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tv   CBS Overnight News  CBS  April 26, 2018 3:12am-4:01am PDT

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almeida, and a home depot loss prevention officer. both of them are still in critical condition. >> this is going to be a trying time for us, so we're just asking for your support during this time. >> reporter: after a frantic five-hour manhunt and car chase, cops finally caught him. juarez is now sitting in jail. (gunfire) the shooting happened almost two years after five police officers were killed in an ambush-style attack in downtown dallas. last night, dallas mayor mike rawlings questioned the community's relationship with his department. >> i am-- continue to be upset at the lack of respect of our police in this city and in our
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country. >> reporter: rawlings explained his comments today. >> whether it's in the media or talking to young people, that police are here to be disregarded, day in and day out. >> reporter: he says it will be harder to recruit good officers like santander and almeida. >> i see these officers, two officers, been on the force for three years. those are the type that we need more and more. >> reporter: officer crystal almeida is still in critical condition, but the mayor says she gave her family a thumbs-up today at the hospital. no court date has been set for juarez. jeff? >> glor: striking to see those flowers on the patrol car behind you. omar, thank you. one of the voices on the sim
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upon son's one of the voices behind "the simpsons" has offered to stop portraying a character that has appeared in all 29 seasons and has been shown in more than 70 countries. many say the portrayal of apu, the store owner, is racially insensitive. carter evans takes a look at this. >> you know, the idea that anybody, young or old, past or present, was bullied or teased based on the character of apu, it just really makes me sad. >> reporter: on last night's "late show with stephen colbert," actor hank azaria responded to criticism of one of the characters he voices on "the simpsons." >> for the next five minutes, i'm going to party like it's on sale for $19.99. >> reporter: apu is an indian immigrant who runs a convenience store. >> please pay for your purchases and get out and come again. >> reporter: his stereotypical portrayal has been a sensitive issue for years. >> apu, a cartoon character voiced by hank azaria, a white guy. >> reporter: comedian hari kondabalu tackled the controversy in his 2017 documentary, "the problem with apu." >> i never heard anyone say he liked apu because he opposed the idiocy of americans and the struggles of the average immigrants. >> reporter: earlier this month,
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"the simpsons" addressed it. >> something that started decades ago and was applauded and inoffensive is now politically incorrect. what can you do? >> reporter: according to azaria, the show could do more. >> i'm perfectly willing and happy to step aside and happy to transition it into something new. it not only makes sense, but it feels like the right thing to do to me. >> reporter: but the show's creators haven't determined what to do with apu. >> some things will be dealt with at a later date. >> if at all. >> reporter: we reached out to "the simpsons" executive producer, who declined to comment. azaria believes the change will come when the show hires an indian-american writer to redefine the character. jeff? >> glor: interesting to think about. carter evans, thank you. the "cbs overnight news" will be right back.
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discpump, foam, hydrate care foaming body wash. new dove men + care foaming body wash she was the head of the ethics committee at the port authority of new york and new jersey, a powerful bi-state agency that oversees bridges, tunnels, airports, and the world trade center. but then she was caught on camera ranting at the police during a traffic stop. >> you may shut the [ bleep ] up and not tell me when i may take my kid and her friend.
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>> glor: adriana diaz has more on this. >> hi. i'm caren turner. >> reporter: after caren turner, then a port authority commissioner, arrived at this traffic stop in tenafly, new jersey, last month, she tried to pull rank. >> do you have an i.d.? >> that is my i.d., and that is my business card. i am the commissioner of the port authority. >> reporter: police dash cam video captures turner berating officers after they pulled over a car with an obscured license plate. her daughter was a passenger. >> miss... >> don't call me miss. i'm commissioner. thank you. >> miss, this does not involve you 1%. >> yeah, it does. it does. it does. >> reporter: when the officers didn't comply with her demands, she became more agitated. >> i think we should get off of the road. >> i'm so sorry. thank you for your concern with my safety. i don't need it. you can't put a sentence together. sorry. >> okay. >> that's pathetic. and you are a disappointment. and you are just following him. so you are also a disappointment.
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>> okay. >> shut up. i'm shocked and very disappointed. thank you for your help. >> you may take them now. >> you may not tell me when to take my child. you may shut the ( [ bleep ] up and not tell me leep) up and not tell me when i may take my kids and her friend, who are ph.d students from m.i.t. and yale. you may tell me nothing, because you've told me nothing. >> reporter: turner resigned as a port authority commissioner monday. in a statement, the port authority called her conduct outrageous and indefensible. we weren't able to reach her for comment, jeff. >> glor: pretty impressive composure by the police officers in that case. adriana, thank you very much. coming up here, a former college football player's seven-year struggle and the seven yards that made it all worth this. 60% of women wear the wrong size pad and can experience leaks.
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get these guys out of here. out. go. >> oh, i'm not going to... >> glor: a florida sheriff defended a school resource officer who slammed a female student to the floor yesterday. the sheriff says school officials asked officer richard stackton to remove the girl from the cafeteria, but she resisted and was later charged with a misdemeanor. her family says she suffered cuts and bruises. they filed a complaint with internal affairs. the c.d.c. says 31 more people have become ill after eating romaine lettuce contaminated with e. coli. that is now 84 cases in 19 states. no one has died. health officials say that tainted winter lettuce was grown in yuma, arizona. they say the romaine now in stores and restaurants is likely from california and not affected.
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a former college football player walked perhaps the most important seven yards of his life last weekend. chris norton was paralyzed during a game more than seven years ago. doctors gave him only a 3% chance of regaining any movement below his neck. norton, as you can see, defied those odds, getting out of his wheelchair and walking down the aisle with his bride, emily. norton tells "people" magazine, "the accident brought me to her, and that is the biggest blessing." up next, mark phillips talks shop with a local newscaster. >> reporter: do i have to shout at you to be heard? >> well, when you're ringing a bell all day long, you do tend to go deaf. >> >> reporter: what did you say? >> announcer: this portion is sponsored by --
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we just had to leave the buildings because there was an after shock. >> another mass shooting. >> surf picked up to eight foot waves. we end tonight with the old est of old media, still thriving in a digital world. mark phillips takes us back in time... to today. >> reporter: you don't have to ring the bell when you go to tony appleton's house. he does it for you.
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do i have to shout at you to be heard? >> well, when you're ringing a bell all day long, you do tend to go deaf. >> reporter: what did you say? >> prince harry and meghan markle... >> reporter: the self-appointed royal town crier has become a bit of a celebrity himself. not being shy or quiet... >> o yea, o yea, o yea! >> reporter: part of the job description. tony has been photobombing royal events for years. >> god save the queen! >> reporter: do i have to shout all the way through this interview? >> i normally start with o yea, o yea, how are you doing? >> reporter: tony is a regular, uninvited, if overdressed fixture at royal occasions. an unmissable, if it must be said, unofficial part of the show. >> the newly-born royal prince. >> reporter: in this day and age of electronic media and twitter and facebook, and all the stuff that people get to learn things by, what's the point of you?
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>> well, i'm direct marketing. i'm straight to the point. i mean, listen, forget about fake news. mine is real news, you know? >> reporter: tony has always liked making news. he's been horning in on celebrities for years, from elizabeth taylor to diana ross, sean connery to the rolling stones. nobody is safe, not even the queen. people think you're kind of an official part of the whole royal show here. but really, you're not. really, you're kind of a usurper. >> this is it. i'm hoping the queen will appoint me, to stop all this unofficial thing. just really make my day. >> reporter: tony is still hoping, and still shouting. >> o yea, o yea, cbs news are on their way. >> reporter: mark phillips, cbs news, chelmsford, england. that is "cbs evening news" tonight.
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for some the news continues for others join us in the broadcast center. sblap i'm jeff glor. we'll see you tomorrow. ♪ >> announcer: this is the "cbs overnight news." welcome to the overnight news. two men close to donald trump are on the hot seat. scott pruitt summoned before congress to answer questions about his handling of the agency. he faces ten investigations by the epa inspector general, government accountability office and white house management and budget most related to wasteful spending but some ethical questions and several top aides challenge his spending habits and then dr. ronlald jackson. >> top democrat on
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the senate veterans' affairs committee said his office had received complaints about dr. ronny jackson from 23 current and former colleagues. >> we've got military people that came to me and said, "we've got a problem here." and we have to follow up on that as the senate. >> reporter: the unverified allegations are outlined in a two-page document released by committee democrats this afternoon. they include: examples of jackson creating a hostile work environment. accusations of excessive drinking, including one instance where he wrecked a government vehicle. jackson directly denied that. and, improperly dispensing medications, like the sleep aid ambien and the opioid percocet. tester said that earned him the nickname the "candy man" from white house staff. >> that's absolutely unfair. >> dr. jackson's record as a white house physician has been impeccable. >> reporter: white house officials strongly defended jackson. press secretary sarah sanders noted he had been the subject of four background checks. >> because dr. jackson has worked within arm's reach of three presidents, he has
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received more vetting than most nominees. >> i'm looking forward to getting back on track. >> reporter: jackson has been equally defiant. he told president trump he wants the opportunity to defend himself at a confirmation hearing. this morning, republican committee chairman johnny isakson promised just that. >> so i'm going to make sure we have an open, fair hearing for the american people. >> reporter: but republicans are divided over exactly how to proceed. when i asked one senior republican senator earlier, what's the level of patience among his g.o.p. colleagues for all this drama, jeff, he said it's "very thin." a former police officer has been arrested as the so called golden gate killer who terrorized the golden gate in the 70s and 80s responsible for 175 crimes including dozen homicides and 45 rains. >> law enforcement officials from across california gathered for the announcement
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that after more than 40 years, they had found the golden state killer. >> yesterday afternoon, my detectives arrested james joseph deangelo, 72, living in citrus heights. >> reporter: he's suspected of more than 50 rapes and 12 murders between 1976 and 1986. at the beginning of his spree, anne marie schubert, now sacramento's district attorney, was 12 years old. >> it's in the matter of if he was coming again, it's when. it scared everybody to death. i remember very distinctly that some folks called him the boogeyman. >> reporter: deangelo, a former police officer, would allegedly gain entry to the homes of his victims by prying open a window or door while they were sleeping. police say they started focusing on him within the last six days after decades of work by law enforcement detectives and civilian tips finally led to a breakthrough that for now officials will only describe as sophisticated d.n.a. >> it was through advanced technology that ultimately led us, through that dogged determination, to find the
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avenues of who it might be. >> reporter: jane carson-sandler was sexually assaulted at knifepoint in 1976, allegedly by deangelo. >> 6:30 in the morning, my husband had just left for work. my three-year-old son came and snuggled in bed with me and within a minute i heard running down the hall and i yelled out the my husband, "what did you forget?" and, it wasn't my husband. as soon as i screamed, he said, "shut up or i'll kill you." >> reporter: she was rape victim number five. >> i'm so glad it's over. to finally after all this time know that he's behind bars, and that's where he belongs. >> glor: unreal details. >> crime scene evidence that had been stored for years provided d.n.a. back in 2000 that linked many of these crimes to the same person. the final connection was made here at this crime lab in sacramento in just the past week, matching the suspect's d.n.a. that investigators collected in a way that they're still not revealing.
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the suspect in the deadly shooting at a home depot in texas could face the death penalty. police say he opened fire inside the store, killing one police officer, and critically wounding another and a store employee is also clinging to life. >> >> reporter: 27-year-old rogelio santander, a three-year veteran of the dallas police department, became the 24th officer killed in the line of duty this year. he was shot tuesday afternoon when officers tried to arrest 29-year-old armando juarez on an outstanding warrant. police say juarez shot santander, his partner crystal almeida, and a home depot loss prevention officer. both of them are still in critical condition. >> this is going to be a trying time for us, so we're just asking for your support during this time. >> reporter: after a frantic five-hour manhunt and car chase, cops finally caught him. juarez is now sitting in jail.
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>> reporter: officer is still in critical condition but the mayor gave her family a thumb's up today at the hospital. no court date has been set. the supreme court heard arguments in the case of president trump latest travel ban. >> the court >> stu: the court signalled it will uphold the muslim ban. >> it does not look at all like a muslim ban there's other justifications that jump out that were put on the list. >> the ban lists five mostly muslim countries as well as north korea and venezuela that the administration says lack proper screening and measures for people trying to enter the u.s. it's been enforced since last december while supreme court said justice consider the case.
3:37 am
[ let them out ]. it's long from first ban in 2017 when it caused chaos around the world. three of the court's liberals indicated they think even the current ban goes too far especially in light of mr. trump's statements about muslims during the campaign. >> donald j trump is calling for a total and complete shut down of muslims entering the united states. >> solicitor general noah fran kiss co said what mr. trump said as a private citizen before taking office is irrelevant. and elena kagan had this to say -- >> the question is not really his heart of hearts but what are reasonable observers to think. >> right. >> the president did tone down >> the >> reporter: the govern's lawyer pointed out since taking office president trump declared this was not intended to target muslims and went on to say it doesn't apply to vast majority of muslim countries.
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time magazine announced this year's list of the 100 most influe influe influential people in the world. we got to meet the winners on the red carpet. >> this was a convergence of cultural figures. >> an incredible honor to be on the list. >> millie bobby brown at 14 youngest ever to make the list. >> is this a little intimidating. >> yeah. >> i'm here to be a looky loo,
3:41 am
just like looking around. >> just head on a swivel. >> all eyes on performer jennifer lopez who made the list for the first time. the night's honorees shared their recognition. the activist who turned the me too hashtag into a movement. >> it means a lot to represent survivors around the world and say we're visible and are here and have something to say to contribute to this moment. >> i am proud of people speaking out i think is incredible. >> this is first time i thought oh, my god had is crazy. >> and president obama official portrait, the honor left them in awe. >> i didn't the know these things would be possible and true testament to the power of transformation in america. the legendary rock band
3:42 am
fleet wood mac is back on the road. fired lindsey buckingham and replaced him with two. >> reporter: the sudden departure of burkingham was a shock and nut lineup is getting to still know each other it included the lead guitarist for tom petty and the front man for the group crowded house. new members. hardly opposites. >> both these gentlemen have a legacy of their own. they don't need to have a calling card they are who they are in their own right. >> wand them fleetwood mac has been reborn.
3:43 am
>> so is this effectively a new band. >> absolutely is the new lineup of fleetwood mac. >> so neither of you think of it as a temporary gig. >> not at all. >> i'm making this a priority until whenever, we'll see what happens. ♪ >> campbell and fin will replace lead guitarist lindsey buckingham who joined in 1974 do shape their sound and wrote some of their biggest hits. >> when did you decide to make this change? >> it happened after the new york music event which you were there. ♪ you can go your own way ♪ ♪ >> it was the band's last performance in late january when they were honored at a music benefit on grammy weekend.
3:44 am
all five members of the classic lineup appears together but tensions were building, fleetwood says because buckingham would not sign off on a new tour they had been planning for a year and half. >> it became just a huge impasse and hit a brick wall where we decided we had to part company. >> was lindsey effectively fire snd. >> well we don't use that word because i think it's ugly and it's not a question of that. lindsey has huge amounts of respect and kudos to what he's done within the ranks of fleetwood mac and always will. it's like a marriage that came to an end and there are reasons why. and as a band we needed to move on and we have. >> because i mean people who saw you in new york would have thought everything was okay but it wasn't. >> no, it was not. >> this team wanted to get out
3:45 am
on the road and one of the members did not want to go out on the road for a year. >> stevie nicks supported the decision. >> we just couldn't agree. when you're in a band it's a team. i have a solo career that i love and i'm the boss, absolutely. but in -- i'm not the boss in this band. >> so just six days after the music hears performance mike campbell to goaltendert a phone >> it was my birthday, sitting in my backyard, got a call, hi this is fleetwood. >> did you know what you were going do do. >> nothing as big as this. >> campbell was in as lead guitarist. >> but the band still needed another singer. >> we sat around the table and started to listen to anyone we could think of from 27 and 65. and was crazy.
3:46 am
>> us just made it under the line. >> hey now. hey now. >> neal fin who turns 60 next month was in his hometown auckland, new zealand when he got the call. >> i had a big grin on my face because it's a call you never expect to get. >> they met in maui on march 21st. >> how long does you play together in maui. >> two days. and it did sound really good. and i have film to prove it. >> this is cellphone footage of the first session. they ran through ten songs in those two days. christine mcve also like what did she heard. >> the essence of the band was great and fun and the three voices sound really good together. i'm really happy. >> it already feels like a band
3:47 am
and only played once or twice. with a little rehearsal i think it's going to be incredible. >> for mike campbell it's a new beginning after losing tom petty last fall. >> it change med and mike for sure in that you know what, we need to take every day that we have until we're gone and make it the best day we can, because if that could happen to tom than it can happen to anybody and i'm going to have the most fun i can and i'm going to stop and i'm going to stop try the deoderant saving millions of clothes. degree ultraclear black + white. no yellow stains on white clothes. no white marks on black clothes. try degree ultraclear black + white. it won't let you down.
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john dickerson has been on a journalistic quest finding ways to enjoy life without starring into a cellphone or computer this morning floats in a tank. >> less than a foot of water bouyied by 2,000 pounds of salt. i'm weightless. at some point i move to a state of a clear but empty mind. senso sensory deprivation, far as i could get from social media, e-mail and the rest of what pinballs through our head. in a day. >> all of the distractions that
3:51 am
are in this world are not in the tank. >> for the past six months entrepreneur scott mckenzie has floated three to six times a week in southern california. >> to have that nothingness and be forced to decompress there's something revitalizing about it. >> mckenzie says nothingness has opened his mind to new business ideas. >> it keeps me more focused. you realize my mind has a whole reboot. >> around since the 50s floating is now resurfacing as an alternative therapy for physical and mental health. elite athletes like golden state warrior steph curry. >> the three. >> claim it helps guys mental focus. >> it's the only place that i found in this world that you can eliminate, you know, all of the senses basically, try to master your thoughts, rarely do you find an opportunity to do that.
3:52 am
>> the neat part about floating is there's actually nothing for you do do. >> we met this neuro psychologist at the laureate institute for brain research and studies the impact of the therapy on patients with anxiety disorders and ptsd. >> we created a room around the pool built to be sound proof, light proof, temperature controlled, we're trying to match the temperature of the water to the temperature of your skin which is few degrees cooler than core so about 95 degrees. >> he's one of the few scientists researching floating which is how i ended up here in tulsa, oklahoma, wearing a wireless water proof eeg on my forehead and heart rate monitor and blood pressure cost, the
3:53 am
worst super hero halloween costume. >> here in many ways you have the ultimate form of disconnection. >> while a marin ated my heart rate dropped by 20 beats a minute and blood pressure dropped more than 20 points. i was not asleep but powered down to just a flicker. >> by the end of the float are getting 2 to 3 breaths a minute incredibly low. >> there's a biological effect onto brain telling it to slow down. >> you see that activity in the first minutes trying to relax. not uncommon. >> this technology has been developed to measure my brain activity. >> this is your brain relaxing. >> after 65 minutes of floating i silent darkness, i was relaxed but also energized and i had totally lost track of time. >> i could go for that, every
3:54 am
day, i don't think my office would fit that but that would be great. >> an hour in the tank however is not for everyone. >> some people might find it very restful. some might find that it freaks them out. >> this doctor is a psychiatrist at new york previous to bit earcolumbian university. >> it's not for everyone. you're taking off an hour to float when other things can benefit you. >> can the process of emptying your mind help to control attention. >> yes. attention is a biological phenomenon when you empty your mind, it works by allowing our brains to do some discharge of the junk, and let us go back to work. >> i don't know if this is going to be the solution, ultimately to all of the problems that
3:55 am
technology may end up causing our nervous system but it
3:56 am
3:57 am
rap artist tommy milomeek m of jail but still has to deal with drug and weapons charges that got him locked up and he's on probation but he has friends in high places who insist he got a raw deal. are. >> reporter: we sat with the attorney for meek mill after the sixers game and he said this experience has been life-changing for his client. meek mill said he called this experience a nightmare. but he was obviously elated to finally spend his first night here in philadelphia, a free man. >> meek mill was back among friends and fans at tuesday
3:58 am
night's playoff game for his auto beloved philadelphia 76ers. >> he met with kevin hart in the locker room and took on a special duty before tip-off. >> bringing the ceremonial bell. >> his attorney called the honor symbolic. >> he was ringing the bell for people like himself who have been run down by the system and at some point in time get justice for them selves. >> back when i was brouwer broke they was cool with it. >> robert million yaz aka meek mill are, in . >> meek mill was convicted on gun and drug charges in 2008 and served eight months before being paroled. in november was sentenced two to four years for parole
3:59 am
violations including reckless driving, popping wheelies on a dirt bike, the supporters for mill said the outcome of the case was harsh it attracted everyone from sharpton to kraft. tuesday supreme court ordered mills release on bail and a new hearing saying there was credibility issues with police officer who was a critical witness at mill's original trial. >> why do you think this resonated with so many people. >> because you never find out about it. it happens every day. >> the message goes out it is happening to him to him and to young men across this country suddenly here we are. >> and that's the overnight new for this thursday. for some the news continues, for others check back later for the morning news and of course cbs this morning.
4:00 am
from the broadcast center in new york city i'm adriana diaz captioning funded by cbs it's thursday, april 26th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." i always thought that he would be caught. i always believed that he was alive. victims of the golden state killer are reacting to the arrest of a former police officer allegedly linked to a ten-year crime spree. there are serious new allegations about dr. ronny jackson, president trump's pick to lead the


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