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tv   CBS Morning News  CBS  May 9, 2018 4:00am-4:29am PDT

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back with us a little later for the morning news. and of course, cbs this morning. from the broadcast cen captioning funded by cbs it's wednesday, may 9th, 2018. this is the "cbs morning news." fierce reaction after president trump pulls the u.s. out of the iran nuclear agreement. in north korea, secretary of state mike pompeo is there, laying the groundwork for denuclearization, and to come home with three american prisoners. and in hi, there are new cracks in the ground as residents flee from another neighborhood.
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good morning from the studio 57 newsroom at cbs news headquarters here in new york. good to be with you. i'm anne-marie green. we begin with president trump's decision to withdraw from the iran nuclear deal. u.s. allies who also signed the agreement say the president's action undermines efforts to stop the threat of nuclear weapons. they hope to persuade iran to honor the deal. this morning iranian lawmakers set a paper u.s. flag on fire in protest. they were shouting "death to america." meantime the president said he is making the world safer. weijia jiang has more. >> when i make promises, i keep them. >> reporter: president trump walked away from the iran nuclear deal tuesday and announced the u.s. would reimpose crippling sanctions against the country. >> this was a horrible one-sided deal that should have never, ever been made.
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>> reporter: the president declared he had defensive proof that iran violated the 2015 agreement freeing the country's nuclear ambitions but produced no evidence. >> at the heart of the iran deal was a giant fiction that a murderous regime deserved only a peaceful nuclear energy program. >> reporter: iranian president hasan rue any insisted that it is the u.s., not iran, who has broken the deal and said he may restar the country's nuclear deal. on capitol hill lawmakers on both sides reacted to the news. >> the iran al summit the administration hopes will lead to a denuclearization of the north. it is his sixth trip. on this trip, he's expected to secure the release of three being held. back in this country now, there are claims that president trump's lawyer got money from a company with ties to russian president vladimir putin.
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michael avenatti, the attorney for porn star daniels, claims he was paid moneys controlled by a russian billionaire. the money, avenatti said, went to the money used to pay hush money. last month that billionaire was hit with u.s. sanctions and is known to have ties to vladimir putin. president trump's nominee to head the cia, gina haspel, says she's concerned. haspel will face tough questions at her senate confirmation hearing today. lawmakers will want details about her time running a secret detention site following 9/11 where prisoners were brutally questioned. in portions of her opening remarks, she promises to work closely with lawmakers. haspel would be the first female cia director. the primary season kicked off with contests in four states. with control of congress at stake, this fall's elections
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will be closely watched. laura podesta is here in new york with more on that. good morning, laura. >> good morning, anne-marie. yes, the candidate for the u.s. senate who sold himself as trumpier than trump could not pull off a victory in the much watch watched primary. it sets the stage for a dramatic midterm election this fall. patrick morrisey will be the democrat. he gave most of the credit to one man. >> president, if you've watching right now, let me tell you, your tweet was huge. >> reporter: that tweet from president trump sent out the day before the gop primary warned voters that candidate don blankenship can't win the general election.
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voters listen ed. blankenship an ex-convict and colbert finished a distant third. >> ohio jim vrarenacci won the chance against sherrod brown. >> we ran against the establishment and they're not going to give up their position very easily. >> reporter: in ohio there was a win thank this part to the support of president trump. in indiana mike pence's oldest brother greg won the primary for indiana's sixth district. tuesday night's wins could help avert a potential political disaster for the gop, which has been bracing for major losses in the fall midterm. >> republicans got the candidates they wanted in these races where they need effective candidates to take on these democratic incumbents. >> reporter: control of congress is at stake. in the democratic primary for the ohio governor's race,
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president obama's consumer watchdog cordray vested former congressman dennis cue skucinic. he'll take on the ohio democrat mike dewine. anne-marie? well, residents of a second neighborhood on the island of kilauea have been forced to evacuate from the lava. two new vents opened yesterday. residents have to navigate through clouds of sulfur and cracked roads. there are now 14 lava-producing fissures. 36 buildings have been destroyed inincluding at least 26 homes. new york's attorney general now face as criminal investigation launched by the governor. eric schneiderman resigned following allegations in "the new yorker" that he physically abused four women in encounters. he resigned within hours. ronan pharoah who co-authored the article said the women had
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nothing to gain by speaking out. >> their friends and loved ones told them don't do this either because they feared retaliation or they felt his work was too good and too important to jeopardize. >> schneiderman known as a championship in the fight against gender violence denies the allegation. coming up on the "morning news" now, airbnb mixup. the granddaughter of reggae legend bob marley is detained by police. and a possible cure for baldness in an unexpected drug. this is the "cbs morning news." unblocking your system naturally. miralax. now available in convenient single-serve mix-in pax. ♪ dixie® ultra's flexproof™ technology makes it twice as strong as the leading store brand. that's strength you can count on.
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serious allergic reactions may occur. never give up. see me. see me. clear skin can last. don't hold back... ...ask your dermatologist if cosentyx can help you find clear skin that lasts. dramatic police body cam video shows officers pulling a man out of a burning car. it happened saturday in new jersey. when officers looked inside the car, they saw a man slumped over the steering wheel. they dragged him out. he was okay. authorities say he may have fallen asleep inside the car with his foot on the gas, overheating the engine.
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bob marley's granddaughter is involved with a mixup with police and a murder investigation in michigan expands. those are some of the headlines on the morning newsstand. the "detroit free press" report the police are searching a site in macomb township for possible bodies. they're looking in a wooded area for the body of 12-year-old kimberly king. she was last seen in 1979. they're looking for the remains of six other girls. convicted killer arthur ream led them to the site. he's in prison for the murder o a teenage girl who vanished in 1986. "stars & stripes" reports an officer on the "uss fitzgerald" when it collided with a commercial ship last year on the sea of japan pleaded guilty. sarah coppock pleaded guilty to dereliction of duty.
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she was responsible for the safe navigation of the ship. she was sentenced to three months of half pay and a letter of reprimand. three others also face charges. "newsweek" reports that bob marley's granddaughter is suing. yesterday's body cam video from the incident of last week. >> it makes everything look bad. >> does this look bad? >> yes, it does. >> talking is bad? >> no. talking is cool. pin canada.know how they do it talking to police is a good thing. >> the video cam shows them talking to her. they were leaving when a neighbor called 911 to report a possible burglary. police interviewed them for 20 minutes before realizing they were at the home as guests. police deny race was a factor. and britain's "telegraph" says a cure for baldness could come from the side effect of a cancer drug.
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scientists at manchester university first studied a cancer drug called cfa which has a side effect of heavy unwanted hair growth. it led them to an osteoporosis drug which stimulates hair growth three times faster than other drugs. still ahead, high art fetches high prices. an auction of masterpieces, including paintings by picasso and monet brings in hundreds of millions of dollars. hundreds of millions of dollars. you okay? eczema. it's fine. hey! hi! aren't you hot? eczema again? it's fine. i saw something the other day. your eczema could be something called atopic dermatitis, which can be caused by inflammation under your skin. maybe you should ask your doctor? go to to learn more. >> tech: don't wait for a chip like this to crack your whole windshield. with safelite's exclusive resin, you get a strong repair that you can trust.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. an auction featuring works by some of the world's greatest artists took in a record $646 million last night at christie's in new york. young girl with a flower basket by pablo picasso fetched $150 million. it's the highest price of a painting by the artist. the collection is owned by the late david and peggy rockefeller, and the three-day sale kick off last night. the proceeds will be distributed to charities supported by the rockefellers. >> on the "cbs moneywatch" now, pizza hut is expanding beer delivery, and oil prices react
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to the iran deal fallout. diane king hall is at the new york stock exchange with that and more. good morning, diane. >> good morning, anne-marie. they made up some of the losses before president trump's announcement on the iran nuclear deal. at one point yesterday the price of crude was down as much as 4% following reports the president might not withdraw from the nuclear deal as expected. benchmark u.s. crude settled at just over $69 a barrel. it's holding those higher level this morning. stocks edged slightly higher late yesterday after losing ground prior to the president's announcement on the iran deal. the dow gained 2 points, the s&p 500 with little change, the nasdaq added a point. job openings hit a record high in march. according to the labor department, openings spiked. that's the highest since the government started tracking the numbers in 2000. employers are having a hard time finding qualified applicants. and pizza hut is expanding its beer delivery service. now, pizza hut started the
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delivery trial last september in phoenix. it's now widening that beer delivery test to 100 locations in arizona. in california pizza hut drivers will be trained on local alcohol laws. now, the authority to cancel a beer delivery if customers can't verify their age. anne-marie. >> i feel like that's going to be a pretty popular service. pizza and beer goes pretty well together for a lot of people anyway. >> i wouldn't be surprised about it gaining popularity. >> diane king hall at the new york stock exchange. thanks a lot, diane. >> all right. thank you. still to come, face time to the rescue. a soldier stuck at an airport is able to witness an important moment for his family. but my pain is real. fibromyalgia is thought to be caused by overactive nerves. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i'm glad my doctor prescribed lyrica. for some, lyrica delivers effective relief from fibromyalgia pain, and improves function. lyrica may cause serious allergic reactions, suicidal thoughts or actions.
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here's a look at today's forecast in some cities around the country. to segar.
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the pick, the throw. paxton has done it! it's a no-hitter! seattle mariners pitcher james paxton tossed a no-hitter. here's why it's a big deal. he's from british columbia. he's the first in his home country. he's the second to toss a no-hitter. it's the third no-hitter in the majors this year. well, there's a new outbreak of ebola in the democratic republic of congo. the government declared the outbreak of the rare and deadly disease after just two cases were confirmed in the town of bokaro. the most recent was a year ago. four people died. an outbreak in guinea, liberia, and sierra low own in 2014 killed more than 11,000 people.
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a team of medical experts is traveling to bokaro to try to prevent the disease from spreading there. and an american soldier rushing home to be with his wife for the birth of their daughter didn't make it in time, but thanks to face time, there's a happy ending. omar villafranca has that story. >> reporter: brooks lindsey wears the uniform of an army specialist, but this morning he's concentrating on his latest assignment as a proud new dad. baby millie was coming earlier than planned, so brooks was rushing to his hometown in mississippi. he wanted to be next to his wife hayley for the birth of his daughter but his plane was diverted twice for maintenance problems. his mother was face timing. he was watching the birth of his daughter on the phone. >> push, push, push, you got it. here she comes and then, boop, she popped out.
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>> reporter: a passenger recorded the father's emotional reaction in real time. tracy dove was on the same . >> i thought, oh, my gosh, he's watcorn on the phone. it was the most gut-wrenching bb heartbreaking thing i had ever seen. >> reporter: she snapped this picture of nervous dad. >> i heard the baby cry and that whole section that was heading to mississippi just started cheering. >> reporter: that video has been viewed by hundreds of thousands of people, sharing that father's joy over this very special moment. omar villafranca, cbs news, jackson, mississippi. >> man, that smile says it all. coming up on "cbs this morning," chip reid introduces us to spike, the latest edition to the smithsonian national zoo's elephant exhibit and hopefully soon-to-be father. i'm anne-marie green.
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our top stories this morning. after president trump withdrew from the iran nuclear deal, iranian president hassan rouhani says he may restart the country's nuclear program. mr. trump called the deal defective at its core. president obama who called the deal called it a serious state. and the primaries kicked off in the closely watched west virginia. patrick morrisey was the winner. he will face joe manchin in the election. voters rejected ex-convict don blankenship and in indiana mike braun will face joe donnelly. utah became the first state to allow so-called free range
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parenting. it gives the parents latitude to raise their kids as they see fit. jamie yuccas has more. >> are you guys ready to go? >> yeah. >> reporter: when melissa butler sends her kids off to school, they walk alone. >> ultimately i decided my parenting decisions are not going to be based on fear. >> reporter: she's no longer concerned because utah's free range law prevents parents from being prosecuted for allowing kids to roam on their own. why would you need a law like this to be put into place? >> it's a good question. >> nobody wants to see a kid abducted but every kid wants to be a kid. >> reporter: it's something lenore skenazy report on ten years ago. >> if you're neglecting a child, that's awful. you will be prosecuted. if you're trusting your child and you've taught them to cross the street and look both ways and not go off with strangers, you're an old-fashioned parent,
4:26 am
and that's not against the law. >> reporter: in 2015 a maryland couple was investigated we authorities when they allowed their 10-year-old and 6-year-old kids to walk home alone from the park. examples like this prompted the utah law, which butler says now gives her peace of mind. >> i don't think that's healthy for them to always have mom right thee watching them making sure they're doing everything the way i want them to. i think it's healthy for them to explore, you know, play on their own. >> reporter: there's a lot of national interest in how everything plays out here in utah. several states including new jersey are considering their own free parenting laws. jamie yuccas, cbs news, salt lake city. coming up on "cbs this morning," "dexter" star michael c. hall is back in a new netflix original drama in a drama. they'll tell us about their new series. and chip reid introduces us to spike, the latest edition to the smithsonian national zoo's elephant exhibit and hopefully a soon-to-be father. that's the "cbs morning news" for this wednesday.
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thanks for watching. i'm anne-marie green. have a great day. -- captions by vitac -- -- captions by vitac -- ♪ ♪ legendary jockey víctor espinoza is insatiable when it comes to competing. ♪ ♪ so is his horse. ♪ ♪
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when it comes to snacking. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ that's why he uses the chase mobile app, to pay practically anyone, at any bank. life, lived victor's way. chase. make more of what's yours. i'm kenny choi. a live look outside at the golden gate bridge. you can't see it in this shot because it's foggy out there as we start this wednesday morning. good morning, it is wednesday, may 9th. i'm kenny choi. >> i'm michelle griego. good morning. how is everyone? >> good morning. >> good. >> pretty good. >> i barely played it. i got stuck on some traffic on 24 but we're here.
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>> we're not used to being stuck in traffic in our early- morning hours. >> what's going on? >> people need to go slow today because it's foggy and drizzly even. did you have to use your windshield wipers? >> no. >> okay. right along the coast that's where you may have to use it but, yes, we have major problems this morning. we are getting that ocean breeze so that's pushing in the clouds. thick cloud coverage out there. foggy and drizzly to start especially if you are anywhere near the water and those west winds will keep us cool. so temperatures today will definitely be influenced by the temperatures of the water. so we're looking at a cool start to the day. we are going to stay cool throughout the day. and then our winds will shift on friday which actually will lead to


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