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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5PM  CBS  May 6, 2018 5:00pm-5:30pm PDT

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live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix 5 news. >> shots fired, no officers hit! >> gunfire rang out as officers rushed to the scene. good evening. >> this was on south 10th and taylor streets. kpix 5 with what witnesses saw. >> suspect had a gun in his left hand. still in possession of it. san jose, shots fired, shots fired. no officers hit. >> police radio communications give us the glimpse of thechaotic scene that unfolded in downtown san jose just a few blocks away from the campus of san jose state university. >> 7:30 at my house i heard three shots. pow, pow, pow. >> he said he heard an ambulance and police cars speeding towards the scene and
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went outside to check for himself. >> i saw a young man walking down in the corner. i saw a young man being loaded on to the ambulance. he was upright. he wasn't laying down. he was upright and they loaded him on. >> investigators would not say what triggered the shooting in the first place, but did say no one was injured by the gunfire and that a suspect was in custody. cold comfort for many living nearby. >> very surprising. i'm like, whoa. i paused for a minute and what's next. i was waiting for more gunfire, but none of it did happen. >> police have been slowly reopening some of the surface streets around the area where the shooting happened as the investigation continues fl. downtown san jose. >> police would not share additional details. a death and arrest when two collisions happened at the same concord intersection. police say about 10:30 last night, a. >> -- a toyota prius ran over a man in elk grove road killing
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him. while investigators were on the scene, another vehicle slammed into a patrol car and that driver tried to run from the scene, but was arrested a block away. he is suspected of driving under the influence. we have developing news now in hawaii. officials say lava from the kilauea volcano has destroyed 21 homes. according to the usgs, two newvolcanic vents opened last night. at least 1,700 people are under mandatory evacuation orders. they are work on a plan to allow residents to temporarily return home to remove additional belongings. >> our house is on stilts. we are hoping the shaking didn't cause things to -- or damage the home, but we don't know. we can't get in. >> officials say they see no slowdown in volcanic activity and more eruptions are likely. hawaii's volcanoes national park was shutdown yesterday due to dangerous gases in the air. to southern california, a controversial mural of president trump tonight is
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sparking debate about -- freedom of expression and what's appropriate on school grounds. >> it's a mural that is now making waves all across the country. take a look at this. it's president trump with his head on a spear. >> first of all, i showed you the picture. first impression of the pictureitself. >> i was shocked. it's a school setting. i don't think it's appropriate to do that kind of pictures of art work. >> it started with a simple concept, complete the colorful mural that surrounds a local charter school in chula vista, a public school supported by public money. the artist is a woman called sa speak with us on cram, but sent us this facebook message basically thanking us for the free publicity and offering her artistic talents in the future. so far, 40,000 people have child in including comedian george lopez to liked the after theist's posting on -- artist's posting on facebook.
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>> either the school is going to take it down or change it. they haven't done anything yet except put a piece of plastic over it and block it with a string of bus so is nobody can see it. the question is did the school know about this before the mural went up and why did they allow it to happen to begin with. >> the artist claims charter school approved it before it was painted, but not sure if they knew it would like this. >> i think it means a lot to the artist who created it. i view this as freedom of speech. i don't think this is something that is going out of line. >> is this responsible free speech and is the public school the right forum for such a thing? i took a look at the charter school's mission statement and the number one thing they say is to create a safe and accepting environment. taking a look at this mural, some people would question whether it was safe or accepting. also, it is a federal crime to threaten the president of the united states. was there a threat or was this
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simply freedom of expression? in chula vista, dan plant. rudy giuliani says he doubts president trump will answer any questions from the special counsel. giuliani recently joined the president's legal team and today he said he is advising mr. trump to say no to being interviewed by robert mueller's team. they are investigating possible collusion with russia and obstruction of justice. now the former new york mayor says the president does not have to cooperate. >> we don't have to. he's the president of the united states. we can assert the same privileges other presidents have. >> he's going to need to comply with a subpoena if they take that case to court, they are going to lose. >> mueller has reportedly raised the possibility of a subpoena. giuliani says if one is issued, president trump to assert his 5th amendment right. thousands of university employees are going on strike. kpix 5 emily turner reports they are demanding higher wages.
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>> tomorrow morning, rather than getting up and coming into work, thousands of uc berkeley employees will instead come here to telegraph in bancroft where they'll join in a picket line and go on strike the next three days. >> we want to get more -- to support our family. >> that's why jorge won't show up for his custodial job tomorrow like he has the last 18 years. instead, he'll head to the picket line while students head into a week of final exams. >> the lie -- libraries that are opening 24/7 because of exams are very unclean during this time so even more so it be with not a good work environment for students. >> all 10 campus, five medical centers and the uc hastings school of law will be affected when 50,000 uc employees go on strike. 24,000 of those walking out of patient care and service
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workers like nurses aides and food service workers. 14,000 are nurses and 15,000 are health care, research and technical workers. ucsf says it has already rescheduled 300 surgeries for cancer patients. all three unions have been involved in lengthy negotiations with the uc. afscme the patient care and service workers union is leading the charge. the office of the president's spokesperson says they strongly disagree with this strike which "negatively will impact students and the uc community." it is do or die for the sharks tonight. they are down three games to two as they head into game six against the golden vegas knights. we are live from the tank where we spent the day with some hungry fans. hi, kit. >> >> pick your cliche, do or die, win or go home. the mood is what you can expect
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from the home team that is down in the series in game six. as one fan told me, they have no choice but to be optimistic. [ indiscernible ] if all goes well tonight, this #may finally get some much-needed -- hashtag may finally get the much need oomph. >> not effective if they don't win. >> the mood outside at the pregame street party was just as loud inside the tank knowing this could be it for 2018. >> this could be the last street party for season. >> no, i don't believe it. i'm putting out positive energy. they are going to win. >> i think it's going to be like 20-0. >> after the arms in downtown, there's no such thing for pessimism. >> they didn't look to good in game five. >> we looked good into game
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five. >> the knights say they've got it. the sharks say each game is a fresh start. >> we know they can come back and they definitely can tie the series tonight and then bring it to vegas on tuesday. >> just under 7:00 left in the first period. the knights have 10 shots on goal. the sharks have eight. the sharks have turned over thepuck about four times. first period, score is 0-0. go, sharks. >> all right. thank you so much. go, sharks. ♪ apparently, the biggestcinco de mayo party happens after may 5th. we'll take you to where thousands turned out for the celebration. not even a year old and thee puppies are already work -- these puppies are already working the red carpet to promote a film. the critical back to work coming up after a break.
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haspel bruce
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mayo parties in the bay raging today in richmond. it doesn't matter that it's may 6th. one of the biggest cinco de mayo parties in the bay area is raging in richmond. the holiday also a a deeper meaning to latinos during the current political climate. >> when the richmond high school band arrived at today's festival, it didn't seem strange that the bay area's largest cinco de mayo feftd val was the next -- festival was the next day. >> you realize this is not cinco de mayo, right? >> yesterday was, and it's richmond. we can stretch it all out. it's all good. ♪ >> this morning, they shutdown 23rd street for the city's traditional day after cinco festival. various estimates put the crowd between 50-10,000 people as
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they --50 to 100,000 people as they celebrate the victory over the powerful french army. >> does this feel like an important time to be doing that? >> yes, especially right now. there are a lot of attacks on the immigrant community, thelatino community. >> there wasn't a hint of that at this party with dancing and taking pride in their homeland. >> it's the one day people bring out their flagwave it around. they feel free doing it. >> from the food booths to the vendors, richmond says this is a citizen-generated celebration. in fact, it's a tribute to the entrepreneurial spirit that built this country. take mario who after losing a kidney and his job, learned how to make roasted peanuts five years ago and now he has his own business. you made your own job here, didn't you? >> well, i make my own job
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because i don't want government give me nothing. i want to make my own money. >> that's what today's celebration was really all about. a proud, hard-working people enjoying a day off. in richmond, john ramos, kpix 5. a duly vent in san francisco civic center area celebrating asian heritage as well as sunday streets. betty was on hand for the festivities including dancing, chinese dragons and a demonstration of martial arts. the rest of the sunday street stretched down four roads near the asian art museum. ♪ >> a celebration of a different kind south of market how weird street fair with lots of colorful costumes, deejays in action on multiple stages around howard and 2nd streets. organizers say the freewheeling carnival is a dry run for burning man a few months from now in the nevada desert. more than a dozen working
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and training guide dogs walked the red carpet this morning. they were at a screening of "pick of the litter" in san rafael. the documentary chronicles two years in the life of these puppies. their ultimate responsibility is to help their blind or visually impaired handler lead a safer and more independent life. >> this is so exciting for us because this is a film that actually tells a guide dog story and guide dog for the blind story and it is a grade job to describe our work and mission. >> it served as a teaching moment for the puppies who learned the etiquette of taking their handlers to a movie theater. it is audio described, but audiences of all abilities can enjoy it. looks like fun. looks like a nice day on the east bay. a few, high clouds fluttered over the bay today. the highest point atop the county, mount vaca.
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this is your view were you standing up there right now. some scattered, high clouds. closer to san francisco from high atop our studios, concord 72 degrees, oakland 61, livermore 66 and in san francisco a relatively chilly 59 degrees. tomorrow, things warm up a little bit. we might have drizzle by the shoreline in the early going. around concord and walnut creek, it will be in the low 80s tomorrow. we've rebounded for temperatures. temperatures in the pacific northwest is being ushered aside by high pressure to the south. that corridor between the low and high though means we get the breezes that we've had lately and there's nothing happening that's going to change that too much until we get to later in the week. then, we'll be near 80 tomorrow and later in the week we'll still continue to warm it up. it's dry. there's no rain in sight. there's high clouds from time to time. by monday morning, low clouds blossom along the shoreline and we'll get some up around the point reyes lighthouse.
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other than that, it's looking fairly sunny. partly cloudy and breezy, warmer but still breezy tomorrow. dry and warm through the weekend. sfo partly cloudy skies. windy though. winds 22 miles per hour. 66 in seattle. partly cloudy skies and 69 and in chicago 63. overnight lows in the low 50s. tomorrow, the numbers are warmer than average inland. we are usually 73 at concord. tomorrow is 82. down in the south bay, it's very pleasant. upper 80s to upper 70s should do it. near 80 will do it in the east bay. sunshine except along the coast up in marin and along the peninsula. 81 at santa rosa and ukiah smoking at 82 degrees. we're looking for drizzle along the shoreline, partly cloudy skies and increasing sunshine by the afternoon and increasing temperatures by the time we get to next weekend.
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that's the forecast. now here is jules. hundreds of people walked the streets of san francisco to raise awareness for parkinson's disease. the moving day fundraiser kicked off this morning at the plaza and there was plenty of moving around from dancing to exercising. >> moving day helps manage symptoms for parkinson's patients so that's one of the most important things we can do is exercise, boxing, yoga, dance and ballet. those are popular exercises. >> a very own -- our very own vern glenn was on hand to emcee the event. do or die for the sharks at the shark tank and can the warriors rebound from the rather lackluster game three? highlights and postgame coming up. you could save energy
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sharks-vegas knights update... facing elimination, the warriors called upon their deat welcome back, everybody, to san jose. i'm outside the shark tank. no score in the first period. san jose, game six, got to win to stay alive. meanwhile shall the warriors put their infamous -- meanwhile, the warriors put their infamous death lineup on the court today in new orleans hoping to rebound from a lousy game and did it. steve kerr elected to go small and went with andre iguodala instead of javale mcgee. who needs a center when you have draymond, right? kevin durant hits a fadeaway. he had 20 points in the first half. we're playing golden state, might be a good idea to know where steph is.
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not here. curry wide open on the corner. warriors jump out to a lead. bench keeps it going. quinn had 12 points in 17 minutes. warriors outscore new orleans 30-14. the pelicans would make a run to get back in it. jrue holiday lobs it to anthony davis and the lead is down to nine points. later in the second, davis again. draymond tries to take charge. no call. davis scores again. he had 18 of his 26 in the first half. draymond not happy. he gets his first technical of these playoffs. second half, warriors crank up the defense again. andre iguodala with the steal leads to a two-on-one the other way and a jam from durant. then, it's curry getting free right in front of the pelicans bench. he had 23. the warriors open it up in the third on a 10-2 run to push the lead back to 15 points. durant made sure it stayed double digits. he had 13 points in the quarter, finished with 38.
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his most this postseason. also, the same number of points the pelicans scored in the entire second half. the warriors win 118-92 to take a 3-1 series lead. >> any time we've been in any danger over the years, we've sort of gone to this lineup whether it's as a starting group or extra minutes. obviously, the lineup worked or whatever, but it's not about the lineup. it's really not. i mean, it's about how hard guys play and how focused they are and the effort at both ends tonight was night and day from game three. baseball now. how about the san francisco giants looking for their fifth straight series win and their first sweep since 2018? suarez had the bases loaded with two outs in the first, but pablo bailed him out with a diving snag at the hot corner.
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they were opposed by braves starter soroka who is just 20 years old and served up a double for the panda and the giants have a 2-1 lead. same score, third inning. ground ball to freddie freeman who decides to come home. got burned by hanson's save. barely touched the plate and it's 3-1, giants. san francisco stretched it to 4- 1. very much needed when strickland got the ball in the ninth. kurt suzuki ripped one down the line and it was 4-2, giants. atlanta added another run, but strickland got albies to pop out to evan longoria for the final out. 4-3 is the final. suarez picked up his first major league win. giants have won seven of their past eight games. a's hosting the orioles on lig little legal -- little league day at the coliseum. serves up a solo home run to
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alvarez, his seventh of the year and baltimore has a 1-0 lead. bottom of the fourth, tied at 1- 1. skies one to left center field and the ball hits off craig gentry's glove and one scores. after the alvarez home run, he retired 16 of the 17 batters he faced including striking out the side in the sixth inning, allowed one run, two hits in seven innings. top of the ninth, still 2-1. orioles with runners terry corners with two outs, but blake treinen got chris davis to fly out to win the game and a's win 2-1 and sweep the series. oakland is now two games above .500. how about golf? tiger woods his final round of the wells fargo championship. woods finished 14 strokes back. jason day had a one-shot lead on 14 when he snapped his iron into the drink. bogeyed the hole. sank back into the tie.
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he got the lead back and then on 17 hits a shot of the tournament, a 230-yard par 3 and nearly aced it. he tapped in for birdie and a two-shot lead, his second win of the season. jason day is the winner and right now in the intermission, first intermission, the sharks- golden knights are scoreless and the sharks have to win this game to keep hope alive. that's it. giants win, a's win, warriors win, we need the sharks. it will all be good. game day tonight. >> sounds good. big game tonight. thank you so much. we'll be right back.
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so they're hot, full of flavor and fantastically juicy. mcdonald's new 100% fresh beef quarter pounder burgers. you'll need a bigger napkin. ♪ strong with this pair of brand-new babies in utah. twins rowan and kai were born on the force is strong with this pair of brand new babies in utah. twins rowen and kai were born on friday, may 4th, also known as "star wars" day, so their parents did what any fans of the franchise would do, they gave their babies the middle names of luke and leia. >> as soon as we knew there was a chance they were may the 4th babies, that's what's going to happen. >> dad even had the perfect shirt for the occasion reading "i am your father." the twins will be going home to a "star wars" themed nursery may the fourth be with them. >> you know fourth was "star wars" day? >> i did when kids in our neighborhood knocked on our door and left signs "may the
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fourth be with you." >> cbs evening news is next. >> thank you for watching. see you at 6:00. >> quijano: the disaster widens. new cracks in the kilauea volcano unleash another wave of lava, burning everything in its path. more homes are destroyed. we're inside the danger zone. also tonight, rudy giuliani's sunday bombshell: he says the president does not have to idmply if subpoenaed in the russia investigation. >> we can assert the same sertileges other presidents reve. >> quijano: chicago's alarming surge in gun violence-- more van 50 people shot just this week. a flash flood emergency aboard a cruise ship. passengers say it looked like a scene from "titanic." ofe first official photos of the baby prince snapped by his royal mum. and, a stunning series of photos aimed at empowering young african-americans.


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