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tv   CBS Evening News with Jeff Glor  CBS  May 7, 2018 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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captioning captioning sponsored by cbs >> glor: ground shaking, lava laowing. >> in the last hour it's moved forward about a foot. >> glor: no telling when it will stop. an erupting volcano in hawaii has destroyed dozens of buildings and driven hundreds from their homes. also tonight the president is ready to announce his decision on the future of the iran nuclear deal. 90amacare premiums are set to soar as much as 90%. as an ex-con coal executive shakes up the race for a public senate nomination, how the president is trying to stop him. the first lady makes children her priority with her be best agenda. they won a huge lawsuit against telemarketers, so why aren't o ople stepping forward to claim 00$1,200 check? >> you went after telemarketers, but now they think you're another telemarketer.
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>> that's right. >> glor: and the boy who came back to life after being declared brain dead. this is the "cbs evening news" with jeff glor. >> glor: this is our western edition. we'll begin tonight in hawaii. the island paradise dealing with a hellish invasion of hot lava erupting from a volcano. dozens of homes and other buildings have been destroyed. more than 1,000 people have been forced to evacuate. carter evans is in hawaii tonight. carter? >> reporter: jeff, they're letting residents back into the community right now, even while this eruption continues. the good news is the lava has slowed down for now. but that could change at any minute. a fountain of lava more than 100 feet high. telephone poles lighting up like matchsticks, and this time-lapse video shows a house being consumed by molten rock. these are the haunting images of kilauea unleashing its fury.
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the lava has already devoured more than two dozen homes in the neighborhood of leilani estates. this car never stood a chance. up here in the helicopter, you can really see the destruction down below. you don't see any firefighters down there because there is nothing they can do. this is an unstoppable force. high levels of toxic sulfur dioxide gas and hundreds of earthquakes still rock this community. kilauea has been in a constant state of eruption since 1983. the most recent eruptions were caused in part by the collapse of a crater that was filled with lava. when it caved in, the lava traveled along a hose-like tunnel underground called a lava tube, where pressure built up and formed cracks that burst, spewing lava hundreds of feet into the air. we hiked through thick brush to see the lava up close. at first glance it may not look like the lava is moving at all, but take a look right here at the leading edge. it is still slowly inching forward along the road.
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for a second straight day, county officials are allowing some of the 1,700 people evacuated to return to pick up the essentials, knowing they might have to leave again at a moment's notice. kelenakealoha fled the lava flows to his dream home here, now the lava flows are just feet away. >> i was going the raise my daughters here, but it doesn't look like it will be as i'd hoped. >> reporter: this woman's home is already gone, and the single mom doesn't know how the tell her four-year-old son. >> my son asks, "mommy, can we go home?" >> reporter: it is always amazing and frightening to watch this lava slowly inch forward. carter, how long do we expect it to continue to flow for? >> reporter: jeff, scientists say they really have no prediction on how long this lauld last. baere was a similar eruption in atis area back in 1955. that one lasted for 88 days.
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th glor: wow. carter evans, thank you very sich. ited president trump keep the united states in the iran nuclear deal? in a tweet today mr. trump said he'll announce his decision tomorrow. a cbs news poll finds as americans have an opinion on this are evenly split on what he should do, but well over half say they don't know enough about it. usijia jiang is at the white oruse. >> reporter: british foreign secretary boris johnson met with secretary of state mike pompeo nuday to urge the u.s. to remain a part of the nuclear deal with iran. >> which could lead to a nuclear orapon. b reporter: johnson did not meet with president trump, but dry have been trying to send him a message about withdrawing by appearing on fox news. >> you can't do that without atst throwing the baby out with the bath water, without scrapping the whole thing. because if you do that, you have to answer the question: what next? >> reporter: the agreement brokered by the obama administration, european allies, russia, and china in 2015 lifted
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sanctions on iran in exchange for caps on its nuclear program. >> this deal is the all-time orrst. >> reporter: president trump has railed against it since the campaign, but american allies are hoping he will accept a side deal to address his concerns, like iran's growing ballistic missile program. so is former secretary of state john kerry, who negotiated the onal. his office confirmed kerry has strategized with foreign officials about keeping the u.s. in the agreement. today mr. trump tweeted, "the united states does not need john kerry's possibly illegal shadow diplomacy. he was the one that created this dyss in the first place." a steady stream of european leaders have visited washington, hoping to sway the president, pt this was mr. trump with french president emmanuel macron late last month. >> terrible deal. should have never, ever been made. >> reporter: on state tv, iran's president said if america leaves it would be okay as long as the
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other countries preserve the terms. he added, "americans will be the r:in losers." >> glor: weijia jiang outside the white house tonight, weijia i want to ask you, there are reports of c.i.a. director nominee gina haspel potentially withdrawing her name from consideration over the weekend. what's the latest on that? >> reporter: well, haspel said today she is looking forward to her confirmation hearing on wednesday. the acting c.i.a. director also spotted meeting with senators to address her role and the concerns there may be about the bush-era interrogation program. this morning the president also tweeted his support for haspel. >> glor: weijia jiang, thanks. it's been nearly three weeks since rudy giuliani joined the president's legal team with the stated goal of wrapping up the special counsel's russia investigation within a week or two. the president has said he wants to testify, but giuliani is cautioning him against that. t i hope we get chance to tell him the risk that he's taking, ly he may testify, and we may
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actually work things out with bob mueller, because working with him directly is good. >> glor: paula reid joins us now from washington. paula, you spoke by phone with rudy giuliani a short time ago. what did he say about whether the president will cooperate now with the special counsel? id reporter: jeff, he says the eresident still wants to itoperate, but giuliani tells me it will take him about two to three weeks before he's able to get ready on all the facts of the case and then begin negotiating with the special counsel about the terms of a possible presidential interview. giuliani also told me that so far the special counsel's office has rejected a proposal to allow the president to answer questions in writing, which many believe was the president's best option, best format for this lond of interview. >> glor: paula, is there any esrt of time frame at this point rr these negotiations? >> reporter: well, jeff, these are expected to be combative, drawn out negotiations, and giuliani says even if the two sides are able to come to some sort of agreement about an
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interview, he would like to push it past the north korea summit. he says he does not want the take the president away from that important work to prepare for the interview. >> glor: paula reid with new reporting on this. paula, thank you. lady melania trump made a rare step into the spotlight to announce the campaign for america's children, she called it the be best initiative, are promoting healthy living and respect, also support families affected by opioid abuse and social media in a positive way. >> as we all know, social media can be positively and negatively a fact on our children. but too often it is used in ingative ways. >> glor: afterward the president called it afterward the president called t a heartfelt and beautiful speech. in west virginia there is a red- hot battle for the republican nomination for senate.
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in a tweet today, the president urged republicans not to vote for don blankenship in the primary tomorrow, saying the ex- con former coal executive can't win in november. more on this from ed o'keefe. >> on tuesday voters in west virginia will send a message to the establishment. c reporter: that's the message former coal executive don blankenship is pushing in the final hours of west virginia's republican senate primary. blankenship spent a year in federal prison after the 2010 explosion at his upper big branch mine. the disaster left 29 miners dead. he blames his conviction on an obama-era conspiracy, but arpublicans like president trump fear his role in the tragedy will make blankenship unelectable in the fall. >> the president is as misinformed as the public is. he's fell victim to fake news. >> reporter: we caught up with the candidate at his hotel in charleston today. you don't bear any responsibility for the death of eaose 29 people? >> i bear the same responsibility that you would bear if the government came in and blew your house up while you were gone for ten years. >> reporter: in a state heavily dependent on the coal industry,
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miners who survived the blast like goose stewart say a blankenship victory would reopen old wounds. do you think don blankenship's qualified to be a u.s. senator? >> no. don blankenship is not qualified to be a u.s. senator. he doesn't deserve to be a u.s. senator. anyone that would vote for don blankenship may as well stick a knife in their back and twist it. >> reporter: blankenship has also tried to deflect criticism tcto top republicans like senate majority leader mitch mcconnell, running racially charged ads that appear to reference the family of mcconnell's wife, transportation secretary elaine chao. >> swamp captain mitch mcconnell has created millions of jobs for china people. >> reporter: president trump won west virginia by more than 40 etints in 2016, so republicans think they've got a pretty good shot here, but they're worried that blankenship and his prison record could spoil their chances to defeat democrat joe manchin this november. jeff? >> glor: ed o'keefe reporting
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from west virginia. thanks. the national do not call list now includes nearly 230 million numbers, but a lot of us are still getting those sales calls inring dinner. complaints are up 120% since 2014. s na werner shows us some actims are getting even, but even that can be a tough sell. ( phone ringing ) >> when someone is on the do not call list, it means do not call. >> reporter: but telemarketers did call deborah turner. >> i want to introduce you to the latest from dish. >> reporter: dish network called her 15 times in 2010 and 2011 asking her to sign up for their satellite tv service. she said no every time. >> i'm not interested in lianging companies. strike me off the list and move forward. >> reporter: then she got another call, this time from a man telling her she could receive up to $18,000 through a eaass action lawsuit. >> yeah, right. that's my first thought, right. >> reporter: that call came from attorney john barrett, who won a lawsuit against dish network for
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illegal telemarketing. you went after the hilemarketers, but now these people think you're another tlemarketer. s that's right. >> reporter: so you must be a scam. >> that's kind of what a lot of these people were thinking. >> reporter: but it's no scam. the jury awarded $400 for each of the 51,000 calls made in violation of the do not call r gistry. 1,judge later tripled the damages to $1,200 per call. dish is appealing the ruling and blames an outside contractor, which has since shut down, telling cbs news, "these calls violated dish's express instructions to the contractor. but in the meantime, deborah turner is planning how she could spend her windfall. >> this part of my life, i plan to have fun, and if that can help me have a little bit more fun, that would be great. ( phone ringing ) >> reporter: well, some 18,000 people nationwide could potentially get between $2,400, up to $30,000 apiece. to see if you're one of them, go to, click on this
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story, punch in your land line or cell phone number and you never know, you may get lucky. >> glor: deborah turner gets the money, and a lot of others. >> reporter: and a lot of other people too, if you're one of the numbers. >> glor: thank you. there are signs obamacare premiums could spike next year, some say because of inaction in washington. nancy cordes is in washington with more on this. nancy? >> reporter: jeff, insurance companies have been warning for months that uncertainty over obamacare and government subsidies could mean big price hikes for customers next year. s d now we're seeing the first irgns they could be right. starting in 2019, care first says it wants the raise premiums for some individual plans in maryland by 91% and in virginia by 64%. kaiser permanente wants to hike rates in those states by 30-40%. note these are just requests. the insurance commissioners in
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those states are unlikely to grant rate hikes that high. tt what these insurers are saying is it was already ltfficult to insure this individual population, but now that the individual mandate has been eliminated by the g.o.p.- led congress, it's getting even more expensive as healthy people decide they can exit the system. >> glor: seems like pretty high requests. and also now sure to become a big issue in the mid-terms, nancy. >> reporter: absolutely. democrats are going to make this a key issue. 'rey're going to say that republicans dismantled part of tbamacare, but never managed to replace it with anything, asentially the "you broke it, you own it" argument. what republicans are going to say, jeff, is that premiums were already going up by double- itgits year after year long before they changed the law last year. >> glor: nancy cordes with both sides of the story. appreciate it, nancy. coming up next on the "cbs evening news," a miracle recovery for a boy about to be taken off life support. and later, a mother's anguish at what should have been a celebration.
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what should have been a celebration.
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>> glor: a 13-year-old alabama boy is recovering from an accident n >> glor: a 13-year-old alabama boy is recovering from an accident no one thought he would survive. in fact, doctors declared him brain dead and were getting esady to donate his organs when he regained consciousness. dr. tara narula has the incredible details. >> he was dead a total of 50 minutes. >> reporter: trenton mckinley's mom says his recovery is a miracle. >> all i saw was the stretcher with his feet. they actually stapled that side shut to got him back breathing. when they came back, they said he would never be normal again. they told me his brain would be so bad he would be a vegetable even if he made it. >> reporter: the 13-year-old was at a friend's house two months ago playing in a small utility trailer while being pulled by a dune buggy. >> it flipped, and i hit the concrete, and the trailer landed
5:48 pm
on top of my head. after that i don't remember anything. ( siren ) >> reporter: trenton suffered severe brain trauma and was rushed to an alabama hospital with skull fractures. doctors thought he was brain dead and his parents signed paperwork to donate his organs to save five other children. >> it was unfair to keep bringing him back because it was just damaging his organs even more. >> reporter: but then the day before doctors were set to take him off life support, trenton woke up. now he's in rehab, and although he has a long road ahead, he's getting stronger every day. >> all right! >> there's no other explanation but god. there's no other way that i could have came back. >> glor: unreal, i have goosebumps. >> reporter: it's an amazing story. >> glor: one question, how often does something like this happen? >> reporter: not often, and s thout knowing the details because of health privacy laws, it's hard to say how this happened, but it's not
5:49 pm
alrprising the story has gone viral. we all want to hear about miracles. we all want hope. and that's something we teach in medical school is not to take hope away from families. or can be sometimes a hard balance or a hard line to walk when you're dealing with end-of- life care and giving families a realistic prognosis versus hope, but i think the line-- i don't know if you've seen "shawshank hankmption." >> glor: of course! one of the best. >> hope is a good thing, maybe the best thing, and no good thing ever dies. >> glor: great movie. great line. still ahead, swept away by a river of mud. >> glor: good movie. good line. still ahead, swept away by a river of mud. get it for jean who's always cold. for the sales team, it and the warehouse crew. give us the data we need. in one place, anywhere we need it. help us do our jobs better. with domo we can run this place together. well that's that's your job i guess.
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he's been called a rockstar lwinning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold. >> glor: turkey's capital is cleaning up after torrential rain touched off flooding this weekend. vehicles were swept down streets in ankara after sudden downpours turned streets into muddy rivers. six people were hurt and 160 cars and 25 businesses were damaged. the man who stopped last month's attack at a nashville waffle house by tackling the gunman is being called a hero all over again. the gofundme page james shaw,
5:53 pm
jr., has set up for the victims has passed $227,000. de'ebony groves was among the four people killed. her mother accepted her diploma at her graduation ceremony this weekend at belmont university. up next, when he was accepted in this army, it was quite a feather in his cap. touch shows how we really feel. but does psoriasis ever get in the way? embrace the chance of 100% clear skin with taltz. up to 90% of those with moderate to severe psoriasis had a significant improvement of their psoriasis plaques. most people were still clearer after one year. with taltz, 4 out of 10 even achieved completely clear skin. don't use if you're allergic to taltz. before starting, you should be checked for tuberculosis. taltz may increase risk of infections and lower your ability to fight them. tell your doctor if you have an infection, symptoms, or received a vaccine or plan to.
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5:57 pm
they're surely the most colorful army, too. the pageantry sunday even by vatican standards hit another level as 32 new swiss guards were sworn in. among the freshman class is 19- year-old nicholas albert. >> i give the oath in front of god to save the pope's life and giving my life for the pope. >> reporter: earlier in the day, we met albert and his fellow guards backstage. >> right now i'm a little bit nervous. i mean, it's going to be a big rremony. om reporter: in addition to tiing from switzerland and completing military training undee, these guards must be at least 5'8", under 30, single, and practicing catholics. they guard the vatican every day, and their 16th century uniform is getting a 21st century update. instead of the cast iron helmet, they've unveiled a new plastic one made by 3d printer.
5:58 pm
they're not as heavy, not as hot, and are half the cost. is being a swiss guard something that you thought of as a kid? >> yes, it was a childhood dream, actually. >> reporter: albert told us it was humbling to meet pope francis ahead of the big day, and when swearing loyalty to him, adrenaline overpowered his nerves. as foreign as this spectacle may appear, the sentiment of a mom is pretty familiar. >> we are very proud, very proud of him. >> reporter: albert said as a kid it was the sword and uniform that appealed to him, but when he got older, it was faith that drew him to join the pope's oamy. seth doane, cbs news, vatican city. >> glor: that is the "cbs evening news" tonight. i'm jeff glor. we leave you now with the star- studded met gala here in new york. good night, we'll see you tomorrow. captioning sponsored by cbs captioned by media access group at wgbh
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high school seniors come back from prom night to find dozens ir cars burglarized. kpix 5 news begins with a final bash that ended with some shattered glass. high school seniors come back from prom night to find their cars burglarized. >> this was not the night they expected, their cars hit by vandals. the crime is a damper on what should have been a night of celebration. >> absolutely. imagine this, all of these seniors excited to go to senior ball. they take a bus into oakland. when they return, they find dozens of cars vandalized on their senior ball night. >> our cars were parked at senior ball in the parking lot. they were broken into as you can see in the picture. >> reporter: when college park high school students returned from senior ball saturday night -- >> car got broken into, kind of
6:00 pm
ruined the night. >> they discovered dozens of cars vandalized in the school parking lot. >> everyone was running to the parking lot. there was mayhem. >> did you have a window smashed? >> yes, i had my driver's side window smashed. got my car fixed today. came out of my parents' own paycheck. >> reporter: students say the school administration told them to park there before boarding a charter bus to oakland for senior call. >> it was a call sent out saying this is where you're supposed to park. >> reporter: pleasant hill police reported 37 auto burglaries between 6 p.m. and midnight. >> windows were smashed. people were crying, banging their heads on their cars. it was really sad. >> reporter: the school says they do have some surveillance video and they are working on leads from witnesses. >> the reason we do the bus is to help ensure the safety and security of our students so we get them there safely, then we get back safely and to come and see that is nothing


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