pacemaker for the brain, imagine what we can do for multiple sclerosis, even migraines. if we can use patients' genes to predict heart disease in their families, imagine what we can do for the conditions that affect us all. imagine what we can do for you.
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of many dance moves that made michael jackson an entertainment icon. this performance from a motown special in 19-83 was the first time we sa his signature moonwalk, just one of many moves that made michael jackson an icon. this performance from a special in 1983 was the first time we saw it on stage and now you can own the actual black loafers he wore during the dance. the leather shoes are being
6:48 pm
auctioned off live next month, the auction house says the king of pop gave them to a dancer choreographer and the owner has had them ever since. the famous footwear is expected to fetch a bid of $10,000. the auction is may 26, mark your calendar, get your checkbook. get it ready. >> all right. we had a beautiful day today, a few high clouds from time to time, when you point the camera at the sun, that's the result. the ice in the high atmosphere will create a ring around the sun and that this case does not mean things are going to get cooler, sometimes it can press in terrain, not in this case, highs today managed 82 in santa rosa, 78 fremont, san jose up to 82 today. plenty warm, ditto for tomorrow, right now concord 82 and oakland 69, livermore is
6:49 pm
still at 81 degrees. and in san jose, 78. tomorrow is going to be nice, plenty of sunshine and better than eight degrees in length. let's say that should say 85 degrees. in the end. although that's interesting to see a single digit. high-pressure over the eastern pacific means sunny and warm, low pressure off baja, california, will usher in a few high clouds but that's it. otherwise it will be nice. futurecast shows basically sunny skies tomorrow, from time to time, we will get some serious floating in to the bay area but what we are expecting is starry skies tonight, sunny and warm tomorrow. and mild and dry all week long in the bay area, no rain in sight for the first time in a while. sfo mostly sunny skies, winds out of the west to 16. a high of 73, four seattle, 68,
6:50 pm
los angeles 78 and new york tomorrow 63 degrees, some clouds in chicago and on the cool side. overnight lows tonight, santa rosa gets down to 47. napper 47, fremont 51. 49 livermore and 53 from mountain view. sun up monday morning at 6:24 a.m., tomorrow in the city we will hit 70. concord at 84, san jose 81, in some places like concord, 13 degrees warmer than we usually are. tomorrow in redwood city, palo alto, mountain view very nice, 76 and in milpitas 81. over in the east bay, things look good. a little patchy fog tonight but other than that we look for starry skies tonight. and the big star is sunshine tomorrow up in the north bay. warm and not quite that warm, a few low 80s, at sonoma. 81 degrees, 80 for napper, richmond, 73, oakland hit 73 and santa rosa 81.
6:51 pm
plenty one in ukiah, mid-80s there. in windsor, 82 degrees. extended forecast, sunshine all over the place for monday through wednesday. and then latter half of the week, low pressure moves in and increase low clouds summertime fashion, low clouds in the morning, temperatures cool as a result so numbers come down but does not look as if rain will. that's the forecast. more news when we come back.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
but many visitors to south lake tahoe now say: they're feeling unwelcome. cbs reporter carter evans on the h new fines ta a small town that does a roaring trade in tourism but many visitors to south lake tahoe now say they are feeling unwelcome. reporter carter evans on the harsh new find, targeting tourists and vacation rentals that break the rules. >> reporter: when you visit a community like this, you are looking forward to spending time in the great outdoors and probably not expecting pamphlets from the city explaining rules visitors have to follow to avoid getting a thousand dollar fine on their vacation. surrounded by the sierra nevada , lake tahoe is a paradise.
6:54 pm
that attracts nearly 3 million visitors each year. but in the small community of south lake tahoe, longtime resident peggy borland says tourists are taking over. what has changed the game appear? >> the internet and these vacation platforms. >> reporter: there are 1800 rental properties in this small city. >> this one right here is a vacation rental and the large one theirs are both vacation rentals. >> reporter: is changing the community and she'd like to ban rentals altogether in residential areas. >> when a tourist comes here, they anticipate they can do whatever they want and they want to be in the hot tub late at night or have friends over and all these things. it's not compatible with our residential neighborhoods. >> reporter: the city changed the ordinance after neighbors raised concerns. it now finds the homeowner and the renter $1000 each for
6:55 pm
things like parking on the street at any time. having too many houseguests. or getting into the hot tub after 10:00 p.m. >> this doesn't make any sense. it is totally punitive and unfair. >> reporter: entrepreneur jonathan miller says his rental home is part of his retirement plan. >> imagine somebody parts for a minute on the street, you get a thousand dollar fine, how are they going to feel? they are going to hate tahoe and california, never coming back again. here is the beautiful hot tub. >> reporter: he has received two finds and under the updated rules, if he gets one more ticket, he'll be banned from renting his home for life. >> i don't want to feel like i'm unwelcome. that doesn't make any sense at all. i'm contributing to the economy. why would i be punished for that? >> they need to have strong fines so we can ensure the peace and tranquility of neighbors. >> reporter: she tried to strike a balance in this community. the city relies on vacation rentals for $3 million in taxes
6:56 pm
, it's a struggle facing an increasing number of cities. >> about 2700 cities across north america now and has more than 100 short-term rentals. so this is not just a big-city or coastal or ski resort issue. this is a national issue. >> reporter: the ceo of host compliance, a company that helps local governments track and tax vacation rentals, the company says the number of listings has increased 800% in the last eight years. to 2.3 million. cities like new orleans, nashville and palm springs are engaged in similar fights over whether rentals should be allowed. >> you don't think these are the solution? >> no. it's a big band-aid on a problem that has to be solved in a different way. >> reporter: some members want to take this directly to the voters. if they get enough signatures, the issue of whether or not to ban vacation rentals entirely here will be on the ballot in november.
6:57 pm
for cbs, carter evans, south lake tahoe. >> from schoochers to airbnb and all of this stuff, all of the fallout from the internet, nobody saw coming. $1000 fines thanks for watching. >> the latest is always on see you back here at 11:00. thanks for watching. fire fighting is a very dangerous profession.
6:58 pm
we have one to two fires a day and when you respond together and you put your lives on the line, you do have to surround yourself with experts. and for us the expert in gas and electric is pg&e. we run about 2,500/2,800 fire calls a year and on almost every one of those calls pg&e is responding to that call as well. and so when we show up to a fire and pg&e shows up with us it makes a tremendous team during a moment of crisis.
6:59 pm
i rely on them, the firefighters in this department rely on them, and so we have to practice safety everyday. utilizing pg&e's talent and expertise in that area trains our firefighters on the gas or electric aspect of a fire and when we have an emergency situation we are going to be much more skilled and prepared to mitigate that emergency for all concerned. the things we do every single day that puts ourselves in harm's way, and to have a partner that is so skilled at what they do is indispensable, and i couldn't ask for a better partner.
7:00 pm
captioning funded by cbs and ford. we go further, so you can. >> he's at the center of the facebook scandal. facebook says that you lied to them. and mark zuckerberg blamed him for selling the data of millions of unwitting users. >> people have a right to be very upset. i am upset that that happened. >> but not everyone believes facebook's explanation, either. >> you've got a company that has repeatedly had privacy scandals. you know, if your partner was cheating on you and they cheated on you 15 times, and apologized 15 times-- at some point, you have to say, "enough is enough. ( dolphin sounds ) >> welcome to the future-- m.i.t.'s media lab. a place that follows crazy ideas wherever they may lead. >> we get to think about the future.


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