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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 23, 2018 12:00pm-12:31pm PDT

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plug unused appliances. do your thing, with energy upgrade california. pedestrians. the extent of injuries is not yet known. he van apparently we begin with breaking news in toronto, canada, where a van has hit at least eight pedestrians. >> police say the van apparently jumped the curb, but the reason is not clear yet. police say the van has been found. the driver i ce went to the intn to see if anyone else had been hit. i saw three or four bodies lying
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on the ground. other people were getting cpr. >> it happened as cabinet ministers were gathered in toronto to discuss international issues. and we're also following some breaking news in san francisco. chopper 5 over a gas leak at cedar and polk in the tenderloin district. we're told 12 people were treated, eight were transported to the hospital. you can also see first responders setting up a triage area, and none of the injuries are life-threatening. >> the leak has been capped. here's a live look at the service. muni service was being rerouted until the all clear is given. that could be at least another hour we're told. it is not clear what caused that leak. good afternoon. >> new at noon, bart setting a new stage of testing to go around-the-clock. lynn ramirez is live and tells
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us not everyone is happy with this test plan. len? >> reporter: kenny, thousands of people who live along the ten-mile bart extension, they are going to be the most affected by the new phase of testing. there has been a lot of disruption until now. in fact there's been construction and last fall they did start trained testing but that was very sporadic. now bart and bta would be running trains just as they would for real. people who live along the tracks will be seeing, hearing, and in some cases feeling the vibration as they move past their homes and it won't just be during the daylight hours. >> now we're doing more with more trains 7:00 a.m., through 3:00 a.m. is to test trains and how they're communicating with the tracks and all the other communications we have on the
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ten mile extension. >> they're say homes near the tracks have been retrofitted with triple-pane windows. you can see some of the brand-new homes in the brook tree development put next to the bart station for convenience, they have been retrofitted, at no cost to the homeowners. that money for the retrofit was coming out of the construction budget, but it is next phase will last until about june -- but the next phase will last until june and bart will begin its own series of tests so the trains will continue to test run until around december. that's when they say the ten mile extension is set to open, not the mention the other extension from here into downtown san jose, but that is years away. reporting live, len ramirez, kpix 5.
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a homicide is underway in union city inside a home near dire street. police found a man dead at the scene with gunshot wounds, and a woman believed to be his wife was arrested. some scary moments aboard this school bus in santa cruz county. the chp tweeted this photo of the bus that took down a power pole. no one was hurt and no information has been released on exactly what happened. smoke was visible across the east bay after a fire started at a homeless encampment this morning. it started along the capital corridor tracks along 105th avenue. the cause is under investigation. and tenants are squaring off with landlord says as a battle for rent control heats up in the east bay. we are live at a rally underway in oakland. jessica? >> reporter: maria, that rally
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just started. tenant rights advocates are joined by local politicians. they're advocating for a voter initiative headed for november's ballot, allowing rent control in cities across the state. organizers say they have more than 300,000 signatures needed to put the affordable housing act on the ballot. if passed, it would repeal the decades' old cost to hopkins rental housing act, that puts limits on rent control and bans units on rent control built after 1995 and on homes and condos. it also allows landlords to raise rents to market value after tenants move out. in oakland according to rent cafe, the average for a two bedroom is more than $3,100. an effort was made through the state legislature to repeal the fact but it failed. tenants rights advocates are turning to voters. >> we know the demand for houses ing going up and up and the displacement -- housing is going up and up and the displacement
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from skyrocketing rents is hurting our community. not only do families suffer, but teachers and other vital works suffer. >> reporter: opponents of the measure are gearing up. they say is that this would not actually help the housing crisis -- they say this would not help the housing crisis. they say it would drive away developers and drive up rent. this is certainly shaping up to be a battle possibly multimillion dollar battle headed to the ballot in november they have to be counted and verified by state officials. kpix 5, jessica flores. john chung is calling wells fargo on the carpet, standing in front of wells fargo offices in the financial district. he announced he'll be at the shareholder meeting in iowa and is demanding the resignation of
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two executives and demand the company clean up its corporate act. >> that bank, is known for its cruelly and systematically targeting of our community's most vulnerable, including immigrants, seniors, veterans, and communities of color. >> wells fargo has been racked with scandals over the past year including opening millions of fake accounts without customers' knowledge, charging more than half a million auto insurance without their knowledge and being fined $1 billion for various financial misdeeds. wells fargo said it has made progress on strengthening operational processes, compliance and oversight and remains focused on building a better bank and trust. state lawmakers are in san francisco looking for ways to solve the scooter crisis affecting many large cities. they may be giving scooter
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riders more freedom, similar to bike riders. people could read certain electric scooters and park them in bike spots. all this comes as a deal appears to be in the works between the scooter companies and the city of san francisco. pickets up outside some san jose school this is morning. evergreen district says they are tired of talks that have dragged on with no contact. the union says they are offering no additional in salary and wants teachers to give back benefits. >> one of those proposals would increase healthcare by $2,700 and there's 0 salary increase, so that means you take $2,700 out of your paycheck. i've got teachers barely making it right now. >> the union says teachers will stage a work to rule protest today which means refusing to do any additional school task that teachers routinely do for free. former fbi director james comey is promoting his new book in san francisco tonight.
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comey is discussing his memoir, "a higher loyalty" at the theater at 7:00 p.m. it is sold out but there are a handful of ticket available on stubhub for $158 a pop. in the book, he details his interactions with president trump before he was hired last year. to london where a new royal baby makes it a family of five. >> duchess kate gave birth to the newest little prince this morning. the royal baby excitement is happening all over britain today. >> reporter: the duke and duchess of cambridge, proudly introduced their new little prince to the world. the 8-pound, 7-ounce baby will be a little brother to george and charlotte. duchess kate gave birth at the prestigious lindo wing at st. mary's hospital in london. fans broke out champagne to toast the arrival of the baby boy. >> it's fantastic. >> reporter: an unofficial town
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cryer announced the news, but the official royal bulletin was posted on a golden easel outside buckingham palace. an age-old custom for the public to see. >> i think it will add a little bit more family, a bit more joy this into them and looking forward to seeing what the name will be. >> it can take days or weeks for royal parents to announce the name. william and kate will have to run it by queen elizabeth first, but top bets are arthur, albert, and phillip. adding to the excitement, the royal baby was born on st. george's day, which celebrates the patron saint of england. the tiny prince will be fifth in line to the british thrown, bumping uncle harry down to sixth. the birth comes just weeks before the royal wedding with prince harry and he will marry
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american actress with meghan markle. >> queen elizabeth turned 92 on saturday. and southwest completes inspections after last week's deadly incident. plus, fined $500 over an apple, how this snack is costing one traveler some cash. we have another warm day ahead. we'll talk about your afternoon temperatures and then also when we're going to start to see a change in this weather pattern.
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nashville over the weekend. they arrested 29 yea police have caught the man who they say killed four people at a waffle house restaurant in
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nashville over the weekend. they arrested 29-year-old travis reinking less than an hour ago. we look at his past run in with the secret service. >> reporter: police say reinking was half naked when he opened fire at a waffle house parking lot early sunday morning. police say he killed two outside and two inside the building. >> everybody ran, went into the bathroom and all i could think is where is my brother. >> reporter: one of the man's brother was one of the victims. >> he looked up to me but i looked up to him at the same time because he was smart. he was a real good guy. >> reporter: another customer was injured when he wrestled the gun from the shooter. >> i grabbed him and i grabbed the gun and started hitting and punching and doing anything i could to get the gun ajar. i just grabbed it and lifted it real high and tossed it over-the-counter. >> reporter: secret service arrested him in july for
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entering a restricted area near the white house. he was demanding to see president trump and during that arrest police seized four weapons including the gun used in the waffle house shooting. the firearms were returned to his father who admitted giving them back to his son. meg oliver, cbs news. southwest airlines is grounding dozens of planes to inspect them following that deadly midair engine explosion last week, that means flight delays across the country. the faa ordered emergency checks after last check's accident in philadelphia but southwest volun un-terrell began eng -- voluntarily began engine inspections and some are thankful for inspections before taking off. and you may want to think about saving that in-flight snack for later. a colorado woman was recently fined $500 for trying to bring
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an apple. he was randomly searched and the agent found the apple and slapped her with the fine. just picking up the phone may help you save a lot on your credit card bill. a new report from found 84% of card holders who were asked for a lady fee waived were agreed. a majority car holders who asked for a higher credit limit or lower interest rate were successful, as well. let's see how things are on wall street with about 45 minutes before the closing bell. the dow is down about 70 points. the dow is down, but temperatures are up. >> that's exactly right. skies are blue. that's what's going on today. we have a lot of sunshine out there and warm weather. very similar to what we just had over the weekend. saw so many people out at the parks enjoying this weather and if you want to go to the beach, i do not blame you.
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taking a look at the camera at pacifica, there are a few people in the water. temperatures in the water still pretty cool, in the 50s. know that's where you can go to cool off when things get a bit warm especially in the inland areas. this is the view from mount vac a and barely any -- vaca and barely any cloud cover, just a few thin clouds and we did see cloud cover over the golden gate bridge and that has burned off. temperatures in san francisco, 69. livermore, 77 degrees already, concord, you're already at 80 degrees and oakland, 65. now, the afternoon highs are going to be above average. -- around 10 degrees above normal. oakland, you're going to reach 75. san jose, you should be in the low 70s, 80s instead. in concord, in the mid-80s. temperatures in the low-to-mid-80s for morgan hill. cooper tin o, expected to reach -- coopertino, expected to reach 87 degrees. pittsburgh, 84 and around the
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bay, temperatures in the sloerchts -- in the low 70s. check out petaluma. not a bad way to start the workweek. and if you can go to the giants game it's going to be pretty good. clear conditions. little bit of a breeze at at&t park around game time. 60 degrees, no cloud cover expected tonight. once we get those clouds that's when we start to see the cooling but that's probably not going to happen until the end of the week. this low is eventually going to dip on through as this ridge of high pressure weakens a bit. as i show you in the seven-day forecast we're not going to necessarily see a huge change in our weather pattern until after wednesday. staying in the 80s for the inland areas through wednesday, thursday we're dropping down to normal conditions and friday and saturday we're down into the 60s. little bit of a downward spiral. >> isle enjoy the 80s -- i'll enjoy the 80s. try eating breakfast, how eating first meal of the day could be key to keeping those
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unwanted pounds off. and e-mail and we'll have our pet expert answer your questions every single friday at noon.
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fat. chris martinez looks at the benefits of that first meal of the day. (-take pkg-) eating breakfast may be the key to keeping weight off and belly fat. >> here's the benefits of the
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first meal of the day. >> reporter: at from sill a's cafe in -- priscilla's cafe, many start their day off with a light breakfast. >> it sets you up for eating well and your meals you there out the rest of the day so you're not crashing. >> reporter: a new study shows a regular meal in the morning could help you stay slim. mayo clinic researchers analyzed the breakfast habits of about 350 adults and found people who ate regularlarly only gain bodily pounds -- regularly only gained about three pounds, and people who skipped a morning meal gained about eight pounds and developed dangerous belly fat. >> it's the fat that produces substances, toxins, that damage the blood vessels. >> reporter: one cardiologist says researchers are still working to figure out the correlation between breakfast and weight. his leading theory. >> if you eat a good breakfast, you're less likely to be hungry during the course of the day. >> reporter: breakfast regular joel mcpherson agrees.
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>> i never feel like famished because i always feel energized from the start. >> reporter: researchers say making breakfast a start for young people could help them maintain a healthy weight for adults. cbs news, burbank, california. >> and he says people should generally stick to healthier foods like protein and healthy carbs and try to avoid high-density, sugar-filled foods.
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today's tip of the day is fiddle head ferns. they're here, then they go away. the window is very short. when you buy them, make sure you select them right. when they're nice and green all the way around, with these little twirl. very nice and green. when you bring them home, simply store them in the refrigerator right away and the best part about it when you saute it with some nice virgin extra olive oil, just almost flash saute it and a couple minutes out and that's it. fiddle head ferns, it's spring and i'm tony tantillo, always remember to eat fresh and stay healthy upon. two mask the men caught on camera breaking into a home into the east bay, how the homeowner
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managed to scare them off with her cell phone. we'll have that and much more tonight at 5:00. thank you for having me. >> getting used to it, waking up very early. >> i'm used to waking up at 2:00 a.m. >> we get to go nap. >> and enjoy the warm temperatures today. >> it's going to be a nice one. sunny for a while. it will be hard to sleep. >> that's going do it for kpix 5 at noon. our next newscast is 5:00. have a wonderful day.
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>> yeah, i'm watching it too. i see them every day. >> the curtains, they're always drawn in this place. >> i know. >> that guy, it seems like he's in charge of them. i don't know, i don't feel very good about this. >> we have to report this. >> yes, absolutely.
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♪ ♪ >> steffy: i held off on signing those as long as i could. but ultimately, it had to be done. >> bill: if you lose my son, i'll keep my promise...and keep your mother out of prison. >> steffy: now it's up to you. anyway, i, uh -- i e-mailed your father. he's away on business. i, uh... i made an offer to buy this house. i don't want to stay here if it's his. i don't want anything to do with bill. but i don't want to leave, either.


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