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tv   KPIX 5 Noon News  CBS  April 30, 2018 12:00pm-12:30pm PDT

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thousands of riders that pass through. good afternoon, i'm kenny choi. riego. live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> a new plan by b.a.r.t. to keep its elevators clean and safe. good afternoon. i'm kenny choi. >> and i am michelle griego. the effort comes less than a week after we aired a story showing people openly using drugs at a b.a.r.t.
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station. the agency is now partnering with a nonprofit to ward off that kind of behavior. >> if you have riven -- >> reporter: if you have written b.a.r.t. lately, you have probably noticed plenty of filth and people breaking the law. today they are focusing on elevators. it's jawanna haynes first day -- jawanna haynes's first day on the job. $13,000 will be spent to employ people like her to ride up and down civic street and powell street stations in a six-month pilot program with nonprofit hunter's point family to keep the elevators clean and safe after years of complaints. >> people been shooting drugs and smoking. it's just ridiculous. >> reporter: we aired this footage of drug users lining the walls inside the civic center b.a.r.t. station and shooting up in the open. unconscious men and women, drug paraphernalia and piles of
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vomit. >> we know a lot needs to happen. we know that you communicate rider frustrations and things that are unacceptable, so hopefully today is a step in the right direction. >> reporter: just today, jawanna haynes has warded off several issues. >> one is coming up with the needle in his hand. another person was just like walking up, seeing me and turned. each time they saw me, they turned on their own, which let me know you were probably coming in here to do something you weren't supposed to do. >> reporter: she has trained with b.a.r.t. police on de-escalation tactics and has a radio in case of trouble. >> you treat them all with respect until they show you otherwise. in addition attendants will be on duty from s these -- dangling from the golden gate bridge this week. as you can see open to closing for the next six months.
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anne makovec, kpix 5. >> b.a.r.t. says it's also recruiting more community service officers, 30 more sworn in officers and 20 new station cleaners. don't be alarmed if you see workers like these dangling from the golden gate bridge this week. as you can see from chopper 5, close-up inspections are underway right now. e . crews are investigating the quality of the steel. scaffolding was put up to product -- protect bicyclists and pedestrians below. hey san jose courtroom continues an investigation against a star nfl linebacker who was accused of punching his live-in girlfriend repeatedly, and dragging her by the hair and throwing her out of his home in february. she now claims it was all lies but prosecutors say the case will continue. >> if the evidence independent of a victim is compelling, it's the prosecution's judy to seek justice. >> one charge against reuben
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foster has been dropped. it was for having a high- capacity magazine. pkg: look live/@jessicakpix5: police got a popular trail is back open in albany after a deadly shooting nearby. jessica flores is at the scene of the crime. >> reporter: elneny police got the call around around 11 am -- 11 pm yesterday where they found a victim suffering a gunshot wound. he was pronounced dead at the hospital. the victim was here, dying feet from the greenway. >> everyone really looks out for each other so i'm really surprised. >> i am shocked. i have no idea why. >> reporter: dozens of students walked and biked the path on
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their way to school today. >> i got an email from the school. >> reporter: after learning this is the site of the first murder in the city in three years, michelle is walking her daughter to school. >> sing people on benches, wondering if it was them. most of the people on benches around here are there every day. it's scary. >> reporter: police are still looking for a suspect and have not released the victim's name. say anyone with information about the case is urged to call the police department. jessica flores, kpix 5. protocol... bart had minor delays as crews inspected tracks. the same area had a cluster of small quakes yesterday. a heavily damaged sailboat shore over the a 3.3 magnitude earthquake rattled northeast of alamo this morning just before 5 am. no reports of injuries or damages but as his protocol, bart -- b.a.r.t. had delays after the quakes yesterday and today . a sailboat will be towed from the beach in pacifica to sausalito. people on board escaped with minor injuries. the captain says the group had been sailing for about 11 hours when an engine malfunction caused the boat to run out of gas saturday night.
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thousands of dollars of damage were sustained. vice president mike pence is touring and meeting with customs and border security east of san diego. the vice president is investigating a barrier that began construction nearly a decade ago. he spoke a short time ago. >> this is a president and an administration that is absolutely committed to border integrity, and to the sovereignty of the united states. and the brave men and women who protect our border and our sovereignty have the resources that you need. >> reporter: border protection officials had previously emphasized the calexico border barrier should it be consumed -- confused with the president's yet to be built wall. a caravan of migrants from central america is at the border trying to cross but they
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do not have enough space to handle them in california. danielle nottingham has more on the battle. >> reporter: migrants woke up in tijuana, mexico right near the border overnight. they camped out, many with young children, hoping to be first in line to apply for asylum. some took part in a prayer, saying they have faith doors will open for them. they caravan had been traveling for a month. at one point, the group had swelled to around 1000 people but only about 200 made it to the border. many are applying for protection because of violence in their home countries. >> there is a reason we have the statue of liberty. we are a country that goes to war to protect the human rights of others. >> reporter: but officials from u.s. customs and border protection announced the san diego point of entry is already full. asylum -- asylum seekers may have to wait indefinitely. president donald trump has warned they will not be allowed to enter the united states. >> they caravan thought they were going to walk right through the border. >> reporter: asylum seekers are typically held for up to 3 days at the border.
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if they pass initial asylum screenings, they may be released into the u.s. with ankle monitors while their cases are pending. danielle nottingham, cbs news, headquarters in afghanistan's capital of kabul. at least 9 afghan journalists are among those killed in this morning's blasts. police say: they were rushing to cover tijuana, mexico. at least two doesn't people are estimated to be dead after isis suicide bombers launched coordinated attacks at nato headquarters in afghanistan's capital of kabul. at least nine journalists were killed in the blast. police say they were rushing to cover the first explosion when the bomber posed as a cameraman, blew himself up. the attacks are reportedly the deadliest to have targeted the media and 17 years . trump administration officials say they are cautiously optimistic the president will meet with north korean lane -- north korean leader kim jong on in the near future. the date and place have yet to be announced. as mola lenghi reports, the president has suggested a new
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location. >> reporter: president donald trump says a summit with north korean leader kim jong un will probably take place in the next three or four weeks. possible locations include singapore or mongolia, but this morning the president floated another possibility. he wrote on twitter," would freedom house on the border of south and north korea be more important than a third-party country? " kim met with south korean president moon jae-in last week, a meeting for which president donald trump took full credit over the weekend. >> they were saying what do you think president trump had to do with it? i will tell you what. how about everything? >> reporter: the trump administration feds self -- says so for north korea is keeping its word to stop conducting nuclear tests but acknowledges the regime has broken promises in the past.
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>> we're not going to take words. we are going to look for actions and deeds. >> reporter: president donald trump says he won't accept less than full denuclearization. it is unclear how kim jong un interprets that. kim jong un wants sanction relief and promises the u.s. will not invade north korea. as a justice of goodwill, north korea will match it's time zone to south korea. kim jong un had moved it back 30 minutes. north korea is also removing speakers used to blast propaganda and pop music. they want to call -- convert the dmz to a general -- genuine peace zone. still ahead, a multibillion- dollar merger between carriers. why they say it will be a good deal for customers. this could be the future of emergency response. chris martinez at the california institute of technology where an atonomous ambulance is being developed . it's a pretty breezy day, especially anywhere along the coast. those winds are up and temperatures are cooler. i will tell you all about a warming trend, coming up.
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t- mobile says it will acquire sprint in an all-stock deal worth 26- and- a- half billion dollars. regulators will have to approve the deal. if it goes through, it will help the two smaller prov a major merger is in the works between may be -- between major mobile providers. t-mobile wants to acquire sprint and regulators will have to prove that deal. if it goes through, it will help smaller providers compete against at&t and verizon. >> they are positioning it as better value for consumers and this will be better for the marketplace in general. they are saying our technology will be better when it's merged and when we can invest more. >> the new company is promising
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to lead the race for 5g technology. foreclose overlapping stories for a savings of about $6 billion but will invest another $40 billion. the dow is down about 56 points. (-take pkg-) ((nats - drone start)) researchers in southern california are developing a drone ambulance that could help get people to a hospital in an emergency. chris martinez shows us how it works. >> taking off in three, two, one. >> reporter: technology designed to save lives. researchers at the california institute of technology described as atonomous ambulance as the future of emergency response. >> we are calling it a personal rescue system. >> reporter: the self flying rescue drone has been in development for two years. it's designed to rapidly fly a patient to a hospital or rendezvous point with the doctor. researchers are testing this prototype, but they envision the life-sized vehicle
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transporting people facing medical emergencies like heart attacks or strokes, and airlifting trapped victims from hard-to-reach disaster areas including wildfires or flood zones. >> this is basically a hatch door that can open up. >> reporter: sensors inside will monitor the patient's vital signs. with this one-of-a-kind wall, researchers are stimulating nearly every weather condition to determine how the drone responds. for now, they are using a 1/5 scale model but the actual drone will be the size of a small car and the final version will be piloted by an artificial intelligence system. >> it can basically reason and make the best decision to save the life of the person it carries. >> reporter: researchers hope to test a larger model before the end of 2018. they predict a full-size system could be in use within five years. a contest in hawaii is giving the phrase "work from home" -- a tropical twist. i" contest chris martinez, cbs news, pasadena, california. >> the batteries powering the
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drone ambulance should allow the vehicle to fly for up to 20 minutes per trip. ted to a var a contest in hawaii is giving the phrase work from home a tropical twist. they are offering a one week residency program. winners get round -- round-trip tickets as well as room and board and workspace. the application is for people who live or work in new york city, with a goal of expanding to other cities. kind of ats here in the bay area. >> what about san francisco? right now, we do have a gorgeous view of the beach. san francisco, not so shabby. this is the courthouse. clear skies and blue conditions but as you get a look at the kpix roof camera, definitely showing cloud coverage over the bay. depending on what block you are on, you will see son or clouds. the dublin camera has been pretty gray. temperatures are cool in oakland. 59 degrees, 62 livermore, 56
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san francisco. san jose 62. this low out here further east is bringing us a chance of scattered showers and possible showers again from the slow but we are staying cool again today and then temperatures are on the rise. you casee some green on the futurecast between 2:00 and 3:00. the northbay, possibly across the diablo range. the sacramento valley, the sierra foothills could a get -- could get a chance of storms. otherwise, it looks mainly clear tonight into tomorrow. wind speeds, it's been greasy along the beaches. half moon bay 15 miles per hour, sfo 10, downtown san francisco 15 miles per hour. oakland now 15 miles per hour. sustained winds, 20 to 30 miles per hour along the coast. this coastal wind and west winds are bringing in that cooler air. it's only going to get stronger
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later tonight. 8:00, you made out as more winds. santomenna and through marin. here is your afternoon highs. 60 palo alto, 64 mountain view, 64 fremont. these temperatures about 5 degrees below where we should be. 65 sausalito. the 7-day forecast is going to show some nice, warmer weather here. into the 70s for tuesday, and wednesday jumping into the 80s and want friday and saturday. we will be right back after the break.
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fans started to line up before dawn.. to make sure they could get a glimpse of the band getting a walk of fa the boy band and sink is getting back together for a moment with justin turner lake. cans lined up to make sure they could get a glimpse of the band. the group disbanded in 2002 when justin zimmer like -- just intimately pursued a solo career. some are calling it" it's going to be may day," a riff on their song" it's going to be me." and the champion from 1989 to '92. really? yes really... . get it, get tonight on a new episode of kevin can wait, kevin, kendra and michelle form a new partnership. >> but can the three of them make the deal work? >> back in the day and those had a whack-a-mole. i was the champion from 1990 to
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1992. >> you've got this. >> yeah i do. >> get it. get it. get it. that it. get it. yeah! "tell us what's happening in the final two episodes." "the bar is up for sale. the chale >> those were some good times. >> not bad. earlier today, i had a chance to chat with kevin about the season -- the season's final two episodes. >> tell us what's happening in the final two episodes. >> the bar is up for sale and kendra and shale want to buy it but they don't have the means to do it, and there is a way that they get it. it's kind of fun that way. next week, we have our finale episode, with adam sandler and
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chris rock, which is fantastic because we put our whole band back together and it is ridiculously ridiculous. >> watch kevin can wait tonight at 8:00 right here on kpix 5. we will be right back.
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the search is on for a gunman.. who opened fire in a daly city
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today's tip of the day is heirloom tomatoes. i usually do a tip on them mid to early summer because that's when they are mainly grown everywhere in farmers markets and green markets and supermarkets, but right now, we are finding some imported. that's not bad. a few years ago, i didn't like the quality at all but this year, the quality isn't bad at all. they are not quite local but pretty close. you can't beat heirloom tomatoes. they have beautiful names. the radiator jack, the gold delaney. selection and storage is very important. make sure they have a nice gift to the touch when you bring them home. store them on the counter. never in the refrigerator. look at this one. is this cool or what? i just like looking at these things. they are so beautiful. i am tony tantillo, remember to
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eat fresh and stay healthy. ley. that story and more at five. that's it for k-p- i-x 5 news at noon. the bold and the beautiful is next. ken and liz will see you at >> that's a good idea . the crack of bowling pins and gunshots. the search is on for gunman. who opened fire in a bowling alley? more on that at 5:00. >> that does it for us on kpix 5 at noon. the bold and the beautiful is next. >> we will see you back here at 5:00. have a great afternoon. you could save energy
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♪ ♪ ♪ >> justin: i have the papers you asked for. >> bill: complete contract? >> justin: two signatures, and steffy owns the beach house. >> bill: good. she's on her way. >> justin: you're really gonna give up the house? >> bill: it's what she wants. >> justin: yeah, well, she's getting a hell of a deal. i don't need to ask why. right. if that's it, i'll, uh... >> bill: not quite. i have another assignment for you. a very important assignment. i want you to do exactly as i say.


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