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tv   KPIX 5 News at 5AM  CBS  May 14, 2018 5:00am-5:59am PDT

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michelle griego. i'm kenny choi. let's look at the traffic in oakland on 880, not looking too bad, as expected and on the left, a nice shot. a little bit cloudy. >> and visibility may be impacted. for now, it looks like a calm start to your monday as far as weather is concerned. a rough start to the monday morning commute for some drivers on 880 at oakland southbound with a big rig accident and it looks like it is blocking all but one lane along 880 past broadway and the backup stretches well beyond 980 and 980 is getting very slow. give yourself extra time. there is a sig alert and we will let you know when the lanes reopen. in the meantime, use 580, in the
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green and moving well in both directions. at the bay bridge toll plaza, the backup is growing and every 10 minutes we check in and it is extending over and give yourself time for this rough start to the monday morning commute. you don't want to be late. that is a check of your traffic. security is on high alert at the new u.s. embassy in jerusalem, officially opening in about one hour. palestinian officials said at least 25 have been killed by israeli troops during a growing protest on the gaza border. this is a live look at the gaza border with black smoke in the distance and dozens of palestinians have been injured as israeli soldiers fire across the border fence at the crowd. israeli forces have killed at least 67 palestinians since the recent round of demonstrations began six weeks ago. [ sirens ] thousands are protesting the u.s. moving the
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embassy from tel aviv to the disputed area of jerusalem with palestinians believing east jerusalem should be the new capital of the palestinian state. president donald trump announce the announced the move in december. his wife and son in law attended a reception with benjamin netanyahu over the weekend. he praised the move and palestinians said the peace process has been set back. >> president donald trump is making history. we are deeply grateful and our people will be eternally grateful for his bold decision to recognize jerusalem as israel's capital. >> it's not the question of moving and embassy. it has to do with the state of jerusalem. >> the guest list is causing controversy. two pastors are slated to speak. one is accused of making anti- semitic remarks and the other is accused of saying president
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obama paved the way to the antichrist. the embassy open today, and the u.s. is searching for a permanent site. tetra tech will answer to claims that there are fake results of the radiation clean up. if proven true, they could pay billions. anne makovec joins us with an update. they will have to answer to the board of supervisors after employees admitted to falsifying soil samples. tetra tech is in charge of cleaning up the old naval base at hunters point and they were paid $1 billion to certify the land say for redevelopment, now under way. late last year, the navy and the epa found the ground may still contain radioactive materials and it's now the subject of a lawsuit on behalf of those who live nearby. some of them have developed deadly cancers and they blame
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it on toxic materials. >> his last words were, i don't want to die in vain. i want them to pay for what has happened to me, for taking me from my family. >> reporter: tetra tech said it stands by its work and will pay for another round of testing. representatives will be at the board of supervisors land-use committee this land use committee this afternoon, as well's representatives from the navy, the epa and the department of health. -- department of health. the golden state killer is due back in court. the search and arrest warrants will be made public. joseph deangelo has a routine hearing today. it's alleged that he is the serial rapist and so-called golden state killer responsible for 12 murders and nearly 50 rapes in the 1970s and 1980s. some organizations want the documents unsealed. a sheriff's deputy is
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recovering after being shot at a bay area carwash. the owner of jolly rogers carwash said he was acting strangely and appeared to be armed with a bb gun. they said the man was standing behind a truck in the car wash line and they said one officer went to speak with him. >> he stepped out and exposed himself and removed a handgun from his waistband and fired at the deputy. the deputy returned fire. >> investigators believe the deputy was hit with multiple pellets and has been flown to the hospital. is expected to be okay. who reportedly hid behind the truck and surrendered when the gun jammed and now he will be charged with attempted murder. gas prices are rising and could hit $5 per gallon soon. what is fueling the pinch at the punch?
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-- the pinch at the pump? >> reporter: i've noticed filling up my gas tank that things are getting painful. in emeryville just off i-80, gas prices are $3.79 and that will be on the high side around the bay area. we haven't seen gas prices hit this level for about three years. in san francisco, it's $3.79 average, up about 4 cents since last week. in oakland, $3.69 and that is about 5 cents more than last week and in san jose, $3.70 is the average. according to aaa, gas prices nationwide are up about 5 cents nationwide and 25 cents in the last month. in california and hawaii, about $3.70 and that is nearly 1 dollar higher than the national average.
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>> there are 10 states at $3 per gallon or above. >> reporter: the steady climb is due to more drivers and a diminishing supply of crude oil. it still hasn't reached the all- time high of $4.11 in 2008. in emeryville, jessica flores, kpix5. >> jessica, how much extra will we pay for gas this year? >> some analysts predict that drivers will pay near $200 more when compared to last year. the time is 5:08 and a man is stabbed to death in an apartment complex on a bay area college campus. the latest in the investigation. investigators are looking to another crash involving a tesla vehicle. there are a lot of questions and we are live from the tesla
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factory in fremont with the latest. cooler conditions. how to prepare for your week as far as the weather is concerned. 880 looking good in both directions but further north, we are tracking a big accident that has all but one lane blocked. find out if it will impact your come -- your commute, coming up.
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lenny kugel eoc us -- p&-pbear. &-pit happened yester-
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a five-year-old colorado girl was hospitalized and is in good condition now after being attacked by a black bear yesterday morning just outside her home in orchard mesa. the girl's mother heard her daughter screaming and saw the bear grabbing and dragging her daughter. she scared the bear away by yelling at it. so far, officers have not located the bear. a stabbing at a freshman dorm at sonoma state university has left one man dead and another in police custody. it happened in an apartment complex last night. a student named kyle stickels told kpix's joe vasquez he may have seen the assailant. he said the man was bloody, but didn't seem hurt. >> i heard some screaming and i
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went out to see what was going on. there was a guy walking down the stairs and he came around and i saw the right side of him and his arm was all bloody and he was carrying a knife. he looked at me and said he had been attacked and at that point, me and some of my friends told him to get inside. >> the victim and a suspect are college aged but no confirmation as to whether they are students. authorities in utah are expected to release details involving a tesla sedan. more from sandra osborne from the factory in fremont. >> reporter: right now, investigators are looking into whether or not the autopilot feature was on at the time of the crash, the one of the most
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famous features of the tesla models. the crash happened in south jordan, utah. police said the vehicle was traveling at 60 miles-an-hour when it slammed into the back of a fire truck stopped at a red light. the driver now has a broken ankle and according to the associated press, witnesses saw no evidence of the car breaking before the crash. cameras and radar and computers were used to keep the speed, change lanes and stop the vehicle's. federal investigators are looking at a series of crashes and one of them involved a tesla. one of the incidents was in the bay area, recently and that is being handled by the ntsb after a driver died when it's vehicle crashed into a barrier. the battery caught fire and it was later revealed that the car was in the autopilot. police say that with the most recent crash in utah, there was light rain at the time.
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the roads were slick and they are not sure if that is a factor and they are looking into whether or not the autopilot system was on and they hope to have answers today. sandra osborne, kpix5. let's check the traffic to see how things are going this monday morning. not looking good for 880 if you are going along through oakland. you will want to avoid that and use 580 or hold off. we are tracking an accident that has all but one lane blocked in the southbound directions just past broadway. traffic is backing up with speeds dipping below 5 miles per hour and for travel times, they are reflecting about 40 minutes from broadway through 66. you will want to use 580, looking good in both directions and it will get you wherever you need to go a lot sooner. the east shore freeway, traffic is doing well along that stretch going westbound and
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going toward the maze, and the bay bridge toll plaza, speeds are in the yellow with backup growing. no metering lights just yet but they will activate them in any minute. in san francisco, looking good at the junction with no delays just yet approaching the lower deck. let's check on the forecast. i'm noticing cloud coverage messing with our cameras. this camera usually gives a nice look of downtown san francisco and that is not the case right now. now, clear conditions but you can see that we are noticing high cloud coverage and that's why the temperatures are in the mid-50s. 55 in san francisco, and in the 40s, and for afternoon temperatures, they will be cooler than average because of the west wind setting up coastal air with water temperatures in the low 50s and
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with those winds, it sends conditions over that pushes air into concord and antioch. you can see cloud coverage pushing east and covering over livermore. inland, it will burn off and sunshine at the coast will be sticking around for most of northern california. that is in the west of us. in the east of us, there's a counterclockwise motion, a low bringing a chance of thunderstorm activity and we could be dealing with rainfall or snow for southern portions of the area. it will stay over the great basin and then we have this low heading our way and there will be a slight chance of drizzle dropping off ever so slightly.
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as far as our area, any chance of showers, we may have it in mendocino county or the sierra, but not the bay area. by tuesday and wednesday, the system could bring rain but it looks to be staying north or east of us and won't bring moisture but you will see temperatures below average for today, and a few degrees below average in oakland. enjoy this while you can, 70s in santa clarita, but cool air will stick around and temperatures will be cooler by the water. 66 in venetia, and in antioch, keep a sweater close by, because highs may reach only 65.
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further north, temperatures will be in the 70s and we will show you the seven-day forecast with some movement. tomorrow, drizzle and temperatures drop to upper 60s and will warm up in time for next weekend with a huge event. not just my birthday, but a royal wedding, right, michelle? >> i was going to say, your birthday is coming. it is the royal wedding week. the royals, prince harry and meghan markle, will marry this week. visitors come from all over the world and security at windsor castle is really ramping up. no official costs, but it is thought to be more than $10 million for all the security. check out this malfunction at walt disney world. a dragon float caught fire and then a disney employee put the
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fire out. luckily, no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. there was a caged tiger at a high school prom over the weekend and parents are outraged. the theme was welcome to the jungle. the exotic animal was rolled into the doubletree hotel for the event and there was cell phone video showing the tiger pacing in the cage as fire was used to entertain the graduating class. one woman said she was concern for the safety of the students and the tiger. >> the tiger was in distress. the reason he is pacing up and down and with his ears folded back, he is showing distress. >> the high school responded to the claims saying that the tiger was displayed for only a few minutes and was never in harm or danger. there was also a lemur and
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african fox at the event. a photographer found a story out the back door of a station when he came face-to- face with a family of beers. they were busy rummaging through a trashcan in the parking lot at the station and they are now working with officials to bear proof the beans. the warriors might want to hold off on plans to go to cleveland and tiger woods makes a run at the players championship. we will tea this up, next. at the same time that violent crime went up 18% in san francisco.
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in la, mayor antonio villaraigosa put more police on the streets and cut violent crime in half. california's police chiefs trust antonio for governor.
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the giants will be happy to leave pennsylvania behind. yesterday, they were in the keystone state. mccutchen had a pretty cool weekend, picking the flowers. huntley delivered the knockout and 5-0 the lead pennsylvania. three runs batted in and this was the shot for brett anderson. the yankees took 2 from three in the series. tiger woods got to the player championship. on the par 3, 17, in the water with a double bogey and finished
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in a tie for 11th. simpson came in with a seven shot lead, on cruise control all day. he won by four strokes to win $1.9 million. the eastern conference, all celtics with brown drilling into crush cleveland. the western conference was in with the warriors and the rockets. see you tonight. i'm dennis o'donnell. back to the 80s and yankees game in new york, that should be a good one. >> what a stop! the flip! >> check this out. an impressive stop.
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and easy throw to first with the a's beginning a series in boston. questions over radioactive material at hunters point. coming up, the hearing set for today. gas prices on the rise again. how much more you will pay in the bay area, coming up. -hey, did i mention i can save you $620
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for switching to progressive? [ engine revving ] you cannot hear me at all, can you? live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. a new fissure opened up near the kilauea volcano and forced more evacuations on the big island of hawaii. a board member wants a new approach to cut down on drug usage in bart stations. what about your temperatures?
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that morning cloud coverage is affecting temperatures. for drivers going to the bay bridge toll plaza we will have an update on the 880 crash, coming up. it is monday, may 14th and i'm michelle griego. the u.s. embassy is opening in jerusalem. [ sirens ] the new embassy is set to open in about one half hour with israeli soldiers reportedly shooting and killing at least 25 protesters in gaza. a culmination of months of protesting. president donald trump announced the u.s. would move the american embassy from tel aviv and palestinians claim east jerusalem as their capital. the opening is 70 years after the jewish state of israel was declared. european you -- european leaders are making a last ditch effort to give the iran nuclear deal in place without the u.s. they will sit down with the
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foreign minister tomorrow to discuss next steps. the big question is whether the european countries can provide the same benefits that initially convinced iran to stop pursuing nuclear weapons. the san francisco board of supervisors and tetra tech are gearing up for a showdown. they will answer claims that they falsified clean up at hunters point. anne makovec has more. >> reporter: there are concerns and the company will have to answer to the san francisco board of supervisors after two employees admitted to falsifying soil samples. tetra tech is the company in charge of cleaning up the old naval base in the san francisco hunters point area. they were paid $1 billion to certify the land safe for redevelopment. the navy and epa found the ground may still contain radioactive material and it is now the subject of a 27 million- dollar lawsuit on behalf of those who live nearby. some of them have developed
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deadly cancer. >> we will seek to stop all development until this community can be guaranteed that it is safe. >> we have worked hard to make hunters point safe for the community and residents and for redevelopment. it's unfortunate that the false allegations have been brought against us and they may result in unnecessary delays in the redevelopment process. >> yes. >> reporter: tetra tech sent it will pay for another round of testing and also expected, representatives from the navy, the epa and the department of health. anne makovec, kpix5 from the newsroom. it's 5:32 let's get a check of the forecast. >> are you ready for a cooler week? >> keep your jacket close by. it's the kind of weather that may mess up your hair. do have a jacket so you are prepared. in san jose, gray conditions but the good news is we are not
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having low cloud coverage. you won't have foggy conditions on the roads and temperatures for the morning are a little bit warmer. right now, livermore is 53 and four cloud coverage, we have west wind blowing through with marine layer as far as san jose and cloudy skies, but inland, it will burn off this afternoon. sfo wins are at 11 and not too strong. breezy across parts of the east bay and in antioch, the west wind goes through the delta and for the cloud coverage, it extended far east and a lot of it is already burning off. it will eventually be just at the coast and east, we have a low spinning across the great
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basin. nevada getting plenty of rain but the sierra has a chance of afternoon storms and we may not be impacted by that in mendocino county but we will see the return of the marine layer from the west with a system right off the coast that will bring us a minimal chance of light drizzle tonight and early tomorrow morning. right now, we are tracking an accident in oakland that has all lanes are blocked southbound 88 he, currently and they are working on clearing a big rig that got into it with another vehicle. the big rig is carrying over 70,000 pounds of lumber. they need a very big toe truck to accommodate the big rig to get that cleared from the roadway. right now, we are seeing backups toward seventh with speeds
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dipping below 5 miles per hour. chp plans to reopen three of those lanes as soon as they get the big rig out of there. hopefully, it won't impact you too much. you may normally be driving on this area, but i would use five ad as the alternate. it's 45 minutes to the coliseum. for five ad, moving well and an easier drive than southbound 80. the essure freeway, we are tracking slow downs and we will have more on that in the next report. back to you, michelle. the situation in hawaii is turning for the worst. the erupting kilauea volcano has created another tear in the earth's surface. this is the latest of nearly 20 fissures that have opened since may 3rd. residents should prepare for
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more, experts say. >> for the bigger explosions i've seen rocks flying over the tree line and i can feel it in my body. the main crater has conditions that could soon be ripe for explosive steam that could have toxic ash for miles. experts don't know how much longer the eruption will last. mayoral candidates will push through with candidates addressing key issues at the commonwealth club at 6:30 and the event is moderated by our own melissa caen. rampant drug use will be discussed at city bart stations. one member calls for the transit agency to take a new approach. they want police officers to be permanently assigned to bart station's. bart police don't have the resources to deal with the problem. >> it is a 10 minute situation. all of a sudden, five or 10 others bought drugs upstairs and came down and i think a
5:36 am
fixed post will be the only thing that will make a difference, a consistent presence of officers. >> drug use is keeping people away from the bart stations. the average ridership is down 11% from 2017. people are paying more at the pump and the price will only get higher. jessica flores is live to explain this. >> reporter: we are on emeryville and the gas is $3.79. that is what you will see across the bay area but we haven't seen prices like this in about three years. gasbuddy said the average and san francisco is $3.79 and in oakland, $3.79, up 5 cents from last week and in san jose,
5:37 am
$3.70. according to aaa, gas prices are up about 5 cents from last week, 20 cents in the last month and in california and hawaii, gas prices are about $3.70, 1 dollar higher than the national average and the steady climb is due to, in part, a diminishing supply of crude oil. >> it is now the pain point for many drivers. americans will pay an extra $200 compared to last year but it's not the worst when you look at 2008 with prices over $4. let's hope it doesn't go there. we are hovering just below that price. jessica flores, kpix5.
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a long time supermarket staple is having a resurgence. we will have more to start off your work week. >> reporter: let me give you a quick recap about the action on friday. a mixed finish on wall street with the dow rising and s&p futures indicate a slightly higher opening this morning. 7million eggs have been recalled. the eggs come from a single source, rose car farms in north carolina but they are sold under various brand names. they were sold in grocery stores like food lion and walmart. the convenience of living in a digital age can be fatal. at least 26 have died and dozens injured since 2006 after forgetting to turn off keyless ignitions. it's related to carbon monoxide poisoning and they are now pushing for regulations such as a warning signal to alert
5:39 am
drivers. and frozen food is making a resurgence. rbc capital markets said frozen foods have grown for the first time in five years. they see a resurgence in popularity despite diverging from super trends like kale and quinoa. >> always good to have the frozen food option. people will be hitting the roads for the unofficial kickoff to summer. what do we expect this year? >> millions are planning to hit the road. 32% of people plan to fly, and the vast majority will still drive. the busiest day will be friday, may 25 and most drivers will come back on memorial day. >> the increasing prices at the pump won't help out. >> exactly, but it doesn't seem to be denting any plans to travel. >> you have to visit friends
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and family, right? diane king hall, thank you from money watch. 5:41 and some lucky couples will get the chance to tie the not at a bay area picturesque location. investigators are looking to a crash involving a tesla and there are a lot of questions. we are live from the tesla factory in fremont with the very latest. p&-pi )ll have youe
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's -- not much sunshine. in limited areas, it will burn off eventually and temperatures will be warmer but we will be below average with a full forecast coming up. more details will be unveiled about a crash in utah. sandra osborne has more and we are joined from the factory.
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it's based out of the bay area with their headquarters and factories in fremont, and now we see these investigations popping up. the most recent happened in south jordan utah. tesla was stopped at a red light. the driver is expected to be okay and this is the latest in a series of tesla related investigations. other crashes and one of them happened in the bay area. this one is handled by the ntsb after the driver died when his tesla crashed into a barrier on
5:44 am
101 in mountain view. the batteries caught fire and it was later revealed the car was in auto pilot. also, a crash in florida killed two teens after the car they were in hit a concrete wall and burst into flames. a tesla spokesperson told the associated press they haven't received the data from this car and they don't know whether the autopilot was used in this recent incident in utah with investigators hoping to have answers on that today. live in fremont, sandra osborne, kpix5. if you are looking to the right wedding backdrop, 20 couples will have the opportunity to exchange vows at the scenic mount diablo park on top of the mountain. they will have to apply and a marriage license must be purchased in advance. some of them are going to need
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quick planning. >> it could be fun. >> you may be a lucky couple to do this. >> get married, everyone. >> we have big traffic news going on right now. we have a sig alert that remains in effect for drivers on southbound 880. two lanes remain blocked and we are seeing a backup stretching toward 7th street with the crash near broadway. avoid this area by using 580 as your alternate, definitely moving faster and this should pick up now that they've opened
5:46 am
the lanes. it looks like 580 is in the green with an easy ride and the easter freeway dealing with some problems in with the westbound direction. as you get closer to mcbride, we are tracking backup starting to develop near the shoulder but it is causing slow downs. it is already a slow commute and to the maze, we have metering lights and backups not off the 580 connector and the berkeley curve is looking good. here is a live look at the bay bridge toll plaza where we are definitely seeing crowds develop. 20 minutes to san francisco across the upper deck. leaping into the yellow, we have reports of some sort of hazard at the high-rise and we will take a closer look and
5:47 am
have an update in the next traffic report. for now, let's check with the forecast. good morning. monday mornings, it is tough to get out of bed. for inland areas, if you are around the bay, it will look like this for most of the day with the golden gate bridge showing this because the flag was blowing hard moments ago. that was a sign of the west wind picking up and we will see marine layer and cloudy conditions. 55 in san francisco. sunset, 8:11. 11 miles-an-hour and not bad but hovering around 10-15 for sustained winds and offshore
5:48 am
wind, friday through saturday, we have the onshore breeze back. fairfield, 19 and antioch, the west side, we are looking at coastal cloud coverage and then a system to the east in nevada where it will be stubborn over the great basin and they will continue to see thunderstorm activity. in california, a chance for scattered showers and storms and in higher elevations, including the sierra, and parts of mendocino county, as well. for us, cloudy and cool because of this over to the west that will influence us. we could see light drizzle and it won't necessarily be much in our area. tonight and early tomorrow, you may have to use your windshield wipers here and there. not a lot of rain expected. wednesday, we are looking at this and just around the bay
5:49 am
area, and for san jose, it will be about 6 degrees below average. these temperatures will be cooler than normal. keep a jacket and 70 in concord. temperatures cooler and the seven-day forecast is temperatures dropping off slightly over the next couple of days, tuesday into wednesday and then a slow rise into the coming weekend and that is a look at your forecast. the time is 5:50. and east bay family is back together after six kids got stranded in florida after dealing with the death of their mother. what may have caused a smartphone to explode. it's time for sleep number's 'semi-annual sale'.
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your sleepiq score. and snoring? does your bed do that? right now during sleep number's semi-annual sale its' the lowest price ever on the queen c4 mattress, only $1099 - save $500. ends soon. visit for a store near you.
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taking a look at the skies, a little bit gray but fog is not an issue and we are looking
5:53 am
at the marine layer and will be cool and cloudy for most of your morning. clouds will stick around all day and it will be slightly below average with a chance of drizzle tonight and tomorrow morning. expect a big backup along southbound 88 he threw oakland. a crash has two lanes are blocked, currently. chopper5 is going to the scene with a live update in the 6:00 hour. a las vegas reporter got a shock when an iphone exploded feet away. take a look. the phone goes up in flames while the employee was working to replace a broken screen. heat damage can cause the battery to expand and crack the screen. >> those batteries can swell up with heat. the big issue is, the screen can crack it easier. >> no one was hurt. a disabled man has san jose
5:54 am
neighbors to thank for rescuing him from a burning home just before 11:00 yesterday morning on home park court in the evergreen area. >> there is a fire, help my husband, please! [ crying ] >> the house was filling up with smoke and neighbors went inside to rescue the 24-year- old man who was blind and couldn't speak or walk. the causes under investigation. a long and sad ordeal. in oakland family is back home after being stranded for weeks. christina davis was visiting relatives in jacksonville in march when she was killed in an accident caused by an alleged drunk driver. >> i was on the phone with her and i heard the accident and i heard my wife screaming and it went blank. >> her nephew, sister and her sister's boyfriend were killed after a relative drove them to florida for the funeral, the family didn't have enough money to get back home for about six
5:55 am
weeks and that made it tougher to deal with her death. >> she was energetic and goofy and she liked to play around and she took us to a lot of places. >> she was my best friend. she was my everything. >> the united airlines company flew the siblings back to the bay area over the weekend. tetra tech is back in the hot seat. questions over the cleanup at hunters point and concerns about radioactive material. growing calls for charges in the wake of a deadly shooting involving a barge police officer.
5:56 am
because antonio villaraigosa millions got it he defended women's healthcare, banned military-style assault weapons, banned workplace discrimination, and more. antonio for governor. i support the affordable care act, and voted against all trump's attempts to repeal it. but we need to do more. i believe in universal health care. in a public health option to compete with private insurance companies. and expanding medicare to everyone over 55. and i believe medicare must be empowered to negotiate the price of drugs. california values senator dianne feinstein
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embassy in jerusalem, to live from the cbs bay area studios, this is kpix5 news. tensions are running high as the u.s. is ready to open the new embassy in jerusalem. why it breaks decades of u.s. policy. california lawmakers
5:59 am
received a white house invite after voting to support a federal lawsuit against the state over a sanctuary. a cbs news special report. i'm john dickerson with norah o'donnell and gayle king. a dedication ceremony is starting in jerusalem for a new u.s. embassy. >> officials are there with the relocated embassy being a highly symbolic move for the trump administration that reflects the wish that jerusalem be recognized as a capital. >> the opening establishes another day of angry palestinian protesting with officials saying israeli troops on the border killed at least 37 demonstrators and that


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