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tv   KPIX 5 News at 600PM  CBS  May 10, 2018 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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and sales counter. and of course, many want to know if this tesla was on autopilot at the time of the crash. we've not been able to get that answer yet as to whether this tesla today was on autopilot. we're going to go to live pictures of chopper 5 ahead of the scene. you can see the starbucks is part of a strip mall. it's at the end of the strip mall. a pretty busy area. a huge crowd here watching what happened. but back out here live, that's some of the questions. we've not been able to ask police if there were any injuries, if the driver is okay. we'll bring you the very latest when we can. neighborhoods rising from the ashes. a first look at the major
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progress in wine country. we learned today almost all of the charred lots have been cleared of their debris. >> it's a huge milestone and the effort to rebuild in the north bay. emily turner is live in the neighborhood which is now a construction zone. >> there are various stages of rebuild here in coffey park. there are homes who within months could be move-in ready. the numbers of rebuilds are small but it's a substantial move forward. >> reporter: this is the sound of recovery. every nail, every square foot is a testament to what they've faced. now they're finally turning a corner. tomorrow his foundation will be poured. by fall, his family should be able to move in. >> when you see this, does that make you happy? >> kind of happy but still a
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little sad. >> why? >> because the house is not fully built yet. >> reporter: house by house, lot by lot, the neighborhood becomes a different scene than this one in october. >> there's a lot that's gone on in seven months. it's incredible to see where we were in october and where we are in may. >> reporter: the assistant fire marshal also lost his house in the fire and just broke ground on a new one. considering the fire roared through just seven months ago, the rebuilding numbers are impressive. out of the more than 2100 lots cleared, 164 are in the permit review process. 80 more have made it into the pre-construction phase. and 117 are already under construction. >> the city has been good. >> reporter: santa rosa created a permit center specifically for the burned areas, paying $9 million to contract an outside firm to expedite the rebuilding process. looking out across coffey park,
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it seems to be working. >> being able to walk my son by to school, the 5 minutes instead of driving the 30 minutes will be an awesome thing. of course this rebuild process does not come without hurdles or frustrations. most of the people we spoke to today tells me the challenges they're facing have to do with finding people, or a contractor who feels like they have the labor available. reporting live, emily turner, kpix 5. we learned today wildfire cleanup crews have reached a monumental milestone. 99% of the debris across four north bay counties has been cleared. cal oes says 2.2 million trucks were trucked to landfills in the last seven months. >> we're going to still continue
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to remain here through the process of helping our communities rebuild. >> state officials say they want to make sure every dollar of federal and state aid is used. another smoky scene in sonoma county this afternoon. the jw mcgrath auction warehouse caught fire. it's not clear how it started. no injuries were reported. new at 6:00, california lawmakers passed a bill today that would protect undocumented immigrants who are afraid to take the witness stand because of fear they'll be detained by i.c.e. >> we know i.c.e. is in our courthouses. >> reporter: california lawmakers once again moved to keep federal immigration agents from detaining immigrants here illegally. passing a measure that bars immigrants from revealing their status in court unless a judge rules it's relevant to the case. >> your immigration status is
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nobody's business. >> the california public defenders and even the state's news publisher association thinks it is in anyone's interest to know who's taking the witness stand. >> it's to determine whether there's potential bias, whether they're credible, whether they're a good witness, and this eliminates that possibility. >> you have to balance our shared desire to have a very open process with the reality. if immigrants think if i go to court, they're going to ask me about my immigration status. they're not going to go to court. >> reporter: there's no data on how often immigrants are targeted in court but agents have been following them into courthouses as part of the trump administration's stepped up enforcement. >> if i.c.e. was to hear that an individual is undocumented, they could wait in a court lobby and then apprehend that individual. >> the state sanctuary state law keeps local law enforcement from
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cooperating with i.c.e. this measure takes the law a step further, limiting i.c.e.'s ability to perform its duty. >> it's unfortunate because it chips away at the integrity of the judicial process. >> the bill has an urgency clause attached to it so if the governor signs it, it will go into effect right away. at the state capitol tonight, lemor abrams, kpix 5. a pair of rivals in the mayor's race are teaming up. >> vote for me and mark leno. >> for for me and jane kim. >> jane kim and mark leno urged voters to make them their top two picks. on the june 5th ranked choice ballot. the tactic could give them some leverage against better financed candidates like board of supervisors president and former acting mayor breed. >> the city belongs to us, not the billionaires. >> under rank choice voting,
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votes for losing candidates are redistributed among the frontrunners until one candidate has the winning majority. breed said what's the news here? leno and kim's one-two strategy was announce today the world. the east bay goodwill has settled a pricey harassment suit. the branch was created to help people with physical and mental disabilities find jobs. a division of goodwill greater east bay has to pay $850,000 for the suit. it alleges six female janitors were regularly harassed by their direct supervisor in 2012. goodwill's new ceo says the organization is working to establish a better culture. it appears gun shows will soon be banned at the santa clara county fairgrounds. the board of supervisors approved an ordinance that bans the possession and sale of
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firearms on county property. final approval on the ordinance is expected early next week. two bay area hospital giants joined forces but some doctors say it's been a disaster. why they say they're being treated like second class citizens. >> a bus driver hailed for protecting students after this scary crash. but today we're hearing a different story. how officers say they caught him lying. >> an unusual rescue on city streets. a pelican in need plucked from outside a starbucks. it's not just any streaming.
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the health of their facility has been going downhill.. since they part new at 6:00, doctors at children's hospital oakland say the health of their facility has been going downhill since they partnered up with ucsf benioff. they claim ucsf is diverting badly needed resources to its other campus in mission bay. da lin live in oakland where staffers say they feel like second class citizens. >> that's right. many doctors here in oakland say the merger with ucsf has been a very bad deal for people here in the east bay. they accuse ucsf of stripping vital services from oakland and funneling them to san francisco, but hospital leaders say those
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allegations are false. >> we are seeing patients disappear. we're seeing medical programs disappear. we're seeing doctors disappear. and the morale has never been lower. >> that's all due to what? >> what's driving it, i can only imagine, is a sense of instability for the future. and also a feeling of being ignored, silenced, and even disrespected. >> reporter: dr. steven long is painting a dire picture of ucsf benioff children's hospital oakland. he said since partnering with ucsf in 2014, families have been finding it very hard to seek, for example, mental health doctors and lung specialists. east bay families are being forced to drive longer and funnel to the children's hospital in san francisco. >> it was sold to us as a marriage where both parties would be stronger because of the
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union. it feels as times like we're cinderella. kind of the step child. >> reporter: as a result, he says the oakland hospital is seeing an 11% drop in inpatient visits. dr. michael anderson, who's overseeing both hospitals, says the inpatient decline is a national trend. they're instead seeing an increase in outpatient visits. >> since ucsf has a facility, we've grown the heart center. we've brought ent surgeons. i understand that change is tough. but i also want to set the record straight that ucsf is dedicated to both signs of the bay. >> reporter: he says claims of mismanaging the hospital and funneling patients to san francisco are not true. he points to the brand new outpatient facility in oakland. >> that center would not have been possible if it wasn't for ucsf coming together in affiliation.
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>> hospital leaders say the allegations might be motivated by the ongoing contract negotiations. they released this statement, this 5-page fact sheet basically countering all those allegations. as for the doctors, they say it's not about the money. they say they want to warn the public about the dire situation here. live in oakland, i'm da lin, kpix 5. the suspected golden state killer is now facing four more counts of first degree murder. authorities believe 72-year-old joseph deangelo committed a dozen murders and at least 50 rapes across california in the mid 70s and 80s. he was arrested last month and formally charged with eight murders. today prosecutors added four more. >> each of the four counts carries multiple allegations. each of the four counts carry the potential for a sentence of life without possibility of parole or the death sentence. >> no word on when deangelo
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might appear in court in southern california. he's yet to enter a plea on any of the charges he's facing. new at 6:00, san francisco voters are deciding the fate of four judges in june. >> it's unusual for so many judges who aren't accused of wrongdoing to be challenged at the ballot box. all these judges have one thing in common. >> it's a democratic process and people can choose whomever they like. >> reporter: it is a democratic process, and voters in san francisco have a choice this year between sitting judges and four public defenders. incumbent judge cynthia lee. solis is running against jeffrey ross. evangelista says the reason she's running against him is because he does not live in san francisco. >> i think an arbiter of our
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freedoms should definitely have an affinity for me and i'm actual member of the community. >> reporter: solis says she's running against judge ross because he made a decision that was over turned on appeal. >> judge ross sentenced a young black man to life in prison. that case was quickly reversed because of errors that judge made. >> reporter: all four judges, who are democrats, were appointed by governors who happen to be by republicans. >> the difference here is do we want a transparent political process or behind the scenes process? >> reporter: the honorable judge terry jackson is the presiding judge of the san francisco supreme court. she says the judges there, including the four coworkers who are being challenged, are excellent. >> we're premier in terms of our caliber of judges and the most diverse bench. >> reporter: she says judges
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should be challenged by voters if they've done something unprofessional. >> if you're going to challenge a judge, challenge that judge because that judge is not qualified. >> reporter: otherwise, she says judges need to be independent. we don't want them to be politicians. she gave an example from the movie "to kill a mocking bird." the judge and jury both know the black man on trial is innocent. >> but they voted to convict that man who was falsely accused of rape because it was poplar to do. >> the san francisco bar association evaluated all the candidates and found them well qualified or extremely well qualified except for two of the challengers, mr. maloof and streets. chp is blaming a school bus driver who fell asleep during a crash. video shows the driver dozed
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off. the driver claimed an suv forced him off the road. chp said the driver endangered students by telling them to get off the bus with live electrical lines dangling from the damaged pole. after years of planning to to create a housing, retail, offices, art space. developers want support from the neighbors by agreeing to maintain the industrial field. >> one of the things that makes pier 70 special is the texture, the fabric, the feeling of the history of the site, and so for us, it's such an amazing opportunity to be able to take that, make it available to people today, instead of it being shuttered. >> the pier 70 project has been in the works for a decade. it is expected to take 10 more years to complete.
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starbucks not necessarily known for sea life, but today a little different. a large pelican stayed nice and calm as it perched itself right outside the starbucks location at pacific avenue and battery street. word is he wanted to order a caramel mackerel-iotto but it didn't happen. animal control officer showed up, wrapped it in a blanket, took it to a wildlife facility. caffeine. that's what it was looking for. >> i thought the warriors chaseload the -- chased all the pelicans out of town. [ laughter ] taking a look at temperatures, we're warmer. warmer still tomorrow. san jose, comfortable, 73 degrees with sunshine. redwood city, 72. hayward and san francisco, milder. but still in the 60s. look what happens tomorrow in richmond. that's not a typo.
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it will be close to 80 degrees in richmond tomorrow simply because the wind direction is changing. by saturday evening, we'll begin to reacquire that cooler ocean breeze but still pleasant with a high of 76 degrees. alameda spring festival this weekend, saturday will be the warmer choice. pleasant, low 70s. mild likely with sunshine. why the wind direction change? because most often this time of year we get a flow from the ocean. past couple days, a little bit less so. if we get a forcing mechanism usually to our north or east to change the wind direction, we can get a north or northeast wind and this low will park itself over nevada and counterclockwise flow will give us a north to northeast wind. that's why we'll see temperatures go up by as much as 15 degrees. mainly clear. that's another thing this wind direction change will do. no fog. no low cloud cover.
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comfortable night. clear night. everybody is warmer tomorrow but the most significant warming is in places like richmond. it's right along the eastern shore of san francisco. oakland will be close to 80. san jose, you'll get there. 84 in concord. 87 in santa rosa coming up tomorrow. we'll be windy especially in the higher elevations late friday. we stay warm on saturday. then for mother's day, a little bit cloudier but much cooler. low 60s near the bay. we'll continue to cool down to highs only in the 60s. you keep your social security number private, but what about your cell phone number? the warning about why you shouldn't be so quick to give out your digits. >> the giants set a franchise record for both new york and san francisco and phil was pitching his new golf shirt. tiger and lefty together.
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trying to avoid a sweep to the phillies for the first time since 1982, they struck out 55 times remember the searching giants? trying to avoid a sweep to the phillies for the first time since 1982, they strike out 54 times in five games. that's not gotten a lot of likes on facebook where the game was televised today. the host of american ninja warrior got a little off the plate. top of the 2nd. giants up 1-0. hanson crashes the two-run blast to right. his third home run since being called up. definitely gets a lot of likes. he lands a three-run shot. santana's third home run of the series. san francisco once again struggled to make contact. velazquez had 12 strikeouts in six innings. that's the franchise record as we said for the giants.
6:25 pm
phillies win 6-3 to complete the sweep. they outscored san francisco 32-8. the warriors will face the rockets in the western conference finals for the second time in four years. but this year, houston has home court advantage and an offense that's almost impossible to stop. >> launch control, this is houston. we are go for launch. >> the rockets will do plenty of launching all right. houston has attempted over 3800 threes this season. that's nearly 900 more than the next closest team. but the warriors have also developed a bit from the last time these two teams met in the playoffs. >> we've develop nicely. we have two banners hanging up over there. that's where our development shows. we'd like to hang up a third. >> we're just as hungry as we were last year, the year before that. i'm sure they're the same way. i don't know how they feel but i know we're ready to get the series going. >> we seem to be at our best when we are threatened.
6:26 pm
that's been kind of the m.o. of this team. we're definitely threatened. we're on the road for game 1. we've never felt that before. opening round of the players championship. tiger woods paired with phil mickelson. tiger felt he played well enough for a round in the 60s. instead he had to settle for an even par 72. not too bad. six shots back. the 17th to saw grass, one of golf's signature holes with his island green. mickelson put it into the water. he double bogeyed, three of the final five holes. finished with a 79. six players tied for the lead at 6 under. phil mickelson is probably not going to make the cut barring a miraculous round tomorrow. he had that shirt on. he's pitching a new design, long sleeves, button up with a collar. >> did it say work day? that's the name of the brand. >> yeah. >> if he doesn't make the cut, he's dressed to go to dinner.
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coming up in our next half hour, the central subway stall. san francisco's massive construction project moving backwards after crews laid down miles of the wrong track. how much the mistake is going to cost. >> a new potential disaster in hawaii fears the kilauea volcano could explode and hurl boulders in a once-in-a-century eruption. >> these girls aren't just learning to code. they're creating real change. the middle schoolers who created an app to fight bullying. he's been called a rockstar lawyer. he tops the charts on progressive causes...
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winning pro bono battles for immigrants and the homeless. defending gay rights and gun control. democrat jeff bleich. after columbine, bleich led president clinton's youth violence initiative. with joe biden, bleich took on domestic violence. served president obama as special counsel and ambassador. maybe bleich can't pull off the rockstar look... but his progressive record is solid gold.
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a mistake... that could cost millions. crews building the new "central subway" in san francisco... have our top story at 6:30, a mistake that could cost millions. crews building the subway in san francisco have been laying down miles of the wrong track. that track trouble could create a snag that might put the project way behind. the central subway runs from king street along 4th street, then it goes under stockton street to union square and into chinatown. kpix 5's wilson walker on why the city is pointing a finger of blame at the builder. >> as the letter states, the rail that was installed is the standard grade rail. in the contract it specifies higher grade rail to be
6:31 pm
installed. that's meant to ensure the rail lasts as long as it possibly can. >> reporter: if it is another setback for the $1.6 billion central subway, the sfmta wants you to know it's not their fault. the agency blames contractor tudor parini for more than 3 miles worth of substandard rail. they told us it's also the contractor's fault for not catching the mistake earlier. >> we do rely on them to have the expertise to identify the correct material. i can't explain as to why the wrong rail was installed. >> reporter: today i also spoke by phone with tutor perini. he said sfmta simply changed its mind about what grade of steel they wanted where, and finally, if the track does have to be replaced, it will not
6:32 pm
affect the project timetable. but that's something else the two parties disagree on. >> we do anticipate if we do have to replace any of this rail that it could add another month to the overall schedule. >> reporter: timing really is critical here. they were looking ahead to the central subway's finish line. >> it took a while so getting to this point is pretty significant. from here, we start pouring the concrete. >> reporter: remember, it was the chinatown station that set the project back by one year. important to note that delay was also centered around a dispute between sfmta and parini. a discussion over timetables and these two parties still have to work together for at least another 18 months. >> while we might have disputes as far as any of the allegations, as far as wrong rail going in or any other issue, we're still working together to get this done as soon as possible. >> reporter: wilson walker, kpix 5. human remains have been found near the site of a
6:33 pm
horrible family tragedy in mendocino county. the discovery was made a mile from where the hart's family suv plunged off highway 1 in march. nearby they found a pair of girls jeans. the evidence was sent to a dna lab to see if it belongs to 16-year-old hannah hart. hannah and her 15-year-old brother devonte are still officially listed as missing after that crash. their four siblings and adoptive parents were found dead at the crash site. an unexpected guilty plea in the case against a couple accused of stabbing a tracy woman and leaving her to die on a rural road near livermore. 19-year-old daniel gross pleaded guilty to first degree murder in court. his fianci, 25-year-old melissa leonardo, pleaded not guilty. they are charged with the killing of 19-year-old lisette cuesta in february. she was found bleeding and crawling on tesla road. just before she died, police say she identified gross and leonardo as her killers.
6:34 pm
the investigators say cuesta worked with gross and was stabbed after smoking pot with leonardo and gross then having sex with gross. today's proceedings were interrupted when a member of cuesta's family yelled an obscenity during the hearing. president trump held a rally in indiana this evening. he gave a hint as what will be his bargaining tactic as he sits down with north korean leader kim jong un. >> i think it's going to be a very big success. but my attitude is, if it isn't, it isn't. we're not going to be walking into an iran deal where the negotiator, john kerry, refused to leave the table. >> the president says he will work to make what he calls a good deal with iran. on tuesday, he withdrew the united states from the iran nuclear agreement. we now know details of president trump's summit with north korea. the president tweeting this morning, the highly anticipated meeting will take place in singapore on june 12th. he writes, we will both try to
6:35 pm
make it a very special moment for world peace. early this morning the president personally welcomed home three americans just released from north korea. cbs reporter mola lenghi on the homecoming. >> reporter: the former detainees raised their hands in celebration as they walked across the tarmac with president trump. >> these are great people, they've been through a lot. >> reporter: the president first met them onboard the plane. he thanked north korea's leader, kim jong un, for letting them go after more than a year in north korea prisons. secretary of state mike pompeo helped secure the freedom of the u.s. citizens during a meeting with kim jong un. it was pompeo's second trip to north korea to negotiate the details of president trump's upcoming summit. >> this is a wonderful thing that he released the folks early. that was a big thing. very important to me. and i really think we have a
6:36 pm
very good chance of doing something very meaningful. >> reporter: the president also took a moment to remember otto warmbier, the american student detained in north korea who died last june, a few days after he was allowed to return home with severe brain damage. >> i want to pay my warmest respects to the parents of otto warmbier. >> reporter: mola lenghi, cbs news, joint base andrews. it's common to give out your cell phone number, but you may want to keep it as private as your social security number. how thieves can do a lot of damage with your digits. >> and it's beautiful in the day, but how would you like to ride across the bay bridge in the moonlight? the chance to get some rare views.
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burning lava.. rising into the 's new sign this evening in hawaii there's a new doesn't threat. toxic fumes and gases from burning lava rising into the air. and there's new signs the area could be rocked with violent volcanic explosions. >> ken bastida with the new
6:39 pm
concerns from geologists. >> smoke is rising off 15 fissures this evening which covers about 120 acres of land. those fumes coming off the lava can create volcanic ash and acid rain. residents who are not evacuated are being told to stay inside to help avoid the high levels of sulfuric acid. it's lining up near a major geothermal power plant. it's been shut down but there's about 30,000 gallons of flammable liquid stored there that could catch fire. the governor has ordered it all to be removed. and tonight the u.s. geological survey is warning of possible volcanic explosions, big ones, nude the crater. they say the lava levels inside are lowering which actually increases the danger of an eruption. geologists say when the molten rock reaches groundwater levels, the pressurized steam can cause
6:40 pm
big explosions which can shoot rocks and ash miles away from the equator. >> the water below the water table could mix in with the magma, then we'd have these steam driven explosions. larger fragments can be blown out in greater distances. >> the threat of those explosions has the kilauea national park closed for the time being. air space also now restricted around the crater this evening in case it does erups. a notorious sinking ship has once again dropped to the bottom of the emeryville marina. a full pirate ship with a leaky past was overcome by water yesterday. it was hemorrhaging diesel fuel. >> the diver said he took his finger and poked the wood, the hull, and his finger went right
6:41 pm
through the wood. >> the owner of the abandoned ship took off. the marina is stuck with it. just in time for mother's day, some penguin chicks are ready to hatch. how the san francisco zoo is carefully caring for the eggs. >> the view is spectacular on the top of mount vacca. visibility is good. no low cloud cover off in the distance. [drumming] one time, in new orleans, well, before it was even founded, a french teenager, bienville, scared away a british warship with just a story. and great stories kept coming. like when the military came and built the boats to win the war. [warplane] some are tales told around crowded tables.... [streetcar rumble] and others are performances fit for the stage. stella!
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cause for three hundred years, great stories have started the same way. one time, in new orleans. [crowd applause]
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and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein private. but what about your phone number? numbers are new at 6:00, you know it's important to keep your social security number private, but what about your cell phone number? >> cell phone numbers are increasingly being used as a form of identification. >> it's a common question on the check-out line and a requirement when registering or buying things online. but cyber security expert warns don't be so quick to give out those digits. >> it's the new social security number. >> reporter: he explains phone numbers are often used as identification and become the access key for information online. information you might not want public. >> don't give it unless it's very necessary for you to give that phone number.
6:45 pm
>> reporter: unlike social security numbers which are heavily regulated, there's no law to prevent phone numbers from getting into the wrong hands. companies sell them, scammers boys them, and all it takes is a phone number and quick online search to find things like your birthday, address history, and relatives' names which can ultimately lead to identity theft. >> you've now given someone the ability to do what they call social engineering. >> reporter: the identity theft resource center says that could make you or your relatives more vulnerable to scammers. >> they know your name is associated with a phone number and they can build a lot of facts about you and use that information, particularly in scam calls. >> reporter: even if you don't fall for a scam, in some cases a phone number could unlock enough information for someone to become you online. just one more reason keeping your number private should be a number one priority. >> there are many companies that can give you a temporary or
6:46 pm
virtual number. when someone calls that number, it's forwarded to your real phone number. just one more way to protect your identity and potentially reduce robo calls. an oakland-based coffee roastry and cafe is expanding. red bay coffee has gotten a lot of exposure partly because of an incident at a starbucks in philadelphia. last month two african american men were arrested there while waiting for a meeting. they hadn't bought anything. after the arrest went viral online, so did red bay, getting praise for its commitment to community. red bay's founder said he prioritizes diversity in hiring. >> we believe in one beautiful coffee to the people. when we say beautiful coffee, we're talking about not only delicious, well sourced, and well crafted coffees, about we're also talking about beautiful relationships. >> red bay says it is now planning to expand nationwide. united airlines reversing course on its decision to kick
6:47 pm
tomato juice out of its beverage carts. disgruntled flyers lobbed virtual tomatoes at the airline on twitter saying, quote, i've always been a united guy but if your price is equal to your competitor, the airline serving the tomato juice will get my business. another asked, are you trying to suck the lack remaining ounces of joy out of our flying time with you? turns out there's actually a little science behind the juice's popularity on planes. research shows the changes in air pressure make savory flavors taste better. bicyclists, walkers and joggers can enjoy a treat. cal trans says it's a trial run to see if they can make the change permanently. before today, you had to be off the bike path by 9:00. bicyclists say the change is to experience the bridge and
6:48 pm
skyline by moonlight that should not be missed. >> everything looks different at night when you're on that bridge. it's like the city looks totally different. it looks really beautiful. it's like a totally different way to experience the city. >> the trial period runs through may 19th and after that, cal transwill decide if the path should remain open 24 hours a day. just in time for mother's day, the san francisco zoo getting ready to welcome a new batch of baby penguins. to make sure that the chicks are healthy before they hatch, zoo workers are candling the eggs, works kind of like an ultrasound. the bright light makes the egg transparent, giving workers a look at how the chicks are developing inside. mary lee got to try it out. >> see it's clear and nothing going on there? that tells us no chick is inside. you'd also see a tiny embryo. sometimes you can see the heartbeat, which is really cool. >> the viable eggs are expected to hatch any day now adding to
6:49 pm
the zoo's already sizable penguin colony. speaking of mother's day, a lot of us hoping for a gorgeous sunday. >> the temperature may be a tad different than what you'll experience on saturday. that said, take mom out. she deserves it regardless of the weather. concord, 76. trivalley looking good. live picture from dublin. tonight, clear skies. nothing at the coast. san francisco, 53. fremont, 52. santa rosa, 48. mainly clear tonight. that's a change. even the coastline will stay clear. offshore wind is the reason for that. it's the reason why we'll have a warmer day on friday. sunday, mother's day, that's when the ocean breeze returns. that's when we'll lose the 15 degrees that we're going to gain tomorrow. why are we gaining 15 degrees. that's not really the catalyst.
6:50 pm
the catalyst is this low which will sit over nevada and western utah for a while. a low to our west will give us the ocean breeze. a low to our east will give us something different. it's a wind from our north or northeast. that's why we'll be warmer. futurecast will confirm things. stop the clock at 6 a.m., throughout the day, mainly clear skies. saturday, as soon as the winds shift, sneaky little cloud cover along the coastline. santa cruz north to half moon bay and pacifica. so saturday evening is when those temperatures will begin to crash back down. when the winds turn offshore and get their strongest, it could be damaging wind in the hills. we'll see wind gusts everywhere friday night, saturday morning between 20 and 30 miles per hour. that's breezy to windy. it will die down by saturday afternoon. but in the hills above 1,000 feet. in the north bay and east bay, if you're going hiking this weekend, this is for you. wind gusts up to 55 miles per hour. power lines have the chance of coming down. a wind advisory is in effect there.
6:51 pm
now we have a low to our west next week. that's the reason why next week is going to be even cooler than the chilly weather we've had this week. if you like it warm, tomorrow and saturday, that's all you've got. two days of warm weather. 9 degrees above average in concord. half moon bay, warmer. sunny. but still chilly. 64 degrees. san ramon, 79. for you, antioch, well into the 80s. benicia, 83 degrees. novato, 83. oakland, 79. mill valley, 78 degrees. high of 82 in ukiah. 86 in windsor. warm weather friday, saturday. windy saturday morning. sunday, mother's day, you'll get the afternoon sunshine. it will be 10, 15 degrees cooler for mom. next week we go even cloudier. we'll continue to see cooler weather next wednesday and thursday. we'll be right back. only one candidate for governor
6:52 pm
brought business and labor together to expand career training and apprenticeships, invested in transportation and helped create over 200,000 living wage jobs. antonio villaraigosa for governor.
6:53 pm
6:54 pm
over 200,000 living wage jobs. that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco. in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor. the challenge: with an app -- a group of girls from san francisco are gearing up for a worldwide coding competition. and the challenge, come up with an app to solve a real world problem. kpix 5's john ramos shows us they didn't have to look far to find inspiration. >> we often hear about the difficulty getting girls interested in science , math,
6:55 pm
and technology. sometimes the best approach to one's problem is to solve someone else's. >> develop a mobile app and a business idea. >> reporter: these girls at san francisco community school in the excelsior district are three teams competing in a worldwide technology contest called technovation. it wasn't hard for them to think of problems that needed addressing. >> they carry a lot of stuff with them to school. it's hard to be a middle school student nowadays. >> we wanted to choose a topic that we have personal experiences with. >> reporter: so this team developed an app called alleviate to help kids deal with depression. it identifies the symptoms of the disease and connects kids to people who can help. another entry is called fight the bully which is a sort of online support group that helps victims to not feel so alone. >> you can talk to others who have been bullied and you can see their perspective and not
6:56 pm
see it's all about you and makes you open about your feelings. >> reporter: finally, there's sanctuary, an app that offers full service advice from emergency help to the long road to recovery. discovering sofia says she looks forward to the time when someone can delete the app because it's no longer needed. >> that's all i want for this app. i want somebody to feel like, i don't have to deal with this anymore. thank you. >> reporter: 20,000 girls around the world have taken up this challenge, developing their own talents as they make the world a better place to live. in san francisco, john ramos, kpix 5. >> this saturday the girls have to pitch their projects to a panel of judges. the final worldwide judging will be in august in san jose. inspirational. for news throughout the evening, the latest on >> have a good night.
6:57 pm
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